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Application and Exploration of Blended Learning Mode in the Teaching of Database Course Design

Peini Shang
This paper analyzes the problems existing in the current teaching of the course design of database principle and then the blended learning theory were analyzed. Finally, many methods of hybrid learning theory, such as network teaching system, flipped classroom, MOOC and so on, were applied to the teaching...
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Application in Grade Early Warning of PCA

Xueli Ren, Yubiao Dai
Students are misled by the traditional concepts after enrolling university, these make some students face many problems such as no goal of learning, no power, that causes students to face serious consequences that failed in courses and quit, bring serious influence to student management. In order to...
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Leading Cadres' Natural Resources Assets Departure Audit

Lin Tian
The third Plenary Session of 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee put forward strengthening the leading cadres to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, promoting the establishment of the responsibility system of responsibility for environmental damage, promoting the development...
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Design of Inquiry Learning Process Based on WebQuest

Jun Ma
The article studied mainly the design of inquiry learning process based on WebQuest and the methods of inquiry teaching activities in the process. Firstly, this paper analyzed the technical advantages of Webquest in cultivating learners' innovation and practical capabilities, and then analyzed the drawbacks...
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The Initial Exploration to Language Attrition and Memory Features for Students in Primary School

Yuhuan Zhang
Here is the plain truth: students starting English study are becoming younger and younger and starting English as a student in Grade Three in primary school is compulsory according to official document. It is proved that people's language proficiency in their childhood starting a foreign language study...
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The Application of Cloud Computing in the Management of Digital Archives in Colleges and Universities

Yingle Yao
Based on the demand of integration and sharing of digital archives resources, this paper analyzes the fit and advantage of cloud computing and digital archives resource management, and puts forward a new idea of sharing and sharing digital archives resources in the cloud computing technology that make...
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Parameter Optimization of ARQ System based on Proximity-1 Protocol

Jie Wang, Chenghua Wang, Hao Wu, Qiangqiang Mao
In order to improve the communication efficiency of the spacecraft in the Proximity space link, a GBN-ARQ scheme is designed based on the proximity-1 protocol. On the basis of this, to maximize the system throughput and normalized throughput, the data frame length and the sliding window length are optimized,...
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On Innovation of Ideological and Political Education of the Students in Privately-run Higher Learning Institutions

Fengzhen Jia
At present, the ideological and political education of college students has received unprecedented attention. On the one hand, the ideological and political education of the students in privately-run higher learning institutions reflects the general rule of the ideological and political education of...
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Study on Logistics Pattern of Cross-border E-commerce

Yinghan Liu
Cross-border e-commerce is an international merchandise trade which takes e-commerce platform as a carrier to close the deal and payment and draws support from international logistics to transport goods. It is the trend of social development as well as the presentation of increasing frequency of enterprise...
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Systematic Dynamics Analysis of Land Reclamation in Mining area and Agricultural Economy Sustainable Development

Zhanhong Liu, Baohua Zhou, Fang Dong
In this article, the systems dynamics method is carried on in the field of Mining area land reclamation and the agricultural economy sustainable development, agricultural economy systems dynamics model in mining area is constructed based on the land amount of resources and the population capacity, and...
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Practice and Reflection on Bilingual Teaching on Course of Principles of Economics

Haiying Ma
The construction of bilingual teaching course is one of the important contents of the undergraduate education quality project of Northwest University for Nationalities. Principles of Economics is an important basic course of economics. This paper first elaborates the concept of bilingual teaching, analyzes...
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Construction of Multidimensional Data Knowledge Base by Improved Classification Association Rule Mining Algorithm

Qing Tan
Firstly, this paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the existing association rules mining algorithm, and gives the method of multidimensional data analysis. In order to remedy the defects, this paper discusses and improves clustering and classification algorithm for constructing intelligent...
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Study on the Response of PM2.5 Pollution to Land Use Change Based on GIS

Ping Zhang, Liang He, Yajuan Zhou, Peishu Huo, Wenbiao Tian
PM2.5 pollution is harmful to human health and ecological environment, and effective control of PM2.5 pollution has important practical significance for regional sustainable development. This paper analyzed the impact of land use change on PM2.5 pollution based on Geographic Information System (GIS),...
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Cultivating Students' Professional Ability in English Teaching in Higher Vocational College

Fan Zhang
Nowadays, the demand of talented person for society is more and more intense, and the higher vocational colleges need make the goal to train the student's professional ability to find the usability of English study. This paper is based on the target of higher vocational college curriculum reform, the...
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Practice and Exploration of "Micro Course" in Information Literacy Education

Jingshi Yang, Yanfeng Chen
The information literacy training service of university library is faced with the bottleneck of the complicated training content, the separation of learning and application for the training object, the poor effect of training application ability transformation and so on. The information literacy of micro...
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Research on Key Technologies and Development Status of Cross Border E-commerce

Yongliang Li, Kaifeng Huang
Cross border e-commerce not only broke through the barriers between countries, so that international trade to trade without borders, but it is also causing great changes in world economic and trade. Cross-border electronic business platform is divided into information services platform and online trading...
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A Translation Principle Study of English Product Instruction from the Perspective of the Skopos Theory

Jian Wang
As international trade and multinational companies have a further development, how to translate product instruction from the source language to the target language consumers to realize the original meaning and function deserves special attention. This paper tries to study the translation principles of...
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Multi-kernel Partial Least Squares for Multi-Modal Data Analysis

Ping Wang, Hong Zhang
In recent years, multi-modal data analysis has enjoyed an increasing attention. Multi-modal data mean the different modal data representing the same semantics. Moreover, many subspace learning methods are proposed to measure the correlation between different modal data. As the most representative subspace...
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Study on the Construction of Teaching Ability Development System of Young Teachers in Public Security University

Liqu Song
Public Security University is the cradle to cultivate ready police officer and defenders for the republic. Both the teaching quality of the university and student quality depend on the wide teachers of the public security university. At present, young teachers have occupied half of the public security...
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A Study on the Value of Chinese Traditional Sport Culture in the Process of Cross - cultural Adaptation of International Students

Dandan Ma
The problem of cross-cultural adaptation of international students has been paid more and more attention with the increase of the number of foreign students coming to China, which is caused by many aspects. The difference between Chinese and foreign cultures is one of the main causes of this problem....
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Computer Network Security Analysis and Research

Limei Cui
In today's era is the era of information technology rapid development, with the constant progress of the society, the network technology is in constant development, now the network is essential in our daily life people less a thing. Using the network, at home the whole messy, never leave home can know...
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Research on Experiential Learning of Distributed Flip SPOC Model

Yanxia Sun, Jinke Wang
MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which is a kind of open-access online course that allows for unlimited participation, while (Small Private Online Course) is not only a MOOC supplement, but also the product of MOOC, which is an integration innovation of traditional teaching method. In this paper, we...
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Research on Industrial Cluster Development of Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt

Le Wang, Xuan Wu, Qingman Li
Since 2009, the development and construction of Liaoning coastal economic belt has been included in the national development strategy, the industrial clusters in Liaoning six coastal cities has made rapid development. Up to now, six coastal cities have a total of 43 provincial key industrial clusters,...
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Research on the Quantitative Behavior Assessment of Undergraduate Students: A Case Study of Bohai University

Xiaoshu Wang, Le Wang
Undergraduate students should have good moral character and behavior habits, Bohai University had design a quantitative behavior assessment system for undergraduate students. The assessment purpose is to make the undergraduate students to learn to behave, learn to work, learn to cooperate, and learn...
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Building Intelligent Precise Logistics Service System by Key Technologies of RFID in the Internet of Things

Guofang Kuang, Zhenfang Song
This paper describes the analysis and research of new intelligent precise logistics system. The development of intelligent logistics is precise, intelligent, integrated and collaborative features. Then this paper discusses the application and prospect of RFID key technology in intelligent logistics....
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Research on Cultivating Top Students in Flipped College English Classroom

Xixiang Ke
Much attention is focused on the study of flipped classroom. This research is conducted among top students with the purpose of confirming the effect of flipped classroom. It found that flipped classroom does not merely implies learning by oneself, even if objects are top students, teachers are expected...
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Study on the Dilemma and Strategies for Insurance Marketing in Western Ethnic Areas

Jianshen Zhang
This paper is going to study on the insurance marketing of western ethnic areas of china, trying to find out the solutions for its dilemma and analyze the reasons with effective measures. The research methods adopted in this paper mainly include qualitative examination, quantitative examination and comparative...
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The Connotation and Strategy of College Students' Leadership Training

Lei Yu, Yuan Tian, Fengjiao Xu
Colleges and universities have the important responsibility of cultivating all kinds of high quality talents and leaders for the society. At present, many colleges and universities are exploring the different mode and way of Cultivating College Students' leadership. We find that the Students' leadership...
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Applying "Four Together" Principle to minority and Han Students in Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program

Dayong Huo
Take students major in electrical engineering and automation in Karshgar university for example, this paper introduces the educational practice of applying "Four Together" principle to minority and Han students in undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship training program. By means of the comparison...
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Current Status and Prospect of College Physical Education Reform from the Perspective of Humanity

Yaoliang Zhang
Nowadays, the living standard of our society has risen obviously. Along with the continuous development and progress of the economy, the educational work of colleges and universities has made rapid progress. At present, the education department of our country has made it clear that in the efficient teaching...
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Analysis of Decision Tree Mining Algorithm Based on Improved Rough Set Classification

Lan Wang, Hongsheng Xu
Classification is to find a set of models (functions) that describe the typical features of data set. In this paper, firstly, the rough set classification algorithm is improved. Then, analysis and application of classification algorithm based on improved rough set are described. This paper analyzes the...
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Discussion about the Skills and Methods of College English Teaching from the Pragmatic Point of View

Yuanli Fan
Rapid economic development in the 21st century, at the same time, our level of education has also been greatly improved. In such a situation the needs of our various aspects of teaching methods and teaching skills to have a great improvement, The college English translation teaching is a good example,...
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Tourism Landscape Design based on Sustainable Development

Jiang Fan
This paper is going to explains the elements of landscape design from the perspectives of rational culture and landscape construction. In addition, it is also going to analyze the existing shortcomings of human landscape plans, including blindly pursuing physical beauty, not taking into account long-term...
Proceedings Article

An Improved Zigbee Routing Algorithm Based on Energy Level Partition

JianQiang Wang
Based on the analysis of large temperature and humidity monitoring system, this paper proposes an improved AODVjr routing algorithm based on node energy level classification. The algorithm is based on the traditional AODVjr algorithm, the tree routing algorithm of node forwarding rules based on parent-child...
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Emergency Control of Sudden Water Pollution Accidents in South to North Water Transfer Project

Guoqing Sang, Ying Wang, Shuxin Song, Cuiling Jiao, Guoqing Ma
Taking the cascade pumping station project of the East-Line of South-to-North Water Diversion Project as the research object, the simulation study of sudden water pollution accident and the emergency dispatch control of gate and pump are carried out. The one-dimensional hydrodynamics and water quality...
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Analysis of Carbon Emissions and Productivity of China's Construction Industry Based on Panel Data

Dong Zhai, Yajun Pang, Jiayi Wen
The paper analyzes the panel data of construction productivity, energy intensity effect of construction industry, energy structure effect of construction industry, R & D intensity, foreign capital ratio and capital intensity as explanatory variables to obtain the carbon emission factors of construction...
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Research on the Role of Media Supervision in Corporate Governance

Junwen Xue, Guoping Cheng
Corporate governance is a hot research topic in recent years, the outbreak of Enron scandal has caused scholars to pay attention to the role of media supervision in corporate governance. This paper summarizes the views of scholars and affirmed the positive role of media supervision on Corporate Governance....
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Analysis of Talent Training Scheme for Electrical and Mechanical Professional of Higher Vocational Colleges

Miao Shang, Jiabin Li
At present our country has built the world's largest education system, and our country implements the big powers to the human resources from people. Our country needs from human resource country to strong human resources. The mechanical and electrical professional training mode of Higher vocational colleges...
Proceedings Article

Castleman's Disease of the Tracheal: A Case Report

Jing Liu, Xin Liao, Wei Zhan
Castleman's disease (CD) is a chronic lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by unexplained enlarged lymph nodes. CD of the tracheal is rare, and shows unspecific manifestation with high misdiagnosis rate. Here we reported a case of tracheal CD in a 43-year-old female. Finally, the nodule of the...
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Study on the Green Construction Supervision Based on Evolutionary Game Theory

Zhongfu Qin, Wei Wei, Min Qin
Under the green construction policy, this paper analyzes the game relationship between construction enterprise and supervision department, and sets up a green construction supervision evolutionary game model based on the replicated dynamic equation. By means of Jacobin matrix and other nonlinear system...
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Study on the Relationship between Highway Maintenance and Concession Period of PPP Project

Rongbei Zheng, Fangmin Ren
In order to solve the problem of shortage of funds for highway construction and maintenance, Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) has been widely used and the concession period is one of the core issues in the negotiation of the highway PPP project. The system dynamic (SD) method is adopted to model relationship...
Proceedings Article

Curriculum Design of Tourism Information Technology Application Based on Constructivism

Xiaohui Wang, Xiaoli Liu, Kewei Lei, Qihong Tan
To explore the influencing factors on the students of tourism information technology application study. Selection of knowledge sharing, knowledge interaction and other indicators, based on the field survey data, using the methods of structural equation, constructing the course learning factors conceptual...
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Measuring Correlation Analysis on Productivity and Carbon Emissions of Construction Industry in China

Dong Zhai, Jiayi Li, Pengfei Li
The face of the current global climate warming background, the world have put forward their own energy-saving emission reduction targets. This paper studied the relationship between carbon emissions and productivity of the construction industry in long-term and short-term, respectively, by constructing...
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Hybrid Learning Model Based on Computational Thinking about Computer Science

Lijuan Zhang, Xuhui Zhao
In this paper we analyze and propose to the problems of the course of computer science teaching which are based to build the learning platform. We design a hybrid learning model based on computational thinking about computer science in order to achieve the self construction of knowledge truly for students....
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Some Notes on the Controllability in a Steady State for the Q-W Equations With Weak Decay

Shuxian Deng, Hongen Li
We present a new method of investigating the so-called quasilinear strongly-damped wave equations in this paper, we concerned with the Controllability in a steady state for the Quasilinear Wave Equations with weak decay, and we use a so-called energy perturbation method to establish weak controllability...
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The Analysis on Spatial-Temporal Evolution and Impacting Factors of Residential Land Price in Hangzhou: Evidence Based on Spatial Econometric Model

Haizhen Wen, Luhong Chu
In the context of rapid urbanization in China, the land market has become one of the focuses of the whole society. Based on the residential land transaction data from May 2006 to March 2010 in Hangzhou, this paper applies the hedonic price model of spatial econometrics to study the evolving trend and...
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Measuring the Spatial and Temporal Diffusion of Urban House Prices---Taking the Case of 18 Cities in East China

He Wang, Chenyi Ma
Based on spatial vector auto-regression model, this paper analyses the spatial and temporal diffusion of urban house prices in East China and examines the impact of price fluctuation of Shanghai and Hangzhou. The results shows that assuming Shanghai as the price diffusion center city, more than half...
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Research and Design of a Commodities Trading System

Suolan Liu, Lizhi Kong
With the growing development of electronic commerce, the business behavior of many traditional had better play in the Internet. Products transaction market can be said to be a typical example. Compared with the traditional trading model, online operation of commodities trading is more convenient, real-time,...
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Overview of Tourism Data Mining in Big Data Environment

Wenjie Xiao, Changguo Xiang
With the advent of the information age, the network is filled with all kinds of information and people in the vast amount of information are in the face of all kinds of confusion, thus data analysis has become a more difficult problem. Big data can solve this problem well and can greatly improve the...
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Research of the Construction of Bilingual Teaching Staffs in Chinese Colleges and Universities

Xiuling Liu
At present, the global development trend of higher education in all countries is the development trend of international higher education, and the competition among countries is mainly reflected in the competition of high-level compound talents and comprehensive national strength. In order to adapt to...