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Cardinal, Median Value, Variance and Covariance of Exponential Fuzzy Numbers with Shape Function and its Applications in Ranking Fuzzy Numbers

S. Rezvani
Pages: 10 - 24
In this paper, the researcher proposed a method to cardinal, median value, variance and covariance of exponential fuzzy numbers with shape function . The covariance used in this method is obtained from the exponential trapezoidal fuzzy number, first by finding mathematical expectation and then calculating...
Research Article

School-based Cross-sectional Survey on Soil-transmitted Helminths in Rural Schools of Kogi East, Nigeria

Clement Ameh Yaro, Ezekiel Kogi, Sodangi Abdulkarim Luka, Junaidu Kabir
Pages: 10 - 19
This study was undertaken to investigate the status of Soil-transmitted Helminths (STHs) in rural schools of Kogi East, Nigeria. The study was cross-sectional using stratified random cluster sampling procedure. Stool specimens were collected in a sterile specimen bottle from school pupils in five (5)...

A Stochastic Approach in Modeling of Regional Atmospheric CO2 in the United States

Doo Young Kim, Chris P. Tsokos
Pages: 10 - 20
Global warming is a function of two main contributable entities in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, and atmospheric temperature. The objective of this study is to develop a statistical model using actual fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions data from the United States to predict relative probability of...

Advanced Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition, Principal Component Analysis and Probabilistic Neural Network

Caixia Gao, Tong Wu, Ziyi Fu
Pages: 10 - 14
Aiming at the problem that the vibration signal of the incipient fault is weak, an automatic and intelligent fault diagnosis algorithm combined with ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD), principal component analysis (PCA) and probabilistic neural network (PNN) is proposed for rolling bearing...
Review Article

Management of AML Beyond “3 + 7” in 2019

Jonathan Canaani
Pages: 10 - 18
The therapeutic paradigm for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is rapidly changing with the advent of a new generation of drugs targeting diverse aspects of leukemogenesis. Whereas standard treatment for AML until recently consisted of a classic chemotherapy backbone, the incorporation of novel...

The influence of system quality, information quality, e-service quality and perceived value on Shopee consumer loyalty in Padang City

Wilda Kurnia Putri, Vera Pujani
Pages: 10 - 15
Electronic commerce (e-commerce) developing rapidly in Indonesia in recent years, which is one of effort to expand the reach of marketing to be more effective and efficient. This study aims to examined the effect of system quality, information quality, e-service quality and perceived value to online...
Review Article

Arterial stiffness: From surrogate marker to therapeutic target☆

Luc Van Bortel
Pages: 10 - 14
Carotid-femoral (aortic) pulse wave velocity (PWV) is the modern benchmark for the assessment of arterial stiffness. Current European hypertension guidelines acknowledge the good cardiovascular (CV) predictive value, reproducibility and cost-effectiveness of PWV. Aortic PWV is an asset to classical cardiovascular...
Research Article

In silico characterization of the effects of size, distribution, and modulus contrast of aortic focal softening on pulse wave propagations

Igor Inga, Danial Shahmirzadi
Pages: 10 - 18
Examining the change in regional stiffness of the arterial wall may prove as a reliable method for detecting various cardiovascular diseases. As suggested by Moens–Korteweg relationship, the pulse wave velocity (PWV) along the arteries has been shown to correlate to the stiffness of the arterial wall;...
Conference Abstract


Martin Schultz*, Dean Picone, Rachel Climie, Costan Magnussen, Leah Wright, Thomas Marwick, Alison Venn, James Sharman
Pages: 10 - 11
Background: Exaggerated blood pressure (BP) responses to sub-maximal exercise independently predict cardiovascular (CV) events, mortality and incident hypertension. The aim of this study was to explore relationships between exercise BP, left-ventricular (LV) structure and function and aerobic fitness...
Conference Abstract


José Pompeu Filho, Ricardo Silva, Rachel Andrade, Leiria Andrade Neto, João Falcão, Sandra Falcão, Luiz Bortolotto*
Pages: 10 - 10
Few studies evaluated cardiac or carotid abnormalities in patients with arterial hypertension and diabetes according to the presence of peripheral artery disease detected by abnormal ankle brachial index (ABI). For this purpose, we studied 99 diabetic hypertensive patients with abnormal (n=50, ABI≤0.9...
Conference Abstract


S. Stoer, G. Soulat, S. Tavolaro, S. Millasseau, H. Khettab, P. Boutouyrie, S. Laurent, E. Mousseaux*
Pages: 10 - 10
Background and aim: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provides excellent anatomical coverage for local and regional indices of aortic function and structure. However, blood pressure (BP) assessments is usually necessary for the calculation of these functional MRI parameters. Unfortunately, most pressure...
Conference Abstract


Maria Loboz-Rudnicka*, Joanna Jaroch, Zbigniew Bociaga, Barbara Rzyczkowska, Ewa Kruszynska, Krystyna Loboz-Grudzien, Andrzej Szuba
Pages: 10 - 10
Background and purpose: Whether the influence of risk factors on carotid stiffness (CS) and carotid intima media thickness (CIMT) is modulated by gender is still unclear. The aim of our study was to examine the association between cardiovascular (CV) risk factors, CS and CIMT in men and women. Material...
Proceedings Article

Study on the Innovative Talents in Wuhan Industry in the Transformation and Upgrading Period

Zhihong Li
The 12th Five-Year Plan is the important period of the transformation and upgrading of the industry in Wuhan and the time to further lay its foundation. The success in the industrial transformation and upgrading depends on the talents, especially on those with innovative spirits and courage. Aimed at...
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Computing Platform & Application Service Integrated by Green and Efficiency Method is the Key of Successful Cloud Service

Yue Zhou, Wenchuang Qin, Nafei Zhu
In the vigorous developing period of the cloud application, it is necessary to identify the application services, cloud computing platform and the relationship with the energy efficiency. Application service is the foundation, the cloud architecture is the platform, and the energy efficiency of the combination...
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Analysis of Team Construction of Sport Management Talents in the “Twelfth Five-year” Plan

Yangang Liao, Hengchan Yin
Sports management talents play an important supporting role in promoting sport cause achieving new development so as to construct a world sports power during the“Twelfth Five-year”period. The article analyzes the overall situation of current sport management talents construction, discusses the existing...
Proceedings Article

Optimization Measures of Computer Teaching and Management and Application in Education Reform

Ende Yu
The problem of higher education reform is researched, the computer curriculum and its optimization reform is researched and discussed particularly. Currently, the localization of computer teaching in higher education is ambiguous, and the education condition and facilities are lagging, the setting of...
Proceedings Article

A method based on compressive sensing to detect community structure using deep belief network

Zhang Liangliang, Wu Haijia, Feng Jing, Zhang Xiongwei
A deep learning scheme based on compressive sensing to detect community structure of large-scale social network is presented. Our contributions in this work are as follows: First, we reduced the high-dimensional feature of social media data via compressive sensing by using random measurement matrix;...
Proceedings Article

Multiple-input Single-output Voltage-mode Universal Biquadratic Filter Uisng URC and CCCDBA

Sorapong Wachirarattanapornkul
In this paper, a new three-input single-output voltage-mode universal biquadratic filter using two uniformly distributed RC (URC) and current-controlled current differencing buffered amplifier (CCCDBA) are presented. The proposed circuit can realize to low-pass (LPF), high-pass (HPF), band-pass (BPF)...
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Research on Strategies of Optimizing Industrial Structure in Hebei Province

Zhihao Su, Yajuan Chen
By analyzing the structure proportion of output data and three industries of Hebei province in 2012 compared with that of China and Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong province, this paper aims to find the major problems exist in current Hebei industrial structure, by means of data analysis and theoretical...
Proceedings Article

The Training for Special Education Schools’ Physical Education Teachers in Chongqing

Jinxia Bao, Xiaoling Huang
This paper takes the situation of the training for sports teachers in Chongqing’ special education schools as the object. It focuses on three aspects of the content, including the cultivation actuality of special education sports talents and the orientation and in-service training for special education...

Average Life Expectancy as a Criterion for Regional Risk Management Weight and Cloud Model

Sviatoslav Timashev
Pages: 10 - 19
The paper considers an important and complex interdisciplinary integration problem – providing, supporting and managing safety of interdependent critical infrastructures (ICIs) of a municipal area or region, embedded in the context and realities of modern society of risk. The problem is solved using...

Study on the negative influence of mobile phone media on student from ethnic universities and colleges and its countermeasures

Mengtian Cui
The advantage and disadvantage of n mobile phone media is discussed in the paper and the psychological processes on student from ethnic universities and colleges and the significance of researching is analyzed. Meanwhile, two aspects of mobile phone media and its negative effects on mobile phone media...
Proceedings Article

Tree Routing Improvement Algorithm Based on the Neighbor Table in ZigBee Networks

Leqiang Bai, Jingjing Sun, Jing Dai, Ye Tian
Aiming at the problems of ZigBee tree routing algorithm that the algorithm has many hop counts, long latency of data transmission and low ratio of the packets delivery, a tree routing improvement algorithm based on the neighbor table in ZigBee networks is proposed. The proposed algorithm establishes...
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A Modified K-means Algorithms - Bi-Level K-Means Algorithm

Shyr-Shen Yu, Shao-Wei Chu, Ching-Lin Wang, Yung-Kuan Chan, Chia -Yi Chuang
In this paper, a modified K-means algorithm is proposed to categorize a set of data into smaller clusters. K-means algorithm is a simple and easy clustering method which can efficiently separate a huge number of continuous numerical data with high-dimensions. Moreover, the data in each cluster are similar...
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Non-Gromov hyperbolicity of asymptotic Teichmuller spaces

Jinhua Fan
In this paper, we prove that the asymptotic Teichmuller space of Riemann surfaces of analytically infinite type with the asymptotic Teichmuller metricis not Gromov hyperbolic.

Discussion on Application of Physical Theory Structure Framework in Physics Teaching and Scientific Research

Fang Zhicong
It is thought in this paper that physical theory structure includes symbolic structure, historical structure and extensional structure. The symbolic structure of physical theory is a transformational approach of physical theories. The historical structure of physical theory is the supplement of symbolic...

When Words Alone Don't Speak: Preliminary Findings from a Higher Education Program with Innovative Delivery Technologies

Christopher Klopper, Wendi Beamish, Helen Klieve
Sign bilingual education, as an approach to the education of deaf children, has been recognised in Australia for many years. The effective implementation of this approach requires teachers to have a sound linguistic knowledge and communicative competence in Australian Sign Language (Auslan), as well...
Proceedings Article

Modeling of Complex Apron Conflict Control Based on Petri Net Model

Weijun Pan, Lei Yang, Xinping Zhu, Qinghai Zuo, Rundong Wang, Chuyang Yang, Jie Luo, Youjun Ye
This paper uses discrete events modeling to apron surface activity control problem. Through dispersing runway taxiway and apron, discrete element map to Petri net basic element, build surface activity model based on Petri net. The paper build model of apron activity by Petri net theory, use Cpntools...
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Research on Attitude Control and Adjustment of Underwater Platforms Combined with Fuzzy PID

Qing Li, Yubo Zhang, Rui Yang, Wei Wang
On the basis of the research for attitude control and adjustment, this paper focuses on analyzing and discussing direction control and depth control of underwater platform, builds the course and depth operation models, and receives implementation scheme for attitude control and adjustment of underwater...

Science Virtual Test: A Computer-Based Test to Measure Students' Critical Thinking on Living Things and Environmental Sustainability Theme

Harry Firman, Lilit Rusyati
This research is motivated by the importance of multiple-choice questions that indicate the elements and sub-elements of critical thinking. The method is Research and Development (R&D) to describe a process that used to develop and validate educational products. This research synergies between the lecturers...

Effectiveness Model Literacy Education Oriented Local Culture

Uyu Wahyudin
The present study stems from the fact that implementation of the local culture approach in literacy education is not optimal. It aims to develop a functional literacy education model oriented to local culture for the improvement of learning quality in learning groups provided by Community Learning Centers...
Proceedings Article

The Simulation Analysis of Electromagnetic Repulsion Mechanism for High-voltage Current-Limiting Fuse

Qiong Wu, Shaohua Ma, Zhiyuan Cai
The research content of this topic is based on Electromagnetic Repulsion Mechanism for High-voltage Current-limiting Fuse, according to the given parameters, and basing on the reasonable simplified, the topic establishes 2D finite element simulation model by using Ansoft Maxwell, and simulates the dynamic...
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A Distributed Load-Based Big Data Security Management System

Ming Xie, Zubin Chen
The continuous growth of multi-source heterogeneous large scale data and the continuous improvement of the real time requirement increased the complexity of the data processing brought the new technology challenges to the traditional data security transmission management. This paper proposes a data security...

Research on Capital Structure Optimization and Capital Operation

Xiaoyao Liu
Capital structure refers to the proportion of total liabilities and owner's equity of all capital sources of enterprises and their proportion. Capital structure is the core problem of enterprise financing decision-making and it is an important part of corporate finance. Irrational capital structure directly...
Proceedings Article

Topography Optimization of Automobile Seat Belt Bracket

Fei Zhao, Hongyu Jiao
A finite element model of automobile seat belt bracket was built by Hyper Works. Through computer-aided analysis, it carried out that the original model maximum stress was 347MPa, which was more than the material yield strength 340Mpa. The original model needed to be optimized. The best distribution...
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Fault analysis and maintenance of the hydraulic system of coal mining machinery

Qingsong Gu
With the continuous development of science and technology, mechanical work in the coal, the coal mining machinery hydraulic system has been more common, only the construction of a systematic dimension and control hierarchy management, in order to ensure the inspection results accord with the actual requirements...
Proceedings Article

Influence of Voltage on Electrolysis and Plasma Polishing

Ji Wang, Xue-mei Zong, Jian-fei Liu, Sen Feng
Influence of voltage on material removal rate, surface roughness and power consumption were experimentally studied in this paper. Different polishing states were analyzed from standpoint of electricity transition on the basis of the polishing mechanism. The reason that material removal rate, surface...

Identifying Business Ethics Manifestation in Ecopreneurship Implementation: Study from Fish 'n Blues Enterprise in Indonesian Fishery Industry

Cut Irna Setiawati, Zidnie Ilma
Fish 'n Blues is an enterprise in Jakarta headquarter that concerns the role as supplier and retailer of environmental seafood products. This enterprise adopts Ecopreneurship principles in business activities in front of parties such customer, fisherman, government, and third party called expert environment...

Research on Beijing Industrial Energy Efficiency under Industry Updating and Transfer

Jingmin Wang, Yufang Shi
Industry upgrading and transfer is an important way of the industry collaborative optimization in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and the research on energy efficiency has important practical significance in the process of industrial transfer and upgrading. Based on the capital, labor and energy consumption as...

Realization of Professional-Pedagogical Communication in Ensemble Class

Tatyana Varlamova
The article deals with the process of professional-pedagogical communication in the ensemble's class, the interaction of the teacher and students, the exchange of information when cooperating on musical works, self-knowledge and self-expression of the individual in joint music making, the educational...
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Pyrazolylporphyrin Derivatives as New Potential Ligand for Melanoma Cancer Radiopharmaceutical Kit: In Silico Study

Fransiska Kurniawan, Rahmana Emran Kartasasmita, Daryono H. Tjahjono
Melanoma is the most lethal skin cancer, and it is related to Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 (FGF2) which is important for survival and proliferation of melanocytes. Diagnosis and therapy of melanoma cancer can be performed applying radiopharmaceutical with appropriate ligand. The aim of this research was...
Proceedings Article

Automatic Lumbar tracking based on image processing and particle filter

Liu YuChen, Ma YingDong, Du ZhiHao
Lumbar motion is one of the most widely used information to diagnose low back disorder. By using the Digitalized Video Fluoroscopy (DVF) technique, a sequence of X-ray frames can be acquired, which shows the movement of patient vertebra. But the X-ray frame sequence is usually indistinct and having extra...

Theory about University Disciplines Setup And the Demand of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone in Guangxi

Huang Guiyuan
The development of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone is one of the national development strategy, the development of the economic zone needs a large number of applied and innovative talents. Colleges and universities in Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone of personnel training and the main force of the main...
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The Thermal Performance of a Phenolic Resin Blend Modified by Silicone and Nano Al2O3

Qin Yan, Li Yunxia, Rao Zhilong, Zhang Xi, Mei Qilin, Huang Zhixiong
This paper adopts the melt blending method for organic silicon resin/nano Al2O3 and PF. The organic silicon resin in the blending resin cures and forms interpenetrating network structures to improve the heat resistance of PF plastics. TG, DSC and FESEM analysis characterize the changes in heat resistance...

The Research on Theme Landscape Design for the Atrium of University Libraries

Wei Chen
This paper analyzes that the theme landscape in the atrium of university library retains cultural continuity, education, cohesion and incentive effects. On the basis of the analysis, the practice of designing the landscape in the atrium of the Qinghai University library shows that the landscape is a...
Proceedings Article

A New Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Haar-Like Features and SRC with Gentle Adaboost

G.M. Zhu, Z.L. Ying, L.W. Huang
In this paper, a new face recognition algorithm based on Haar-Like features and Gentle Adaboost (GA) feature selection via sparse representation was proposed. Firstly, all the images including face images and non-face images were normalized to size 20×20, then Haar-Like features were extracted from the...
Proceedings Article

Research on Morphology of Human Red Blood Cells (RBCs) in Different Gravity Fields

Lin Li, Shuang-Yin Gao
By testing fresh human red blood cells (RBCs), the morphology of human RBCs in different gravity fields was observed by SK2109P microscope. And the death rate of RBCs in different gravity fields were counted Results show that: RBCs can endure a certain gravity field. RBCs barely died under gravity fields...

Study on the Application of Educational Games in the Teaching of English Creative Practice

Dan Hu
In the era of information explosion, information technology is affecting people's way of life. The 21st century is the era of knowledge-based economy, knowledge economy will occupy the leading position in the world economic development based on knowledge and information, dissemination and application,...
Proceedings Article

Researching the Behavior of Pedestrian Based on Social Force Model in Urban Rail Channel

Tianyang Qi, Xiangyong Yin
In order to similar the pedestrian flows in the normal conditions realistically, On the basis of the existing social force model, the phenomenon in the original simulation such as collision avoidance between pedestrian trajectory is too large, the pedestrian path is not smooth, the collision of the pedestrian...

Eutrophication Hazard Evaluation Using Copula-Cloud

Dengfeng Liu, Dong Wang, Yuankun Wang
Pages: 10 - 14
A copula-cloud (C-C) coupled framework is proposed with respect to the uncertainty and multi-criteria mapping in water environmental hazard evaluation, with introducing copulas and cloud model theory. In the C-C framework, cloud models are firstly generated with given risk criteria which quantify the...