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COVID-19 Based on Big Data Analysis Research on the Influence and Countermeasures of 5A Tourist Attractions in Jiangsu Province

Hong-ying Zhang
The sensitive vulnerability of tourism determines that it is vulnerable to natural, social, economic and other aspects. As a sudden public health event, the outbreak of COVID-19 has a serious impact on the domestic and foreign tourism industry. As the core element of tourism, scenic spot is one of the...
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Research on Evaluation of Big Data Application Capability of Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises

Zeshuang Liu, Jingyun Peng
Big data application capability is the core resource and competitiveness of intelligent manufacturing enterprises in the new era. Based on the intelligent characteristics and life cycle, this paper uses the literature measurement method to construct the evaluation index system of big data application...
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The Influence of Equity International Strategic Alliance on Innovation Performance

Guzi Yang
Under the macro background of national innovation-driven development, increasing enterprises seek strategic partners in the international arena and occupy the market by establishing strategic alliances to learn technology. In the process of building alliances, companies will face numerous choices. On...
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Spatial and Temporal Evolution Characteristics of A-grade Logistics Enterprises in Hubei Province

Lingfeng Zhou, Huiyuan Jiang
A-grade logistics enterprises are the carriers of the regional economy, which are important for promoting the coordinated development of the regional economy. Based on the data of A-grade logistics enterprises in Hubei Province, this paper uses nuclear density analysis, hot spot analysis, and spatial...
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Design of an Intelligent Manufacturing Practice Teaching Platform Centered on Innovation Ability

Huanqing Han, Na Liu, Shaoyong Cao, Dongqin Li
This paper designs and implements a practical teaching platform for relevant majors in the field of intelligent manufacturing, focusing on the cultivation of innovation ability. With MES as the core, six major software and hardware systems were designed, including S7-1500 controller, CNC machining, intelligent...
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Common Security Protocols for Wireless Networks: A Comparative Analysis

Muhammad Ehsan Rana, Mohamed Abdulla, Kuruvikulam Chandrasekaran Arun
In computer networks, security is one of the most important aspects of protecting the network from various attacks. Especially in wireless networks, security can prevent unauthorized data access and save systems from potential threats. The security protocols in the wireless networks help to achieve the...
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Construction of a Smart Logistics Management Service System Under Big Data Technology

Xiaojian Xia, Shuang Ma
This paper proposes a smart logistics management system using big data analysis. The system adopts a modular, service-oriented architecture for intelligent processing of massive logistics data. Machine learning algorithms enable intelligent forecasting of logistics demand. Testing shows the system achieves...
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Research on the Present Situation of Artificial Intelligence Education Application

Yan Li
[Objective/Significance] Based on the literature analysis of artificial intelligence application research, this paper discusses the integration of artificial intelligence and education, so as to promote the development of artificial intelligence application in education. [Method/Process] Based on the...
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Application Research of Data Processing Software in Experimental Teaching of Concrete Foundation

Chengqin Chen, Wei Zhang, Hongjuan Wu, Wanzhi Cao
Concrete materials have complexity, variability, and random uncertainty. How to help students better grasp the changing rules of concrete properties is a problem. It is necessary to combine a variety of data processing software for analysis. In this paper, the mechanical properties of concrete were the...
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Application of Campus Big Data in the Field of Student Physical and Mental Health

Yin Bai, Zhixian Zhang, Lina Tang, Kairui Yang, Ruiting Yang
This work presents an innovative application of a student physical and mental health monitoring system based on campus big data. The paper highlights the implementation of this system by China Mobile in major universities. The system incorporates emotion intelligent analysis technology using image recognition,...
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Development of Archives Management System for University Ideological and Political Practice Activities Based on Computer System

Peng Shao, Junjie Guo
University ideological and political education needs to be based on practical activities. Students are able to translate theoretical knowledge into practical actions in practical activities. In order to be able to supervise and record students' ideological and political activities, this research...
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An IPFS Privacy Storage Sharing Scheme Based on SM4 Algorithm

Jiazhen Song, Yutong Li, Haori Lu, Jingrong Wang, Peng Nie
Nowadays, based on the characteristics of immutability and decentralization, IPFS as a distributed file system is applied in more and more scenarios. However, the storage mode of IPFS is designed for all Internet users and is open. Therefore, the protection of personal privacy data stored on IPFS and...
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Impacts of Cross-border Capital Flow on China’s Commercial Banks’ Soundness Based on GMM of Dynamic Panel System

Xiulan Chen, Zhaomin Zou
The paper measured the soundness of Chinese commercial banks based on data from 2006Q1 to 2016Q3 through building index system, and built the economic model by utilizing GMM system to demonstrate the impact and mechanism of cross-border capital flows on banks’ soundness. The results show that the banking...
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Digital Transformation in Vocational Education: Challenges, Strategies, and an Experimental Proposal

Yanping Zhu, Haiwei Zuo, Yun Chen
In our rapidly evolving society, the digital revolution has significantly restructured every sector, with education being no exception. This discourse delves into the digital transformation impacting vocational education, identifying inherent challenges, proposing strategic solutions, and introducing...
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A bibliometric visualisation of CNKI-based visual metaphor studies

Dinghui Ma
To conduct a visual analysis of the literature related to visual metaphor research and to analyze the research status and development changes of visual metaphor research in China in the past 23 years. Using bibliometric methods and CiteSpace software to map the knowledge of 408 pieces of visual metaphor-related...
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Automated Academic Assignment Submission and Management System: Proposed Design Using Agile Methodology

Muhammad Ehsan Rana, Zailan Arabee, Darshini Amathlingam
Academic assignment submission and management is a complex process that involves sub-processes, including collecting, date-stamping, safe-keeping, marking, collation of results and feedback to students. Nevertheless, this concept needs to be implemented with the emerging trends of automating business...
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Early Warning Method of Credit Risk of Agricultural Enterprises in Guizhou Province Based on AHP

Manxue Zhang, Ni Li, Chang Zhang
As the basic industry and traditional industry of the national economy, agriculture plays an extremely important role in economic development, especially in today’s global food shortage and frequent natural disasters. The supporting position of agriculture is becoming more and more important. Agricultural...
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A Study on Risk Management of German Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Chain Based on Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Theory

Jiayi Qu
In this paper, by studying the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia on each link of the vaccine supply chain, a risk assessment index system for the vaccine supply chain under the new coronavirus pneumonia is constructed, and the risk assessment method based on interval intuition fuzzy set theory...
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Data Mining for State Evaluation and Analysis of Thermal Power Generators

Xuanzong Zhao, Guangyu Yang, Wenlin Yang, Xiaozhong Chen, Sen Wang
At this stage, with the progress of industrial science, my country's thermal power units are constantly supplementing the shortcomings, the total installed capacity has increased, and some power plants that have been eliminated by the times and are not conducive to environmentally friendly development...
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Research on the Psychological Behaviors of Undergraduates During the Covid-19 Pandemic Through Data Analysis

Yun Liu
Data analysis refers to analyzing the collected mass data through proper statistical analysis methods, meanwhile summarizing, comprehending and digesting it to exploit its functions to the largest extent, so as to give play to its effect. Data analysis is a process in which data is researched and summarized...
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On the Ethical Dilemma and Countermeasures of Algorithmic Recommended News

Caixia Zhang
In the era of big data, algorithm technology is widely used in the field of news dissemination, which has promoted the reform and development of journalism. However, algorithm recommendation, as the main form of news distribution, is also facing controversy in the development process. On the one hand,...
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Research and Application of Virtual Reality Techniques in the Field of Education: A Bibliometric Analysis Based on Web of Science via VOSviewer

Long Liang, Zhirong Yang
Virtual reality technology in education is a vibrant research field. This study employs VOSviewer software to conduct a bibliometric analysis of 1595 relevant publications in the Web of Science database. By analyzing the existing literature, this study examines the quantity of publications, research...
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Intermediary Organization Marketization, Corporate Governance, and Financing Efficiency

Ping Yu, Jiarui Zhang, Xiaoling Huang
Based on the non-financial companies listed in Chinese A-share market from 2016 to 2020, this paper empirically analyzes the impact of intermediary organization marketization on financing efficiency, and utilizes corporate governance as an intermediary variable to test the underlying mechanisms. By using...
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An Analysis on the Evolution Path and Hot Topics of Frugal Innovation—Visual Analysis Based on Citespace

Xiaoyu Qu, Dan Wang
Using CiteSpace software, 360 papers from CNKI in the field of frugal innovation are used to perform quantitative analysis and draw a visual map. The research shows that the number of published papers in this field is in good shape, which can be roughly divided into three stages; the research force is...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Machine Vision Course in Application-Oriented University

Sai Li, Guolin Zhai
In the context of Industry 4.0, it is increasingly necessary to carry out undergraduate teaching of machine vision. Combined with the characteristics of this course and the characteristics of the intelligent manufacturing specialty in the application-oriented undergraduate colleges, the problems faced...
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Blended Equipment Operation Teaching Based on Smart Teaching Platform

Lixiang Qin, Jing Yang, Quan Gan, Hongkai Wang, Changyao Chen
Colleges and universities serve as the primary hubs for nurturing skilled professionals, and the equipment operation course plays a crucial role in their training. Therefore,it is very important to explore the teaching method of the new equipment operation course. With the rapid development of artificial...
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The Evaluation of Economic Management in the Field of Cross-border E-commerce

Jia Su, Lijing Zha, Yan Zhang, Xuanchen Liu, Shiduo Liu
In this paper, seven listed cross-border e-commerce companies are selected as samples to build the economic management evaluation index system, which consists of four aspects, profitability, solvency, operating ability and growth ability. Furthermore, analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is used to evaluate...
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Face Recognition Technology Risks and Regulatory Issues

Yuying Bao, Zhenyuan Du
Face recognition technology has the characteristics of convenient attributes, no compulsion, no contact, etc.. Due to the defects of face recognition Algorithms, the similarity of face features, and the risks of unauthorized access and circumvention of authentication caused by face synthesis, which brings...
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Implementation of ICP Slam Algorithm on Fire Bird V for Mapping of an Indoor Environment

S I Arpitha Shankar, M. Shivakumar, K.R Prakash
Mapping and Exploration are the fundamental tasks in many mobile robotic applications such as warehouse management, search and rescue operations in disaster scenarios, service robotics, patrolling and autonomous driving. Single robots are employed in the above-said tasks to model the environment accurately...
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Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Method Based on Fuzzy Hierarchy Analysis

Xiangna Li, Fang Xu, Zhaojun Yuan, Zhenxiang Pan, Bin Ma, Feifei Lv, Tao Zhang
Facing the problem of low rate of change of customer satisfaction evaluation methods, a customer satisfaction evaluation method based on fuzzy hierarchical analysis is designed. Optimising the customer relationship management structure, promoting the transformation of customers from willingness to behaviour,...
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Study on the Application of Big Data on the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries

Ye Bei
In recent years, the vigorous development of the cultural and creative industries reflects the importance that the country attaches to the important role of cultural and creative industries in economic transformation. With the rapid development of information technology, cloud computing. Internet of...
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Impact factor analysis report of paper acceptance at ICLR

Shuangyang Hu
In this paper, Visual Data Analytics (VDA) approaches have been used to analyze the factors influencing the acceptance of a scientific paper to a top representation learning conference. This shall help authors determine the likelihood of their paper being accepted by the leading representation learning...
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Link Prediction Model for Anchor Chain Connection Method

Shou-meng Huang
In order to improve the accuracy of the location-based social network (LBSN) multi-source heterogeneous data link prediction, a model named anchor link-predict (AL-P), based on the anchor link method is proposed. Firstly, the network representation learning method is used to obtain the user relationship...
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Construction of the Evaluation Model of Independent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activity Driven by Big Data

Yanfa Chen, Wen Tang
In China, information technology has gradually entered a stage of rapid development. Cloud platform services based on big data mining, analysis and personalized information service technology have been widely used in various industries. According to the results of big data statistics and analysis, people...
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Construction of Network Learning Platform of Construction Engineering Management Under PHP Development Environment

Rulun Peng
Based on the PHP language development environment and Moodle system as the basic framework, a feasible secondary development design form is selected to complete the construction of the network learning platform of construction engineering management. In the form of Web application program under the B/S...
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Inter-firm knowledge dissemination model that considers knowledge innovation and the willingness to disseminate knowledge

Zhuoyi Lian
[Purpose/Significance] In the era of knowledge economy, enterprise knowledge is considered to be the main driving force for the development of enterprises, how to find the law of knowledge dissemination, effective knowledge dissemination has become an increasing concern of scholars. [Method /Process]...
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Analysis of classroom teaching innovation characteristics of science and engineering teachers

Jingnan Jiang, Ling Luo
Classroom teaching is a key factor affecting the quality of teaching in colleges and universities. This study adopts a qualitative research method, using NVivo11 software, to analyze the teaching strategies in the final debriefing video of the National College Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition...
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Research on Input-Output Efficiency of Listed Companies of Solar-Thermal Power Concept Based on DEA-BCC Model

Zhen Xu, Ping Lu
This paper uses DEA-BCC model to construct a system of input-output indicators to measure the input-output efficiency of China’s listed companies of solar-thermal power generation concept using panel data of 24 listed companies of solar-thermal power generation concept in China from 2017–2021 as research...
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Intelligent Connectivity Solution for Enterprise Networking Services

Junya Huang, Jiaqi Sun, Xuejing Yuan, Zhongmin Zheng
Business requirements of cloud transformation for enterprises have changed dramatically in recent years, and hybrid cloud has become the dominant enterprise IT architecture. In the hybrid multi-cloud era, the traditional Internet can no longer meet customer needs, in the meantime, the complexity of network...
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Research on the Mode of College Students’ Community Consciousness in the Omnimedia Era Based on Fuzzy and Hierarchy Analysis

Wentao Yin
As a comprehensive, dynamic, and open field, omnimedia is diversify and interactive, which has a multi-faceted impact on college students’ sense of community. Through questionnaires and online interviews with students from many colleges and universities, it is found that college students generally have...
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Research on the Revenue of All Parties in the Supply Chain Based on Blockchain Prepayment Financing Platform

Haoxin Wang
This study takes a prepayment financing system consisting of small and medium-sized retailers, core enterprise manufacturers and commercial banks as the research object, constructs a prepayment financing model that is closer to the actual operation of the relevant enterprises and a prepayment financing...
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Comparison of Cutting Edge Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Histopathology Image Diagnosis

Tongyuan Qian
Female breast cancer, especially the invasive ductal carcinoma, is a very common type of cancer. When breast cancer is diagnosed and treated at an early stage, patients can achieve a higher survival rate. In recent years, neural networks have shown their potential in medical fields. Therefore, this work...
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Research on Enterprise Innovation Behavior Based on the Regression Analysis Under Big Data Technology

Siqi Chen, Zhaohua Li
This paper uses the 2016–2018 SME Board listed companies as sample, takes the senior executives’ professional experience as an explanatory variable, and divides them into two dimensions: academic, overseas, to empirically test the impact of different professional experiences on corporate innovation investment....
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Development and Implementation of Information Processing System for Cesium Pumped Magnetometer

Zhenxin Yu
Weak magnetic field measurement technology is widely used in geomagnetic field inspection, geological survey, biomedical and military fields. Cesium-pumped magnetometer is a kind of weak magnetic field detection equipment with high precision and sensitivity, which is based on Zeeman effect of cesium...
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A Study of Learner Privacy Issues in Information Education Platforms-Based on Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Zhenyuan Du
Information-based education is rich in form and has unparalleled advantages over traditional education. The educational approach that became mainstream under the influence of the epidemic. However, in the open web environment, learning analytics technologies need to collect and analyze large amounts...
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Data Mining for Intangible Cultural Heritage education: Lingnan String Puppet Show TikTok comments analysis

Bifeng Wang, Xiaohe Liu, Xiaojun Zheng, Qian Liu
Data mining methods show advantages in the Public Education of ICH(intangible cultural heritage). Taking Lingnan String Puppet Show as the research object, this study analyzed the TikTok comments using LDA topic modeling method and found 20 topics and five main themes: Inheritance and development(30%),...
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Measurement and Spatio-Temporal Differentiation of Common Prosperity Level in China

Evidence From the Analysis of Location-Based Big Data

Qianqian Zhang, Meng Li
This paper constructs an evaluation index system from the dimensions of affluence and common degree, and uses entropy-TOPSIS method to measure the common affluence level of China’s provinces during 2016–2020. Based on Dagum Gini coefficient, Moran index and effect model, regional differences, spatio-temporal...
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Design of a Reliable Three-mode Redundancy Computer System

Wenjun Zhou, Guoqing Xu, Chaowen Lei, Kui Liu, Yuxuan Huang
Computer system is the basis of aerospace space safety. This paper proposes a three-mode redundancy computer system, which performs real-time triple modular redundancy for work tasks to improve system reliability. The three-computer fault-tolerant system includes processor management software and voting...
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Research on occupational relationship and influencing factors in areas along Chengdu Metro Line 1 based on TOD model

Hai Xiao, Yuan Zheng, Xinyi Xia, Liangying Wang, Lili Zhang
The imbalance between work and housing is one of the obstacles hindering the development of today's cities. TOD is widely regarded as a sustainable urban development model, and it also plays a positive role in adjusting the urban spatial structure. This article takes 800m around the main station...
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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Practical Teaching of Ideological and Political Course in Colleges and Universities

Nan Zhang
With the rapid development of economy, politics and culture in China, in order to keep up with the pace of social development and progress and cultivate high-quality talents, our country pays more and more attention to students’ ideological and political cultivation. The ideological and political course...
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The Impact of College Students' Self-Compassion Response to Stress Under The COVID-19 Pandemic Based on SPSS Data Analysis

Chen Huang, Ting Wang
The new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic (referred to as the "new crown" epidemic) has caused a serious impact on people's life, work and study, and with the continuous development of the Internet, the speed of information dissemination is getting faster and faster, during the epidemic period,...
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A Research on the Management of Fake Reviews of E-commerce Platforms

Chunlin Luo, Ying Zhu
The existence of fake reviews on online platforms has always plagued the platforms and relevant departments. This paper establishes a mathematical model for fake reviews on e-commerce platforms, and explores how to manage fake reviews scientifically and effectively by exploring the impact of fake review...
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Development of Ideological and Political Practice Research and Analysis System Based on Big Data Technology

Yuhong Bai
With the development of modern information technology, the era of big data has arrived. In this context, the ideological and political practice education work in colleges and universities has been affected to a certain extent. Therefore, how to use big data technology to vigorously develop ideological...
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Construction and Empirical Research on the Design Model of "One Course with Multiple Teachers" for Applied Universities under the Industry-Education Integration + Digitization

Guiling Fan
Applied universities bear the important mission of cultivating high-quality applied and innovative talents adapted to industrial needs and exploring the design of "one course with multiple teachers" mode under the digital technology of education is of great significance for promoting its teaching...
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A Scientometric Analysis: The Application of Big Data in the Enterprise Supply Chain

Chung-lien Pan, Yongzhen Yan, Nuanjia Wang, Lingyan Guo, Xinxin Liu
Using big data analytics to deliver services to businesses is becoming increasingly popular among professionals. At the same time, the application in the supply chain is very important for practitioners. As a part of enterprises, the supply chain plays an important role in enterprises. Although many...
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Experiment Teaching Based on Physics Innovation--Development and Application of Virtual Simulation of Holographic Technology

Jin Wu, Hui Zhao
Virtual reality technology and modern education are the current trends and development goals of immersive personalized education. Combining the development and application of holographic technology and virtual simulation technology will help to innovate and experience the immersive personalized education...
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Application of Objective Degree Evaluation System of Main Scenarios in Earthquake Disaster Assessment Deduction Training in Web Simulation Exercise System

Damiao ZHU, Dongming WANG
After the occurrence of a destructive earthquake, it is of great guiding significance for the country to quickly, accurately and comprehensively grasp the casualties and economic losses in the disaster area and timely release the earthquake intensity map for the effective implementation of emergency...
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A Design of Technological Infrastructure for Citizen Participation in Public Value Co-creation

Chol I. Kang, Pil Hun Oh
Along with the disruptive development of ICTs such as social media and Internet of Things (IoT), attempts to use them for citizen participation in public values co-creation are also accelerating. While attempts to use social media-based citizen participation for public value creation are actively going...
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Research on the Correlation of China’s Financial Systemic Risk Based on Granger Causality Test

Shiru Lan, Jin Li, Yanxin Wang, JiaoTian
In this paper, the ARMA-GARCH model is constructed to estimate the heteroscedasticity, so as to eliminate the impact of non-systematic risk on the model. On this basis, the Granger causality test is carried out. Finally, this paper empirically studies the Granger causality correlation between 22 financial...
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Research on the Blending Learning Effect Evaluation System of Military Professional Education

Yaliang Che, Qing Pan, Jian Yang, Deqiang Ding
By defining the concepts of Military Professional Education, Blending Learning and teaching effect evaluation, a Blending Learning effect evaluation index system of Military Professional Education was constructed from the perspectives of expert evaluation and student evaluation based on student-centered...
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Research on Constructing a Knowledge Graph for Risk-Aware Electricity Marketing Events

Gang Sun, Wangying Jin, Shiyu Xu, Liuxin Yang, Wanjing Song
Considering the diverse evolution of electricity marketing business requirements alongside the advancement of socioeconomic development and deepening market reforms, the effective utilization of extensive and dynamically changing data in electricity marketing has presented both opportunities and challenges...
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An Empirical Study on Collectivism and Person-Team Fit and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Computer Industry

Pingting Fu, Chun Huang
With the rapid development of the computer industry, its team management entered the public vision. This paper explores the influence of Collectivism on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and the mediating role of individual-team matching between Collectivism and Organizational Citizenship Behavior....
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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Sculpture Art

Linlin Shi
With the rapid development and application of digital technology, it has become a normal phenomenon to use different types of new media and emerging technologies to create sculptures. The rapid development of today’s sculpture art is closely related to the vigorous technological innovation behind it....
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Use Large Language Models for Named Entity Disambiguation in Academic Knowledge Graphs

Shaojun Liu, Yanfeng Fang
This study investigates the application of large language models (LLMs) in disambiguating homonymous named entities in academic knowledge graphs. Current state-of-the-art methods rely on supervised learning techniques that often necessitate extensive annotated datasets, which may be scarce in specialized...
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Research on the Path and Function of Precision Marketing of Agricultural Products Brands Based on Big Data

Yu Yan, Bo Zhang
The technological change of big data has accelerated the process of transforming traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, digital agriculture and information agriculture, and has also provided a solid basis for precision marketing of agricultural products. This article is based on the actual combat...
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Design and Application of Distance Art Education Platform Based on J2EE and XML

Qi Chen
The development of network information technology has brought education informatization and promoted the reform of contemporary education supply mode and teaching mode. Distance education is based on the application of computer and network communication technology in the field of teaching. This paper,...
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Construction of General Development Model of Learning Analytics--Data Visualization Analysis Based on Citespace

Lingyan Liu, Bo Zhao, Yan Li, Handong Wang
With the development of educational informatization, a lot of data has become an important basis for researchers to discover the learning law of learners. Therefore, Learning Analytics (LA) emerged. It has become an important tool and starting point for researchers to know the students’ learning process...
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Research on the Cultivation of Students Healthy Personality by Sports

Shuai Chang, Yiqiu Wang
The development of society is changing constantly, the pace of people’s life is also accelerating, and students need to constantly change to adapt to the society, which requires a sound personality to support college students to enter the society. As one of the important courses for cultivating college...
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Design and Implementation of Precision Marketing System Based on Data Mining Technology

Na Yang
In view of the low-efficiency marketing problem caused by customer orientation ambiguity in many enterprises’ marketing strategies, this paper studies the calculation of customer value based on the existing customer behavior characteristics data, comprehensive utilization of hadoop data processing software,...
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Cost calculation method and application of GIS equipment in substation based on asset life cycle management theory

Shan Jiang, Ran Chen, Yingbo Zhou, Li Zhu, Jian Qi
With the continuous advancement of the construction of smart grids, new situations, new demands and new development models have put forward higher requirements for substations, which are important supporting nodes of the power grid. In this paper, the implementation of asset life cycle management in...
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Evaluation of t of the Trend of Industrial Integration under the Context of Cultural and Tourism Integration and Analysis of Path Dependence

Qian Lu
In conjunction with the transformative shift in China’s economic growth model, industrial integration plays a pivotal role in facilitating industrial structural upgrading and promoting regional harmonized development. It represents an essential and inevitable choice for industrial development to align...
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Research on the Policy Agenda of Inter-provincial Settlement of Outpatient Expenses Based on Multiple Streams Model

Chao-nan Wu, Xian-ping Zheng, Xiao Tong
Cross-provincial settlement of outpatient expenses provides convenient and fast medical security services for the floating population, improves the convenience of out-patient medical treatment in different places, and promotes a fairer and more reasonable distribution of medical resources. The vast majority...
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Research on Strategic Position and Layout Strategy of Overseas Railway Project against the Background of “Belt and Road Initiative”

Jing Jin, Liang Zhu, Shourong Wu
Through sorting out and summarizing the oversea railway databases ranging from 1967 to 2020, an oversea railway database covering 92 projects was built. In this paper, oversea railway projects were classified into strategic type, demonstration type, commercial type and assistance type. This paper analyzed...
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Research on Machine Learning-Based Multi-source Precipitation Data Fusion

Hengliang Guo, Yu Fu, Yaohuan Yang, Yuanyuan Yue, Menggang Kou, Wenyu Zhang
With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years, meteorological departments have also begun to improve algorithms and revise short-term forecasts via AI, expecting to timely capture meteorological clues in massive weather data, to “prevent meteorological disasters”, and “calculate...
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Research on Situational Prevention of Drug Crimes from the Perspective of Big Data Based on SPSS Software

Cheng Bo
Due to the complexity, concealment, and intelligence of drug crimes, traditional social prevention, penalty prevention and other measures are difficult to effectively deal with. The advent of the era of big data has brought opportunities for the prevention and control of drug crimes. The track, record,...
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Application of Information Technology in Woodcut Prints

Wei Huang
The traditional woodblock printing plate has certain limitations. Because of the lack of accuracy of manual processing, the picture effect is weakened. Under the background of the diversification of modern art styles, woodblock prints are easily impacted by other art forms. The application of information...
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Development of Online Dance Teaching System Based on Computer Technology

ShuiLiang Xu
With the development of higher education in China and the development of computer technology, most of the courses in colleges and universities have begun to use computer technology to improve the efficiency of course teaching. Traditional teaching methods can no longer meet the needs of current college...
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Research on Enterprise Risk Prediction Path Based on Knowledge Graph

Zi Ye, Shengchun Ding
Identifying risk information from enterprise big data is the top priority of enterprise risk management. Based on the literature research of enterprise risk early warning, the task of risk identification and risk evaluation in early warning research is summarized as enterprise risk prediction, and its...
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Click It! How the Features of Educational Video and Influencer Impact the Digital Consumer Engagement

Yiren Long
The educational short video has emerged as a practical approach for influencers to connect with digital customers through social media platforms. However, there is a lack of empirical studies that use a mathematical modeling approach from social media data to focus on educational short videos. The present...
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Construction and Application of Investment Benefit Evaluation Model for Differential Distribution Network Project

Peng An, Caiyang Yue, Lili Zhang, Shibiao Zhang, Guanlei Dong, Kai Huang, Kai Wang
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the economic level of China’s power grid, power grid enterprises have shown high enthusiasm for investment, which undoubtedly increases the investment benefits of enterprises, making the investment scale of power grid enterprises show a growing trend....
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Research on Risk Evaluation of Whole Process Cost Consulting Service Based on Set Value Method

Huili Zhang
Carrying out the whole process of cost consulting services may face risks such as long business cycle and many uncontrollable factors. If these risk factors cannot be effectively identified and prevented, it will not only bring serious economic losses to the owner, but also affect the market reputation...
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Ideological And Political Classroom Teaching in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of The New Era

Min Jiang, Yujia Song
The construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the Party Central Committee has put forward higher requirements for the improvement of the main channel status and role of ideological and political theory courses in moral education work in colleges and universities....
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Predicting the Trend of Rental Housing Prices in Shenzhen Based on Stacking Regression Models

Hongzhan Li, Hao Lin, Yuntao Jia
Rent price prediction is an important research direction because it can help tenants, landlords, and real estate companies better understand market dynamics and formulate strategies. In this paper, we obtained and preprocessed the Shenzhen rent information from the Chain Home and Shell websites, and...
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Research on the Framework and Path of Smart Community Construction Based on ANP-SWOT Model Analysis

Defa Cai, Jiaqian Li
The community is the basic unit of urban residents’ life, and the smart community is the basic unit of the smart city. The smart community is the use of new generation information technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, guided by the wisdom, green...
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An Analytical Research on Current Development Situations of Social Organization Standards of Guangdong Province on the Basis of Big Data Analysis Method

Tingjun Huang, Youhong Yang, Zhengyuan Wang, Jingyang Mao, Hanying Zhi
People from all walks of life are paying more and more attention to social organization standards, which play an important role in meeting market and innovation demands. This paper uses the clustering analysis method and the entropy weight method based on big data to analyze the current development situations...
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Traffic Sign Detection Based on Deep Learning Methods

Xiqing Huang, Fan Wang, Shibin Yang, Hongfei Zhang
This article gives a brief overview of a few current research on traffic signs detection, which briefly reviews the concept and structure of traffic signs detection in the last decade. The methodology varies in different ways which is generally separated into two exact dimensions. The first one is the...
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Analysis on Spatial Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Inter-provincial Population Migration Based on Multiple Linear Regression Model

Fei Su, Xiaoqian Zhu, Lei Tong, Yuhua Zhong, Liangmin Cheng
Using the concept of migration preference index, this paper first calculates the comprehensive out-migration indexes, the migration preference indexes of outside Anhui province from 2014 to 2018, then conducts a multiple linear regression to model the migration preference indexes, and puts forward the...
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Mechanism and Path of the Technical Innovation Driven Transformation of China’s Foreign Trade Development-- From the Point of View of Social Reproduction Process

Xiaodong Bo, Honglei Liu
Over 40 years after China’s open-up, China’s foreign trade has developed dramatically. However, there is a big gap between China’s foreign trade development and that of western developed countries, especially in terms of quality benefit and competitive edge. In 2015, Chinese government proposed the implementation...
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Multivariate Analysis of Employee Emotional Labor on Customer Reuse Intention of Express Delivery Enterprises

Wei Li
At present, scholars have put forward many theoretical and empirical studies that affect customer intention. Taking express delivery enterprises as an example, this paper collects 217 valid questionnaire data from customers, uses structural equation model and Bootstrap interval estimation and other statistical...
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Research on the Blended Course Teaching Design of C Programming

Sai Li, Guolin Zhai
The current "mainstream education" includes traditional classroom teaching and online teaching. Traditional teaching can no longer meet the needs of application-oriented undergraduate education. Although online teaching has made up for the shortcomings of traditional teaching to a certain extent,...
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Study on the airflow signal model of voiceless plosive in Xiahe Tibetan based on Glottal MS110

Jing Zhang, Yonghong Li
This paper takes Xiahe dialect as the research object, writes a Matlab program to extract the airflow signal parameters of the voiceless plosive initial, and establishes the airflow model of the plosive on the basis of more than 200 monosyllabic corpus, and describes the characteristics of different...
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Study on Influencing Factors of College Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention Based on Logistic Model

Yuanyuan Xu
Based on the survey data of 600 college students from 7 colleges in the city of Wuhu China, a logistic model was used to empirically analyze the influencing factors of the entrepreneurial willingness from four dimensions: individual characteristics, self perception of entrepreneurship, family environment,...
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Exploring the Combined Elements of Hotel Short Video Marketing Influencing Consumers' Purchasing Decisions

Fenghai Zhang, Yuhang Sun
With the development of the Internet and electricity industries, short video drainage pattern emerging in disguised forms, and also caused the attention of many academics and industry. How to use the short novel video marketing to attract consumers, to achieve product sales become a new trend in the...
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A Research on the Development of Resource-Based Cities by Using the Big Data to Realize the Economic Transformation

Taking Jining City of Shandong Province as an Example

Shengye Tao, Zhen Li
The technological revolution, based on the big data, has exerted a huge impact on people’s work and life styles. Currently, China has to simultaneously deal with the slowdown in economic growth, make difficult structural adjustments, and absorb the effects of previous economic stimulus policies, namely...
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Japanese Mainstream Media’s Stance on China’s Efforts in Poverty Alleviation Based on Big Data

An Informatization Study of News Report

Wenyu Zhang
Big data technology has a huge impact on the patterns and structures of international relations as well as triggering changes in traditional research methods. Poverty governance is an important part of global governance and an essential step in promoting human development. In recent years, China has...
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Research on the Solution of Vocational English Online Education Based on Artificial Intelligence

Qiren Wang, Ziming Zeng
With the rapid development of mobile Internet, vocational English online vocational education has won the favor of a large number of users for its strong practicality and convenience. Students can make up for the limited amount of professional class hours in schools by learning relevant courses. However,...
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Research on the Spatial Evolution of the Coordination Degree Between Basic Public Services and Economic Development

Xinyu Zhang, Xiaoshen Cai
With the in-depth development of intelligent society, providing high-quality public services has become an important topic in the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity. In order to investigate the quality of public services in China, this paper selects the relevant data...
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Lightweight YOLOv7 Real-Time Insulator Power Equipment Defect Detection Based on Attention Improvement

Tao Wang, Jingfeng Xiao, Xinxin Meng, Wenzhong Yang
efective faults in insulator power equipment can affect transmission equipment's normal operation and electricity consumption in the service area. To reduce or avoid transmission faults caused by defective insulator power equipment failures, structural defects of insula-tors need to be detected....
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Research on The Construction of College Students' Network Ideological and Political Education Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

He Zhang
Digital technology has been widely used in all walks of life in our country, and its role is becoming more and more significant. University educators are also turning their attention to emerging science and technology. In the context of artificial intelligence technology, advanced artificial intelligence...
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Quantifying the difficulty of word guessing based on lexical categorization

Shuhan Liu, Shuhan Xu, Yanqi Huang
This article focuses on the Wordle game, a word puzzle game that has become extremely popular on social media. To improve the user’s gaming experience, three models have been proposed to solve the problem: a model for predicting the number of players, a model for predicting the number of attempts, and...