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Techno-economic Evaluation Of A Modular Compressed Air Energy Storage To Support Integration Of Wind Generation On El Hierro

Eva Schischke, Annedore Kanngießer, Markus Hadam, Marcus Budt
In order to reduce the dependence on fuel imports as well as CO2-emissions, islands are switching from diesel to renewable generation. Energy storage systems are used to avoid curtailment of the renewable generation as well as to reduce cycling of the diesel generator. This paper evaluates the operation...

Fulfilling the lack of employee: The Strategy from Swedish Public Sector practices

Benedicta Retna Cahyarini
The purpose of the study is to describe how Swedish municipalities recruit the current labour market in response to immigration movement. Data from Swedish Immigration Agency (Migrationsverket, 2017) from 2013 to October 2017 show the highest number of asylum applicant was in 2015 with 162.877 applicants....

Influence of Local Cultures and Construction Traditions on the Crimean Manor Architecture of the Late XVIII to Early XX Century

Maria Nashchokina
The appearance and style of Russian estates in the Crimea, absorbed local architectural traditions is directly related to the problem of interaction of Russian culture with the cultures of the peoples inhabiting the country. Since the end of the XVIII century the ancient land of Crimea has attracted...
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Effect of Sprouted and Extruded Grain in Composition of Fodder Mixtures on Digestibility of Dairy Cows Diet Nutrients

Nikolai Shvetsov, Vyacheslav Kotarev, Aleksandr Kovrigin, Mariya Shvetsova
The experiment was carried out according to the following scheme. In the first group (control), all wheat, barley and corn grains were fed in flattened form, in the second, third and fourth groups 50% of the wheat, barley and corn grain mass (half the daily supply) was prepared in various ways. In the...
Proceedings Article

Using Automated Fare Collection System Data to Determine Transport Demand

A. Fadeev, S. Alhusseini
Transport demand (a set of data about trips and passengers mobility patterns in the network) is a golden key for solving a wide range of issues of transportation and town planning problems. These are development of the road network, development and optimization of public transport routes, etc. To determine...

Research on Synergetic Governance of Rural Public Service under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Changjian Gao
With the development of social economy, rural economy has also been rapidly upgraded in China, showing that rural public service construction is becoming more and more perfect and systematic. Especially in the background of rural revitalization strategy, China attaches great importance to the development...

Earning Management or Tax Avoidance? Company Decision on Accounting and Tax Reporting Cost

Elisa Tjondro, Agnes Ayu Permata
The significant differences between the company tax rate and the loan interest rate create incentives for companies in Indonesia to conduct trade-offs between accounting and tax reporting costs. Management always wants to give a good signal for investors regarding company financial performance. On the...
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Pyrolysis of Ethylene Vynyl Acetate Polymer by Natural Zeolite Catalyst as an Alternative Fuel

Siti Salamah, Dede Azhari, Arba Mitanto
In Indonesia, ethylene vinyl acetate polymer type of sponge waste increases in number. The increase was due to the increase of the shoe factory which was the main consumer of this type of sponge. Conversion of this type of waste is done as an alternative fuel oil through pyrolysis process. The purpose...
Proceedings Article

Correlation between the Characteristics and Quality of Life of Hypertensive Outpatients at a Private Hospital in Yogyakarta

Faridah Baroroh, Andriana Sari
Many factors can affect a person’s quality of life, including therapy with antihypertensive drugs that often have uncomfortable side effects and lead to decreased quality of life. This study aimed to determine the statistical relationship between the characteristics and quality of life of hypertensive...

Research into How Students in A Correctional Facility Second Chance School in Greece View Science

Georgios Giannoukos
This paper is a follow-up study looking into how inmates view science and was carried out from 20th to 24th November 2018, the first having been conducted in 2014. It was carried out on thirty inmates in the first and second year of a Second Chance School (SCS) at a penitentiary in Greece.

Digital model of the dairy industry of Siberia

M.K. Chernyakov, M.M. Chernyakova
The studies are devoted to the currently incompletely solved both in theoretical and practical aspects problem of managing the development of the dairy industry. One of the tasks aimed at solving it is the need to develop a non-standard approach to the theoretical foundations of regulation of this industry...

New trends in financial inclusion policies: role of digital technologies and digital inclusion

Victor Dostov, Pavel Shust, Anna Khorkova
By comparing the situation with financial inclusion in developing and developed countries we look at the notion of ‘new financially excluded’. There seems to be a growing evidence that the implementation of new technologies that was seen as a universal cure for financial exclusion backfires for some...

A Bi-level Programming Model on the Pricing Method for the Air-Rail Intermodal Transport

Jin Zeng, Shaoyuan Guo, Fangrong Qi, Hongqin Pan
In recent years, China's society has developed rapidly, the high-speed railway network has become more and more perfect, and the competition between high-speed rail and civil aviation has become increasingly fierce. In the country's newly introduced national transportation development plan, the development...

Analysing Teachers’ Digital Literacy Skills in the Learning Situation

Mutiara Felicita Amsal, Winanda Amilia, Dedi Supendra
This study aims to see the extent of high school teacher digital literacy skills in managing learning. The method used is descriptive qualitative with instruments in the form of questionnaires and interviews. The results showed that the teacher has the ability of digital literacy at the conventional...

Students' Perceptions and Challenges in Improving Speaking Ability in Public and Private University

Wandi Syahfutra, Agung Prasetyo Wibowo, Ardiya, Prih Febtiningsih
Speaking is one of skills that difficult to master by students in Indonesia, little research has been done to investigate students’ perceptions and challenges in improving speaking ability: the analysis study between English Education Department students. Using a qualitative descriptive approach, this...
Proceedings Article

Identification of the Success of Learning Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan Using Machine Learning

Edi Ismanto, Eka Pandu Cynthia
Learning Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan (AIK) is one of the compulsory learning in all levels of Muhammadiyah education which has the general goal of forming human learners who are pious, noble, advanced and superior in science and technology as the embodiment of tajdid amar makruf nahi mungkar. In order...

BRI and the Countries of Southern Europe: The Risks for the European Markets and the Prospects for Southern Europe Development

Natalya L. Krasyukova, Olga V. Panina, Elizaveta S. Sokolova, Anna A. Bakulina
The Belt and Road Initiative today is one of the biggest integrational projects in the world. It connects Asia, Africa and Europe, so it is no surprise that the European countries tend to assess their benefits and losses from taking part in it. The Southern European economies are willing to participate...

Interviewer and public organizations

Alexander Raichenko, Gaik Avetisyan, Olga Gromova, Gabdelahat Latfullin, Lyubov Orlova, Fail Ibyatov
The sustainable development of modern society needs to be sought and mobilized to justify and build constructive interaction between its constituents and, above all, those that define it, as public and public Organization. This is determined by the need to ensure the conditions for the sustainable and...

Land Comprehensive Value Evaluation Model

Ti Xiang
Lack of consideration for the cost of environmental degradation,the land value has always been assessed mistakenly. Considering both the economic gains and the environmental degradation cost, our team propose the Land Comprehensive Value Index (LCVI). Then we establish the Land Comprehensive Value Evaluation...
Proceedings Article

Knowledge Discovery in Evolution of the Structure and Form of Scientific Model: J-System Theory

Qi Qian, Qianhui Zhao, Yu Chen, Zhaohua Jiang
First we establish the definition of J-System, and by some actual case according to this definition to illustrate that many scientific knowledge system are J-System which is consist of three concept sets by some cognitive pattern. This paper discusses that the J system is composed of the paradigm set...

Teaching Practice and Exploration of Efficient Classroom Learning Based on World University City Platform

Tingting Cui, Daixin Feng
This paper introduces the effective teaching & learning practices base on the World University City Platform with the case of “financial marketing”. The teaching practices are divided into three parts: self-study online and offline, classroom presentations and after-class extension activities, attempting...
Proceedings Article

Modeling of the Bond Issue Parameters for the Capital Structure Optimization

Yulia V. Semernina, Kristina A. Odinokova, Ekaterina A. Nesterenko, Eugene A. Korobov, Alina S. Usmanova
The article proposes a computational model with eight-step algorithm for usage bond issuance as a systematic instrument to finance corporate assets by optimal capital structure. The crucial model points are methodologically accurate calculation of the average credit spread accounting the difference in...

Concrete Ideas on the Organic Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education in Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi

Fang Wang
Colleges and universities in Shaanxi have achieved obvious results in innovation and entrepreneurship education under the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education, but some colleges and universities have not integrated innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole talent training...

The Effect of Instrumental Social Support and Self-Efficiency on Performance of Employees with Disabilities

Murni Wulan
This study aims to determine the effect of instrumental social support and self-efficacy on the performance of employees with disabilities. Respondents in this study were employees with disabilities who worked in Batam. The data used in this study are primary data in the form of data obtained through...

Project management competences as a driver of growing economies

Vladimir Obradović
Economic growth cannot be achieved without adequate strategy implemented through projects. Consequently, growth depends on the success of selected and executed projects. On the other hand, project managers, project team members, and other key personnel involved in project substantially influence overall...

Developing Student Worksheet to Support Kanji Teaching

Nise Samudra Sasanti, Miftachul Amri, Suwarno Imam Samsul
Every language learners are necessary to master four language skills, such as listening, speaking, and reading. This study focus on writing skill. Writing skill in Higher Education is given in the early semester of lectures, with the hope that learners will soon master writing and eventually will be...

Efforts to Improve the Integrity of the Principal with the Moral Debate Model

Ibrahim Bafadal, Juharyanto, Ahmad Nurabadi
Integrity is the quality of honesty and moral principles in a person that is carried out consistently in his life as a whole. Integrity is the personality of someone who acts consistently and intact, both in words and deeds, following values and code of ethics. Efforts to strengthen the dedication and...

Improving the Capability of Prospective Primary School Teachers in Making Science-Based Science Teaching Materials Based on ICT Media Assisted Literacy

Jajang Jajang Bayu Kelana, Jajang Bayu Kelana, D. Fadly Pratama
In general, this study aims to improve the ability of prospective elementary school teachers to make science teaching materials based on ICT literacy based on ICT media. Specifically, to develop the ability of prospective elementary school teachers to make teaching materials based on scientific literacy....

The Effectiveness of Scaffolding Method to Increase Daily Prayer Ability of Mentally Retarded Student in Muhammadiyah Extraordinary High School

Retno Sugiarti, Elvera Rosana Ekowati, Binti Saniatul Munawaroh, Juharyanto
This research aims to examine the effectiveness of scaffolding methods on the daily prayer ability of mentally retarded student of the Muhammadiyah extraordinary high school. Which means is the scaffolding method can increase daily prayer ability of mentally retarded student. The research approach used...

The Effect of Distributional Justice and Procedural Justice Towards Fisherman Compliance at Manado City

Tellma Tiwa, Great Kaumbur, Sinta Kaunang, Theophanny Kumaat
In a smaller scope, government policies are also inseparable from the protests and demands of society. The example case in the North Sulawesi region is the Government's policy to do the reclamation of coastal beaches in the region of Manado for the construction business area such as mall and another...
Proceedings Article

An Approach to Improve Diffusion Coefficient of Geospatial Information Model

Chongfu Huang
This paper proposes an approach to improve the diffusion coefficient of the geospatial information diffusion model. The diffusion coefficient calculated by the average distance formula is appropriately amplified to become the initial diffusion coefficient. Employing a search method, we take two test...

The Effect of Use of E-Learning on Competency Learning Outcomes Doing Work with Lathe Machine in Mechanical Engineering Education Student UNNES

Sudiyono, Ari Dwi Nur Indriawan Musyono, Angga Septiyanto
This study aims to determine the effect of the use of E-learning on the competence of doing work using a lathe on students of Mechanical Engineering Education UNNES. The type of E-learning used is Google Classroom which is a product of Google for Education. In addition to knowing the effect on student...

Establish “Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things” Create “Industry 4.0”

LV Zhongtao
In the development of human society, the Industrial Revolution has become an important turning point in history, a key factor to stimulate economic development, but also changed the world pattern and human life style. Now the age of Information Revolution based on intelligence has arrived. In this critical...
Proceedings Article

Identifying the Strength of Emotions in Relation with the Topic of Text Using Word Space

Anatoly Beltiukov, Mohsin Manshad Abbasi
Emotion analysis from text is a topic of growing interest over recent years. It is because of the growth and availability of internet. The emotion analysis from text and the strength of the emotions in text plays an important role in understanding and predicting the future events. In this paper, we are...
Proceedings Article

Risk Mapping of Risk Factors Associated with Human Rabies Cases in Bali Province, Indonesia

Yuni Yupiana, Chaerul Basri, Ernawati, S Sihombing, Farida Zenal, Caitlin Pfeifer, Mark Stevenson, Luuk Schoonman, James McGrane, Fajar Tjaturrasa
Since the emergence of rabies cases in human in 2008, there have been 174 humans affected by the disease in Bali. Eradication program implementing dog vaccination has seemed to decrease the incidence of rabies cases in human, however the human cases were still found. A lot of resources from local and...
Proceedings Article

Organizational Model of Big Data Innovation Alliance: Case Analysis of Virtual Cluster Perspective

Xiaomei Wang, Tianzhu Li*
In recent years, the Big Data Innovation Alliance has received widespread attention and rapid development, but its effective organizational model remains to be further revealed. From the perspective of industrial clusters, the Big Data Innovation Alliance can be seen as an industrial agglomeration phenomenon....
Proceedings Article

Biodiversity and Existing Condition of Coral Reef Ecosystem in Kondang Merak Beach Malang

Tarzan Purnomo
Coral reefs are one of the compilers of ecologically and economically important tropical marine ecosystems, but are very vulnerable to damage. Declining sea water quality due to climate change, coastal land use, and inaccurate coastal management patterns can threaten its sustainability. This study aims...

Grand Design of Character Education Based on Islamic Values

Pairin, Badarwan, Syahrul
This article aims to provide a critical picture of the great design of character education in Kendari. The aspects that are explored: 1) the vision of character education based on Islamic religious values; 2) mission of character education based on Islamic religious values; 3) character education programs...

What Teachers Understand and Their Perception Towards Implementing an Effective Career Transition Program

Mohd Zulkarnain Abdul Wahab
This paper discusses the Special Education Teachers’ understanding on the implementation of the Career Transition Program. Sixty-four Special Education Teachers of six Special Education Integrated Programme (SEIP) in Johor, Malaysia were selected using the cluster sampling method. This study used a quantitative...

Utilization Of Nanogold And Nanosilver To Treat Herpes Disease: Case Study Of Herpes Transmission In Islamic Cottage Schools

Titik Taufikurohmah, Djojok Supardjo, Rusmini Rusmini
This research aims to utilize nanogold and nanosilver to treat herpes disease which suddenly appeared in one of the Islamic cottage schools. How this happened is not a study this time. Nanogold has activity to increase cell proliferation and collagen biosynthesis. Nanogold also has antioxidant activity....

Potential of Denpasar City “Zero Point” for Denpasar City Tour Package Development

Tanggap Sasmita
This study aims to explore the tourism potential of Denpasar City, especially historical tourism by using the “Zero Point” of Denpasar City. The research method is descriptive qualitative by conducting interviews at Denpasar City Tourism Office and observations directly to the site. The results of the...

Preface to Special Issue on the Geometry of the Painlevé equations

Nalini Joshi, Masatoshi Noumi, Hidetaka Sakai, Claude M. Viallet
Pages: 1 - 2

“Silver” Age Theater

Liudmila Mikheeva, Magda Dzhichonaia, Julia Gushchina
The article is devoted to the complex ways of theater development in the beginning of the XX century. The article considers the creative ways of theater reformers, the search for realists and modernists, the mutual influence of symbolists and those theater figures who were realists, but were true innovators...

An Invertible Transformation and Some of its Applications

M. Bruschi, F. Calogero, F. Leyvraz, M. Sommacal
Pages: 1 - 31
Several applications of an explicitly invertible transformation are reported. This transformation is elementary and therefore all the results obtained via it might be considered trivial; yet the findings highlighted in this paper are generally far from appearing trivial until the way they are obtained...

Bosonization Method for Second Super Quantization

Alexander Dynin
Pages: 1 - 13
A boson-fermion correspondence allows an analytic definition of functional super derivative, in particular, and a bosonic functional calculus, in general, on Bargmann Gelfand triples for the second super quantization. A Feynman integral for the super transformation matrix elements in terms of bosonic...

The Shape of Soliton-Like Solutions of a Higher-Order Kdv Equation Describing Water Waves

Kostis Andriopoulos, Tassos Bountis, K. Van Der Weele, Liana Tsigaridi
Pages: 1 - 12
We study the solitary wave solutions of a non-integrable generalized KdV equation proposed by Fokas [A. S. Fokas, Physica D87, 145 (1995)], aiming to describe unidirectional waves in shallow water with greater accuracy than the standard KdV equation. This generalized equation includes higher-order terms...

Development of Cell Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment Instrument: Small Group Review

Safira Permata Dewi, Ermayanti, Lucia Maria Santoso
This study aims to obtain an overview of the cell cognitive diagnostic assessment (CCDA) instrument that has been developed from a small group testing point of view. There are 20 multiple choice questions that have been developed with five alternative answer choices. These questions consist of four topics,...

A Finite Equivalence of Verifiable Multi-secret Sharing

Hui Zhao, Mingchu Li, Kouichi Sakurai, Yizhi Ren, JonathanZ. Sun, Fengying Wang
Pages: 1 - 12
We give an abstraction of verifiable multi-secret sharing schemes that is accessible to a fully mechanized analysis. This abstraction is formalized within the applied pi-calculus by using an equational theory which characterizes the cryptographic semantics of secret share. We also present an encoding...
Conference Abstract


Joanna Harazny
Pages: 1 - 2
The microvasculature of retinal ganglion cell layer, which is the part of central nervous system, can be investigated non-invasively in human. For clinical routine the fluorescence angiography is used to test patency and leak of retinal or choroid vessels, and to determine the blood passage time through...