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[WITHDRAWN]An Analysis of the Relationship between Human and Nature in Moby Dick

Ziwei Jia, Daxin Yang, Meng Wu, Suyu Di, Yuewei Ma
Moby Dick is the masterpiece of Herman Melville, who is a famous American novelist of 19th century. The novel is a bright pearl in American literature history and it is viewed as the pinnacle in the field of the relationship between human and nature writing. Moby Dick is a brilliant work and is interesting...
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[WITHDRAWN]Pragmatic Failures by Chinese Learners of English in Intercultural Communication

Daxin Yang, Ziwei Jia, Lejing Zhao, Hua Xue, Hede Gong
With the development of economic globalization, intercultural communication is increasing rapidly in the world. Pragmatic failure usually leads to misunderstandings among different people with various backgrounds. Understanding cultural differences is necessary for successful communication. This thesis...
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A Study on Career Planning Guidance for College Students from the Perspective of Enterprises

Ting Zhang
Through the investigations and visits of colleges and universities, students and some representative enterprises, this study analyzes the current situation of the supply and demand condition and career planning guidance of college students. And on the basis of the characteristics of Chinese higher education,...
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Some Thoughts on the Japanese Major Education of Chinese Colleges in the Transition Period

Wei Zou
After more than ten years of rapid development, Japanese teaching in China's universities has ushered in the new period of transformation. With the rapid increase of the number of students, teachers and scientific research level, ivory tower education begins to coexist with applied education. Facing...
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Research on the Visual Brand Image Design of Visual Culture

Fang Zhao, Lan Luo
In this study, out of the idea of historical development, in the context of the development of visual culture to build brand image design and visual relationship between interpretation and perception of enlightenment Chinese century-old brand image design development brought on this basis. Conclusion...
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Evaluation on the Impact Factors of University Students' English proficiency Based on AHP

Jian Yong
To become a qualified international talent, University students must improve their English level. At present, there are so many researches on improving the university students' English level, most of them are about the ranks of teachers, teaching methods, teaching equipment and teaching means, this paper...
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Study on the Strategies to Improve English Teachers' Pragmatic Competence

Haosheng Xu, Ru Guo
In this study, we have determined the goal of training content of teacher's ongoing education By defining the concept of pragmatic ability in the context of improving the pragmatic competence of middle school English teachers. Taking the "Request Speech Act" as an example, we drew up the "continuing...
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The Influence of the Intangible Cultural Heritage on the Local Novels of Sichuan

Xiaofang Gao
The Sichuan local novel is birth in the soil of rich and generous intangible cultural heritage. The unique performance art ,such as objective, calm and realistic satire art?vivid and unique performance function of "Sichuan" dialect?narrative structure and so on, reveals the influence of regional cultural...
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Microteaching Reforming Based on Professional Teaching Method

Jia Tian
Microteaching introduced to China since the 1980s, it has become an effective way to train students teacher professional teaching skills. But with the deepening of education reform, micro-teaching in the implementation process, there have been a lot of problems and contradictions. With the modern concept...
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Metaphor and Translation Strategies in News English

Hongjuan Li
Metaphor as a figure of speech a, than simile more vivid and flexible, in News English, metaphor can better express the theme, readers to deepen cognition, to create infection force characteristics of a strong press release to have the help very much. In the translation of metaphors in English News English,...
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Research on Management of Scientific Funds in Universities

Jie Li, Chang Liu, Bo Lu
Recently, a series of rules and regulations have been put forward to strengthen the management of scientific research funds in colleges and universities, which arouse strong reactions among the researchers of colleges and universities. The problems which exist in the management of scientific research...
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Aesthetic Taste

Minh Quang Nguyen, Tu Quynh Vu
Aesthetic taste shows the human interest in aesthetic and reveals their capacity of mental selection and evaluation in front of aesthetic phenomena. Personal factor in aesthetic taste is represented in the selection and evaluation of objects for perception which are subject to each person's preference....
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Research onTujia Sayerhe Dance

Zhenhua Guo, Jun Yang, Meirong Tang
The paper, using the research methods such as literature, field investigation method, logic reasoning method and so, researched Tujia people's Sayerhe dance. The research results shows: This text USES the method of documents and materials The methods of the study of Tujia in the universe and the ho The...
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The Development and Reflection on the Traditional Martial Arts Culture

Zhenghong Li, Zhenhua Guo
Martial arts is an outstanding spiritual creation through the historical choice. As a kind of cultural form, it contains the rich cultural connotations. In this paper, using the research methods of literature, logic reasoning and so on, the interpretation of the traditional martial arts culture has been...
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Protection and Development of Hainan Li Dance under the Background of Cultural Power

Xiaoqin Ouyuang, Jiafa Wang
Hainan Li dance is one of the important resources in our national dance culture treasure-house and is also the art with the most national features in Li aesthetic culture. This paper focuses on the analysis of Li dance features, and discusses the way to protect and develop Hainan Li dance under the time...
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A Research on Indicators of Selecting Partner of Supply Chain in Construction Industry

Chenhua Cui
Partner of SC in construction industry has been discussed in the industry for many years,In this paper, I thoroughly research the problem on " a construction enterprise how to can select the best?the most effective partner in its ownSC",through comparison?research and reading relative literatures I build...
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Research on the International Brand Strategy of Agricultural Products

Ningning Yan
The current market competition has from the pure product competition to brand competition, brand competition from domestic to international. However, the road of the agricultural products brand international has been a lot of confusion and misconceptions. This paper discusses meaning and necessity about...
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Discuss on the Cultivation of Students' Ability in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Chunfeng Jiang
With the continuous development of China's economic social, all kinds of innovative talents are getting more and more attention and favor by the society. Students as a large number of talents about to enter to the society have received higher education, whose thoughts are with a higher layer of sublimation,...
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Study on the Reconsidering and Countermeasures for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Universities

Yulan Zhao
Even though China is now strongly encouraging the innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities, it is not dominant which only makes up for the demerits of career development education and is temporary policies to drive employment based on entrepreneurship without reaching a high level and...
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Reform & Practice on the Diversification of the Examination Mode of Applied Undergraduate Education

Changyu Li, Guixia Ma
According to our school's training target for basic industry base of applied talents, our school has set up a mode which is in accordance with the school talent training target and diversified tests of social needs. Meanwhile, our school has achieved the goal to cultivate students' ability to apply for...
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Research on Computer Professional Educational Reform

Yanliu Nie, Hexiang Lu, Liyun Wang
In this article,basing on the analysis of the short about current college computer professional, explaining the sense of promote learning through competition.In order to make it implement successfully,we can follow the aspects including courses and teaching mode,opening labs,teachers Training and school...
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Improve Higher Vocational Students' Ability to Read Texts in the Classroom

Yanli Wang
The ability to read is an important era of knowledge economy, the stronger reading skills, the stronger the self-learning ability in the future, the higher the quality of life. Based on the characteristics of elementary school students for future primary school language teachers groups - primary Chinese...
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Research on the Construction and Management of Teaching Team in Private Colleges and Universities with Graduate Cultivation

Jingfeng He, Zhang Guangzhen
This paper explores the value of having graduate training qualifications of private colleges and universities teaching team construction and management, construction content, construction principles, implementation ways, characteristics and the related theoretical issues, that private teaching team in...
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Study on the Implementation Methods of Organization on College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Tianbo Liu, Shengbin Zhao, Jiyuan Feng, Yuanwei Qi
Along with the continuous development of the city, the related education structure is continuously improved, social requirements for innovation and entrepreneurship being gradually upgrading, college students are the main employment groups in the society, under the employment situation, improve the related...
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Study on Innovation Management of Middle-level Manager in Enterprises

Li Zhang, Xiaqing Liu, Mengqing Ye
The middle-level manager is an important link that plays an important and irreplaceable role in enterprise management. The middle manager has the feature of knowledge-type talents and the character of modern enterprise management, which decides that motivations on middle-level managers like pay, bonuses,...
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Discussion on the Training Mode of School Enterprise Coeducation in the Specialty of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

Lidan Fan, Youquan Chen, Feng Yang, Zhuojuan Yang
This paper to explore the necessity of school enterprise cooperation to foster talents, and according to the characteristics of mechanical manufacturing and automation specialty, puts forward machinery manufacturing and automation professional school enterprise education professionals training implementation...
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Research on the Filial Piety of College Students under General Education

Fengzhen Jia
General education originated in nineteenth Century, and its ultimate goal is to develop a complete and full person. The lack of "filial piety" of the current college students is not optimistic: they narrowly understand the meaning of "filial piety", don't respect their parents feel, don't considerate...
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Research on University Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Yumian Liu, Shang Peng
With the continuous improvement of urban construction, the relevant scientific educational model are constantly renewing and constructing, the concept of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship is gradually advancing in higher education. In the realistic mode of university education, student's...
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Research on Construct Sharing Platform of Large-Scale Instruments and Equipment in the Laboratory

Wenbi Zhu, Ling Wang, Tao Jin, Haixue Liu, Daiyun Li, Xi Sun
For increase the use ratio of large-scale instruments and equipment in the university laboratory, establish the opening sharing management platform and realize the normalized and networked management, profound research on the management approaches of large-scale laboratory instruments and equipment combined...
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On the Reading Promotion Mode of Aviation Colleges Library

Chunhong Zhang
In Combination with actual case of shenyang aerospace university, This paper discusses the aviation colleges students' reading situation and the necessity of developing promotion of reading and elaborates the school reading promotion binding mode based on credit and open reading promotion model . University...
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Analysis of Internal and External Factors Affecting the Development of Cross-Strait Cultural and Creative Industries

Xing Li, Zihan Yang, Bingjie Hou
By selecting iconic cities from Chinese mainland and Taiwan, this paper introduced the present situation of cross-strait cultural and creative industries, detailing the overall development of the creative industries. Based on creative industry development factor theory, this paper analyzed internal factors...
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[WITHDRAWN]On Cultural Differences between Chinese and Western Educational Style

Daxin Yang, Ziwei Jia, Lejing Zhao, Chuan Liu, Hui Liu, Hede Gong
Culture is a giant term which can be divided into three levels: material culture, social culture and ideological culture. Almost every aspect of life is included in these three levels. As a big part of social culture, education plays an important role in transferring the culture. Educational style is...
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[WITHDRAWN]The Impacts of Sino-Western Cultural Differences on Business Etiquette and the Corresponding Countermeasures

Ziwei Jia, Daxin Yang, Hui Liu, Jingqi Sun, Yuewei Ma
With the development of China's opening-up, more and more western cultures get into our sight. As people face with unfamiliar cultures and countries, some inevitable cultural conflicts might happen in communication, which will seriously affect the contacts being carried out smoothly. Learning and using...
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Research on the Constructive Methodology of Chinese Localization Curriculum Teaching Theory

Peipei Liu
This paper discusses the inheritance and innovation of traditional teaching theory from 3 aspects: the background of inheritance and innovation, the contents of inheritance and innovation and the method of inheritance and innovation. Then it talks about the generation of localization curriculum teaching...
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To Set up and Run a Customize Cruise Business in Bangkok

Jingjing Cheng
Cruise tourism is the modern tourism an important part.Its amazing growth momentum was far beyond the overall growth rate of international tourism.Cruise tourism was at the high-end of the tourism market with the rapid growth rate and great development potential in international tourism market.With the...
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Influence Factors and Model Construction of University Student Cadres Quality

Jian Yong
At present, there are a lot of researches on student management, but there are few researches on how to improve the quality of universities student cadres. Starting from the angle of improving university student cadre quality, the university student cadre should have a firm political belief, good sense...
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Research on Personalized Construction of Vocational Guidance Work System in Colleges and Universities

Qianqian Li
Vocational guidance work is a highly specialized career currently of our country. This paper discussed the professional degree of China's vocational guidance in colleges and universities, and introduced a series of solution to enhance the professional degree, such as to construct the guidance agencies...
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Exploration and Practice on the Application-oriented Undergraduate Cultivation System of Electrical Engineering and Automation Specialty under Professional Accreditation

Changchun Chi, Congjiao Wang
Engineering education professional accreditation is a universal guarantee mechanism for the quality of engineering education. It is also the basic of international mutual recognition of the engineering education and engineer qualifications. This article explores the professional accreditation of electrical...
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Research on the Target Positioning of Higher Vocational Talents Development Under the New Normal Situation - Take Asset Appraisal and Management Major as Examples

Ying Tang
With the economic development entering into a new normal situation, the reduction of prospective students, fresh economic development field and new requirements on vocational talents quality all highlight that the goal of higher vocational education should change from extending business to doing good....
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Research on Sports Leisure Tourism Development of Tujia Traditional Festivals in Wuling mountain Area

Xuewen Zhang
The paper, using the research methods such as literature, on-the-spot investigation, interviewing and so on, systematically combed through the present development situation of tujia traditional holiday sports and sports leisure tourism in the Wuling mountain area. The results show that tujia traditional...
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Research on Sports Culture of Tibet Shannan Zhuo Dance

Zhenghong Li, Gongjue Lamu
Shannan Zhuo dance is one of the most widespread dances in Tibetan folk, which is used to pray for the Tibetan folk auspicious and to deter evil demons, and is closely linked to folk culture and secular life, is widely used in Tibetan traditional folk religious rites, major festivals and entertainment...
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A Study on Construction Project Managers' Temperament Qualities

Chenhua Cui
Under the circumstances of more and more surging upward in construction field, if want to successfully ensure the quantity?quality and safety of each construction engineering project, this requires that our construction project managers constantly strengthen their connotation construction and qualities'...
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Study on the Subject Collaborative Interaction Model of the Knowledge Sharing of Industry-University Cooperative

Ningning Yan
Knowledge assets are the sum of the knowledge organization has which can bring competitive advantage and benefit, including patent technology, technology secret, management experience, learning ability and so on. The complexity and cross disciplinary characteristics of technological innovation makes...
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Promoting College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Subject Competition

Yulan Zhao
With the continuous development of the city, the education of college students is constantly improving. In the process of College Students' learning, for students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability training, For the real society, it is a more realistic problem in the process of training innovative...
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Reform and Development Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Local Application-Oriented Colleges and Universities

Chunfeng Jiang
Firstly, this paper briefly summarizes and analyzes the concept and main characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship education in local application oriented colleges and universities. And it takes them as the sample of reforming and developing the innovation and entrepreneurship education in local...
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The Research and Practice of Operating Mechanism for College Teachers Teaching Development Centre

Changyu Li
In this article, the basic theories on teaching development among college teachers have been researched, and the concepts, nature and functions related college teachers development have been gradually explored. The basic concept and features of self-development, organization development, active development,...
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Collaborative Innovation to Car Class Professional Service Ability in Regional Industry

Ziyun Li, Hui Wang
To serve the local economy is the main responsibilities in higher vocational colleges, its specialty construction should be adapted to regional industry development. Based on theoretical research and case analysis, to increase the ability of regional industry car class professional service, to create...
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Research on Imagine of creating the Psychological Counseling Room From the Aspect of Construction Project Management

Chenhua Cui
For his new vocational and technical college with a national first-class psychological counseling room, the author as a project manager? using the method of construction?s project management and operational research in detail discussed management?s imagine of construction?s project in the activity of...
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Research on Flipped Class Teaching Model of "Business English Translation" under the Big Data Circumstances

Mengqing Ye, Xiaqing Liu
This paper has studied on the creative "Flipped Classroom" Teaching model applied to "Business English Translation" based on the big data circumstance. The paper also analyses the feasibility, and necessity of "Flipped Classes" in learning "Business English Translation" and the detailed contents of "Flipped...
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Analysis on the Training Mode of College Enterprise Cooperation Mechanism

Zhuojuan Yang, Youquan Chen, Lidan Fan
Mechanical professional personnel training objectives are often the first line of production and manufacturing, which requires the mechanical professional training of students to have a high comprehensive quality and job skills. And based on the school enterprise cooperation, mechanical professional...
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A Brief Analysis of Educational and Technological Innovation in Universities

Yumian Liu, Shang Peng
At the present stage, universities are the base for cultivating innovative talents and the cradle for innovative talents to grow; they play a very important role in the cultivation and growth of innovative talents. At this stage, the purpose of universities to adopt the new model of innovative lab is...
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Research on Industrial Demand-Oriented Practical Teaching Mode

Wenbi Zhu, Ling Wang, Tao Jin, Jia Liu, Xi Sun
By analyzing the main problems of agricultural colleges and universities in the practical teaching presence, combining with the typical case in our school, we aimed to design and implement practical teaching program to provide theoretical reference and practical support for our agricultural colleges...
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Study on the Cultural Construction of University Library

Chunhong Zhang
In order to make the library cause of advancing with the times, developing smoothly under the network environment, and constantly improve the level of digital information. For the library, library culture should go a step ahead, so it can guide library construction by advanced and more scientific culture...
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Research on Educational Innovation in Specific Educational Work of Colleges and Universities

Tao Yan
Improvement of teaching quality and change of teaching management model are key points of educational innovation in colleges and universities at the present stage, and are constant subjects in the educational field as well. The primary premise for guaranteeing education quality is controlling and managing...
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The Application of Folk New Year Paintings in the Character Design of Chinese Animation

Jindong Wang
Folk New Year paintings are an important part of traditional Chinese culture, reflecting customs, thoughts and aesthetic spirits of working people. pass on around millennium, but disappears in the cultural life of modern society. The serious deficiency is undoubtedly a great loss and regret in the traditional...
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Taking the Qingdao Binhai University Museum of Art as an Example to Discuss the Design of Tourist Souvenirs

Jian Zhao, Liang Zhang, Linan Zheng
Tourism has become a major modern people's entertainment and leisure projects,various kinds of art galleries, museums are the best choice for people to travel. Through the survey ,it found that most of the products are lack of new ideas, no practical value in current tourism souvenir industry in our...
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Research on Farmers' Mechanism for Interests Expression in the Construction of New Socialist Countryside

Jiapeng Dai, Chenglong Sun, Lu Yang
Urbanization and industrialization accelerated the pace of China's economic and social development, bring us improvement of the comprehensive national power and total economic quantity, the construction of new socialist countryside has become the basic way to solve the problem of agriculture, rural areas...
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Prevention of the Environmental Risk--From the view of food safety

Shuhan Qi
The interactions between food production and environment protection afford us many instances, for example, the food event caused by pollution, or the environment disruption caused illegal food production. The essay discuss the risk of environment and the food safety, analyse the state of national system...
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Present Situation Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Human Resource Management and Development in Colleges and Universities

Yanqing Zeng
The development of the times promoting the progress of science and technology, science and technology level has become the main factors to measure the level of productivity, to achieve the development of society, we must conduct a reasonable human resource management process.Colleges and universities...
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An Analysis on Occupational upward Mobility of Directional Migration Workers in "Henan Exhibition Village" of Beijing

Tingting Li
Influenced by geopolitical and kinship relationships, the flow of migrant workers become agglomerate and directional and forms "Henan Village", "Zhejiang Village", "Henan exhibition village" of migrant workers gathering area in Beijing. This paper investigates the distribution of occupational directed...
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The Cultivation of English Academic Competence for Computer Science Graduates in China

Hongbo Song, Pian Wang
As the international academic exchanges become more and more frequent, the demands from English for Academic Purposes (EAP) for computer science graduates also become higher and higher. However, EAP for computer science graduates is in an embarrassing situation in China at the present stage. There are...
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[WITHDRAWN] Credit Decision Behavior Model of Bank Manager Based on Prospect Theory

Wenjie Xing
In the traditional financial theory, the expectation utility theory gives an accurate description of rational behavior under uncertain conditions. But in reality, faced with the loan application customers in the same objective conditions, due to differences in individual behavior preferences, loan managers...
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[WITHDRAWN]Research on the Effect of Organizational Justice on Human Resource Management

Chunlei Zhao
This paper systematically introduces the meaning of organizational fairness research and the meaning, structure and function of organizational justice, and analyzes in detail the reaction of organizational justice to organizational fair and objective situation and the three factors of organizational...
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[WITHDRAWN]Research on the Application of Flexible Management in Enterprise Human Resource Management

Chunlei Zhao
In the process of modern enterprise human resource management, enterprises pay more attention to the "people-oriented" management philosophy and the long-term development of staff, which requires modern enterprises must be in-depth application and research flexible management ideas, give full play to...
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On the Development Standard of Communist Party Members in Colleges and Universities

Yihui Pan, Keqin Tu, Guangqing Wang
Communist Party members are the major colleges and universities for the community selection of talents standards, the standards of Communist Party members should strictly abide by Xi Jinping mentioned 20 standard, but nowadays, many colleges and universities on the requirements of the standard Communist...
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On the Construction of Multi - modal Interactive Teaching Mode of "Internet + Business English"

Jing Zheng
With the development of social science and technology, the continuous progress of information technology, China's Internet era gradually started, and in recent years has developed into the "Internet +" era, the so-called "Internet +" is actually using the Internet platform, the Internet With the industry...
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Analysis of Financial Management Reform in Value Chain Management

Ding Fen Tang, Wei Zhang
With the rapid development of the market economy, enterprises are faced with a variety of risks and challenges at any time, the value chain management model and the relationship between enterprise financial management is very close, complement each other, business managers can be based on value chain...
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Path Choice of Creating Cultural Industry Highland in Changbai Mountain Tourism International Leisure Mountain

Hui Yang
Changbai Mountain area has a wealth of tourism resources, is conducive to the development of tourism. After years of development, Changbai Mountain entered the transition period of tourism development, as soon as possible to build a unique international tourist attractions in Changbai Mountain is one...
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Study on the Interaction between Upper and Lower Parts of Super high-rise Tube

Songan Liu, Yafei Liu
Study on analysis of interaction between the upper and lower is a hot research topic at present. It is produced with the rapid development of high rise buildings and computer technology. At present, super structure and foundation are paid more attention as engineering problem. In the design of building...
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Research on Cultivation of Translation Ability and College English Teaching

Changjie Wang
The cultivation of translation ability is an important part of non-English major college English teaching system. In recent years, the main reason for the relatively weak translation ability of college graduates is that the cultivation of translation ability in college English teaching couldn't attract...
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An Analysis of Requirements on Government Economic Behaviors from Social Structural Transformation under The New Normal

Yike Yang
Under the background of new normal, great changes have taken place in China's market economic system, which push further forward social structural transformation and development from traditional society to modern society, and brought all-round impacts on development of modern society. Especially, new...
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Analysis of the Practice of Network Technology in Electronic Information Technology

Qi Zang, Haisheng Song
With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic information technology has been highly valued in various fields and widely used in modern society. It not only brings a lot of convenience to modern life, work and study, but also, to a certain extent, affects the modern way of thinking....
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How to prevent sports injury in amateur sports training

Hua Shi Chuan
With the improvement of living standards, people's health awareness campaign has gradually increased, more and more people choose to carry out physical training in spare time, in order to improve body function, improve immunity, but the movement is a process of scientific system, many people are lack...
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An empirical study on the contribution of agricultural policy finance to agricultural economic growth in China

Tianzhen Qi, Rui Sun
In recent years, China's rapid economic development, as a large agricultural country, the development of China's agricultural economy plays a vital role in economic development. Agricultural policy finance refers to the state governments to support their agricultural development, based on the basic strictly...
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A Study on Cross-cultural Teaching of Higher Vocational English Teaching

Ruoheng Zhao
This paper gives a brief introduction of cross-cultural teaching and an analysis of the problems existing in cross-cultural teaching with the example of higher vocational English teaching, and presents corresponding solutions. Finally, this paper fully elaborates methods in higher vocational English...
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Exploring the Aesthetic Connotations of Sight-singing and Ear-training

Zhen Zeng
With the rapid development of the cause of education in China in recent years, sight-singing and ear-training, as introductory and elementary discipline, has received more and more attention. Such kind of attention is not merely reflected in the training of skills. The aesthetic attributes of sight-singing...
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Response of Rice and Maize Yield to Inherent Soil Productivity of Paddies and Fertilization in Chongqing China

Tao Liang, Xiaojun Shi, Yan Chen, Yidan Xu
Through research on basic soil fertility, nutrient supply capacity and the effect of fertilization on Chongqing paddy fields and dry farms, we evaluated the impact of basic soil fertility and fertilization on the output of rice, clarifying the relationship between basic soil fertility and the utilization...
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Earnings Growth Potential Implicit in Price-Earnings Ratio

Jingying Zhou
P/E ratio has enjoyed high popularity as a simple tool to determine whether a stock is undervalued, but its determinants remain unclear and controversial. Earnings growth rate is regarded as a main factor. Looking backward, some theories perceives growth rates as randomly distributed across years thus...
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The influence of Belt and Road Initiative "concept of private higher education ideas

Haixia Wu
With the development of society on the importance of education gradually improve, private university teaching level has received extensive attention in the society. As an important auxiliary force of China's higher education, play a role cannot be ignored in higher education. The idea of private higher...
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The influence of environmental factors on male fertility and its research progress

Zhenmiao Li, Wen Li
Male fertility in recent years decreased rapidly, people gradually pay more attention to environmental factors, which is one of the important reasons, in order to explore and analyze the different effects of environmental factors on male fertility, of all kinds of factors, suggesting that people try...
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A Study on Translation Strategies of Liyuan Opera from the Perspective of Functional Translation Theory

Yanhong Xie
As one of the first National Intangible Cultural Heritages, Liyuan Opera enjoys the fame as "the Living Fossil of Ancient Southern Operas" and has the inheritance for thousands of years. Today with the idea of "Chinese culture going out", Liyuan Opera English translation still has a long way to go. In...
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Discussion on financial management strategy of group enterprise based on Internet

Ruoming Tang, Cong Li
At present, with the development of science and technology, Internet technology has become more and more widely used in people's life, and its contribution to the progress of human society is obvious to all. In the background of a market economy, great achievements have been made in the economic development...
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On the Latest Development Trend of Foreign Electric Power Market and Its Implications

Jiawei Wang
With rapid economic and social development, the electric power market in China has made great progress in recent years. But since there is a large gap between electric power market in China and developed countries, the development trend of electric power market in developed countries tends to bring unusual...
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Research on the Cooperative Mechanism of Logistics Service in the Innovation of Entity Retail Enterprises

Jianjun Feng
In the context of the new generation of information technology represented by Internet, cloud computing and large data, the consumer demand environment and competitive environment faced by the entity retail industry have undergone tremendous changes. At the same time, physical retail enterprises face...
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The Ideological And Political Education Strengthening In Colleges And Universities With The Carrier Historical And Cultural Resources

Yiming Feng
Between Chinese traditional culture and ideological and political education are closely linked, is the ideological and political education on college students' cultural background. In Chinese traditional culture cultivate the spirit of patriotism, molding ideal personality, cultivate the positive attitude...
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The Role Of Music Education In Children's Growth

Rui Gao
Music education for children has a strong appeal, most likely to cause the resonance of children, children accept education is the earliest feelings of music, and music education has quite an effect on children's intelligence development of speech. With the rapid development of science and technology,...
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The Present Situation And Trend Analysis Of College Sport Teaching Model

Yue Geng
In the basic diagnosis of PE Teaching Mode Problems basis, and on the development of teaching mode for a certain dialysis tend to optimize the structure the university sports teaching mode system, to ensure that college physical education health and sustainable development.
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Evaluation and Analysis on Tax Synergistic Effects in Merger and Acquisition of Chinese Listed Companies

Yuefang Guo
In this paper, factors include preferential tax, target enterprise's loss, debt tax shield and depreciation shield are all taken into account. Principal component analysis method is used to construct comprehensive scoring functions and evaluate tax synergistic effects of listed companies after mergers...
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Promote the higher education connotation development research

Shuoyi He
After leaping development of higher education in our country, university education scale, the level of subject construction has the larger, higher education reform and development has entered the connotative development new stage. With the expanding of university decision-making right, the colleges and...
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The Technology Development Trend Of Chinese Architecture

Qiang He
As like other industries, China's national economy since the reform and opening in China's construction industry has experienced a rapid development, the process of construction, the industry remain the state of continuous expansion, this article from the development of China's construction achievements,...
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The Development And Present Situation Of Sports Teaching Mode In China

Liping Hua
China's previous school sports education emphasizes physical training, only ignored the guidance to reasonable maintenance of the body and health. The implementation of quality education, facing all students, create sports health garden, make everyone health. We through the part of the school of investigation...
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Cruise Terminal Traffic Organization Methods with Multiple Berths in China

Chen Li
In recent years, the demand of optimizing traffic organization have been more and more urgent at the relevant cruise terminals with the rapid development of China's cruise economy. Cruise travel is new to China. China Cruise tourists are significantly different from Europe and America in the cruise Terminal...
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The Cultivation of Innovation Ability in General Music Education of College and University Students

Hua Li
As with the main sources of innovative spirit, innovative consciousness and innovative ability of high-quality talents, universities should develop students' creative thinking and creative potential from the macro and micro, cultivating innovation ability of the well-rounded college students as the education...
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Tonal Patterns of Lisu Language

Na Li
This paper adopts the method of acoustic experiment. Using computer and voice processing software, a comprehensive phonology analysis on tones of Lisu language is made to summarize and describe its phonetic features; a system of tonal pattern of Lisu language is established from the perspective of tonal...
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The Practice Exploration of Micro English course in College English Teaching

Nan Li, Jingjing Guan, Yang Liu, Di Yan, Xueyan Sun
With the development of information and communication technology, a new type of teaching resources, micro class into reality in the classroom, it will change traditional way of teaching and research. How to design, develop, and implement the lesson is current research hotspot issues, this article takes...
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Optimal Design of Underground Garage Sign System in Chengdu New Century Global Center

Qian Li
This paper analyzes and studies the underground garage sign system of Chengdu New Century Global Center. Based on field investigation and analysis on the present situation of this underground garage, optimal design for the sign system of underground garage is provided. Combined with advantages and disadvantages...
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Firm Competence from Taiwanese Flat Panel Display: Perspectives on RBT and OLT

PengJung Lin, ChangWei Chen, JeYu Hsu
Traditionally, scholars suggest firm shall sequential to develop technology-oriented competence to enter other markets (Technology Promote Market, TPM). However, in practice, we observe contradiction that the international enterprises adopt the market-oriented perspective so as to first reflect on market,...
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Cross-Case Study on the Incentive Mechanism of Co-investment Projects in State Owned Enterprises from the Perspective of Employee Governance

Rong Lin
Creating investment project is an important measure to increase the intrinsic vitality of state-owned enterprises and promote innovation. Considering the operability and purpose of investment projects, co-investment mechanism is the best choice. This article adopts the perspective of employee governance,...
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The research of probability theory and mathematical statistics education based on the CDIO teaching method

Shulan Ma
From the summary of university mathematics education is facing problems and difficulties, combined with the characteristics of probability and mathematical statistics course and the present situation of several aspects of teaching, using the CDIO project teaching, cultivating students' conception, design,...
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The Construction Research Of University Sports Culture Under The Background Of One Belt And One Road

Zhanke Ma
Colleges and universities sports culture is an important part of college campus culture, is a kind of culture of close contact between teachers and students in colleges and universities. In this paper, the colleges and universities sports culture, analyzed the Chinese area of strategic influence on China's...