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Game Analysis of the Internal Control Information Disclosure of Listed Companies Based on Incomplete Information

Xiu-Qing Zang, Ting-Ting Han, Juan Lv
The laws and regulations issued by our government, to a certain extent, ensure the authenticity and completeness of the internal control information of listed companies. And promote the listed companies developing and implementing a sound and effective internal control system, thus avoiding the occurrence...
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Strengthen the Connotation Construction of Education and Teaching for Training High Quality Vocational Talents

Kaihua Guo
The main task of higher vocational education is to train the high-skilled talent persons for the enterprise, and not only to assist the students getting jobs. But graduatea employment rate is the most important evaluation index for a higher vocational college in China. This has caused that practice courses...
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A Research on Dynamic Forms Verification Technology Based on PHP + Ajax

Shengju Yang
It is necessary to verify the input data to ensure the safety of high-quality software applications. The traditional WEB forms Verification under B/S model is characterized by the problems of restrictions by HTTP, refreshment of entire pages, long-time waiting of users, etc. In order to solve these problems,...

Demystifying the Relationship between Decentralization and Villagers’ Welfare

Khairu Roojiqien Sobandi
Theoretically, political decentralization aims at creating prosperity for society, however it was not the case in Indonesia because the creation of autonomous regions with its authorities are unable to strengthen grassroots people, to understand and coping their problems through bottom-up planning. It...
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Citizen observatories of water: Social innovation via eParticipation

Uta Wehn, Jaap Evers
We live in the age of Big Data, yet many areas of environmental management are still suffering from a lack of relevant data, information and knowledge that impedes sound decision making. A highly relevant phenomenon is therefore the so-called citizen observatories whereby the observations of ordinary...
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Information and Communication Technologies in Philology Education in Russia

Tatiana Arkadjevna Zolotova
The article considers the main forms of ICT (information and communication technologies) used in Philology education in Russia and presents the experience of development and use of traditional (folklore) culture database as a virtual excursion with game elements in the process of education of Bachelors...
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Procedural Similarity and Its Effect on Transfer

Huda Saifaddin
Analogical problem solving involves transferring information from a particular domain (i.e., the analogue or source) to another (i.e., the target). The success of any transfer process depends on the modality of representation (verbal or pictorial) and the level of abstraction or similarity shared between...
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The Resolution on Dead-Lock Problem in Message Driven Model

Ling Tang
This article introduces a new model named Message Driven Model (MDM) .It is a widely used architecture model to construct loosely coupled system Inappropriate acquiring and releasing locks among concurrent procedures always lead to dead-lock problems. So the dead-lock problem caused by inappropriate...

Interpretation of Chinese Ming and Qing fiction Narrative Pattern Analysis

Bai Wenyong
China's social structure and cultural shape mold the narrative mode and narrative perspective of ancient Chinese novels. Chinese social structure of the family as the basic unit of society constituted the history of Chinese literature especially the family and clan -based Ming creative form of fiction...
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The analysis of Henan hot spring tourism resources development of Lushan Mountain

Zhi-Hui Li
In this paper, now hot spring tourism resources development in Henan Lushan Mountain analysis of existing problems, and puts forward the Countermeasures of developing hot spring tourism resources in line with Lushan Mountain economic development, the results of this study can help Lushan Mountain county...

Reflection on the Assessment of a Math Problem in a China Elementary School

An-ning Chen
The assessment of a math problem in a China elementary school manifests that the math teacher is now still keeping to the obsolete notion of school education, attaching more significance to the result instead of the process of classroom instruction and adhering more importance to the standardized criteria...
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Storage Life Prediction for Accelerometer based on Nonlinear Degradation Model

Rui Li, Lixin Wang, Qi Wang, Can Li
For the accelerometers which have nonlinear degradation characteristics, the existing linear regression model is difficult to accurately evaluate the storage life. In order to solve this problem, under the condition of the accelerated degradation test, a storage life evaluating method based on nonlinear...
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Selection of A Rational Form for The Steel Winding Tower as A Preventive Measure to Increase Its Industrial Safety

Elena.G. Kassikhina, Vladimir V. Pershin, Nikiya O. Butrim, Weiguo Qiao
Herein there is a new approach to improve industrial safety in terms of operation of the steel winding tower based on rational design solutions.

Research on Influence of National Folk Sports Events on Social Harmonious Development at China-Vietnam Border

Dong Bikai, Hu Yingqing
This paper mainly analyzes the value of contact of Chinese-Vietnamese national folk sports events: the sports events enhance the communication between nationalities at border, ensure harmonious and stable border; promote active spiritual culture and weaken passive culture; make for trade contacts between...
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How Physics can help in understanding Cardiac Rhythms Predicting & Control of complex oscillatory behavior

Shiuan Ni Liang, Le Duy Manh, Wei Yin Chiang, Pik Yin Lai, C. K. Chan
We discuss our recent theoretical and experimental work in cardiac systems. The first is about the rhythmic variation as the cardiac myocyte cell culture synchronized, and how it can be explained in terms of the frequency enhancement phenomenon in coupled excitable systems. Another work concerns the...

Reflection on Chinese Cultural Industry Business Model Innovation Utilizing the Zhao Benshan Model

Yu Liao
The cultural industry offers consumers entertainment products or services against a background of economic globalization. In the rapidly changing business environment, it is extremely important to maintain the survival and development of cultural industry through the application of business models. This...

Evaluation Model Analysis of Sports Instrument Influences on Class drill

Xueqiang Zhu
This research, based on Abraham Harold Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the healthy definition of “WHO”, analyzes relevant value indicates such as the fitness value, metal health value, entertainment value, the value of education, ornamental value and social value to grab a rough understanding that hand...

Context-Aware Multimedia Content Adaptation for Mobile Web

Dongsong Zhang, Anil Jangam, Lina Zhou, Isil Yakut
Pages: 1 - 10
Multimedia content in web pages poses a variety of problems to mobile web users, such as incompatibility with mobile devices or failing to meet accessibility needs of users with vision disabilities. To address those problems, this study proposes and evaluates a context-aware approach to multimedia content...
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Research on Failure Mode and Ductility of Waste Fiber Recycled Concrete Columns under Small Eccentricity

Jing-Hai ZHOU, Hong WANG, Ze LI
This paper studies small eccentric compression test of eight waste fiber recycled concrete columns with recycled coarse aggregate replacement ratio, waste fiber length, and waste fiber incorporation as parameters. The test is carried out on the failure mode and ductility of the waste fiber recycled concrete...
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Smart Home Wireless Power Control Design Based On Internet of Things

XinYi Qi, Mindan Bai
In view of the current intelligence lives in complex structure, such as the high cost of weakness, use of switch power supply and single chip design a wireless intelligent household system. It will control instructions through wireless remote control by way of the wireless controller sent to the module,...

Motion Deblurring for Single Photograph Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Jing Wei, Zhao Hai, Song Chunhe, Zhu Hongbo
Pages: 1 - 11
This paper addresses the issue of non-uniform motion deblurring for a single photograph. The main difficulty of spatially variant motion deblurring is that, the deconvolution algorithm can not directly be used to estimate blur kernel, due to the kernel of different pixels are different with each other....

Computational intelligence in decision making

Macarena Espinilla, Javier Montero, J. Tinguaro Rodríguez
Pages: 1 - 5
In this preface we stress the relevance of the traditional collaboration between Engineering and any field of Mathematics in order to build intelligent decision-aid tools, as it is illustrated by the twelve papers contained in this Special Issue. These papers, selected by means of a standard peer review...

A Desirability Function-Based Relatively Optimal Interval Core Model and an Algorithm for Fuzzy Profit Allocation Problems of Enterprise Strategy Alliance

Fei Guan, Qiang Zhang
Pages: 1 - 13
Enterprise strategic alliance is a win-win business competition mode that has been developed in both academia and industry. How to allocate total profit fairly in an uncertain environment, however, is an important factor affecting the stability of the strategic alliance. To handle this problem, this...


Pavel Anselmo Alvarez, Rafael Bello Perez
Pages: 1 - 2

Building Towards Expertise

Marcel Martin, Paul Ouellet, Zeesham Aslam
To build towards expertise, one has to accept to modify his way of practicing, including: 1) A need to reflect on and about the action and near the action in 'in situ' laboratory, 2) A continuous concern about our competence to practice, (presently medical education is in fact discontinuous with periods...
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3D 9+- Model Representing Topological Relation between 3D Bodies with Holes

Yunfei Shi, Shuang Di, Lingling Zhang, Ting Mi
Three-dimensional topological relation is the basis of spatial analysis, spatial reasoning, and other applications in 3D GIS. Based on 9-intersection model, the proposed 3D 9-intersection uses 5 values {0, 1, 2, 3, 4} to replace two values {0, 1} of original model, which not only can distinguish whether...

Exploring the Impact of Service Quality on Commitment and Customer Loyalty in Jakarta's 3-Star Hotels

Eliza Simanjuntak, Nathalia Theodosia C., Yustisia Kristiana
This study will specialize discussion in hotel business sector, particularly the 3-star hotels in Jakarta. 3-star hotels getting tough competition from budget hotels that continue to emerge in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Increased competition in the service industry for causing a company to be very...

The Different Effects of Selective Attention and Divided Attention on Audiovisual Temporal Integration

Jingjing Yang, Qi Li, Xiujun Li
Human brains integrate various kinds of information from different modalities to perceive our complex environment. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of attention on the processing of audiovisual temporal information. Fourteen subjects participated in our experiment. Visual, auditory...

The Teacher's Perception on TPM-Kurtilas Implementation in Amal Keluarga Kindergarten- Bandung

Aan Listiana, Yeni Rachmawati
This study aims to obtain data on the teacher's perception of the implementation program of character development through the Teaching Pyramid Model based on 2013 curriculum (TPM-Kurtilas). The data required as an input for improvement because the program is still a pilot study project. The data was...

Research on Commercial Credit Financing of Rural Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Questionnaire Analysis Based on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Gaochun and Lishui Counties

Tingting Wu
According to the data of field survey, this article deeply analyzes the commercial credit financing of rural small and medium-sized enterprises from the quantity of commercial credit financing, financing terms and duration, way of financing and the perception of financial credit financing. In the analysis...

An Empiric Study in the Effectiveness of Student Training Based on Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions of Mobile Learning

Aleksandr Volodin, Natalia Bondarenko, Andrei Volodin
The paper reports on the contents of the empirical research on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the student training based on organizational and pedagogical conditions of the mobile learning. We specify the stages and the content of the experiment as well as its conditions and sampling. The sample...
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The Single-vector and Multi-vector Mixed Compressed Storage of Tangent Matrix

Wenjiao Da, Xiuli Wang, Jing Wen, Han Zhang
Matrix is a mathematical object, commonly used in scientific computing and engineering calculation. We are not interested in data itself in the data structure, but interested in how to store the elements in the matrix, and make the various operations can run effectively. The main purpose of the compressed...

Development and Validation of a Scientific Literacy Test on Global Warming Theme

Aristo Hardinata, Anna Permanasari
A research and development study was conducted to develop an scientific literacy instrument test in the global warming theme for middle school students. Random sampling method was used to involve 112 fifteen-year students who attend the natural science course at three middle schools in Bandung. The test...

On Development of Tourist Resources of Ancient Villages and Towns in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province

Wen-ping Xiong
Fuzhou City in Jiangxi Province boasts rich tourist resources of ancient villages and towns of high level and in large number, but such an advantage is yet to be transferred into the advantage in tourist economy. Starting with analyzing the features of tourist resources of ancient villages and towns...
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Risk Factors of Post-earthquake Fire for Constructions Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach

Hsiaomei LIN, Chingyuan LIN, Juicheng KO, Yushiang WU
Urban area is always gathering huge population and different kinds of activities. Once there is any disaster, it would be very possible to have unrecoverable damage. For the post-earthquake fire in constructions, it would caucus damage not only in civilians' lives but also property. Therefore, it becomes...

Use of Multimedia Learning Technology Based Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Chandra Anugrah Putra
Recently, teachers have various problems when implementing the learning in the classroom. Learning problems are caused because the teachers do not understand the characteristics of learners with learning content. Multimedia as a new product of modern technology seeks to involve all the senses, including...
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A Prebiotic Surface Catalysed Photochemically Activated Synthesis of L-Cysteine

Ethyne forms a weak charge-transfer complex with surface catalysts such as Mg.porphin in which the ethyne group has a net positive charge (0.08), and the conjugated porphin has a negative charge. This neutral complex is polarised and undergoes a nucleophilic addition reaction with ammonia at the carbene...
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Development of Alarm System Based on Speech Recognition

Qingsong Zhu, Hongzhao Li, Ruyan Ye, Meide Xu, Fayue Zheng
Aiming at the burglary, fire and the safety and health of the elderly in current living quarters, a kind of alarm system based on speech recognition is developed. The video monitoring device can be triggered by the voice alarm signal which is sent to the mobile client at the same time. Monitor people...

Research Progress on Dialectical Treatment of Cold Coagulation Type Primary Dysmenorrhea of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Huifang Zhu, Dongjie Wang, Guifeng Lu, Hang Sun, YuJing Zhao, Lihua Niu
At present, there are few studies on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea of cold coagulation type primary dysmenorrhea with traditional Chinese and western medicine at home and abroad. The study of blood deficiency and cold coagulation type of primary dysmenorrhea are alpine stagnation with qi and...
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Methods of Collective Intelligence in Exploratory Data Analysis: A Research Survey

Piotr A. KOWALSKI, Szymon Lukasik, Piotr KULCZYCKI
This study contains a brief presentation of the basic tasks for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), namely: classification, clustering, reduction of data dimensionality and number of data instances as well as detection of outliers. Herein, solutions to the aforementioned problems incorporating a wide range...
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Sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR Super-resolution Imaging Method Based on 2D-FISTA Algorithm

Ming Zhou, Peng-Cheng Xu, Zhao-Hui He, Qing-Hua You
The traditional Sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR imaging method has the problem of low imaging quality and large computational complexity. In view of the above problems, this paper studies a sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR imaging method based on two-dimensional fast iterative shrinkage threshold...
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Intrusion detection method based on cloud model and semi-supervised clustering dynamic weighting

Liping Wang
Aiming at the problem of low detection rate and high false positive rate of intrusion detection system, a cloud model semi-supervised clustering dynamic weighting intrusion detection method is put forward. As the attribute contributes to the classification difference, the cloud was near relative degree....
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Farmers' Will to the Treatment of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Pollution ??Survey from 447 Farmers in Hunan Province

Mu-Rong Bin, Kong-Liang Wen
Farmers are the main participants involved in livestock and poultry breeding pollution control, whether they are willing to control the breeding pollution by the mutual influence of many factors. Based on the field survey data of 447 households in Hunan Province, the Logistic regression model and the...
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Research on Lateral-Directional Dynamic Characteristics and Control for Large Envelope Flight of Modular Aircraft

Wen-Xin Zhang, Li-Xin Wang, Ting Yue
The linear parameter varying (LPV) system model of the lateral-directional dynamics for large envelope flight of modular aircraft including various configurations was built. The validity of the aircraft LPV model was verified by the comparison of dynamic simulation between the LPV model and the nonlinear...
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Multi-quality characteristics optimization of WEDM for IN-625 by applying Taguchi DEAR technique

Sachin Sonawane, M. Kulkarni
To manufacture quality products at lowest cost in industries, optimization is an effective technique which can be applied to find out the best manufacturing conditions. The objective of this research work is to examine the effect of control factors and to choose the correct settings of these factors...