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The Effect of HIV-Related Knowledge on The Willingnes to Participate in Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) Among Nursing Students

Ni Putu Wulan Purnama Sari, Anselmus Aristo Parut
Youth aged 15-24 years old have the high vulnerability to HIV infection. Students who lack parental supervision have more opportunity to try new things including sexual matter. Nursing students frequently provide care for several patients who unaware of their HIV status. These increases the students'...
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The meteorological disasters risk analysis and risk management in large scale activities

Haibo Hu, Yanli Zhang
On the basis of risk analysis, the risk control and risk sustainability should be assessed for the requirement of risk management on the meteorological disaster so that it can keep safeties during large-scale activities. Thus, the AHP model combined with the method of experts score is introduced in the...
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Calculation of Waxy Crude Pipeline Temperature Field

Sen Hu
Because of the characteristics of high pour point and high viscosity of waxy crude, pipeline temperature must be calculated accurately in order to guarantee the safety of the pipeline operation. Therefore it is a crucial technical problem to simulate the temperature field precisely. In this paper, unsteady-state...
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An improved Authentication Protocol for SIP-based VoIP

Husnain Naqvi, Shehzad Chaudhry,, Khalid Mahmood,
The SIP being an application layer protocol for signaling has been considered as the most ppropriate one for multimedia applications. In order to detect some collisions and replay attacks, the SIP offers built-in authentication mechanism as per its specification, designated as HTTP digest based authentication,...

The Design and Implementation for Undergraduate Teaching Work Management Systems of Universities in China

Shanshan Yan, Jingxian Ma, Lingling Wei
The undergraduate teaching work management system is the most important management system of universities. It can reflect scientific, standardized, systematic levels of universities management, as well as to establish the stable teaching order and provide guarantee to achieve the goal of the teaching...
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Effects of seabed reflection on the accuracy of acoustic holography test analysis

Dengyuan Mo, Qidou Zhou, Shaochun Ding, Xiaojun Lve
In this paper, the relevant research work is carried out about seabed sound reflection. It has influences on the test results of a real-boat test based on the acoustic holographic technology. The effects of seabed reflection on underwater acoustic test is analyzed, through simulating sound field of free...
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A Random Model of Solid Waste Mixing on the Acting Grate

Xiang Li, Yike Tang, Shuang Liu, Lu Yang
The random walk model is used to describe the mixing of municipal solid waste on the acting grate. An experimental system has been developed for studying the vertical mixing of the waste on the grate. The tracer particles are used to study the mixing process, which are made according to the physical...
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Farmland WSN Incremental Deployment Strategy Based on Signal Attenuation Model

Dayong Liu, Chunjiang Zhao, Huarui Wu, Feifei Li
This article discusses the partition node incremental deployment method in the wireless sensor network, which is divided into partition structure deployment, incremental deployment nodes and node position adjustment. It suggests how the partition node incremental deployment method might influence the...
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Synthetic Geological Prediction Method Application in Shallow Buried Large-span Highway Tunnel Based On Geological Survey

Pengfei Jiao, Shucai Li, Shuchen Li
The project was a shallow buried large-span highway tunnel, by means of synthetic geological prediction method before the construction of the advanced geological forecast was an effective measures to ensure the safety of tunnel construction. Based on geological exploration, used high density electrical...
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The Innovative Structural Measures about the Temperature Late-poured Band and Construction Joints in the Underground Structure of Tall Building

Guangxiu Fang
With the development of tall building, the requirements for the structural design and construction of building becomes higher and higher, especially the design of the late-poured band in underground structure and the construction measures in the projects. In this paper, taking a high-rise frame structure...
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Gas temperature control of a high-temperature gas trial system

Leyao Fan, Chaozhi Cai, Di Wu, Bingsheng Wu
This paper introduces the function and the work principle of a high-temperature gas trial system (HTGTS), elaborates the importance of gas temperature control in the system, and provides the mathematical models of the system. According to the problems such as time delay, time-variant parameters, interference...
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Design of Robust Internal Model Control for Multivariate Descriptor Systems Based on Time-scale Transformation

Beiyan Jiang, Meiying Jiang, Yuming Zhang, Xinghan Du, Yan Huang, Wu Cai
This paper deals with a design problem of robust internal model control (IMC) for multivariate descriptor linear systems with more inputs than outputs, which establishes a possible way to design and analyze descriptor systems. The main idea of the method is that the given system is first decomposed into...

An IoT-based Occupational Safety Management System in Cold Storage Facilities

Y.P. Tsang, K.L. Choy, T.C. Poon, G.T.S. Ho, C.H Wu, H.Y. Lam, P.S. Koo, H.Y. Ho
In the contemporary strategy of cold chain logistics, cold storage plays an important role to keep the inventory under the extreme environmental conditions. As the demand of cold storage services is growing rapidly nowadays, attention paid on occupational safety of warehouse workers is increasing under...
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Research on Grouping Strategy of Virtual Learning Community Based on the Fuzzy C-means Clustering

Yan Cheng, Jianhua Xie, Weisheng Xu
Virtual learning community, as a new model of network education, is widely used in the process of learning. But this kind of way is not gradually satisfying people's needs for more intelligent and personalized. Teaching strategy in virtual learning community is an important research direction of intelligent...

The Analysis of China's Log Import and International Illegal Logging

Huwen Zhang, Kuanqi Du
Using country-specific data from 1996 to 2015, this paper analyses the import demand of China's log with parameter estimates model and price elasticity estimates model. The empirical analysis indicates that China's import quantity of log is quite sensitive to logs imported from Russia, New Zealand and...
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The Research of Grade Prediction Model Based on Improved K-means Algorithm

Yongguang Zhang, Hua Wang, Hongyang Li
Grades reflect how well you learnt in courses. This paper introduce a model to predict student grade-data with a refined K-means clustering algorithm. K-means clustering algorithm based on the normal distribution is proposed to overcome the flaws that caused by using Euclidean distance algorithm to measure...
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A new algorithm for wireless network nodes effectiveness

Moyi Duan, XiangZhong Wang
According to the network congestion caused by node failure, presents a measuring node effectiveness evaluation index. The index for the long correlation properties of the actual flow, respectively using the autoregressive moving average (Auto-Regressive and Moving Average, ARAMA) model and linear fractional...

The Development of Mathematics Instruction Using Color Chips at Elementary School Based on Lesson Study

Fitrani Dwina, Riry Sriningsih
This research aims to develop the mathematics instruction using color chips at elementary school based on Lesson Study. This research was conducted at fifth grade of State Elementary School 23, Padang Timur. The development is adapted from Plomp's model. There are three phases of the development: preliminary...
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Standardization Efficiency Variability Index Model of Supply Logistics Systems for Automobile Parts

Huishu Piao, Jing Wang, Xia Li, Jinfeng Chen
For effectively measuring logistics standardization effect to promote the logistics standardization, it was proposed that logistics standards system and two kinds of "push" and "pull" logistics standardization modes based on supply logistics system architecture of automobile parts. Based on defining...

Cooperatives Governance Structure in China: A New Analytical Framework

Bin Wu
The cooperatives governance structure has always been the research priorities in the field of cooperative economics, but so far the issue is still considered as "gray box" or even as "black box". Most of the recent researches focused on the internal governance structure of cooperatives, or take the governance...

Implementation of School-Based Management in The City of Padang Implementation of School-Based Management in Padang Indonesia

Hadiyanto Hadiyanto, Yulianto Santoso
This study aims to explore the implementation of school-based management in the Junior Secondary schools in the city of Padang. More specifically, this study aims to compare: 1) autonomy, 2) collaboration, 3) stakeholder participation, 4) transparency, and 5) accountability of SBM in the Junior Secondary...

Reflection and Comparison of the Eastern and Western Aesthetics of Photography Composition

Bochen Zhang
The purpose of this paper is to study the different skills of photography composition by comparing the sino-western aesthetics. On the basis of sino-western culture, sino- western classical painting is taken as the comparative object to study the differences between all kinds of aesthetics. The method...

Perception of Syahadatain Community to Social Cohesion as Capital to Realize Unity

Abdul Rohman
This study entitled : Perception Syahadatain Community on Social Cohesion as Capital to Realize Unity . The objective of this study are to determine Syahadatain community in building social cohesion and attempt to achieve unity in society. Based on the study conducted , it could be concluded : 1 ) that...
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Fast implementation of city optimal path

Xiaoyong Xu, Jiquan Zhou
This paper gives a detailed analysis of the existing city shortest path algorithm[1], aiming at the high time complexity and can not represent the real situation of the problem of the existing city shortest path selection algorithm, and bases on the idea of Dijkstra algorithm, puts forwarda fast algorithm...

Exploring the perceptive effect of technology allocation on work outcomes among IT professionals

Gunjan Tomer
Pages: 7 - 13
Considering intensive interaction with technology, the effect of technology allocation on IT professional’s work outcomes should not be ignored. Our study thus tries to explore the interplay of technology characteristics and individual factors which in turn will influence the job outcomes. Theoretical...
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Adaptive Iteration Stopping Criterion for AMSS Equations

Changle Li, Gangfeng Liu, Jie Zhao
When AMSS (Affine Morphological Scale Space) operator is applied in image filtering, the scale parameter has great impact on the filtering results. In order to determine the parameters more precisely, this paper analyzed affine invariance properties and classical invariance properties of AMSS operator...

Teaching Ethics Courses in the System of Higher Education in Russia: Problems and Prospects

Vladimir Tsvyk, Irina Tsvyk
The article discusses the ethical and moral education of students in modern Russian high schools. The necessity of strengthening the educational component of the higher education system is noted. To solve the problem, we propose a more active incorporation of the ethical component into training which...

Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Social Stability Risk Assessment in China

Xiao-Min Wang, Miao-Ran Li
With the public interest and demand has been more and more diversified the traditional model of maintaining social stability has got into great troubles. Social stability risk assessment can reduce the occurrence of group events and maintain social harmony and stability. However, there are many problems...

Study on Effective Teaching of Higher Education

Min Zhu
The article explains effective teaching of higher education from source, purpose, significance, implementation approach. The goal of effective teaching of higher education is to facilitate college student with independent construction.
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The Planning of Reducing the Train Reception of Angular Traffic Flows in Bidirectional Marshalling Yard

Qing Sun, Jian Li
The angular traffic flows of the bidirectional marshalling station would greatly increase the task for its characteristic of repeated unmarshalling with subsequently affecting the productive efficiency. Therefore, how to decrease the amount of trains of angular remains an urgent problem needed to be...
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Icon design and application in HCI

Fu Jiuqiang
Icon design is an important part of interface design and it is also valuable manifestation of visualizing phase for interface. Based on the icon design and users perception, this article analyzes the general process of users recognizing icon, propose common icon design factors and find rules of users...
Proceedings Article

Design of the Voltage Driver Circuit for Magneto rheological Damper

Zongchun Bai, Xiaolan Lv, Liru Xia, Meina Zhang
In order to improve the response speed of magneto rheological (MR) damper, the system is in need of a fast response driving power supply. Firstly, response characteristics of the MR damper was analyzed. Secondly, according to the basic principle of electromagnetic response, the design of the control...
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Analysis and Enlightenments about the Cases of Cultivating and Developing Strategic Emerging Industries at Home and Abroad

Ling-yu Xu, Jun Wu, Qing-qing Yang
By analyzing the cases of cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries at home and abroad, this article points out the principles which should be followed during the development of strategic emerging industries. The principles are listed as follows:(1) The development patterns of strategic...

The discussion on the combination of Number and Shape in the heuristic teaching of higher mathematics

Wenhao Xie, Xiaoqun Sun, Jinjin Liang, Xiaoyan Wang
Number and shape are the important research objects in the mathematical research. The method of combination of Number and Shape make the number and shape to produce the connection. Heuristic teaching is a kind of teaching thought that can guide students think positively step by step and learn actively...
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Research of loss reduction scheme for regional distribution grids based on G1-GRA

W. Zhang, Y.M. Liu, W.Q. Ma
This paper proposed a comprehensive loss reduction evaluation method for regional distribution grids based on G1 method and grey relational analysis(GRA). The method is good at avoiding the prominent disadvantages of analytic hierarchy process(AHP) by determining the weights of evaluation indices. Otherwise,...
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Analysis of Marine Industry Structure and Competitiveness in Zhejiang Province Based on the Shift-share Method

Jianjun Xu
Based on marine statistical data from 2001 to 2012, this paper analyzes the marine industry structure and competitiveness of Zhejiang with the Shifted-share method. According to horizontal static comparison, the results show that the marine industry growth of Zhejiang is resulted from the growth of the...
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An Application of Virtual Assessment and Enhanced Testing Methods in Developing of Aerial Pressure Sensor System

Li Weilin, Li Zhiqiang, Li Xiaoxiao, Qin Sha
The combined application of virtual technology and enhancement testing plays an important role to improve the reliability of avionics products in the design stage. The manufacture processing of static pressure probe is introduced in this paper in which finite element simulation analysis software ANSYS...
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Research on Maximum Penetration of Microgrid Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Xin-Hua Yang, Zhi-Wei Liu, Li-Zhen Wu
The paper builds a planning model with maximizing the penetration of microgrid as its aim to realize the maximum output of microgrid based on the planning problem of microgrid grid-connection in distribution network. Considering the impact of microgrid grid-connection on distribution network, power flow,...

CO2 Emissions Measurement in Technological Process of Production: A Case Study of DBTP Thermal Power Plant

Lei Wen, Ye Cao
This study provides a new CO2 emissions measurement method in thermoelectric enterprises by the analysis of technological process of production. It is novel that CO2 emissions related to technological process of production are significant in providing emission-reducing focus and sound management in industrial...

Evaluation on Undergraduate Entrepreneurs Quality Based on Questionaire Survey

Lihui Cai, Guangming Rao
Based on the questionnaire survey of undergraduate entrepreneurs, this paper establishes the entrepreneur quality synthetic index including 12 indicators and empirically measures the potential undergraduate entrepreneurs’ self-assessment of their internment quality and ability. The result shows that...
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Yanfeng calcined dolomite two-step preparation of calcium magnesium sand

Wangnian Zhang, Ning Deng, Weijie Liang, Lili Peng, Xin Zhao
In this paper the influence of beforehand condition and sinter degree to capability of sintered dolomite has been investigated by means of measure actived degree and capability of high temperature sintered and property of resist hydrate of different material granularity after different beforehand sinter...

Research on the Novel Weighted Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm based on Fuzzy Sets and Rough Set Theory

Chen Liwei
In this paper, we conduct research on the novel weighted fuzzy clustering algorithm based on fuzzy sets and rough set theory. Due to the large scale of data, in order to improve the efficiency of the clustering, we can use the attribute selection and data sampling to reduce the data size. We combine...
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Dynamic evolution of the fractures and hydraulic pressures in water-resistant strata between karst cavity and tunnel based on discrete element method

Zhenyu He, Jiaqi Guo, Fan Chen
Based on the discrete element software (UDEC), the variation laws of the seepage field and displacement field in water-resistant strata between karst cavity with high-pressuried water and tunnel are simulated and analyzed in thin limestone strata. The results show that under the same karst water pressure,...
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Enhancement of Power System Performance with UPFC under Steady and Dynamic Conditions

Lei Han, Jianbo Yi, Lin Zuo, Binbin Dong
Accompanying with many flexible AC transmission system(FACTS) devices put into operation, the safety and reliability of power system operation have been suffering more serious influence and unprecedented challenge. Moreover, it's always difficult to comprehensively and accurately analyze the impacts...


Muhamad Ali
Journal articles and book chapters have sought to survey the trends in the study of the biography of Muhammad and those in the study of the Hadith within Western and Islamic scholarships. In this paper, I trace briefly recent selected writings in English and in Indonesian on Muhammad and the Hadith for...

The Islamic Terms Translation in Kalimatun Sawa' an Indonesian Bulletin

M. Agus Suriadi
This research study aims to find out how the Islamic terms on the source text (ST) dealing to the target text (TT) - English language- with same sense and meaning. It is analyzed qualitatively by using some translation strategies considered as linguistic approach and semantic approach. The data were...

Experience of Nursing Diploma Student Learning NCLEX through Distance Learning

Arina Qona'ah
NCLEX is a competency test for a nurse who wants to get a license as a professional nursing. NCLEX measures the ability of a nurse safely and effectively nursing. In nursing diploma institution, there is no material which discusses NCLEX. Therefore, this institution needs to prepare the students by following...
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The Comparison of Lidocaine 2% with Adrenaline 1: 100.000 Onset in First or Second Maxillary Molar Extractions in Two Age Groups at Oral Surgery Department Faculty of Dentistry, University of North Sumatera March-April 2017

Ahyar Riza, Yulia Handayani Siregar
Local anesthetics are very commonly used in dental extraction procedures. Local anesthetics are performed to relieve pain locally in an anesthetic region for a short period. Lidocaine is one type of local anaesthesia that is often used in the field of dentistry. Infiltration anaesthesia is the most common...

A Discourse Towards Indonesian White Revolution in the Perspective of Development

M. Ali Mauludin, Viani Puspita Sari
Globalization, and regionalization are overtaking the standard unit of development, the nation. International institutions and market forces are over- taking the role of the state as the conventional agent of development. The development process has been prone to merely involve particular parties who...
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Classification Analysis for Musical Instrument Signal

A. Muthumari
The automatic musical instrument classification taking place in a recording of music has many applications, together with music search through classes, music recommender methods and transcribers. Automatic instrument classification and identification of musical streams has become a difficulty research...