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Historical Transformation of Gender Identity Theoretical Explications in Postmodernism Context

Liubov Bronzino, Elena Kurmeleva
Gender inequality is still an important and frequently discussed problem both in everyday life and science. Its source and genesis were clearly identified by different variation of feminist theory, but the solution, which was able to change all sides of gender relation, wasn't find. The classical feminism...
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Preliminary Exploration on the Integration of Occupational Pension System Build Issues

Yougen Li
Occupational pension from concept to proceed, we use literature research to tease out the occupational pension system designed to integrate a few basic questions, and puts forward the idea of a four-dimensional framework and integrated management of occupational pension system. This article is designed...
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Study on Design Elements of Residential Courtyard Environment

Weixiao Zhen
With the development of society, people's living standards are improving, the quality of life is now more demanding applications indoor elements, resulting in a corresponding visual enjoyment. Social accelerating urbanization process, uniform standard of urban construction, so that high-rise buildings...
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On the Problems and Countermeasures of the Educational Function of University Museums

Shiying Xia, Mingyuan Ning
This paper studies how to make university museums give full play to the educational function of colleges and universities. This paper takes the Metrology Museum of China Jiliang University as an example, studies the current situation and development direction of a number of Chinese university museums,...
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The Influence of Preparedness on the Adaptive Capacity of Junior High School Students in Dealing With a Landslide Disaster, Banjarnegara, Indonesia

Eka Wulan Safriani, Yunus Aris Wibowo, Siti Hadiyati Nur Hafida
Children are often vulnerable to disasters because of their lack of preparedness and capacity. Preparedness is an action to reduce the impact of a disaster event. Disaster preparedness is one of the factors that affect the adaptive capacity of each individual from direct or indirect experiences. Therefore,...
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Review of the Saint in Medieval Europe - Take Francis as an Example

Zhenze Cai
Medieval Europe is a period full of mysteries. Many elements in Europe changed during that specific period, like the cities, the farms, the different rules in the government, and the limitations of kings as Christians, etc. What attracts me most is the saints in the Medieval Europe, they were the people...
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The Idea of Requiring Mediation Outside of Court in Realizing Simple Principles, Fast and Low Cost

Mustakim Mustakim, Mas Subagyo Eko Prasetyo, Alma Rifana Salsabila
It is mandatory for judges, parties, or their attorneys to mediate cases in court according to Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia Regulation (PERMA RI) Number 1 of 2016 about Mediation Procedures in Court. The reality that court-based mediation is not operating at peak efficiency. Furthermore,...
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Top Executives’ Experience and Corporate Innovation: A Literature Review

Zhilei Ye, Yaoyao Zhong
Corporate innovation is a vital factor in promoting the development of the capital market. This study examines the association between top executives’ early life experience and corporation innovation behaviour. First, the paper stores the existing literature relating to the impact of CEO characteristics...
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A Study on the English Translation of Classical Parallel Prose Considering Cross-Cultural and Linguistic Differences

Yunlong Bao
The English translation of classical parallel prose is a crucial area of research that necessitates the preservation and transmission of the classical cultural nuances of the East while effectively utilizing Western language expression forms. To ensure the quality of English translations of parallel...
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The Study of the Trend of NCOs’ Professional Military Education and Training

Lixin He, Xuexin Zhang, Jingxue Sun
Noncommissioned officers are “the backbone of the army”. US Army’s stronger development cannot be separate with the high quality of NCOS. American NCOs developing trend study provides beneficial enlightment for other countries NCO PEM system. Viewing from the development of US NCOs’ education and training,...
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Foreign Language Anxiety and Achievement: A Case Study of Prospective Overseas High Schoolers in China

Jingshuang Sun
The present study aimed to understand factors which can contribute to foreign language (FL) anxiety among prospective overseas high school students and correlation between FL anxiety and FL achievement. A total of 223 students aged 17 to 23 years completed foreign language classroom anxiety scale (FLCAS)...
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Research on the Construction of Teaching Evaluation Index System for Mental Health Education Courses in Colleges and Universities

Yingnan Liang
From the aspects of teaching design, teaching organization, teaching effectiveness, teaching management, teaching results, etc., through the Delphi method and analytic hierarchy process, determine the weight of indicators, and build a scientific, complete, and standardized evaluation index system for...
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Fashion Design and Market Analysis of Chinese Traditional Clothing in the Information Era

Jun Yin
The elements of traditional clothing must take fashion as its carrier to transfer the value because fashion is the main factor that makes Chinese traditional culture enjoyed by other ethnic groups. Chinese Traditional Clothing Arts has its profound cultural background and broad space for re-creation...
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Computer Course Teaching Reform based on Education Informatization Challenges

Yafen Wu, Xiang Zhou, Yaokun Xiong, Yan Liu
With the development of computer, information technology has penetrated into every field of life. Computer basic courses are common opened in colleges and universities, which has quietly changed the way of teacher's teaching and student's study. In information age, mass learning and personality education...
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A New Method for Solving a Class of Limit Problems in Statistical Analysis Teaching

Xiaonan Xiao
Statistical analysis is a branch of mathematics with rich content and wide application. Based on the theory of probability and mathematical statistics, it studies random phenomena by analyzing the data obtained from experiments or observations to achieve various reasonable estimations and inferences...
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Suggestion on Socialist Legal Culture Construction Path with Chinese Characteristics

Ximei Zhang
To build socialist legal culture with Chinese characteristics, it needs to adhere to the principle of combining cultural self-consciousness with comprehensive innovation, treat traditional culture and foreign culture scientifically; construct social foundation of the legal culture and establish civil...
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Ecology and Economics: Socio-philosophical Aspect

Vitaly Yu. Ivlev, Marina I. Ivleva
In modern informational society, the necessity of a socio-philosophical rethinking of the essence of material production, clarifying the identification of its links with culture and the natural environment, in accordance with the new situation of man in the world, in the context of the global environmental...
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Accelerating Internationalization of Financial Management to Boost Implementation of "the Belt and Road" Initiative

Shaohua Wang, Huafeng Zhang
The implementation of "the Belt and Road" Initiative creates good conditions and god-given historic opportunity for Chinese enterprises to go global. In the face of brand-new development form, large and medium enterprises in China should become the backbone force to promote the development of this initiative....
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Land Policy Proportion in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia through the case of Subsidized Flat for Low-Medium-Income in Kebon Kacang, Jakarta, Indonesia

Vera W S Soemarwi
Provision of housing for low-medium-income people (LMIP) in Indonesia is still constrained between policies, its implementation and the communal land tenure security for subsidized housing residents. The discussion on this article focuses on the policy of the Indonesian Government in the 1980s to provide...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Industry-University-Research Integration Innovation in Xi’an

Xinhong Wang, Zhiru Huang
The innovation of industry-university-research integration plays an important role in effectively promoting the integration and distribution of resources, enhancing the technological capabilities and competitiveness of enterprises, promoting the development of the regional economy, and promoting industrial...
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Relationship Between Spiritual Well-Being and Quality of Life Among Students in Southeast-Asia Countries

Pamela Hendra Heng, Franklin Hutabarat, Septi Lathiifah
Suspending classes for university students as well as suspending worship services either at university or at public places to combat the Covid-19 disease may affect the spiritual well-being and quality of life of students in Southeast-Asia countries. This research aimed at evaluating quality of life...
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Realizing Education for All (EFA) through chemistry teaching and learning in a senior high school providing inclusive education

Azizah Rizka Wahyuningtyas, Jamil Suprihatiningrum
This study aimed to explore the implementation of inclusive education (IE) through chemistry subjects in one of the senior high schools providing IE in the Wonosobo Regency. The research was conducted qualitatively with a case study approach. Participants (principal, chemistry teacher, students with...
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The Optimal Establishment of Refugee Hierarchical Structure Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Ruirui Miao
With the continuous expansion of the European refugee crisis, the policy that EU member states should adopt become a heated topic and urgent priority. This paper aims to analyze the factors effecting refugee migration and set the optimal model to easing the crisis.We address the problem of determining...
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On the Interactive Influence of College Students' Network Behaviors and Actual Personality

Bo Wei, Feng Tian, Dongfu Ji
To a very large extent, college students' network behaviors, which are a kind of satisfaction of their actual psychological needs, form an interactive influence with actual personality. The failure to reach consistency between the "virtual me" on the Internet and the "actual me" in reality will probably...
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Analysis on Whether Native or Non-Native English Speaking Teacher is Better in TEFL in China*

Sa Li, Chunlin Jin
The population of acquiring English as a foreign language in China is the largest all over the world. More and more native English speaking teachers have come to China to teach the English language since the reform and opening-up policies were launched in China. The issue whether native or non-native...
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Development of Emotion Management Model for Parents Worker on Facing “Study from Home”

As the Efforts to Improve Family Immunity in The Time of Covid-19

Ari khusumadewi, Yuni Lestari, Denok Setiawati, RD Putri Aisyiah, Hijrin Fithroni
The Parent problems since the social distancing period which they were applied the policy of working from home and studying at home. The work at home policy applies to ASN and several companies, while the home study policy applies to all levels of education in East Java. With this policy parents are...
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Research on the Visual Communication Capability of Red theme Fusion News from the Perspective of Intelligent Communication

Hongyan Cong, Hongmeng Li
In the era of intelligent communication, science and technology promote the construction of a new media landscape of human to human, human to material, material and material communication. With the help of technology, intellectual media connect everything and fully realize cross-border integration, which...
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The Role Technology Education in Conducting Online-Based Training to Improve the Competence of Principals in West Java 2020

Ferdina, Suyitno Muslim, Robinson Situmorang, Moch. Sukardjo, Yuli Nugraheny
Education technology will be used as an approach to improve the competence of the principal in the quality of the learning process. Human resource development is indispensable to meet the needs of the industrialized world 4.0 and the era of technological disruption. The human resources needed are those...
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The School Adjustment of Sexual and Gender Minority Youths

Rho-tong Lee, Hong-ping Qi
School is the microcosm of society and is structured for students to obtain the necessary ability to adjust to society as an adult in advance. They are commonly encountering multiple difficulties. Also, in terms of sexual and gender minorities, their school adjustment would face more problems, which...
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Comparative Study of Waste Management Between Seoul and Bandar Lampung to Support Environmental Security

Khairunnisa Simbolon, Zalfa Zahirah, Indra Jaya Wiranata, Deyna Yulian Putri, Gita Karisma
The World Bank states that cities worldwide produce around 2 billion tons of waste annually. The waste will bring problems and threaten the environment's safety, so waste management is vital in city policy. Seoul is a city that used to have waste management problems and managed to make fundamental...
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Development of Economic Self-Reliance in Child Tribe Based on Specific Herbs in Bukit Dua Belas National Park

Fuad Muchlis, Elwamendri, Sahrial, Siti Kurniasih
The Suku Anak Dalam (SAD) community is an indigenous people who live in a marginal situation with their daily lives depending on the natural resources available in the forest. However, some SAD already have permanent livelihoods such as cultivating cash crops, such as oil palm and rubber which are managed...
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A Brief Analysis of the Moral Education in the Comprehensive Chinese Course for Foreign Students

Yining Li, Xinjun Fu
In recent years, the number of overseas students studying in China is increasing, and the trend is increasing year by year. However, due to their different living habits, learning styles and other aspects, it is difficult for some overseas students to integrate into China’s modern society, and there...
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Reflection on College Spoken English Teaching Based on the Application of the Video Feedback Method during the Pandemic

Xiaobin Chen, Guonian Wang
College Spoken English teaching centered on dialogue and involvement in circumstances established in a classroom faces enormous challenges as a result of the online teaching approach adopted during the COVID-19 outbreak. A successful teaching strategy to deal with the challenges of College Spoken English...
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The contemporary innovation enterprise management development trend and countermeasures thinking

LingLing Yu, JianBao Chang
the current under the background of knowledge economy era, the focus of enterprise competition has turned to human resource management in terms of competition, puts forward new requirements to the enterprise human resources management. Give full play to the role of human resources, it is necessary to...
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The Correlation Analysis between Traditional Culture Elements and Chinese Modern Environmental Art Design

Chuan Sun, Li Dong
It is the research direction of environmental art design deserved to be explored by developing environment design art that is suitable for China’s national conditions and blending traditional culture elements in the design process. In order to explore principles and methods of blending traditional culture...
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Action Research on Sensory Integration Training Integrated into Children's Sports Activities

Ying Zhang, Fei Wang, Jun Yang
This study combines the related disciplines of sports science, physiology, education, developmental psychology, sports medicine, curriculum teaching theory and the theory of children development, the significance of sensory integration training into children's sports activities are elaborated, and through...
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Implementing Production-oriented Approach in College English Teaching A Case in Wuhan Donghu University

Wang Jiang
Production-oriented approach is a foreign language teaching theory created by Professor Wen Qiufang to improve the effectiveness of College English teaching in China. The author tries to apply this teaching theory to practice and carries out a teaching experiment for two weeks. This paper presents the...
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Research on Problems and Countermeasures of Implementing ERP in SMEs

Shaoqin Lu
With the advent of the information age, SMEs urgently need to use information technology to improve their management level. ERP system is through the information technology management platform to standardize the company's business processes, achieve enterprise’s information integration and sharing, improve...
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Research on Effective Cultivation Mechanisms of Professional Ethics of Young Teachers in Universities

Shanshan Song
From the perspective of the cultivation of professional ethics of young teachers in universities and according to the distinction degree of former and latter moral behaviors and the mobilization and excitation degree of moral development potential, this paper establishes the effective standard of professional...
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Improving Number Ability Through Demonstration Method in Children Aged 4–5 Years

Munifah Bahfen, Khaerunnisa, Muhamad Sofian Hadi, Lilis Madyawati, Reza Edwin Sulistyaningtyas
This study aims to improve numerical abilities through demonstration methods at 4–5 years of age. This type of research is Classroom Action Research conducted in 2 cycles. The subjects of this study were 13 children consisting of 7 boys and 6 girls. Research data on cognitive development in recognizing...
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Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Chinese Female Undergraduates Studying Abroad

Simin Yao
This qualitative study aims to investigate the cross-cultural adaptation of Chinese female students and the role of academic, psychological, cultural, and interpersonal factors in this adaptation. The semi-structured interview method was employed in this study and five Chinese female undergraduates who...
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The Study of Negative Pragmatic Transfer and Its Pedagogic Implications

Zhaoyang Chen
In the modern society where globalization is prevalent, intercultural communication skills are particularly important. Therefore, the development of pragmatic skills should not be neglected in second language learning. However, cultural differences cause difficulties in communication between people of...
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Notes of Different Cultural Elements in English Reading

Hongbing Xiao
Culture is a very broad concept, referring to the sum of history, geography, local customs, traditional customs, lifestyles, literature and art, code of conduct, way of thinking and values etc of a country or nation, and also spiritual wealth that human beings accumulate during creation of material wealth....
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China's "One Belt One Road" Initiative As a method of connecting China with the world

Lyudmila Ponomarenko, Dmitry Sidorov, Anastasia Zabella
"One Belt One Road" project is perceived as key to boosting comprehensive partnership between China, the world's largest developing country and over 60 countries across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The article highlights the main directions of cooperation between China and other countries...
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Creating a Free Painting Situation in the Landscape Painting Course

S.S. Tao
The landscape painting course is an important element of fine arts teaching in colleges. While the traditional teaching methods gradually fade out, the modern teaching model has not been fully established. This paper discusses the possibility of fostering art students’ accomplishments from the perspective...
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Effectiveness Of Video Media Development Learning Skills Teaching On Micro Teaching Course

The development of instructional video media with Adobe Premiere 6.0 application in Micro Teaching course on teaching skills is done as an effort to solve the problem of Micro Teaching course to overcome student difficulties in understanding teaching skill which must be mastered as a prospective educator....
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Relevant Analysis of China’s Commercial Housing Price Changes and Resident Income Based on Data Processing

Ming Li
The commercial residential industry has high added value and comprehensive economic benefit so the commercial residential industry is naturally a hot-spot issue. The core issue of the commercial housing is the price. This thesis conducts the descriptive statistic analysis of residential real estate prices,...
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The Strategic Thinking about Export Popularization of Chinese Martial Arts under the Field of View of Global Value Chain

YaJun Qiao
The scientific research of Chinese martial arts is the research of continuation and development in the final analysis. The article proposes the strategic thinking about export popularization of Chinese martial arts under the theory of the view of Global Value Chain; with the usage of research approaches...
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History of Feminist Criticism in Japan

Jie Zou, Shunhui Wang
With the democratic process of postwar Japan, the economic status and social status of Japanese women have been unprecedented improvement, the unprecedented prosperity of contemporary female literature is its concentrated expression in the literary world. The study of the background, stage and characteristics...
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Dynamic Method of Seats Allocation in Airline Alliance

Ying-jing Gu
Slot Inventory Control holds a core position in airline revenue management. The paper attempts to propose an optimal seats allocation model in airline alliance by the continuous expansion and in-depth cooperation of airlines. Centralization and decentralization in dynamic allocation processes are established...
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Performance Evaluation and Countermeasure Study of University Technology Transfer in Middle China

Qinghui Wang
As the significant main part of scientific research in China, university has abundant scientific and technological resources. How to transform scientific research achievements into practical productive forces, deal with the contradiction between market demand and university scientific research achievement,...
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Application of Project Teaching for Smart Grid Technologies in Postgraduate Practice Innovation Ability Training

Sheng Li, Sijia Lu, Jiani An, Heng Wu
This paper discussed the basic concepts, topic selection principles, and the assessment methods of project teaching. The application process of CDIO teaching method in project teaching is introduced according to the steps of “Conceive ??" Design ??" Implement ??" Operate”, taking the electric vehicle...
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Research on the Strategies How Enterprises Deal with the Internet Rumors in the New Media Era

Jincheng Gao
As the new media era arrival, new media such as blog, Weibo, WeChat and QQ provide convenient and fast access to information for the people, and also has become a hotbed for the breeding and rapid spread of rumors in cyberspace. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of Internet rumors in the new...
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Study on Kindergarten-Family Cooperation Mode in the Development of Preschool Education

Lina Zhang, Xiaodong Pan, Suoni Zhang
Families and kindergartens are partners in the development of preschool education. Kindergarten-family cooperation mode has become an inevitable choice for preschool education. This article will analyze the significance of kindergarten-family cooperation, the problems of kindergarten-family cooperation,...
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Utilization of Learning Media In Motivating Student Learning

Rudi Salam, Haedar Akib, Dahyar Daraba
Learning media is instrumental in motivating students to change the paradigm of thinking and acting (Cook-Sather, 2002). Also, the learning media can penetrate the boundaries of change in navigating the challenges faced by educational institutions. This research is quantitative research with the type...
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Implementation of Controling Management and Techniques to Increacing the Effectiveness of Cooperative Supervision

I M M Arsana, K A B Wicaksana, I N Sugiarta, N LG M Dicriyani
The aims of this Research to identify the implementation of supervisory management criteria and effective supervision techniques to increase the effectiveness of Cooperative supervision. Research methods; data collection techniques used are: interviews; questionnaires and observations. Data were analyzed...
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The Influence of Online Learning on College Teachers and the Remolding of Teachers’ roles During the Epidemic

Houchunmu, Wangweichao, Zhangzhenshi
As covid-19 spreads around the world, teachers and students have started a teaching experiment on a world scale. Together, we face many new challenges: the rapid online migration of traditional teaching activities; A new teaching model has been selected and optimized; Online learning needs more accurate...
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A Comparative Analysis of Cox’s and Field’s Explanations on Racial Inequality Root

Yiran Liu
In fact, the United States has been shrouded in the shadow of racism since its founding. Many American scholars have put forward their own views when they analyze race issues. In this paper, I aim to find the similarities as well as differences in the views of two famous scholars -Oliver Cromwell Cox...
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Analysis of the Effect of Music Therapy Experiments on Depression

Yuqi Cao
As music therapy becomes more and more widely used in the clinical application of various psychiatric disorders, people also pay attention to the efficacy of music therapy in the treatment of patients with depression. In order to verify the influence of music therapy on depression, experts from various...
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Diaolou Revitalization——Inheritance and Innovation of Kaiping Diaolou from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

Qihong Liang, Bai Ying
The rebirth of blockhouses means the formation of new things, achieved through inheritance and innovation in the context of revitalizing rural areas. The emergence of Kaiping Diaolou has a history of over a hundred years, and it has important research significance for inheriting the culture of Diaolou....
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The Application of Orff Teaching Method in Dance Teaching of Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province

Ruicong Ma, Chulan Xue, Zongchen Hou, Tingting Xu, Yaxuan Liu
In the last 20 years, Orff music teaching method has attracted much attention in China and has been widely used in junior high school and senior high school dance teaching. This paper explores the application of Orff teaching method in colleges and universities and finds that the application of Orff...
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The Presentation of Self on Online Social Network Platforms from the Perspective of Dramaturgical Theory

Taking WeChat Moments and Anonymous Question Platform “Tape” as Examples

Yantong Jin, Yaqin Tian, Hongjie Wu
The purpose of this study is to illustrate the underlying relation between Erving Goffman’s dramaturgical theory and people’s self-presentation on online social networking platforms. Erving Goffman suggested that people “perform” in accordance with their social environment and desirable image in social...
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Implementation Learning Multimedia Based on Adobe Captivate in the Information System Concepts and Applications Classrooms

Joko Santoso, Anggun Nugroho, Ni Luh Putri Srinadi
This research was conducted at the Institute of Technology and Business STIKOM Bali. The model used is Borg & Gall’s development research. At the design stage, detailed specifications have been made regarding the preparation of the Development of Information System material along with the instruments...
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Application Method of Landscape Elements in Interior Design

Xiaoling Zhu
In today's rapid economic development, people's living environment has ever-increasing demands. As an independent subject of design, indoor environmental design can improve and increase the interior design superiority and level have played a significant role in promoting. It is not only an integral part...
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Study on the Application of 6S Lean Management to the Literacy Training of Clothing Professionals

Yujun Wu
By unscrambling the soft power of vocational education, the idea that the literacy training of professionals is a combination of the concept of 6S lean management with teaching practice is raised in this paper according to the integration of 6S lean management with clothing professionals in clothing...
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The discussing on teaching reform of "Data structure" course in application-oriented universities

Linhua Ding
Applied talents training is the need of the country, and local colleges and universities should actively promote teaching reform for the need of applied talents training. As the core of the computer professional foundation course, data structure course should adjust the teaching contents, reform the...
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The Quality Management of Schools in Cultivating Students at 1st Public High School Ogan Komering Ulu

Paisol, Happy Fitria, Yessy Fitriani
This study aims to determine the quality management schools in cultivating students at SMA Negeri 3 OKU. The method used is descriptive analysis. The results obtaineda are that the school quality management at SMA Negeri 3 OKU is in the maximum and successful category which is carried out systematically...
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Establishing Advocate Synergy in the Indonesian Criminal Justice System to Actualize Community Justice

Nurani Ajeng Tri Utami, Rahadi Wasi Bintoro, Dwi Hapsari Retnaningrum, Sanyoto, Budiyono
The purpose of the research to understand how to establish the synergy of advocates in the criminal justice system in Indonesia and challenges faced by advocates in their professional lives responding to legal developments in Indonesia. Normative juridical research methodology using statutory, conceptual,...
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Utilization of Herbal Supplements to Improve Health Quality after Suffering from Covid-19 Infection in Elderly Posyandu Partners

Safira Bela Annisa, Febrianti Nur Antika, Amalia Siti Choerun Nisa, Reza Rohmatun Zakiyah, Fahrun Nur Rosyid, Guntur Nurcahyanto, Muhtadi
This health promotion activity aims to increase knowledge and health quality of partner elderly groups in the use of herbal supplements, which consist of Black Seed, honey and Sumbawa oil. The implementation of this community service uses a Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach, namely the active...
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Major Issues About Teaching and Learning in China

Jingxian Huang
In this essay, I focus on the issues about the relationship between teaching and learning, with an emphasis on the analysis and perception of the Chinese educational model. The essay begins with background information on the importance of the relationship between teaching and learning, and then leads...
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The comparative analysis of attack and defense ability for semi-finals of EURO 2012

Ke-lian Gao
The paper used literature, logical analysis, video clip playback and mathematical statistics, in 2012 the European Cup finals four teams enter the semi-finals of the German team, Portugal, Italy and Spain's offensive and defensive Comparative analysis of the situation. The results show that: in terms...
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Innovative Practice of Graduation Design Mode in Major of Art and Design

Junzhu Zhang
Purpose: break through teaching paradigm of graduation design of traditional art and design, solve the current situation that contradiction exists between cultivation of art and design talents and requirements of art and design talents, according to requirements of talent cultivation in specialty of...
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Research on Self-correction Ability Of Oral English Learning for English Majors

Chunyan Liao
By analyzing the collected final scores of English major students’ oral English test and the scores on their self-correction checklists, the author finds that there is a high and positive correlationship between English major students’ self-correction ability and their oral English ability. This result...
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Advanced Mathematics Teaching Reform based Computer Technology

Xue Fu Zhang
In the 21st century in China, multimedia technology and network technology have changed social production and development model and have also changed people's life style and learning style. Computer technology not only promotes knowledge economy development in our country, improves international competitiveness...
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Relations Between China and Mongolia: Cultural and Educational Dimensions

Tatiana Ponka, Ludmila Ponomarenko, Andrey Belchenko, Xiaona Li
This article is devoted to analyzing cultural and educational dimensions of the relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Mongolian People's Republic. Both countries are interested in developing political and economic cooperation, but such cooperation is inseparable from cultural and educational...
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On Solid Promotion of Network Construction for College Ideological and Political Education

Sijie Wang
College ideological and political education has important significance for the development of college students and teachers, so relevant management department must pay attention to the application of information technology, promote network construction for ideological and political education, sum up...
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The Parents’ Parenting Patterns Who Work in Borobudur Temple Area with Development of Student Characters in Elementary Schools

Imam Mujtaba, Ahmad Susanto, Dewi Lianasari, Arif Wiyat Purnanto, Puji Rahmawati
This study aims to identify and analyze the parenting of parents who work in the Borobudur Temple Area on the character development of elementary school students, especially in Ringin Putih Elementary School 01 Borobudur. This type of research is a qualitative study with research subjects of parents...
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Psychological Well-Being of Chinese Indonesian College Students

Meiske Yunithree Suparman, Ninawati Ninawati, Kurnia Setiawan
Chinese people in Indonesia are found to be well-informed about identity administration and become victims of violence and crime. It can affect the individual’s psychological well-being. Thus, the study was intended to identify the psychological well-being of Chinese Indonesian college students. The...
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Brain’s Computation on Near-death Experience and Dream

Qihua Chen
When big data are widely used in all walks of life, obsolete numerous information is processed by high-speed operation of the computer system: data collection, data cleaning, data mining, data presentation; thus, seemingly disorganized data rapidly become logical and interconnected. Numerous results...
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Implementation of The Festo PLC Module to Increase Student Learning Outcomes at Mechatronics Courses

Wahyu Dwi Kurniawan, Soeryanto Soeryanto, Priyo Heru Adiwibowo
Technological developments in various production processes in the industrial world are progressing rapidly, of course this will have consequences, that the workforce operating plants in the industry must meet adequate qualifications so that production runs optimally. This will be a challenge for educational/training...
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The Research on the Infantry of the Tang Dynasty

Cheng XING
The Tang Dynasty (618-907) was one of the most powerful dynasties in the history of China. This thesis would try to research one of the most important forces of its army— infantry, helping us find out the reason why the infantry of the Tang Dynasty could become powerful and keep its combat effectiveness...
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The Avoidance of Non-finite Verbs for Senior High Students in China

Shanshan Huang, Kaining Mo, Chen Xie, Jialuo Zhang
Avoidance is a significant linguistic phenomenon in the process of second language learning, especially in writing. Writing is an effective form of language output and reflect the students’ capability of using grammar. To meet the requirement of writing, high school students are supposed to use non-finite...
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Study on Food Quality and Safety Issues and Total Quality Management of Food Production

Mei Li
Along with the development of society, the concern degree of people to the food quality safety is more and more high and the food profession has to adapting to this kind of development trend and constantly strengthens own orientation ability and competition ability in order to exist and develop much...
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Study of Educational Technology on Modern Ideological and Political Education

Min Wu
The rapid development of modern information technology has brought new opportunities both for the ideological and political education of college students, but also brought new challenges for the ideological and political education of college students. In order to deal with the opportunities and challenges,...
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Exploration and Practice of Mandarin Chinese Teachers in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

Yi Qiu, Yandong Qiu
In order to improve the teaching ability and professional quality of the Mandarin Chinese Teachers, it is necessary to combine the practical experience of Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, to respond to the national policy of “innovating teaching methods, strengthening the construction of teaching staff,...
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Construction of Development Mechanism for Agricultural Professional Managers

Wenwu Li
The agricultural professional managers are an important force in the strategy of rural revitalization and are the result of the development of modern agriculture to a certain stage. The development of agricultural professional managers is a systematic project. The development of agricultural professional...
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Optimizing an Attitude, Discipline and Knowledge of Crew to Prevent Work Accidents on MV. Pulau Layang

Mashudi Rofik, Rezaldi Alam Cahyadi Fajar
The application of safety procedures is influenced by the level of knowledge, attitude, and discipline of crew towards the application of safety equipment. The importance of knowledge and discipline of crew on using safety equipment properly and correctly prevent the occurrence of injuries on MV. Pulau...
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The Effect of Green Label, Perceived Quality, and Brand Image on Purchase Intention of Tissue Plenty in Jakarta

Nofilia Faulina Perlambang, Eko Harry Susanto
The development of the paper industry has decreased as a result of widespread issues of climate change, global warming, deforestation, narrowing forest land and the transfer of paper use to digital. On the other hand, companies are required to continue producing in order to survive, develop and generate...
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How Japan Respond to Population Aging in the Labor Market

Xiaoye Chen
Japan had experienced a period of aging for several decades, and the negative growth rate of the population brought the issue of labor shortage and economic decline. The government and departments put the efforts into forming and improving policies, aiming to find valid methods to eliminate the negative...
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From Galleries to Virtual Reality: Tracing the Evolution of Art Curation Practices

Kong Lan
This paper unravels the transformative journey of art curation practices from the silent, intimate spaces of traditional galleries to the immersive and interactive realms of virtual reality (VR). It highlights the pivotal role of technological innovation and creative experimentation in expanding the...
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Research on Collaborative Governance of Shadow Education Based on SFIC Model

Wenhao Yao, Huanhuan Luo, Ming Zhao
Shadow education governance is an important measure to improve the quality of education in the post ‘double reduction’ era. The governance of shadow education is public and complex. Therefore, collaborative governance has become an important model of shadow education governance, but there are still many...
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The Effectiveness of the Case Method in Increasing Students’ Learning Motivation

Masrun, Umar, Khairuddin
The case method is a student-oriented teaching approach, where students are the center of the activities of the teaching process. Case method is a way in teaching and learning process which is presented by displaying cases in the material to be studied. Tennis is the compulsory subjects that must be...
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The Influence of Wechat Article Advertisement on Consumers’ Purchase Intention on Wechat Public Platform

Taking the Fendi Ski Series as an Example

Xinyu Cui
Nowadays, WeChat plays an essential role in people’s daily life. All kinds of companies also use WeChat to operate, including selling products on the small program, maintaining relationships with customers through chat, and putting advertisements on official platforms. Advertisement is an important part...
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Optimization Strategy of Port Supply Chain Integration in China

Yunfan Yang
Port supply chain is a chain-type network structure that realizes efficient transfer of goods, capital and information at the lowest possible cost through information technology. The downturn in the shipping industry since the financial crisis has put pressure on all sides of the supply chain. The purpose...
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Study on Yimeng Spirit and Its Contemporary Value

Xianhua Meng
Yimeng spirit is a tradition cultivated by the integration of the certain historical conditions, as well as a cultural core and a spiritual temperament composed by long-term deposits, condensation and sublimation. Confucian tradition has provided the most profound background for it; the regional culture...
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A Corpus-driven Study on Semantic Prosody of “Tongzhi”

Lin Xue, Ying Yu
“Tongzhi” as a social appellation is a typical Chinese usage, whose collocates patterns in different contexts reflect the alteration of its semantic prosody as a meaning unit. This paper describes the actual phenomenal use of “Tongzhi” under different pragmatic backgrounds and analyzed the semantic preference...
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Evolution and Prospect of Chinese Martial Arts during the Rising Course of China

YaJun Qiao
With a strategic view of historical materialism and specialized way of thinking, the essay makes a dialectical demonstration of the origin and evolution of sports, traditional and school martial arts, martial arts school, social and movie martial arts and its ranking system and so on. The study shows...
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Study on the Use of Discourse Markers by Chinese College Students in Prepared English Speeches

Yuan Hu
As typical speech phenomena, discourse markers are words or expressions which mainly play a procedural role in the process of language production and comprehension, including conjunctions, adverbs, prepositional phrases, and interjections. The employment of discourse markers contributes to the success...
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The Present Situation and Adjustment of the Service Function of Chongqing Functional Financial Center (FFC)

Ran Lian, Liyao Jin
With similarities of the construction of the financial center, many cities begin to plan different roads of the financial center. The 19th CPC National Congress of the Party and President Xi further emphasized the strategic significance of Chongqing as an open highland in China’s western region in early...
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Study on Environmental Tax Burden and Development Countermeasures of Livestock Breeding Industry

Xiuling Wu
Since January 1, 2008, environmental tax has been formally implemented in China. Livestock and poultry farming is a small profit industry. Some enterprises are even at a loss. The levy of environmental taxes increases the cost of farming enterprises. The aquaculture industry is facing difficulties in...