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Novel BCD Circuits Design Using And-Or-Inverter Gate and Its Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Implementation

JiaChun Lin, JenYin Yeh, WeiChih Tsai
Quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) provide a novel electronics paradigm for information processing and communication. A basic quantum-dot cell consists of several quantum dots with two excess electrons. A binary coded decimal (BCD) and a decimal coded binary (DCB) circuit based on QCA logic gates: the...
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A Database Watermarking Technique for Temper Detection

Meng-Hsiun Tsai, Hsiao-Yun Tseng, Chen-Ying Lai
People pay much attention to the technology of data mining recently and more and more research institutions begin to buy the databases to analyze. If it doesn’t concern customer’s secrets the enterprises would also like to sell their data warehouse to do the research. Therefore, it becomes an important...
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Oncogenes and Subtypes of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Discoveries from Microarray Database

Ching-Hao Lai, Jun-Dong Chang, Meng-Hsiun Tsai
This paper presents an effective analysis scheme for Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) microarray datasets. Analysis of variable (ANOVA) is a well known statistics tools. It is useful to get the oncogenes to distinguish the normal and cancerous tissues. But, it can not further obtain the sub-types...
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Inversion detection in text document images

Hamid Pilevar, Ramakrishnan
OCR makes it possible for the user to edit or search the document’s contents. In this paper we describe a special water fill technique for detecting the upside down text document. Each character has a upside and downside filling capacities. A character may have two sides or one side filling capacity...
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Robust image hiding method

Yung-Kuan Chan, Yu-An Ho, Chwei-Shyong Tsai, Yen-Ping Chu
Image hiding is hiding a secret image embedding to a cover image. This paper intends to propose an image hiding method. First, a secret image is compressed by BST. Meanwhile, dividing the compressed data into different ranks depends on the significance. Then, the cover image is transformed into frequency...
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Pricing of Reverse Mortgage on Forward House Sale

Kanak Patel, Tobias Baer, Isil Erol, Ricardo Pereira, Sung-Jin Yoo
This paper aims to analyse the risks involved in reverse mortgage on a forward sale of house by elderly homeowner. We provide a practical solution to institutions planning to issue such reverse mortgages. We propose the formation of Senior Citizens Housing Trust for retired homeowners who wish to sell...
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Scaffolding Supervision and Behavior Understanding

Yung-Hui Chen, Lawrence Deng
This paper contributes a meaningful framework and approach to the understanding of the fundamental of e-learning and explains why it is proliferating throughout a rapidly evolving learning society. This is the important comprehensive and coherent framework to guide our understanding of e-learning in...
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Adaptive PI Control of Piezoelectric Systems Using Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Logic

Gwo-Ruey Yu
This paper presents the nano-positioning control of a piezoelectric platform. A Bouc-Wen model is established to describe the nonlinear hysteretic effect of piezoelectric systems. Three kinds of compensators, traditional PI controller, PI-like fuzzy logic controller (FLC) and adaptive PI-FLC controller,...
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Application of Hardware Architecture of Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Packet Scheduling

Rong-Hou Wu, Yang-Han Lee, Shiann-Tsong Sheu, Hsien-Wei Tseng, Ming-Hsueh Chuang, Yung-Kuang Wang
In Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technologies, the optimal packet scheduling is a common encounter issue in multiple channels network. NP-hard problem deals with finding a way to rearrange packets in multiple channels into a finite and rare channel. Genetic algorithm (GA) is one of the...
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A Hybrid System with Petri Net and Fuzzy Theory

Rong-Hou Wu, Yang-Han Lee, Yih-Guang Jan, Hsien-Wei Tseng, Ming-Hsueh Chuang, Jheng-Yao Lin
In this paper, we issue a hybrid system, which is integrated with the fuzzy system and Petri net models. We exploit the characteristics, imprecise or ambiguous information, of fuzzy theory to map the algorithm of crisp inputs and outputs, furthermore, model problems, product a nonlinear function, and...
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Long-Term Asset Management Strategy under Loss Aversion: A Quasi-Ladder Payoff Distribution Approach

Huai-i Lee, Hsinan Hsu, Len-Kuo Hu
The prospect theory implies that the inclusion of a gain-lock-in device into the floor of portfolio insurance can benefit the long-term asset management under loss aversion. We find that the relaxation of the multiple of the CPPI from a constant to a dynamic can improve the performance in the short-term....
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The High Benefits Internet Marketing Framework through Customer Experience

Kuo Nai-Wen, Liu An-Yi
This paper is intended to integrate Internet Marketing, Customer Experience, E-brand and Integrated Marketing Communications to develop a high benefits Internet Marketing Framework. This framework not only can combine marketing resources effectively, let enterprises obtain the greatest benefits; it also...
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State-Based Synchronization Protocol in Sensor Networks

Shang-Chih Hsu, Wei Yen
Some applications of the sensor network require precise time synchronization among local clocks of the sensors. Due to the limited resource in the sensor network, it is not trivial to maintain the said synchronization. In this paper, we propose a novel method, referred to as the state-based synchronization...
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Fuzzy Logic Controlled Protocol for WLANs

Chien-Tung Lu, Yu-Sun Liu
A fuzzy logic controlled protocol that enables each station to tune its contention window based on the on-line channel sensing results is proposed for the wireless local area networks. Extensive simulations are provided to compare the performance of the proposed protocol with that of the distributed...
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Constructing Hierarchical Topic Knowledge Window for Chinese News Browsing and Retrieval

Sheng-Fu Chang
This paper proposes an event-based hierarchical knowledge structure for Chinese news display. We apply Hierarchical Topic Detection and Tracking technique to group news reports into clusters. Considering the extensibility of events, the knowledge structure is designed with robustness to merge similar...
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The Indicators of M&A or Green Field Investment Behavior: the Evidence from Power Industry

Qiusheng Zhang, Guanghui Ye, Yunhua Chen
M&A and green field investment (GFI) are very important methods of company growth. Each of the investment ways could bring different outstanding achievement and development of company, so it is very important to choose the way of investment. This paper discusses the boundary of M&A and green field investment...
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Multicast Wavelength Assignment with Sparse Wavelength Converters to Maximize the Network Capacity using ILP formulation in WDM Mesh Networks

San-Nan Lee
We have studied the multicast routing and wavelength assignment (MC-RWA) problem in this paper, and focused on maximizing the network capacity and minimizing the resources used by a multicast session. We show that a multicast wavelength assignment problem is quite different from a unicast wavelength...
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The Globally Bi-3*-Connected Property of the Brother Trees

Tung-Yang Ho, Po-Chun Kuo, Lih-Hsing Hsu
Assume that n is any positive integer. The brother tree BT(n)is an interesting family of 3-regular planar bipartite graphs recently proposed by Kao and Hsu. In any BT(n), we prove that there exist three internally-disjoint spanning paths joining x and y whenever x and y belong to different partite sets....
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Fuzzy Information Retrieval Techniques for Help-Seeking System

Yueh-Min Huang, Yen-Hung Kuo, Jim-Min Lin, Yu-Lin Jeng, Juei-Nan Chen
The forum system is useful for knowledge sharing and help-seeking. However, the existed forums are having the same problem such like nobody to answer the given questions. In order to attack the problem, this study proposes a human-expert oriented forum architecture to perform efficient knowledge sharing....
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Inter-Commodity Spread Trading Using Neural Network and Genetic Programming Techniques

Meng-Feng Yen, Tsung-Nan Chou, Ying-Yue Ho
We employ the methods of neural network (hereafter NN) and genetic programming (hereafter GP) in this paper to construct a spread trading system, respectively, to forecast the trend of the price spread between Taiwan Stock Exchange Electronic Index Futures (hereafter TE) and Taiwan Stock Exchange Finance...
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Applying Grey Forecasting Model on the Investment Performance of Markowitz Efficiency Frontier: A Case of the MSCI World Index

Alex Kung-Hsiung Chang, Chen Chueh-Chi
This paper uses a grey forecasting model GM(1,1) on improving the investment performance of classical Markowitz efficiency frontier’s investment portfolio using the component markets’ indexes of MSCI World Index from 1999 to 2005 as the samples. Using grey Markowitz efficiency frontier’s investment portfolio...
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The Sequential Compound Option Pricing with Random Interest Rate and Application to Project Valuation

Meng-Yu Lee, Fang-Bo Yeh, An-Pin Chen
This paper proposes the pricing formula of sequential compound options (SCOs) with random interest rate and the applications call Milestone Project Valuation (MPV). Most compound options in literatures are 2-fold with constant parameters through time. The multi-fold compound options are just sequential...
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Scene Classification for Baseball Videos Using Spatial and Temporal Features

Mao-hsiung Hung, Chaur-Heh Hsieh, Ying-Chung Zhu
Correct classification of various kinds of scenes in sport videos is essential for higher-level content analysis such as event detection. The paper presents a novel technique for the classification of the typical scenes of baseball videos. The spatial color features are employed to detect pitch scene...
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An Effective Drilling Wear Measurement based on Visual Inspection Technique

Yu-Teng Liang, Yih-Chih Chiou
The purpose of this research is to use the visual inspection technique for the automatic tool wear measurement of different coated drills. The tool wear images with the different coated drilling are captured using a machine vision system incorporating with an effective vertex detection algorithm based...
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A New Method for the Registration of Mammograms

Yih-Chih Chiou, Cheng-Yu Lin, Yu-Teng Liang
Mammogram registration is a critical step in automatic detection of breast cancer. Much research has been devoted to registering mammograms using either feature-matching or similarity measure. However, few studies have been done on combining these two methods. In this research, a hybrid mammogram registration...
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A Pornographic Web Patrol System Based-on Hierarchical Image Filtering Techniques

Chumsak Sibunruang, Jantima Polpinij, Rapeeporn Chamchong, Anirut Chotthanom, Somnuk Puangpronpitag
Due to the flood of pornographic web sites on the internet, content-based web filtering has become an important technique to detect and filter inappropriate information on the web. This is because pornographic web sites contain many sexually oriented texts, images, and other information that can be helpful...
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A Novel, Efficient Architecture for the 1D, Lifting-Based DWT with Folded and Pipelined Schemes

Chin-Fa Hsieh, Tsung-Han Tsai, Neng-Jye Hsu, Chih-Hung Lai
In this paper, we propose a novel, efficient VLSI architecture for the implementation of one-dimension, lifting-based discrete wavelet transform (DWT). Both of the folded and the pipelined schemes are applied in the proposed architecture; the former scheme supports higher hardware utilization and the...
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Super-fair Platforms Widely Hidden in Multinational Securities Business

Ruan Jishou, Jun He, Qi Dai
A general phenomenon puzzles all investors is that on one hand, most individual investors believe they need to construct the portfolio consisting of 15 or more stocks to prevent risk because that large investment companies frequently get high returns is due to they obey the existing investment theory...
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Difficulty of cooperation in iterated multi-Prisoner's Dilemma situation-Experimental evidence-

Kazuhito Ogawa, Tetsuya Kawamura, Tatsuya Kikutani, Sobei H. Oda
Using the laboratory experiment and simple multi–Prisoner’s dilemma model, this paper explores the effect of the change in the number of contacts and in the contact (payoff) structure, and then the characteristics of the strategy that leads players to reach mutual cooperation. When the number of contacts...
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Grid Reconfigurable Optical Wireless Network (GROW-Net) åÁV A New Hybrid Optical Wireless Access Network Architecture

Wei-tao Shaw, David Gutierrez, Kyeongsoo. Kim, Ning Cheng, Shing-Hwa Wong, Shing-Hwa Yen
In this paper we have proposed the GROW-Net, a novel hybrid optical wireless access network architecture. GROW-Net is designed to provide cost-effective broadband access connections in a highly populated and dense metropolitan area and consists of an optical grid network that provides a broadband backhauling,...
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Investigate C+L Band EDFA/Raman Amplifiers by Using the Same Pump Lasers

Shien Kuei Liaw
A novel hybrid C+L band EDFA/RFA is designed to share the 1480 nm pump laser(s). The concepts are based on three-level amplification mechanism for the C band EDFA and Raman shift amplification mechanism for the L band RFA, respectively. It has the advantage to simplify the pump source design. The optimum...
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High Performance Ring-Cavity Tunable Lasers

Shien Kuei Liaw
We report the investigation of ring cavity tunable laser, which is based on FBG technology. The laser linewidth, power variation and tuning range are 0.015 nm, 0.5 dB and 31.0 nm, respectively. The ring-cavity tunable laser also has 60 dB of SMSR to insure high-quality operation. With the features mentioned...
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Detecting and Classifying Emotion in Popular Music

Chia Chu Liu, Yi Hsuan Yang, Ping Hao Wu, Homer Chen
Music expresses emotion. However, analyzing the emotion in music by computer is a difficult task. Some work can be found in the literature, but the results are not satisfactory. In this paper, an emotion detection and classification system for pop music is presented. The system extracts feature values...
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Supply chain inventory strategies using fuzzy neural networks

Hui Wee, C. Edward Wang, J. C. Chen, K.-J. Wang, Y.-S. Lin
In the fast-changing business environment, supply chains are affected by the production and inventory strategies, which influence the amount of information needed by the chains. The firms must therefore determine the best supply chain inventory strategies for their products. The lack of precise market...
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Establishing a multiple structures AHP evaluation by extending Hierarchies Consistency Analysis

Yuh yuan Guh, Hui ming Wee, Rong wei Po
The purpose of this paper is to extend the theory of Hierarchies Consistency Analysis (HCA) to establish a multiple structures evaluation model for the AHP. Traditionally, the AHP process is based on a single evaluation hierarchy, according to statistics and group decision theories, a more objective...
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Mean Values of Fuzzy Numbers with Evaluation Measures and the Measurement of Fuzziness

Yuji Yoshida
This paper discusses an evaluation method of fuzzy numbers as mean values and measurement of fuzziness defined by fuzzy measures, and the presented method is also applicable to fuzzy random variables and fuzzy stochastic processes in decision making modeling.We compare the measurement of fuzziness and...
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Two Are Better than One?

Ming-Yuan Li
In this paper we adopt the Markov-switching specification to establish the hybrid model with time-varying loading on each of chartist and fundamentalist techniques. The US dollar exchange rates of four Asian tiger countries’ currencies serve as the representative examples in this paper. Our empirical...
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Nanometric Displacement Measurement System Using Three-Longitudinal-Mode He-Ne Laser

Shahram Mohammad Nejad, Saeed Olyaee
In this paper, design and simulation of a nanometric displacement measurement system is discussed. The combination of the Doppler effect and interferometry method is being used. A stabilized three-longitudinal-mode He-Ne laser with 632.8nm wavelength and 35cm cavity length is used. Its primary and secondary...
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Accuracy Improvement in the Nano-Displacement Measurement Based on the Doppler-Interferometry Method by Cross-talk Reduction

Saeed Olyaee, Shahram Mohammad Nejad
In this paper, accuracy improvement in the displacement measurement systems using Doppler-interferometry method is presented. The cross-talk error reduction methods are also discussed. Based on the mentioned method, a new nano-displacement measurement system is designed. In the designed system, the signal...
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A new design of laser phase-shift range finder independent of environmental conditions and thermal drift

Shahram Mohammad Nejad, Kiazand Fasihi
This paper presents a technique to improve the performance of laser phase-shift range finders. The phase measurement is performed by using a new method to extract the phase-shift data from the peak of received and transmitted intermediate frequency signal amplitudes. The pulse width modulation is used...
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An ILP Approach to the Simultaneous Application of Operation Scheduling and Power Management

Shih-Hsu Huang, Chun-Hua Cheng, Chung-Hsin Chiang, Chia-Ming Chang
At the behavioral level, large power saving is possible by shutting down unused operations, which is commonly referred to as power management. However, on the other hand, operation scheduling has a significant impact on the potential for power saving via power management. In this paper, we present an...
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Increasing and Decreasing with Fuzzy Time Series

Ming-Tao Chou, Hsuan-Shih Lee
There is a significant problem associated with the fuzzy time series. That is a strict increasing and decreasing case. Under the discussion case, fuzzy time series model arise a continuous increasing/decreasing forecasting value. From the illustrative example, we can see that our definition not only...
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The time-series relation between monthly sales and stock prices

Yann-ching Tsai, Hsueh-Fang Chien, Shu-Hua Lee
Security Exchange Commission in Taiwan requires all public companies to file and announce their monthly sales figure by the of the following month. This requirement has established another channel for market investors to obtain additional accounting information on a more timely basis than quarterly or...
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Reversible Palette Image Steganography Based on De-clustering and Predictive Coding

Hsien-Chu Wu, Hui-Chuan Lin, Chin-Chen Chang
Steganographic technology acts as the important role which defends information security in the network. The information could be hidden in multimedia object. Even if transmitted in an unsafe channel, the information is invisible by human visual system to maintain security. This paper presents a reversible...
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Leveraging Ontology-Based Traditional Chinese MedicineKnowledge System: Using Formal Concept Analysis

Kwoting Fang, Chingwei Chang, Yenping Chi
The main purpose of this paper is to show the use of FCA to support the building of ontology-based Traditional Chinese Medicine with herbal medicine serving as an example. This knowledge-sharing platform may make expert’s knowledge clearer, may connect with average people, and may provide patients with...
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A DCT-based Recoverable Image Authentication

Hsien-Chu Wu, Chin-Chen Chang, Ting-Wei Yu
In this paper, a scheme that has tamper proofing and recovery abilities is proposed. With the specific DCT frequency coefficients taken as the characteristic values, which are embedded into the least significant bits of the image pixels, it is used to provide proof of image integrity. If the image is...
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Stock Data Mining through Fuzzy Genetic Algorithms

Longbing Cao, Chao Luo, Jiarui Ni, Dan Luo, Chengqi Zhang
Stock data mining such as financial pairs mining is useful for trading supports and market surveillance. Financial pairs mining targets mining pair relationships between financial entities such as stocks and markets. This paper introduces a fuzzy genetic algorithm framework and strategies for discovering...
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A Study of Improving the Coherence in Multi-Step Ahead Forecasting

Chao-Fu Hong, Yung-Sheng Liao, Mu-Hua Lin, Tsai-Hsia Hong
The traditional multi-step ahead prediction is based on sequential algorithm to run multi-step ahead prediction and it brings error propagation problem. Furthermore, the prediction error of multi-step ahead includes both system and propagation errors. Therefore, how to decrease the propagation error...
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Using Fuzzy Regression and Neural Network to Predict Organizational Performance

Liang-Hung Lin
As everyone knows, multiple regression analysis is an important approach to prediction studies. However, regression model has some limitations and constraints in the real world practices. This study applied fuzzy regression using neural network (FRNN) to predict organizational performance, and the findings...
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Identifying Steady State Relationships in a Multidirectional System: A Multivariate Cointegration Analysis

Chandika Gunasinghe
This paper aims at identifying steady state relations (cointegrated relationships) in a system that contains multidirectional nexuses for a hypothetical economic structure. The study discusses various econometric tools needed to identify long run cointegration vectors and employs these tools to derive...