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A Wavelet Based Algorithm without a Priori Knowledge of Noise Level for Gross Errors Detection

Paolo Mercorelli
This paper deals with Gross Error Detection using a signal-based approach and proposes an algorithm to be applied in industrial processes. The developed algorithm is used in some industrial software platforms to detect sensor outliers. A validation of this algorithm through computer simulations is shown....

Art Rehabilitation of Disabled People in Russian Federation

Alexander Yakoupov
Disabled people can also have their distinctive lives. In spite of their disabilities, many of them are firm in spirit and alway hold the hope for life. Art, as an life-saving straw, stirred up their hope for love. In Russia, the art rehabilitation of disabled people has been on the rise, thus provoked...

Method of Facial Expression Analysis Using Video Phone and Thermal Image

Yasunari Yoshitomi, Taro Asada, Ryota Kato, Masayoshi Tabuse
Pages: 7 - 11
To improve the quality of life of elderly people living in a home or healthcare facility, especially in a rural area, we have been developing a method for analyzing the facial expressions of a person using a video phone system (Skype) to speak with another person. In the present study, we proposed a...

Study on the Employment Service in China’s Resource-exhausted Cities

Ge Shaolin, Han Quanfang
The employment issues in resource-exhausted cities are social issues faced by various countries in the world in the process of industrialization, and improving the level of employment service is the key for solving the unemployment problem in resource-exhausted cities. This paper adopts the comparative...
Proceedings Article

A Comparative Study on Multi-goals of Farm Hotel Operators between China and Australia

Xiuhong Wang
Different social backgrounds and developmental stages in tourism industry resulted in disparities in multi-goals of farm hotel operators between China and Australia. The multi-goals of farm hotel operators were analyzed from such aspects as start-up goals, formal business goals and family-related goals....
Proceedings Article

Research on the Key Technology of Massive Vector Graphic Displaying

Jun Wu, Dan Xu
The paper introduces a new method which can load TOPO elements more quickly. After analyzing the problem of the old TOPO component, this paper gives the solution containing method of data loading management and display control. The realization is presented at the end of the paper.

Decentralization and Vertical Control in China’s Government Controlled Firms

Yanfeng Jiang
China’s government controlled firms face two conflict tasks: For one thing, government should credibly delegate efficiency to firms to make them competitive. For the other, the government also needs to control the firms to achieve their political goals. We suggest one way in which the China’s government...
Proceedings Article

Rail Transit Investment and Financing Mode Comparative and Matching Study

Yi Qin, Renxiang Wang
In China, rail transit is in a rapid development stage currently. The matching between the pattern of investment and financing and the actual needs determines the construction efficiency and operation effect of the rail transit project. This article summarizes the existing models, constructs the matching...

Reinforcement of School-based Management in Indonesia

Hadiyanto Hadiyanto
More Experts of management acknowledge that school-based management (SBM) can spur all the potential to become a school that performs better in improving the quality of graduates, increasing the opportunity for local governments to participate in decision making, improving the quality of teachers who...

The Art of Revolution and Revolution in Art: Historiographical Aspect

Natalia Sipovskaya
The article focuses on the analysis of the relationship between radical political movements and “artistic riots” in Russia in the 1910s, that changed the world history and new art. The Proletkult activities and other cultural initiatives of the Soviet government are set as an example to trace the mechanics...

Research on Innovation supply chain Management in Fast Fashion Industry——A comparative analysis of ZARA and H&M

Chen Xuejie, Qiao Chang, Zhu GuangHao
ZARA has succeeded in overtaking GAP as the global leader in apparel retailing through innovative supply chain management. However, in recent years, with the trend of the retail market is beginning to slump and rising consumer demand, ZARA lack of furtherinnovation in supply chain management. It is gradually...
Proceedings Article

Effectiveness evaluation of chlorhexidine and hydrogen peroxide combination toward anaerobic gingival sulcus bacteria

Arya Adiningrat, Uray Lacti, Yasinta Pangastuti, Pandu Kridalaksana
—Anaerobic bacteria in the gingival sulcus is the critical etiological factor for initiation and development of periodontal disease such as gingivitis and periodontitis. In addition to scaling and other regular treatments, supporting treatment such as giving irrigating solution using chlorhexidine and...

Humanitarian Education as a Basis for Intercultural Communication in the Field of Tourism Business

Irina Ponizovkina, Elena Agibalova, Natalia Mamedova
The article discusses the importance of humanitarian education in the training of experts in the field of the tourism industry. Special attention is paid to the analysis of modern trends in the development of tourism, which require future professionals to master general cultural competencies, intercultural...

Developing Coloring Books to Enhance Reading Comprehension Competence and Creativity

Anselmus Inharjanto, Lisnani
Developing a reading learning media can be an effort to increase students’ reading comprehension, but there are many teachers who do not put much attention into it. This research aimed at developing a parenting colouring book as a learning media to enhance elementary students’ reading comprehension ability...
Proceedings Article

Estimation of Hydropower Plants Energy Characteristics Change Under the Influence of Climate Factors

Alexey Aleksandrovskii, Vladimir Klimenko, Ekaterina Fedotova, Alexei Tereshin, Roman Pugachev
The impact of climate change on operation of the largest Russian hydropower cascade was addressed. A coupled climate-hydropower simulation was fulfilled assuming a model of the cascade taking into account the real dynamics of the hydro-engineering system. An ensemble approach was applied to CMIP5 climate...

Owner’s Risk Management System

Valery V. Maslennikov, Irina A. Kalinina
Currently, with the development of digital management in companies, negative trends are increasing due to the lack of new tools to identify critical deviations that reduce business efficiency. Overcoming this negative trend in practice is carried out by creating an effective risk management system. The...

The Researches Detection Method of Illegal Parking Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Xue-Hong Jiang, Hui-Li Feng, Shi-Yue Li
Violation of parking is a legal term. Our country’s law stipulates that there should be no-stop signs and markings, road sections with isolation facilities between motor vehicles and non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, and crosswalks and construction sites. No parking; Railway crossings, sharp bends,...

Tax Amnesty Policy as Tax Reform Foundation

Siti Kurnia Rahayu
Current economic condition in Indonesia has indicated the fiscal risks threatening the realization of the tax revenue. With the introduction of the global implementation of the Automatic Exchange of Information, has become a necessary measure for formulation of the Tax Amnesty policy. This study examined...

Analysis of the Improvement of Student’s Geometry Achievement Through the Application of Problem-Based Learning Model in Term of Mathematics Prior Knowledge

Elita Zusti Jamaan, Diana Nomida, Zulfiarti Syahrial
Most students had the lack of understanding in learning geometry. The aims of this research are to obtain the influence of analysis problem-based learning in developing student’s achievement of geometry and mathematics prior knowledge. The study design used a non-equivalent-control-group design. The...

The Influence of Internal and External Factors on the Return of The Composite Stock Price Index with Country Risk Beta Modeling

I Nyoman Sujana, Iyus A. Haris, I Wayan Suwendra
The purpose of this research to examine and analyze the influence of the interaction of internal and external factors of return of MSCI ACWI IMI to the return of IHSG (Composite Stock Price Index) by using country risk beta. Data was collected by documentation techniques and then analyzed by multiple...

Sharing Meal, Sharing Life together: An Anthropological Perspective on the Significance of Sharing Meal Ritual Based on the Religious Life

Nancy Novitra Souisa
The article examines the role and existence of sharing meal ritual. At least, so to speak, there are two functions of the ritual, i.e. on the one hand, as a cultural strategy to maintain social cohesion. On the other hand, it reflects differences within the community which potential for conflict. Differences...

Android-Based Game Puzzle Development as a Media for Introduction of Tourist Objects in Jepara Regency

Kusumodestoni R Hadapiningradja, Sucipto Adi
Jepara Regency is located in the northernmost end of Central Java Province. Jepara Regency also includes Karimunjawa Islands, which is located in Java Sea. The ground area is 1,004,189 km² with a coastline length of 72 km. Jepara Regency has many tourism places ranging from water tourism, cultural heritage,...
Proceedings Article

A New Magnetic Model for Distinguishing Between UXO and Non-UXO

Yaxin Mu, Xiaojuan Zhang, Wupeng Xie
The traditional magnetic measurement method is based on the magnetic dipole model that is a point model, and the shape information of the target cannot be determined, resulting in high false alarm rate and low detection efficiency. In this paper, a magnetic multi-order pole expansion model is proposed,...
Proceedings Article

Research on Airport Security Based on Virtual Queuing Theory

Yaxin Liu
Airport screening process takes too long time and people take more attention to this phenomenon and hope it to be solved. In this paper, we propose virtual queuing model in order to minimize the average waiting time, minimum waiting time variance and to ensure the airline's maximum revenue. By establishing...

Determinants of Local Government Performance in Indonesia

Dyah Setyaningrum, Dwi Martani
The purpose of this study is to analyze the determinants of the performance of local governments in Indonesia. We hypothesize that organizational commitment, management incentives, monitoring, legitimacy, and institutional incentives have positive effects on local government performance. Organizational...

The Application of Pricing Model in Self - Service Crowdsourcing Platform

Zhi-Peng MA, Shu-Wan YAO, Ke-Fei XU, Ji-Li WANG
The crowdsourcing self-service model is an important part in new Internet business. In this case, setting the price is the core issue of the model. In order to provide a reasonable price and stimulate the enthusiasm of members of the website, this paper proposed a model of ‘incentive pricing scheme’...
Proceedings Article

Real-time Image Haze Removal Method for Fire Scene Images

Rui Xue, Ming Zhong, Enxuan Zhang, Shasha Zhao, Dengyin Zhang
A large amount of haze in the fire scene greatly affects the survey on the scene for fire fighters. The intelligent fire control can greatly improve the fire rescue efficiency and reduce the casualty rate. In this paper, an algorithm based on the hardware conditions of the intelligent fire helmet platform...

On Current Situation and Improvement Approach of National Procurement Program

Shan-Nv Song, Gen-Zhe Huang
The government procurement program is one of important public expenditure management strategy. It can deal with several things such as strengthening fiscal function, removing corruption, enhancing macroeconomic regulation and control. Its essence is an open competition. Whereas, sometimes implementing...

Study on the Application of Situational Teaching Method with PBL in Clinical Teaching of Ectopic Pregnancy

Yuan Pan, Yang Yu, Ruizhi Liu
Objective: Situational teaching method with PBL is applied in the clinical teaching of patients with ectopic pregnancy. Its clinical curative effect is discussed and analyzed. Methods: A total of 100 nursing students in our hospital were randomly assigned to two groups: the observation group and the...

Inside the Survivor's Mind: The Portrayal of the content of rumination of breast cancer survivors experiencing post-traumatic growth

Putri Widyautami
The objective of this study is to describe the substance of the rumination of breast cancer survivors experiencing post-traumatic growth during the stages of pre-diagnosis, living with cancer, living through cancer and living beyond cancer. The research used a qualitative approach with a phenomenological...
Proceedings Article

The Correlation between Genital Hygiene and Pathological White Discharge on Students at Vocational High School

Anies Muzayyanatul ‘A Midwifery, Erlinda Ratih Wulan
One of the factors that can cause pathological vaginal discharge is Genital hygiene that is not true. This study is aimed to determine the Genital Relationship Hygiene with Pathological Whitishes to the students in SMK this research is cross sectional with the samples number of 86 female students taken...
Proceedings Article

Computer-aided Subassembly Generation

Arkady Bozhko, Anatoly Karpenko
The article deals with the task of product decomposition into assembly units in CAAP systems. This is an important design decision that allows to rationally organize the process of assembling complex products and improve economic indexes of production. A hypergraph model of the assembly structure of...

Strategies for Ideological and Political Education in Colleges from the Perspective of New Media

Guoping Liu, Xianzhi Yang
The arrival of the new media era has brought new opportunities for the development of college students' Ideological and political education, and also brought serious and complicated challenges. To innovate the ideological and political education work in colleges and universities, it is necessary to grasp...

Research on Human Resource Management from the Perspective of Competency

Pei Xu, Ke Zhang
Human resources are the first driving force for the development of enterprises. The scientific human resource management mode helps to maintain the human resources advantages of enterprises. In the era of twenty-first Century, the traditional human resources management has exposed the problems of backward...

The Spiritual Communication: Phenomenological Study on the Urantia Community in Indonesia

Betty Tresnawaty
The Urantia Community consists of people with the same interest in spiritual values taught in The Urantia Book, a book that taught the origins of the universe, the history of the earth, values of life, philosophy, and spiritual. The community has existed since the 1950s in the United States and has expanded...

An Analysis of the Effective Path of Life Education for College Students against the Background of "Internet Plus"

Kun Wang, Dong Yu, Jianlei Qian
The Internet brings about convenience to college education, and at the same time puts forward new challenges for safety education of college students. In recent years, the psychological problems of colleges across the country have emerged in an endless stream, even suicide. This article starts with the...

Law’s Argumentative Structure Belies the New “Moral Impact” Theory of Law

Alani Golanski
The new Moral Impact Theory (MIT) of law is novel, innovative, and influential. It claims that the moral impacts of legal institutional actions, rather than the linguistic content of any “rules” or pronouncements, determine law’s content. MIT’s corollary is thereby that the practice of legal interpretation...
Proceedings Article

Stably Photocatalytic Decomposition of Rhodamine-B by Samarium Doped ZrO2-ZnO Composite under Simulant Solar Light Irradiation

Lu QIU, Zheng-Ya GONG, Han-Liang LI, Feng OUYANG
The Sm-ZrO2-ZnO catalyst prepared by hydrothermal method is proved to be superior in stably photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine-B under simulant solar light irradiation. Sm doping improves the ultraviolet and visible light absorbance. Composition of ZnO with ZrO2 leads to enhancement of ultraviolet...

Developing Innovative and Interactive Learning in Elementary School

Alif Mudiono
Teacher is an education personnel who has humanity responsibility, particularly it is concerned with learning toward the next generation of the nation toward innovative and interactive learning. The biggest responsibility expected is the teacher owns high professional competence, the teacher can create...


Anindita Budirahmayani, Khoirunurrofik
As Indonesian people have shifted their focus towards leisure activities, tourism has become a prospective sector for economic development in many regions of the country. This study analyses whether spillover of tourism growth occurs or not and the impact of the tourism sector on gross domestic regional...

The Impact of Workshop on Implementation of Read-Answer-Discuss-Explain-And-Create (RADEC) Learning Model on Pedagogic Competency of Elementary School Teachers

Wahyu Sopandi, Hany Handayani
It is important to improve teachers' pedagogic competence continuously. This study aims to investigate the impact of the workshop about the implementation of the Read-Answer-Discuss-Explain-And Create (RADEC) learning model on elementary school teachers' pedagogical competence to implement the RADEC...

Study of Antioxidant Activity in Sinom Drinks From Breadfruit (Artocarpus Altilis) Leaves

Mazarina Devi, Budi Wibowotomo, Soenar Soekopitojo, Desiana Merawati
Breadfruit leaves contain antioxidant including flavonoids and phenolics compound. This study aims to analyze the chemical characteristics (antioxidant capacity, phenolic and flavonoid content) of sinom drinks sourced from breadfruit leaves. The experimental design was employed by treatment of ratio...
Proceedings Article

The Simulation of Oligopoly Information Equilibria with Agents' Capacity Constraints

Mikhail Geras'kin
The game model of the oligopoly under the linear demand function and the non-linear functions of agents’ costs is considered, taking into account the capacity constraints of the agents. The simulation of optimal strategies for unlimited agents is carried out. The Pareto-efficient information equilibria...

A Preliminary Study on the Management of intangible Assets in Enterprises

Yuntian Jiang
Intangible assets are the standard to measure the comprehensive quality of an enterprise. If an enterprise wants to be in a competitive position, it must manage its intangible assets effectively and systematically. However, the traditional concept of "tangible assets are assets and intangible assets...

The Effect of Interest Rates on the Financial Cycle in Indonesia

Edwin Basmar, Carl Campbell III, Hasniaty, Erlin Basmar
The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between interest rates and the pressure on the movement of the financial cycle in Indonesia. This study uses secondary data from Bank Indonesia from 1990 to 2017, data is processed using Simultaneous Equation Model. The results of this study...

The Effect of International Trade on Workers’ Bargaining Power in Indonesia

Novrizal, Maddaremmeng Panennungi
This study is aimed at analyzing the effect of international trade on workers’ bargaining power in Indonesia with a sample of more than 40,000 firms from the manufacturing industry during the period of 2006-2015. Regression analysis was conducted by using panel data from national sector level and national...

Marketing Communication in Housewife Entrepreneurship

Wulan Trigartanti, Ike Junita Triwardhani
Housewives are currently required to have an entrepreneurial spirit to help improve the household economy while increasing their development of thought and quality of life, not just for themselves but for their families too. Some housewives choose to do home business in the informal sector to have the...

Code Switching of Council Commands in Rising Force Games

Anas Putra Pamungkas
Code switching is a popular study under sociolinguistics. It deals with both spoken and written context. The interaction among people happens in both virtual and real world. This research focuses on the interaction happened in virtual world, or gaming world as its aims to unveil types of code-switching...

µ-Holomorphic Projective Connections and Conformal Covariance

Pages: 7 - 12
At the quantum level of a bidimensional conformal model, the conformal symmtry is broken by the diffeomorphism anomaly and the conformal covariance is not maintained. Here we interpret geometrically this conformal covariance as an exact holomorphy condition on a two-dimensional Riemann surface on which...
Proceedings Article

A Comparative Approach to Understanding General Intelligence: Predicting Cognitive Performance in an Open-ended Dynamic Task

Christian Lebiere, Cleotilde Gonzalez, Walter Warwick
The evaluation of an AGI system can take many forms. There is a long tradition in Artificial Intelligence (AI) of competitions focused on key challenges. A similar, but less celebrated trend has emerged in computational cognitive modeling, that of model comparison. As with AI competitions, model comparisons...