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Trends, Characteristics, and Causes of Outward Migration in Italy: From Late 19th Century to Present

Lingqi Yang
Beginning in the late 19th century, the industrialization of Britain, the United States, and France brought a large number of jobs to the world, while Italy was facing a domestic economic recession, and Italians came to the United States in search of employment with a wave of immigrants. Since the Mediterranean...
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Improving the Loyalty in the Digitalization of the Brand for the National Pharmaceutical Brand Image

Mengyao Yu, Sazrinee binti Zainal Abidin, Changhua He, Yue Ma, Jun Zheng
This study aims to improve the loyalty of digital natives in the digitalization of the brand by constructing an innovation model for a national pharmaceutical brand image. This study uses Literature review to understand the current demand for identify the digitalization of the brand and the national...
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Investigation and Study on the Causes of College Students' Poor Academic Performances and Intervention Mechanism Taking College Students in Xi'an as an Example

Bo Wu, Yali Xin
This paper uses questionnaires, interviews and statistical analysis methods to investigate the learning situation and influencing factors of 314 college students with poor academic performance in 10 colleges and universities in Xi'an, trying to find the subjective and objective reasons for the poor academic...
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Research of College Students' Physical Training and Lifelong Physical Education

Jie Zhang
Lifelong sports consciousness is a sportconcept advocated in today's knowledge-based economy and fully train and develop students' lifelong sports consciousnesswill be the inevitable trend of historical claims.The status of college students' physical of physical educationquality in this paper was discussed...
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A Brief Analysis of E.E. Cummings’s Poem from the Style as Foregrounding

Hongping Chen, Zheng Zhao
E.E. Cummings is considered as the represent poet of American modern experimental poem. He has remained as a symbol of the pioneering spirit of modern poetic practice because of his unusual artistic style of poem. This paper discusses E. E. Cummings’ Poetry on the basis of foregrounding theory from three...
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Bibliometrical Analysis of the Smart Grid Research

Jinrong Zhu
Based on the information of 1924 articles collected from China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database (CAJD), bibliometrical analysis methods are used to analyze the smart grid research. The results showed that: 1) the smart grid has got the attention of many researchers, core authors have been...
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Study on Product Sensory Quality Assurance System Based on PLM

Jingwen An, Miao Wang
Sensory quality is an important product feature. It can affect consumer judgment and behavior. We put forward a kind of sensory quality assurance system with the concept PLM theory, to improve the enterprise management status of sensory quality.
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Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Tourism Income

Xu Zhang
The contribution of tourism income to China's economic growth has become increasingly prominent. The composition of tourism income has shown a diversified trend. The development of the downstream industry chain driven by tourism has also been continuously extended and integrated. This paper uses the...
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Stability Analysis of Xujiazhuang Dam during Construction Period

Xiaocheng Su
Through the stability of the construction process of Xujiazhuang dam is analyzed, the main problems in the dam construction process can be clarified. In this paper, the dam model is established by using the finite element software P LAX IS to simulate the settlement displacement and stress variation...
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Research on Safety Protection of Oil Depot Diversion Tunnel

Jian Tang, Jichang Zhao
As for the safety of oil depot, the safety of diversion tunnel is very important. In this paper, the safety of oil depot diversion tunnel is regarded as the research object, and the main factors which impact the oil depot diversion tunnel are analyzed. Take the safety of diversion tunnel in the earthquake...
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Comparison of the Inter-ethnic Political Integration Models between Ukraine and Canada: a Perspective of Language Rights

Zhiying Zhu
Language acts as the social roles such as the medium of cultural transmission and the sign of ethnic groups’ identification. In the field of political science, language maps into the form of language rights directly, and derive the forms of language policies, laws and so on. The integration of inter-ethnic...
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Experience in Qiandongnan: Discussion on the Protection and Development Path of Traditional Villages

Pan Chen, Xiaoqin Ye
Currently, there are 409 traditional villages in Qiandongnan Prefecture (Southeast Guizhou), ranking first in the prefecture-level cities nationwide. The experience of traditional village protection in Qiandongnan is summarized as “the government exerts its strength and perfects its policies; linkage...
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The Study of Panji Culture in the Pandalungan Sub-ethnic, East Java

Review: Jaran Kencak Performing Arts

Anik Juwariyah, Vivi E. Dewi, Welly Suryandoko, Nova Kristiana, Octo D. Andriyanto, Ida Chasanah, Pensri Panich
The purpose of this study is to describe the performing arts of Panji Culture, namely Jaran Kencak, especially in East Java (Pandalungan Sub Ethnic) in terms of the form of presentation, makeup and costumes, order of presentation, accompaniment, and the story of jaran kencak. The method used is descriptive...
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Have a Good Mental Health by Maintaining Your Emotion Regulation

Surya Caroline W., Herlie William J., Andangsari Esther W.
Having a good quality of mental health is an important aspect that someone should have in order to help them function well in daily activities such as work, social life, etc. One of the important aspects that someone should have to have a good quality of mental health is a good emotional well-being which...
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Social Media Change Our Life

Xingzhi Wang
With the development of technology and social media constantly improving, it influenced our life. Also, now it attracts more and more people to use the and now it become a social currency for people. “YouTube and Facebook always dominate the online landscape but the using of YouTube in the majority,...
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Research of the Application of the Installation Art in Contemporary Design

Ling Chen
The twentieth century was a period of rapid development of post-modern art, which had profound impact on postmodern art design in form, concept, aesthetics. Contemporary design have different levels of absorption and extension of the creative way modern art, ideas, techniques, forms. Under this background,...
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Analysis on the Translation Errors of Chinese-specific Words in Government Work Report

Li Zhang, Xiaoyue Wang
As a representative document of the government, Government Work Report consists of looking back at both achievements and defects of the past five years, which recently becomes the window for foreigners knowing about China. However, the most conspicuous feature of Government Work Report is the applications...
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Research on the financing efficiency of urbanization construction in Guizhou Province

Chenggang Li, Ke Xu
Researching on urbanization construction financing efficiency in Guizhou Province is benefit to improve the financing efficiency, and enhance the level of urbanization. In this paper, Using correlation analysis and multiple regression model, this paper empirically analyzes the urbanization construction...
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Educational Equality in Chinese Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Gender Differences

Yizhuo Zhang, Yanmei Lyu, Ramir S. Austria
Colleges and universities are an important part of my country’s education system, and educational equality is the embodiment of a high degree of equality in the education system. In recent years, Chinese society’s requirements for quality education have increased year by year, and citizens are more and...
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Analysis of Community Participation in Mangrove Forest Conservation in North Beo District

Denny Maliangkay
This study aims to analyze the role and participation of the community in the process of conservating mangrove forests in the North Beo District. This research uses descriptive qualitative research methods. The results showed that the main causes of people’s behavior of clearing mangroves carelessly...
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Build Sustainable Cities!

Qian Yang
Many communities are implementing smart growth initiatives. Smart growth is about helping every town and city become a more economically prosperous, more socially equitable, and more environmentally sustainable place to live in. This task is more important than ever because the world is rapidly urbanizing....
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How does Washback of PRETCO Influence College English Teaching

Xiaoling Zhang
The Importance of tests on teaching is obvious in education system, and Madaus states that: 'It is testing, not the "official" stated curriculum, that is increasingly determining what is taught, how it is taught' (as cited in Spratt, 2005, p.5). The present study examined the washback effect of a high-stakes...
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Analysis and Countermeasures of Factors Affecting Farmers' Income Increase under the Background of Urbanization

Xianghua Luo, Yingqin Zhang
This paper studies the factors that affect the increase of farmers' income and analyzes the restricting factors of the income increase of rural migrants and left-behind farmers under the background of urbanization. It is proposed that advances should be made in the process of urbanization, such as raising...
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Finding the Best Plant Location Given the Costs

Ziming Wang, Qijun Li, Ning Geng
This paper is trying to find the optimal location of the production plant out of the few possibilities that have different costs associated with building the plant there. This paper first shows that this problem can be solved if the costs are rational numbers, then proves that it is impossible to have...
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New Marketing Inspired by Blind Box

Ruijing Zhao, Jiayi Xu
With the increasing variety of products, the gap between them is getting smaller and smaller. People pay more and more attention to marketing in order to make products out of the lead. Based on this, this paper takes the most popular blind box as an example to discuss its marketing strategies, including...
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On the almost unbiased Ridge and Liu estimator in the Logistic regression model

Xinfeng Chang
This paper is concerned with the parameter estimation in logistic regression model. To overcome the multicollinearity problem, Schaefer et al. (1984) and Urgan and Tez (2008), respectively, proposed the logistic ridge regression estimator and logistic Liu estimator for the logistic regression model....
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Social Comparison and Body Image in Teenage Boys and Girls Users of the TikTok App

Muhammad Rifqi Rahmadiansyah, Yulmaida Amir, Ilham Mundzir
Teenagers have the concept of an ideal body image by interacting with the social environment in the form of social comparisons with other people. Social comparison is closely related to social media. TikTok is one of the video-based social media that is currently booming and loved by teenagers. This...
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Development of Coding Class Learning Media for Elementary School Children

Nurul Khoiriyah, Hardika Dwi Hermawan
This study aims to develop and explain how coding class learning media for elementary school children. Development in this study is a way or action to create something new by benefitting someone, especially children. The purpose of this research is to improve the ability of critical thinking about critical...
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A Tentative Research on the College English Reading Teaching Mode Based on the Theory of the Flipped Classroom

Sufen Lu
Flipped classroom, which focuses on improving the students' autonomous learning, is dissimilar to the traditional teaching mode. With the fast development and popularization of modern technology, people's life and study have undergone great changes and the traditional college English teaching mode can...
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Process Features of CAST Wastewater Treatment and Its Application in China

Jiaxin Huang, Guori Dong, Qingwei Li, Wei Song, Jibin Wang
CAST, an advanced process of wastewater treatment, has achieved great attention and application. This paper gives an overall introduction on CAST development, principles, features and its current application and research in China. This paper focuses on comparison CAST with SBR, the traditional process,...
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Analysis of Status Quo and Paths of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Among Undergraduates in “Internet Plus” Era

Zun He, Danyi Zhang
With the fast development of internet information technology, high coverage of smart mobile devices, Internet industry in China enjoyed a blooming growth. Problems of development of innovation and entrepreneurship nowadays are mainly caused by unclear guiding policies, unbalanced allocation of teaching...
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Carolyn Merchant's View of Nature from the Perspective of Ecofeminism

Chunhua Lv, Ziyan Wang
This paper analyzes the Carolyn Merchant's ecofeminism perspective of nature. Merchant argues that there exists an artificially-constructed connection between nature and women. The root cause for which both nature and women are kept in subjection stems from the man-centered world outlook of “patriarchy”....
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Research on the Influence of Intellectual Capital on Science and Technology Innovation Willingness of University Science and Engineering Teachers

Yulai Zhou
Science and technology are the first productive force, and the contribution of university teachers is indispensable for promoting the construction of a strong science and technology nation. The enhancement of the willingness of university teachers to innovate in science and technology is increasingly...
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The Realization of Population Zero

Qian Yang
This study is about setting a policy model including the factors of income, education and equality to result in a set of policy recommendations which would be implemented to the Population Zero. The mission of Population Zero is to create a sustainable society by maximizing both economic output and happiness...
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Gender Differences of Advertising Spokespersons in Marketing

Yanni Li, Lingling Ma, Yiqun Liu, Longqun Li, Shuang Sun
With the mature of the market economy, marketing becomes more important day by day. Advertising is one of the most popular way in marketing strategies. As the carrier of the product information, advertising spokesperson holds the balance of marketing, and the function of the gender differences of advertising...
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The Study of Guide Policy to the Internet Public Opinion in Micro-era Higher Vocational College

Jiqiang Liu
The crisis in new media environment is a new normal of the social transformation. With the growing popularity of micro blog, we chat and other new media, the micro era is coming. When emergencies occur in higher vocational colleges, vocational colleges public opinion in new media environment has a new...
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Digital Determination and Manipulative Strategies

Tatiana Leshkevich, Anna Motozhanets
Acquiring knowledge in the digital world is connected with transformations in meanings, orientations and values of modern existence. This paper reveals the features of digital determination and related manipulative strategies. The article relies on contemporary research into the issue in the context...
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The Popularity of Adapted Boy’s Love TV Series and the Ambiguous Social Identity of Gay Group

A Case Study of the Audience Analysis on the New TV Series Word of Honor

Hongye Ni
In the 1990s, the Boy’s Love (BL) culture has been introduced into China and developed under the Chinese social context. In the past five years, the adapted editions of boy’s love TV series have been gaining extreme popularity. Most studies claim that these TV series are positive since they bring the...
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Investigation of the present situation of China's private enterprise internal audit and the study of improvement measures

Yongchen Li, Jingxiong Tang
Along with our country socialist market economy unceasing development, the reform unceasing deepening, the private enterprise obtained the development opportunity which front has not had, According to the statistics, our country Enterprise above 90% is the family firm. Many private enterprises all are...
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Evaluation of Flood and Landslide Management Program in Manado City

Jeane E. Langkai, Itje Pangkey
This study aims to analyze the Flood and Landslides Management Program in Manado City using a qualitative approach and data collection techniques through observation of areas affected by floods and landslides, semi-structured interviews with community leaders in areas affected by floods and landslides,...
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Effects of Acute Stress on Insight: How Does Stress Influence Creativity?

Shumeng Yang, Ziying Wang
Previous studies indicate that stress exerts various influences on multiple cognitive functions, but the correlation between stress and creativity was scarcely involved, as creativity is commonly acknowledged as a relatively stable psychological trait. Insight, a significant component of creativity,...
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Research on the Development of Industrial Parks in China and Suggestions for Future Policies

Tianjiao Yi
Based on the former research into industrial parks at home and abroad, in this paper, we define the concept of industrial parks, and classify some of the existing industrial parks in China into different types. With the classical economics theory, we analyze and explain the intrinsic economic motivation...
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Practical exploration of effective engineering training teaching for liberal arts students

Rui Zhao, Jiading Bao, Shuilong He
With the deepening of modern education concept, the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality has become the consensus of current front-line educators. However, due to the limitations of China's traditional education system, liberal arts students in colleges and universities generally...
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The Effect of Environmental Regulation in Regions of Different Resource Curse Degrees

Zhifen Xie
The unbalanced distribution of natural resources, human resources, industrial structure and other factors leads to the unbalanced economic development of different regions in China. In order to promote the sustainable and coordinated development between regions and the rational development of tourism...
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Descriptive Study of eSports Viewership Motivation of Young Adulthood in Indonesia During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Dionisius Kevin Raphael, Pamela Hendra Heng
Motivation is a force that drives people to think and act. In regard of doing anything, motivation plays an important role in encouraging individuals to act accordingly. In the young adulthood stage, it is one of the most active stage. Through a lot of activities, motivation takes part. While the COVID-19...
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Research on Disclosure of Food Safety Information

Fan Xiong
In recent years, food safety events occur frequently in China, which have become problems which are widely concerned by the whole society at present. Improvement of management philosophies, supervision modes, technical means and other aspects is deeply integrated with information disclosure for solving...
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Research on metrics of refugee crises

Qinfei Long
We set up key implicating metrics to evaluate the specific factors which can enable the safe of refugees. The metrics are adapting Gray fuzzy evaluation on the basic of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), involving the physical conditions of the refugees, the number of refugees, the distance of migration,...
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Experimental Research on beneficiation Technology for a Bulk Copper from Yunnan

Hui Zhang, Quanjun Liu, Huawei Yuan, Yichao Zhang
In this paper a experimental research on beneficiation technology for a sulfur-bearing bulk copper in Yunnan. Ore slime content is higher in the ore ,chalcopyrite is closely associate with pyrite ,the raw ore grading 0.95%Cu and 17.88% S .The flow sheet of raw ore-washing, stage-grinding, stage-concentration,...
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Research on the Influencing Factors and Improving Path of Contemporary College Students' Happiness

Ying Sheng, Changlin Zhu
Purposes: the stage of university learning is the key period for college students to transition from the role of student to good socialized individual role. Such important stage is of great significance in shaping students' cognition, emotion and will, and then affecting the acquisition of happiness...
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Tendencies and Prospects for the Application of Natural Science Methodology in Social and Humanitarian Knowledge

Vitaly Y. Ivlev, Marina I. Ivleva, Marina L. Ivleva
The laws of the intensity of the application of natural science and mathematical methods in social and humanitarian knowledge are observed, depending on the specifics of the philosophical foundations of the latter, in particular, the doctrine of human being. The possibility of applying these methods...
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Choir Creative Process in Facing Regional, National, and International Competitive Levels

Bambang Sugito, Jajuk D. Sasanadjati, Arif Hidajad, Budi D. Putra
This study aims to determine the success of the Gita Pramawisesa choir in the creative process of vocal training in facing various levels of competition. This is important as a solution for problem of non-academic achievement that can be used as an example to other student communities at UNESA. The process...
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Literature Review of Cultural Tourism

Yanwei Ma, Seng Fook Dr.Ong, Low Dr. Kevin
There is a long history about the academic development of cultural tourism. Study on cultural tourism has accumulated many years with rich achievements, from the definition of the concept, and also expand to other areas which relates to the research field of cultural tourism subjects is from the early...
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Research on the Construction of Practical Teaching System of Application Oriented Undergraduate Logistics Management Specialty-- Taking Wenzhou Business College as an Example

Xiaozhen Dai, Pingyu Yang, Pingguo Chen, Zhenkai Lou
The construction of practical teaching system is the key to the success of the practice teaching. Taking Wenzhou Business College as an example, the basic framework of practical teaching system of application oriented undergraduate logistics management specialty is analyzed. This paper expounds how to...
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On the Linguistic Features of Business Contracts

Puqing Shi
Business contract belongs to a solemn style, with significant official document style characteristics, which is different from the genre of daily English and literature. The business contract language is characterized by accurate words and rigorous structure. It has strict requirements on words, syntactic...
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The Application and Prevention of School Bullying in China's Criminal Law System

Based on the Insights of School Bullying in the United States

Wang Yao
Minors are in a special period of rapid physiological and psychological changes, and they are still immature in their psychological development, impulsive and herd-like. Under such circumstances, they can easily become perpetrators, participants, or victims of school bullying when they participate in...
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Cultivation of Cultural Awareness in English Teaching

Wenjing Sun
Culture cannot be separated from language, so cultural teaching should be integrated into language teaching. However, most English teachers usually incorrectly interpret cultural teaching as the imparting of pure cultural knowledge and neglect the cultivation of students’ cultural consciousness. This...
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A Systematic Review of Interventions for Childhood Depression

Yang Chen
The incidence rate of childhood depression has been rising in the past few years, but the information and consciousness about it have not been popular at the same speed. The purpose of this paper is to describe the etiology, diagnosis and major interventions of depression in childhood. Although it is...
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Research on the Development of Online Financing and the Influences on Traditional Financial and Insurance Industry

Wei Su
In this paper, we conduct research on development of online financing and the influences on traditional financial and the insurance industry. With the continuous development of the Internet economy, social networks, cloud computing, big data, and so on, more and more Internet applications to provide...
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Study on Sediment problem in Drainage project of Tianwan Power plant

Wendan Li, Xiaohui Tian, Mengguo Li
The deposition problem related to the drainage project of Tianwan Power Plant was studied in this paper. Firstly, the hydrology and sediment environments in the ocean area near the project are analysed. Secondly, based on the observed data in 2010, two-dimensional model of wave, tidal current and sediment...
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Social Solidarity Between Fish Sellers in the 66 Bahu Traditional Market Manado City

Veronike E. T. Salem, Romi Mesra
One of the traditional markets that still exists among the people, especially the people of Manado city, is the Bahu traditional market, which is always busy every day, even though there are many modern markets built around the shoulder market, but there are still many visitors who come there because...
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The development of modern Jingdezhen ceramic school vocational education enlightenment

Xiu-mei Wu
Qing guangxu twenty-nine years (in 1903), the governor of jiangxi province ke time to the qing government suggested "revitalization of the craft, and poly rights", and making the hubei alternate way Sun Tinglin "so China company, raise two dial the silver to interface, more shall be set by the way, have...
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The Applied Research of Data Mining in University Libraries

Yongtao Zhang
The data mining is the effective tool of information processing. The paper, starting with the basic conception of data mining, probes into the functions of data mining and points that the main applications of data mining technology in university libraries are academic literature recommendation, literature...
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Technology Governance: an Analytical Framework for the Classified Development Model of Provincial Colleges and Universities — Taking Henan Province as an Example

Guofu Zhao, Kai Zhang, Zihan Wang, Hengyou Sun
According to the strategic deployment of the Central Party Committee, the State Council and the Ministry of Education, in the next few years, the main tasks of colleges and universities nationwide are as follows: optimizing the structure of higher education, running distinctive universities and exploring...
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Mechanisms of Social Identity Formation: the Media and the Higher Education System

Irina Akimova, Irina Motorina, Anna Popova, Anna Chernysheva
The article deals with the problem of identity formation as one of the mechanisms of socialization and acculturation of personality. This work shows identification mechanisms in the framework of socialization. It defines the place and role of the media in the process of socialization and identification...
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Design and practice of teaching Civics in the course of Film and Television Directing

Shuo Chen, Ying Zhao
Civic education into the professional curriculum is a key initiative to implement the fundamental task of establishing moral education, and the construction of the curriculum Civic Science is also an important guarantee to improve the talent training system and adapt to the needs of social development....
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A Comparative Analysis of Traditional Teaching and PBL Model

Le Bo, Xiaoxiao Ding, Sihan Wang
The “Teacher-Centered” approach is one of the most widely used teaching methods in traditional Chinese teaching.The teacher is mainly on imparting knowledge, and studentsare only playing the role of listening most time who hardly participate in the teaching process. By adopting this teaching method,...
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The Realization of Blended Teaching Model Based on Gradually Penetrative Method

Xiuzhen Hu, Jing Pang, Weiguang Zhang, Riguleng Si, Rigen Mo
With development of assistant effects of the Internet plus in the education, assistant teaching methods, such as Micro course and MOOC gradually become part of course design. Blended teaching model basing on the Micro course becomes hot spot of education reform. However, it is a worth exploring question...
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Introduction and Importance of 1964 Alaska Earthquake

Lelin Sun
The 1964 Alaska Earthquake is the largest earthquake in U.S. history. Even after decades, it still has a huge impact in the field of geology and seismology. This disaster and following consequences in the local area and around the world had made great contributions to science society as an outstanding...
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Differentiated Instruction Implementation: A Survey Study Among Elementary School Teachers

Muhamad Nanang Suprayogi, Budi Sulaeman, Baydhowi Baydhowi
The students in the classroom come from various characteristics and backgrounds. Dealing with this diversity of students, the teacher needs to apply multiple teaching strategies and learning activities, rather than using One Size Fits All (OSFA) teaching strategy. Many authors suggest applying Differentiated...
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Study on Language Deep Learning by DDL under the Circumstances of A.I.

A Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Korean English Learners’ Corpus

Jinrong HOU
Artificial intelligence (AI) improves the progress of educational concepts, accelerates the educational reformation, promotes the development of educational technology, changes the teaching and learning methods. In the field of second language acquisition, data-driven learning contributes to the language...
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Knowledge of Children Related to Reproductive Health to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse in Elementary Schools

Oktavia Nur Indaryati, Murfiah Dewi Wulandari
To reduce the prevalence of sexually abusive behaviors toward children, the objective of this research was to assess the degree of the information held by students regarding reproductive health and readiness for puberty. This study uses quantitative research methods. Data collection is done through a...
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The Study on the Status and Countermeasure of our country’s Consulting Industry Development

Yongtao Zhang
Consulting Industry is the general name of the third industry which takes consulting services as the characteristics in various industries. It essentially a knowledge service industry contains intensive intellectual. This article starts from the introduction of the development of modern consulting industry,...
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Analysis of the Ability of European countries to carry on the Refugee Crisis

Wei Jiang
To solve the sudden influxes of European refugee crisis, we establish a migration model to resettle the rising number of refugees in EU with proper division. We determine metrics as the index value to describe the countries' capacity and the death rate to measure safe and efficient of movement. We select...
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An Empirical test of Economic Growth, Industrial Structure and the Urban-Rural Income Gap——based on the data of 1978-2014 years in Tibet

Duzhu Rob
Using the VAR model to 1978-2014 in Tibet economy growth, industrial structure and urban and rural residents income gap of cointegration test, impulse response function and variance decomposition analysis, the long-term cointegration relationship exists between that economic growth, industrial structure...
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Sticking as a Basic Drum Technique in the Indria-Level Percussion Course in the Music Study Program

Senyum Sadhana, Harpang Y. Karyawanto, Heri Murbiyantoro
Percussion subjects, especially drums, require basic skills in the learning process. Material innovations in the development of textbooks must be adapted to the instrument’s characteristics. This article focuses on sticking in the development of indria-level drum textbooks as a basic engineering skill...
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Analysis of the Development Status of Changshu Guqin

Xiangyao Li, Jinjing Qu, Jinping Liu, Xun Zhu, Nan Chen, Xiaolong Wang, Weixia Gao
Changshu, also known as Qinchuan, has been a performance exhibition and research center of the Chinese guqin since the Tang and Song dynasties. As the hometown of the Guqin, the history of guqin can date back to the mid to late Ming Dynasty. Nowadays, Changshu has excellent guqin makers and inchoate...
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Efficiency Evaluation of Armed Policy Mobile Division

Xiangchao Sun, Fang Wang, Dihua Ouyang, Zhizheng Wu
In this paper, I establish the operational effectiveness evaluation model of large scale incident across the land disposal in armed police forces based on the unascertained measure theory, First of all, I establish unascertained measurement function of each influencing factor; according to the actual...
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Research on the Development Strategy of HN Secondary Vocational School

Shijun Yuan
HN Secondary Vocational School has a short history. In order to promote the development of the School, this paper makes an in-depth analysis on the development advantages and existing problems of the School, makes clear and definite the guiding ideology, orientation and goals of the School in development,...
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Social Aspects of Personnel Policy Implementation in Factory Management

Oksana Subocheva
The features of the implementation of the social aspects of personnel policy in industrial enterprises through the activity of personnel offices, human resources, personnel management departments are considered. The content of the functions performed during the implementation of the personnel policy...
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Capital Deepening, Capacity Utilization and New Drivers of China's Economic Growth

Zhili Ren, Shuoxing Zheng
According to the production function method, this paper builds a time-varying elasticity production function and use the state space model to estimate the dynamic output elasticity of the get inputs where the capital output elastic shows a downward trend year by year. What is more, in accordance with...
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Implementation of the Community Development Program in the Mining Circle Community in the East Bolaang Mongondow Regency

Hamdi Gugule, Romi Mesra
In order to equalize perceptions between the community and the company, a careful study is needed on the implementation of the community development program as the contribution of PT Avocet Bolaang Mongondow's gold mining activities (now changed to PT JRBM) to the development of the village community...
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Research on Fragmented Communication and Response Path Under the Background of New Media

Yijin Li
With the advent of the new media era, people’s media usage habits gradually show the characteristics of fragmentation. The phenomenon of fragmented communication media is becoming more and more intense, and fragmented communication has become a new proposition to be studied urgently. Using the research...
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Correlation Between Social Support and Self-Regulated Learning in Senior High School Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dhea Fitri Sidianto, Pamela Hendra Heng
High school seniors have more responsibilities that must be carried out however since the end of 2019, the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic forced us to have to do almost everything online. Students must be able to adapt and be able to carry out self-regulated learning (SRL) so that they...
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Reflections and Discussions on the Socialization Service of University Libraries

Fei Wang, Xu Yu
The establishment of university library is not only for our students, but also for the general public, now the university library has become the offensive of many colleges and universities. The convergence of all kinds of literature in the library can bring educational function to the public. The socialization...
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Study on the Medical Security System in Rural and Pastoral Areas of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Chunfang He, Haihe Jin
At present, the framework of the medical security system in rural and pastoral areas of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has taken shape, which plays an important role in meeting needs of the farmers and herdsmen on health care and improving the health standard. First, this article elaborates on the...
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Study on the Reliability of Hierarchical Supplier System

Xiaochao Jin
This paper applies reliability theory to the study of material supply in supplier system, proposes the conception of single supplier reliability and the flow of reliability calculate, then analyzes the reliability of hierarchical supplier system and taken the factor of cost into account.
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The ancient site of architectural culture origin

Zhihua Xu
Jingde town is located in huizhou junction, and adjacent to each other. In history, according to "the huizhou government record" records: "two years in yongtai and analysis of yixian county and rao states the float saddle (note, jingdezhen old once owned by the float saddle county jurisdiction) buy qimen",...
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Analysis on the Effect of Preventional Intervention to hypertension

Zehui Jiang, Jun Zhang
To study the effect of comprehensive prevention and treatment of hypertension. In the comprehensive prevention and control measures for patients with hypertension, we investigate and compare the lifestyle, medication compliance, blood pressure and body mass index of patients with the comprehensive prevention...
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Study of the Construction Method of Industrial Institute Based on “3+1” University-Enterprise Cooperation Mode

Jun He, Sunyan Hong, Xuebing Ling, Jing Yu, Yan Liu
At present, China’s policy requirements, economic development status, industry status and university education situation all put forward requirements for high-quality application-oriented, composite and innovative talents. Industrial institute construction is an important way for local application-oriented...
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Analysis on the Research Status of Sympathy Connotation and Its Measurement Methods

Lu Sun
With the progress of the times and social development, the requirements for talent specifications are getting higher and higher. The quality of talents has also become a hot issue of universal concern in all countries of the world. The core literacy of college students has made the education sector re-recognize...
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Scientific and Educational Cooperation Between China and the Commonwealth of Independent States

Liuying Wang, Na Li
This article is devoted to analyzing scientific and educational cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The authors consider the importance of such cooperation because education is one of the most effective ways of improving mutual understanding...
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Research on the Relationship between Reform and Development Based on the Implementation of China’s Thirteen Five-Year Plans

Shuoxing Zheng, Zhili Ren
Since the reform and opening up in December 1978, China has achieved great economic development. The five-year plan has played a major role in guiding, planning, coordinating major national construction projects, as well as distributions of productive forces and important proportions of national economy....
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The extraction method of the traditional architectural culture

Xing Li
China and the European civilization formed in France, the comparison between traditional architecture development and research is of great significance in the field of culture and history. France is a shining pearl on the European continent, while China has nearly five thousand years of history of civilization....
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Engineering Change Implications on Product Design: A Review of the Literature

Inayat Ullah, Dunbing Tang, Leilei Yin
Engineering changes are inexorable and can arise at any phase of the product life cycle. To capture the maximum market shares manufacturers have to effectively and efficiently manage engineering changes. This paper provides overview of ECM and perspective on the published academic literature related...
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The Research on the Impact of the Short Videos’ Quality on User Experience

Take TikTok as An Example

Yongxi Lu, Xingyu Pan, Fangtong Song
The short videos is a crucial subject for studying the influencing factors of self-media communication power in recent times. The large market share of the media currently occupied by the short videos and the platform construction of the application itself, and play a significant role in the selection...
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Polo Shirts and Its Reflection on Subculture in a Century from 1920s

Xiaoting Liu, Zihan Liu, Siyi Yu, Xiaobei Zhou
Mentioning the polo, short sleeves, two side vents, and sport shirt are the basic characteristics. In addition, it is well-known that they were derived from polo and tennis. Currently, polo shirts become golf and yachting clothing. Due to the evolution of fashion, polo has become the popular school uniforms....
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Strengthen the Role of Industry Associations and Promote the Development of Foreign Trade

Fanhua Meng, Meitian Zhao
This thesis presents the idea that industry association under the framework of WTO in foreign trade management has more advantages than under the government, and points out that the industry associa-tions play an important role in reducing transaction costs, standardizing enterprise behavior in foreign...
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Masks in Thathakan Performing Arts in Tuban: Ethnosemiotics Study

Setya Yuwana, Titik Indarti, Arief Sudrajat, Buntas Pradoto
The background of the study was to give the academic sense of Thathakan performance in Tambakboyo district, Tuban Regency. The purpose of this study is to describe: 2) denotative meaning; b) connotative meaning, c) Ideology myths) the masks of Thathakan art performance in Tuban. The theory used in this...
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The Effect of Self-Efficacy on Online Learning Efficiency in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Lei Ding, Ying Zhu
Self-efficacy, a popular theme that is vital to influence learning efficiency. While online learning is another hot issue especially when the COVID-19 appeared. Therefore, understanding the distinction of self-efficacy on online education in different cultures and improving it has become important. In...
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A Brief Analysis of Continuing Education Teaching Method Selection of Primary and Secondary School Teachers Based on Non-intellectual Factors

Zhang Chun Mei, Huang Li, Zhang Xue Mei
This article is mainly through the analysis of the primary and secondary school teachers of non-intellectual factors, and then involved in the primary and secondary school teachers continuing education teaching method selection of its influence. Therefore, it is pointed out that the trainers should fully...