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Performance Research on the Cost Control of Third Party Logistics Enterprises

Xiaobing Pei, Mengying Liu
the cost control is an important problem that the logistics enterprises are faced with. This study attempts to redevise the cost and build a cost performance evaluation system within the enterprise from the cost control factors and according to activity-based costing.
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Effects of Seed Soaking with La(NO3)3 on Anti-oxidization System of Soybean Roots

Tianhong Zhao, Tong Zhou, Wei Wang, Wanyu Li
Rare earth (RE) is extensively applied in China, especially in agriculture. This experiment investigated the effects of seed soaking with lanthanum nitrate [La-0(CK), La-50(50mg·L-1), La-100(100 mg·L-1) and La-150(150 mg·L-1)] on reactive oxygen species, anti-oxidative substrates, anti-oxidative enzymes...
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System Integration of PLM and ERP Based on Cloud Computing

Tang Guochun
It describes the difference and relationship between product life cycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, analyzes the interaction of two system data, and obtains the integration content. It discusses the technology and solutions on the integration of ERP and PLM based cloud...
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Research on Applications of Semiconductor Laser in Medical Fields

Jialiang Chen
Due to the advantages of semiconductor laser such as small body, light weight, long life span, high efficiency, it has been used widely in the medical fields. This paper firstly introduces the function mechanism of semiconductor laser, and then analyzes the special applications in ophthalmology department,...
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Nanotechnology Market Layout in Germany: From a Perspective of Patent Analysis

Zheng Jia
Patents are the manifest output of nation’s market layout. This paper explores the development of five nanotechnology fields in Germany, including Nano- materials & process, nano- electronics & devices, nano- biology & medicine, nano- instrument & measurement and the others, through the analysis of nanotechnology...
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Numerical Simulation 3D of Local Scour around Subsea Caisson Structures in Steady Currents and Waves

Xuyen Hoang
This paper studied the local scour processes at subsea structures using using the computational fluid dynamics codes (OPENSOURCE CODE). The model solved the fully three-dimensional, Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equation closed with the LES model. Stokes and Cnoidal Waves were generated using Fenton’s...
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Preparation and Modification of PU Membrane and Its Swelling and Pervaporation Properties

Hong Ye, Jian Yu, Zhongguo Zhang, Boyu Song, Yiping Liao
PU material is promising in pervaporation application. Polyether-based PU prepolymers were used to prepare a series of PU membranes. Then, the structure and properties of the above-prepared membrane materials were characterized by means of FTIR and swelling experiment. And the performance of pervaporation...
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Vector Orientation Positioning Method about Tower Spatial Model of Transmission Towers

Fei Wang, Changzhi Wang, Haifeng Liu, Yaduo Liu, Xiaoguang Hu
Because of a large number of tower elements in transmission tower, and direction of cross section is complex, it is difficult to quickly set up a space model at the same direction with the actual transmission line tower structure. In this paper, using the method of vector orientation. Define tower element...
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An Improved Method of Computing Chinese Sentence Similarity

Lu Wang, Zhongshi He
Abstract—The Chinese sentence similarity has been used widely in the field of Chinese information processing. There are many methods proposed to measure the similarity of Chinese sentences, but the accuracy of these methods is still lower. In order to improve this problem, this paper proposes an improved...
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Comparing Gaussian Processes and Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting

Colin Fyfe, Tzai Der Wang, Shang Jen Chuang
We compare the use of artificial neural networks and Gaussian processes for forecasting. We show that Artificial Neural Networks have the advantage of being utilisable with greater volumes of data but Gaussian processes can more easily be utilised to deal with non-stationarity.
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Personalized Advertisement System Based On Computational Intelligence

Kemal Kilic
A software company develops an online socialization platform where users inter-act with others at virtual environments. The company’s income is from the adver-tisements displayed at these virtual envi-ronments. They are willing to develop a personalized advertisement system in or-der to increase their...
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Discovering and characterizing Hidden Variables

Soumi Ray, Tim Oates
Theoretical entities are aspects of the world that cannot be sensed directly but that nevertheless are causally relevant. Scientifc inquiry has uncovered many such entities, such as black holes and dark matter. We claim that theoretical entities are omportant for the development of concepts within the...

Rough Sets as a Knowledge Discovery and Classification Tool for the Diagnosis of Students with Learning Disabilities

Tung-Kuang Wu, Shian-Chang Huang, Ying-Ru Meng, Wen-Yau Liang, Yu-Chi Lin
Pages: 29 - 43
Due to the implicit characteristics of learning disabilities (LDs), the diagnosis of students with learning disabilities has long been a difficult issue. Artificial intelligence techniques like artificial neural network (ANN) and support vector machine (SVM) have been applied to the LD diagnosis problem...
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Numerical Simulation for the Effect of Joint Inclination to the Stability of Stratified Rock Slope

Qihong Wu, Zhiyong Kou, Shiming Wan
Slope excavations are often constructed in stratified host rock masses in practice. In order to describe the effect of the inclination of layer of rock mass to the factor of safety of slope. a rock slope in one road is chosen as the engineering project. In the present paper, the stability mechanism of...
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The Research of Jet Flame Extinguishing Process

Guo Wenliang, Guo Zheng
The flame used in combustion flame spraying is typical of a high-temperature free jet. The flow fields of free jets are multi-phase flows that couple the mass and heat transfer. This work develops an analytical method to describe free combustion spray jets. The aim of the research is to develop a fully...
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Gene Prediction Based on One-Dimensional Image Segmentation

Fei-Yu Wang, Zi-Wei Zheng, Wei-Hua Li
In the current study, using methods of signal processing to manage gene prediction has attracted great attention. At first, the voss mapping which can map the DNA alphabetic sequence into the numerical sequence and the 3-base periodicity of exon are introduced. Then a fixed-length sliding window approach...
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A digital watermark algorithm based on DCT and improved Watson perceptual model

Shaoyu Chen, Xinwei Wang
An adaptive image watermarking algorithm is proposed based on block Discrete Cosine Transformation(DCT) and the improved perceptual model of Human Visual system(HVS).At first, the digital watermark is transformed by Arnold, then it is effective to make full use of the improved perceptual model in DCT...
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Diagnostic testing and analysis of Independent ignition system based on the Volkswagen 1.8T engine

Wen Fang, Linfu Zhou
According to fault diversity of independent electronic ignition system based on the Volkswagen 1.8T engine, analyzed Sagitar circuit structure of single-cylinder independent ignition system. By the Volkswagen detector 6150 and BOSCH FSA740 analyzer equipment, used diagnostic methods of Volkswagen independent...
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Research on Online Public Opinion Management Mechanism Based on Social Management Innovation

Yuwen Huang, Guangxing Song
The management of virtual society is an important part of social management, and the management of online public opinion plays an important role in management innovation of virtual society. Thus, promoting the management of online public opinion is particularly important and urgent for the management...
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Dynamic Characteristic and Control of a Hypersonic Flight Vehicle

Dongsheng Qin, Qiangjun Zhu, Chenxi Wang
The longitudinal dynamics of hypersonic flight vehicles present an unstable phugoid mode and a new height mode. Hypersonic flight will be subject to attitude and height divergence that would require stabilizing feedback control. A method of design velocity and altitude tracking controller for hypersonic...
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Discussion on higher vocational teaching quality monitoring and evaluation system- Taking Xiamen Ocean Vocational College as an example

ZhiYong Xing, MengLi Wen
The teaching quality monitoring, related factors on the formation of the quality of teaching is to observe and control. On the teaching of the situation, through the analysis and judgement, take effective measures, make the teaching work to be perfect, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the teaching...
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Computer Implementation for Analysis of Complex Masonry Shell Structures

Jerzy Szolomicki, Piotr Berkowski
The increasing interest in historic architectural complex buildings and the need to understand the behavior of historical structures has led to development of computational methods used for analysis of the masonry vaults. The paper deals with some of the explicit and numerical methods used for modeling...
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The Physical Education Teaching in Colleges from the Perspective of Lifelong Sports

Fenglin Sun
This article discusses the necessity of combining education and lifelong physical education in colleges, and sets out the theoretical basis of the connection between the physical education in colleges and lifelong physical education. Based on that, the paper also analyzes the problems on teaching philosophy,...
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The Effect of e-Learning Toward Student Learning Outcomes

Doris Apriani Ritonga, Chairul Azmi, Agung Sunarno
This study seeks to determine the impact of elearning in education on students’ learning outcome. We employ a quasi-experimental design in this study. The subject of this study consisted of students of Sport Science Faculty at State University of Medan. The independent variables in this study are e-learning...

Analysis Acceptance of E-Audit Application on the Financial Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia in North Sumatera Regional Office

Azizul Kholis, Wanda Prayogi
This research aims to determine the effect of perceived ease of use, usefulness perceptions and user attitudes towards the acceptance of E-Audit applications at the BPK RI of North Sumatra. The data source of this research is primary data taken directly at the office of the BPK RI of North Sumatra. Data...

EFL Learners’ Communication Strategy on Speaking Performance of Interpersonal Conversation in Classroom Discussion Presentation

Vischa Mansyera Pratama, Yetti Zainil
Communication strategy which is performed by EFL students might be different one to another in accordance with their speaking proficiency. This research aims at analyzing the communication strategy on learners’ speaking performance of interpersonal conversation differed by the oral proficiency level...

Is Linguistic Organization Amodal? Some Evidence from the Sign Languages

Du Mingmei
This paper aims to justify that linguistic organization is amodal from the aspects of sign languages. Then some evidence was illustrated to explore language is one multi-modal system of interaction with the examples of gestures in sign languages, sign space, iconicity, and comparison of spoken language...

The Importance of Transparency Principles in Management of State-Owned Plantation Enterprises

Anderson Siringo-Ringo, Bismar Nasution, Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Mahmul Siregar
The contribution of State-Owned Plantation Enterprises (SOPE) of has a strategic role as one of the economic institutions in Indonesia. This study discusses the importance of the transparency principle in the management of SOPE to anticipate various frauds. One of the factors that cause the SOPE inefficient...

An Analysis of Economic Value Added Method as a Tool of Measurement of Profitability Comparison (Case Study at Telecommunication Company Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2013–2018)

Aoliyah Firasati
This study aims to measure the profitability comparisons between the companies based on the analysis method of Economic Value Added (EVA) during the period 2013 to 2018 5 at telecommunications companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The method used is descriptive analysis using time series...
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Enabling and Reinforcing Factor of Smoking Behavior in Rejosari Village, Semarang

Hema Dewi Anggraheny, Aisyah Lahdji
Rejosari was one of the residences indicated with unhealthy family index in 2018. The result of Program Indonesia Sehat (Indonesian Health Program) survey with family approach showed that the lowest indicator found at RW XIV of Rejosari was smoking with 44%. It makes smoking as the biggest trouble which...

Enhancing Healthy Lifestyle in Professional Teachers’ Training Programs in Universities of Russia

Viktoriya Levchenko, Alexander Levchenko
This article investigates a specific pedagogical approach to curricula design that encourages individuals to pursue a healthy lifestyle (HL). In the article the problem of HL focuses on education as a means of conveying knowledge about potential health threats or about certain forms of risky behavior....

Utilization of UI / UX Design as a Concrete Step in Products Marketing to Break the Middlemen / Wholesaler System at Klampar Batik SMEs (Case Study of CV Bintang Abadi Batik SMEs in Klampar Village)

Aryo Bayu Wibisono, Aphief Tri Artanto, Heru Subiyantoro, Miftakul Priyambodo
Batik SMEs Centre of Klampar is a region that produces written batik in Pamekasan Regency which has been passed down from generation to generation. The Pamekasan Regency Government supports the development of Pamekasan Batik through programs initiated by the Pamekasan Regency Government. However, Batik...

The Society Participation in Eco Farming at Supporting Area of Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai Kuningan Regency

Yayat Rahmat Hidayat, Akhmad Jaeroni
The existence of the Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai (TNGC) has the goals to give the benefits for surrounding society both directly and indirectly. There are two benefits provided by TNGC, both ecological and social benefits. Ecologically, the existence of TNGC gives the benefits to contribute ecosystem...

The Use of Colloquial Words in Improving Students’ Speaking Through Teacher’s Daily Assessment

Dhia Hasanah
Recently, there are many ways to get a new vocabulary and to learn English. One of the ways is watching YouTube. Watching Youtube has paid fully attention in students’ area. Imitating what favorite YouTubers say in their channel as colloquial words is very common to see in students’ daily conversation....

The Effect of Culinary Knowledge and Culinary Experience on Local Culinary Attractiveness

Heri Setiawan, Abd. Hamid, Ummasyroh, Jusmawi Bustan
This study aimed to explore culinary knowledge and tourist culinary experiences in its relation to the local culinary attractiveness. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling with a sample of 297 respondents. Research data were analyzed using AMOS 22.0. Based on the overall research hypothesis...
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Mealybugs (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) Associated with Dragon Fruit in Indonesia

Dewi Sartiami, Nelly Saptayanti, Edy Syahputra, Warastin Puji Mardiasih, Desmawati
Mealybugs were recorded on dragon fruit, Hylocereus undatus (Family: Cactaceae) in Indonesia. The present of certain mealybug species on dragon fruit has become quarantine concern in country where the mealybugs species is absent. The objective of this study was to identify mealybugs species associated...

Exploration and Analysis Based on Mass Customization Design and Production of Martial Arts Shoes

Hong Peng, Xinqiao Xia
This paper makes in-depth study of mass customization design and production methods, analyzes materials and technology in the application of a large number of customized design and production, then analyzes the world famous shoe enterprises for a large number of customized production cases, introduces...

Leadership vs mobbing

Aida Guliyeva, Ulviyya Rzayeva
This paper examines the influence of business and personal qualities of a manager on social tensions in the workplace. Our findings ascertain of mobbing in the workplace which provides for instances of activities against some employees, degrading the honor and dignity of the person, the issue. It becomes...

Research on the recruitment and retention of talents in remote areas of large power grid enterprises

Licun Sun, Jian Zhao
Under the background of rural-urban integration, innovation and development of rural energy system, ensuring the provision of universal service, improving electricity service level, responding to the development needs of remote areas, and make good use of remote units in the operation of Large-scale...

Utilization of Natural Color Material from Rod, Leaf and Jackfruit Tree Root Extracts as Batik Fabric Dyes

Denik Ristya Rini, Mitra Istiar Wardhana, Ima Kusumawati Hidayat
Batik is one of Indonesias original cultures that has been recognized worldwide. UNESCO recognizes batik as an Indonesian intagible culture. Indonesian batik is recognized worldwide because of its beautiful composition of motifs and colors in a piece of batik. Batik crafters generally use synthetic dyes...

Oral history and historical memory in the digital age: gender perspective

Evgenia Anufrieva, Ardak Abdiraiymova, Roza Zharkynbayeva, Gaukhar Shamshieva
Based on the memories of the Great Patriotic War`s contemporaries an article shows the possibilities of using the oral history method to discover new data on the largest historical event of the 20th century. It describes digital technologies of recording, processing, saving the received data, such as...

Towards Convergence of International Education Standards: Implementation of IES 4 in Accounting Education

Rina Karlina, Elvia R. Shauki
This study analyzes a phenomenon occurring in the Indonesian State College of Accountancy (PKN–STAN) regarding the school’s readiness for implementing the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI), the Higher Education National Standards (SN–Dikti), and International Education Standard (IES)...

Chemical Resistance of Cement Stone in Organic Acids

V.V. Nelyubova, I.V. Zhernovskiy, V.V. Strokova, M.D. Rykunova
The article studies superposition of corrosive effects occurring at agricultural enterprises. When developing a durable building composite, it is necessary to take into account each type of corrosion to prolong resistance of the environment. The influence of long-term exposure of cement stone samples...

Spillover Effect of Water Conservancy Technology Popularization

Xiaohuan Lyu, Li Zhou
Water conservancy sci-tech (scientific and technological) popularization achievements is an important part of water conservancy sci-tech for government and the key to the transformation of sci-tech achievements into real productive forces. Otherwise, it is an important link in promoting the combination...

Review and Prospect of Mindfulness Training for Intervention of Academic Burnout

Xingyu Ding, Jianxuan Tang, Zhibing Zhong
Academic burnout involves the negative emotions of exhaustion and evasion caused by excessive academic load, low sense of accomplishment, and cynicism for studies. It has gradually become a psychological crisis for many contemporary students. Purpose: This paper attempts to summarize the research results...

Consumption Gap Between Urban and Rural Migrants: A Study Based on the Quantile Regression and Decomposition

Liping Wang, Xue Meng
Based on the data of China Migrants Dynamic Survey in 2016, this paper uses the quantile regression and decomposition method to examine the consumption disparity between the urban and rural migrants. The empirical evidence finds that the consumption gap between the urban and rural migrants exists at...

A Review of the Effect of Visual Metaphor on Advertising Response

Haoxing Zhao, Xiaoyong Lin
Visual metaphor is an indirect method of persuasion in print advertising. It mainly uses metaphors implicitly to imply advertising appeals, which is very common in advertising marketing activities. So, is metaphorical advertising more effective than non-metaphorical advertising? The answer to this question...

Innovation Driven Economic Growth: Evidence for G7 Countries

Oksana Zhylinska, Olena Bazhenova
The paper is devoted to the examining the influence of economic growth factor that determines the success in innovations production and to some extent reflects the level of human capital of the country - researchers in R&D (per million people) - on the cross-country income differences among G7 economies...

Determinant Factors of SMEs in Adopting E-Commerce in Indonesia

Rahayu Ningsih, Sahara, R.R Febrinda, Selfi Menanti, Andhi
The potential of digital economy in Indonesia in 2025 is predicted to provide added value up to USD 115 billion (McKinsey Study). Meanwhile, the adoption of e-commerce by SMEs in Indonesia still limited. Based on survey of Indonesian E-Commerce Association (IdEA), less than 16 percent of SMEs utilize...

Research on the Implementation Countermeasures of Humanistic Quality Education for College Students in Science and Engineering Colleges

Qiyu Sun
The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated the tasks and objectives of cultivating high-quality talents in higher education institutions. The science and engineering colleges have been focusing on cultivating students' science and engineering expertise and skills, ignoring...