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Grid Reconfigurable Optical Wireless Network (GROW-Net) åÁV A New Hybrid Optical Wireless Access Network Architecture

Wei-tao Shaw, David Gutierrez, Kyeongsoo. Kim, Ning Cheng, Shing-Hwa Wong, Shing-Hwa Yen
In this paper we have proposed the GROW-Net, a novel hybrid optical wireless access network architecture. GROW-Net is designed to provide cost-effective broadband access connections in a highly populated and dense metropolitan area and consists of an optical grid network that provides a broadband backhauling,...
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Analysis of dispersion properties of elliptic air hole photonic crystal fiber

Yuh-Sien Sun, Chau Yuan-Fong, Tsai Din-Ping
The two dimensional with a triangular-lattice cross sectional pattern of elliptic air holes photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is investigated in detail by use of plan wave expansion (PWE) method. Using PWE method, the dependence of dispersion on structure parameters is calculated. We compared the dispersion...
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Building a Simulation Model of the Currency Basket Peg System

Michiru Kunitomo, Takashi Iba, Hideki Takayasu
This paper presents a institutional framework for the currency basket peg system. After the Asian currency crisis, the needs of seeking adaptive currency system has risen up but the best currency system has not still appeared. In this paper, we propose the model of “the currency basket peg system”. This...
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Building a Simulation Model of Foreign Exchange Market: Reproduction of Yen Dollar Market

Ayako Usami, Ryunosuke Tsuya, Takashi Iba, Hideki Takayasu
The purpose of this study is to make a basic Foreign Exchange Market Model. It is important to make a simple basic model at first to understand the complex emergence of exchange rate which is caused by various factors. The model is a multiagent-based model, consisting of dealer and speculator. Both agents’...
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A Final Price Prediction Model for online English Auctions ─ A Neuro Fuzzy Approach

Chin-Shien Lin, Shihyu Chou, Chi-Hong Chen, Tai-Ru Ho, Yu-Chen Hsieh
Markov Chain Model provides a concise mathematical model to describe the online English auction process, converting the complicated interaction between the bidders and auctioneer into a tractable mathematical problem, which is a milestone for researches involved in this area. However, the assumptions...
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Incorporating Value-at-Risk in Portfolio Selection: An Evolutionary Approach

Chueh-Yung Tsao, Chao-Kung Liu
The mean-variance framework for portfolio selection should be revised when investor’s concern is the downside risk. This is especially true when the asset returns are not normal. In this paper, we incorporate value-at-risk (VaR) in portfolio selection and the mean-VaR framework is proposed. Due to the...
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Difficulty of cooperation in iterated multi-Prisoner's Dilemma situation-Experimental evidence-

Kazuhito Ogawa, Tetsuya Kawamura, Tatsuya Kikutani, Sobei H. Oda
Using the laboratory experiment and simple multi–Prisoner’s dilemma model, this paper explores the effect of the change in the number of contacts and in the contact (payoff) structure, and then the characteristics of the strategy that leads players to reach mutual cooperation. When the number of contacts...
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Hybrid Neural Network Bankruptcy Prediction: An Integration of Financial Ratios, Intellectual Capital Ratios, MDA, and Neural Network Learning

Wen-Kuei Hsieh, Shang-Ming Liu, Sung-Yi Hsieh
One purpose of this paper is to propose hybrid neural network models for bankruptcy prediction. The proposed hybrid neural network models are, respecitvely, a MDA model integrated with financial ratios, a MDA model integrated with financial ratios and intellectual capital ratios, a MDA-assisted neural...
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Detecting and Classifying Emotion in Popular Music

Chia Chu Liu, Yi Hsuan Yang, Ping Hao Wu, Homer Chen
Music expresses emotion. However, analyzing the emotion in music by computer is a difficult task. Some work can be found in the literature, but the results are not satisfactory. In this paper, an emotion detection and classification system for pop music is presented. The system extracts feature values...
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Fast Occluded Object Tracking Technique with Distance Evaluation

Tsung-Han Tsai, Yuan-Chen Liu, Dung-Mau Chen, Chung-Yuan Lin
Objects in the world exhibit complex interactions.When captured in a video sequence, some interactions manifest themselves as occlusions. A visual tracking system must be able to track objects which are partially or even fully occluded. Occlusion is a difficult problem in target tracking, especially...
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Novel Silicon-Based Microwave Bandstop Filters for Communication Systems

Yeong-Lin Lai, Pei-Yen Cheng
This paper presents state-of-the-art silicon-based bandstop filters for the realization of microwave system-on-a-chip (SOC) communication systems. The characteristics of the bandstop filters are designed by the adjustment of the geometric dimensions of the filters in order to meet different system requirements....
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Predicting Technical Investors' Decisions in a Financial Market through Agent-Based Simulation

Yoshiki Kano, Takao Terano
We are developing an artificial stock market model with investor agents in order to analyze characteristics of a market price. In this paper, we analyze the effects of agent’s reaction rate to technical indicators in a financial market. Intensive experiments have suggested that trend follow investor...
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Enhanced Competitiveness of Multi-Agent System by Special Algorithm

Tin Yau Pang, Kwok Yip Szeto
Resource allocation in the econophysics of competing supermarket chains, modelled as a Multi-Agent System is addressed in the context of finding good method to increase the competitiveness of the company in networked economy. A special swapping algorithm which increased the local clustering effects of...
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Chain of Firms Bankruptcy

Yoshi Fujiwara
A link in production network is usually a creditor-debtor relationship. If a firm goes into financial insolvency state or bankruptcy, then firms on its upstream can have secondary effect from the bankruptcy. By using the recent 10 years data of bankruptcy in japan, we show that these causes of ``link...
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A Fuzzy Multiobjective Programming Approach for Vendor Selection in Iron & Steel Enterprise

Yuan Chen, Zhi-Ping Fan, Jun Lv, Jian-Yu Wang
The purpose of this paper is to study vendor selection problem with multi-vendor and multi-item in iron & steel industry. Firstly, the native fuzziness, derived from some uncertainty information, of some parameters in decision-making objectives is analyzed. After that, a fuzzy multiobjective programming...
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The Prediction for Index Futures Returns and the Relational Analysis of Spillover Effect

Ling-ming Kung, Shang-Wu Yu
This paper adopts the grey prediction methods, to investigate the return and volatility of major index futures among American and Eurasian markets. The grey relational theory and GM(1,N) model are further used to observe the volatility spillover effect and find the main influence factor in the volatility...
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Algorithms for Indexing Dynamic XML Data

Jeang-Kuo Chen, Jen-Peng Hsu
Some approaches such as path indexing, labeling, and numbering scheme have been proposed in order to facilitate query of XML data. The indexes derived by these approaches must be rebuilt if XML data is updated. The method LSDX (Labeling Scheme for Dynamic XML data) can dynamically add new labels without...
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A Study of the Performance Evaluation for Airline Operation

Gin-Shuh Liang, Tsung-Yu Chou, Shan-Shan Chuang
Combining the concepts of balanced scorecard, fuzzy set theory and entropy, a systematic fuzzy multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) for airlines operating performance evaluation is proposed. A hierarchical structure is constructed through the concept of balance scorecard includes four perspectives:...
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The Distinctiveness of Individuals: Using Knowledge Structures To Represent Research Focuses; The Field of Stem Cell Research

Jonathan Feinstein
Building on the framework presented in The Nature of Creative Development (Stanford U. Press, 2006), I describe an approach for representing researchers' focuses of research activity in a field; the approach is based on use of a knowledge representation framework. Application is made to the field of...
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A Fuzzy Preference Relations to Service Innovation Project Selection

Tsuen-Ho Hsu, Ling-Zhong Lin
In order to reduce the bias of linguistic recognitions among the group decision makings, this study develops “fuzzy multiple preference model” with two stages to better determining the suitable service innovation. A real numerical application in the chain wholesale has also been demonstrated.
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Emergence of Overconfidence Investors in Financial Markets

Hiroshi Takahashi, Takao Terano
This research utilizes the Agent-Based Model to clarify microscopic and macroscopic links between investor behavior and price fluctuations in the financial market. This analysis places focus on the role that investors’ overconfidence plays in the financial market. As a result of this analysis, it has...
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Hidden structure visualization adaptive to human's prior understanding

Yoshiharu Maeno, Ohsawa Yukio
This paper addresses hidden structure visualization adaptive to human’s prior understanding. The degree of understanding is parameterized by temperature used in the human-interactive annealing process along with stable deterministic crystallization algorithm. This adaptive nature is demonstrated with...
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Image Up-Sampling Using Discrete Wavelet Transform

Ping-Sing Tsai, Tinku Acharya
Image up-sampling is found to be a very effective technique useful in today’s digital image processing applications or rendering devices. In image up-sampling, an image is enhanced from a lower resolution to a higher resolution with the degree of enhancement depending upon application requirements. It...


S. Twareque Ali, Piotr Kielanowski, Anatol Odzijewicz, Martin Schlichenmaier
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A Maximum Achievement Model for a Interdependent Multi-location Investment Problem Using Goal Programming and Piecewise - Linear Approximation

Cheng-Chang Chang, Chung Yung, Wang
Consider an enterprise that wants to expand its business to multiple cities in global and to be one of well-known multinational enterprises (MNEs). Suppose the MNE hopes each planning investment subsidiary gleans a specific target return within a constant time horizon. Under this premise, this paper...


Tianrui Li, Pawan Lingras, Yuefeng Li, Joseph Herbert
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Proceedings Article

Mobile Agent Migration Strategy using Itinerary Graph and Neural Network

Nripesh Chauhan, Manjeet Singh
Mobile agents (MA) needs to migrate to several host to accomplish its task .Migration strategy is responsible for planning out an optimal migration path ,which ensures mobile agent to complete its task correctly and efficiently at the minimum cost .This paper describe the strategy adopted by a mobile...
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Performance analysis of DYMO and Bellman Ad hoc Routing Protocol for various Battery models in MANET using Qualnet

It is a challenge area in the field of ad hoc networks to support prioritized routing for time sensitive applications, such as multimedia communications, IP telephony and interactive games. However the existing protocols did not consider the special battery discharging behavior of wireless devices. The...
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Performence Comparison of DSDV, AODV and DSR for Mobile Ad HOC Network by Varying Network Size

Priyanka Jangir, Saurabh Mishra
Mobile Ad Hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes connected through a wireless link resulting in formation of temporary network without any assistance from existing infrastructure or any kind of centralized administration. The performance of an Ad Hoc network depends on the kind of routing...
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VHDL Implementation of a prototype switching system

Prashant Rai, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Gaurav Verma, Varun Kumar Kakar
Switching system implies data transmission between two communicating entities. This transmission can be either via trunks or it can be completely wireless, technically termed as Telephone Switching and Mobile switching, respectively. We report the implementation of a switching system using very high...
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Electricity Generation through Road Ribs using law of Electromagnetic Induction

Parul Bisht, Rajni Rawat
Recognizing the importance of developing renewable energy resources, the Highways Agency commissioned a preliminary scoping study in 2001 to explore available methods and assess the possibility of renewable energy generation being exploited within the highway network. Among the various means of transportation,...
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Adaptive License Plate Detection

Pramod U. Chavan, Parag Kulkarni, Amit Khandebharad, Dattatray Khope
License plate detection process can be divided in two parts 1] plate extraction, 2] character segmentation. License plate detection relies on illumination conditions, background and mainly on camera resolution. There is absence of any common standard to compare various algorithms for a LPD system, because...