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Determinants Analysis The Importance of Accounting, Quality of Financial Statements, and Implementation of "Financial accounting standards for entities without public accountability (SAK ETAP)" on SME Fostered by PT. Telkom TBK

M. Afif, Sri Mulyani
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector is the shaft revival of the national economy, but SME sector still has problems. One of the problems faced and also become a weakness of SMEs is the implementation of accounting in accordance with SAK ETAP which has an important role in providing information...

Research on Application of Circuit Simulation Software in Electronic Technology Teaching

Haifeng Liu, Ruili Mao
Simulation technology makes the analysis of electronic circuits can be accurately and quickly completed in the computer. On the one hand it overcomes the limitations of laboratory components and instruments, on the other hand it also broke the time and space constraints. This paper describes the application...
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An Improved Statistical Machine Translation Method for United Chinese-Japanese Word Segmentation

Xiaowei Wang, Jinke Wang
As Chinese and Japanese word segmentation is processed with different tagging system and semantic performance, the granularity of word segmentation results should be readjusted to improve the performance of Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). This paper proposes an approach to adjust the word segmentation...

The Comparison of 'Rewriting' of Howard Goldblatt & Andre Lefevere's Translation Thoughts

Chunhua Shen
This paper illustrates firstly the importance of the study of rewriting studies, and then respectively takes a closer look at the basic content of Lefevere's rewriting thoughts and Goldblatt's rewriting thoughts and then comparing their different views on rewriting thoughts. In the end, the paper gives...

The Detection of Corruption and The Role of Accountant in Achieving Good Public Governance

Rozmita Dewi YR
The Government of Indonesia has been conducting various corruption eradication efforts; however, these have not been able to effectively prevent corruption in Indonesia. Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has managed to unravel corruption cases through a thorough detection and investigation....
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Contour Segment Feature Weighting in Infrared Automatic Target Recognition

ShiWei Chen, ShengXiu Zhang, XiaoGang Yang, NaiXin Qi
We study automatic target recognition (ATR) in infrared (IR) imagery by applying two recent computer vision techniques, Hierarchical description of contour and Bag-of-Words (BoW). We propose the idea of contour segment (CS) features which are extracted from the outer contour of IR target image and we...
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Chopped carbon fiber reinforced CeO2/PMMA/PVDF superhydrophobic composite coating with enhanced abrasion durability

Binrui Wu, Chaoyi Peng, Weimin Li, Zhiqing Yuan, Liping Sheng
The practical applications of bioinspired superhydrophobic surfaces are often restricted by poor mechanical wear-resistance. CeO2 nano particles toughened polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)/polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) composite coating with water contact angle (WCA) of 152° and sliding angle (SA) of 5°...
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Key Research of Pre-processing on Mongolian-Chinese Neural Machine Translation

Jian Du, Hongxu Hou, Jing Wu, Zhipeng Shen, Jinting Li, Hongbin Wang
Neural machine translation has recently achieved promising results with the big scale corpus. But there is little research on the small scale corpus, such as Mongolian. Mongolian belongs to the agglutinative language while Chinese is a pictograph. It is necessary to do some pre-processing for both Mongolian...
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Stochastic Non-autonomous Lotka-Volterra Mutualism systems with Impulse Jump and Markov Switching

Fangxia Lu, Zuomao Yan
In this paper, we investigate a stochastic non-autonomous Lotka-Volterra mutualism with impulse jump and Markov switching, and two sufficient conditions for stochastic persistence are established.

Fine-Grained Emotion Analysis Based on Mixed Model for Product Review

Xiao Sun, Chongyuan Sun, Changqin Quan, Fuji Ren, Fang Tian, Kunxia Wang
Pages: 1 - 11
Nowadays, with the rapid development of B2C e-commerce and the popularity of online shopping, the Web storages huge number of product reviews comment by customers. A large number of reviews made it difficult for manufacturers or potential customers to track the comments and suggestions that customers...
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Analysis on Development of Overseas Soldier Power

Yu-lin Zhu, Li-fu Cheng, Jun Wang, Xiao-ming Wan, Hao Zhang
With the growing popularity of soldier information equipment, the requirement for electric power supporting individual soldier combat increases. Now available power sources such as alkaline battery and lithium battery may not meet the demands any longer, and the contradiction between supply and demand...

Entrepreneurial Motivations and Risk Decision Making: A Theoretical Framework

Junping Yang, Kuangjian Wu
From a purely theoretical standpoint, the paper aims to see if there is a relationship between entrepreneurial motivations and risk decision making and at the same time explore the role of cognitive traits, including risk perception and self-efficacy, in the relationship. Based on established theories...
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The simulation of transient braking force effects for disc brake caliper bench test machine

Ming-Hsiung Ho, Chih-Yi Chang, Pin-Ning Wang
This study analyses a disk braking caliper bench testing machine under braking conditions, to testify its structure characteristics. The analyzed objects include rotating axes and six counterweights. The first step is to use the design software SolidWorks to build axis and counterweights models. Next,...
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A Feedback based Probability Selection for Frame forwarding in AVB switched Ethernet

Ang Gao, Yansu Hu, Lixin Li, Xu Li
In order to support real-time quality of service in time-sensitive and time-tolerant coexisting network in Ethernet, a set of IEEE standards for transporting and forwarding real-time content over Ethernet are proposed that known as Audio Video Bridging (AVB). By bandwidth reservation and priority isolation,...
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Characterization of Superplastic Behavior of AA2195 by Bulging Test

Ho-Sung Lee, Jong-Hoon Yoon, Joon-Tae Yoo, Kyung-Ju Min
Superplasticity is the ability of polycrystalline materials to deform plastically to exhibit very large strains. Using this property in manufacturing process makes many of aerospace components lighter and stiffer, with efficient energy and cost saving. Since in most sheet metal forming operation biaxial...
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A review of microbial fuel cells coupled with constructed wetland

Zhenling Li, Chaowen Qian, Yanli Ding, Shaoyuan Bai, Xiaojun Lv
Microbial fuel cell (MFC) coupled with constructed wetland (CW) is an innovative technology for wastewater treatment. Based on the current studies, the article reviewed the configuration and evaluation indicators of CW-MFC, and discussed the influence factors of MFC-CW performance, including pH, electron...

Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of Teaching Staff in Private Colleges-A case study of private colleges in Northwest China

Jingfeng He
The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to establish a contingent of teachers in private colleges. Taking Xijing University as an example, this paper analyzes the main problems existing in the construction of the contingent of teachers in private colleges, and puts forward some reasonable suggestions...

Unit Cost Analysis in Higher Education

Asep Kurniawan, Tjutju Yuniarsih, Sumarto Sumarto
This study analyzed the calculation of unit costs in higher education. The focus of this research is on how the needs analysis process in college, and how the calculation of unit costs in higher education. The method used was a case study with a qualitati

Analysis of Volatiles from Fresh and Dry Rhizome, Pseudostem and Leaf of Musa Basjoo

Chenxi Zhu, Feng Xu, Hongmei Wu, Xiangpei Wang
Background: Musa basjoo Sieb. et Zucc. is widely distributed around the world, used to treat a variety of diseases. Volatile oils as an important component of the Musa basjoo, but it received less attention. In this study, Volatile constituents in both fresh and dry rhizome, pseudostem and leaf of Musa...
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Finite element analysis of the pre-stressed concrete box-girder bridge with corrugated steel webs

Shuqin Li
This template explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for publisher. The best is to read these instructions and follow the outline of this text. Please make the page settings of your word processor to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm or 8 x 11 inches); with the margins: bottom 1.5...
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Learning the Quality Filter Method of Sequence by Quality Cut-off Value and Base Percent

Henghua Shi, Xin Xu
For the next bioinformatics analysis of sequence reads, the initial sequence reads with next-generation sequencing technology should be clean with the quality filter method. The basic quality filter method can filter the initial sequence reads by quality cut-off value and base percent. We select some...
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A Simulation Model for Predicting the Development of Cut Lily Based on Photo-Thermal Index

Yong-Yi Dong, Dong-Sheng An
In order to provide accurate prediction of the development stages of cut lily, which is crucial for decision-making of the market schedule, a simulation model based on photo-thermal index (PTI) was developed to estimate the phenophase days during greenhouse production. Three experiments of Lilium Oriental...

A Finite Equivalence of Verifiable Multi-secret Sharing

Hui Zhao, Mingchu Li, Kouichi Sakurai, Yizhi Ren, JonathanZ. Sun, Fengying Wang
Pages: 1 - 12
We give an abstraction of verifiable multi-secret sharing schemes that is accessible to a fully mechanized analysis. This abstraction is formalized within the applied pi-calculus by using an equational theory which characterizes the cryptographic semantics of secret share. We also present an encoding...

Near-Duplicate Web Page Detection: An Efficient Approach Using Clustering, Sentence Feature and Fingerprinting

J. Prasanna Kumar, P. Govindarajulu
Pages: 1 - 13
Duplicate and near-duplicate web pages are the chief concerns for web search engines. In reality, they incur enormous space to store the indexes, ultimately slowing down and increasing the cost of serving results. A variety of techniques have been developed to identify pairs of web pages that are “similar”...
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Determination of copper content in copper oxide used for fireworks and firecrackers based on Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (EDXRF)

Jun-yi Wu
Methods used for the determination of copper content in copper oxide are mostly based on traditional chemical method, which is lengthy and cumbersome. If inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry or atomic absorption spectrometry are used to determine the copper with high content, the sample solution...
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Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Preferred Wavelet Packet and ELM

Haitao Shi, Qide Tan, Chenggang Li, Xiangyu Lv
In order to improve the effectiveness of fault feature extraction and achieve the accurate classification of fault patterns in analog circuit, the paper proposed a new analog circuit fault diagnosis method based on preferred wavelet packet and extreme learning machine (ELM). The concept of feature departure...
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Turmeric Can Prevent Cochlear Damage Due To Ototoxic Drugs

Tengku S.H. Haryuna, Sari Anggraini
The high use of ototoxic drugs, especially antibiotics such as aminoglycosides and anticancer drugs such as cisplatin still can not be avoided as a therapeutic option. The use of ototoxic drugs can cause damage to the cochlea, vestibule, and semicircular canals leading to hearing loss and balance disorders....
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Analysis on the Structure of Inbound Tourist Source Market in Anhui

Tong Yu
Based on the related data of inbound tourism in Anhui from 2006 to 2015, by aid of the Excel software, analyze the structure of inbound tourist source market in Anhui. The result shows that: the numerical value of geographic concentration index of inbound tourism in Anhui is high and the stability is...
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Discussion on the Work of College Network Ideological and Political Education

Xianfa Lan
Since the popularization of colleges digitization, the traditional ideological and political education can not meet the needs of college students. It is urgent to carry out ideological and political education with the times by the means of computer network. It is necessary and urgent to carry out the...
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Effect of Single Sio2 Layer Incorporation on Electrical Performances of Metal-insulator-metal Capacitors with Al2O3-Hfo2-Al2O3 Dielectrics

Li-Feng Zhang, Sai-Sheng Xu
The metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors with Al2O3/HfO2/Al2O3 (AHA) and Al2O3/HfO2/SiO2/HfO2/Al2O3 (AHSHA) dielectric structure using atomic layer deposition (ALD) technique have been fabricated. It is demonstrated that the dielectric loss at higher applied frequency and quadratic VCC in high- MIM...

Relationship between Tourist Attractions and the Baidu Index: A Case Study of National 5A Scenic Spots of Xi'an City During National Day Holiday

Kewei Lei, Xiaohui Wang, Xiaoning Dou
During Chinese National Day holiday, lots of tourists visit well-known scenic spots leading to heavy overcrowding problems. Consequently, the accurately prediction of tourist numbers for certain small regions/scenic spots within few days is important for tourist attractions management and planning. Most...
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Determination of the Scenarios for the Future of Materials Technology

Astelio Silvera Sarmiento, Luis Fernando Garcés Giraldo, Jovany Sepúlveda-Aguirre
Introduction. In the world the prospective studies have been taking great acceptance, especially in developing countries, as they allow the prioritization and targeting of efforts in research on a specific topic. Objective. Contrast the positions of the key members of 2 Colombian universities about the...
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Strong Electromagnetic Pulse Comprehensive Protection Methods Research for UAV

Baozhou Du, Yazhou Chen, Erwei Cheng
Data link system, as important guarantee for unmanned aerial vehicle equipment to complete its battlefield function, its anti-electromagnetic pulse capacity interference directly affect the safety of airborne communications. Strong electromagnetic pulse has become an important source of electromagnetic...
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Study on Effects of NHERF-1 on Proliferation and Migration of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

Dan Li, Xianming Chu, Zhihui Feng, Xia Li, Peng Chen, Yi An
Object To explore the effects of Na+/H+ exchanger regulatory factor 1 (NHERF1) on the phosphorylation levels of Akt1, activity of gelatinase secreted by HUVECs, and expression and distribution of cytoskeleton inside Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVECs), and to expound the molecular mechanism...

Crisis of the Management Paradigm-Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Victor S. Efremov, Irina G. Vladimirova
This paper attempts to rethink the development of management theory in its classical format, to understand the fundamental causes of a critical attitude to its findings and allegations and justify the conceptual continuum, in which it is possible to achieve a public consensus on the model of knowledge...

Research on Shenzhen's Maker Movement: Motivation and Its Optimization

Xianwei Zhang
This paper reveals the status of Shenzhen's maker movement by concluding an empirical investigation of the operational model of Shenzhen's makerspaces. After pointing out the problems found in the investigation, this paper put forward some suggestions to optimize makerspace's operation and culture cultivation.

Dayung Context in Fraction

Marhamah Fajriyah, Ratu Ilma I. Putri, Mr Zulkardi
The students face often difficulties in understanding fraction lesson. It is because the students never get learning basic concept of fraction. This research aimed to get learning trajectory that can help students understand the addition and subtraction of fraction by using dayung context in Asian Games....

A Study on the Characteristics and Transmission Ways of China Central Plain Opera Culture

Xinyu Li
China Central Plain Culture is broad and profound, and it has promoted the transformation of the central plain drama. In turn, the China central plain opera culture has become the driving force of the China central plain culture, and plays an irreplaceable role in the prosperity, inheritance and development...

Therapeutic Effect of a Novel Human Parathyroid Hormone Analog Nasal Drops on Osteoporosis Rats

Jiao Feng, Yan Zhu, Shuang Gao, Shuyan Ren, Rongyue Cao
In this study, the therapeutic effect of a novel human parathyroid hormone analogs nasal drops on ovariectomized rats was evaluated. Thirty-two of 40 3-month-old female Sprague-Dawley rats were ovariectomized and 8 received sham operation. Thirteen weeks later, ovariectomized rats were randomly and averagely...
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Preparation of Graphene Nanopore based on AFM

Siyuan Wei, Zhongxin Qi, Tongyu Ji
With the development of science and technology, graphene as a material has arrested increasing attention from scientists, and there are more experiments and researches on its application. The project is focused on the imaging technology of atomic force microscopy, which manages to conduct the image analysis...

The Research on the Ways of Finance and Taxation Skills Training in Private Higher Vocational Colleges-As an Example of the VAT Anti-counterfeit Tax Control Invoice System

Qun Liu, Yan Cheng
The concept of value added tax as one of the most important taxes in our country and its role in national economy were introduced. The relevant laws and regulations relating to the tax were narrated. The function and effect of the VAT control system were described. The importance of the research on the...

Development and Future of the Department Store Industry in Taiwan

Hsiung-Shen Jung
In recent years, Taiwan's department store developed its management strategy from homogenization to differentiation, furthermore, to large-scale chain. Traders adopt to cooperate technically or financially, as its development characteristics. This article is for the origin of Taiwan's department store...
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Feature-Filtering Data-Mining Algorithm for Urban Waterlogging Path Optimization in Extreme Weather

Wei Zhong, Youdong Zhang
Good personnel hedge scheme which can reduce the negative effects of urban waterlogging disaster is one of the effective ways and scientific means to improve the level of urban municipal management. Strong randomicity is the characteristics of stormwater runoff route under city extreme weather , this...

An accurate method for the extraction of line structured light stripe

Jiwu Wang, Yaodong Li, Zhijing Jian, Masanori Sugisaka
Pages: 1 - 4
In order to improve the accuracy in the On-line measurement of rail profile with a line structured light based on machine vision, the accurate extraction of a structured light stripe is a necessary and key step. An accurate extraction method is proposed for the structural light stripe in practical applications....
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A Pore Water Model of Dynamic Compaction

Yao Xu, Ping Hu
The pore pressure test is designed in a dynamic compaction engineering, and the data on dissipation and increase of the pore pressure are gotten. The function of pore water pressure is fitted by regression analysis. The design parameters of time interval between two dynamic compaction can be determined...

Knowledge as a Non-equilibrium Dynamic System

Mikhail Oseledchik, Marina Ivleva, Vitaly Ivlev
The article is devoted to the consideration of knowledge as a non-equilibrium, self-sustaining, and self-organizing system possessing the properties of openness, nonlinearity and dissipation, which shows the true value of learning and intellectual productive environment for possible diffusion of knowledge....
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Parametric design and mechanical performance analysis of hyperbolic flat reticulated shells

Xiaoyang Lu, Tao Li, Shaobo Lu, Haoxin Fu, Xiong Jiang, Lulu Wang
A parametric design macro program of five kinds of hyperbolic flat lattice shells was developed by using APDL (Ansys Parametric Design Language) parametric design language.On this basis, hundreds kinds of working conditions of three kinds of hyperbolic flat lattice shells were selected for the change...
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Development and self-calibration of a robotic visual inspecting system

Chengyi Yu, Xiaobo Chen, Juntong Xi
The paper proposes a high-accuracy, large-scale robotic visual inspecting system which consists of an industrial robot and an optical scanning sensor fixed on the robot hand. Traditionally, calibration of a robotic visual inspecting system is separated into three parts: Hand-eye calibration, robot calibration...