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Design of Real-time Image Acquisition and Display System Based on Embedded Linux

Xiaohan Guan, Wangyi Shi
For the need of real-time fast image processing problems in the field of pattern recognition, this paper proposes an image acquisition and display method based on embedded technology. In order to solve the problem efficiently, we present a programming technology of Video4Linux2 (V4L2), and the technology...
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The Analysis on the Effect of Passenger car Air Conditioning and Distribution with Different Inlet Parameters

Hao Yang, Yidong Wang, Taibi He
With the development of vehicle industry and the improvement of life quality, many factories and scholars are more focused on heating facility and air quality of the Passenger car.This paper utilizes Fluent analysis software, adopting RNG k- and DTRM radiation heat transfer to make a three-dimensional...
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Multi-agent System based Dynamic Control Framework for Grid-connected Microgrids

Feixiong Chen, Minyou Chen, Yongwei Zheng
This paper presents a multi-agent system (MAS) based dynamic control framework for the grid-connected microgrid (MG), to realise the prescribed interactive power between the MG and the main grid, while managing the output power of distributed generators (DGs) roughly proportional to their capacities....
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An Improved alpha-beta Transformation Method of Voltage Sag Detection

Lin Peng, Minyou Chen, Minglin Wang
Voltage sag is one of the most serious power quality problems which impacts many electric equipments. Rapidly and accurately detecting the characteristics of the voltage sag is crucially important for voltage sag compensation. Used in the detection of voltage sag, traditional transform method which has...
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Auxiliary differential equation (ADE) implementation of complex-frequency shifted perfectly matched layer (CFS-PML)

Jinzu Ji, Peilin Huang, Yunpeng Ma
In this paper, an efficient auxiliary differential equation (ADE) method is proposed to implement stretched-coordinate perfectly matched layer (SC-PML) in finite-difference time-domain (FDTD). The derivation of discrete difference operators for the ADE-PML equation for FDTD is also presented. The numerical...
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Location Optimization Problem with Multi Refineries and Multi Stations

Na Wang, Xinshe Qi, Jianhang Zhang, Qingzheng Xu
In this paper, the contest problem C of 2010 Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling is extended to location optimization problem with multi refineries and multi stations, and the solution procedure is divided into two main phases. In the first stage, the objective function of construction...
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An Novel Power Flow Calculation Model with the Elimination of Interconnecting Nodes

Shuanbao Niu, Jili Wang, Chao Huo, Jun Liu
Plenty of transmission substations in large scale power system are designed to deliver power to electricity users far away from power plants, and most of them can be seen as interconnecting (IC) nodes. Interconnecting node has the characteristic of zero power injection, thereafter causes zero current...
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Research on the Carbonation Model of Stress Concrete Components

Rui Ma, Jin-Quan Zhang, Bo Diao
Research results on the stress of concrete member carbonization are rich, as many as dozens of mathematical prediction models. But the Achievements on the Stress concrete components are less. In this paper, based on the research of the existing test date, a new method of calculating the depth of stress...
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Design and Simulation of Electrostatic Imaging System based on MEMS

Jing-shu Kang, Xi Chen, Kai Tang, Meng-xuan Li
The electrostatic imaging system obtains the contour profile of charged target by sensing the electrostatic field around. In this paper, a directional electrostatic imaging system is designed based on MEMS technology. Firstly, an electrostatic imaging MEMS sensor is designed on the principle of directional...
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3D Measurement and Reconstruction based on Structured Light

Yongyan Yu, Yuqin Shu
3D measurement is one of the most important topic in computer vision,which be used to recover object surface. Using a calibrated projector-camera pair, a light pattern is projected onto the scene and imaged by the cameras. Since the pattern is coded,correspondences between image points and points of...
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Electronic combination lock system simulation research

You Gui Zhao
In order to achieve the display effect of electronic combination lock system, this paper proposes a Proteus simulation test system design scheme based on single chip microcomputer, and completes the hardware and software design of the system. The hardware part mainly USES the Proteus simulation, virtual...
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A system preventing children from getting hit while passing by the front based on laser sensor

Xiaowei Chen, Wenyu Niu, Yinping Luo, Jie Yang
A system preventing children from getting hit while passing by the front based on laser sensor aims at avoiding knocking down the child while passing by the front after getting off the bus, owing to the blind spot of the front to the driver. The system mainly consists of SCM, laser sensors and radar...
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Low-voltage Power Line Noise Estimation Using Compressed Sensing

Zepeng Hu, Yue Yang, Qun Wan
Large-amplitude random impulsive noise and harmonic noise have a very serious impact on the quality of low-voltage power line communication. Taking the time-domain sparsity of random impulsive noise and the frequency-domain sparsity of harmonic noise into consideration, we apply Compressive Sensing (CS)...
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Design and implementation of ZigBee wireless bus monitoring system

Weihai Li, Zhongdong Yu, Yansong Cui, Jinzhu Wu, Zhirui You
With the advantages of low cost and low power consumption, Zigbee is widely used in internet of vehicles. In a big city has a large number of bus and other passenger transport vehicle, there is a strong demand for unified bus operation scheduling and monitoring system. This paper described the design...
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A Parameter Selection Method of Support Vector Machine Based on Improved FOA

Huishu Shi, Yi Zhu, Ye San, Lei Wang
Parameter selection is an important issue for support vector machine. To solve that problem, an improved fruit fly optimization algorithm is proposed in this paper, and used for parameter selection of support vector machine. The initial position and the iteration step size are improved in the new algorithm,...
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The relationship between the phase interface valence electron structure of Mg-Al alloy and mechanical properties

Jie Yan, Jun Xie
It is found that the electron density of -Mg17Al12(110) Mg-Al(0001) interfaces declines gradually with increasing Al element, namely interfacial electron density declines.Compared with -Mg17Al12(110) Mg-Al(0001) interfaces, Mg2Si(001) Mg-Al(0001) has greater interfacial stress, that is to say the strengthening...
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Research on Welding Machine Control System

Jiandong Yang, Xin Qi
The characteristics and applications of the system for welding machines based on SCM , based on PLC control system and PC-based industrial control system was introduced. It has certain significance to the design of welding machine control system.
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Computational Method for Bearing Capacity of Steel tube Reinforced Concrete Short Column under Axial Loading

Jin Sheng Liu, Rui Li Xie, Yong Jiu Qian
The existing concrete column reinforced by steel tube is commonly used in engineering. However, the computational theory of bearing capacity of the structure after reinforcement is insufficient at present. In the case of the initial stress of existing concrete column is relatively lower, the computational...
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Finite Element Modeling of Early Stage Self-loosening of Bolted Joints

Haoliang Xu, Lihua Yang, Lie Yu
Bolted joints is one of the most widely used connections due to relatively simple structure, easy accessibility and reliability. However, Bolted Joints will gradually lose the clamping force under cyclic external loading, especially transverse loading. In order to fully reveal the nature of early stage...
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Study on the Accelerated Life Experiment of Mine Rubber Seals

Xing-min Li
Mine is a kind of disposable weapon which can be kept in reserve for a long time. The quality of standing storage of mine’s parts and components is an important factor affecting its life. This paper takes the rubber seal ring used commonly in mines as the research object, analyzing the failure mode and...
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Study on the Peace War Transformation Mechanism of Equipment Maintenance Mobilization

Peng Dong, Zhaohui Luo, Kewen Wang
Considering the current trend of the development of high technology local war, the demands and challenges of mobilization of equipment maintenance and Peace war transformation, the article aim at analyzing the basic characteristics of equipment maintenance mobilization tasks, researching important influence...
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VLCR: Detecting Battery-free Users with Visible Lights

Youling Zhou, Yongqin Yang
This paper presents the design and implementation of VLCR (visible light cognitive radio), a cognitive radio system where the base station can detect and communicate with users in a battery-free manner on the visible light band. Contrary to previous systems, VLCR works at visible light frequencies, which...
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Chaotic Signal Generator Design Based on Discrete System

Baishan Zhao, Qiligen Wuyun
This paper presents an implementation of a chaotic signal generator based on digital processing for three dimension system. A detailed description of the structure and function of each module design are presented, by comparing the experimental results and simulation results verify the feasibility of...
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Design and realization of hardware-in-the-loop simulation system for pulsed laser fuze

Zhilin Gao, Huimin Chen, Kerong Cai
Laser fuze has advantages of anti electromagnetic interference and high accuracy of measuring distance, will become an important development direction of future fuze. This paper constructs the hardware-in-the-loop simulation system of pulsed laser fuze. Solved laser echo characteristic parameters of...
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The Investigation on Multimodal Biometric Recognition

AiLi Geng, Liyang Liu
Biometrics is used to identify individual in groups by their characteristics, such as fingerprint, face, iris, voice and behavioral characteristics like hand written signature and keystroke.Normally, a majority of biometrics recognition systems adopt methods by using unique feature to discriminate different...
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Research on a Dynamic Truck Scale Weighing System for Container

Mingwang Dong, Feifei Zhu, Wenyi Yu
At present, the domestic weighing technology applications focus on overload weighing of road vehicles, and there is great research space in port containers' weighing. In view of the situation that container trucks queue a long line for truck weighing before entering the harbor, the paper studies dynamic...
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Motion Detection System based on Plantar Pressure Distribution

Yizhong Xin, Chuhong Liu
Measurement of foot pressure distribution is clinically useful for evaluation of gait pathologies and practically useful for the detection of motion. In order to improve portability of the detection device, this paper come up with a wearable system to detect plantar pressure thus to detect motion. Compared...
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Application of WP in RSP/CC Composite

Jianmei Yin
Waste paper was incorporated into the preparation of composite of rice straw powder (RSP) and carobxymethylcelluose (CC) in order to solve the problems of difficult mold release, easy break and low strength during the course of preparing RSP/CC composite. A series of whole composite samples were obtained...
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Preparation and Performance of SGS/Starch Composite

Jianmei Yin
A novel environmentally friendly composite was prepared with short-chopped grass segments (SGS) and starch by hot-pressing method. The effects of ratio of raw materials and hot-pressing temperature on the performance of composites were studied. Results showed that the tensile strength increased with...
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The new energy of commercial vehicle electric air direr

XianYan Wang, ChuanWU Li
As is known to all, a vehicle air brake system, in which usually contains moisture. To help solve the problem, it is common to use air dryer to dry compressed air effectively and completely remove the moisture of braking system .However, the existing air dryer can't suitable for all commercial vehicles....
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On Compaction Characteristics and Particle Breakage of Soil-aggregate Mixture

Xi Chang Xu, Shan Xiong Chen, Ling Fa Jiang
Based on a certain big site preparation project, the method to determine the dry density of filler for soil-aggregate mixture has been studied, and the characteristics of particle breakage after vibration is discussed. The results show that the surface vibration compaction method to determine the maximum...
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Dynamic Elastic-plastic Analysis of High-rise Steel Structure with Buckling-restrained Braces

Fei Ou Yang, Chengwei Huang, Guihu Qin
Using finite element SAP2000, PKPM software to take  seismic performance analysis of square concrete-filled steel tube column and steel beam combination frame structure which applicated with support of BRB. dynamic elastic-plastic time history analysis was carried out on the model structure, it analyzed...
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Analysis of natural vibration characteristics of pre-stressed apace truss

Zhicheng Lin, Chengwei Huang, Fei He, Qiongxian Gao
Vibration characteristics of the seismic analysis of structures are a prerequisite. The natural vibration characteristics is the precondition of aseismic analysis .This paper uses the block Lanczos method to calculate the evacuation of prestressed truss natural frequencies and formation, prestressed...
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Different connections with the core tube steel frame seismic performance of hybrid structure analysis

Chao Yang, Chengwei Huang, Ruofei Liu, Yi Tian
In this paper, a steel frame - core tube hybrid structure commercial building design as engineering background in Kunming, steel beam and the core tube using different connection methods affect the structure of the lateral performance. All hinged model established with some rigid model, modal analysis...
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Application of Time-varying Acceleration Coefficients PSO to Face Pose Estimation

Yudong Zhang, Shuihua Wang, Genlin JI
This study focuses on the problem of human face pose estimation based on single image. Traditional methods for 2D-3D feature based pose estimation problem require two inputs, and they cannot work well due to lack of correspondences of input images. We transfer the problem into an optimization problem...
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Numerical Simulation on Movement Behavior of Air Bubbles in Viscous Fluid

Fangwei Xie, Jianzhong Cui, Qi Sun, Diancheng Wu, Yaowen Tong
The computational geometry models of one bubble and two bubbles in viscous fluid were built. The Volume of Fluid model and pressure-velocity coupling solution method are used to solve the movement equation of air bubbles to investigate the movement, coalescence, and collapse of air bubbles. The results...
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Implementation of Electronic Recognition System for Railway Logistics Based on Internet of Things Technology

Xianwu Chu, Weidong Li, Zhirong Zhang, Xinping Wang, Niu Li
In this paper the electronic recognition system based on internet of things technology for railway logistics is designed and implemented. The 4 level information transfer mode is used between RFID Tag, train carriage identifier, station yard identifier and computer sever. Radio communication is used...
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Non-independent Intelligent Creatures Reinforcement Learning Mechanism Research Based on I-XCS

PengJian Xi, Jianxiong Tan
In order to solve many problems of reinforcement learning of Non-independent intelligent creatures in artificial intelligence, such as the single MDP environment and narrow learning space. This paper designed an Non-independent intelligent creatures reinforcement learning mechanism based on the Improved...
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Radar Imaging of The Target Inside A Dielectric Box

Zhijie Xie, Hui Yue, Zichang Liang
A new algorithm based on shooting and bouncing rays is introduced in this paper. The proposed method is able to achieve the radar cross section (RCS) and radar image of the target inside the dielectric box. A model of dihedral corner reflectors inside a dielectric box is built in this paper, and the...
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ARINC - 429 airborne communications transceiver system based on FPGA implementation

Hao Liu, Cao Gu, Shiguo Ma, Xin Li, Gang He
High performance integrated circuits are increasingly used in the aviation equipment. Airborne equipment to solve the data transmission, airborne equipment and the ARINC-429 bus is based on PC/104 bus standard problem of communication between the microprocessor, and designs a scheme, using the FPGA's...
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State of Charge Estimation for Li-ion Batteries based on double Extended Kalman Filtering Method

Zhou Lv, Zhide Li, Yuhan Dong
Lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in daily life, and their state of charge (SOC) has received considerable attention and investigation. This paper presented a model based on double extended Kalman filtering (DEKF) method, which combines the advantages of Ampere-hour method and extended Kalman...
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Power Allocation for Parallel Channels with One-bit Analog-to-digital Conversion

Zhide Li, Zhou Lv, Xuedan Zhang
In this paper, the problem of maximizing the mutual information of independent parallel Gaussian-noise channels is studied under an average power constraint with one-bit analog-to-digital (A/D) convertor. It is shown that the power allocation problem is a convex optimization problem, which can be solved...
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A Dynamic Optimization for Local Bus Systems

Yibing Wang, Yuqing Tian
This paper develops a dynamic model to solve the vehicle schedule of a real multi-route bus system at the city Weihai of China. The model allows for the interactions of potential passengers and buses so as to achieve the maximum profit and passenger satisfaction. The model generated satisfying results...
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Minimum mean square error estimator for mobile location using the pseudo-range TOA measurements

Jiyan Huang, Peng Liu, Mingquan Lu, Baogen Xu, Zhongchu Rao, Yihe Wan, Chuan Lu, Hongyan Zhang
Source Localization in the non-synchronous mobile system is a very important issue since it only requires synchronized clocks between the based stations (BSs) and can reduce system complexity. There are time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA) and pseudo-range time-of-arrival (TOA) based localization techniques...
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Method for Mitigation of NLOS Error based on SVM using Geometry Information and Training data

Jiyan Huang, Peng Liu, Mingquan Lu, Baogen Xu, Zhongchu Rao, Yihe Wan, Chuan Lu, Hongyan Zhang
In this paper, a novel least square support vector machines (LS-SVM) based on geometry information and training data is proposed to improve the performance of mobile localization in the non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments. Simulations show that the performance of the proposed method is better than...
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Fine-grained Service Side Access Control Model for Web Application

Zhijun Liang, Hua Zhang, Zhonghua Zhao
In the paper of SCUTA, to the more and more complicated network environment and the w3c’s Same-Origin Policy’s vulnerability, the author designs a new web access control model. It eases the difficulty of web policy’s configuration and reduces the potential vulnerabilities. However, because of the inflexible...

Location Lookup Framework using Seamless LBS Technology

Nanju Kim, Euiin Choi
Recent various crimes and lost stuff and the like are recognized as a social problem. And users may be the subject of such crimes. To address this, the demand about location information transmission is a situation that is increasing. Therefore various institutions are providing location information service...

A Model for Location of Fresh Agricultural Products Logistics Center Based on Customer Satisfaction

Xin Zhu, Tengfei Zhang
Along with the importance of logistics industry, the location of fresh agricultural products has important significance. In view of the easy loss characteristics of fresh agricultural, and measure the level of service with customer satisfaction of time. Considering the total cost of logistics and customer...

Model Systems and Models of Public Relations

Matus Straciak, Ivana Butoracová Sindleryová
Common practise claimed, that there should be stated certain models in outline for relations with public. The most important need is anchorage of united and strategic form of public relations, which will be integrated into the complex marketing communication of an organization. This need is reflected...

Research about the Effection of Incubated Enterprises Business Network on the Enterprise Performance

Yunhe Li, Liyan Tang, Li Zuo
Entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming one of the driving forces of regional economic development, and incubated enterprises, as a special type of start-ups, is also playing an important role in the regional economy. In this paper, we take the incubatedd enterprise business network as our research...