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Ways to Reduce Concentration of Sulphates in Reservoir-Cooler Based on Kenon Lake in Chita

G.О. Veselkov, А.V. Mironov
The paper presents calculation results of hydrochemical balance. There are developed and described methods to reduce the concentration of sulfates in reservoir-cooler - Lake Kenon CHPP-1 in Chita. The operation of a coal station and disposal of its waste without anti-filtration measures directly affect...
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Structural and Magnetic Phase Transitions in High Pressure Laves Phases R(Fe1-xMx)2

Z.S. Umkhaeva, A.S. Ilyushin
The paper presents the results of study of structural and magnetic properties of alloys of quasi-binary systems R(Fe1-xMx)2, where R is REE and M is 3d-metal. It is shown that synthesis under extreme conditions, i.e. high temperatures and high pressures makes it possible to obtain alloys with the Laves...
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Hygienic Efficiency of Treatment Strongly Polluted Industrial Waste Water Using Fibrous Ion-Exchange Materials

G.M. Trukhina, S.V. Skupnevskii
The paper analyzes polymer fibrous ion-exchange materials on the basis of polyacrylonitrile matrix released as KN-1 cation exchanger and AS-1 and AN-1 anion exchangers. The purpose is to study the sorption properties of the specified materials in relation to multicomponent salt solutions of heavy metals....
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Climate of the Caucasus Region of the Last 60 Years: Precipitation and Temperature Trends and Anomalies

B.A. Ashabokov, A.A. Tashilova, L.A. Kesheva, N.V. Teunova, Kh.M. Kalov, L.M. Fedchenko, R.Kh. Kalov, A.Kh. Khavtsukov
Seasonal, annual trends of average, minimum and maximum temperatures, total precipitation and maximum daily precipitation from 1961 to 2017 in various climatic zones of the region have been studied in the paper. The study period was divided into two intervals from 1961 to 1975 and from 1976 to 2017....
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Methods of Geoecological Zoning Using Geotechnical Cartographic Base (through the Example of Karaganda Region of Kazakhstan)

E.V. Stanis, A. Ospanova, E.V. Karpukhina
Geoecological zoning of the eastern part of Nurinsky district of Karaganda region was performed for the first time to assess the conditions for construction of the motorway section within the framework of the One Belt, One Road idea. The paper analyzes current approaches to geoecological zoning of territorries...
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Th/U Ratio in Zircons of Metamorphic Rocks and Granitoids of the Urals as an Indicator of Their Genesis

Yu.I. Pystina, A.M. Pystin
The paper presents the results of study of zircons of polymetamorphic and granitoid complexes of the Urals. The morphological features of the mineral characteristic of metamorphic and granitoid rocks are established. Morphotypes corresponding to the different physicochemical conditions of their formation...
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Geoecological Assessment and Quality Protection of Natural-Anthropogenic Geosystems in Karachay-Cherkessia

V.V. Onishchenko, N.S. Dega, E.M. Bajchorova
Against the background of comparing the scope of anthropogenic impact on environmental with the scope of natural processes influencing it, it becomes obvious that humanity cannot continue to pollute the environment uncontrollably, however, it cannot stop or at least reduce the rate of economic activity....
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Study of the Content of Heavy Metals in Atmospheric Precipitation of the Goygol Region of Azerbaijan

Sh.S. Nugueva, I.K. Gasumov, A.I. Madadzade, G.I. Kulieva, M.T. Sharifova, M.V. Frontasyeva, E.A. Mammadov
The increasing content of heavy metals in the soil and atmospheric air can lead to serious consequences and even affect a person. The method of moss biomonitoring was used to define heavy metals in atmospheric depositions. In 2015, the scientists of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research introduxed...
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Modeling of Environmental Safety of Industrially Developed Regions of Russia

M.D. Molev, A.A. Kovaleva, I.A. Zanina, N.I. Stuzhenko, Yu.E. Chertov
The paper presents the study on modeling of objects and processes to forecast environmental safety in industrially developed regions of Russia. It is shown that the sources of pollution of the regional environment form a complex technogenic system triggering the development of qualitatively new negative...
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Prevention of Adverse Environmental Effects During Restoration Works

I.Z. Magomadov, N.D. Aysungurov, M.S. Khasikhanov, S.Kh. Mamasurov, Kh.Kh. Aptaev, S.S. Serbiev, R.A.-M. Mamatsuev, V.V.-A. Yasuev
The paper describes the environmental problems arising during restoration works in construction. The paper concludes and proves that problem of dust pollution of the environment, as well as the effects of dust emissions on workers during restoration works related to dismantling of destroyed and damaged...
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Assessment of Hydrocarbon State of Soil and Bottom Sediments of Arctic Zone of Yakuti

S.Kh. Lifshits, Yu.S. Glyaznetsova, O.N. Chalaya, I.N. Zueva, L.A. Erofeevskaya
The study of soil samples and bottom sediments from the Arctic region of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in the coastal zone of the East Siberian Sea (Nizhnekolymsky region) was conducted. The yield of chloroform extracts and the nature of the IR spectra were used to evaluate the hydrocarbon composition...
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Use of Satellite Positioning Technology Using Reference Stations to Create Large-Scale Topographic Plans for Quarries

Thanh Son Tran, M.G. Mustafin, A.A. Kuzin
The use of technology of permanent (reference) base stations in surveying and geodetic works is a general trend in the developed countries of the world. This technology allows you to perform measurements with high accuracy in various areas of production. At present, the use of satellite technology in...
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Assessment of the Current State of Environment Around the Construction of Veduchi ASTRC (Chechen Republic)

B.M. Khuchunaev, A.Kh. Budaev, L.A. Kesheva, A.B. Khuchunaev, N.V. Teunova, A.S. Otarova, E.A. Cherednik, I.S. Daov
Ski tourism began to develop rapidly in Russia in recent years. A variety of trails and recreational facilities provide an opportunity to have good rest both for professionals and beginners. Currently, the JSC Resorts of the North Caucasus is designing the objects of the north-oriented slope of the Veduchi...
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Dynamics of Land Structures in Border Areas of Russia and Mongolia in Conditions of Desertification Processes

E.D. Sanzheev, V.S. Batomunkuev
The article analyzes the land fund dynamics of border areas of Russia and Mongolia. These territories are distinguished by a low and medium degree of economic development of agriculture, mining and residential environmental management, which carries the greatest risk of the emergence and strengthening...
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Mercury in Soils and Plants in the Vicinity of Chlor-Alkali Product Manufacturers (Irkutsk Region)

O.N. Gordeeva, B.A. Baenguev, G.A. Belogolova, P.G. Dolgikh
The research presents the results of integrated studies focusing on accumulation and migration of Hg in soils and plants in the vicinity of former chlor-alkali product manufacturers in Irkutsk region. The fractioning showed the prevalence of Hg compounds with organic and mineral components in soils and...
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Modelling Distribution and Estimation Of 137Cs Stock in the Black Sea after the Chernobyl Accident

S.G. Demyshev, A.S. Zapevalov, O.A. Dymova
The results of comparing the model fields of 137Cs concentration in the Black Sea and the data of observations after the Chernobyl accident are presented. Several radiological surveys were used, during which 137Cs concentrations in the upper sea layer were measured for a year after the accident. Simulation...
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Study of Fresh Water Pollution with Metal Ions in the South Ural Region

V.A. Dozorov, N.A. Plugina, A.N. Bekhterev, S.A. Utusikova, Panova L.P. Panova, E.A. Ignateva, V.V. Rive
The article presents spectrophotometric study of the content of biogenic and abiogenic chemical elements in surface and underground natural waters of the South Ural and other regions. The concentrations of the most important biogenic and abiogenic elements in these waters were determined. The excess...
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Optimization of the Disposal System of Oily Waste According to the Criterion of Environmental Safety

M.Yu. Derevyanov, Yu.E. Pleshivtseva, A.A. Afinogentov, A.A. Pimenov, P.E. Krasnikov
The article proposes a procedure for optimizing the system for the recycling of oily waste (OW) according to the environmental safety criterion based on the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) method. The waste disposal system includes the storage facilities of the OW, technological installations for their...
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Solar Activity and Its Reflection on the Dynamics of Diurnal and Seasonal States of the Atmosphere and High Mountain Landscapes

R.O. Kalov, A.Kh. Adzhiev, Z.M. Kerefova, A.A. Cherkesov
The solar wind has a strong influence primarily on the outer shells of the Earth (the magnetosphere and the ionosphere). As a result, it affects the potential difference between the ionosphere and the Earth's surface as well. The paper presents the results of the performed analysis of the relationships...
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Heat Supply of Buildings and Structures with the Participation of Wind Power Plants

A.V. Bezhan, A.I. Furtaev
One of the main ways to increase the efficiency of traditional heat supply systems is the transition to alternative energy-saving technologies for the production of heat energy based on the use of unconventional and renewable energy sources and in particular wind energy. In this case, wind energy may...
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Development of Innovative Filtration System for Natural Water Treatment in the Chechen Republic

A.A. Ataeva, J.S. Abubakarova, E.I. Tikhomirova, A.V. Koshelev
There is a pressing need for high-quality water supply to the population of Grozny. This is due to a specific mixture of salts of heavy metals and lithium, and microbial contamination in the surface water reservoirs. To ensure effective purification of severely polluted surface water, it is necessary...
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Scaling Prevention on Wells of Tarasovskoe Field

E.M. Almukhametova, V.V. Kuzmina, A.R. Safiullina
Tarasovskoe oil and gas condensate field is located in the Purovskii district of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of the Tyumen Region, 55 km north of Tarko-Sale town and 45 km east of Gubkinskii town. One of the main drawbacks of the existing field development system is a large stock of non-operating...
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Grouping of Objects Using a Limited Number of Parameters Characterizing Geological and Physical Properties of Layers

R.T. Akhmetov, V.V. Mukhametshin, L.S. Kuleshova
For grouping objects of Western Siberia it is proposed to use the parameters characterizing the degree of influence on the displacement factor of radial microinhomogeneities and hydrofobisation of pore channels of the productive strata. These parameters are obtained from the analytical expression for...
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Analysis of Potential Fields of the Terek-Caspian Trough Using the Coscad3D Software Package

E.A. Abubakarova
The analysis is based on the use of the "Coscad 3D" software technology including methods of statistical and spectral analysis of geophysical information, automatic tracing of anomaly axes and decomposition of fields into local and regional components. Interpretation of initial geophysical data and analysis...
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Research of Residual Deformations of Seismic Isolation Systems with Rubber-Metal Supports with Lead Core Under Seismic Effect

A.D. Abakarov, G.M. Murtazaliev, Kh.M. Omarov, Kh.R. Zainulabidova, Iu.A. Alkhasova
The influence of the type of constructive system of buildings, their number of floors, as well as the parameters of seismic impact on the residual deformations of seismic insulating rubber-metal supports with lead core installed at the level of the top of foundations is investigated. By constructive...