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Simulating creep deformation in generalized visco-elastic medium with the space-time finite element method

Honggang Jia, Yufeng Nie
The creep deformation of viscoelastic sample are simulated by apace-time finite element method/extended finite element method (XFEM). Two rheological models of 7-parameters generalized Kelvin-Voigt model and Burgers model are used to simulate the creep of sample under uniaxial or biaxial compressive,...
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Enhancement of the thermal conductivity of Cu Matrix by addition of RGO

Xiaojuan Jiang, Guoqiang Luo, Jing Huang, Yuxin Ban, Xiang Fu
Graphene have been condered as an ideal reinforcement material due to its fascinating physical and mechanical properties. In this study, the graphene reinforced the Cu matrix nanocomposites with excellent thermal conductivity have been successfully fabricated by hot pressing sintering of RGO/Cu nanocomposites...
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Adaptive Linear Discriminant Analysis Algorithm Applied to Motion Signal Classification in EEG Processing

Rui Xu, Haoyue Tang
In view of the current development research on electroencephalograph (EEG) brain computer interface (BCI), which shall not be limited to use linear discriminant analysis (LDA) algorithm only. The brain computer interface that uses multi channel and multi type EEG signal is gradually fusing on other ways...
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Matching mechanism of operating mode and profiting mode to interorganizational information systems

Wei-Qing Zhuang
The working of this paper focuses on the matching relationship of operating mode and profiting mode to interorganizational information systems(IOS) to help to make a decision on how to choose or build an IOS to IOS’ users and provider. Firstly, this paper builds a theoretical matching model on operating...
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Advantages, Limitations, and Future Trends for Biofabrication Techniques in Tissue Engineering

LvSha Cheng, Changyong Liu
Biofabrication techniques facilitate tissue engineering by supplying tools to construct advanced scaffolds for cell population applied to the assembling of artificial tissues and organs. Tissue engineering involves the in vitro reconstruction of tissue architectures from nano-scale to macro-scale. In...
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An improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm and its application in 0-1 Knapsack Problem

Wenxiang Liu, Yueguang Li
0-1 knapsack problem is a typical NP complete problem. Shuffled frog leaping algorithm is applied successfully in many combinational optimization problems. Therefore, the paper introduces an improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm for solving 0-1 knapsack problem. It greatly reduces the searching time...
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Modeling PROFINET actions with timing pi-calculus

Wei Jin, Xin Gao, Jing Li
PROFINET is a real-time protocol widely used in industrial control systems. To describe formally the semantics of PROFINET, we introduce the timing -calculus, a new variant of the -calculus, in this paper. The good feature of the timing -calculus is that it can handle time elapse and timer events. We...
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PMSM Control System Research Based on Vector Control

Yuanyuan Liu, Zhiguo Zhang
With The development of power electronic technology, microelectronic technology and modem motor control theory, synchronous motor speed control systems are widely used. PMSM plays an important role in AC servo system Its control strategy research attracts more attention. The speed control system model...
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Model and simulation on a shock test bed for gun breechblock system

Yanfeng Yang, Jian Zheng, Changchun Di, Jingwen Chen
In order to test the dynamic characteristics of the shock test bed for gun breechblock system expediently, the dynamic model was established based on the virtual prototype technology. The three-dimensional solid model of each part was established and assembled by software Pro/Engineer. Then the whole...
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A Data Provenance Model for Collaboration Design Process

Xuan Sun, Xin Gao, Haiyan Kang, Chen Li
Data provenance is the basic metadata for process analysis in process aware system and plays an important role in collaboration design process for process auditing and process improvement, but data collaboration and iterative process in the execution of collaboration design process impede the integrity...
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Aircraft Fuel System Fuzzy FMEA and FMECA Analysis

Shanfeng Zhang, Mengwei Li, Haiyan Zheng, Ruili Zhang
Through quantitative analysis,The paper use computer technology and mathematical methods, combined with FMEA and FMECA , the paper organized the failure of an aircraft fuel system parts in recent years we set up fault model system to analysis Fuel system of Certain type aircraft , expanding the way of...
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Packet Scheduling in Wireless Networks with Unreliable Links

Jun Xu, Jianfeng Yang, Zhongwen Li, Chengcheng Guo, Yinbo Xie
Unlike wired networks, links in wireless networks are unstable. Thus, considering the unstable links is important to design an efficient packet scheduling algorithm. We propose the Dividing Loss-aware Earliest Deadline First (DL-EDF) packet scheduling algorithm. In DL-EDF packet scheduling algorithm,...
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Designing of 3-Dimensional Underwater Fish Observation System and Experimental Research

Minhui Zheng, Junyi Yang, Dinghao Feng, Dongqin Cheng, Xi Zhang
Underwater imaging is an important method to discover and study deep sea life. However, the information obtained from the 2-dimensional imaging materials acquired by the current technological method is too limited to meet the requirements of scientific research. In this article, a package of underwater...
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The influence of different shape base cavity on aerodynamic drag of projectile

Haibo Lu, Shiying Tian
With numerical method, the effect of the shape of base cavity on the aerodynamic force of the projectile is investigated. The Navier-Stokes equations with k- turbulence model were used as governing equations. The distributions of the flow field parameters and the drag coefficient of projectile with different...
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Dynamic Inverse Based Controller for a Hypersonic Flight Vehicle

Lindong Zhao, Shengjing Tang
A dynamic inverse based controller is designed for the longitudinal dynamics of a generic hypersonic vehicle. This model is strong nonlinear, multivariable coupling and includes uncertain parameters based on its high speed, lager aerodynamic load and rapid changing flight area. After feedback linearization...
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Study of PCB micro-drilling geometry detection method based on machine vision

Ting Zhou, Tao Cheng, Ping Feng, Xiaobo Peng
Traditional methods rely on for measuring tools in the machine detection of PCB micro drill have limitations, for example, labor-intensive, poor stability, low efficiency and so on. This paper proposes a detection method for machine vision and image feature extraction, and achieves non-contact, high-precision...
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Research on Representation and Retrieval for Equipment Fault Information Based on Domain Ontology

Yongjie Li, Houxiang Wang, Jingjing Zhang
Analyzed the shortcomings of fault information management in the field of warship equipment maintenance. An ontology-based method for equipment fault information modeling is proposed on the basis of the characteristics and the actual in warship equipment maintenance. The modeling process of equipment...
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Near Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis Based on Support Vector Machine

Min Li, Linju Lu, Jin Cao
This paper put forward a kind of qualitative identification method of tea authenticity based on near infrared spectroscopy(NIR). Authentic Zhuyeqing tea and fake Zhuyeqing tea were the research objects. Multiplicative Scatter Correction (MSC) was used to NIR data of 2 kinds of Zhuyeqing tea as a pre-processing....
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The Design of real-time Image Compressing System Based on DSP and FPGA

Lin Lu, Xiaofeng Li
This paper comes up with a high frequency frame real-time image compression technology which is based on high frequency frame camera. On the basis of the technology, I designed a high-frequency frame real-time image processor hardware system that combined TMS320CDM642 with EP2C35 FPGA. Based on TI's...
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Stability Prediction of Coal Mine Water Disasters Emergency Rescue System Based on Support Vector Machine

Yan- liang Zhang, Yang Liu
In order to effectively improve the stability of the coal mine water disasters emergency rescue system, the establishment 0f the index system to measure the stability standing on the view of mid-control and dynamic analysis, which includes six elements: personnel quality factor capital factor management...
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The application of Function Analysis in development of rehabilitation product

Changqing Gao, Wei Wang, Jianhua Sun, Peng Chao
Rehabilitation product is something that can help the persons with disabilities to solve the challenges with necessary functions. The development of rehabilitation product is the important subject with complex process in rehabilitation engineering, which would use cross field knowledge. Conceptual design...
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Su Deer special structure with 3 d seismic data interpretation

Yuting Dong, Shizhong Ma, Rubin Li
The Sudeerte tectonic zone research, through the production of the forty wells synthetic seismograms, accurate calibration of each structural layers and the corresponding relationship between seismic reflections. According horizon calibration, determine the T5 reflective layer is reflective top surface...
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Research on Product Technical Maturity Forecasting and R & D strategy based on TRIZ

Changqing Gao, Jianhua Sun, Pengjie Zhai, Xiaowen Chi
For the enterprise in changeful market environment, product technical maturity is an important reference to develop strategies and hold technology trades. It is benefit to accurately determine the developmental level of relevant techniques and carry out technical innovation with scrutiny to situation....
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Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Steering Stability Based on Vehicle Motion Simulator

Lijun Qi, Wen Xu, Feng Zhang
In this paper, several steering inputs affecting vehicle motion status is taken fully into account based on vehicle dynamics. We established 3 DOF vehicle dynamics model included lateral speed, sideslip and yaw angle, obtained vehicle steering stability equations, and performed simulation experiments...
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A smart detection system for power grounding grid based on GPR

Xin Wu, Xu Zhang, Jianhong Hao, Jiming Song, Fengxian Miao
Grounding grid is a kind of critical infrastructure to ensure safe and stable operation of the grid and the personal safety. Buried in the ground and limited by the surface buildings, the ground grid is inconvenient to be detected and maintained. In this paper, in order to overcome the difficulties in...
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The System Design of Full Servo Planetary Pole Symmetric Pipe Cutting Machine

Wan Xu, Cong Li, Di Zhao, Jiong Li, Yingping Qian
According to the cutting principle of the planetary pole symmetric structure, in the paper, it makes the planet cutting as the main movement, to control the cutting chips and the smoothness of the cutting section. The system contains six axes, it adopts full servo direct driving, and uses electronic...
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A Method of Moving Average Filtering for Non-uniformly Sampled Signals

Yu-kai Gao
This paper presents two new methods for the analysis and the process of non-uniformly sampled signals. During the process of practical sampling, the spectrum estimation from non-uniformly sampled signals is obtained by continuous Fourier transform. A method of moving average filtering for non-uniformly...
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Quantitative Analysis For the Vehicle Moment of Inertia and Physical Simulation

Wenming Yu
With the development of computer and electronic technology, instead of the traditional flywheel technology, electronic simulation technology helps to achieve the simulation and analysis for automotive mechanical inertia. According to the experience of many years of study and practice, this paper analyzed...
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The Analysis of Marine Electrical Equipment Common Faults

Renmin Yuan
This paper introduces the analysis excluded several methods commonly used electrical fault, through the analysis of several cases of typical marine electrical equipment fault, providing some reference for marine electrical management personnel in the analysis and elimination of ship electrical fault.
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Preliminary Behavior Analysis of Curvilinear Triangular Quadrature Elements

Jia Xu, Hongzhi Zhong
A weak form curvilinear triangular quadrature element is constructed and applied to the analysis of plane stress plates and torsional shafts. It is observed that convergence is achievable and the element is robust against domain irregularity, exhibiting both high accuracy and flexibility to complex geometry...
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Dynamic Response Analysis of Blades with Damping Structures of Shroud and Snubber

Guoping Li, Qiang Zhang, Wei Zhao, Qin Zhou, Yonghui Xie
A method is developed to analyze the influence of friction structural damping on the vibration characteristics of turbine blades. Vibratory responses of a long steam turbine blade with shroud and snubber are studied. Finite element contact analysis of the steam turbine blades modeled in 3-D solid elements...
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The optimal resolution of garment 3D model based on geometric deviation and curvature analysis

Wei-min Xiao, Yue-qi Zhong, Ge Wu
The data volume of 3D garment model is closed related to its visual quality. Considering the limitation of model data in real-time rendering, it is necessary to study the relationship between them and find the optimal resolution which meets the demands of the real-time rendering. Simplified 3D garment...
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Calculation and analysis of thermal stress for high pressure rotor of steam turbine

Jun Jin, Qin Zhou, Yonghui Xie
According to the flow operating parameters of turbine during the downtime process , the convective heat transfer coefficient values between rotor surface and steam are calculated. The FEM transient temperature analysis model is setup to obtain the temperature distribution of rotor during the downtime...
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Experiment study on cold compression of biomass materials

Jirong Wang, Guangtao Liu, Jiangang Li, Jun Li
Solar, hydroelectric, wind, biomass are all renewable sources of energy. And biomass energy market has a tremendous development potential. In this paper, some experiments were made by using WDW-100 microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine to find a better way to realize cold compression...
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Energy Storage Power Conversion System in the Micro-grid

Jinghua Zhou, Zheng Yang, Xiaowei Zhang
With the development of new energy sources such as wind power and solar power generation technology, distributed generation and micro-grid technology attract increasingly great attention. However, the renewable energy resources are intermittent in nature under the influence of meteorological fluctuations,...
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Study on the Voltage Regulation Device at the End of the Low Voltage Line

Shengli Xie, Xiaodong Zhang, Liping Liu, Bo Ning, Huixin Song
In view of the phenomenon of the voltage fluctuation with the load at the users’ end to some degree caused by the power investment restrictions, the scattered residents, long lines, and the large line loss in the economically backward areas, a method of the voltage adjusting device composed of a multi-tapped...
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An Improved Double-threshold Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Algorithm

Yongxiu Feng, Dengyin Zhang
In order to improve the detection performance of double-threshold cooperative spectrum sensing scheme (DCSS), we provide an improved double-threshold cooperative spectrum sensing algorithm (IDCSS). Differing from DCSS, IDCSS doesn’t always need all CR users send their local sensing message to FC. In...
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Experimental study on high strength bolt pre-tightening force of friction energy dissipation device

Xiao Mei, Guo Chen, Hai-yang Liu
The pre-tightening force experiment to high-strength bolts of friction-energy-dissipation device were implemented by the turn-nut method and then obtained the linear scale between pre-tightening force and angle of rotation by analyzing the data. This provides a reference for the measurement of bolt pre-tightening...
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The research on the active vibration isolator

BaiWei Guo, YongLiang Zhang, XiuYun Meng
The effect on the high-precision imaging load because of the vibrations from the satellite platforms is becoming more and more non negligible. In the paper, the bi-layer structure mixed with passive part and active part is adopted for the leg and the location of the actuator is studied. As for the control...
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Design of Real-time Image Acquisition and Display System Based on Embedded Linux

Xiaohan Guan, Wangyi Shi
For the need of real-time fast image processing problems in the field of pattern recognition, this paper proposes an image acquisition and display method based on embedded technology. In order to solve the problem efficiently, we present a programming technology of Video4Linux2 (V4L2), and the technology...
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The Analysis on the Effect of Passenger car Air Conditioning and Distribution with Different Inlet Parameters

Hao Yang, Yidong Wang, Taibi He
With the development of vehicle industry and the improvement of life quality, many factories and scholars are more focused on heating facility and air quality of the Passenger car.This paper utilizes Fluent analysis software, adopting RNG k- and DTRM radiation heat transfer to make a three-dimensional...
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Multi-agent System based Dynamic Control Framework for Grid-connected Microgrids

Feixiong Chen, Minyou Chen, Yongwei Zheng
This paper presents a multi-agent system (MAS) based dynamic control framework for the grid-connected microgrid (MG), to realise the prescribed interactive power between the MG and the main grid, while managing the output power of distributed generators (DGs) roughly proportional to their capacities....
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An Improved alpha-beta Transformation Method of Voltage Sag Detection

Lin Peng, Minyou Chen, Minglin Wang
Voltage sag is one of the most serious power quality problems which impacts many electric equipments. Rapidly and accurately detecting the characteristics of the voltage sag is crucially important for voltage sag compensation. Used in the detection of voltage sag, traditional transform method which has...
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Auxiliary differential equation (ADE) implementation of complex-frequency shifted perfectly matched layer (CFS-PML)

Jinzu Ji, Peilin Huang, Yunpeng Ma
In this paper, an efficient auxiliary differential equation (ADE) method is proposed to implement stretched-coordinate perfectly matched layer (SC-PML) in finite-difference time-domain (FDTD). The derivation of discrete difference operators for the ADE-PML equation for FDTD is also presented. The numerical...
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Location Optimization Problem with Multi Refineries and Multi Stations

Na Wang, Xinshe Qi, Jianhang Zhang, Qingzheng Xu
In this paper, the contest problem C of 2010 Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling is extended to location optimization problem with multi refineries and multi stations, and the solution procedure is divided into two main phases. In the first stage, the objective function of construction...
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An Novel Power Flow Calculation Model with the Elimination of Interconnecting Nodes

Shuanbao Niu, Jili Wang, Chao Huo, Jun Liu
Plenty of transmission substations in large scale power system are designed to deliver power to electricity users far away from power plants, and most of them can be seen as interconnecting (IC) nodes. Interconnecting node has the characteristic of zero power injection, thereafter causes zero current...
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Research on the Carbonation Model of Stress Concrete Components

Rui Ma, Jin-Quan Zhang, Bo Diao
Research results on the stress of concrete member carbonization are rich, as many as dozens of mathematical prediction models. But the Achievements on the Stress concrete components are less. In this paper, based on the research of the existing test date, a new method of calculating the depth of stress...
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Design and Simulation of Electrostatic Imaging System based on MEMS

Jing-shu Kang, Xi Chen, Kai Tang, Meng-xuan Li
The electrostatic imaging system obtains the contour profile of charged target by sensing the electrostatic field around. In this paper, a directional electrostatic imaging system is designed based on MEMS technology. Firstly, an electrostatic imaging MEMS sensor is designed on the principle of directional...
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3D Measurement and Reconstruction based on Structured Light

Yongyan Yu, Yuqin Shu
3D measurement is one of the most important topic in computer vision,which be used to recover object surface. Using a calibrated projector-camera pair, a light pattern is projected onto the scene and imaged by the cameras. Since the pattern is coded,correspondences between image points and points of...
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Electronic combination lock system simulation research

You Gui Zhao
In order to achieve the display effect of electronic combination lock system, this paper proposes a Proteus simulation test system design scheme based on single chip microcomputer, and completes the hardware and software design of the system. The hardware part mainly USES the Proteus simulation, virtual...