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The Application of the Information-gap Principle in Promoting English Language Skills in College English Teaching

Xiangwu Li
As one of the basic principles in communicative language teaching (CLT), Information-gap Principle (IGP) is also attached great importance to by some college English teachers nowadays in China. This paper has concentrated on expounding the roles of IGP in college English teaching (CET). The Information-gap...
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Multi-scale Cardiac Electrophysiological Simulation: A GPU-based System by Computational Steering

Shanzhuo Zhang, Songjun Xie, Kuanquan Wang, Yongfeng Yuan
A cardiac electrophysiological simulation tool is essential for the study of the modern virtual heart. However, there is not yet an ideal tool that can satisfy the requirements of rapidity, flexibility and interactivity. In this paper, we propose a simulation system to cope with this problem, which is...
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2-D DOA Estimation of LFM Signals Based on Sparse Representation in Fractional Fourier Domain

Zhibo Shen, Songyang Liu, Yangyang Dong, Guoqing Zhao, Chunxi Dong
For the problem of two dimensional direction of arrival (2-D DOA) estimation of Liner Frequency Modulated (LFM) signals, a novel 2-D DOA estimation method is proposed based on sparse representation in fractional Fourier domain. First, utilizing the energy-concentrated characteristic of fractional Fourier...
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Realization of Key Technology of Trusted Network Connect Based on IF-MAP Protocol

Zelong Wang, Guoyang Cai, Wanzhen Liu
Network security has attracted increasing research interest in recent years. Through detailed investigations of the related structure of Trusted Network Connect (TNC), in this paper we research into the norms and key technology of Interface for Metadata Access Point (IF-MAP) protocol, as well as design...
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A Lip Characteristic Parameter-based Identity Recognition Algorithm

Yingjie Meng, Wei Chen, LiXin Bai
Most studies in lip-based speaker identity recognition fail to make full use of the changing characteristics of lips and have limitations of heavy information processing work and low rate of successful recognition. A new method of lip characteristics extraction and speaker identification based on the...
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Model Merging Method Based on Fast Topology Coloring and Device Fuzzy Matching

Feng Li, Lingling Pan, Yijun Yu, Shuhai Feng
Model merging method is used to form a large power grid simulation model and to test dispatching system functions. A model merging method based on power grid model file that meets CIM-E standard is proposed, and fast topology coloring separates inner-grid from the whole file-based power grid model. According...
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Stream Cipher Based on Latin Cubes

Yukun Cheng, Yunqing Xu
Edon80 is a hardware binary additive synchronous stream cipher submitted to the last phase of the eSTREAM project. The period of keystream of Edon80 is relatively short and there is a key recovery attach on it. In this paper, by modifying the IVSetup mode and the Keystream mode of Edon80, and by introducing...
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Improved B-spline Elastic Registration for Medical Image Based on Feature Extraction

Yue Shi, Yangping Wang, Xiaogang Du
In order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical image registration, an elastic registration method based on feature extraction and B-spline has been proposed in this paper. The proposed method consists of two steps. First, feature points are obtained by using Harris corner detection algorithm...
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A Novel SPA Attack on ECC Using MMM's Conditional Subtraction

Lihui Wang, Qing Li, Zhimin Zhang, Weijun Shan, Davidwei Zhang
Elliptic curve cryptosystems (ECCs) are becoming more popular because of the reduced number of key bits required in comparison to other cryptosystems such as RSA. They are especially suited to smartcards because of the limited memory and computational power available on these devices. However, the side-channel...
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Opinion Mining Research on Chinese Micro-blog

Changzhi Wang, Heyan Huang, Quanchao Liu, Xiaochuan Tian
We propose to simultaneously identify opinion targets and opinion-bearing words based on multi-features in Chinese micro-blog post, and decompose our task into three phases: (1) construct opinion-bearing words dictionary and identify opinion-bearing word in a sentence from Chinese micro-blog; (2) design...
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The Synchronous Algorithm of FTN Signaling on Independent Pilot Symbols

Ke Wang, Xiaohu Liang
Mazo discovered that the performance of system symbol error would not degrade with manual Inter-Symbol Interference(ISI) when symbol rate is faster at some extend. This paper which took FTN as background mainly explained the carrier synchronization performance of FTN signaling under additive white gaussian...
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Neural Network Blind Equalization Algorithm Based on Feed Forward Neural Network

Huiqing Zhao
Existing neural network algorithms have the problems of slow convergence and low accuracy. In response to this phenomenon, this paper presents a neural network blind equalization algorithm based on feed-forward neural network. And we proposed feed-forward neural network blind equalization algorithm by...
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A Refined Simple Power Analysis Attack on ECC with Countermeasures

Lihui Wang, Qing Li, Zhimin Zhang, Weijun Shan, Davidwei Zhang
Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is becoming widely deployed in embedded cryptographic devices. However, simple power analysis (SPA) attacks may retrieve secret keys by exploiting the power consumption of ECC devices. To resist the SPA attack there appear a number of countermeasures and the most widely...
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Primal-Dual Approach for Uniform Noise Removal

Zhan Zhang, Wenyou Wei
In this paper, we consider the problem of uniform noise removal, which can be formulated as a minimization problem with L norm based constraints. A numerical difficult arises due to the property of the non-differentiability of the L norm. In this paper, we apply first-order primal dual approach to solve...
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A Differential Power Analysis Attack on Dynamic Password Token Based On SM3 Algorithm

Limin Guo, Qing Li, Lihui Wang, Zhimin Zhang, Dan Liu, Weijun Shan
Dynamic password technology is one of the most widely utilized methods for identity authentication. The security of dynamic password system depends on the cryptographic strength of the underlying hash function. And SM3 is the only standard hash algorithm of China. However, most cryptographic algorithm...
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A First-Order Differential Power Analysis Attack on HMAC-SM3

Limin Guo, Lihui Wang, Qing Li, Zhimin Zhang, Dan Liu, Weijun Shan
HMAC algorithm is one of the most famous keyed hash functions, and widely utilized. And SM3 is the only standard hash algorithm of China. However, most cryptographic algorithms implementations are vulnerable against side channel attacks. But specific side channel attacks on HMAC-SM3 have not been given...
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A Transformation Method of OPM Model to CPN Model for System Concept Development

Wenlu Zhou, Feng Yang, Yifan Zhu
Modeling languages for concept development in System Engineering usually provide a static model and lack computational capability. We introduce and implement a method combing the Object Process Methodology (OPM), a holistic modeling language well suited to describe the concept model, and Coloured Petri...
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A Health Care Monitoring Terminal Based on Android Smart Phone

Ruihan Zhang, Zhan Zhao, Zhen Fang, Shulei Chu
With the promotion of mobile communication, sensor technology and smart phone, mobile health services is developed all around the world. This paper presents a mobile health service terminal based on Android smart phone. The physiological signals are collected by body sensors and then sent to the smart...
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An Improved K-means Clustering Algorithm for Complex Networks

Hao Li, Haoxiang Wang, Zengxian Chen
The exploration about cluster structure in Complex Networks is crucial for analyzing and understanding Complex Networks. K-means algorithm is a widely used clustering algorithm. In this paper, a novel algorithm is proposed based on K-means. Considering, Complex Networks obeys Power-law Degree Distribution,...
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The Intelligent Texture Anti-counterfeiting Algorithm Based on DCT

Yicheng Li, Yujia Li, Jingbing Li
This paper put forward an algorithm based on DCT and human visual characteristics for the identification of texture anti-counterfeiting tags. Firstly, the method extracted the visual feature vectors of texture image through DCT, and then created a database of texture images’ feature vectors. Compare...
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Particle Swarm Optimization with Comprehensive Learning & Self-adaptive Mutation

Hao Tan, Jianjun Li, Jing Huang
As a representative method of swarm intelligence, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is an algorithm for searching the global optimum in the complex space through cooperation and competition among the individuals in a population of particle. But the basic PSO has some demerits, such as relapsing into...
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Application of Maxflow/Mincut Algorithm in Phase Unwrapping

Zhen Zhou, Guangmin Wu, Fanguang Zeng, Jianming Chen
Phase Unwrapping is an important and difficult problem in interference measurement.Its accuracy directly impacts on the application of the technology. In order to improve the accuracy of unwrapping, we use Bayesian decision theory, establishing the maximum a posteriori Markov random field energy model...
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3D-DWT Improves Prediction of AD and MCI

Shuihua Wang, Yi Chen, Yudong Zhang, Zhengchao Dong, Elizabeth Lee, Preetha Phillips
In order to predict subjects with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) from normal elder controls (NC) more accurately, we compared two different kinds of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) based feature extraction techniques: multi-slice 2D-DWT and 3D-DWT. The dataset contained...
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Improving Location Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Cluster in WSN

Xing Fang, Zhihong Qian, Chuxi Yang, Liang Qian
To reduce the impact of distance information errors, an improved location algorithm in WSN based on fuzzy clustering is proposed. It is explored that clustering methodology is employed to wireless sensor network localization schemes. By cluster analysis, the novel algorithm can figure out the distance...
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Detecting Pit Defects on Rail Surface Using A Fast Detection Algorithm Based on Relative Gray Value

Wendi Weng, Houjin Chen
It is a challenge to detect pit defects on rail surface quickly and accurately in machine vision system. As the pit defects appear randomly, vary in size, distribute discontinuously, and are affected by rust, white noise, shadow and illumination during imaging, pit defects detection has become a difficulty...
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An Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

Dong Feng, Zhihong Qian, Xue Wang, Xiaohui Liu
Due to the energy and resource constraints of a wireless sensor node in a wireless sensor network (WSN), WSNs adequately need effective mechanisms for data forwarding to enhance the energy efficiency in networks. To solve this problem, Multipath routing protocols are often used to balance the network...
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Hierarchical Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Multi-feature and Multi-classifier Fusion

Yunxiang Ma, Linlin Huang
In this paper, we propose a fast and robust method for traffic sign recognition, which uses a coarse-to-fine strategy. The traffic signs are divided into main category and sub-category. At the coarse classification stage, we extract histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) feature from different spectral...
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Analysis on the Factors Restricting the Development of Solar-thermal Power Generation Industry in China

Zihan Gao, Jing Qiao, Yurong Huang, Yuanyuan Hou, Xiaochuan Wei
As the air quality and environmental pollution and other problems become increasingly serious brought by the traditional energy, the solar-thermal power generation is an important source for the new energy, and it becomes an investment hospot in the renewable energy field in the world. Based on the research...
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CrazyCartoon the Design and Implementation of a User-defined Strategic Tower Defense System with MobileAR

Yiming Cai, Xiao Li
Completely different from existing computer games, CrazyCartoon system creates a blending of real (hand-drawn map by a player) and virtual (digital game) scene based on mobileAR technology, which enables players to customize the game strategies freely, such as the level switch and turrets' defensive...
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Adaptive Data Mining Algorithm under the Massive Data

Weijian Mo
In order to solve the problem that Network Reduced accuracy and poor convergence in the existing neural network, which because sample large volumes of data and target data-independent. In response to this phenomenon, this paper put forward a data mining based on compensatory fuzzy neural network. It...
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Multi-vehicle Ad-hoc Network Routing Algorithm with Ant and Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Combined

Zhiping Wan
In order to improve data transfer efficiency of the vehicle self-organizing networks and reduce end transmission delay, this paper presents a Multi-vehicle ad-hoc network routing algorithm with Ant and quantum particle swarm optimization combined (AQVT). The algorithm based on the thinking of ant colony...
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An Adaptive Algorithm for Music Beat Tracking

Zhanchun Gao, Yuting Liu, Yanjun Jiang
On the basis of Time Domain Analysis, this paper proposes a method for music beat tracking. Through this method, music beats are detected and tracked by timestamp and intensity value. Generally, the beat-areas of music signal converge more energy than other areas, therefore, the spots of beat can be...
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Hybrid Method for License Plate Detection from Natural Scene Images

Boya Niu, Linlin Huang, Jian Hu
License plate detection is a key part in vehicle license plate recognition system. In this paper, we present a hybrid method for license plate detection from natural scene images for the all-day traffic surveillance environment. The proposed method includes two stages: rough detection and accurate detection....
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The Robustness of Agile C2 Organizations

Yao Yang, Baoxin Xiu, Tingting Yang, Weiming Zhang, Weidong Bao
Agility is arguably one of the most important characteristics of successful Information Age organizations. The study of agility organizations is currently one of the hottest topics in the organization study field. In this paper, we first put forward an agile command and control (C2) organization model...
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Remote Estimation of Leaf Water Content Using Spectral Index Derived From Hyperspectral Data

Chengfang Zhang, Zhiyuan Pan, Heng Dong, Fangjian He, Xingbang Hu
Monitoring crop water content by remote sensing has been an important problem for agricultural drought monitoring and water resources management. The triangular water vegetation index is affected by canopy structure parameters, such as leaf area index. To improve this, we used the method of ratio index...
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Construct Scheme to Second-period of Headquarters Performance Management System in State Grid

Jian Zhang, Yan Ma, Yan Hou, Dongwei Lv, Yuwei Yin
In order to enhance the performance management informatics level in State Grid Corporation, as well as strength the cohesion between headquarters performance management and authority work tasks, State Grid Corporation launched the second-period construction of headquarters performance management system....
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Route Choice Research Based on Fast and Hierarchical Mobile Multicast

Zuhong Feng, Bin Li
Because of the high scalability and efficiency of multicast, more and more people pay attention to mobile multicast. The fast and hierarchical mobile multicast is one of the excellent multicast algorithms, but the transmission path in the fast and hierarchical mobile multicast is not the best. This paper...
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Modification of Edon80 to Resist the Key Recovery Attack

Xiaomei Wang, Yunqing Xu
Edon80 is a hardware binary additive synchronous stream cipher submitted to the last phase of the eSTREAM project. The core of the cipher consists of quasigroup string e-transformations and it employs four quasigroups of order 4. The internal structure of Edon80 is highly pipelined, making it scalable...
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Improved Resource Search Strategy Using Random Walk Based on Node Reputation for Unstructured Mobile P2P Network

Junwei Ge, Hongxia Shi, Yiqiu Fang
With the development of wireless communication technologies and mobile devices, the P2P network technology has the conditions to be used in wireless environments. Resource search is to discover requested object in mobile P2P network (mobile peer-to-peer network), which is one of the core issues of mobile...
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An Accurate Diffraction Ultrasound Tomography Images Reconstruction Algorithm Based on LS_NUFFT

Jie Fang, Ping Yu, Zhiyuan Weng, Min Kong
According to the Fourier diffraction projection theory, the Fourier transform of projection data from multi-band frequency ultrasonic is distributed over complex plane in form of different radius arcs. The classical filtered back projection FBP algorithm isn't fit for distributing of the k space data,...
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3D Simulation Model of Lunar Crater Based on Single CCD Image

Junlin Wang, Jiaqi Li, Binbing Liu, Zhankai Li, Xiaolin Tian
The paper gives an algorithm to simulate the crater topography from a single Charge Couple Device image. Refer to the Oren-Nayar reflectance model, several parameters of the lunar crater and constraint conditions have been added to this new algorithm, also the small craters have been enhanced in the...

Analysis of Sports Industry Development of Countryside

Renjian Liu, Ping Liu
In this paper, from the perspective of a new socialist countryside, the effects of external environment factors on the development of regional sports industry are explored by documentary analysis, comparative research, and the combination of regional economic theory. This article contains the following...

Connection between Type Selection and Material Application in Fashion Design — Application of Two Degree Modeling in Fashion Design

Ping Hu
In fashion design, recreation of fabrics has become an important method for representing the innovation ability. Along with the development of the apparel industry, the demand for clothing are higher and higher. The pure physiological demand is no longer the direction of pursuing. And the pure style...

The Effect of Clothing Material Art Recreation on Children’s Wear Design

ShuLi Wen
This paper sees available garment materials as a kind of fabric semi-finished product. It combines with the characters of clothing style and utilizes new design thought and craft to further change available fabric appearance style. It can apply fabric’s plane and stereoscopic effect to the children’s...

Construction of New Urbanization Sports Leisure Industry Circles

Tongchao Guo
Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, and the promotion of economic development and social change, sports and leisure has become Chinese important contemporary movement style, social and cultural phenomenon. In this paper, new pattern urbanization within China will continually do its own contributions...

Research on the Sports Tourism Resources and Integrated Development in Minority National Region in Western of Sichuan

Suqiong Feng
In this paper, we focused on the sports tourism resources and integrated development in minority national region in western of Sichuan. We studied the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of sports tourism resources and integrated development in minority national region in western of Sichuan...

Nurturing and development of rural areas in Sichuan minority sports performance industry to explore the next experience economy concept

Suqiong Feng, Ye Yang
In this study, based on the "Experience Economy" research perspective, the use of literature, questionnaire, field interviews and other research methods, dig Experience Features "experience economy" concept under exploratory put forward the "experience economy" experience under the concept of product...

The Application Status Quo of Sports Biomechanics in China's Gymnastics Training

Shuangjun Li, Ailan Dan
By using the methods of literature and conference discussion, this essay has comprehensive summarized the application status quo of sports biomechanics in China's gymnastics training. The results show that: the application of sports Biomechanics in gymnastics training has been made some achievements,...

Research on Literary Translation Capability and the Construction of Training Mode

Hongte Chen
Literary translation is a complex code-switching and aesthetic reproduction process. It is not just the conversion at the level of language and more importantly, it is the experience and reproduction of the beauty and the communication of culture information. Therefore, the ability of literary translation...

Research on Application Status and Countermeasures of Modern Educational Technology in College Physical Education

Yang Zhang
The 21st century is a new century when human beings have the fully access to the information society. With the development and wide application of the modern educational technology, education is going to take on the modernization features and the trends of development. In this paper, there is discusses...