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Innovations in Information Technology Classes in Primary School Based on Micro Courses

Shaohua Nie
At present, innovations and reforms are urgently needed in information technology education. The traditional teaching methods are difficult to stimulate students' interests and meet their existing needs. Nowadays, the "micro courses" teaching method has received much attention and researches from academic...
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Research on Evaluation Index System of Physical Education Teachers in Middle School

Weichao Shi, Bowen Wang
On the basis of combining characteristics and actual development status of physical education, the paper makes an objective and scientific research on evaluation index system of middle school physical education teachers by using research methods of document research, questionnaire survey, interview and...
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Research on the Application and Influence of AIIT on Accounting

Nan Shi
The purpose of this paper is to give full attention to the development trend of information technology such as AIIT and network technology, and expand the accounting informationalized view. It also gives attention to the profound influence of AIIT on the cultivation of accounting professionals, change...
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Literature review of Strategy Based Instruction (SBI) development in Teaching English as Second Language(TESOL)

Yunlin Shi
This paper is a literature review of Strategy-based instruction in Teaching English as Second Language (TESOl) around the world. With the globalization and modernization, English plays increasing role in exchange and communication, then how to improve the teaching efficiency in TESOL becomes more important....
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The Study of Landscape Protection and Utilization in Folk Custom Villages--Take the Hetuala Village in Liaoning Province as an Example

Chang Su, Liang He
Folk village landscape usually carries the wisdom of the people first and cultural traditions, but with modern industrialization and urbanization, as well as the influence of the folk custom village landscape suffered from folk characteristics of the threat of loss and destructive development. How to...
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The Combination of Realistic Rationality and Humanistic Thought

Rurui Sun
Values is the core of social cultural system; it is the important component of individual outlook and philosophy. Its essence is the value standpoint, attitude and basic idea of the subject. Defoe's values were the important components in the meaning of innovation on English Realistic literature in the...
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Fiscal Issues of Old Projects in Real Estate Sales

Wei Sun
As the key industry in the change from business tax to value-added tax, the real estate industry encountered most complex taxation problems in 2016. This paper makes a comprehensive analysis on the special taxation issue of old projects in real estate enterprises in the transition period, and puts forward...
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The Triadic Structure of Wa People's Environmental Customary Law Origin

Jingyi Wang, Xiaoyan Li
Environmental customary law refers to ideas and opinions on the relationship between human and the natural environment in the traditional culture of minority nationalities. It reflects the original legal culture of ethnic minorities. Wa people are indigenous minorities in Yunnan. Their traditional culture...
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Research on the Sustainable Development of Yoga Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Youfeng Wang
At present, many students are keen to learn yoga, not only for fitness, but also for the fashion in universities and colleges. For the physical education in colleges, in order to meet the needs of the university students, yoga is a health project, which has been welcomed by university students. Especially...
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The present situation analysis and countermeasure research of Chinese martial arts teaching in University

Fuchao Wu
On Chinese martial arts teaching present situation and development trend of physical education in common colleges and universities are studied, analyzed the present situation of Chinese martial arts teaching in colleges problems, discusses the feasibility and significance of university teaching Chinese...
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Research on College Students' Network Political Participation and Its Countermeasures

Lin Wu
Active participation in political affairs is one of the basic political strategies of our country. The network political participation has become an effective supplement and extension of traditional political participation. College students are the most active force on the Internet, and their network...
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Discussion on The Construction of The Quality Management System of PE Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Yan Xu
PE teaching is an important part of Chinese higher education. However, the reform and development of PE teaching in China has not kept pace with the development of education at present. Especially the imperfection of the teaching quality management system and the mechanism have seriously affected the...
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The Analysis of Policy Objectives and Economic Effects of House Property Tax

Qiang Xu, Hongzhu Yue
The real estate bubble has seriously threatened the healthy and stable operation of economy and society in China. It is urgently required for the government to regulate the real estate market by the house property tax. This paper firstly analyzed the reason of high housing price and discussed the policy...
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Copyright Protection on Handicrafts of Yunnan Minorities from the Perspective of Industrialization

Qingqing Xu
The development of Yunnan minority cultural industry starts from minority handicrafts. With the process of cultural industrialization, national arts and crafts with physical forms have become an indispensable part in cultural industry. It is of great significance to protect the intellectual property...
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Research on the Different Ways of Thinking between Chinese and Western People and Barriers in Cross-cultural Communication

Jing Yang
Thinking is a mental process revealing how people get to know the outside world. Thinking modes have the characteristic of stability, structurization and stylization. Therefore, the ways of thinking is the thinking structure which has certain popularity and stability, and it is formed in the process...
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The Research of Vocational Qualification Factors in Higher Vocational Colleges fresh Teachers

Yang Liu
Carrying out the vocational qualification certificate system in higher vocational colleges is also exist only quantity, not heavy quality and professional standards has yet to organic teaching system and so on. Higher vocational colleges should seriously reflect on and avoid blindly pursue "double the...
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SWOT Analysis on the Development of "The Silk Road" Sports Tourism in Yunnan Province

Peipei Yang
Yunnan plays an important role in the Southern Silk Road because of its geographical position, which is a bridge connecting Chengdu with South Asia and Southeast Asia. By adopting SWOT analysis, this paper analyzed the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threats of Yunnan Silk Road sports...
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Analysis on Essential medicines' use and its influencing factors in Beijing's Community Health Institutions

Yu Yang
To evaluate the use of essential medicines and its influencing factors in community health institutions and analyze problems in the stock and use of essential medicines so that we can provide references and suggestions for the Essential Medicine System. Methods The stock status of essential medicines...
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The Book Market Influence Of Book Integrated Design

Jing Zhang
By understanding books connotation analysis of the development of book integrated design, the understanding of books is no longer just in order to meet its usefulness, but began to pay more attention to their aesthetic needs. Understand consumer needs and buying psychology on the basis of its use into...
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An Empirical Study on Capital Structure Influencing Factors of Listed Companies in Household Appliances Industry

Yan Zhang, Yulin Xia
In this paper, Chinese listed companies in household electrical appliance industry are chosen as the research object. Through principal component analysis and multiple linear regressions, the capital structure influence factors of these companies are analyzed. According to the results of this study,...
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Management of Files on Sports Skills of Students with High Level Sports Talents in Normal Universities

Yong Zhang
Based on the explanation of connotation of files on students with high level sports talents in normal universities, this paper analyzes deficiencies and the realistic significance of archive management on these talented students. It also deals with problems in the archive management of students with...
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Research on the Significance of Teaching Mode Reform of Business English Course Based on Constructivism Experience

Yu Zhang
This paper explores the constructivist teaching theory, designs the experiential teaching mode, and explores the innovation of business English teaching, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the English students' business English learning efficiency. Based on the theoretical foundation, this paper...
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The Business English Teaching Reform Under The Perspective OF The CBI Teaching Concept

Jun Zhao
Relying on teaching content (Content-Based Instruction, referred to as "CBI") to emphasize that the subject matter and language learning combine to improve students' academic knowledge and cognitive skills, while promoting the development of their language skills. At home, on the theory and empirical...
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The Impacts of Social Media on Political Communication: a Case Study of News on Chinese Officials' Corruption

Wenzhe Zhu
In recent years, social media develops rapidly in China, and changes the traditional media pattern in this new era of information. Due to the widespread of social media, ordinary Chinese people now have different ways to take part in political events. Social media has become the platform of political...
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Research on Multimodal Metaphor in Mountain May Depart Under the Cross-cultural Context

Yadong Zhu
Research on multimodal metaphor breaks the limitation of traditional research on language, extends to multimodal symbols like images, sound and music, and enhances people's understandings on features and mechanism of metaphor. Since multimodal metaphors are quite common in films, this study discusses...
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On Marx 's World History Theory and Contemporary Chinese Socialism

Lu Bai
Marx's theory of world history mainly focuses on the impact of the general development of productive forces and exchanges on the social development process. It is clear that the mutual reference and follow-up of civilization can greatly promote the rapid development of history. The development of history...
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The Music Analysis of Beethoven 's Piano Sonata "Farewell"

Yingjie Cheng
Beethoven is one of the most great composers of the western music industry in the 19th century. It is the masterpiece of classical music in the history of western music. The musical works have a relatively romantic atmosphere, and on the basis of inheriting tradition Bold innovation, the music content...
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Discussion on Promoting the Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprises' Marketing

Jin Du
Today, China's economic and social development has been extremely rapid period, but in fact a large number of enterprises in China's product marketing system there are still considerable limitations, so that many products sales problems, the lack of significant marketing performance. China's modern enterprises...
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Cultural Reflection on Ideological and Political Education in Universities under the Background of Popular Culture

Shunqi Gao
The mass culture has a double impact on the ideological and political education of college students. Under the background of popular culture, the ideological and political education of college students should be reformed and reformed. The actual situation of popular culture background should be fully...
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Discussion on the Risk and Supervision Path of Internet Financial P2P Network Loan Model

Dielin He
In the context of Internet finance, the application of P2P network credit model has been paid more and more attention. However, during the practical application, there are more operational risks and it is difficult to improve the security of financial lending mode. Therefore, during the practical application,...
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Existential Interpretation of Isabel Archer in The Portrait of a Lady

Shuhua Hou, Hua Zhang
Realism, with its true and objective reflection of the social reality, becomes nineteenth century American literary mainstream. Henry James is one of the three advocators of American realism in the nineteenth century. The Portrait of a Lady is representative of his novels, noted for unique narrative...
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A Study on the Application of Creative Painting in Yiwu City 's Cultural Construction--Case of landscaping

Ping Jin
Creative painting has distinct characteristics of individuality, the interactive characteristics of civic participation and the characteristics of civilians, which can fully meet the current aesthetic of the public and meet the needs of Yiwu urban culture construction. Creative painting in Yiwu city...
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An Analysis of the Path of College Students' Ideological and Political Education in the Context of Network and Big Data

Huiming Li
With the continuous development of science and technology in China, information technology has pushed large data into new development field. In this context, all areas of society are gradually covered by network and large data, people's way of life and way of thinking also subtle changes in the change....
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Design of Video/Audio Education System for Small and Medium Enterprises

Xiao Li
In the process of SME(Small and Medium Enterprises) Informationization, E-learning, which has many merits, such as low-cost and conveniences, is widely used in SME staff training .On the other hand, it has many shortcomings that are the contents and methods are not applicable. In this paper, we design...
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Research on Financing Innovation of Chinese Small and Medium - sized Technological Enterprises

Liulin Lin, Yun Sun
China has always been adhering to the "science and technology is the primary productive force", and now science and technology SMEs in promoting China's economic development has an important role. Therefore, for the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide some help to help improve...
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The Development of China 's Over - Seven - holes Hulusi Music

Hongfei Liu
In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of Over seven holes Hulusi and the traditional Hulusi were compared and analyzed. The basic conclusion of the analysis of the results, the present situation and the development potential of the super-seven-hole Hulusi is that the super-seven-hole Hulusi...
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On Japanese Culture Education in Japanese Teaching

Qiaoying Liu
The ultimate goal of Japanese teaching is to use language to carry out in-depth communication. Accurate and appropriate Japanese language expressive ability is only one of the steps of learning. However, if you want to carry out comprehensive and in-depth use of Japanese to communicate, you need a comprehensive...
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Study on Knowledge Collaboration Innovation of College Counselors

Shiyong Lu, Yuan Zhang
The progress of current science and technology and the emergence of network technology allow colleges and universities to have new understandings of knowledge collaboration innovation of college counselors. This paper explores the process of knowledge collaboration innovation of college counselors and...
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Features of Vocal Music Art

Yong Lu
Vocal art is a kind of music performance art, which is the art of tone and language formed by the sound of the human body itself. Compared with instrumental art, it has obvious shape. It is by virtue of the description of the language, can more directly and specifically express people's subtle feelings....
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Analysis on Application of Traditional Chinese Opera Costume Elements in Contemporary Costume Design

Juan Luo
Traditional Chinese opera culture has rich connotations. In the long-time development process of traditional opera culture, costume culture in opera culture has developed and different costume cultural elements have emerged, which have not only enriched opera culture, but also produced positive influence...
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Mobile Community Inclusive Finance:Demand analysis and promotion strategy

Xiaoling Song
Rapid growth of mobile internet customers, flourish of mobile payment and transformation of traditional physical community finance towards mobile community bank create a good external environment for the development of mobile finance. Customer demand promotes rapid development of mobile community inclusive...
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Standardization and Improvement of Village-level Accountant Principal-Agent System from the Perspective of Financial Management

Yun Sun, Liulin Lin, Xun Zhao
Extensive attention is paid to the application of village-level accountant principal-agent system from the perspective of financial management. Relevant management personnel must improve and standardize it according to actual work requirements of financial management, improve the feasibility of village-level...
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Growth in the Faith: an Anthropological Study on Excavation, Protection and Inheritance of Qiang Dragon Dance

Dequan Wan
Dragon dance of Qiang, deeply involved with primitive religious beliefs, especially the "dragon" totemism of the Qiang people, is the essence of the sacrificial culture of Qiang. It is the traditional art based on the high artistic and realistic nature, and combining music, dance, gymnastics, acrobatics,...
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Application of opera rehearsal to promote exploration of vocal music teaching

Jingjing Wang
opera performance is a high grade performing mode of singing, as well as one of art forms with strong comprehensiveness, integrating singing, performance and shape. Opera rehearsal teaching requires performer's good vocal singing ability and extremely strong musical coordination ability and ability to...
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Studies on the influence of accounting standard reform to construction enterprise accounting

Ying Wei
Strengthening accounting can perfect and consummate Chinese socialist market economy system, effectively improve the effectiveness of market economy, and can also further improve enterprise financial staff's professional quality, and improve capital utility efficiency. To conform to International Accounting...
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Analysis on enterprise logistics management performance evaluation system

Jing Wen
With the constant development of Chinese economy, development patterns in different industries and fields have formed into a united entirety linking to each other, especially when logistics industry is entering into a high-speed development era, more and more enterprise managers have realized the promoting...
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Innovative Research on Integrating Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture in Undergraduate Ideological and Political Education of Higher Universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yurong Xuan
Undergraduate ideological and political work of universities of traditional Chinese medicine has certain particularity, different from that of ordinary universities. Hence, multiple factors need considering comprehensively. Under current social background, it is very necessary to reform and innovate...
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Research Progress on Ecological Protection and Restoration of Urban Wetlands in China

Wen Zhan, Shouyun Shen, Huifeng Cheng
As urbanization course speeds up in China, urban wetlands are faced with a series of problems such as serious pollution, sharp decrease of area, eutrophication aggravation, acceleration of biotic intrusion, lack of management system and weak protection awareness. Ecological protection and restoration...
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Analysis on Process Management and Its Application in University Library Management

Jing Zhang
Process management as a brand-new management theory started to prevail in 1990s. It has been widely applied in modern business circle. Through detailed analysis of process management, it is found that process management tallies with library management work to certain degree. The integration of process...
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Studies on construction and running mode of university counselors learning organization construction

Yuan Zhang, Shiyong Lu
Dynamic and complex interior and exterior environment requires for university counselors to systematically establish learning organizations. University counselors leaning organization is a multi-dimension organism made up by universities, function departments, learning teams and counselors themselves,...
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Study on the Curriculum System Reform in of Vehicle Engineering University of Applied Sciences

Tao Zhu, Qinlao Yan, Quanmin Li
The curriculum system reform in vehicle engineering in the University of Applied sciences integrates theory teaching and practice teaching as a whole,changes the traditional mode of theory teaching separating form practice teaching,and highlights application,comprehensive,practical and advanced of the...
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A Study on the Impact and Promotion of "One Belt One Road Strategy"for the Internationalization of West China Normal Universities

Chunmei Yang
Because of the limitation of history and region, the international progress of the normal universities is far behind the developed area in the coastal areas. " One Belt One Road Strategy " provides opportunities to promote the internationalization process of the Western Normal Universities, its driving...
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The Reform of Information Literacy Education in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Full Media

Yaling Hu
The arrival of the media era has a certain impact on the information literacy education in colleges and universities. Under the process of carrying out information literacy education, the university can only promote the teaching and teaching function by adjusting the education and teaching work in the...
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The Consciousness of "Meditation" in Pottery Creation

Peng Hu
The creation of pottery works is a heritage of ancient Chinese civilization, it is closely related to our life, is the crystallization of the wisdom of our ancestors. The creation of pottery works not only reflects the rhythm of our human life, but also contains the aesthetic values of the creators of...
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Research on Merging Pattern after Toll Based on Simulation

Yusong Wang, Jingxin Ning, Shang Li
We establish a fan-in system (including combination area design, merging pattern and so on) which can best prevent accidents, improve throughput and minimize the cost. To achieve our goal, first cellular automaton is used to stimulate the actual toll plaza and establish some kinds of combination area...
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Exploration and Practice of College English Teaching Content under the Strategy of Culture Going out

Yingge Hu
The strategy of cultural going out can be said to be the necessary move to improve the soft power of Chinese culture. In this context, China's college English teaching content appeared in the lack of traditional Chinese culture, college English educators lack of knowledge of Chinese culture, learners...
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On the Important Connotation of First - class Undergraduate Education is "Double -first-class" Construction

Jing Liu
Undergraduate education is an important foundation of building first-class universities and developing first-class disciplines. Therefore, colleges and universities should make the education concept be updated, and the reform and innovation must be carried out in the aspect of personnel training, and...
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The Justification of Legitimate Defense-based on Jurisprudential Analysis of Yu Huan Case

Chenzhong Yue
In the judicial practice, there are always very serious problems in the determination of legitimate defense. The result of the judgment is often far from common sense. The fundamental reason lies in the fact that the judicial personnel stand behind all the risks of defense responsible for the defenders...
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Reanalysis of Foxconn Incident Based On the Perspective of Group Dynamics Theory

Feng Zhao, Yanying Tang, Yawen Gan
Since the beginning of 2010, a series of employees committed suicide in Foxconn Group which has aroused widespread concern in the society. Many scholars have studied the incident from different perspectives. Based on the theory of group dynamics of German psychologist Levin, this paper explores the causes...
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Analysis on Composition, Characteristics and Functions of Network Young Option Leaders in China

Beibei Kong
Based on the actual situation where diversified information technologies contend for development in the internet age, synchronous development of market economy and civil society injects energy for operation of modern society and also offers fundamental conditions for the emergence of young opinion leader....
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Research on Profit Model of Long Tail Product in China's Video Websites

Lin Shi
China's video site industry mainly through direct advertising, membership services, subscription-on-demand and copyright sales to obtain revenue, although the development of many years still face the challenges of profitability. The application of long tail theory in management helps to improve the profitability...
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On the Expectation of Music Teachers in Music Psychology Education

Junyi Chen
Music education plays a very important role in the cultivation of students' quality education, which has a positive effect on the psychological adjustment of students. Students as a social group in a more specific class of people, their life and learning process by many factors outside the impact. Students...
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Study on English Translation Based on Probabilistic Syntax

Xueqin Du
As international exchange and cooperation deepens continuously in China, English translation has become an essential link in international language exchange in recent years. It plays a crucial role in various fields and activities of international social development. As international exchange continues...
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Study on the Intervention of Depression in Dying Patients from the Perspective of Music Psychology

Ning Qu
Objective: To help dying patients to enhance self-concept, to promote relaxation, relieve stress, reduce depression. Methods: On the one hand, the subjects were interviewed to understand the basic status of dying patients. On the other hand, the depressive state of 30 patients with death was evaluated...
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On Digital Technology and Music Education

Boyuan Song, Junyi Chen
The impact of digital technology on music is closely related to the life of the public, after the computer involved in music, music recording and dissemination of the way has undergone great changes. Such as the emergence of CD files, MOD files and MP3 files in the form of music recording format, so...
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Research on Multi - objective Programming in Aerobics Teaching

Long Yang
With the advent of the national fitness era, physical exercise has become an indispensable part of the mass life of our country. As a school, the establishment of aerobics courses can effectively attract students' interest in sports courses that require a lot of physical strength. Students through aerobics...
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Research on the Influence of Basketball Technique Model on the Comprehensive Quality of Basketball Players

Kaihua Xu, Yali Xu
With the continuous progress of society and the development of globalization, the life of our people has also changed a lot. Of course, these changes are reflected in the cost of eating and learning and learning, many aspects of our daily lives have been affected. Which is also a way to exercise, there...
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Risks and Countermeasures of Internal Control in Accounting on Today

Yunhe Dong
As an important part of internal control, accounting internal control is a process of restraining the economic activities and economic supervision of internal control personnel according to the different environment. The internal control of enterprise accounting will develop with the development of economy,...
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Wireless Sensor Network energy balance routing based on ant colony algorithm

Xin Wang, Ying Shi
The traditional limitations of ant colony algorithm used in Wireless Sensor Networks was studied sufficiently and improved infectively in this paper. The node residual energy pheromone is considered as update factor and distance heuristic probability function is also included in this method to improved...
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Analysis on the Ways of Inheriting Minority Culture in Higher Vocational Colleges in Inner Mongolia

Xinyu Li
Inheriting local minority culture is the historical mission and responsibility of Higher Vocational Colleges in Minority Areas. This paper tries to establish the national cultural heritage to explore the campus model, by students in the classroom, campus culture, student activities and the external environment...
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Construction of humanized management model of College Textbooks

Genlian Zhang
Teaching material management is an important part of teaching management in Colleges and universities. It has been ten years since colleges and universities have implemented the complete credit system. It is necessary to construct a new model of teaching material management for facing the new situation....
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Exploration and Research on the new model of teacher management of universities in China

Genlian Zhang
In recent years, with the rapid development of higher education of China, the number of teachers continue to grow, disadvantages of traditional management mode has become increasingly evident. The introduction of modern management mode, set up a perfect teaching management system, establish a "Teacher...
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The important concept of teacher management in Colleges and Universities under Humanistic Care

Genlian Zhang
the competition will be more intense In the face of global economic integration and knowledge economy.The competition of colleges and universities is the competition of talents.High quality personnel training needs to ensure the quality of teachers.Using the theory of human resources to carry out the...
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Problems and Countermeasures of teachers' management in local colleges and Universities

Genlian Zhang
The level of teacher management is closely related to the quality of education in local colleges and Universities. The existing problems in the management of teachers in local colleges and universities have lowered the quality of higher education and restricted the development of colleges and universities....
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Reflections on the reform of teaching material management in Colleges and Universities

Genlian Zhang
Teaching material is the knowledge carrier of teaching content and teaching method, it is the basic tool for teaching, and also the important guarantee for deepening the reform of education and teaching and cultivating innovative talents. The management of teaching materials has a direct impact on the...
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Study on the development strategy of Rural Ecotourism based on Ecological Civilization

Junying Zhang
The effective combination of ecological civilization and rural eco-tourism is a reflection of China's sustainable development. The development of rural eco-tourism industry and the protection of resources and environment are contrary. The sustainable development of rural tourism and ecological civilization...
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Study on the Influence of Pragmatic Transfer in Third Language Acquisition on Uygur Students' English Speech Acts

Donghua Zhang
In the phenomenon of pragmatic transfer in the learning process of Uygur, Chinese and English for Uygur students learn English as a third language, In this paper, we propose that we should pay attention to the positive transfer of the two languages to the third language by the third language learners...
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Contrastive Study of Pragmatic Strategies in the English Speech Act of Requests between Uygur Students and Han Students

Sisi Hu
Based on Searle's speech act theory, Brown & Levinson's polite theory and interlanguage pragmatic theory, this study makes a contrastive study of pragmatic strategies in English speech act of requests used by Uygur students, Han students and British students by means of a questionnaire. It mainly analyzes...
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Study on the effectiveness of pragmatic transfer in third language acquisition

Chunyan Yu
As a result of the Uygur language has been the mother tongue and the first language, if Chinese is the second language, then English becomes the third language, and the interaction between the three language acquisition is more complex. In this context, combined the relationship between the three language...
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Study on English teaching model based on ability progression

Shengqi Xiong, Wenjie Zeng
With the accelerated pace of reform, the traditional English teaching model has been unable to meet the needs of the new era. In this paper, an English teaching model based on competence progressive is put forward by analyzing the disadvantages of the traditional English teaching mode, combining with...
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Analysis of college oral English teaching based on multimedia and network technology

Wei Dai, Jing Li
With the continuous development and maturity of multimedia and network technology, it has gradually entered into our study and life. As a kind of modern technology with high efficiency and convenience, multimedia and network technology have been widely used in the teaching of college spoken English,...
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Innovation mode of College English classroom teaching under the new curriculum reform

Dan Hu
Starting from the innovative teaching mode of College English classroom, this article mainly has analyzed the present situation and the existing college English, and according to the requirements of the new curriculum reform, innovation and exploration has been carried out in the College English classroom...
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Research on the application of information and Internet technology in English Education

Jing Li, Wei Dai
With the development of information technology, the information technology has been widely used in many fields, such as the development of the society. To a certain extent, which has also formed a dependence on information and Internet technology, of course, this also includes education. With the continuous...
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Analysis and Research on College English talents training mode from the perspective of contemporary new media

Yafen Huang
With the continuous development of information technology and science and technology, new media has been widely used in all areas of our lives, it makes our life more convenient. With the social and economic requirements for English Majors in Colleges and universities of our country continues to improve,...
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Study on the infiltration of academy culture into local folk custom

Xiaohui Yi, Yuehua Liu
By tracing the origin and evolution of Chinese Academy Culture, this paper analyzes the function of academy culture and its influence on local politics and culture, and reveals the osmosis of academy culture to the folk custom. This paper reveals local academy characteristics by the Bailudong academy...
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Research on the implementation of University Humanities Teaching

Jin Liu, Xiaohui Yi
In the severe employment situation, the present situation of University Humanities teaching is worrying, the teaching method is single and lack of timeliness, so that students lose the enthusiasm of learning Chinese language, students' humanistic quality and aesthetic taste can not be improved. Only...
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Research on the cartoon culture and national image construction

Yuehua Liu, Jin Liu
With the economic globalization, the world is increasingly closely linked, Chinese animation culture has been the impact of foreign culture. This paper expounds the current situation of China's animation and animation culture, from the cultural influence on all aspects of our country to analyze the image...
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Research on the significance and teaching methods of introducing traditional opera into the course of public art

Cuibai Hu, Dalun Zhu
Chinese opera is the treasure of the Chinese nation, is one of the main ways to taste traditional culture, traditional opera has been introduced into the classroom by many colleges and universities, but the teaching effect is very small. Based on this, this paper analyzes the significance of introducing...
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The impact of virtual reality technology on digital media teaching

Changgen Luo, Xuemei Yuan
With the implementation of the new educational reform and the advent of the digital era, the traditional classroom teaching model has been unable to meet the current needs of teaching, therefore, this research will combine virtual reality Technology with digital media teaching course, and provide a new...
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The application of Nuo culture elements in modern dress design, Based on the example of Nanfeng County in Jiangxi

Yalin Dong
In the fashion design process, especially in modern dress design, there are often a lot of problems in the use of traditional folk culture, which is because in the fashion design process and no field trips to a traditional culture but no real meaning will interpret out of context, the use of modern aesthetic...
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Application of Jiangxi intangible cultural heritage in modern fashion design

Yongru Liu
The Hanfu is Han inherits traditional costumes, dress is also important in the history of Jiangxi, which Jiangxi endemic to the clothing clothing type, associated with the local customs, especially with apparel modeling and process design is quite mature in Nanfeng County, Jiangxi is the fashion of intangible...
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Exploration and practice of graduation project of local characteristic cultural elements in clothing and costume design

Yongru Liu
Without rich culture, it could not create deep and full of tension in the clothing design, clothing design in the training of personnel. In addition to a solid foundation, bold design concept and innovation ability, it also should be oriented to the local economy and culture, make the design of the clothing...
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Investigation and analysis of artistic characteristics and charm of Nuo culture in Nanfeng County

Yalin Dong
In order to study the regional Nanfeng Nuo culture artistic characteristics and charm, the development history of Nanfeng Nuo Nuo dance costumes, tracing and Nuo mask as a starting point, through field investigation and data acquisition, combined with professional academic works of Nanfeng Nuo culture...
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Research on new media art based on diversified media

Changgen Luo, Xuemei Yuan
It provides the material basis for a variety of means and methods of new media art and new media art, the use of new media is the formation of a new vitality, in the traditional media research, the introduction of non traditional media, creative expression. With the advent of the computer information...
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Study on Chuang Tzu's Attitude towards Death and Its Practical Significance

Changhong Tian
Taoist life view has a naturalistic spirit, full of natural care. In the face of the fear of death and some of our own problems can not solve the problem, Chuang Tzu with free and easy state of mind to resolve it. Chuang Tzu think that can be treated by reason, reasoning; security at the Shun, the life...
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A Study on the Influencing Factors of Job Satisfaction :A Case of Doctors in Township Hospital

Zhiqiang Zhao
In this paper, factor analysis is the main research method what used to analyze the job satisfaction and explore the main factors that affect the job satisfaction of doctors in township hospitals. The results show that the overall income level is the main factor which is influenced the doctors' satisfaction...
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Research on Teaching Models of College English from the Perspective of Cognitive Poetics

Xiao Ling
With the continuous development of higher education in our country, the college English teaching model is gradually maturing. In recent years, the rise of cognitive poetics has created new opportunities for further improvement of college English teaching. This paper discusses the important role of cognitive...
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Research on Preposition Teaching of College English Based on Cognitive Linguistics

Xiao Ling
English prepositions are a kind of polysemous words, which are abstract and complex. English prepositions have been paid close attention by scholar. They are also the difficulties in English teaching. The basic theories of cognitive linguistics, such as image schema theory and metaphor theory, can be...
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The Impact of Financial Intelligence on Commercial Banking from the Perspective of Transaction Cost

Zhaoyi Xu, Xinyu Cheng
Based on the transaction cost from the perspective of financial intelligence influence for commercial banks, analyzes the transaction cost of commercial banking business, including financial intermediation costs, operating costs and management costs of credit market. In the field of asset management,...
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The Comparative Study of Teacher's Ethics Education in China and the United States

Jie Zeng
Chinese economic society is in a period of rapid development, science and education as a long-term basic national policy, it is related to the process of modernization of our country. Teachers 'professional ethics are increasingly concerned by the society. Teachers' morality is the basic means of teachers...