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Analysis on the characteristics of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone

Yu Song
Nowadays, there are more than 1200 free trade zones throughout the world varied from different factors such as geographic location and economic policy. The functions of the global free trade zone have developed significantly from only traditional export and re-export trade to finance, science and technology....
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Innovation in the Curriculum for English Major Students in Chinese Higher Education

Hang Zou
In the context of accelerating globalization, English has become the dominant foreign language in the curricula of educational institutions in China, basically because it serves as the communicative means for global political, cultural and economic exchanges. In such an environment, the curriculum for...
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Comparative Study of Higher Vocational Teachers' Training to Promote Professional and Curriculum Characteristic Integration between Regions

Xuejun Liu, Yinglan Teng
In order to enhance the overall competitiveness and gain social acceptance, teacher training and the corresponding characteristic specialties and courses integration is an important way for higher vocational colleges. Researching developed and undeveloped region in China for higher vocational colleges...
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Turning Strategy based on Modified Dubins Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Dynamic Path Planning

H.H Triharminto, A.S Prabuwono, R. Sulaiman, N.A Setiawan, T.B Adji
Path planning algorithm is compulsory for establishing autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The dynamic path planning based on linear and Modified Dubins algorithm was introduced. The path planning is used for intercepting a moving target. In order to obtain optimum path, decision making has to...
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Simulation for microbial depolymerization processes of polethylene glycol

Masaji Watanabe, Fusako Kawai
Numerical techniques are applied to a set of experimental data to study depolymerization process of xenobiotic polymers. The molecular factor of the degradation rate is obtained numerically from the weight distribution before and after cultivation of microorganisms. The temporal factor of the degradation...
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Establishing the Relationship in Vulnera-bility Classification for a Secure Software Testing

Nor Hafeizah Hassan, Siti Rahayu Selamat, Shahrin Sahib
Having a significance vulnerability clas-sification is important in developing a strong confidence in choosing the damag-ing cases associated with testing prob-lems. The accurate classification helps to explain the belonging of vulnerability. The current research failed to empirically describe these...
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A modified duffing system with a sawtooth-wave excitation and its synchronization

Hongmin Deng, Jun Li Xu Gou
A duffing system under approximate sawtooth wave excitation obtained by a relaxation oscillator is proposed, and its dynamic properties (including phase trajectory, time evolution, bifurcation diagram) are analyzed, also the impact of excitation magnitude change on phase trajectory is discussed. The...
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CSLMEN: A New Optimized Method for Training Levenberg Marquardt Elman Network Based Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Nazri Mohd. Nawi, M.Z Rehman, Abdullah Khan
RNNs have local feedback loops within the network which allows them to shop earlier accessible patterns. This network can be educated with gradient descent back propagation and optimization technique such as second-order methods; conjugate gradient, quasi-Newton, Levenberg- Marquardt have also been used...
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Human Face Recognition: An Eigenfaces Approach

ArmanadurniAbd Rahman, Mohd Noah A. Rahman, SitiNoorfatimah Safar, Nursuziana Kamruddin
Face recognition is an ever changing and evolving domain for research. However, the application of face recognition is still new and not commonly used in this country as opposed to other biometric identifications. This paper seeks to find out the effectiveness and weaknesses of face recognition approach...
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Verifying the Accuracy of GDAM algorithm on Multiple Classification Problems

Nazri Mohd Nawi, M.Z Rehman, Abdullah Khan
Back-Propagation Neural Network (BPNN) algorithm is a widely used technique implemented in many engineering disciplines. Despite solving several practical problems around the globe, BPNN still faces problems like slow convergence, network stagnancy and convergence to local minima. Many alternative ways...
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Fusion Technique for Honey Purity Estimation using Artificial Neural Network

Norazian Subari, Junita Mohamad Saleh, Ali Yeon Md Shakaff
This paper presents the estimation of pu-rity of honey using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). ANN method was used to automate the decision of estimation, replacing the manual human approximate method. A total of 21 honey purity sam-ples from various concentrations of pure honey, adulterated honey and...
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Business Intelligence Modeling for Increasing Company Value and Competitive Advantage in Franchise Business

Erwin Halim, Yohannes Kurniawan, Hendry Hartono
The impacts of franchise business to the economic are proven globally. In order to increase the company value the company value and to keep competitive, companies need to understand the customers and its business environment. The impact of in-formation system is proven that give positive impact to companies....
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Multivariate Prediction Model for Early Detection and Classification of Bacterial Species in Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Azian Azamimi Abdullah, Nurlisa Yusuf, Mohammad Iqbal Omar, Ammar Zakaria, Latifah Munirah Kmarudin, Ali Yeon Md Shakaff, Abdul Hamid Adom, Maz Jamilah Aznan
Many diabetic patients eventually develop foot ulcers are at risk for further infection and subsequent amputation if they are not treated promptly. Hence, this study is focused on identifying wild type strain bacteria and standard ATCC bacte-ria using e-nose which are PEN3 and Cyranose320. Data collected...
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Research on E&P Efficiency Metrics to support SKMIGAS Mission utilizing CRISP-DM Methodology

Bobby Suryajaya, Frieda Putri Aryani, Uma Bala Devarakonda, Alva Erwin
SKK Migas has mission to supervise and control activities of upstream Oil & Gas. It is believed that by knowing efficiency level of each PSC Contractor, improvement programs can be more effective and directly hit the objective. This paper discusses research proposal on efficiency metrics using data mining...
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A statistical approach of identifying indexes crucial to characterizing Chinese yams in terms of shape

Koki Kyo, Mitsuru Hachiya
We propose a statistical approach with which to identify the indexes crucial to classifying Chinese yams by shape. The proposed approach comprises two steps. The first step is to estimate the diameters indicating the shapes of yams along their length, and the second step is to characterize the shapes...
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Improvement of visual stability by adjusting initial map of SOM and using hierarchical clustering

Tsutomu Miyoshi, Shinji Momoi
SOM learning is influenced by the se-quence of learning data and the initial feature map. In conventional method, ini-tial value of feature map has set at ran-dom, so a different mapping appears even by same input data, so different impres-sions could be increased to the same data in different diagnosis....
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A Wavelet Based Algorithm without a Priori Knowledge of Noise Level for Gross Errors Detection

Paolo Mercorelli
This paper deals with Gross Error Detection using a signal-based approach and proposes an algorithm to be applied in industrial processes. The developed algorithm is used in some industrial software platforms to detect sensor outliers. A validation of this algorithm through computer simulations is shown....
Proceedings Article

A simple yet efficient solution for secured data exchange - Hiding encrypted text in an image file

Lawrence Wu, Penn Wu
Hiding encrypted text in an image file can possibly be a feasible solution to small-office-home-office (SOHO) and personal use for data and file transmission across digital networks. In this paper, the au-thors propose a simple, low-cost, but effi-cient algorithm to (a) convert a text (short or lengthy)...
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Crowd-Powered Mechanisms for Viewing and Imagining Public Spaces

Shin’ichi Konomi, Tomoyo Sasao, Wataru Ohno, Kenta Shoji
Crowdsourcing allows one to collect information from a large number of citizens relatively easily, thereby creating an opportunity to provide a novel technological means to view and imagine the city, complementing conventional geovisualization and urban simulation games. We postulate that the inflexibility...
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The Effect of Rendering Intents on Color Quality of Digital Printing

Adel Mohamed M. Khodeir
The adjustment of color to achieve an acceptable match between the displayed and digital printed document is an important task in prepress. In order to achieve such match color management systems are used, these systems implement standards established by the International Color Consortium (ICC). A key...
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Simulation of Aging Metal with Preservative Coating

Yutaro Kamata, Yoshitsugu Manabe, Noriko Yata
This paper describes a method of texture reproduction of realistic metal surfaces with age deterioration for applying in computer graphics. We propose a new simulation method for the peeling of preservative coatings of surfaces; the method considers the object geometry and surrounding environment. We...
Proceedings Article

Modelling Human Vision for Heuristics

Sean McGerty, Frank Moisladis
Human vision is a highly complex system that has evolved to enable interactions within and on our environment in an expedient and resource efficient way. Applying black box testing principles gives us insight to functional parameterizations within the brain. Neuroscience further helps us understand the...
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Method of Testing Mission Critical Data Transmission between an Android Device to a Windows PC via Wireless TCP Communication: PCMOTE

Syed Nasir Alsagoff
For a mission critical operation involving TCP communication, lag free and accu-rate data transmission is critical. Past re-search conducted by this author has solved the problem for wireless TCP communication between an Android de-vice and a Windows PC. To expand upon the findings of that research,...
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Computer Game Approach Focusing on Social Communication Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Initial Study

Aisyah Abdul Manap, Sarah Reisi Dehkordi, Riaza Mohd Rias, Noor Aziezah Sardan
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. ASD is characterized by difficulties with communication, social deficits, stereotyped or repetitive behaviours and interests. One of the major reasons behind the push to use technology...
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e-learning Paradigm for Teaching Enhancement

Devendra Bhavzar, Mrunalini Badnakhe
E-learning is the interaction between a learner who strives to acquire knowledge or skills by instruction, or study with a remote knowledge source, one that is physically separated from the learner. E-learning referring to learning via the internet has become a major phenomenon in recent years. But many...
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An Autonomous Aesthetics-driven Photographing Instructor with Personality Prediction

Chin-Shyurng Fahn, Meng-Luen Wu
In this paper, an autonomous aesthetics-driven photographing instructor system is proposed, which gives instructions to help camera users to take good images. There are two kinds of instructions: image composition and personality feature enhancement. As for composition, a salient region is used to match...
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Exploring The Use of Digital Games for Teaching and Learning

Wan Mohd Nazmee Wan Zainon, Abdullah Zawawi
Whether we like it or not, digital gaming and social networking are already wide-spread activities in our culture. More and more homes are now equipped with video-game consoles, computers, tablets or smart phones. The main purpose of this paper is to present an outcome of a preliminary studies done in...
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A Study on Visual Representation of Medical Family Tree Using Genograms

Siti Fatimah Bokhare, Wan Mohd Nazmee Wan Zainon, Abdullah Zawawi Talib
A genogram is a graphical representation of medical conditions including informa-tion on age and cause of death of family members that can be used especially to access disease risk. The main purpose of this paper is to present the outcome of a preliminary study done regarding access-ing the current use...
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The Basic Framework of Bukharin's Ideas about the Relationship between Planning and Market

Yanning Hu
Bukharin proposed the introduction of market relations in the exploration of socialist construction. He practices on the basis of the new economic policy, emphasizing the importance of market relations, to plan and market combine to maintain a reasonable proportion of plan and market. Bukharin's ideas...
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Exploratory Study on Difficulties and Corresponding Countermeasures of Qinghai Pastoral Area Third Party Logistics Development

Huanhuan Shen
In today's highly competitive environment, third party logistics (3PL) in pastoral areas of qinghai province important status stated in combination with special plateau geographical environment, economic and cultural conditions, analyzed the factors of hindering third party logistics development in this...
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A Study of the Functions and Pitfalls of Design Leadership How Leadership of the Creative Industry Attains Effectiveness

Jie Ren, Fangfang Bao
Design leadership with its own characteristics has played a key role in design agencies and a wide range of other organizations in the creative industry. Besides the common features of leadership, the core of design leadership is to innovate and encourage its creative members to develop their creativeness...
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Joint Order of Multi-item Inventory Control Model Takes the Operation Center of D Express Enterprise as an Example

Yu Tian
The paper takes the operation center of D company as an example, studies the packing material inventory control. Grouping by ABC classification, the paper establishes the joint order of multi-item inventory control model to determine the optimal order cycle, achieving the purpose of reducing inventory...
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Research of Function Area Layout with an Improved SLP of Logistics Park

Tinglu Mi, Xianliang Shi
Function area layout of logistics parks has important influence on the effective operations of logistics parks. System layout design (SLP) is a widely used method for solving the facility layout issues, but it also has some limitations. The paper proposes an improved SLP that takes the internal and external...
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Exploration & Practice of Intelligent System Concepts Based on CDIO Mode

Shuang Zhang, Jingang Gao, Dayi Yang, Hua Wang
In this paper, “intelligent system concepts” curriculum, introduced from University of the West of Scotland, is used as the research platform. To cultivate the students’ learning enthusiasm, initiative, creativity and team work spirit, the setup of teaching contents, teaching method and evaluation way...
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Compare the Principal Component Analysis and Linear Weighting Decision Method Consumption of the urban residents in China

Keying Zhang, Mi Tian, Xiaoli Zhang
Based on the statistical information, this paper studies on the comprehensive evaluation of our consumption of the urban residents, compares principal component analysis and the linear weighting method. Compared the rank of them find their same point.
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Reforming Education for Economic, Social & Other Developments

Emdad Khan
Today, we are living in a very uneven world – top 1% rich people own 40% of the world wealth and top 10% rich people own over 80% of the world wealth. 60% world population (over 4 Billion) is poor. Poverty and hunger levels are highest in Africa. Can this be changed Can we have a much better world Can...
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The Robust Analysis of Examination and Approval Process Based on Markov Chain

Fan Bo, Yihong Ru, Li Ma
The international trade volume has increased in a large scale in recent decades, the efficiency and effectiveness of the examination and approve process have been playing a more and more important role within it. However, the current study in this area is little and some studies only consider the alone...
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Application of Visual Management in Workshop

Mingyue Hao, Zehua Wei, Yuan Tian
In recent years, more and more enterprises begin to implement lean manufacturing and management. Enterprises try to reduce waste, costs and improve their efficiency in the production site. Production site is the main focus of lean manufacturing. Visual management as a method of site management creates...
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Evaluation of Independent Innovation Capability of Enterprises Based on Factor Analysis

Xin Zhu, Liang Xu
Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the advancement and development of enterprise. This paper sets up an appraisal system for independent innovation capability of enterprises, including three indicators: innovation activities, innovation inputs and innovation outputs, and with the help of...
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Research of College Students’ Social Cognitive Abilities Based on Social Practice Education

Zhichun Li
Social Cognition Education (SCE) of college student has spawned a proliferation of studies in the past two decades. Social cognition level (SCL) of college student is deemed pivotal to the pursuit of both personal empowerment and the economic development of a society. Most of the contemporary interpretations...
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Preventive Replacement Policy and Imperfect Maintenance Model with Random Working Times

Chin-Chih Chang
This article proposes the preventive replacement policy for an operating system which may continuously work for N jobs with random working times and be imperfectly maintained upon failure. As a failure occurs, the system suffers one of the two types of failures based on some random mechanism: type-I...
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Competitiveness Evaluation of Service Industry in Guangxi Based on the Factor Analysis

Xin Zhu, Qian Chen
The goal of this paper is to evaluate the competitiveness of service industry in Guangxi. Firstly, we make an introduction about the situation of service industry in Guangxi, and construct the index system to measure the level of development of competitiveness evaluation. Secondly, we conduct an empirical...
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Optimization of Age Replacement Policy for Aging Multi-state System with Imperfect Maintenance

Yen-Luan Chen
This article proposes the modified age replacement policy for a multi-state system composed of multi-state elements. The degradation of the multi-state element is assumed to follow the non-homogeneous continuous time Markov process which is a continuous time and discrete state process. A recursive approach...
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Analysis of the Influence of Cultural and Social Psychological Factors on Sports Consumption

Yan Zheng
As the 21st Century Technology Information Age comes, people's consumption concept, consumption structure and consumption attitudes have significantly changed, and the pursuit of health is still the leading direction of the social development of human beings today, and sports consumption has become an...
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History and Status Quo of the Mongolian Nadamu

Wanhu Li
Analysis through the historical literature, logical induction, basis on the formation and development of Mongolian Nadamu, expounds the history classics and early study on the three games, the evaluation and development of Nadamu, modern social life and related research on Nadamu, Results indicates:...
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Privacy Recognition by Nurses and Necessity of Their Information Security Education

Yukari Niimi, Katsumasa Ota
Because of advanced computerization, the number of hospitals in which nurses use computers to collect, check, input, and record patient information has increased. The expectation for subjective and responsible behaviors by individual nurses has increased along with changes in society. Clarifying nurses’...
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Talk about the New Product Development Strategy from the Innovation Level

Xuesheng Pei
The reasonable product development strategy is the key to business. This paper analyzes the characteristics of innovation levels on the difference impact for society and analyzes the financial and other conditions to achieve innovation. According to different technical conditions and different scale...
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A Study on the Korean Culture (History) Education for Foreign Learners

Lee Hee Jung
This paper focuses on the Korean culture education plans in the Korean language education for foreign students. To examine more closely, this paper will take a look at the Korean history education plans, such as the Korean modern and contemporary history, in the Korean culture education and subjects...
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On the Value of Perspective about System Superiority of Chinese Socialism

Yong Liu
Scientific understanding of Chinese socialist system superiority is the basis of adhering to and developing Chinese socialist system work. Value is an important measure of Chinese socialist system superiority. The socialist system China characteristic has the value of fairness and justice and the value...
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North Korea’s Middle School Education

Shin Ju-Cheol
This article was written through interview with defectors who escaped to South Korea after finishing middle school course in the North, in order to know the reality of North Korean education. North Korea’s fundamental principle of guidance is to foster communistic. The ultimate goal of the regime’s education...