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The Study of Utilization of Coconut Shell Compost (ARKOBA) to Increase the Growth and Yield of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in West Kalimantan

Agus Suyanto, Agusalim Masulili, Donna Youlla, Setiawan, F. Tamtomo
This study aimed to determine the effect of the bioactive compost (arkoba) coconut shell charcoal on the growth and the yield of rice plants (Oryza sativa L.) on alluvial soil. The research was conducted in Mulia Baru Sub-District, Delta Pawan District, Ketapang Regency. This study occurred for four...

The Effect of Liquidity and Profitability to Dividend Policy with Asset Growth as Moderating Variable (Study on Property Sector, Real Estate and Building Construction Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange)

Muhammad Sulhan, Tri Yeni Herliana
Dividend Policy is the decision whether the profit earned by the company will be shared toward the shareholders as a dividend or will be held in the form of profit in order to be used to fund future investments. Investors prefer high dividends rather than low dividends because of its certainty. To minimize...

Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning (PjBL)

Dyah Hudiananingsih, Raka Sitawati, Made Rai Jaya Widanta, Dana Ardika, Sentanu Gede, Wayan Sadiyani
This research was aimed at investigating effectiveness of project-based learning toward students' achievement. Two groups of student majoring in accounting were involved in the research. The groups of students who had same English level of ability according to their English lecturer were given a three-session...
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Simulation Study of Collaborative Inventory Management for Seasonal Products by Incorporating Newsvendor and Buyback Contract

Sahr Fillie, Niniet Indah Arvitrida, Nyoman I Pujawan
As supply chains become leaner, supply chain (SC) managers are often subjected to decrease inventory. Determining the appropriate inventory level for seasonal products without compromising the level of service provided to customers is crucial. This poses a challenge for supply chain managers to find...
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Research on Personalized Recommendation of Magnetic Material Retrieval Based on Knowledge Mapping

Li Lei, Bai Yu
Since the concept of knowledge map was introduced, the internet has gradually changed from hyperlink between web pages to describing the association between entities.Knowledge map is mainly used in personalized recommendation and other fields. It can provide users with knowledge nodes and links between...

Transformation of Russian Higher Education in the Information Society Conditions

Elena Sokurenko
The article examines the changes that are occurring in the modern system of Russian higher education, are associated with the transition of Russia from an Industrial society to an Information society (Knowledge society), in the process of which the majority of social institutions are transformed. The...

Device Learning Development Using Cabri 3d With Problem-Solving Method Based On Oriented Critical Thinking Ability And Learning Achievements Of Junior High School Students

Daud Daud, Rusgianto Heri Santoso
This study aims to produce device learning development using CABRI 3D software on geometry with problem-solving method was oriented on critical thinking ability and student achievement in good quality. This material has been developed that can be used as reference materials for teachers as implementation...

Paper Development of Actuarial E-learning Based on Android Applications

Suherman, Defri Ahmad, Meira Parma Dewi, Heru Maulana
Nowadays, the rapid development of technology into mobile phones has changedthe lifestyle for humans. In addition, being a country that became a mobile phone users, Indonesia is also noted as a country with high internet usage. But this is not in line with the utilization of the use of mobile phones,...
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Research on the Influence of Unclosed Residential Community on the Surrounding Road Network

Yujun Deng, Xiaoning Zhu
In this study, in order to analyze the influence of unclosed residential community on the surrounding road network, a method of road network capacity evaluation was proposed, and the model of traffic flow distribution was constructed to quantitatively describe the vehicle route selection in the road...

Supervisor Competencies of Non Formal Education In Palembang

Azizah Husin
This study aims to understand thecompetence of the supervisor of nonformal education inperforming their duties. This study uses quantitative percentage approach. Data collection usingquestionnaire technique, and sampling technique is total sampling to the 30supervisors inPalembang. Supervisor Competencies...

Standard Font Screening Method for Replicating Ancient Mongolian Kanjur Fonts

Wurihan, Biligebatu
The Beijing "red copy" of the Mongolian Kanjur as a classic of Mongolian Buddhism in the Qing Dynasty has a unique authority and representativeness. However, its font style research is still in a relatively weak state at home and abroad. In order to improve the quality of the font of Mongolian ancient...

Improving the Company's Capital Model in the Context of Production Modernization as a Factor in the Sustainability of an Industrial Enterprise

Sergei Aliukov, Vladimir Zhuravlyov, Natalia Varkova
This article discusses the main problems of modernization of the production process in industrial enterprises in the modern conditions of the Russian economy. Many problems are due to the war of sanctions and counter-sanctions, the fall in the growth rate of the world economy, the specifics of the development...

Revisiting the Focus of Indonesian Higher Education: A Proposition toward Arts and Design as Promoted College Majors

Pranakusuma Sudhana, Ali Abdulbaqi Ameen AL Awadhi
Education has been an important service industry for many countries due to its economic contributions and roles in developing human capital. Deriving from preceding assertion, nations across the world have spent significant amount of their financial resources in the sector. Unfortunately, research in...

Fostering Leadership Skills of Young People for Inclusion into the Labour Market

Liudmila Alieva, Anna Rybakova
Our paper focuses on studying how building and fostering leadership skills might help young people to place themselves better on the labour market. The development of the social and economic potential of youth is an important issue that presents an impending task for the educational system, both at the...

Construction and Practice of Innovative Ability Training Mode of "Spiral Combination of Competitions and Courses, Deep Integration of Specialty and Creation"

Yi Fan
In view of the current curriculum education, discipline competitions and innovation and entrepreneurship education, there are the following problems: old teaching content, low participation in discipline competitions, and the teaching reform of single course that is difficult to realize the comprehensive...

Suggestions for Applying the Aquaponics System to the Community Supported Agriculture Vegetable Program

Yinxiao Zhou
In today's world, dietary nutrition and health are gaining more and more attention. As a result, farms that can meet the needs for better dietary nutrition and health become more and more popular. A research project related to the Aquaponics system has opened the researchers’ eyes to the importance of...

Study on Changes of Garut School of Teachers and Education (STKIP) to be Changed to Garut Indonesia Education Institute (IPI)

Eva Devi Sofyawati, Djam’an Satori
The change in status of STKIP Garut to IPI Garut (2018–2022) is not a guarantee that the Garut IPI organization has also changed. In some ways, Garut’s IPI is still influenced by the Garut STKIP organization. The focus of the investigation is the management of organizational change. This investigation...
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Role of the Industry Import Substitution Strategy in the Country Economy

Nassyrova Anar, Niyazbekova Shakizada, Ilyas Akylbek, Zhanabayeva Zhanar Kairbekovna, Khassenova Kenzhegul, Tlessova Elvira Bulatovna
This study examines the import substitution strategy, a government strategy, focused on replacing agricultural or industrial imports to encourage local production. Import substitution is intended to create jobs, reduce demand for foreign currency, stimulate innovation, and ensure the country’s independence...
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Stress, Quality of Life, and Health Seeking Behavior Among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Wangon, Banyumas, Indonesia

Azka Fathiyatir Rizqillah, Atun Raudatul Ma’rifah, Bela Ardilla
Diabetes mellitus is a great challenge against health system in many developing countries, including Indonesia. The continuous changing lifestyle and a long-term treatment causes new problem for diabetes patients, such as stress and reducing quality of life. On the other hand, some cases of diabetes...

The Effect of Budget Ratcheting on Financial and Non-Financial Performance

Endang Tri Pratiwi, Rudi Abdullah, La Ode Dedi Abdullah, Asrianti Dja’wa
Performance-based budgeting on the local government focuses on achieving public sector performance that is not only assessed from its financial aspects such as ratios and budget realization, but also includes non-financial aspects such as the use of performance indicators and assessment of community...

The Learning Effectiveness of Basic Throwing Movement Through Playing Approach

This research aimed to produce learning effectiveness of basic throwing movement. The study was conducted by involving research subjects’ namely physical education teachers and first grade students of SDN Loktabat 7. This research used classroom action research method (action research) which has several...

Study on the Application of Microteaching Method in the Popularization of Sports Table Tennis in Colleges and Universities in Southwest China

Jun He, Jiajia Li
Along with the rapid development of science and technology, teaching methods and teaching methods are also progressing and developing. Microteaching is a combination of modern communication technology and people's education concept. The micro-teaching method, as the name suggests, is a new kind of micro-teaching...
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Research on Trust Calculation Mechanism of Wireless Sensor Network of Internet of Things

Mo Li
For IoT WSN security, this paper proposes a flexible, reliable, safe and universal trust computation mechanism of WSN of IoT. According to the characteristics of IoT WSN and comprehensively considering the basic properties of trust calculation, design principle of trust calculation, this section proposes...
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A Device Based on Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for detecting ECG Signal in Motion Artifacts

Liangguang Peng, Tong Bai, Yu Pang, Guoquan Li, Zhangyong Li
Since the detection of electrocardiogram (ECG) is significant for monitoring the stress and diseases of Policeman and current methods for monitoring ECG in motion have drawback of low accuracy, a system for monitoring ECG signal is presented within this paper. The conductive silica gel is used as the...
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The Face Recognition Technology in the Shanghai Disneyland

Yan Zhang, Dong Xie
Face recognition is a new biometric identification technology that has emerged in recent years with the rapid progress of modern achievements such as computer technology, image processing technology and pattern recognition technology. The applications of this technology in urban security precautions...

Dilemma and Strategy for All-English Teaching in the Process of Higher-Education Internationalization

Shiru Zhang
Higher-education internationalization is introduced. It’s stated that all-English teaching is the necessity and future direction. This paper analyzes three kinds of dilemma in the process of high-education internationalization: of the fording students, the difficulties in the all-English teaching, and...

On Paths of Professional Skills Contests to Improve Integration of Education with Industries

Chunyan Liu
With the aim of contest boosting teaching and vocational education development, this essay made an analysis of the skillful talents need in equipment manufacturing in Hunan through investigation and research. Through the skill contests, we can improve the quality, broaden the way and enhance the promotional...
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The Impact of Industrial Noise Exposure On Hearing Loss and Hypertension Decline of Labour in Central Java

Cr. Siti Utari
Noise is the danger factor that influences all environment, both industrial environment and environment in general. The effect of noise can be a disturbance sense of hearing form of deafness. For examples is the lowering percentage of hearing level and for another impact is on hypertension. This study...

The Research of Chinese Civil Aviation Market under the Environment of Electronic Commerce

Dong Lu
The increasing popularity of the Internet and the wide application of information technology have promoted the rapid development of China's e-commerce market. As a concentrated reflection of the network economy in the market transaction level, e-commerce has always been the focus of academic circles....

International Experience of Pension Funds ’Infrastructure Investment and Its Enlightenment to China

Ruan Xiang
Having been through the financial crisis, each country has seen seeking new and more secure investment areas for pension funds and has attracted much attention on the investment of infrastructure. On the basis of the income and expenditure pressure of pension funds and the requirement of infrastructure...

China and India's Economic Transition and its Challenges in the Post-crisis Period

Haibin Yang, Xuemin Ding
To effectively solve China's and India's economy faces many challenges, we must deeply realize that the two countries belong to the late-development country, at the technical level in the realistic background of economic system is in transition period. Thus, this paper argues that in the current between...

The Assumption Testing and Compatibility Model of Final Examination in Islamic Religious Education by Item Response Theory

Lian G. Otaya
This study aimed to examine unidimension assumption, local independency and parameter invariance and also compatibility of model at final examination in Islamic education subject by item response theory. Research Methodology used in this research is quantitative research with expose-facto approach. Data...
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Developing the technology of non-stationary treatment through the example of the deposit of Severnye Buzachi

Elvira Maratovna Almukhametova
In the last few years the research on efficiency of nonstationary treatment technology has been conducted at high-viscosity index oil field of Severnye Buzachi (Republic of Kazakh). The obtained results reveal that the technology of non-stationary flooding is efficient when developing reservoirs with...

Research and Practice on the Innovation Ability Cultivation Model of Undergraduates Under the "Unity of Knowledge and Practice"

Xiaogang Tang, Sunan Wang, Shibing Zhu, Litian Liu
Under the background of the nation’s innovation-driven development, college students' engineering practice and scientific and technological innovation training are the inevitable way for students to become talents, and also one of the important yardsticks for measuring the practical teaching level of...
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The Effect of Silent Short Movie on EFL Writing Achievement of Vocational High School Students

Rahmani Ayu Rinda Kartika, Susilo Susilo, Muhammad Natsir
The purpose of the study was to investigate whether or not there is a significant effect of silent short movie on EFL writing achievement of the vocational high school students. This study was quasi-experimental using a nonrandomized control group, pretest-posttest design. There were 61 students who...

Spiritual and Moral Orientation of Students Having Different Axiological Personality Types

Bilan Bilan, Elena Grigoryeva, Nurya Khakimova
Issues of moral and spiritual development of students’ personality take an important place in Psychology. There is a widespread view, that contemporary young people do not spend enough time on personal development, and do not have a clear idea of basic moral and spiritual values a person should have....

The Victory of Culture Games (VOC-Games): Math-Based Learning Media 3D and Augmented Reality as A Conservation Culture

Binti Isti’towatul Isti’aroh, Zainur Ridho Wahyu Ismail, Fitrah Izul Falaq
The victory of Culture Games (VOC-Games) develop as mathematics Learning Media based on 3d and augmented reality as an effort to preserve Indonesian culture. The Learning Media was initiated to solve problems in mathematics learning. To increase the attractiveness and capability of learners, this Learning...

The Role of Excellent Center of Science and Technology (IPTEKS) for Building Research Culture and Publication: A Case Study at the Bandung Institute of Technology Indonesia

Ence Surahman
This article aims to describe the roles of the University's IPTEKS Excellence Center in building the research culture and lecturer publications in universities. The method used is descriptive analysis with data collection techniques through unstructured interviews and analysis of documents in the form...

Application Of Experiental Learning Model In History Learning

Corry Liana, Mr Nasution, Septina Alrianingrum
The era of globalization is an inevitable period. Therefore, the Institute for Educational Teaching (LPTK), especially historical education must be able to answer the challenge by applying learning innovation. LPTK has the task of preparing professional teachers, who are able to educate the young generation...

Mass Media and Community’s Communication Sovereignty

Petrus Ana Andung, Aloysius Liliweri, Dian Wardiana Sjuchro, Purwanti Hadisiwi
Communities who live in the border areas of Indonesia (Napan Village, Timor Tengah Utara District, East Nusa Tenggara Province) and Bobometo Village, Timor Leste (District Oecusse) consume television in a very unique way. Although they are Timor Lestean, people in Bobometo watch Indonesian television....

Identification of Problems and Needs of Professional Development of Special Education Teacher in Inclusive School

Munawir Yusuf, Erma Sari, Arsy Anggrellanggi
This study aims to identify the problems and needs of professional development of special education teacher (SET) in inclusive schools. This research is a survey research with quantitative approach. The research respondents consisted of 265 special education teachers in 242 inclusive schools in Central...

Development of a System of International Scientific Research Cooperation in Russia

Veronica U. Chernova, Ekaterina Andreevna Degtereva, Sergey U. Chernikov
In the modern world the problems of science, education and industry integration have proved to be central to major academic and political dispute. These issues are highly relevant for Russia in its present state of development. However, it seems that the lack of sufficient investment in R&D is becoming...

The Revolution of Regional Language Learning

Sutrisna Wibawa
The disruption era is inevitable even by the education systems and institutions. It is not just a today’s phenomenon, but also tomorrow’s. Universities and schools must prepare themselves and be competitive in entering this era. They have to make fundamental changes by shifting from the status quo they...
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Model Reference Self-Adaptive Control Systems based on Single Neurons

Xiaobin Liu, Mengda Li
This paper presents a model based on single neuron for adaptive control. For the weakness of traditional PID controllers and complex neural networks, based on the model reference adaptive control, this text using a single neuron instead of a complex neural network, choose the linear function as the reference...

Training on Swishmax Application to Improve Elementary School Teachers' Professional Competences

Arvido Arvido Deca Verdian, Erine Erine Anida Putri, Nanda Nanda Riski Septania, Yeni Yeni Purwaningtyas
Along with technological advancement, it is expected that teachers can utilize it in learning process. Teachers are required to rule over many things in order to be able to manage the learning process becomes attractive, meaningful and fun, because the quality of the learning process is in the hands...
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Design of Recycling Fire Drencher System

Zhang fu Dong, Wangchang Lin
Installing fire drencher system is one of the most effective methods for fire prevention and heat insulation. But because of its large water consumption, the application range is confined. Furthermore, the numerous water quantity stored in water tank will be used for just fire prevention rather than...

Need Analysis Mapping of Entrepreneurship Training of University Student

Sunarni Sunarni, Wildan Zulkarnain, Djum Djum Noor Benty
The purposes of this research are: (1) describing the need of entrepreneurship training of university student, and (2) understanding the different need of entrepreneurship training of university students based on their sexes. This research uses quantitative approach with comparative descriptive design....
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Development of an Automatic Master batch Dispensing System with Iterative Learning Control

Peigang Li, Xianying Feng, Fuxin Du, Wenping Liu, Jian Zheng
Based on IPC and PLC, a distributed master-slave precision dispensing control system in master-batch production is developed. IPC is used to manage the information related to material, formula, process, and production, and to monitor the whole process of proportioning. PLC is used to control specific...

Perception of Voters About Campaign and Money Politics (Case Study on the Election of Head of Region in Rokan Hulu and Dumai, Riau Province 2015)

Mr Jupendri
This research about perceptivity of Campaign and money politic By Voters in the Regional Head Election In Rokan Hulu and Dumai District, Province of Riau 2015. The campaign as a space for voters to obtain and assess the vision, mission and program of candidates. But the phenomenon is seen also used as...

Incorporating Critical Thinking in Cross-cultural Comparisons A Case Study of Teaching the Course a Guide to English-speaking Countries

Xiangyu Jiang, Xin Wang, Jiaxin Zou
Cultivating critical thinking (CT) and intercultural communication competence (ICC) currently has been put on the top agenda in English teaching and education. Effective and successful communication across cultures is established on the premise of CT and ICC as well since these two skills overlap to...