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Research on the mechanism of high power solid laser

Wenkai Huang, Yu Wu
A laser resonator with a concave lens is designed to solve the thermal lens effect, in order to obtain the 1064nm laser with high power and high beam quality. At first we analyzed the selection of the compensation lens. Then high power laser beams are obtained with a Nd:YAG laser resonator we designed....
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Numerical Analysis on Three Dimensional Dynamic Flow of Vehicle Hydrodynamic Coupling

Zhifeng Dong, Gong Dan, Yuzhao Zhang
Hydrodynamic coupling is one of the important components in the vehicle transmission system, in which, the power of engine is transmitted through the circular flow of the hydro oil. The three dimensional fluid model was built, and the dynamic flow in the hydrodynamic coupling was calculated with calculation...
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Combined Navigation System program under different flight conditions

Chunguang Wang, Xiaoxu Chen, Qi Wang, Ming Ming, Yu Jin, Xin Wang
Combined Navigation is now widely used means of navigation, aircraft at different speed, altitude and other conditions should be targeted integrated navigation system solutions. This paper mainly studies outline plan for the integrated navigation system under subsonic, hypersonic, high-altitude and long...
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Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Vertical Mill Reducer

Zhijun Wang, Tengjiao Lin, Zeyin He, Xinru Yang
The vibration characteristics of gear system have a significant influence on mechanical capacity and durable life of vertical mill reducer. In order to improve the performance of reducer, this paper present the research on inherent characteristic and dynamic response of vertical mill reducer. First of...
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An elevator target tracking method based on kinect

Jian Liu, Xiaoyu Wang, Yuanwei Qi, Ling Chang, Rui Sun
In order to calculate the number of passengers in the elevator, an elevator target tracking method based on kinect is proposed.When people use the elevator, the person face the camera from into the elevator to leave the elevator back to the camera, which will create some difficulties for detecting face....
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Design and implementation of time synchronization system based on GPS signal

Bin Liu, Shuling Guo, Shasha Ma
The GPS synchronization system can provide accurate time reference to system testing. To improve the accuracy and stability of the synchronous timer in GPS, this paper presents a new method to implement highly accurate and stable clock by the synchronization of crystal oscillator clock with GPS clock,...
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Research on the Graph Matching based on Shape Context and Sequential Monte Carlo

Meiju Liu, Hongyu Yang, Zhaohua Chen, Lingyan Li
According to the traditional shape context algorithm within the image distortion, excessive noise points and lower matching rate issues, we present a Sequential Monte Carlo algorithm based on graph matching. First, the image feature points were evenly distributed to compute shape context information....
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Study on the Layout Planning and Optimization for an Electronic Product Workshop Based on Cell Manufacturing

Shengchong Liao, Wei He, Hongli Zhou
Aiming at the characteristics of multi-variety and small batch production of electronic products, a workshop layout optimization method based on cell manufacturing is proposed. First, the original layout and its problems are analyzed. Then, product-quantity analysis is carried out, and the product families...
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Design of Communicating Section of FlexRay Bus Based on MFR4310

Zili Liao, Qiang Gao, Dong Yuan, Jiaqi Li
The development of the car bus is introduced and then the communicating sections of FlexRay are constructed by the use of TMS320F28335 DSP, MFR4310 and TJA1080. The methods of design and communication are analyzed. And the FlexRay model is programmed.
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Simulation of Switched Reluctance Machine with ‘E’ Model Stator Based on Ansoft

Xiaojun Ma, Junyang Tan, Chunguang Liu, Guodong Wang
The switched reluctance machine with a modularized stator is introduced for its theory. Then, the switched reluctance machine is finite element analyzed by the use of Ansoft Maxwell to simulate its performance.
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A New Method of Uplink Power Compensation of Rain Attenuation of Satellite Communication System

Rong Li
In satellite communication the signal fading may reach the maximum in rain weather. In this paper, an uplink power reduction rain fading method is put forward to overcome the shortcoming of the traditional method. Through detection of satellite signal strength, the rain attenuation in satellite communication...
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Application of Magnetic Material in the Underwater Power Tools

Hui Zhang
ibration and the hurt produced by underwater power tools on operators, a new method, namely application magnetic materials in underwater power tools, was proposed. It analyses structure of common power tools, according to characteristics of permanent magnet, a novel of magnetic impact mechanism is designed...
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Gear Shift Control of 2-Speed Electric Vehicle with Backlash

Zhanjiang Li, Shu Li, Jun Li, Xuesong Li, Bingzhao Gao
This paper deals with the gear shift control of 2-speed AMT driving system of Electric Vehicle with gear backlash. A motor torque control strategy is proposed to eliminate the impact of gear backlash when adjust the speed of the driving system. The proposed control strategy is confirmed through simulation...
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Strategies on Prevention of Pollution from Rotary-molded Boat of the Marine Environment

Qiguo Yao, Le Xu
Due to the booming of world shipping industry, the pollution of marine environment from ships becomes more and more serious. Under the legal framework of International Maritime Organization (IMO), the MARPOL Convention made great contribution to the prevention pollution from ships. However, there are...
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Study on Dynamic Strategies Based on Different Type of Processing and Assembly

Biyun Xiang
According “follow the movement of the workpiece and perform an operation” the technology requirements to design a mechanical equipment and process Using the structural module With different motion patterns, to achieve a variety of assembly. By running the test experiment, construction kit assembly motion...
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Grouping Based Proportional Fair User Schedule Algorithm in MU-CoMP

Sheng Wang, Peng Dong, Yuan Zhao
Aiming at improving the system uplink transmitting and fairness performance, a novel grouping based proportional fair schedule algorithm is proposed. By dividing users into several groups, computation complexity in user selecting is reduced. Proportional fair mechanic provides more fairness among users,...
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Tracking Management System Designed for the Second-hand Car Based on the RFID Technology

Ling-ling Wei
Tracking all services of the second-hand car in order to regulate the management of the second-hand car, then analyzed and designed the second-hand car tracking management system to read and write by the RFID technology, label attached to the car in the system, and real-time record the services, repairs,...
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Heat pipe technology in engine cooling device

Jianying Dai, Dongling Xiao
Along with the economic development and the improvement of traffic conditions, high speed and load of more people to pursue the car, exhaust gas turbocharger is a technique to improve the means of engine power, the booster role is by increasing the inlet pressure to make the air in cylinder density increase,...
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Optimal Control of Gearshift in Automatic Mechanical Transmission

Liying Miao, Xiusheng Cheng, Zhonghua Liu, Xuesong Li, Xi Liu
In order to solve the problems existed in gearshift process of automatic mechanical transmission(AMT), the control strategy base on fuzzy control was presented with regarding of engine running state and clutch engaging state. The wet clutch target pressure of shifting process was determined by the fuzzy...
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Operating Performance Assessment of Fire Alarm System Based on BP Neural Network

Na Qu, Jiwei Zhu, Jiahao Wang
With the rapid development of super large buildings, monitoring of fire hidden danger is much more difficult than ever. Whether fire alarm system is effective or not directly affects the ability of controlling fire and protecting people's lives and property. Operating performance assessment of fire alarm...
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Study on a New Type Destruction Method for Abandoned Combustion Tear Gas of CAPF

Dayong Jiang
Based on the characters of weapons and equipment, techniques and methods of destruction for anti-riot ammunition equipped by CAPF were discussed in this paper. Combing the main structure and function of common anti-riot ammunition, a new Destruction Method with water jet cutting technology was put into...
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Research on the Anti-wear Performance of Lubricants Based on the Stepwise Regression Method

Dongling Xiao, Jianying Da
Lubricating properties of the lubricant is generally evaluated by the friction and wear testing machine. In this paper, by using Four-ball test machine to measure the maximum non-card bite load value (PB), wear scar diameter (WSD) and Pd1.0, Pd2.0 value. The uniform design of experiments is firstly used...
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Study on the Existing Destruction Methods for Abandoned Explosion Tear Gas of CAPF

Peng Fu, Lan Feng
In this paper, based on the characteristics and actual demand of the safety management to weapons and equipment, techniques and methods of destruction of anti-riot ammunition used by CAPF were discussed. Combing the main structure characteristics and function of the common anti-riot ammunition, some...
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BIM for Building Water Supply and Drainage Design

Rong Yang, Wenwu Song
Building Information Modeling (BIM) application is increasingly popular across the globe, but not perfect in China. In order to improve BIM application level in building water supply and drainage design, this paper analyzed the application of BIM at home and abroad, and made recommendations for present...
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Prevention of mine gas disasters in coal mine

Pinghuai Mao, Yilin Mao, Shuai Zhang, Yongyuan Fu
Our mines are underground mining, poor condition. Gas explosion, dust explosion, coal and gas outburst, fires and other accidents have occurred in which gas explosion was the most common, is one of the biggest causes of death and property damage. Accident statistics from related departments, gas explosions...
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Study of Non-stationary Signal of Gearbox Based on Angle Domain Fourier Transform Analysis

Hao Tian, Xiao-yong Kang, Jun-nuo Zhang, Bao-bao Wang
The processing method of the non-stationary rotary machine vibration signal is studied. The angle domain signal is resampled from the time domain signal with interpolation algorithm. The time domain averaging method is preformed on the resampled signal to depress the noise uncorrelated to the axial frequency....
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Anti-ship Missile Target Dynamic RCS Statistical Distribution Fitting Technique

Hao Wang, Jixing Shao, Yue Hu
To deal with the construction of the anti-ship missile target dynamic RCS statistical model, target RCS fitting and construction method was given by introducing the hypothesis test. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test method was given to resolve the distribution fitting test problem. Finally, the method was verified...
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Research on Anonymous Network Topology Analysis

Shiyu Kang
In response to protect the privacy of Internet users, a variety of privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) have emerged. As one of privacy enhancing technologies, anonymous communication has been extensively studied from various aspects by researchers. In this paper, we investigate existing organizations...
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Study on the Gear Gap of Gun Tower

Jiaqi Li, Zili Liao, Dong Yuan, Guibing Yang
The gap of the gears has a huge influence in tank’s transmission system even fasten the appendixes’deformation and the motor’s damage. In order to study the influence of gear’s gap and aimed to the nonlinear characteristic of gear’s gap in the transmission, established a 3D model in CREO and put it into...
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Analysis on Fluid Characteristics of Friction Plate in Wet Multi-plate Clutch Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics

Liying Miao, Xiusheng Cheng, Zhonghua Liu, Xuesong Li, Chuanfang Zhang
In order to study the fluid characteristics of wet clutch in the process of engagement, the flow characteristics of radial oil grooves between the friction plates were simulated by Fluent, and the different entrance flow rates and different entrance temperature of heat exchanger performance were also...
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Ant Colony Optimization and Road Transportation Route of Dangerous objects

Henghai Zhang, Jianyou Zhao, Dongling Xiao, Meng Lei
According to the problem of dangerous objects transportation route optimization, using the colony algorithm theory as a guide, making analyses on the degree of risk road calculation model,developing ACO, then writing in MATLAB transport of dangerous objects route optimization program,and validating in...
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Utility-Based Video Quality Model in Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Yang Tao, Wenxuan Zang, Qianjin He
At present, domestic and international research on the video transmission mainly concentrated in video coding, multipath transmission, multicast transmission. The transmission and QoS security technology will be studied to against the characteristics of video transmission and wireless ad hoc network.How...
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Application of Fuzzy Cluster Analysis in the Location of Building Waste Recycling Center

Ning Jiang
Building waste is a kind of recyclable resources, how to carry on the recovery and treatment of the building waste has become an important problem in the management of the city. Many enterprises have set up the recycling center, but the effect is poor, the reason is that the layout and location of waste...
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UVA) Bionic Wing Design and Performance Analysis

Hua Xin, Qin Shuo, Kai Luo, Weihong Liang
Key problems in view of the urgent long-endurance uav, the research of the application of bionics to no one wing design. With the wings of a certain unmanned aerial vehicle as the research object, is good at gliding gull for bionic prototype. Design imitation airfoil seagull flat wings and wing tip winglet...
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Method of estimating the state of charge of a battery electric vehicle based on RS-SVM

Guocheng Niu, Bongmei Hu, Jing Bai
Charging, discharge, maintenance and energy management technology for electric vehicle power battery is relatively backward, An advanced and reasonable method is presented for battery state of charge( SOC ), used simple rough set attribute ,simplified battery charging related parameters, the simplified...
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The Research of Order Prediction Model for Textile Machinery Manufacturing Enterprise Based on Customer Demand

Xixing Li, Shunsheng Guo, Lei Wang, Zhen Li
With the development of information technology, textile machinery manufacturing enterprises (TMME) are facing the new situation of “Two Integration”, in order to better responding to market customer demand (CD), the order prediction is becoming more and more important. The background of product model...
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Research on The Dynamic Characteristics of Relaxed Static Stability Control Aircraft

Jicheng Zhang, Duo Wang, Kai Luo, Yueming Yang
In this paper we analysis aircraft dynamic characteristic on relaxed static stabillity control from the concept of active control technology point of view, and calculate the dynamic characteristic of longitudinal. Through calculation, further reseaerch on the influencing of relaxed static stability on...
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Application Research of PulsON@ 410 UWB Module on Accurate Locating in Substations

Wei-wei Miao, Shi-dong Liu, Wei Li
Based on the analysis of problems encountered by PulsON@ 410 RCM modules when used in substation accurate locating, such as automatic discovery of beacons, a self-organizing protocol is put forward to support the creation, maintenance of beacons network. Also solutions from different aspects are presented...
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Development of an engineering simulator for armored vehicle

Tang Fang
This paper illustrates the main features and structure of the armored vehicle engineering simulator (AVES). Considering high cost and long cycle development problem of the traditional armored vehicle design, the AVES has been developed for purposes to test rationality of design, to investigate different...
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Research on Evaluation Model of Equipment Support Logistics plans in Wartime Based on Topsis

Fan Yang, Zhanbiao Zhao, Tianyuan Jiang, Yucai Dong
Evaluation of equipment `support distribution `plan in wartime scientifically and accurately is crucial to improve the efficiency of distribution and meet the demand of war timely. In this paper Topsis is adopted to conduct comprehensive evaluation of the equipment support distribution plan at war time....
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Program Design for the dynamic detection of servo system based on Keil Mu Vision3

Youguo Wei, Xuezhi Zhang, Xiaokang Tang, Cun Xie, Yongshan Ma
As the device in general inspection maintenance, can only carry on the system static parameter measurement, and dynamic performance of the system only can be judged by qualitative observation. In this paper, we adopt modular design scheme and the method based on synchronous sampling and real-time data...
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Ground penetrating radar in crack detection to the forward research

Yi Lin, Zhengping Liu
The ground fissure is hidden hazards of ground deformation.Survey work to crackisthe basicofcontrol measures. Geological radar detection as an emerging technology has advantages of rapid, continuity and visibility; according to a practical example of the detection mechanism of landslide cracks, summed...
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A new practical teaching system to cultivate application-oriented innovative talents majoring in materials science and engineering

C.Q. Zhang, L. Shi, Q.L. Sun, K.G. Liu
Materials and the related manufacturing industry involve every area of the economy, and the corresponding talent demand ranks in the forefront of all industry professionals. However, the defects of current talent training mode and curriculum system limit the quality of talent training. In this paper,...
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PID and Neural network decoupling control system for special shape pipe automatic welding machine

Wen-bin Ma, Jian-hua Liu
In order to solve special shape pipe automatic welding problem,a new decoupling control system has been introduced,which is constructed on PID and RBF neural network.Input data is from non-contact displacement sensor and angle sensor,and output data has been used to control servo motor which always used...
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Dynamic characteristics of a spur gear transmission system for a wind turbine

Xin Zhao, Changzheng Chen, Jie Liu, Lei Zhang
A nonlinear dynamic model of a spur gear transmission system is developed with consideration of gear mesh stiffness, backlash, internal and external excitation. Lagrange equation is used which is derived for the vibration of the drive system differential equations. Time process diagram, frequency spectrum...
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The Design of Network-based Virtual Laboratory

Yong Li, Guangming Li
Virtual laboratory is a practical teaching assisted instruction with high efficiency. This paper analyzes the characteristics, classification of virtual laboratory and the design of virtual instrument. It discusses the construction and system structure of network-based virtual laboratory. This paper...
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Numerical Investigation of Hypersonic Slip Flow

Kai Luo, Yueming Yang, Hua Liu, Xuewei Xin, Xuewei Liu
Rarefied gas effects have to be considered when doing the research and design of hypersonic flight vehicle in near space, in which accurate prediction of flow field and surface properties such as pressure, shear stress and heat flux are needed. Research on the mechanism of hypersonic slip flow must consist...
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Study on the method of test and control system for low speed wind tunnel

Yueming Yang, Kai Luo, Xingrong Bao, Yuankai Li
The wind tunnel test control is the key to the wind tunnel tests. This article Studied 0.75m × 0.75m With backflow wind tunnel measurement and control technology, through the transformation of the wind tunnel motor to improve the stability and uniformity of the airflow and reduce turbulence degree; through...
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Circuit design for measure cable breakpoint location range based on AT89C52

Youguo Wei, Fei Hou, Xuezhi Zhang, Xiaokang Tang, Yongshan Ma
the development of electric power and communication technology promotes the apply of cable widely, the trouble of cable become more and more. establish the measure cable breakpoint location range system to locate the breakpoint rapidly, the location of cable breakpoint can be calculated by the interval...
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Spectrum sensing performance analysis based on primary user probability access/leave model

Song Chen, Shuainan Gu, Ke Li, Peng Dong
In cognitive radio system, secondary user’s self-sensing properties to the spectrum occupy is the start and basis of the whole cognitive process. The classical analysis of self-sensing properties has the hypothesis that the Primary user signal occupies the whole sensing slot. However, in the actual,...