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Absolute Permeability and Distribution of Pore Throats of the Productive Strata of Western Siberia

R.T. Akhmetov, L.S. Kuleshova, V.V. Mukhametshin
The paper deals with the issues of constructing the distribution of pore throats by size for productive strata of Western Siberia at a known value of the coefficient of absolute permeability. It is shown that for this purpose it is possible to use the Brooks- Corey model, which allows approximating the...
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Strategies and Techniques for Improving Production Efficiency of Hot Stamping

C. L. Chen, C. Sun
The use of high-performance sheet metal hot stamping and strengthening technology to produce body structures for passenger cars can reduce body weight, improve safety, and contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and is widely used. China's current hot stamping production capacity is close...
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Mineral Powders for Asphalt Concrete from Granulated Furnace Slags

N.S. Kovalev, E.N. Otarova, V.V. Gladnev, E.A. Sadygov, P.V. Demidov, O.S. Baryshnikova, U.A. Rakhmanova
The paper studies the properties of mineral powder, asphalt binders and structural and mechanical properties of asphalt concrete. Asphalt concrete with ground granulated slag as a mineral powder has high heat, water and frost resistance. The use of mineral powders can reduce the consumption of the binder...
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Integral Hot Stamping Process of Tailor-Welded Door Ring Based on the Multi-objective Optimization Genetic Algorithm

Y. L. Song, J. L. She, J. Lu, L. Hua, P. Liu
To improve the lightweight level of automotive body and solve the internal hot stamping challenges on tailor-welded door ring such as cracking, wrinkling and local distortion, a finite element model of integral hot stamping of a tailor-welded door ring with differential strength and thickness was built....
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Receiving Properties Spectrum of Highly-Filled Polymers by Surface "Cementing"

D.К-S. Bataev, Kh.N. Mazhiev, R.U. Goitemirov, М.А. Dzhamaldinova
As a result of theoretical research of experimental data a polymer highly-filled composite CDC (composite durable cement ) with the gradient of physico-mechanical and antifriction properties changing in depth which together with high strength and durability has an impact resistant viscous core. It...
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Stress-Strain State of Flexible Double-Layer Reinforced Cement Elements with Fireproofing Vermiculite Concrete Layer

A.V. Zhurtov, T. A. Khezhev, M. N. Kokoev
There is the study outcome of the stress-strain state of single-layer and double-layer reinforced concrete elements with simple bending in the article. The data obtained in numerical experiments on finite element schemes perfectly matches the field tests results.
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Application and Lightweight Research of QP1180 High Strength Steel in Autobody Reinforcement Part

B. Liu, J. Yang, X. Y. Zhang, Q. Yang, Z. Y. Li, G. Feng, Z. B. Wang, J. S. Zhang, X. Q. Li
In response to the severe cracking and wrinkling of the reinforcement part of front side rail, this research designs a replacement solution of high-strength plastic accumulation material (QP1180) and verifies its feasibility through structural optimization, process analysis, mold debugging, and extensive...
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The Specificities of Foundation Ground Vibrations Induced by Pile Driving Under Conditions of Infill Construction in an Existing City Block

V.B. Zaalishvili, S.A. Gogmachadze, D.A. Melkov, H.O. Chotchaev, O.G. Burdzieva, T.V. Zaks, A.S. Kanukov, A.F. Gabaraev
Under condition of infill construction pile driving causes an appreciable impact on adjacent buildings, which should be accounted during the works. The work is the first to present the materials obtained in 1990s. The ground was represented by soft and plastic clay with the thickness from 4.5 to 13.0...
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Multi-cavity Hot Stamping Die Cooling Water Flow Distribution Method Based on Equivalent Water Resistance

D. H. Liu, X. Tang, Z. C. Xiang
The flow distribution of the cooling channel in the hot stamping mold will directly affect the quality of the formed parts in a mold multi-cavity mold. In the actual hot stamping production, the production workers need to monitor the flow of each inlet in real time, but it is often difficult to determine...
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The Effects of Modifying Additives Used for Concrete in Constructing Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Buildings

А.I. Subbotin, M.N. Shutova, S.G. Chutchenko, V.А. Subbotin, I.А. Subbotin, A.S. Podskrebalin
The article is devoted to the use of modifying additives into the concrete mix during the construction of multi-storey buildings. Additives accelerating concrete hardening allow it to quickly build upper floors, but increase the cost of concrete mixes. Thus, reduction of the holding time will not be...
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Strength Assessment Modeling for Reinforced Concrete Beams in Transverse Forces Zone

О.V. Snezhkina
The existing computational model to determine the strength of inclined sections of bending reinforced concrete elements, adopted in the regulatory documents of the Russian Federation, due to the complex stress-deformed state has significant differences with the actual nature of structure work and requires...
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Fine-Grained Concretes with Clinker-Free Binders on an Alkali Gauging

M.Sh. Salamanova, M. Sh. Mintsaev, S-A.Yu. Murtazaev, R. G. Bisultanov
To date carbonate technology for producing Portland cement is the only, and the resulting product is a leader in the production of binders and, according to Russian and foreign scientists, this situation does not change even for many decades. But most researchers hope that a more effective binder with...
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Hydraulic Activity of Mineral Fillers of Manufacturing Origin Mixed with Cement

M.S. Saidumov, S-A.Yu. Murtazaev, V.Kh. Khadisov, T.S-A. Murtazaeva, A.S. Abumuslimov, Duskaev M.Z. Duskaev
The paper presents the results of determining the degree of hydraulic activity of manufactured mineral filler (concrete broken material, demolition of buildings and structures, ceramic brick fights, ash and slag waste from thermal power stations (TPS), substandard raw materials mixed with cement used...
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1700MPa UHSS 3D Roll Bending a Pillar Reinforcement in the CFRP Side Frame for Ultimate Lightweight and Crash Safety

C. Gao, G. L. Yuan, Y. F. Zhang, T. H. Li, J. S. Zhang, Q. Yang, G. Feng, H. Zhao
With the tightening of energy consumption and emission regulations, automotive lightweight is more and more imperative. Herein, A-pillar upper reinforcement using 1700 MPa ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) 3D roll bending was firstly designed and applied to carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) side...
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Water-Reducing and Plasticizing Additives for Highly Mobile Concrete Mixtures

M.S. Saidumov, T.S-A. Murtazaeva, M.Sh. Salamanova, A.Kh. Alaskhanov, Z.Kh. Ismailova
The paper presents the results proving the possibility of using the super-plasticizer of the type "Linamix PC" in highly mobile and cast concrete mixes for the production of high-strength concrete. The paper gives results of raw materials tests for the preparation of monolithic compositions of high-strength...
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Regulation of Persistence (Viability) of Concrete Mixtures Using Modern Plasticizing Agents

M.S. Saidumov, S-A.Yu. Murtazaev, A.Kh. Alaskhanov, T.S-A. Murtazaeva
The paper presents the results of studies the role of modern chemical, mineral and micro-reinforcing additives in the process of structure formation of high-strength concrete. The paper reveals the features of the structure formation of cement stone in the presence of a superplasticizer. The paper experimentally...
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High-Quality Concrete for the Device of the Bearing Monolithic Structures of Buildings and Structures

S-A.Yu. Murtazaev, M.S. Saidumov, A.Kh. Alaskhanov, M.R. Nakhaev
The paper presents the results of studies of monolithic concrete mixes and concretes obtained with the integrated use of local natural and manufactured raw materials, including concrete broken materials and crushed bricks. Formulations of filled binders based on finely ground mineral filler from manufactured...
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Stiffness Analysis and Design Optimization of Hot-Stamped Lightweight Wheels

B. Li, M. T. Ma, P. Zhou, J. W. Li
In this article, the design of the 22.5 × 9.00 hot-stamped lightweight wheel was optimized based on finite element analysis of stiffness. To improve the bending and radial stiffness of the wheel, under the condition to meet the requirements of bending and radial loading stress, the finite element stiffness...
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Building Demolition Products as a Secondary Raw Material for High-Strength Concrete

S-A.Yu. Murtazaev, M.S. Saidumov, A.Kh. Alaskhanov, T.S-A. Murtazaeva, M.R. Khadzhiev
The article presents an analysis of the experience of using the products of buildings and structures demolition, the technology of recycling secondary raw materials to produce secondary raw materials for concrete. The results of tests of heavy high-strength concrete (HSC) on the base of filled binders...
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Stress Analysis and Optimization of Hot-Formed Lightweight Wheels

B. Li, M. T. Ma, P. Zhou, J. W. Li
The configuration of the 22.5 × 9.00 hot-stamped lightweight wheel was optimized based on finite element stress analysis in this article. To reach the goal of reducing working stress and meeting the experimental requirements along with the experimental enhancement coefficient, under the optimized condition...
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The Parameter's Study of the Optimal Location of the Tower Crane Parking Place

I.V. Kuleshov, A.M. Pishchukhin, T.A. Pishchukhina
The work is devoted to the study of the parameter influence on the relative position tower crane and the panel warehouse on the construction site. Due to the nonlinearity and trigonometricity of the equations obtained, they are solved numerically using a specially compiled computer program. The goal...
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Use of Leaching Cake from Refractory Lining of Dismantled Electrolysers in Cement Production

A.A. Petrovskiy, N.V. Nemchinova, A.A. Tyutrin, N.A. Korepina
A hydrometallurgical technology has been proposed for processing the refractory part of the lining of aluminum production electrolysers dismantled and disabled for overhaul. Fluorine-containing compounds are transferred to the solution, which allows obtaining cryolite for being used in the electrolysis...
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Simulation Research on the Quenching and Partition Process of a Medium Manganese Steel

X. M. Guo, X. L. Zhang, J. Y. Mao, Z. J. Wang
As a potential third-generation high-strength steel, the medium manganese steel has broad application prospects. Hot stamping technology can effectively solve the problems of large springback and large forming resistance in the cold stamping process of medium manganese steel. However, the hot stamped...
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Stressed Deformed Condition of Base Foundation in the Model of Hard-Linear-Deformable Soil Ground

O.N. Osipova, V.P. Dyba, G.M. Skibin, M.P. Matvienko, M.V. Udychak
The article justifies the need to take into account the structural strength of soils in the calculations of the base foundations yielding, as well as limiting the depth of the compressible thickness of the base by the value of the structural soil strength. The concept of the depth of the compressible...
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Realistic Microstructural RVE-Based Simulations of Stress-Strain Behavior of a Medium-Manganese Steels

J. M. Ran, X. Y. Hu, B. Zhu, Y. S. Zhang
The mechanical properties of medium manganese steels with TRIP effect, which are typical of third generation automotive steels due to their high strength and plasticity are heavily dependent on their microstructure. Therefore, realistic microstructure based computational modeling of the mechanical behavior...
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Utilization of Cement Kiln Dust in Production of Alkali-Activated Clinker-Free Binders

D.K-S. Bataev, M.Sh. Salamanova, S-A.Yu. Murtazaev, S.S. Viskhanov
During burning of Portland cement clinker, a large amount of both clinker and aspiration dust accumulates in electrostatic precipitators and rotary kilns; therefore, rational use of these products containing a certain portion of a complete raw material is an important task in the cement industry. It...
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Influence of Carbon Dioxide on Colloidal Properties of Bentonite Suspensions

V.Kh. Mezhidov, R.Kh. Dadashev, Z.I. Dadasheva, Z.Sh. Gatsaev, Kh.S. Talkhigova
The influence of carbon dioxide on swelling, size of particles, intensity of sedimentation, jellification time, pH value, chemical composition of sediments from suspensions is studied bentonites of two types NaM and CaM in the field of the Chechen Republic for. It is shown that carbon dioxide is well...
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An Infrared Temperature Measurement Method for Hot Stamping Parts Considering Directional Emissivity

Y. K. Gu, Z. H. Zhao, J. C. Wang, J. Y. Min, J. P. Lin, P. X. He, L. Y. Shi, R. L. Wang
Infrared temperature measurement technology is widely used in the detection of surface temperature distribution of hot stamping parts. However, the accurate infrared temperature measurement for complex parts is still a problem due to the deviation of emissivity. In this study, a novel directional emissivity...
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Investigation of the Coefficient of Linear Temperature Expansion of Composite Rods and Heavy Concrete

A.K. Kychkin, M.P. Lebedev, А.А. Kychkin, О.I. Matveeva, P.S. Marachovskii
This paper presents the data of changes in the coefficient of thermal expansion of composite reinforcement and heavy concrete in a wide temperature range. Studies allow not only to justify the high stability of the BPA in terms of thermal expansion, but also to assess the subtle effects of measured parameters...
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Fire-Resistant Vermiculite Concrete Composites with Various Silica Components

T.A. Hezhev, A.V. Zhurtov, M.N. Kokoev
We present the results of studies of vermiculite concrete composites with various silica components such as cinder, tuff sand and volcanic ash for fire protection of building structures. The study shows that introduction of saponified wood resin into the vermiculite concrete mixture improves its rheological...
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A Software System to Accurately Calculate Parts Temperature for Hot Stamping

P. X. He, D. F. Zheng, L. Y. Shi, R. L. Wang, J. P. Lin, Z. H. Zhao, Y. K. Gu
Infrared thermal imaging system is a key component in hot stamping and is commonly used to collect parts temperature during the part production process. However, due to the inappropriate setting of the emissivity, the output produced via such system usually lack accuracy and consistency. A ± 150 ℃ temperature...
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Stabilizing Highly Dispersed Porous Mineral-Based Additives for Macadam Mastic Asphalt Concrete

S.O. Kazaryan, Yu.G. Borisenko, V.V. Lukyanenko, D.A. Vorobyev, S.V. Rudak, D.P. Shvachev, R.M. Azan
The article analyzes research prospects of porous powder mineral materials for stabilizing additives used for macadam mastic asphalt concrete mixtures. The interaction of finely dispersed crushed claydite powder with a bituminous binder was studied. Efficiency of the use of expanded clay powder as a...
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Research and Application of Temperature Monitoring and Error Correction System for High-Strength Steel Hot Stamping Parts

X. Q. Zhang, F. Zhang, L. Wang, B. Zhu, Y. L. Wang, Y. S. Zhang
In order to eliminate the error caused by the spatial angle between the camera and the target, it is necessary to correct the image resolution or spatial resolution error caused by the distance change in the same field of view for the monitoring of the mold loading and unloading temperature of the hot...
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On the Physicochemical Nature of the Creep of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete with an Allowance for Carbonization

D.K.-S. Bataev, A.Kh. Mazhieva, M.A. Gaziev, I.Kh. Kadaev, K.Kh. Mazhiev, V.A. Baitiev, R.A. Bersanov
The article touches upon the issue of the assessment of the effect of atmospheric carbon dioxide on the development of creep deformations in autoclaved aerated concrete. The authors carried out the extensive experimental and theoretical studies of creep deformation and its reversibility on prisms with...
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Revisiting the Mechanism of Carbonation Shrinkage of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

D.K.-S. Bataev, Sh.I. Apkarov, M.A. Gaziev, A.Kh. Mazhiev, R.U. Goitemirov
In the article the analysis with the generalization of experimental and theoretical studies of foreign and Russian scientists is given in order to compare, substantiate and refine existing scientific theories and statements on the nature and mechanism of carbonation factor effect on shrinkage properties...
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Hot Stamping Blank Position Detection System Based on Infrared Image

Y. Tang, K. Y. Shu, L. Wang, B. Zhu, Y. S. Zhang
In order to detect whether the blanking position of the hot stamping blank is correct, an infrared detection system for the position of the high temperature blank is developed. This infrared image of the production process is obtained by the thermal imager. Based on the temperature difference between...
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Accuracy of Determining Buidings' Geometric Characteristics and Structures by Modern Means of Geodetic Measurements

I.G. Gairabekov, M-B.I. Gairabekov, I.Y. Pimshin, A.I. Gairabekova, M.S. Mintzaev
The article deals with topical issues of determining the accuracy of geometric characteristics of buildings and structures by modern means of geodetic measurements. The method of testing high-precision electronic total stations under production conditions is proposed to evaluate and improve the accuracy...
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Nondestructive Testing of Medium Manganese Steel Based on Barkhausen

Y. Q. Mei, J. S. Pei, B. Zhu, Y. S. Zhang
It is an effective means to make automotive structural parts of medium manganese steel, which is highly plastic, to achieve lightweight, but the martensite phase change occurs in the formation of manganese steel, which changes its mechanical properties and makes it difficult to evaluate the service performance...
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Geodetic Control of the Geometry of the Levelled Building

I.G. Gairabekov, M-B.I. Gairabekov, I.Y. Pimshin, Mishieva A.T. Mishieva, A.I. Gairabekova
As a result of the literature sources analysis, it was concluded that the geometrical parameters offered in the scientific and technical literature to determine the deformed shape of buildings and defence stores and to restore the operational reliability do not fully characterize the object state. The...
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Improvements in Laser Processing of Hot-Forming Materials with 3D-5axis Laser Machines

E. Gao, R. Kohllöffel, D. M. Maier, M. Fritz, A. Frey
At present, the use of Hot-forming 3D five-axis laser cutting in automotive body parts is very mature. With the maturity of Hot-forming industry technology and the continuous cost reduction requirements from auto OEMs to Hot forming parts suppliers, automotive Hot-forming parts Suppliers’ requirements...
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Polydispersity Effect and Coagulation Structures on the Surface Tension of Isotherms for Bentonite Suspensions

R.K. Dadashev, Z.I. Dadasheva, Z.Z. Alarkhanova, Kh.S. Talkhigova, R.S. Dzhambulatov, S.Kh. Alikhadzhiev, Z.S. Khasbulatova
The paper presents the results of an experimental study considering the dependence of the surface tension of bentonite aqueous suspensions on the concentration of the solid phase and the time of the surface formation. To conduct experimental studies, a new technique has been developed, which allows leveling...
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Flow Diversion Technologies and Water Restriction

N.D. Bulchaev, M.Sh. Mintsaev, I.G. Gairabekov, A.Sh. Khaladov
Changing the direction of flow in a porous medium, in reservoir conditions, is important for increasing the flow of oil to the bottom of the well. The use of flow diverting technologies contributes to the alignment of the injectivity profile of injection wells and the selection profile in producing wells....
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The Principle and Control Method of Belt Support Industrial Laser Cutting Machine

J. Y. Wang, P. Zhang, Y. P. Yang, J. W. Xie
The industrial-grade laser cutting machine studied by the author, it can cut metal sheets accurately and reliably without damaging the surface of the sheet. And experienced many years and multiple sets of cutting production verification. This kind of cutting machine adopts a belt to support the sheet...
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Formation of the Properties of High Strength Building Quasi-Structure Polymer Composites

Yu.M. Bazhenov, D.K-S. Bataev, S.A.Yu. Murtazaev, Kh.N. Mazhiev, M.A. Gaziev, P.U. Goitemirov, P.D. Bataeva
The main requirements and conditions for the formation of the physical and physicomechanical properties of high-strength quasi-nanostructural polymer composites are given. Methods for reducing porosity and increasing the density of the polymer composite structure have been studied. Cement stone is considered...
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Research and Application of High-Performance Conveying System for Multilayer Chamber Furnace Hot Stamping Production Line

S. R. Deng, M. Q. Guo, H. H. Yin, Z. Zhan, W. J. Jiang, L. Wang
High-strength steel/high-strength aluminum hot stamping production lines are popularized around the world. In addition to presses, the conventional key equipment is mostly roller bottom continuous heating furnaces or multi-module multilayer chamber furnaces, as well as the supporting production line...
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Experimental Research on Reinforcement Voltage Loss Caused by Creep of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

D.K-S. Bataev, M.A. Gaziev, M.V. Edilsultanova, A.Kh. Mazhieva
The article presents the outcomes of experimental research on reinforcement voltage loss caused by creep of autoclaved aerated concrete for the preliminary stressed aerated members. It has been stated that the losses have linear dependence on the initial level of reduction in aerated concrete in the...
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Research on Servo and Drive System of Hot Stamping Mechanical Servo Press

X. Fang, J. Chen, W. Zhang, W. Li
The hot stamping mechanical servo press adopts the driving and control technology of high-torque direct-drive servo motor and high-speed heavy-load screw drive system, which reduces the driving chain, improves the overall driving efficiency and control accuracy of the press, and improves the dynamic...
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Modern Approaches of Calculating the Cost of Multicomponent Concretes Using Matrix Tools

T.V. Kuladzhi, Kh.E. Taymaskhanov, S.A.Yu. Murtazaev, S.A. Aliev, M.S-M. Khubaev
The estimation methodology of construction products cost - concretes on multicomponent binders, containing the matrix formula by Professor M.D. Kargopolov, which is recommended to be considered as a modern micro-forecasting tool for the production efficiency of construction materials and articles, allowing...
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Research and Application of Multi-layer Box Furnace for High-Performance Sheet Metal Hot Stamping Production Line

J. Q. Li, D. Y. Li, L. Wang
The hot stamping forming process of high-strength steel mainly focuses on the key processes of billet heating, forming, quenching and cooling, and heating the billet to austenitizing temperature is the key technology of the hot stamping forming process. In view of the high requirements for workpiece...
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Evaluation of Technical and Economic Efficiency of the Device Foundations of High-Rise Residential Buildings

N.V. Tsopa, S.F. Akimov, V.V. Malakhova, L.S. Kovalskaia, E.Sh. Akimova
The construction of multi-storey residential buildings is associated with many problems, since the underground part is exposed to a large number of risks during design and construction. The paper analyzed and proposed the most appropriate option for the device foundation for a multi-storey residential...
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A New Structural Door of Box Type Heating Furnace

X. Q. Ren
Box-type heat treatment furnace is the most common heating tool in the thermoforming industry, which can convert electric energy or natural gas into heat energy to evenly heat materials to a certain temperature. After many years of development, the relevant technology of box-type heating furnace has...
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On Relationship of Surface and Structural Properties of Nano-Modified Cement Composites

A.M. Abdullaev, M.A.-V. Abdullaev
Surface and structural properties of the cement stone were studied using a complex nanostructured modifier. The surface properties of mixing water with surface-active substances in combination with nanoparticles of bentonite deposits of the Chechen Republic were investigated. The surface tension isotherms...
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Problems of Irrigation Canals and Modern Methods of Their Technical Improvement due to Innovative Concrete Materials and Technologies

F. K. Abdrazakov, A. A. Rukavishnikov, A. A. Khalmetov, A. V. Povarov
The article presents the current problems of irrigation canals. A statistical analysis of data on the status of irrigation canals in the Saratov region has been carried out. The problematic aspects of the irrigation network, on which work is needed, are noted. The main types of water loss from the irrigation...
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Water Integrated Scheduling of Metallurgical Enterprises

M.Yu. Nesterenko, A.V. Tsviak, G.A. Ponomareva, O.A. Kapustina
The article deals with water-integrated scheduling of metallurgical, mining and processing enterprises on the areas of water shortage of the Southern Urals and the Volga region. The key factor of these regions development as well as their water-consuming metallurgical field is water resources which are...
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Surface Tension and Density of Indium-Tin Alloys

R.H. Dadashev, R.А. Kutuev
The article presents the results of experimental studies on concentration and temperature dependence of surface tension (ST) and density of indium-tin alloys. The characteristic feature of these experiments is that we studied surface tension and density by two independent methods that improved reliability...
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Four-Component Mutual System Na, K//Cl, BO2, CO

Zh.А. Kochkarov, М.V. Khubaeva, L.А. Asueva, М.А. Nasurova, I.R. Gumashvili, Т.V. Ibragimova
The phase diagram of a four-component reciprocal system Na, K‖Cl, BO2, CO3 into simplexes was triangulated, the main dominant chemical exchange reactions were revealed. It is shown that in a four-component reciprocal system, Na, K ‖ Cl, BO2, CO3, continuous rows of solid solutions based on sodium and...
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Temperature Capability of Polymer-Wax Composite Materials

E.A. Aleksandrova, Zh.T. Hadisova, B.L. Aleksandrov, H.H. Ahmadova, A.S. Abubakarova, M.A. Musaeva
Temperatures of phase transformations of polymer-paraffin compositions were investigated. Graphical dependences of temperature of the beginning of crystallization, temperature of the end of crystallization and phase hexagonal-rhombic H?R transformations in the solid state of oil food paraffin П-1 on...
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Technology for Production of Highly Efficient Structural Clay Tiles From Coal Refuse Processing By-Products - Screenings and Coal Slurries

Kh.S. Yavruyan, A.S. Okhotnaia, V.D. Kotlyar, E.O. Lotoshnikova, E.S. Gaishun, K.P. Chanturia
The paper gives a general characteristic of coal refuse processing products: intermediate fraction - coal-free screenings; small fraction - carboniferous sand containing up to 30% coal; fine fraction - silt coal containing up to 50% coal. Green and baked ceramic properties of products of processing waste...
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High-Void Non-Autoclaved Silicate Composites with Aluminosilicate Raw Materials

A.A. Volodchenko, V.S. Lesovik, E.S. Glagolev, I.V. Erofeeva, I.A. Cherepanova, M.I. Lomov
Today, silicate wall materials are widespread among the applied wall materials in construction. Their traditional production technology involves the use of cementing component, obtained by the mixed grinding of unhydrated lime and silica materials. Nowadays, one of the main tasks is to reduce the production...
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Development of Antifriction Materials Based on Polytetrafluoroethylene Filled with Binary Fillers

A.P. Vasilev, T.S. Struchkova, A.A. Okhlopkova, A.G. Alekseev
The paper presents the results of the study of polymer composite materials (PCM) based on polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filled with carbon fibers (CF) and ultrafine polytetrafluoroethylene (UPTFE). Physic-mechanical and tribological characteristics of PTFE based polymer composite materials containing...
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Transformable Systems of Spatial Structures Based on Bionic Analogues

N.G. Tsaritova, N.A. Buzalo, A.A. Tumasov, I.D. Platonova, A. I. Kurbanov, A.A. Kalinina
The authors consider the classification of methods for the formation of spatial core coatings based on the proposed kinematic systems. The possibility of using kinematic transformable systems in pre-fabricated seasonal coverings of a small span for the construction of greenhouses, warehouses, tents,...
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Methods for Testing Stonelike Siliceous and Clay Raw Materials Used for Producing Ceramic

Yu.V. Terekhina, К.А. Lapunova, А.V. Kotlyar, М.Е. Orlova, Ya.V. Lazareva, R.A. Yaschenko, Yu.A. Bozhko
This work describes results of the development of a testing method for stone-like siliceous and clay raw materials used for producing ceramic building materials. The relevance of the use of high-strength products in industrial and residential buildings is emphasized. The analysis of the raw materials...
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Fragile and Quasi-Brittle Fracture of Gypsum Boards with Circular Hole with Unevenly Distributed Compression

S.V. Suknev
The results of theoretical and experimental studies of the destruction of gypsum boards containing a circular hole and exposed to an unevenly distributed compressive load are presented. The samples made of high-strength gypsum brand GVVS-16 and construction gypsum brand G-5 were tested. The samples of...
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Washing Angle Polyterm by Clean Zinc and Zn-Mo-Al-Mg Melted Compressed Co-W Powder

B.S. Karamurzov, R.A. Kutuev, M.Kh. Ponezhev, V.A. Sozaev, A.Kh. Shermetov, A.A. Shokarov
The dependence of the wetting angle of pure Zn (99.9%) and Zn-Mo-Al-Mg (Serbian bronze) of compressed Co-W powder on the temperature in an atmosphere of pure He (grade A) was studied using the large "lying" drop. Wetting angle was measured in the CorelDraw x12 software environment. Found: 1) With an...
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Characteristics of the Assimilation Potential of Tree Vegetation in Carbon Dioxide Absorption by PAs in Moscow

A.A. Sorokina, V.M. Zubkova, A.V. Gaponenko, N.Yu. Belozubova, M.V. Soshenko
The paper presents a comparative assessment of the contribution of forest tree vegetation of the natural sanctuary Serebryany Bor and the Natural-Historical Park Bitsevsky Forest to carbon dioxide absorption. It is found that the amount of carbon dioxide absorption depends on both the composition of...
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Obtaining Sorption Material from the Leaves of Aésculus Hippocastanum L.

Zh.A. Sapronova, S.V. Sverguzova, A.V. Svyatchenko, E.V. Fomina, E.V. Voitovich
Using waste of different genesis as sorption materials allows solving several problems at once such as decontamination of waste and reduction of production costs. The physicochemical properties of the products of thermal modification of A?sculus hippocastanum L. leaves, which are promising raw materials...
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Influence of Layered Silicates 1:1 on PTFE Properties

S. Laukkanen, S.A. Sleptsova, P.N. Tarasov, V.I. Fedoseeva, E.V. Abakunov
The results of the study of physical and mechanical and tribological properties of PTFE-based composites with addition of serpentine and kaolin are described. Magnesium spinel was used as a functional additive. Improvement of the characteristics of the material due to mechanical activation of the fillers...
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Development of Multicomponent Binders Using Fine Powders

M.Sh. Salamanova, S-A.Yu. Murtazaev, A.Kh. Alaskhanov, Z. Kh. Ismailova
The paper discusses the issues associated with the development of multi-component binders and high-quality concrete on their basis. The basis for the preparation of such binders is the use of finely divided mineral additives of natural and man-made origin. Particular attention is paid to the aggregate,...
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Development of a Technology for Field Testing of Lubricants and Additives

V.A. Chanchikov, L.Kh. Kadyrov, M.A. Saidov, S.S. Yusupov, A.P. Perekryostov, A.A. Musaev, L. Kh-A. Saipova, E.M. Balatkhanova
A preparation for field tribological tests of lubricants and additives in a real diesel engine was carried out. A diesel generator based on a TMZ-450D single-cylinder air-cooled engine and its are described. In this connection, a specific task of the work is the study of the wear of parts in the cylinder-piston...
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Manganese Oxide Influence on Piezoelectric, Dielectric, Ferroelastic Characteristics of Lead-Free Materials Based on (Na,Li)NbO3

Kh.A. Sadykov, N.A. Boldyrev, A.A. Pavelko, S.V. Khasbulatov, L.A. Shilkina, L.A. Reznichenko, I.A. Verbenko
Pure samples of solid solutions of (Na1-xLix)NbO3 system with high mechanical Q-factor, Qm, > 700, piezoelectric sensitivity, g33, ~ 40 mV·m/N, anisotropy of piezoelectric coefficients, d33/|d31|, > 5, low electrical conductivity, high piezoelectric activity, Kp, ~ 0.2, and a wide range of temperature...
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Inorganic Soundproof Fiberglass Composites for Protection against Acoustic Effects

O.V. Puchka
The paper presents the features of production of acoustic porous fiberglass composites: developed temperature-time modes for foam-forming mixtures, compositions of complex foaming agents for soundproof material technology, technological methods to control the porous structure of fiberglass composites...
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Study of the Performance of Cold Resistant Sealing Rubbers in Cold Climates

N.N. Petrova, V.V. Portnyagina, V.V. Mukhin, N.P. Ovchinnikov
An effect of cold climates and hydrocarbon environment on the performance of elastomers based on nitrile-butadiene, epichlorohydrin, propylene oxide, F-4 polytetrafluoroethylene and zeolite paste containing propylene oxide rubbers were studied during 1-2 year full-scale exposure to cold climates in the...
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Vegetation Changes due to the Impact of PJSC ALROSA Activities, Measures to Reduce Ecological Stress

S.I. Poiseeva, L.D. Gavrileva, E.G. Kardashevskaya, E.A. Ivanova, D.V. Andreev, A.I. Borisov
The present paper deals with the research of plant cover in the area of a diamond-mining company. Its main objects are the vegetation of a natural biotope, affected land areas and the vegetation of transformed affected territories in the area of Udachninskiy Mining and Processing Plant. The research...
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Mineral Formation of Autoclaved Binders Using Amorphized Raw Materials

V.V. Nelyubova
The article presents the peculiarities of the mineral formation in the "lime - mineral modifier from amorphized raw material" system depending on the composition of an additive. It is shown that the chemical activity of modifying components in terms of CaO binding and the formation of crystalline neoplasms...
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Use of Composite Reinforcement in Fiber-Foam Concrete Production

V.N. Morgun, L.V. Morgun, A.V. Visnap, D.A. Votrin, A.Yu. Bogatina
The increase in strength requirements for wall materials for stretching and bending while maintaining or reducing their average density scientifically justified. The research shows that the technology of autoclaved gas silicate currently does not allow achieving the required level of properties. Therefore,...
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Production of Single Crystals, Films and Characteristics of Schottky Diodes Based on 4H-SIC and its Solid Solutions

V.I. Altukhov, O.A. Mityugova, A.V. Sankin, V.F. Antonov, G.D. Kardashov, A.T. Rostova, S.V. Filippova
The article deals with the methods for producing silicon carbide (4H-SiC) mono-crystals and films using the Schottky barrier. A nonlinear model of the Schottky barrier height and a composite model for the CVC of the total emission current were developed. An induction heating method for producing SiC...
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Phasing Diagrams TlGaSe2 - CuGaSe2 and TlInS2 - CuInS2 Systems

A.Kh. Matiev, R.T. Uspazhiev, V.M. Khamkhoev, A.M. Gachaev, Z.S. Torshkhoeva, R.M. Evtieva, L.I. Israilova, S.Kh. Umarov
According to the data of differential thermal, X-ray phase analyzes, as well as measurements of conductivity and pycnometric density, phase equilibriums were studied and phasing diagrams of TlInS2 - CuInS2 and TlGaSe2 - CuGaSe2 systems were created in the entire concentration range. The studied systems...
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Phasing Diagrams of TlInSe2 - CuInSe2 and TlInSe2 - AgInSe2 Systems

A.Kh. Matiev, R.T. Uspazhiev, V.M. Khamkhoev, A.M. Gachaev, A.V. Evloev, R.M. Evtieva, L.I. Israilova, N.Z. Gasanov
Phase equilibrium was studied on the basis of the data of differential thermal, X-ray phase analyzes, as well as measurements of conductivity and density. Phasing diagrams of TlInSe2-CuInSe2 and TlInSe2-AgInSe2 systems were constructed over the entire concentration range. The studied systems were quasi-binary...
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Electrochemical Behavior of Nitrates and Conductivity of Melts in nМNO3-Ta2O5 (M - Cs, K; n=1,2) Systems

E.A. Gasanaliev, D.Z. Maglaev, A.M. Gasanaliev, A.A. Ataeva, B.Yu. Gamataeva, Kh.Sh. Shamsadov, T.Sh. Gamataev, Z.I. Salpagarova
HCH-brand salts were used in the experiment to study the dependence of conductivity of melts on temperature. The melt temperature was measured via platinum rhodium thermocouple (10% rhodium) and maintained with the accuracy of ± 2K. To avoid the influence of a temperature gradient, the melt conductivity...
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Comparative study of topology and phase formation in nМNO3 - V2O5 (MoO3, Tа2O5) (М- K, Rb, Cs; n=1, 2) within systems

D.Z. Maglaev, T.Sh. Gamataev, E.A. Gasanaliev, A.L. Daudova, B.Yu. Gamataeva, A.A. Ataeva, A.M. Gasanaliev, S.Sh. Mutsalova
The methods of physical and chemical analysis was used to study the phase formation in oxide-salty systems and the following conclusions were made: - similarity of crystal structures and small distinction of cation sizes (K+, Rb+, Cs+) in binary systems KNO3 - CsNO3 and RbNO3 - CsNO3 of 2K//A type...
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Stiffness Evaluation of a Metal Frame by the Method of Dynamic Tests

M. Nesterenko, V. Zhadanov, A. Nesterenko, G. Stolpovskij, P. Romanyuk
The article presents the method for assessing bending stiffness by dynamic testing using an example of the experienced metal frame. The source of forced oscillations during dynamic tests was a modal vibration exciter in the form of a mechanical oscillator with stepwise frequency control. The results...
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Intermetallides in the Structure of Gas-Thermal Coating With Additives of Complex Concentrate of Rare-Earth Element

A.K. Kychkin, G.G. Vinokurov, N.F. Struchkov
The article presents the results of researches of electrometallic coatings made of flux-cored wires with modifying additives of complex concentrate of rare-earth elements, obtained by extraction and leaching from ores of Tomtorskiy rare-metal deposit of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Metallographic...
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Study of Microorganisms on Polymer Composite Materials in Frigid Climate Conditions

A.A. Kychkin, M.P. Lebedev, L.A. Erofeevskaya, N.I. Neustroeva
The paper presents research findings on extraction and identification of bacterial and mycelial forms of microorganisms on polymer composite materials under the influence of extreme frigid climate for further study of the destruction of these materials. The study made it possible to take wipe samples...
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Modeling of Ammonium and COD Adsorption in Aqueous Solutions Using an Artificial Neural Network

Ah.S. Khalil, A.S. Smolyanichenko, E.V. Vilson, E.E. Shchutskaya, E.G. Tsurikova
This paper illustrates the application of the artificial neural network for adsorption of ammonium NH4+ and COD from fish farm by rice straw as low cost carbonaceous. The effects of input parameters (contact time, pH, initial concentration of NH4+ and COD, adsorbent dosages, and temperature) are studied...
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Oxygen-Ionic Conductivity of Ceramics La2O3 o 2MoO3

Z.S. Khadasheva, F.I. Machigova, O.M. Kuznetsova, G.D. Soltamuradov
Taking into account the relevance of obtaining environmentally friendly materials with desired properties and the need for ionic conductors, we present the results of the synthesis and studies of oxygen-conducting La2O3 o 2MoO3 ceramics. Ceramic samples were obtained by the solid-phase method from the...
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Device Development to Implement Pulsed Transient Flooding of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

M.Ya. Khabibullin
Unsteady water flooding, which combines cyclical water injection with a change in seepage flows direction, helps to increase reservoir coverage by water flooding and oil displacement due to water penetration into low-permeable rocks. The application of the developed device stimulates continuous injection...
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Bench Tests for Choosing the Best Device Operation Parameters when Applying Impulse Non-Stationary Flooding of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

M.Ya. Khabibullin
The bench was developed in the laboratory of hydraulic devices at the Department of Oil and Gas Machines and Equipment. It allows to create conditions that are close to the conditions of the downhole of any well. Laboratory and experimental studies conducted on the bench included two stages: a) research...
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Improving the Efficiency of Pulsed Non-Stationary Flooding of Hydrocarbon

M.Ya. Khabibullin
The method of pulsed non-stationary flooding is a continuous regulatory process. Its optimal variant is determined by the stage of development of reserves. It is selected after a thorough analysis of the development, when the current oil reserves are determined differentially by zones and sections...
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Supramolecular Compounds of β-cyclodextrins as a Material for the Pharmaceutical Industry

E.L. Isaeva, Khasaeva S.S. Khasaeva, E.R. Aslambekova, V.T. Panyushkin
The binary systems Eu(L)3(ClO4)3∙2H2O and ternary systems EuL3(CD)3∙2H2O were synthesized. The structural features of the systems were analyzed. The composition and structure of the synthesized complex compounds were studied by NMR spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, X-ray phase analysis, thermal analysis,...
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Influence of Preheating on Thermomechanical Properties of Heat-Resistant Ceramsite Concrete Based on Composite Binding Agent

G.N. Hadzhishalapov, A.M. Gadzhiev, T.A. Hezhev, M.N. Kokoev
The paper studies the influence of preheating on thermomechanical properties of heat-resistant ceramsite concrete based on activated composite binding agent. The basic composition of heat-resistant ceramsite concrete was used in the study. This composition included a ceramsite gravel of the Kizilyurt...
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The Manufacturing of Structural Ceramics with the Addition of Non-Ferrous Slags

V.A. Gurieva, A.A. Ilyina
The article deals with problems of using wastes in metallurgy. In particular, the use of slags formed after the extraction of nickel, copper, cobalt, gold and other metals will be described. The paper provides the results of a study, evaluating the viability of using slags of Yuzhuralnickel plant in...
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Study of Dielectric Properties of Polymer Systems Containing Nanosized Soot and Aluminum Particles

Z.Kh. Gaytukieva, A.S. Akhriev, B.I. Kunizhev, L.V. Kanukoeva, V.L. Lyuev
The main idea of this work was to obtain and study polymer composites based on synthetic isoprene elastomer and low density polyethylene, which contain soot and aluminum nanoparticles in various quantities. The composites were saturated with nanosized particles of aluminum and DG-100 soot with specific...
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Determination of Optimal Drying Process for Ceramic Bricks of Semidry Pressing

V.A. Gurieva, A.V. Doroshin
The article presents the results of experimental studies on the identification of the optimal burning conditions for ceramic raw materials based on clay loam from the Buguruslanskii deposit. The most common causes of cracking during drying, as well as measures to improve the crack resistance of manufactured...
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Simulation of Two-Chamber Devices for Pulsed Sheet Stamping

A.Yu. Botashev, А.А. Musaev, R.V. Betrahmadov, М. А. Saidov, K.Kh. Mazhiev, A.Kh. Mazhieva, Kh. Mazhiev, А.Kh. Mazhiev
Two-chamber device refers to pulsed sheet punching methods. This device is intended for use in small-scale production. Due to its design and efficiency it can significantly reduce the cost of stamped products. The article describes the principle of operation of the device, defines the criteria for the...
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Influence of Electric Transfer on Mutual Diffusion and Macroscopic Flow in Binary Melts Growing During Contact Melting

A.M. Bagov, T. Kh. Tamaev, A.I. Khasanov, M-A. V. Zubkhadzhiev
The theoretical foundations of the process of electric transfer (ET) in melts growing during contact melting (CM) of binary systems are considered. It is shown when the modes of this process will be carried out - speed-up and speed-down. It has been established that electro transfer makes an additional...
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Sorption Material Based on Modified Bentonite for Water Filtering Systems

O.V. Atamanova, A.V. Koshelev, E.I. Tikhomirova, N.V. Vedeneeva
Adsorption methods are among the most promising water treatment approaches of today. Application of clay materials as sorption agents for surface and waste water treatment are of particular interest. The object of current study is bentonite mainly containing montmorillonite. The micro- and meso-porosity...
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Dust Discharge Profile as a Tool to Improve the Objectivity of Atmospheric air Monitoring in Areas Affected by Industrial Enterprises

I.V. May, S. Yu. Zagorodnov
Methodical approaches to construction of dust discharge profile of industrial enterprise are proposed. The discharge profile is considered to be a parameterized characteristic of the component structure of dust with the selection of specific (indicative) for the technological process elements. On the...
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Strategy of Forming the Geoecological Framework of the Territory: on the Example of the Chechen Republic

Kh.Sh. Zaburaeva, As.А. Daukaev
The article analyzes the scientific and practical prerequisites for the formation (design) of the geoecological framework of the territory, the specific terminology in this area in the works of domestic and foreign researchers. The article studies the dynamics of the development of the concept of ecological...
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Development and Realization of Program for Creation of International Research Center "Geological And Geophysical Testing Ground"

V.B. Zaalishvili, A.G. Kusraev
The recent studies demonstrate the activation of geodynamic processes characterized by intense movement of the earth crust, manifestation of newest magmatism and active development of glaciers. The studies of different authors note the migration of seismic phenomena from south to the territory of Caucasus...
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Specificity of the Impact of Contemporary Urban Planning on the Ecological State of Cities

N.M. Vetrova, E.M. Mennanov, T.A. Ivanenko, A.A. Gaisarova, G.E. Sadykova
One of the factors in the formation of the ecological state of a city is the planning scheme of development, reflecting the features of the functional division of city space. At the same time, ensuring environmentally safe urban space involves solving the engineering problem of layout adjusting (optimization,...