Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Sport Science, Education and Social Development (SSESD 2022)

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Jian Sun, Chew Fong Peng, Intakhab Alam Khan, Christopher Jenks
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 International Conference on Sport Science, Education and Social Development (SSESD 2022) during July 15–17, 2022 in Kunming, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Analysis of the Current Situation of Cultural Continuity in the Commercialization of Historical and Cultural Blocks

Take Beijing’s Dashilan Commercial and Cultural District as an Example

Bing Tong, Shuo Wang, Yue Zhang
With the rapid development of urbanization in China, there are some problems like cultural continuity, which have emerged in the period of the historical block’s commercial renewal. On the basis of clarifying the concept and main feature of historical and cultural districts, this research did a foreign...
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Research on the Application of Energy Planning in Prefectures and Cities Under the New Situation of Energy Transition

Xiaofeng Duan, Qun Zhang, Yan Li, Decheng Wang, Jiawei Zhou
The energy Internet era has revealed the inevitability of energy in the social and economic development of clean, efficient and intelligent transformation, and has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the social industrial structure. In order to give a planning application research on the...
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Research on Challenge and Development of Smart Community: Conceptual Background and New Challenges at the Local Level

Xiaotong Lai, Jihaeng Lee
At the end of 2019, Covid-19 pandemic swept across the country. As the last line of defense for residents to prevent the epidemic, community is facing huge ordeal and challenges. In the face of the severe epidemic, the smart community has played a pivotal role with the new generation of information technologies...
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Research on the Dilemma of Supplying Smart Senior Care Meal Assistance Service and Countermeasures–Taking Daoli District of Harbin City as an Example

Weiwei Kong, Sijia Du
The increasingly severe situation of population aging has become a universal problem in the world. How to achieve high-quality elderly care has become an important issue for our country to deal with population aging. Meal needs are the most basic and indispensable physiological needs in the elderly care...
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Exploring the Path of Realizing Community Governance Modernization Under the Digital Government

Jiaxuan Chen, Jihaeng Lee
The modernization of community governance refers to a new model of community governance where the new generation of information technology such as Internet, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are applied into the community governance system. With the development...
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Destigmatization in the Furry Fandom: A Case Study on the X University Self-organization in China

Yunfan Mao
As a popular subculture among the Z generation, Furry Fandom has recently become a topic of mainstream media coverage. Previous research on Furry Fandom suggests that furry fans suffer from strong social stigma often perpetuated by negative or inaccurate media portrayals as sexual deviant, socially awkward,...
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The Review of Anxiety and Working Memory

Kerong Huang
Anxiety is a serious global problem at present. A moderate level of anxiety can help individuals perform more adaptively, but persistently high levels of anxiety would impair individual physical and mental health. As a result, it is crucial to pay attention to anxiety. There are numerous studies on the...
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On the Integration of the Work of Full-Time Teachers of Ideological and Political Education and the Work of Full-Time Counsellors in Higher Vocational Colleges

Min Wang, Yu Zhang, Zhihong Li
Both full-time teachers of ideological and political education and full-time counsellors in colleges bear the responsibility for students’ ideological and political education. However, the separation and imbalance of both parties’ work in fostering students’ virtue through instruction and teaching practices...
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Gender Inequality in High Education

Yuzhen Hou
Gender equality represents the progress of modern civilized society, which is also an important condition for the sustainable development of society. The increasing proportions of women receiving higher education have become an important indicator to reflect the level of women’s education and development....
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Preference of Furthering Studies in Vocational Education System, An Empirical Analysis of Questionnaires

Lei Gong, Qin Luo, Xiongfei Zhang, Cheng Zhu, Wei Huang
It is a phenomenon that students in the vocational education system further their studies for higher level of degrees in the developed countries. With a purpose to understand the preference together its influencing factors of whether the students further their studies for the bachelor degrees in the...
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All Stars Shine Differently: What NBA and CBA Has Done via Social Media?

Zehao Li, Dinglong Sun
Comparison of the social media promotion strategies of Chinese and American All-Star events is one of the most significant focus point in society recently, some researchers found that the strategies NBA and CBA are using effect these problems. The whole essay is describing the differences between NBA...
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Practical Training Mode Design Under the Background of Informationization Teaching

Taking “Management Accounting Practice Course” as an Example

Di Fan, Zhou Li
Information-based teaching has become an important means of teaching reform, but how to use it properly and effectively is worth pondering. This paper takes the course of Management Accounting Practice as an example, innovates the teaching content relying on information technology, and integrates the...
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Case Study on the Innovative Practice of New Media in Broadcast and Communication of Sports Events

Jiahui Shen
New media technology and operation strategy have been widely used in the broadcasting and dissemination of large-scale sports competitions. In recent years, countries all over the world have paid great attention to the development and application of re media technology. In this context, China’s new media...
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Teaching Research of Power Battery and Its Management System Based on Post Course Certificate

Guna Wang, Qingsong Zhu, Xin Li, Zeting An
New energy vehicles are entering a new stage of large-scale and rapid development, and are in urgent need of application-oriented, innovative and compound high-quality technical talents to adapt to the construction of modern industrial system and economic and social development. Taking the course power...
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Research on the Construction of Teaching Case Database Based on Task-Driven Teaching

Jia Xu, Siguang Zong, Jiajun Chen, Ruoyu Zhang
The play of the teaching role of teaching cases is inseparable from the construction of a case database. Different teaching contents, teaching methods and teaching methods require different teaching cases. It is necessary to build a teaching case database according to the characteristics of course teaching....
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Research on the Blended Teaching Mode of Chinese Dance in Colleges and Universities in the Information Age

Weijie Feng
Based on the globalization of economy, politics and culture, the Ministry of education has put forward the important guidance of “Educational Informationization”, and the research on the integration of modern science and technology into dance to create a new educational model is in the ascendant. This...
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The Influence of Family Rearing Style on Children’s Self-esteem

Xiaozhuo Zhan
Family is the first environment that affects people’s psychological development. In recent years, with the emphasis on education, people have begun to pay more attention to the impact of family rearing style on children’s physical and mental development, especially the impact on self-esteem. The purpose...
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An Empirical Study of Sustainable Artistic Gymnastics in the United States

Zhao-Fang Peng, Xing-Lan Lou, Wei Guo
By using the methods of Literature Review and expert interviews, this paper makes a systematic study on the long-term prosperity of American artistic gymnastics, with a view to providing reference for the high-quality development of Chinese artistic gymnastics in the new era. Conclusion: The experiences...
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Research on the Cultivation Strategy of College Students’ Values Based on the ELM Model Under the Spread of Short Videos

Yuhan Li, Xiaoxin Shen, Wanting Yuan, Qiuyu Zheng
The propagation of short videos is an important way to spread information on modern social media. The youth group is a major group to receive short video information, and the shaping of their values is closely related to the transmission of the short video. Based on the ELM model, this paper makes a...
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Analysis of the Sports Community in Mainland China and Its Potential Complementary Market in Recent Decades

Yiwen Shi
The concept of a sports community is becoming more popular in recent decades with an increasing disposable income level in mainland China. In addition, individuals become more aware of their health and social images. This change leads to significant growth of the sports community. This paper represents...
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Sports Behavior Intervention of College Students’ Psychological Crisis: Internal Logic and Path Selection

Jinchao Li, Dongbo Shi
Contemporary college students are in a sensitive period of psychological development. Due to their single growth path and immature minds, they entered the university stage and were unable to cope with the shock from closed to open. Uncomfortable mental journey, when faced with setbacks and setbacks,...
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The Research on the Influencing Factors of Online Learning Effect in Basic Education Field Under the Context of COVID-19

Yuyang Shi
The Ministry of Education released the policy of “continuing with learning regardless of class suspension” in January 2020 under the context of COVID-19 that prevailed all over the world. As a result, all primary and middle school students nationwide started their new learning mode of online learning...
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Exploration and Practice of Content Reconstruction of “Mobile Communication Technology” Course in the Context of the Dual-Creation Education

Bin Zhou, JinJun Cheng, CongHua Lan
Classroom teaching is the main front for colleges and universities to carry out dual-creation education. Applied undergraduate colleges urgently need to accelerate the deep integration of the dual-creation education and the teaching of specialized curriculum To develop professional courses rooted the...
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Hyper-Sexualization of Asian American Women

History and Future Development

Guanhua Wen
Previous research tends to investigate discrimination against Asian-Americans, however, little research analyzes the discrimination of Asian American Women. This paper starts with Asian immigration and the establishment of the Page Act. Then, this paper argues that the Page Act is heavily reliant on...
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Research on the Reform of the European Approach to Sports Development

Yi Zhou
This article will examine the sports development approaches of three representatives of developed European countries, namely the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. It uses a combination of literature, inductive and deductive methods, comparative analysis, and expert interviews to analyse and compare...
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Math Anxiety: The Influence of Teaching Strategies and Teachers’ Attitude

Sunming Zhang
Math anxiety appears when people deal with math, such as when they have to manage numbers, solve mathematical problems, or are exposed to an evaluative circumstance related to math, they experience feelings of dread and elevated physiological reactions. Since math anxiety has a close relationship with...
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Research on the Impact of Government R&D Funding on Innovation Performance of High-Tech Enterprises

Baofeng Li, Yichan Feng
This paper takes 611 listed high-tech enterprises in China from 2015 to 2019 as research samples, uses empirical methods to test the relationship between government R&D funding and high-tech enterprises’ innovation performance, and discusses the mediating role of enterprises’ innovation behavior...
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The Present Situation and Development Trend of China’s Sports Industry Policy Research in Recent Years

Based on Content Analysis of CSSCI Source Journal of Sports Science

Ze Zhang, Wei Li
By using the content analysis method and selecting the CSSCI source journals of sports science from 2010 to 2016, the relevant literature on sports industry policy is counted and analyzed by computer. The data results show that sports CSSCI-source journals pay more attention to sports industry policy...
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The Impact of Screen Time on Working Memory Function of Children and Adolescents

Lu Liu
Due to rapid advances in science and technology, there has been an alarming increase in the amount of time people spend in front of screens, including watching television and using smartphones and tablets. The physical and psychological effects of screen use have been well studied, and excessive screen...
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An Empirical Study on the Effect of Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban and Rural Residents on the Growth of Sports Industry

Based on OLS Regression Model

Zicen Liao
As a sunrise industry, the sports industry has been paid more and more attention by the state and industrial development. Since the “opinions on promoting national fitness and sports consumption to promote the high-quality development of the sports industry” (hereinafter referred to as the “opinions”)...
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Comparative Analysis of Taekwondo Research Situation at Home and Abroad Based on Bibliometrics

YuHui Zong, YaoDe Wang, He Huang
Can in the current study situation of literature metrology, can also predict the future situation, this article through to 2010 to 2020 year of taekwondo corresponding research of core periodical literature data as the research object, using Citespace software analysis, using the method of literature...
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Experimental Teaching Strategies in Colleges and Universities Under Blended Learning Mode

Li Rong, Huo Jingbo, Lu Zhaoxin
Blended learning mode combines the advantages of traditional classroom teaching and online learning, which is conducive to cultivating students’ personalization, autonomy, and creativity in learning. Experimental teaching is an important part of practical teaching of Engineering Majors in Colleges and...
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On the Relationship Between Newton’s Law and Sports

Taking Track and Field as an Example

Kehan Li, Enming Zhou, Fangzheng Tao, Zhihao Du
Newton’s law can be said to be one of the greatest discoveries in the 17th century. Newton’s law has not only been widely used in physics, but also emerged a large number of studies in physical education, extended the interdisciplinary disciplines such as sports biomechanics and sports human science,...
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The Equality of Higher Education in Rural Areas of China

Haixue Feng, Ziyu Shen, Caiying Wu
Education is the foundation of social development, which has also been a common concern of various countries and societies. Since 1999, the Chinese government has been expanding the number of colleges and universities and providing new resources for higher education to reduce its difficulty for people...
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The Influence of Intergenerational Relationship and Parent-Child Relationship on Social Anxiety of Left-Behind Children in Rural Areas in China

Xiaotong Zeng
With the continuous development of Chinese economy, people’s living standard has been improved greatly. However, in rural regions, economic development is much slower compared to urban areas. To change the economic condition of family, most farmers chose to work in cities. This results in the continuous...
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Using the PEST Analysis Model to Improve the Development of Chinese Football

Chuyu Dan
The development of Chinese football has been standstill for nearly 20 years. The public is urging and the Chinese Football Association is doing its best to improve, but there still no perfect solution has been found, so I will use the PEST analysis model to improve Chinese football. The development of...
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Reasons for Loss of International Talents in Japanese Workplace

Effects of Efforts to Encourage International Participation in Japanese Workforce

Zaiyong Lai
Japan is a country with the most serious aging problem, hence it attaches great importance to the cultivation of international talents. The government allocates a lot of money and labor for the development of internationalization on education. However, it is difficult for foreigners to adapt to the Japanese...
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The Influence of Translation and Enlightenment to Translators from a Historical Perspective

Xia Wang
The influences of translation are mainly discussed from the positive roles played by translation activities through the investigation of translation history, including influencing and transforming the target language, shaping political thoughts and ideologies, and influencing the exchange and communication...
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Research on the Relationship Between Government Incentives, Carbon Information Index and High-Quality Development of Enterprises Under the Background of Double Carbon: Taking Chemical Raw Materials and Chemical Product Manufacturing as an Example

Changhong Shi, Ruiting Guo
In September 2020, China clearly proposed the goals of “carbon peaking” in 2030 and “carbon neutrality” in 2060. At present, although the annual carbon dioxide emission of my country’s chemical industry is only 500 million tons, in terms of emission intensity, the emission per unit income of the chemical...
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Excessive Electronic Media Use: The Effects on Preschoolers’ Development of Emotion and Social Relationships

Yuhong Xiong
Along with the rapid growth of technology, the excessive electronic media use of people has been much heralded in recent years. E-media is changing people’s lifestyles and the ways to interact with others. More and more children are getting access to electronic devices, even at younger ages. Therefore,...
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Improve Quality and Efficiency of Social Services by Launching National Training Programs

Jiantong Song, Yuanfang Shi, Zeting An
During the construction of “Double High-levels Plan”, the professional group of automobile manufacturing and testing technology has made some achievements by carrying out integration between college and well-known enterprise. Teacher training bases have been jointly built and shared, and various professional...
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Research on Reform of Integrated Teaching Inside and Outside the Physical Education Class Under the Five-in-One Education Model

Taking a Provincial University as an Example

Lin Lin, Dongmao Ye
The integrated teaching mode inside and outside the classroom has become the mainstream teaching form of physical education in colleges and universities. A provincial university uses the “4123N” physical education mode to combine physical education teaching, extracurricular group activities, students’...
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How Can the Construction of Future School Be Possible in Rural China: Ideal and Practice

Ting Gan, Wei Li
Rural education is an important fulcrum of Rural Revitalization Strategy. To completely change the current shrinking pattern of rural education, building rural future schools is an effective solution. Looking back on the exploration and development history of rural schools in China, it is found that...
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Research on the Communication of Sports Events in the Context of Metaverse

Youran Chen
The metaverse is a next-generation Internet application and social form that integrates multiple new technologies, blurring the boundary between virtual and reality and broadening the scope of human perception. This paper argues that the characteristics of metaverse communication meet the criteria for...
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The Influence of Groupthink on the Values of Middle School Students

Yilin Su
In social psychology, groupthink is a frequently discussed issue, which refers to a mode of thinking where members of a high-cohesion group cannot make objective and practical evaluations of the solution to the problem. This is primarily due to people’s excessive pursuit of group consensus when making...
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Research on Sustainable Improvement of Computer Courses Teaching Based on OBE

Chengxia Liu
OBE (Outcomes-Based Education) requires that the course teaching focus on the final learning outcomes that students can achieve after completing the learning process. Therefore, in the teaching of computer course, through expanding the teaching content and modifying the teaching methods, the students’...
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Intersectionality of Equality in Educational Settings Through the Lens of Gender, Race, and Disability

Siyu Zeng
It is important to make sure every child can receive an equal education at school. However, this is not always the case. Some groups of children are disadvantaged in educational settings in different ways. Children can be disadvantaged because of their gender (as girls), race (as people of color), and...
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The Research on Categories and Factors of Parental Anxiety Under Double Reduction Policy

Mingyu Cai, Yechen Li, Linghan Qiao, Ziyi Wang
With the cost of raising children and academic pressure exacerbating, parents and their children are susceptible to involution. In an effort to solve this problem, China introduces the “double reduction policy” which aims to relieve students’ pressure from studies and extra-curricular activities. One...
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The Spirit of Game Contained in Leisure Sports

Mengdi Wang, Yu Jiang, Chenxiao Li, Yiqun Pang
Leisure sports, as a thriving life style in this development stage of modern society and history, is full of sacred, noble and pure spirit of game. The spirit of game originated in ancient times and was praised by Chinese and Western philosophers. At present, in the era of leisure, leisure sports, as...
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Gender Equality in K-12 Education of Contemporary China

Xue Rui
This paper aims to review the issue of gender equality in contemporary China’s K-12 education. This paper targets students in K-12 education to study the causes and specific manifestations of gender inequality in the current education system. It is found in this paper that gender inequality in education...
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The Current Situation and Future Trends of Sport Science and Technology in the “Technology-Empowered Olympics” After the Beijing Winter Olympics

XueQing Wu, TingGang Yuan, ChangFa Tang
The purpose of this paper is to scientifically summarize the development status of the Winter Olympics, inherit and carry forward the scientific and technological heritage of the “Scientific and Technological Olympics”, and conduct targeted research and discussion on the future development trend of sports...
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The Impact and Intervention of Childhood Abuse

Ziyan Wang
Childhood abuse is a serious problem in every country, leaving children with impaired social functioning and an increased risk of concurrent and subsequent psychopathology. Through a literature review approach, this paper discusses childhood abuse in the family and school and assesses the impact of the...
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A Study on Core Quality and Career Development of Physical Education Students in the Context of Integration of Physical Education and Education

Li Wang, Chang Liu
The integration of physical education and education is an opportunity to usher in the high-quality development of physical education in schools. Physical education teachers are inseparable from the development of physical education in schools, and physical education teachers are the core strength in...
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Research on the Relationship Between Short Videos and Food Consumption

Beichen Liu
With the development of Internet economy and the progress of new media technology, we media represented by short videos has greatly affected all aspects of people’s lives. Among them, the most important food culture in people’s life has changed the most obviously. As more and more people begin to share...
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The Research on the Impact of Extracurricular Tutoring on Academic Self-efficacy of Urban Pupils

Fu Chen, Ziwen Deng, Yuhan Jin
The enactment of the “Double Reduction” policy in China has been followed by significant adjustments in after-school institutions. Considering about the fact that academic self-efficacy has a positive influence on academic performance as extracurricular tutoring does, this paper uses a questionnaire...
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The Effect of a Brief Mindfulness Exercise on Memory Recognition

Mengyang Liu, Wanming Mo, Zhiyan Xie
Mindfulness is a psychological state of perception. Many studies abroad have shown that mindfulness exercise can affect memory performance. It was also found that individuals can recall living words more accurately than non-living words. However, in China, there is not enough research in this field....
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Similarities and Differences of Gender Stereotypes in Elementary School Textbooks

Zhiqi Huang, Sihan Liu, Ziruo Yang, Yunqiao Zou
Textbooks are important materials through which students receive their values. The different editions of textbooks domestic and abroad to some extent influence the perception of students by both genders, which might become a serious obstacle to the process of gender equality. This paper reviews and analyses...
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Gender Equality in Chinese New Media

Xiyue Liang
With the rapid development of new media, the world has been concerned about the significant influence of media communication on the image and status of women, which has led to an increasing number of studies on media and gender. In addition, using new media to promote gender equality has become a new...
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A Feasibility Study of the Cultural Rural Tourism with Ancient Legal Salt as the Theme in Yandun Village

Haonan Lin
Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, China’s development has been steadily pursued under the leadership of the Communist Party, and economic growth has achieved great results. On the other hand, however, a new situation has emerged in China’s current major social contradictions, reflected...
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Autonomy and Regulation: Legal Regulation of Commercial Demolition

Cong-jun Jing
Since the privatization of housing and the formation of paid land use system, commercial demolition has existed for a long time in China. However, there is no clear legal regulation on commercial demolition. In 2011, the regulations on housing expropriation and compensation on state owned land amended...
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Research on the Application of Intelligent Bionic Robot Horse in Juvenile Equestrian Teaching

Case Study: Beijing Chaoyang Park Youth Equestrian Center

Haisu Wang, Hong Bai, Jian Pang, Yongheng Hu
Research purposes: in this study, the intelligent bionic robotic horse is introduced into the equestrian teaching for teenagers, compared with the traditional teaching mode of using real horses. This research aims to explore the effectiveness of using intelligent bionic robotic horse in equestrian teaching...
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Academic Procrastination: Outcomes and Interventions

Yike Li
Procrastination is a prevalent topic among researchers and students. It has been investigated from different theoretical perspectives, and various impacts on academic performance have been proposed. This review analyzed recent research collected from Google Scholars and journals and summarizes the impact...
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School Violence: Causes, Impacts and Solutions

Yulu Tian, Zihan Zhang
School violence is an ongoing problem. It has a great influence on the physical and mental health development of teenagers. The purpose of this review is to summarize the current situation of school violence and strategies to reduce its occurrence. By reviewing the relevant literature, the results show...
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The Path Design of General Education Aided by Professional University Library

Delan Sun, Zihao Yao, Yuting Lu
At present, the teaching time of vocational colleges in our country is short, and the students’ training methods are more used for reference by academic colleges, which leads students to attach importance to the study of examination subject knowledge, but neglect the education of general education to...
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The Impact of NBA All-Star Game Format Change on Fan Attachment

Jiawei Li
NBA tended to improve fans’ enjoyment and attachment during the All-Star Game by changing the game format, but whether these changes took effect remains unknown. Therefore, this paper uses comparative analytical method and questionnaire method to research on the fan attachment in the past decade, 2013...
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A Review of Intervention Approaches to Children’s Social Anxiety

Wenqian Huang
According to recent research findings, the social anxiety suffered by adults is acquired from the (later disappeared) horror experiences of childhood. The fears experienced in childhood may be reproduced when a person is weakened by illness or when attacked by new and severe traumatic factors. Therefore,...
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Analysis of the Current Situation and Improvement Path of the Management System of High-Level Athletes in China

Hairou Ren
Combined with the macro-environmental analysis of China’s high-level athlete policy, the questionnaire survey and expert interviews were conducted among the students and competent departments of key colleges and universities that set up high-level sports teams in central China. The research results show...