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Data Mining and Enlightenment Analysis of the Overseas Dissemination of the English Translation of Mencius

Mingzhu Yang
As a classic of China, Mencius is also known as a treasure of Chinese culture with its splendid spiritual and humanistic contribution. It has a profound influence on the world. In the era of globalization, the dissemination of English-translated versions of Mencius is of practical significance. However,...
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Ball-Shrinking Genetic Search Algorithm for Finding Central Vertices in Graphs

Andrew Vlasov, Andrew Khomchenko, Alexey Faizliev, Sergei Mironov
The paper proposes a genetic algorithm (GA) for finding central vertices in a graph. The algorithm uses a different approach to the method presentation of the solution and describes a new look at the crossover process of GA. The algorithm was compared with existing exact and other genetic algorithms...
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Improving the Efficiency of "Jacketing" by Taking Into Account the Specifics of Applied Equipment and Prefabrications Based on Machine Learning Methods

Leonid Mylnikov, Artur Mikhailov, Anatoliy Pesterev, Dmitrii Vershinin
The article considers the task of choosing the optimal set of silica tubes for the operation of jacketing in the production of optical fiber, taking into account the available types of silica tubes, the features of the used equipment and the quality of products in previous cycles of production. The model,...
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Digital and organizational transformation of the educational process

Tatyana Leybert, Elvira Khalikov
The digital transformation of the Russian economy is becoming one of the areas of strategic development of companies. In this regard, approaches to assessing the knowledge and skills that a modern employee must meet are changing. In this regard, there is a need for the formation of a new model of human...
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Cooperative Game Analysis of Asian Handicap Big Data Based on Quantitative Difference Model

Lu Tang, Haiqi Lin
Purpose: Game theory is mainly divided into cooperative games and non-cooperative games. Most sports game is a non-cooperative game, but football games do not seem to be the case. In order to explore the relationship between football handicap and game rules, a cooperative game model of the interaction...
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Research on the Mechanism of Entrepreneurs’ Age in Enterprises’ Innovation Ecosystem: A Grouping Regression Verification Based on Gender

Ruizhi Liu, Xiangzeng Kou, Yixian Qiu
The construction of the innovation ecosystem plays an important role in the technology research and development activities of innovation-oriented enterprises. How to effectively promote the perfection of enterprise innovation ecology determines the quality of engineering technology activities of innovation-oriented...
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A Bootstrap-Based Analysis of the Relationship between

Father Involvement and the Subjective Well-being of Junior High-School Students

Rui Xia, Yuqing Zhang
The aim of this paper is to explore the relationship between father involvement in parenting and the subjective well-being of junior high-school students, investigating the mediating effects of self-esteem of junior high-school students. A total of 384 junior high-school students from two middle schools...
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Integrative Information Retrieval with a Consumer Strategy Approach

K N Sridevi, S Prakasha
In this study, Information Retrieval has become an integral part of our life. We require these technologies to make our digital life comfortable in this fast running technology era. We have tried to describe a consumer methodology to coordinating information retrieval, wherein the emphasis is placed...
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Design of Helicopter Avionics Maintenance Training System Based on Intelligent Teaching System

Xingguo Weng, Guojun Lai, Shicheng Wang, Bo Liu
In view of the shortcomings of the traditional avionics maintenance training method for helicopters, the importance of designing a intelligence teaching system (ITS) for helicopter avionics maintenance training is proposed. The functional requirements of the ITS are analyzed, and the ITS for helicopter...
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Current Status and Trends of Research in the Field of Visual Thinking - A Visual Analysis of Literature Based on Citespace

Yuhan Wang, Muhamad Abdul Aziz Ab Gani
As an important component of intelligent design, visual thinking is the main ability and quality of our creative design, the logical training of visual thinking is the means to make design communication more efficient, and the accuracy of visual language is the necessary quality to accurately convey...
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Seasonal Adjustment Algorithm

Kirill Spiridonov
The paper presents an algorithm for smoothing time series with seasonality. The proposed method is based on median smoothing and the Hodrick–Prescott decomposition. Using a software implementation in the R language, the correctness of the developed algorithm is checked; it is also compared with other...
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Research on the Motif of Chinese Science Fiction Literature Based on Big Data Mining

Sixin Zhu
Data mining is an important technology in the field of big data. In addition to being applied to artificial intelligence, finance and other fields, data mining can also be applied to the research of humanities and social sciences, and has high application value. China has entered the era of big data....
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Research on the Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Cost of Debt Financing—Based on Experimental and Mathematical Statistics Analysis

Li Guo, Chenghui Peng
Capital is the lifeblood of a company’s survival and development. Companies with lower financing costs are generally more competitive. However, the global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia has increased the uncertainty of economic policies and brought challenges to the financing activities of enterprises....
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The Approach to Basic Abstraction Construction for the Architectural Schemes Design

Yury Rogozov, Alexander Belikov, Oksana Shevchenko
According to statistical studies, a large number of IT projects end in failure. This problem arises due to the inconsistency of the forms used by persons to represent the image (meaning) of the system. Existing decisions on the development of the system image or meaning relate to the field of architectural...
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A Comparative Study on Post-occupancy Evaluation of University History Museums in Xi'an Universities

--The History Museums of Northwestern Polytechnic University and Xi'an Jiaotong University as Examples

Mo Yang, Xiaochao Wang, Xin Chen
In this paper, two representative university history museums in Xi'an, Northwestern Polytechnical University (hereinafter referred to as NPU) and Xi 'an Jiaotong University (hereinafter referred to as XJTU), are taken as the research objects, and the display environment of the two university...
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Construction of Scientific Research Training System and Investigate Its Efficiency on Teaching Reform in the Medical Big Data Mining Course

Yuan-Nong Ye, Min Wang, Meng-Ya Huang
The importance of medical big data mining in scientific research cannot be ignored. In order to cultivate undergraduates’ medical scientific research literacy, improve their scientific statistical thinking and ability to solve practical problems in scientific research, it is necessary to combine scientific...
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The Effects of Investor Attention on Cornstarch Futures Markets

Lu Zhang, Li Sun, Peng Liu, Shiyang Sun
The futures market price of agricultural products is affected by many factors. We introduce the Baidu search index as a proxy variable for investor attention and examine the link between corn starch futures and the Baidu index. The Granger causality test is used to observe the direction of causality,...
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Modeling of Regional Innovation Spillover Effects Based on DEA Malmquist Index

Anna Firsova, Galina Yu. Chernyshova
The article presents the results of a study of innovative spillover effects using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) tools. The study is novel, in that an assessment methodology has been developed based on the Malmquist index and an output-oriented DEA model has been built to analyze the dynamics of the...
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Machine Learning Approaches to Intrusion Detection System Using BO-TPE

Yoon-Teck Bau, Tey Yee Yang Brandon
Intrusion detection system (IDS) has been intensively studied in the research community. The cyber threats that are evolving rapidly have caused a major challenge for IDS to achieve a reliable detection rate. Despite the application of various machine learning approaches to improve the efficiency of...
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Design and Implementation of Online Teaching Platform for Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Experiment

Yulong Wang, Hongyuan Qi
With the new form of “Internet + higher education”, online teaching platform has become more and more important, especially for practical teaching courses. In view of the problems of limited space, insufficient openness and low enthusiasm for learning of students in the traditional experimental teaching...
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The Russian Arctic World-class research and education center formation

Sergey Kozmenko, Anna Teslya, Asya Shchegolkova
The article addresses the formation of the human capital in the digital economy for the Russian Arctic. The urgency of the problem is stated; the requirements formed by the processes of digitalization in the economy are indicated. The negative trends regarding the development of the human capital in...
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Use of Topic Modelling for Improvement of Quality in the Task of Semantic Search of Educational Courses

Ivan Nikolaev, Dmitry Botov, Yuri Dmitrin, Julius Klenin, Andrei Melnikov
This paper proposes an approach, improving the quality of the original educational course programmes semantic search algorithm, based on vector representations, produced by distributional semantic. The proposed approach works by providing an expert with interpretable topic filtering of courses in search...
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An Empirical Research on The Application of Mobile Short Video in Higher Normal Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

Taking Tik Tok Platform as an Example

Xueli Li, Xia Xiao
With the rapid development and wide application of mobile short video technology, it has gradually been “favored” by some higher normal undergraduate colleges and universities. A growing number of higher normal undergraduate college and universities have opened mobile short video accounts, which can...
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Recent Trends in Answer Script Evaluation – A Literature Survey

A.K.R Maya, Javed Nazura, B. L Muralidhara
Assessment of answer scripts is an integral part of an examination and education system. A fair, consistent, unbiased, and correct valuation ensures the integrity of an examination system and is important for all education institutions. Since manual valuation is cumbersome and can be biased or influenced...
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Design and Implementation of Online and Offline Distance Music Education Platform Based on Internet

Jie Ding
The distance music education in modern society develops with the development of the information age. It is a new type of education. It has gone through the initial TV education and the education process using information technology such as computer network and multimedia technology. The main reason is...
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Research on the University Students’ Willingness to Participate in “Inquiry Learning” – Based on fsQCA Analysis

Junjie Xu
Inquiry learning is a new means of learning. It can open up students’ thinking, improve learning efficiency and enable students to have the ability of independent learning. From the perspective of teachers, research-based learning can make classroom activities active, let students experience the process...
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Research on the Risk Control System of Securities Companies Under the Background of Big Data

Jiahui Li
Practices at home and abroad have proved that the Internet financial risk control system with big data technology as the core plays a huge role in preventing financial risks. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen and improve the risk control system based on big Internet data. As an essential part...
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Modeling the Spatial Effects of the Impact of Innovation on Regional Economic Growth

Vladimir A. Balash, Olga S. Balash, Alexey Faizliev, Elena V. Chistopolskaya
In this paper, we analyze σ- and β-convergence using data from the socioeconomic development of the Russian regions and reveal the role of spatial autocorrelation in regional economic development. We consider 80 regions of Russia for the period 2010–2017. We estimate spatial autocorrelation based on...
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Use of NLP-Powered Sentiment Analysis in Trading Strategy

Zanyang (Neil) Chen
The research paper focused on sentiment analysis powered by natural language processing and its use in trading strategy. Previous sentiment analysis based trading solutions are usually proprietary and produce market reports on a daily or weekly basis. We, therefore, aimed to address the lack of transparency...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Traffic Safety and Countermeasures

Pengfei Feng, Huiqing Jin, Mingyu Lu, Jiangbo Wang, Shulun Zhang, Tao Pan
With the continuous development of China’s expressways and cities, the number of cars began to increase rapidly, and traffic accidents also increased year by year. As a major issue in today’s society, it has an extremely important influence on economic development and social stability. The number of...
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Executive Team Functional Background and Enterprise Green Technology Innovation

--The Mediating Role of Environmental Strategy

Yeyun Liu, Jia Liu, Si Liu
To achieve "double carbon" target, intelligent design, green technology innovation and other changes and breakthroughs are needed. Based on this, this paper takes 2011-2019 manufacturing listed companies as the research object, deeply discusses the impact of executive team functional background...
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Research on the Time-Space Impact Paths of Economic Convergence-Empirical Evidence from 30 Provinces in China

Hewen Yang, Wei Huang, Xun Ma, Yifan Xu, Minyu Huang
By constructing a geographical distance matrix and a technological distance matrix, a double-fixed spatial Durbin model empirical test was conducted using panel data of 30 provinces during 2002–2020 to explore the factors influencing the convergence of inter-provincial economic growth in China. The outcomes...
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Effect of Digital Technologies on the Energy Sector. International Experience. Russian Opportunity

Elena Balashova, Ksenia Maiorova, Elena Schislyaeva, Sergei Schislyaev
The existing technological structure of the electric power industry has reached the limit of its efficiency and in the future will lose its high competitiveness compared to the digital energy solutions. One of the key global trends in the development of the fuel and energy complex in current-day realities...
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The Influence of the Attributes of Interest-Based Virtual Community on Consumers’ Purchase Intention in the Context of the Internet—An Empirical Study Based on SIT Theory

Yan Mou, Lingyue Jiang, Zhengjie Zhang
Based on consumer psychology and marketing theories, using the Social Influence Theory (SIT) model, starting from the four attribute dimensions of interactivity, reliability, sociality and visibility of Interest-based virtual community, and taking perceived usefulness and perceived value as intermediary...
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Research on Intellectual Property Retrieval based on intelligent recommendation algorithm

Dianyong Yu, Yunliang Sun, Vadzim Samaryn
Effective retrieval of intellectual property is of great significance for promoting innovation and protecting intellectual property rights and interests. Aiming at the problems of information overload and low accuracy existing in traditional retrieval methods of intellectual property, this paper proposes...
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An Empirical Analysis on the Information Literacy of College Students in Guizhou Province

Yanping Shi
In today’s era of intelligence, personal information literacy is becoming more and more important, and the university stage is an important period for the development of information literacy. Research on how to improve college students’ information literacy is very necessary. This study takes college...
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Energy-Efficient Path Planning: Designed Software Implementation

Vyacheslav Petrenko, Fariza Tebueva, Vladimir Antonov, Nikolay Untewsky, Mikhail Gurchinsky
The paper continues developing the method of a real-time quasi-optimal trajectory planning for anthropomorphic manipulator. Our goal includes software implementation of previously designed methods and algorithms of the quasi-optimal trajectory for anthropomorphic manipulator. The general structure and...
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Allocation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Resources for Architectural Design Majors in Colleges and Universities Based on PSO Algorithm

Wenjun Xu
Given the lack of innovative entrepreneurship education teaching resources configuration research, in order to make innovation in colleges and universities entrepreneurship education resource allocation rationalization, realize the maximization of the benefit evaluation index system of construction of...
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Learning Improved Class Vector for Multi-Class Question Type Classification

Tanu Gupta, Ela Kumar
Recent research in NLP has exploited word embedding to achieve outstanding results in various tasks such as; spam filtering, text classification and summarization and others. Present word embedding algorithms have power to capture semantic and syntactic knowledge about word, but not enough to portray...
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Design of English Autonomous Learning Platform Based on Computer Technology

Juan Huang
In recent years, our country has set great goals for the future development direction of English teaching. Some business people will put forward some opinions on this and improve the needs of internationalization. They believe that English should be the future development direction of college English...
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How Data Security Could Be Achieved in The Process of Cloud Data Governance?

An Analysis of Data Security in Cloud Computing From Management and Technique Perspectives

Weijia Liu
Cloud computing has been widely deployed and consumed across different application domains. It has been defined as a shared pool of computing resources. In cloud computing, data governance plays a critical role in enhancing overall performance and ensuring data security. This paper analyzes how to achieve...
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Analysis of Environmental and Human Habit Factors on Where People Drink the Most Beer, Wine and Spirits

Houxu Wang
As we all know, people in almost all countries are inseparable from alcohol. Alcohol has multiple functions. Different alcohols have different functions and different manufacturing methods. This article will study the drinking preferences and habits of different groups of people in different regions....
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Traffic Investigation and Control of Hefei Economic Development Zone

Yan Sun, Zhihua Tang
According to the statistics of relevant units in Hefei City, it is conservatively estimated that the number of private cars in Hefei has reached more than 600000, and the per capita vehicle ownership rate is 8%. In the past two years, the number of new cars in Hefei has increased by 280000. However,...
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The Innovative Path of Intelligent Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Ye Liu, Shuai Wang, Jun Liu, Shaohui Qu
In order to promote the innovation and development of intelligent teaching in the era of artificial intelligence, colleges and universities actively make use of artificial intelligence technology, seize rare opportunities, effectively deal with challenges, adhere to the leadership of the Party, update...
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Research on Quantitative Evaluation of New Energy Vehicle Policy in Hebei Province

Tianzun Wang, Yongguo Chen, Shuai Hong, Huina Li
The Chinese government has made the new energy vehicle industry a new pillar for building a modern industrial system during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. On the basis of previous research results, a quantitative evaluation model of new energy vehicle policy in Hebei Province is constructed with PMC...
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The use of digital technologies for the Russian Arctic energy infrastructure assessment

Aleksandr Biev
Despite the predominance in the economic specialization of the Russian Arctic regions of industries, one way or another related to energy, the problem of their fuel and energy supply, as a special category of consumers of the domestic energy market, still retains its high relevance. The aim of the study...
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Email Plugin Suite for k-Resilient Identity-Based Encryption and Searchable Encryption

Kah-Wai Chew, Swee-Huay Heng
Nowadays, most of the companies use their preferred email platform to perform their daily tasks such as exchanging of messages and sharing of documents. However, it is quite often to hear the news that someone’s email account is being hacked. The malicious intention of the hackers is to hijack the users’...
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Research on Two-Way Human Resource Recommendation Method Considering User Privacy

Jiangjing Lin, Chunliang Fu, Linhua Gong, Ming Guo
Traditional two-way human resource recommendation method has the problem of incomplete data anonymous process, which leads to low recommendation accuracy. Therefore, a two-way human resource recommendation method considering user privacy is designed. Collect recruitment information from human resources...
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The impact of Digital Economy on Green Consumption

Mingzhu Pan, Xufang Li
Based on CFPS 2018 data, this study constructs an OLS model and employs principal component analysis to examine the influence of the development level of the digital economy on Chinese residents' level of green consumption. The main findings of the thesis are as follows: the level of development...
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Comparative Analysis of the Convergence of the Population-Based Algorithm and the Gradient Algorithm for Optimizing the Neural Network Solution of the Optimal Control Problems

Irina Bolodurina, Lubov Zabrodina
In this paper, we consider the functional representation of the solution of the optimal control problem without restrictions using the neural network approach, which allows us to find a functional representation of the solution. Based on the necessary first-order optimality conditions, the original problem...
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Research Hotspots of Online Education in China in the Past Ten Years

Based on the CiteSpace’ Visual Atlas Analysis

Shuang Yang
This research is based on 3258 Chinese literatures about online education from 2012 to 2021, which were included in the CSSCI source core journals of CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure), and uses the information visualization analysis software Citespace to conduct keyword analysis to reveal...
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Foreign STEAM Education Research Based on Visual Analysis

Huan Sun, Min Wu, Yan Ma
This paper uses 3596 core papers in the WOS (Web of Science) database in the past ten years as a data source, and uses CiteSpace knowledge graph software to visually analyze foreign STEAM education. Through cluster analysis, it is found that the themes of foreign STEAM education research mainly focus...
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Research on Financial Management Countermeasures Based on Multi-Indicator Model and Internal Control Theory and Analysis of Improvement Results

Yaxing Zhang, Lulu Meng
With the continuous development of China's market economy, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition at home and abroad. The widespread use of enterprise information technology, the rapidly changing international environment and the change of people's thinking have made financial...
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Conceptual model of Logistics Vocational Education in the digital economy

Vladimir Scherbakov, Galina Silkina
A precedent has been created to substantiate a scientific and methodological approach to the professional training of logisticians in the Russian higher education system which is being reformed now. The principal characteristics of the approach are determined: preactivity, personal orientation, continuity...
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The Impact of Heterogeneous Reputation Evaluation Laws on Cooperation Based on Net Logo

Zhenghong Wu, Shiwei Huang
This paper explores the effect of three different reputation evaluation laws on the promotion of cooperation in the public goods game. Net Logo is used to analyze the main content. We find that tolerance is more conducive to promoting cooperation than rationality. Injecting more collectivism into a society...
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ESP32 Based Implementation of Water Quality and Quantity Regulating System

T. Sandeep Rao, Pawan Pranay, Sriman Narayana, Yamunadhar Reddy, Sunil, Pawandeep Kaur
The primary purpose of this paper is to reduce the wastage of water. The former way of water testing is manual, costly, time consuming, whereas proposed work is easy to install and cost effective. The proposed work is focused on water quality and quantity measurements by using ESP32 microcontroller and...
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Research on the Innovation of Talent Training in Fashion Performance Under the Background of Big Data

Qianwen Li, Min Yin
With the continuous development of current society, the development trend of network, data and information has been presented, which provides a good opportunity for the development of new media technology in the fashion industry. The emergence of new media provides a carrier for the presentation of Internet...
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English Teaching Evaluation Model Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yiran Chen, Qianchun Ma, Jiaxin Li
English teaching is a worldwide and essential education component for human society and talent innovation system. Therefore, the correct evaluation for English teaching methods has become a necessary condition for education system and can assist the supervisors to adjust the education methods to reach...
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Stock Price Forecast: Comparison of LSTM, HMM, and Transformer

Qianzhun Wang, Yingqing Yuan
With the development of deep learning, different kinds of neural network models are applied to the analysis and prediction of time series data. In the field of finance, deep learning models are widely used to forecast the stock market, which is an integration of technical data that can directly provide...
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Research on Location Strategy of Service Enterprises Entering Saturated Market

-Take Wuhan Sexy Tea Shop as An Example

Yan Li, Wencan Wu, Keqiang Wang, Jing Huang
With the increasing proportion of the service industry in economic contribution and the increasingly fierce competition among service enterprises, the location strategy will be an important part of the overall enterprise strategy if it wants to survive and develop in the saturated market. This paper...
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Principles of the Knowledge Base Formation as a Part of Intellectual Decision Support System in Innovative Projects Management

Liliya Chernyakhovskaya, Nataliya Nikulina, Anna Malakhova
According to methodology of decision making support in innovative projects management, developed on the previous stages of the research, a method of expert’s knowledge formalization based on the decision making support ontology, was developed. The method allows to integrate the means of ontological analysis...
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Research on the Evaluation of Graduate English Writing Course based on iWrite Assessment System

Zhouting Ma, Xiaoying Song
The iWrite writing evaluation system assesses students’ writing from four dimensions: vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and content. This study selected 30 valid samples from the experimental class and compared the differences between computer-assisted evaluation and manual evaluation via data...
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Innovative transport and logistics schemes in the Arctic zone of Russia as development drivers of the world economy

Natalya V. Baydukova, Mikhail N. Grigoriev, Yuri Y. Mihalchevskiy, Sergey A. Uvarov
Planet climate changes, affecting the Arctic Ocean, open up new prospects for optimizing transport flows between Asian and European countries. Mankind has long sought to use these routes, but shipbuilding technologies did not allow doing this before. The combination of these factors allows Russia not...
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Comprehensive Benefit Analysis of Urban BRT System

Mingyu Lu
In recent years, the problem of urban traffic is becoming more and more serious, and it poses a serious threat to human life safety, property and living environment. In order to solve this problem, many cities are developing BRT system. It is an urgent problem to understand the comprehensive benefits...
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A Study on The Linkage Between Tourism and Economic Development In The Greater Bay Area Based on Big Data Analysis

Shiying Lao
With the rapid development of the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, coordinating the relationship between tourism and economic development has become one of the important ways to promote the rapid development of the Greater Bay Area. Based on measuring the level of tourism and...
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Research on the Design of Cross-Cultural Business Communication Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Platform Based on SPSS Data Analysis

Qin Meng, Weiwei Zhao, Yanna Sun, Hanwang Liu
Based on SPSS data analysis, this paper studies the cross-cultural business communication virtual simulation experimental teaching platform, which combined virtual simulation technology with web page effect to guide students to experience the style of world cultural heritage culture, simulate the specific...
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Application of Modern Information Technology in the Design of Music Course Auxiliary Teaching System

Xiaoxu Jie
By applying Web Service, JSP, SQL Service and other technologies in the music-assisted teaching system, and constructing the B/S three-layer architecture, the music course-assisted teaching system can be further developed. In the music course assisted teaching system based on modern information technology,...
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Automatic Invigilation Using Computer Vision

Manit Malhotra, Indu Chhabra
Educational institutions determine students’ strengths and weaknesses through exams. Students find numerous ways to cheat in physical exams like exchanging their sheets, using hidden notes, getting good grades, fulfilling their parents’ expectations, and whatnot. Due to the physical limitations of human...
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Construction of an Interactive Teaching Platform for Vocal Music Theory and Performance Practice Under Cloud Platform Technology

Lei Xue
Based on cloud platform technology, combining streaming media technology and web application development, an interactive teaching platform for vocal music theory and performance practice is constructed, which effectively improves the current vocal music classroom teaching. Problems such as single teaching...
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Research on the Construction of College Engineering Practice Courses Under the Background of New Engineering

Hongxia Wang, Zhipeng Wang, Kun Fang, Ye Li
Engineering training is an important part of engineering education in colleges and universities. Applying theory to practice is not only the significance of practical courses, but also the source of students’ learning motivation. All practical teaching ideas and methods need to be carried out around...
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A Study of History Education in Macau Based on the Context of Big Data

Jiehua Zhong, Xi Wang
This study is conducted on Macau education and the Macau Chinese Education Association. This paper provides a systematic review of the history of education in Macau. Born in the fertile soil of Macau, the Chinese Education Association of Macau has witnessed and participated in every major event in Macau’s...
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The differences of conversions in working with target audience at different decision-making funnel levels

Anastasii I. Klimin, Dmitrii V. Tikhonov, Anastasia I. Ryushenkova
The article presents the results of a study analyzing the conversion rate at different levels of the purchase funnel in the educational market. A theoretical model of the purchase funnel and its surrounding environment is shown, assumptions about the reasons for differences in conversion rates are made,...
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Method of Designing a Software Analytical Complex Based on a Cartesian Closed Category Using Virtual Objects

Gennady Kulikov, Vyacheslav Antonov, Maria Shilina, Lyudmila Rodionova
The article examines the problem of formalization and identification of information objects (real and virtual) and traceability of their relations in the studied subject area according to the rules of monomorphism and polymorphism of the mathematical theory of categories of sets. Based on these conditions,...
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Classification of Emotion Stimulation via Iranian Music Using Sparse Representation of EEG Signal

Mohammad Abdollahi, Saeed Meshgini, Reza Afrouzian, Ali Farzamnia
To interpret actions and communications in a correct way, emotion is very crucial. Emotion class recognition capability without using conventional approaches such as Self-Assessment Manikin (SAM) has been provided by Emotion Recognition EEG. Emotion Recognition with no medical and clinical examinations,...
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Construction of Teaching Innovation Teams in Higher Vocational Colleges--Taking Information Communication Technology and Application Majors as an Example

Jingjing Wang
In order to improve the quality and level of teaching, higher vocational colleges must build a high-quality faculty team. However, currently there are still some problems in the construction of faculty teams in some higher vocational colleges. In view of this situation, this paper, from set out actually,...
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Evaluation of Digital Transformation in Chinese Government from Data Mining Perspective

Ping Lan
Currently, science and technology are changing rapidly, digitalization and intelligence are developing deeply, profoundly affecting economic development trends and social operation laws, and the digital era is coming. Governments around China are in full swing in the process of digital transformation...
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Lifecycle Assessment of the Social Behaviors of Automotive Product Recycling

Jia Wang, Yuke Li, Wei Pan, Zhenbiao Li
A wide range of actors are engaged in the entire lifecycle of automotive products, and they may impact the recycling and reuse of these products through their social behaviours, including policy, perception, technology and environment. This paper investigates the social impact of automakers, dealerships/maintenance...
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Air Quality Prediction of Three Provinces in Central China Based on Hybrid K-Means-LSTM

Guoqu Deng, Hu Chen, Siqi Wang
With the development of industrialization and urbanization, air pollution is becoming more and more serious. To protect people's health, reasonably predict air quality and provide suggestions for people's egress, this article constructs a short-term air quality prediction model based on K-Means-LSTM....
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Personalized News Recommendations Based on NRMS

Xiao Li, Zhong Xu, Heping Peng, Hongbin Wang, Qingdan Huang
Personalized news recommendations are a crucial technology for assisting users in discovering news content of their interest and reducing information overload. At the same time, personalized news recommendations allow for effective statistics on news data and will provide assistance in the application...
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Constructing a Model of Intelligent Learning Space for Vocational Education in the Age of Intelligence

Huiyun Zhang, Ran Lu, Peiyu Liu
Vocational education is the key to achieving a strong country with skilled personnel and has become the central position for high-level professional personnel training in the new international context. However, traditional vocational education learning spaces lack the construction of learning contexts,...
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Intelligent Question Answering System Based on Domain Knowledge Graph

Yiming Hao, Ye Wu, Luo Chen, Kaijun Yang
This paper introduces an intelligent question answering system based on the domain knowledge graph of military battle cases. Through the collection and accumulation of military big data, we first build a domain knowledge graph for military battle cases, and then use natural language processing related...
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Integrated digital platforms for development of transport and logistics services

Aleksander Viktorovich Dmitriev, Irina Aleksandrovna Plastunyak
The article discusses the development of transport and logistics services based on integrated digital platforms, analyzes the Russian economy and its transport and logistics sector digitalization level, explores the features of transport and logistics systems digital transformation, substantiates the...
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Evaluation of competitiveness of Foshan ceramic industry and selection of promotion path

Qingfeng Zheng, Hui Xu, Xiaoya Xu
Ceramic industry is the traditional comparative advantage industry in Foshan. It plays an important role in promoting economic and social development and is facing the key stage of transformation and upgrading of industrial cluster from the mature stage. Its vulnerability, risk and other related competitiveness...
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Implementation of Secure Software Development Lifecycle in a Large Software Development Organization

Lada Gonchar
Secure Software Development Lifecycle is an important part of developing secure software. On the one hand, such process requires a significant effort related to upskilling of developers, analysing of coding and security testing, on the other hand, generates a large amount of data on the process level...
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Critical Success Factor Estimation for Software Security in Small and Medium Scale Industry Using AHP and TOPSIS Approach

N Kavyashree, M C Supriya, M R Lokesh
In small and medium scale software industry, software security success factor is trivial process. Six-sigma and fuzzy logic methodology address software security problems effectively in the state of work. The research work chosen Fuzzy Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution...
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Design of Teaching Assistance System for Ideological and Political Classrooms in Colleges and Universities Based on Multimedia Technology

Guolan Liu, Siyu Cai, Xiaojing Miao
In modern society, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, what we can understand is that a series of complex disciplines that exist in this way will be slowly introduced into university classrooms. Ant colony algorithm is a kind of algorithm that simulates the behavior of wild...
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An Analysis of Subjective Well-being and Individual Comparison under Structural Equation Model

Yiyin Wang, Tianyong Chen, Yun Chen
Objective: To analyze the directional effects of individual comparison on subjective well-being in the elderly in the diachronic data, which aims to provide theoretical exploration for the subjective well-being (SWB) of old age. Methods: Based on the data of the follow-up survey on the influencing factors...
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Methodical Fundamentals for Choosing the Location of Waste Treatment Enterprises Based on the Indicators of the Territorial System Status

Vladimir Gvozdev, Olga Khristodulo, Marat Shamsutdinov
In recent years, effective environmental protection activities of the environment related to anthropogenic pollution, which has become widespread, influenced by increasing industrial production and population growth, have gained particular importance. Waste can be viewed in two different ways: as a powerful...
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Analysis of the Effects of Parenting Styles on Learning Burnout and the Mediating Effect of Peer Relationships Among Primary School Students Based on SPSS

Xiya Yao, Yuqing Zhang, Jiyun Wang
Given the increasingly competitive society and the prevalence of “tiger parenting”, primary school students are likely to burnout on learning and suffer from physical and psychological problems in the face of multiple pressures. In this study, Adolescent Learning Burnout Questionnaire, Short-form Egna...
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Research on the Decision-Making Model of College Enrollment Target Group Selection Based on AHP Analysis

Xin Zhao, Yongli Lu, Wei Guo, Tao Guo
In view of the decision-making problem of target student source group selection in Colleges and universities, this paper makes a multi-objective feasibility analysis of target student source selection, and finds a method to help colleges and universities optimize the structure of student source. In order...
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The Measurement of Urbanization Bubble of Beijing Under the Background of New Urbanization Development

Based on Improved Coordinate Quadrant Method

Yuan Gong, Qian Xiong, Zheng Zhao, Mengmeng Cai
The bubble of urbanization development mainly refers to the phenomenon that the urban land, population, industry, environment, and social services etc. are not synchronized or coordinated with the development of urbanization. This study established a quality evaluation index system for urbanization development,...
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Risk Analysis and Emergency Control of Epidemic Public Health Emergencies Based on Disaster Chain Network Model

Yu Dong, Yuanyuan Liu
In recent years, with the development of society and the acceleration of urbanization, all kinds of health and safety events have gradually moved closer to the chain structure, and the losses caused by the chain effect are huge. Based on the theory of disaster chain, the paper expounds the following...
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Research on the Design of Interactive Multimedia Teaching in High School Chinese

Yunxia Yang
With the continuous development of Internet science and technology, various industries have also been challenged by changes and innovations. For multimedia technology, in addition to playing an important role in the field of social life, it also has a certain promotion in school classroom teaching effect....
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Implementation of the online learning platforms in the training companies

O.V. Rostova, S.V. Shirokova, M.S. Zharova, A.S. Shmeleva
The article is devoted to the problem of effective implementation of online learning platforms by training companies. The use of e-learning systems in the educational process at this stage is one of the main trends. Despite the fact that the methodological aspects of this form of training are widely...
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An Experimental Study: ICA-Based Sensorimotor Rhythms Detection in ALS Patients for BCI Applications

Vahid Gerami Oskouei, Ali Naderi Saatlo, Sobhan Sheykhivand, Ali Farzamnia
Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is used in this paper to study the brain signals of patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in the EEGLAB toolbox. Electroencephalography (EEG) signals are recorded in unipolar mode, wherein the Cz electrode is selected as the reference electrode. Therefore,...
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Will Résumé Data Tell Stories About Job Skills?

Content Analysis of the Russian IT, Internet, and Telecom Industry

Fengchen Wang, William Attatsitsey, Natalia Volkova
Recruitment has been more streamlined, more convenient, and less time-consuming thanks to the advent of digital technology, which enables employers or recruiters to scan through a bank of job seekers’ résumés on the job site. As a result of the advancement of e-recruiting, which allows job seekers to...
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Research on the Formation Mechanism and Promotion of Brand Loyalty in Tourism Destinations

Taking Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as an Example

Liping Xu, Sen Yang
The competition among tourist destinations is becoming more and more fierce. For tourist destinations, it is not only necessary to maintain the core market, but also to attract opportunity markets and guide tourists to become loyal tourists to the destination. The study found that the direct effect of...
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Childlike or Adult: Development Trend of the Animation Content

Ge Ge, Bing Liu
In the 21st century, animation has been an important component of the ceaseless development of the cultural industry. Animation has been the dominant spiritual food for children with a leading position in children's TV programs. Meanwhile, we could also see that all kinds of factors in the adult...
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Cognitive Maps in the Development of the Multi-dimensional System of Objects’ Management for the Manufacturing of Products From Composites

Tatiana Sazonova, Larisa Polyakova
The article discusses the problem of automation of technological processes for the manufacturing of products from polymer composite materials used in mechanical engineering. Classification of control systems is represented according to the degree of completeness of a priori information about the control...
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Research on the Design of Community Creation Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process Under Social Innovation

Lei Zhang
A demand index system is established to explore the practice model of social innovation in community creation, and to build the corresponding design strategy. The affinity diagram is used to summarize user demand indicators, and each weight value is calculated with the help of hierarchical analysis and...