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Designing an ERP Module for Assessing the Economic Status of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises Based on Operating Leverage

Serhii Hushko, Ganna Purij, Kateryna Slyusarenko, José Manuel M. Botelho, Abdukhakim Mamanazarov, Volodymyr Kulishov
Demand fluctuation and increased competition in iron ore mining accompanied by increased total cost affect the economic status of mining and metallurgical enterprises. This can lead to either a significant increase or decrease of fixed costs in the total cost structure, which is characterized by operating...

The Role of Art Education Through the Learning of Traditional Dance in Elementary School

Agna Novia Rahmawati, Slamet Subiyantoro, Endang Widiyastuti
Traditional dance is one of the cultural heritages which has values and norms in it. Through learning traditional dance, elementary school students gain a variety of aesthetic experiences. The aesthetics experience indirectly increases the power of appreciation and shapes the character of students. In...

Dayak Deah Culture Preservation Management in Tabalong District, South Kalimantan

Mudiyono, Susilo, Mursalim
The research aims to determine the management of Dayak Deah cultural preservation, with qualitative methods, grounded theory. Data collection through observation, interviews and study documents. Preserved culture: clothes made of wood bark, wood carvings, sentokong music; dance, rites of birth, marriage...

Building Student Soft Skill Ability through Cooperative Learning

Nugraha Nugraha, Imas Purnamasari
The purpose of this study was examined the effect of cooperative learning model on the improvement of student soft skills, the influence of school type on the improvement of student soft skills, and the effect of learning outcomes on the improvement of student soft skills. The research was done through...

Pancasila Clinic Development In The Village Community

Mr. Masrukhi, Margi Wahono, Mr. Tijan, AT Sugeng Priyanto
Rural communities are people who are vulnerable to the effects of globalization. Their limited access to information from the outside community often results in shock over the values order among them. In turn, understanding, appreciation, and implementation of Pancasila in their daily lives can gradually...

Diversity Index of Academic Community Ecosystem by Co-authorship Analysis with Granger Causality

Rui Wang
Compared to individual-level analysis, community-level analysis provides a new perspective to inspect network structure. It focuses on modeling the evolving relationships between communities. Intuitively, community-level analysis is a generalization of individual-level analysis. It reflects a macroscopic...
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Intellectualization of Transport and Logistics Infrastructure Agents Network Interaction through Adaptive Information and Communication Technologies Introduction

Marina Bolodurina, Anastasia Mishurova
The aetiology of the Russian Federation transport and logistics infrastructure development heterogeneity is caused by the following factors: many of elements of the system, territorial distribution, nonlocal effects exist. The article describes a methodological approach to assessing the existing potential...

The Ecosytem Thematic Teaching Using Problem Based Learning Model to Enhance Student’s Critical Thinking Skill

Anik Twiningsih, Sajidan, Riyadi
The ecosystem is a lesson that studies the interrelationships between the living and the environment both biotic components and abiotic interplay. Students are required to understand the interaction between living things and life form a unity, order and material characteristics of a complex ecosystem,...
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Signal Coding in Physical Layer Separation for RFID Tag Collision

Yi Li, Haifeng Wu, Yu Zeng
In an ultra-high-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) system, direct separation for tag collision on a physical layer can improve the efficiency of the tag identification. Many coding methods can be adopted in the RFID system. Different codes have different link frequencies and have...

A Visualization Analysis of the Research Status Quo of High-Tech Industry Research Based on Mapping Knowledge Domains

Ji-Chang Zhang, Luan Jiang, Lin-Yi Guo
This paper regarded the 12385 related to high technology industry 's research literatures which were from Web of Science database during the 2008-2017 as the research object, using bibliometrics method, based on citespace to analyze high technology industry research from the keywords, co-citation analysis,...

Study of the Value of Yogyakarta Batik Character and Its Implementation in Learning Batik in Vocational School

Retnowati. Dedy, Dedy Sartono, Trie Hartiti Retnowati.
Identify the study of character values in the meaning of Yogyakarta batik motifs and describe the implementation of character values through the Yogyakarta batik vocational school. This type of research is qualitative research and Research and Development (R and D). The subject of the product trial was...

Comparative Study of Social Support Perception on Drug Abuser in RSKO Jakarta by Type of Rehabilitation Program and Drug Type

Malta Maresa, Arie Suciyana Sriyanto
Social support is important to drug abusers so they could finish their rehabilitation program, recover successfully and continue their life forward. The problem occurs when the drug users who join rehabilitation program does not perceived they have sufficient social support provided by the environment....

A Study on Amalgamation Insufficiency and Countermeasures in the Research Teaching Practice

Yu Zhang, Yunyu Fan
Research teaching is one of the important teaching methods to cultivate innovative talents in colleges and universities. It has already achieved initial results in teaching practice. But it also shows amalgamation insufficiency problems in the research teaching practice, such as specialty cultivation...

The Effort of KPID West Java in Supporting Environment Sustainability through Tote Bag

Lucy Pujasari Supratman, Nofha Rina, Freddy Yusanto, Rah Utami Nugarahani
Plastic has become worldwide issues due to the discarded debris and several environmental problems. Anti-plastic campaigns have been carried out in various countries. Such campaign has also been promoted in several cities in Indonesia. Among Indonesia cities, Bandung has been implementing the Regional...
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The Fishing Gears Traditional of Malik Village, South Bangka Regency

Budi Afriansyah, Nur Hidayati, Tia Pratiwi, Nety Fitrianingsih
Malik village is not a coastal area so fisheries activities are conducted in public waters by using traditional fishing technology. Knowledge of technology catching fish in Malik village regarding traditional fishing gears should be documented to preserve the knowledge as a cultural heritage. Research...
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Integrating Life Skills into Volleyball Extracurricular Activity Program

Rita Rohmanasari, Amung Ma’mun, Tatang Muhtar, Risma Risma, Isna Daniyati Nursasih
Youths participation in sports is entrusted to develop life skill and positive adolescence development. The purpose of this research was to find out of the impact of sports extracurricular to the development life skills of the senior high students. The method of this research was quasi-experimental design....
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New Low-Speed Testing Device for Skid Resistance of Highways and Airfields

Sen Han, Tien Fwa, Mengmei Liu
Low speed skid resistance measurement is of great significance to analyse the actual causes of insufficient friction of pavement, and to formulate appropriate maintaining measures. At present, the British Pendulum Tester (BPT) and Dynamic Friction Tester (DFT) are commonly used to measure the low-speed...

Socio-Economic Study of Food Stuff and Herbal Medicine for Free-range Chicken as Efforts to Increase Food Reliability and Edibility

Adi Sutanto, Wahyu Widodo, Achmad Mauriza, Apriliana Devi Anggraini, Imbang Dwi Rahayu
This study examined the strategic roles in aspects of the food reliability and edibility, which purpose is to: 1) Find out the potential availability of organic food stuff and traditional herbal medicines used for free-range chickens. 2) Find out the determinants of the availability of organic food stuff...

A Practical Study of Smart Education in College English Teaching

Jie Xiao, Weimin Qi, Qun Hou
The study is aimed to apply the smart education concept to college English teaching. In the specific operation, the author recommends to students the use of online open classes, micro-classes, mobile APPs and other software tools to integrate online and offline teaching curriculum resources. By relying...
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Traffic Flow Analysis Due to Road Narrowing (Case Study: Jatingaleh Underpass)

Dwina Maharani, Ismiyati Ismiyati, Mudjiastuti Handajani
Jatingaleh Underpass is designed to solve congestion problem and reduce the rates at which accidents occur at intersections due to conflicts, but bottleneck can affect traffic performance. This study aims to determine in traffic movements, traffic performance after the existence of Underpass based on...

Developing Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition (CIRC) Weblog Materials

Annida Asni, Suwarsih Madya
This study aims to develop cooperative integrated reading and composition (CIRC) weblogs materials for the second-grade students of MAN 1 Yogyakarta. The materials were developed through ADDIE stages. The qualitative data were analyzed using the descriptive analysis while the quantitative data were analyzed...

English-Medium Instruction for the B&R Students in Chinese Universities: A Nation Branding Perspective

Zhijun Yan, Jun Wen, Yongjian Zong
Nation branding has remained both a heated topic and an international tendency over years. As an endeavor to promote the international image and reputation of a country, nation branding is a multifaceted cause involving a host of domestic stakeholders, among which the higher education institutions play...

Factors Influencing Tax Payer Compliance to Fulfill the Obligation to Pay Tax in Samarinda Municipality

Ahyar Muhammad Diah, Hasiara La Ode
The aims of the research are to find out and test the effectiveness of tax collection on taxpayer compliance; to know and test the knowledge of taxpayer on taxpayer compliance; to know and test the justice of tax payment regulation on taxpayer compliance; to know and test the taxpayer's comprehension...
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Preference-based Evolutionary Many-objective Optimization for Regional Coverage Satellite Constellation Design

Minghui Xiong, Wei Xiong
For the satellite constellation design problem, the computational complexity of regional coverage performance evaluation has posed great difficulty to classical Pareto dominance-based algorithms discovering the entire Pareto front of the problem, while the decision makers are often interested in a limited...

Development of Learning Model Based on Blended Learning in Sports School

Sapto Adi, Abi Fajar Fathoni
The Sports School is a school that facilitates student athletes to focus on practicing sports and achieve achievements in sports but also get formal education at the School. So that students will undergo many activities and must also be good at managing the time between exercise and learning education...

Transformation of Educational Activity: Social and Philosophic Aspects

Valentina Maykova, Eduard Molchan, Vladimir Falko
The study deals with educational activity as the basis for solving the problems of contemporary education in the context of globalisation. Our research methodology is a social and philosophical analysis of educational activity problems. We attract attention to the existing contradictions between rationality...

The Effect of Using I-CHAT Medium on Deaf Students Ability to Arrange Sentence Structures

Mr Utomo, Ganis Sukohanayu
On the initial problem of this study, it was found that the deaf students made mistakes in composing a correct sentence structure. Meanwhile, lecturers require these students to master the correct sentence structure. Therefore, this study aims to determine the effect of I-CHAT as a learning medium on...

The Influence of Engklek (Computer-Based Games) on The Ability of Recognizing The Emotion’s Expression of Children In Kindergarten

Pupung Puspa Ardini, Dessy Puspita Manuel
This research aims to examine the influence of Computer-based game of engklek on the ability to recognize the emotions of children in the TK Tirioi II Bolaang Mongondow. The research method used in this research is experimental with Pre-experimental design (one group pre-test post-test design)by having...

Intellectualization of the Learning Process Based on Digital Technology

Sergey Neustroev, Irena Robert, Mikhail Goncharov
The influence of digital technologies on the development of national education is described. The possibilities of digital technologies in conditions of high-tech education are identified and described. The conditions for the intellectualization of the learning process in connection with the use of digital...

Biopolitical Production of Human Security and Inclusion/Exclusion of State Security, Human Rights, and Human Development

Rizma Azhiim, Laila Nurchayani
This article examines human security as a discourse which existed from structural inclusion/exclusion of state security, human rights, and human development. Drawing from the work of Michel Foucault, Giorgio Agamben, and other thinkers that stressed in developing concept of biopolitics, the article argues...

Reduction of LDL Cholesterol through MICT and HIIT in Rats

Yanuar Dhuma Ardhiyanto, Mr Widiyanto, Samsul Mu'arif
The reduction of obesity is possible through the use of exercise. It can also be used as a treatment in improving health status. Obese people have higher levels of Low-density lipoprotein/LDL cholesterol, which has the probability of leading to risk of degenerative diseases such as hypertension, stroke...
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Studies on the effects of xenobiotic on radial growth and dry weight biomass of the soil fungus Trichoderma sp.

M.C. Freddy Vanlalmuana, R. Lalfakzuala
Plant growth and development are greatly influenced by soil edaphic factor and microbial community present in the rhizosphere. Although some microorganisms are important, some can cause disease in plants and lead to the death of the plant. Trichoderma sp. is an important soil fungus which has the potential...

Advance Competition Strategy and Consumer Behavior Analysis

Peiqin Li
This paper analyzes the rules and conditions of advance and spot competition equilibrium. Then it focuses on how consumer’s behavior effects the optimal decisions in the mix competition equilibrium. Further, it finds out that how different type of consumer behavior choose in different situations, such...

Exploration and Research on Home Visiting Work of College Counselors

Meijiao Ji, Xue Yang
Home visits system of college counselors organically integrates family education with school education, which is an effective important way to carry out ideological and political education for college students. Through sorting out and exploring the work of college counselors' home visits, this paper...

How Ethno Marketing Can Determine Consumer Decision to Use Branchless Banking Services

Agus Rahayu, A.S. Apriliyani, Disman Disman, L.A. Wibowo, S. Sasongko
Branchless Banking in Indonesia is examined as “an office-less financial services in the context of inclusive finance”. This program aims to provide simple, easy-to-understand financial products and in line with the needs of people who have not yet reached financial services. The target is the citizens...
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The Effect of Peat Soil on Room Temperature in Type-36 Housing in Palangkaraya

David Ricardo, Prasasto Satwiko, Nimas Sekarlangit, A Djoko Istiadji
Settlement and housing development is the main activity in arranging the spatial layout of Palangkaraya, focusing mainly on the small-type house like type-36. Most of the type-36 housings planned by the developer are on peatland. Indonesia’s Public Housing Minister states that the type-36 house is appropriate...
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Strengthening Microscopy as a Strategy to Reduce Malaria in Jayapura City

Melda Suebu, Ivon Ayomi, Mardi Raharho, Antonius Oktavian, Octavianus Karapa, Anton Wambraw
Papua is still a malaria-endemic area, despite malaria prevention and treatment programs in the past and ongoing. To ensure quality microscopy services, a researcher wants to examine the microscopy capacity at the Public Health Services Center, to determine and the availability of laboratory facilities...
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The Efficiency of a Bus Rapid Transit Utilizing a Passenger Information System

Mudjiastuti Handajani, Andi Kurniawan Nugroho, Harmini
Incredible city transportation utilizing a safe, comfortable, stable, and efficient smart transportation system with modern arrangements has become a necessity. Currently, the transit busses still run on the open road in mixed traffic, which means the arrival times cannot be anticipated correctly. Furthermore,...

Problematic Education Physical Students in the Wetlands

Herita Warni, Syamsul Arifin, Ramadhan Arifin
Learning of Physical Education in schools is often faced with the availability of facilities that are not adequate. From the observation of some schools, the majority of schools do not have adequate facilities and space to be able to do with a good physical education. This causes physical education process...

Geographical Indication Protection on Local Product: Kotagede Silver

Deslaely Putranti, Daffa Nugroho Ramadhan
Kotagede Silver is a handicraft product that has a long history regarding the production process and its characteristics. After the monetary crisis that hit Indonesia in 1997, Kotagede Silver experienced quite serious problems related to its raw materials and marketing. Moreover, the younger generation...
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Optimal local pressure control in water distribution network based on valve location

Chengui Chang, Xinyu Zhang
When accident or maintenance occurs in water distribution network, how to improve the service level of the user is the problem that urban water supply enterprises need to solve. This paper presents a optimization model based on DMA partitions for attempting to use the sensitivity method to find the pipelines...

Assassin and Ninja:Several dimensions of cultural comparison between China and Japan

Mingyang Liu
Chinese culture is an important part of world culture and plays an active role in promoting the development and progress of world civilization. In Asia, most of the national culture are based on Chinese culture and extend in accordance with their own national conditions, Japan is a good example. Japanese...
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Local Wisdom: Local Paddy Breeding Through Farming Revenue Analysis Approach (Case Study: Indramayu Regency, West Java)

Lilis Imamah Ichdayati, Rizki Adi Puspita Sari
Farmer’s aptitude on paddy breeding developed through Participatory Plant Breeding School (Sekolah Lapang Pemuliaan Tanaman Partisipatoris/SLPTP) was shown by reemerging of local paddy varieties. From 2002 up to 2010, Indramayu breeder farmers have succesfully created 400 varieties of paddy seeds which...
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3D Scene Reconstruction Using Multi-Sources Data

Mingder Yang, Hungyu Lin, Ilin Chan, Huiping Tsai, Yiping Chen
This paper focuses on 3D scene reconstruction by various simulation methods and multi-sources data. 3D scene reconstruction is a tool to be able to analyze an area by rendering it in 3D. This is a research piece that looks at how different methods of modeling have different functions and applications....

Research on Enterprise Economic Management Mode from the Perspective of Marketing

Yining Qu
This paper focuses on the problems existing in the enterprise economic management and discusses the innovation of the enterprise economic management model under the marketing angle from four aspects, such as strengthening the management of human resources training mechanism, perfecting the economic management...

Why Do Students Make Errors when Solving Problem in Semiotic Representation?

Christine W. Suryaningrum, Purwanto Purwanto, Subanji Subanji, Hery Susanto
Error in learning mathematics means an inappropriateness of someone in determining the solution of a problem, either in the concepts or its completion procedures. Semiotics means signs or symbols. The use of symbols is the concept of one's thinking in using symbols and representing certain meaning. Problem-solving...

Thoughts on Yunnan Province’s Strengthening International Capacity Cooperation with South Asia and Southeast Asia

Li Jianhua, Cheng Zhenhuang
According to the significant decision made by the State Council in its guidance on Promoting International capacity cooperation and Equipment manufacturing and the state’s important task to build Yunnan Province into an economic hub for South Asia and Southeast Asia, Yunnan Province seizes the historical...

Prototype of the Arab School in the Kingdom of Sambas of West Borneo in the Early 20th Century

Erwin Mahrus
In West Borneo, of the fourteen sultanates that one existed, Sambas was the most dynamic Malay kingdom in its intellectual history. Sambas was once known as the "Terrace of Mecca" in West Kalimantan. It was due to the fact that this area has many scholars who once lived and studied for years in the Holy...

Marketing Strategy Development Model of Increasing Sales Volume of Dangke Cracker: Enrekang Regency Food Specialty

Muhammad Siri Dangnga, Mr Arman, Mr Buhaerah, St. Maryam
The Dangke product is a milk product like cheese, processed by people of Enrekang Regency. The producthas started since 2009 and developed the Dangke products of crackers which are crunchy and tasty. The marketing area of Dangke’s cracker is still limited to local consumption and to a number of exports,...

Doctor-Patient of Communication Activities and Models in Free Consultation of Orthopedic Hospital Prof. DR. R. Soeharso Surakarta

Dewi K. Soedarsono, Ihsani Afifah Wardhani
The study of entitled “Doctor-Patient of Communication Activities and Model in Free Consultation of Orthopedic Hospital Prof. Dr. R. Soeharso Surakarta” aims to find out how the effectiveness of doctor-patient communication by digging information in the implementation of free consultation on activities...