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Calculation on Tensile Strength of Notched 2D Woven C/SiC Composite Laminates-Considering the Nonuniformity of Material

Hong-Bao Guo, Bo Wang, Pu-Rong Jia, Cheng-Peng Yang
The tensile strength of a 2D woven C/SiC composite laminates notched with central hole was analyzed and calculated by finite element method. By considering the nonuniformity, material of open-hole specimen was divided into several parts with different density. Tensile properties of 2D woven C/SiC composites...
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Mechanical States Studies on Half-span Swinging Arch Bridge of Open Thin-walled Section in the Construction Stage

Jinghua Fu, Sheng Li, Zhi Li
Basing on an actual swinging arch bridge, some mechanical properties in the construction stage that the half-span swinging structure breaking away the brackets are analyzed by the finite element software ANSYS, such as the structural curve mode, bracing cable force, key section stress and the global...
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How I would like to foresee the future of theoretic fuzzy logic

Enric Trillas
Departing from how the speaker became involved, and by what he did work with fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic, an (obviously subjective) look at their future will be discussed. Namely, by arguing on some aspects such research could follow to not only being a theoretic ground for Zadeh’s Computing with Words,...

The Communicative Means of Music and the Ways of Its Reproduction The Historical and Analytical Aspect

Alexander Yakoupov
The article is dedicated to the consideration of the communicative music means, their kinds in the context of historical aspect of the ways of music reproduction. The author follows the chronology of the development of communication means – from the non-writing to the electronic and mechanical. In the...

Optimal Resource Allocation of the Press

Xue Yang
The paper studies the optimal resource allocation of the press. Four decisive factors are market share, satisfaction, sales and the number of ISBN assigned. We are made to increase the profits of the press and reduce the gap between expected sales and actual sales at the same time. We set the numbers...

Study on Financing Mode Innovation in New Urbanization Construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt

Qiong Wu
From the perspective of new urbanization construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, in this paper we firstly analyze the financing demand of it, and then describe the disadvantages of the traditional mode of financing, and finally explore how to construct diversified and sustainable urbanization...
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Chinese Handwriting Signature Identification techniques

Yongjian Zhao
Chinese handwriting signature is a useful biological feature for identity verification. This paper presents a hybrid signature identification method. Applying wavelet transform to each stroke of signature, reliable signature characteristic is extracted. Subsequently, a desirable classifier is introduced...
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Self-cycling modularized smart grid application integration

Y.P. Li, S. Liang, W. Xu, J.B. Xin
The essence of the construction of smart grid demonstration project is an integration process of various types of technology, system and device. With the integration of various kinds of adjustable resources including distributed power supply, reactive power compensation devices, and energy storage devices...
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Implementation of a Mobile Application for Field Data Collection

Gang Qin, Can Chen, Haijing Fu
With the development of information technology, the working style and live style of people change a lot. Intelligent mobile terminals running Android system become popular in recent years. They are portable and powerful. Field data collection is an important job for researchers and personnel of nature...
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Research on Spread Spectrum Communication Technique based on Binary Offset Subcarrier Frequency Sweep and Related Methods

Wenzhun Huang, Yuting Zhang, Xinxin Xie, Shanwen Zhang
In this paper, we conduct theoretical research on spread spectrum communication technique based on binary offset subcarrier frequency sweep and related methods. At present, most of the spread spectrum signal generation did not give the effect of channel filter, and a large number of related studies have...

Measuring Dimensions Of Brand Personality

Gatot Wijayanto
The purpose of this paper is redefining constructs Brand Personality by analyzing the concept and measurement of Brand Personality. Brand personality study be undertaken by identifying and measuring the dimensions of Brand Personality. The problem raised in this paper is composed of brand personality...
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Design of Remote Structural Monitoring System Based on Labview and Linux

Jing Yubing, Zhao Hui
In order to keep the safety of the large structures, it is necessary to take effective remote monitoring for it. The design method of a remote structural monitoring system based on Labview and Linux is proposed in this paper, and the constitution modulus and function realization of the system are presented...
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Error Correction of Temperature Measurement System Based on the Seepage Test

Siling Liang, Jiawei Mi, Yutong Cao
This study is based on the application of temperature in seepage experiment. The output temperature is compared with the actual temperature to fit the curve of the relationship through the measured data of the 107 groups. The error correction model is established to achieve accurate measurement of sensor....
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Solving Nonzero-Sum Nash Differential Game via Variation and Pseudospectral Methods

Guang-Yan Xu, Biao Zhou, Hong-Mei Zhang, Dan Zhao
A numerical methods are presented in this paper to solve the nonzero-sum N-player Nash differential game. Variation methods are used to convert the original game into a regular optimal control problem which consists of one objective function, the state equations of all the players with initial conditions...

Study on Labor Cost Management Efficiency Using TOPSIS: Evidence from Hebei Southern Power Grid

Lei Wen, Jian-Feng Weng
Labor cost management and establishment of labor cost input-output efficiency system of subsidiaries are crucial for taking countermeasures against compatibility between salary growth of employees and enterprise's efficiency. An empirical research on labor cost management towards Hebei Southern Power...

Entrepreneurial Ability Training of the Economics Management Students Under the Condition of Virtual Simulation

Lin Bai, Xia Yang
Great importance is attached to the college students’ entrepreneurial ability, which has become a promote college talent training quality and education level demands of the Times and development connotation. College students' entrepreneurial ability training ways have been proposed which consist of the...
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A framework for sustainability assessment of ICT futures. Scenarios and sustainability impacts of future ICT- societies

Yevgeniya Arushanyan, Elisabeth Ekener-Petersen, Åsa Moberg, Vlad C. Coroama
The rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) has an influence on all societal sectors and can have both positive and negative consequences. To support ICT for sustainability (ICT4S), we need to learn when and how ICT can enable sustainable development. It is important to take...
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Preparation of ZnS Modified PHBV Film by Chemical Bath Deposition Method

Haifeng Chen, Lingmei Guo
Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, ethylene glycol, thiourea and triethanolamine were purchased to be starting materials. Nano zinc sulfide solution has been successfully prepared by Chemical bath deposition method, and then the prepared zinc sulfide modified polyhydroxybutyrate valerate (PHBV) to form the thin...
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Video moving target binary image processing method based on OTSU

Xiaowei Han, Yuan Gao, Yong Cao, Zheng Lu, Dun Niu
Because of some pixels of foreground image which is binarized by fixed threshold, the Gaussian mixture model can not get accurate result. So we introduce OTSU to look for the threshold which satisfy maximum-between-clusters-variance,and it will get best divisional effect.It achieve adaptive threshold...
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Synthesis, Characterization and Bioactivity of Two Rare-Earth Complexes with Schiff Base from Lysine-Salicylaldehyde

Yan Li, Zhigang Zeng
Two novel rare earth complexes with Schiff base from Lysine-Salicylaldehyde were synthesized by using the drop by drop reaction. On the basis of molar conductance and elemental analysis, a formula of the target complex was given. Moreover, the target complexes were also characterized by IR and UV-visible....
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Construction and Implementation of Vocational Curriculum Process Evaluation System in “task-driven project” Teaching Mode——Experiences in "International Marketing" Curriculum

Li Chunhong, Wang Dongwu, Zhang Yunqin, Gao Huihui
Teaching evaluation system is the most important link of vocational college teaching quality assurance, which plays important role in collage teaching management and the collage development. Teaching evaluation system is a systemic engineering with rich connotation and denotation. From the teaching evaluation...
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Injection mold design for the bottle cap of facial cleanser

Peiyun Ao
According to the structural characteristics of the bottle cap, this paper analyzes the structure and the key technology of the die design Respectively, using Moldwizard module and Pro/E mold design facial cleanser injection molding mold design, local mosaic of concave die design is proposed.

The College Students’ Psychology and Education Management

Xiaojiao Liu
Higher education aims at developing high-quality person who is fully developed, including the all-round development of psychological qualities. However, many researches show that the psychological condition of college students is hardly optimistic. On the basis of the research of psychological health...
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Counting of Visible Foreign Particles in Liquid Injection Based on Trajectory Modelling

Wang Sirui, Zhuo Qing, Xia Ji’an
In order to meet the requirements of counting of visible foreign particles in liquid injection, an automatic visible foreign particles counting system based on trajectory modelling is developed. The mechanical part drives containers to spin and stop abruptly and afterwards the liquid continues to spin....
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Simulation of AIDS Spread Model Based on Cellular Automata

Jiatai Gang, Sisi Liu, Jian Lu, Zhiwei Zhao, Xinxin Tan
Abstract. This paper establishes an AIDS model based on the spread characteristics in China, spread from high-risk to general population, through bridge population based on cellular automata. Matlab is used to simulate the dynamic performance of the model, the simulated results are consistent with statistics...
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Research on electromagnetic wave propagation in fractional space

Hongbo Zhang, Zhongshu Yang
In this paper, a generalization of differential electromagnetic equations in fractional space is provided. These equations can describe the behavior of electric and magnetic fields in any fractal media. The time evolution of the fractional electromagnetic waves by using the time fractional Maxwell’s...
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A Human Body Posture Identification Algorithm Based on Kinect

Tong Wang, Xiaoliang Liu, Meng Wang, Tongyao Wang
This study was performed to improve the computer identify of the human body posture more accurately during human-computer interaction. In order to get a better algorithm, the author applies Kinect for Xbox device, Hausdorff Distance theory and Joint Angle measurement method to identify the human body...
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The Research of Lane Marker Detection Algorithm Based on Inverse Perspective Mapping

Jinghong Xu, Changsheng Cheng, Yan Wan
This paper presents a robust and fast algorithm for lane marker detection. It is based on generating an inverse perspective mapping image of the road, computing line abstracted regions and the class points from IPM image, which is followed by a post processing step using rectangular approximation to...
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Non-signalized T-shaped Intersections Mixed Traffic Flow Study

Wenfang Feng, Yize Li, Changsheng Zhu
Combining actual city T-shaped intersection traffic conditions in this paper, we propose a cellular automaton model of mixed traffic flow at T-shaped intersection. In order to avoid a collision between vehicles and gridlock phenomenon occurs, running vehicle in the model adopted the principle of major...

The Modeling of Complex Agent Network based on BDI Agent

Arxiden Ablimit
In this paper, on the basis of deeply analyzing the basic search algorithm, the features of complex network structure, and the complexity of the search process, multi-agent system (MAS) and complex network as two method of complex system modeling are systematically studied to draw on their features,...

Research and Exploration of Integrated Teaching-training Mode for Police PE Teaching in Police Schools

Xuetao An, Meixian Bai
Public security specialty of police schools urgently needs to establish integrated police PE teaching and training, optimize the contents, establish long-term teaching and training mechanism and organically combine teaching contents with the training of the second classroom. This paper deeply discusses...
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Aligning Interferograms from Single-baseline InSAR by Local Frequency Estimation

Jiao Guo, Shenglan Wang, Baofeng Su
It is feasible to obtain multibaseline InSAR data with repeat passes of existing single-baseline InSAR systems. Due to high coherence, the single-pass pair of SAR images can be accurately aligned using existing methods. However, there exist great difficulties in alignment of multiple-pass SAR images....
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The PID Parameter Setting for the Hydraulic Servo System Based on Genetic Algorithms

Yao Yao, Pengfei Wang, Wenyu Zhang, Hualiang Wu
This paper is based on the magnesium alloy in our school laboratory rolling machine as the research object and the servo system model of valve controlling hydraulic cylinder is established, by using genetic algorithms to optimize PID controller design and to control its model. The simulation and experiment...
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Computer Simulation of Adaptive Control Algorithms for AC Wind Turbine with DFIG

Andrey A. Mazalov
Nowadays actual scientific problem of renewable energy is the problem of developing control systems, that ensure the generation of stable voltage in a changing environment. This paper presents a structure and methods of synthesis of control system development, which allow to decide the indicated problem....
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Effect of Side Error on the Static Displacement of Micro-resonator

Fen Gao, ShuYing Hao, Chengkun Qi, JingJing Feng, Huijie Li
In view of the practical situation, sometimes there is side error of the comb capacitor through superposition of the deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process, and these manufacturing tolerances can lead to the movable comb fingers offset. Using the software of ANSYS to explore the electrostatic-structural...
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MRI Image Segmentation Based on a GPU Shortest Path Algorithm

Jie Wang, Weihao Chen
Abstract—Dijkstra algorithm can be adopted to distinguish different parts of boundaries in medical image segmentation problem, which can be a reference for further segmentation operation. However, classical Dijkstra algorithm can hardly adapt to real time image segmentation problem owing to its exponentially...
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Integration Methodology for Smart City Design ——Application of CHORA’s Urban Gallery in the Case of the SSD-Project ,EU.

Zesong Wei, Georg Hubmann, Shicun Sun
Factor 4 improvements represent a critical leap forward in district planning and management in the future. SSD is an innovation project comes from EU,and helds workshop in Technology University of Berlin,Germany. It is an innovation plan helps us achieve Factor 4 improvements in a range of climate change...

An Artist's Diaries and Personal Notes as a Source of Understanding His Art -- Joan Miro's Catalan Notebook

Ksenia Orlova
An important source of studying art in modern art history are notebooks, personal letters with friends, interviews and talks. But researchers have an important task to keep impartiality and some distance from the object of their research. The article covers this issue using Joan Miro's personal correspondence...
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Research on the Approximation Characteristics of Bandelet Transform

Yong Huang, Qing Huang, Yanhong Li
In this paper, from the geometric flow and the horizon model, the flow integral and the edge expression in the scanning band are analyzed. Secondly, the deficiency of the discrete binary wavelet basis function is constructed, and the standard orthogonal basis of the Bandelet transform is constructed....

Leisure Experience: Based on Liminality Theory Perspective

Senyao Sang
Leisure is an important phenomenon of modern social and a common need of post-modern citizen. Under the leisure state, the individual escapes from life routine and experiences the physically and mentally restored, as well as the identity transition. Within the process, the individual experiences the...

Teaching Paradigm Reform Based on Semi-Flipped Classroom and a Preliminary Practice

Lingjian Ye, Xiushui Ma, Weihong Zhong, Hongwei Guan
The flipped classroom paradigm brought up innovative reforms into the teaching field and has been prevalent globally in the recent years. However, the success of a flipped classroom relies on various supporting elements, which cannot be generally guaranteed in a particular college education. To release...

Developing Worksheets for Fine Art Materials by Using Discovery Learning Model Based on the Scientific Approach

Wisdiarman WISDIARMAN, Abd. HAFIZ, Suib AWRUS, Zubaidah ZUBAIDAH
Worksheets, one of the instructional media, have to be prepared before teaching since they affect the teaching and learning process. The 2013 curriculum requires the learning implementation to be applied based on the scientific approach including the development of worksheets. However, it has not yet...

The Approaches of Word Sentences in Forming and Meaning Translation of Reading Text in the Diploma Class

Dewanto Dewanto
Translation is one transferring one language to another language by using process of changing source language (SL) into target language (TL). Translation is the changing of one language into other language. The translation needs process in transmitting of language, such as word, phrase, or sentence....

Relationship between General Self-Efficacy, Personality Traits and Family Functions of Parents of Low-grade Primary School Students

Yongmei Hou, Zhiqiang Huang
Objective to explore the impact of self-efficacy and parents' personality traits on the family functioning in the students of First and Second grade. Method Four hundred parents randomly selected from 4 private primary schools in Tangxia, Dongguan were measured with General Self- Efficacy Scale (GSES),...

Strategic Analysis of International Competitiveness for Construction Firms in China

Shigang Yan
As an important participant at the international construction market, Chinese construction firms (CCFs) are confronted with the tasks of keeping themselves competitive. The paper analyzed the current situation and challenges of CCFs at the international construction Market. To help construction firms...

Green Production Associations Study between Brand Trust, Satisfactory Degree and Re-purchase Intention

Xi Chen, Fangping Cao
This paper takes the consumers who have purchased green products in Taiwan as the research object, and choose the three variables of brand trust, satisfaction and willingness to buy, and use the confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation method to analyze the valid questionnaires Consumer green...
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Several Notations of Gronwall Inequality of Vector Functions

D. Luo, Y. Liu, C. Wang
In this paper, we first consider tow inequalities of vector functions,then combine the vector function inequality with Gronwell' inequality to obtain another two vector function's inequalities. At last, using them to prove the maximum principle for one kind of optimal control problem.
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Prasadja Ricardianto, Adenan Suhalis, Francis Tanri
The aim of this research is to analyze the influence of leadership style, and the employee engagement on the work effectiveness of ship crew of PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (PELNI). PELNI is a state-owned company running a shipping business. The research survey is done toward 95 ship crew using a...

Teaching Problem-solving Skills Through Learner Autonomy Based Learning and Local Wisdom Insight

Abdul Salam, Sarah Miriam, Mrs Misbah
21st-century skills mastery and cultural transformation process are two things that should be concerned with education world nowadays. The next generation of this nation not only should be smart intellectually but also respectful of the cultural values of society and conserve them. Therefore, the instructional...
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Structure and Space Charge Inhibition Performance of Reactive RF Magnetron Sputter Deposited Al2O3 Thin Film on the Fiber Surface

Jian Hao, Yanqing Li, Ruijin Liao, Chao Li, Lianpeng Wang, Shuaiwei Liang
Cellulose insulation paper/pressboard has been widely used in HVDC transformers. In this study, the aluminum oxide function film was deposited on the cellulose insulation pressboard surface using reactive radio frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering. The sputtered thin film was characterized by the scanning...