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Empirical Research on Evaluation Index System of Service Quality in Express Delivery Industry

Jie Yang
With the increasingly fierce market competition, the service quality of express delivery enterprises has become the focus of industry competition. How to effectively measure the service quality of express delivery enterprises and find the key elements to improve the service quality. By consulting a large...
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The Influence of Social Emotion Representation Framework on Residents’ Water-Saving Education Project

Fangxiang Fu, Jianchi Tian, Ziyue Zhao, Zepeng Tong, Yan Sun
Citizen’s usage of water is one of important parts of urban water utilization. The problem of water shortage has been affecting the urban development in lots of regions for a long time. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the public’s attitudes and behaviors towards water saving and to explore...
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Measurement Indicators of Student Engagement and Investigation on Student Engagement in Blended Learning

Xiaoyan Zhao, Izaham Shah Ismail, Suthagar Narasuman
With the influx of technology, Blended Learning (BL) has become a new and important teaching method in colleges and universities. Digital technology in BL environment inherently affecting all aspects of the student experience. Superstar platform can increase students’ behavioural, affective(emotional)...
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Research on the Brand Promotion Design of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Era of Internet Big Data——Take Decoration Design Enterprises as an Example

Tingting Tang, Dun Zhao, Ling Lin
Purpose: Relying on the Internet platform and using big data technology, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are encouraged to establish a new corporate brand operation model from the perspective of brand positioning, brand design, and brand promotion, so as to improve the effect of corporate brand...
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Research on the Blended Learning Mode of Software Engineering Based on Study Master Platform

Wei Xu
Software Engineering, which is an information technology course, is to cultivate students’ comprehensive application ability in the process of software development. This article aims to study the blended learning mode of software engineering based on multimedia information technology – Study Master platform....
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Research and analysis on the optimization of vocational education learning platform based on the background of artificial intelligence

Liangyan Wang, Yin Dai, Lanxi Jia
The learning platform model of vocational education is characterized by openness and sharing Openness is reflected in the fact that the learning platform is a collection of resources, absorbing various forms of high-quality resources, while providing universities and related institutions with better...
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Improved Large-Scale Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm for Portfolio Management

Shengtao Zhang, Xuyang Li, Jie Zhang, Wanqing Li
For securities investors, the return and risk of investment are the two main aspects of their concern. However, in real life, the vast majority of investors are not professionally trained, which makes them confused about portfolio selection in the face of tens of thousands of investment targets in the...
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Design and Application of Comprehensive Evaluation System for Teaching Quality of Computer Specialty Under the Background of Engineering Education Professional Certification

Qingliang Jiao, Kuiliang Xia, Baomin Zheng
In the computer major, comprehensive evaluation of teaching quality by engineering education certification is an important standard to measure teaching work, and it is also a means to test teaching quality. It plays an important role in training computer professionals and achieving teaching objectives...
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Research on Comprehensive Risk Analysis and Prevention and Control of Large-Scale Stampede Accidents

Quan Quan Li, Hui Zhang, Yi Liu
In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s social economic and cultural undertakings and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, various large-scale activities have also been flourishing. Due to its characteristics of large scale, large number of participants, high risk factors...
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Linear Regression Method Based on Structural Equation Model Analysis of The Interrelationship Between Destination Image and Marathon Event Image

Yenchen Liu
In this paper, data of marathon event image and destination image were from 2019 Disney Princess Half Marathon are taken as samples, and the linear regression method is used to establish the model and observe the multivariate linear regression interrelationship. The results show that the linear model...
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Investigation and Research on Informatization Teaching Ability of Mathematics Normal Students Based on SPSS Statistical Analysis

Linfeng Han, Li Li, Shuo Zou, Qian Mo, Chunrong Wang
Background With the continuous advancement of education informatization, informatization teaching ability has become an important indicator for the evaluation of contemporary teachers' professional ability. As the reserve force of future mathematics teachers, mathematics normal students...
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The Information Sharing Strategy and Incentive Mechanism in a Dual-Channel Supply Chain under Trade Credit Financing

Fuhai Nie
To investigate the information sharing strategy and incentive mechanism in a dual-channel supply chain with capital constraints, we build a Stackelberg game model of a manufacturer and a capital-constrained retailer in the presence of trade credit financing, study the optimal decisions and expected profits...
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Research on the Impact of E-Commerce Live Streaming on Consumers’ Purchase Intention

Fei Wang, Ye Wang
The e-commerce live streaming industry in China has been developing recently. In the context of an e-commerce live broadcast, this paper primarily investigates the elements that influence consumers’ buy intentions. Based on the S-O-R theory and TAM models, this study designs a questionnaire and collects...
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Research on the News Industry in the Age of Big Data

Yaotao Zhu
In the digital age, the competition focus of the news industry has shifted to the monopoly and competition for news resources, big data, and user groups. Traditional media monopolizes news resources based on the accumulated historical resources and credibility, while building content brands based on...
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IoT-Based Indoor Robot Simulation Experimental Teaching System

Kun Song, Gaocai Fu, Ruiping Luo, Jiacai Yan, Yuzhe Huang
With the continuous development of IoT technology, IoT technology has an increasingly important role in experimental teaching. In response to the problem that traditional robotics experiments are usually restricted by space and experimental funding, resulting in unsatisfactory experimental teaching results,...
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Operation Strategy of “Cloud Tourism” Platform Based on Big Data Technology

Yujie Bai
The cloud tourism experience platform uses big data and virtual technology to construct a virtual tourism environment. It can change the marketing model of tourism companies and the consumption model of tourists. Based on big data analysis, this article explains the operation strategy of the cloud travel...
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The Influence of Interpersonal Conflict on Organizational Members: An Analysis Based on the Chain Mediation Model

Lin Chang, Rui Tao, Rui Zheng
Interpersonal conflict and mental health are both important topics in the field of management and organizational behavior. In order to explore the mechanism underlying the link between interpersonal conflict and mental health, we conducted a two wave survey (separated by one week) on 299 IT employees....
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The Quantitative Study on the Distribution of Higher Education Resources Based on Information Theory

Miao Dan
The development level of higher education is an important symbol of a country’s development level and potential. Whether the distribution of educational resources is relatively balanced and fair is an important issue. China’s educational reform and development has made remarkable achievements, but the...
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Policy Effects of the Establishment of a National-Level Integrated Big Data Pilot Zone on Industrial Structure Upgrading

--Empirical Study Based on City Panel Data

Yaping Wang
The construction of national-level big data comprehensive pilot zones has profound implications for promoting the development of China’s big data industry and accelerating the upgrading of industrial structure to achieve higher quality economic development. However, the current study has not explored...
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Improving Office Material Supply Service with Digital Twin of Staff in Higher Education

Yongbin Zhang, Ronghua Liang, Li Wei, Xiuli Fu, Yanying Zheng
Some administrative service processes frustrate teachers in higher education and demotivate the faculty members. The culture of a university that values faculty members can facilitate teachers’ commitment and loyalty. Many researchers have explored factors such as students, salary, and relationships...
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Research on the Construction of “Resilient City” in the Post-epidemic Period from the Perspective of System Dynamics

Zhang Baosheng, Guo Kexin
The outbreak of the epidemic and the long-term shutdown led to various problems in urban construction and industrial chain. In this paper, Vensim PLE software is used to form the basic flow rate tree model for the image construction of “resilient city”, and the second-order and third-order analysis and...
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Research on the Construction of Local Grass-roots Community Emergency Management Systems Under the Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Jian Wang, Huiyan Liu, Yafei Wang, Yun Zheng
As the basic unit of society, the community is the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Its emergency management system is an important part of the entire social emergency management system, which is directly related to the effect of epidemic prevention and control in society. However, under...
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Performance Evaluation and Modeling on Practical Ability Cultivation Mode for English Majors Based on Cloud Platform and Cloud Interconnectedness Theory

Tianzhao Li
According to China’s “National Standard for the Teaching Quality of English Majors in Colleges and Universities” (abbreviated as “National Standard”), “Internship and Practical Training” refers to all kinds of practical activities carried out in combination with course teaching, mainly including professional...
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Construction of Network-aided Teaching Platform for Economic Management Specialty Based on Web Technology

Jun Yao
In the era of educational informationization 2.0, the advantages of online teaching on the Internet have become more and more prominent, and it has become the core element to promote educational innovation and reform in colleges and universities. In this regard, this paper will build a Web-based network-aided...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism and Incentive Strategy of Consumers’ Participation Willingness in E-commerce Live Streaming

Yuyang Sun, Qinglie Wu
E-commerce live streaming has developed rapidly in recent years, and has become an indispensable and important link in consumers’ shopping. In e-commerce live streaming, consumers’ willingness to participate and how to motivate consumers to participate is a very important aspect of consumer behaviour...
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Financial Technology Risk Supervision Method Based on Big Data

He Zhang
In order to promote the stable development of economy and avoid the risk of economic recession, the risk supervision of financial technology is very important. The traditional financial technology risk supervision methods are not comprehensive in risk early warning, and the accuracy of financial risk...
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An Analysis on the Difference of Research Competency of Engineering Doctoral Students with Various Characteristics Based on SPSS

Xiaoqing Xu
Engineering and technical talents have become the “dancing partners” of AI and the “bodyguards” of big data security. As a reserve of high-level engineering and technical talents, the research competency of engineering doctoral students will affect the speed of technological innovation. The paper takes...
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Research on the Experimental Teaching Mode of Poetry Recitation Based on Virtual Simulation

Jiaodi Yao
Virtual simulation, as a newly arisen technology, serves as an essential part of the course of teaching in colleges and universities. This paper attempts to propose a teaching mode combining virtual simulation with ancient poetry. Virtual situations, created on the strength of the immersion, interactivity,...
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Gamification Teaching Design and Application Based on Self-determination Theory

Tongtong Yan, Ya Zhao
Taking Chinese reading class in primary school as an example, gamification teaching is combined with self-determination theory, and a student’s learning motivation is first encouraged to be internalized in accordance with the demands of talent cultivation in the new era. The findings demonstrate that...
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Research on the distribution problem of electric logistics vehicle based on quantum whale algorithm considering charging strategy

Yue Yan
With the continuous introduction of national carbon emission reduction policies, especially in the field of logistics and distribution, the use of electric vehicles can effectively reduce carbon emissions and the key factors are charging mode and time window constraints and the choice of charging piles,...
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LSTM Neural Network in Stock Price Prediction

Kejia Zhang
Being an important part of the national economy, the stock market has always performed an important role in economic development. Following the growth of the times and variations in the investment philosophy of people, an increasing number of people have become involved in the stock market and predicting...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Data Structure Course for the Cultivation of Application-oriented Talents

Yan Ren, Yong Ren, Wei Xu
The data structures course, as a fundamental course in applied undergraduate computer-related majors, bears the responsibility of imparting algorithm knowledge, cultivating logical thinking, and conducting programming practices based on the disciplinary background. It also expands innovation and establishes...
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Depth Estimation from a Single Image Based on Gradient and Wavelet Analysis

Lixin He, Zhi Cheng, Jing Yang, Bin Kong
Recovering the depth information from a single image is a fundamental problem in computer vision field and has broad application prospects. To solve the problem that the accuracy of the depth recovered from a single image is not high enough, especially when there are several edges very close or intersecting,...
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Coupling and Coordination Development Between Urbanization and Eco-environment in National New Areas

Wei Dang, Mengjie Zhu
Taking 22 prefecture-level cities from national new areas as the research objects, based on entropy weight method and coupling coordination model, we analyzed the coordination degree’s temporal and spatial dynamic evolution between urbanization and ecological environment from 2003 to 2018. The results...
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Information Teaching Design of International Business Negotiation Based on BOPPPS Model and Intelligent Teaching Platform

Tao Wan, Xiaoxue Li
Information technology is conducive to improving the digital, networked, and intelligent level of teaching management, and promoting educational decision-making and management. In recent years, the teaching mode based on information has evolved in many forms, but the informatization of some practical...
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“Internet Plus” Community Home-Based Elderly Care Services Combining Medicine and Sports

Jian Dong, HuaShan Pan, Haiming Su, Jianru Xie
In an era of digital information, the elderly care service industry is also undergoing tremendous changes. The community home-based elderly care combining medicine and sports has improved the health and life quality of elder people. The Internet integrates the elderly care resources of the government,...
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A Study on the Impact of Digital Transformation on Corporate Technology Innovation

Xiaonan Fan, Haixin Sun, Minghua Dai
With the emergence of the Internet and the rapid development of information technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, the world is undergoing an unprecedented technological change. The emergence of the digital economy has injected new impetus into economic development, and digital transformation...
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Decision-Making Analysis of Selected Subjects for Comprehensive Reform of College Entrance Examination Based on SEU Model

Xin Zhao, Yun Liu, Tao Guo
Under the background of the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, there are many main factors that affect the decision-making of the elective subjects, such as the relevant documents required by the elective subjects, the scoring method of the elective subjects, the number of elective...
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R&D Investment Leap and Green Innovation Performance in Heavily Polluting Enterprises

Xin-hong LI
Based on the dual innovation theory, The empirical part of this article is tested using Stata 16.0, the panel model are used to verify the impact of R&D investment leap on green technology innovation and the mediating effect of dual innovation ambidexterity. The results show that: (1) R&D investment...
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Digital Finance and Total Factor Productivity: Evidence from China

Xiaoqing Lian
This study investigates the effect of digital finance and ESG performance on total factor productivity. Using a large sample of Chinese listed firms over the period 2011–2020, we find that the deepening and improvement of digital finance can have a positive impact on the total factor productivity of...
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Synergetic Effect Mechanism of Knowledge Work Productivity- An Empirical Study Based on Coaching Techniques

Min Xiao
In sharing knowledge economy era, technological innovation brings the change of production pattern, focus on the process structure of knowledge work productivity, value creation and collaborative innovation to provide new technology paradigm and technical path of knowledge work productivity improvement....
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The Reform of Future Education and Software Application of Building Structure Test Course Under the Background of New Engineering

Kun Zhu, Xianyue Meng, Zaiyong Ma, Lijuan Geng, Ruitian Wu, Lin Wang, Hui Gao, Furong Wang
Structural experiment course is a extremely significant course in civil engineering, and under the influence of new engineering background, structural experiment course has higher requirements for perfection, comprehensiveness, innovation and universality. Through the understanding of domestic and foreign...
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A Pose Intelligent Monitoring System Based on Message Queuing Telemetry Transport Protocol in the Classroom Background

Jiawei Huang, Ding Zhou
The prosperity of education contributes to national prosperity and socioeconomic development. The expanding student population in compulsory education makes it technically difficult for teachers to assess students' behavior and learning attitudes. In order to regulate classroom teaching and prevent...
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Analysis of Compliance Path of Enterprises with CAFC and NEV Credit Deficits under the Influence of the Policy

Yutong Liu, Hongwei Li
CAFC and NEV Credit Management, as an important tool to promote the implementation of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals in the auto industry, has made remarkable achievements in promoting the development of energy-saving and NEV (new energy vehicle) industry since its official implementation in...
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The Impact of Supply Chain Management on the Digital Transformation of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises

Xuedong Liang, Zhangrui Xie, Sipan Li
To study the interaction of the supply chain and enterprise digital transformation, this article on China's manufacturing industry from 2011 to 2020 3008 listed companies as research samples, through text analysis method to measure the degree of enterprise digital transformation, the supply chain...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education of Industrial Robot Course Under the Three Fusions Mode

Yaping Lu, Chen Da
Industrial robots is the core course of intelligent manufacturing, and it has the responsibility of delivering intelligent manufacturing talents to social enterprises. In this paper, the “ideological and political elements” such as the noble feelings of patriotism and love for the people, the professional...
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Research on the Design of Digital Village Construction Indicator System from the Perspective of Policy Tools

Shandong as an Example

Min Li, Xiaohui Li, Gang Li, Yiming Liu
The construction of digital countryside requires a proper understanding of its concept and scientific evaluation. The policies on digital countryside released in China are fragmented and have not been systematically sorted out. Taking Shandong Province as an example, a two-dimensional analysis framework...
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Analysis of Extreme Weather in Three Northeastern Provinces Based on Big Data

Hong Yue
In recent years, with the aggravation of global climate change, extreme weather events occur frequently in the three northeastern provinces. Using the data of meteorological stations in Northeast China from 1960 to 2010 for more than 50 years, the occurrence regularity of common extreme weather phenomena...
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Digital Technology is Used for the Innovative Inheritance Research of Meishan Nuo Opera

Zhi Yang
As a large number of visual culture has entered people’s lives, the traditional drama such as Meishan Nuo Opera, which is restricted by the performance and viewing conditions, has been given an unprecedented impact. Meishan Nuo Opera as one of the national intangible cultural heritage, the urgent need...
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Design and Development of Online Teaching Platform of Outline of Modern Chinese History Based on J2EE

Linying Li
Based on the knowledge and understanding of the Outline of Modern Chinese History (hereinafter referred to as "Outline"), this paper first expounds the meaning and importance of this course, then points out the problems existing in the teaching of "Outline", and then analyzes the...
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Research on the Application of Professional Smart Classroom in Radar Equipment Teaching

Xinxun Zhang, Heng Zhang, Kun Zhang, Duan Min
In view of the problems existing in the traditional radar equipment course teaching, such as insufficient students’ initiative, single teaching display means, separation of theoretical and practical teaching links, lack of practical training means and insufficient teaching feedback means, this paper...
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Training of Skilled Talents Based on Artificial Intelligence

Xing Zhang, Jun Wu, Shayu Hu
With the deepening of education reform, artificial intelligence technology can gradually adapt to the future information age. At the same time, it also points out the direction for the development of artificial intelligence education, and injects a strong impetus into the current artificial intelligence...
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Research on the Influence of Gamification Affordance on Consumers’ Willingness to Continue to Participate

Deyi Cai
Based on self-determination theory, this study empirically studies the mechanism of gamification affordance in virtual corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities affecting consumers’ willingness to continue to participate. There is a significant positive impact; the second is that gamification...
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Research on dual-channel fresh food supply chain under the sharing of fresh-keeping costs

Fang Zhang, Xiaotian Qu
This study is aimed at the secondary fresh supply chain composed of suppliers and retailers, based on the premise of the unified retail price of fresh products online and offline. At the same time, this paper considers that the demand for fresh products is affected by the freshness of the product, the...
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Chance or Challenge: The Role of ChatGPT in History Teaching and Historical Research in Higher Education

Guang Ma
Since its inception, ChatGPT has attracted widespread attention due to its versatility and intelligence. ChatGPT is able to accurately punctuate Chinese ancient texts, with an accuracy rate of over 90% for general ancient text punctuating. In terms of translating ancient texts, ChatGPT also has a high...
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Research on the Influence of Digital Finance on Operating Efficiency of Chinese Commercial Banks

Zizheng Wang, Xinlei Li
As a new form of finance, the development of digital finance is closely related to the development of digital technology, Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies. The rise and development of digital finance has had a profound impact on the traditional financial...
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Research on the Design of Auxiliary Teaching System for Music Courses Based on Modern Information Technology

Meili Zhang, Kewen Hou
Music course is a cultivated course, which can cultivate sentiment, let us have fun in the noisy life, and enjoy in the sea of notes. As far as teaching is concerned, the auxiliary teaching system of music courses based on modern information technology takes the lead. It not only has timeliness, but...
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Digital Signal Processing of Rise-fall Intonation

A Bridge Across Online Distance to Approach the ZPD in the Future

Jiaying Wei, Liang
With the concern about the sense of distance brought by online teaching and learning, the main focus of this article is to study the impacts of teacher's rise-fall intonation on students’ feelings of online distance and willingness to approach the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). Through observing...
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Analysis on the Prevention and Control Measures of Water Pollutants from Ships in the Yangtze River Economic Zone Based on E-vessel Bigdata System

Hongyan Wang, Lei Chen, Yujun Tian
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has put forward a series of new ideas and requirements on the construction of ecological civilization, and required that priority must be given to ecology and green development. Because the Yangtze River Economic...
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The Impact of Servant Leadership on Employees’ Innovation: An Empirical Study Based on Hierarchical Regression Analysis

Tanghong Luo
Employees’ innovation is a key determinant for companies to achieve competitive advantage and success. However, there is a relative lack of research on the relationship and mechanisms of action between servant leadership and employees’ innovation behavior. Therefore, based on the leadership-member exchange...
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Analyze the Relationship Between Regional Poverty Rate and Education Level Based on Big Data

Tianai Yue
In recent years, with the advent of the era of big data, China has achieved achievements that other countries cannot achieve in a short period of time in terms of GROSS national product, government fiscal revenue and national budget expenditure. However, poverty cannot be completely eliminated in a short...
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Design and Development of Online Simulation Training System for Marketing Specialty under Web Technology

Benyu Zhao, Hainian Zhang, Yan Hu
With the deepening of educational informatization, new educational concepts and technology applications are constantly integrated into the discipline system of marketing, which not only promotes the reform of traditional teaching mode, but also changes the training objectives of marketing professionals....
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Research on Public Administration Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Wenxiu Wu
With the promotion of the fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence technology has been greatly developed. Artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in the field of public management. The development of the Internet has built a global village, the development of artificial intelligence...
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Application of Correlation Analysis in Reconstruction College Curriculum System

Yuxiong Chen, Jianhua Zhang
This case takes IBM SPSS as a tool, takes the data of artificial intelligence courses and big data courses as samples, and uses the mathematical method of correlation analysis to process any of this information. According to the analysis results, a scheme of reconstructing artificial intelligence curriculum...
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Research on the Influence of Network Management Capability and Knowledge Acquisition on Service Innovation Performance

— The Regulation of Environmental Dynamics

Meng Bo
In a rapidly changing business environment, service enterprises must meet the needs for service diversification and individualization by optimizing network relationships and resolving network conflicts. Although service innovation has attracted the attention of numerous scholars, the performance of service...
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Research on Econometric Risk Assessment Method Based on Grey Clustering

Haochen Guo
Economy is a powerful driving force for the progress and development of human society. The close relationship between consumption and economic development has been widely concerned by scholars in various fields. Today, we focus on high-quality economic development, and exploring the impact of energy...
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Quantitative Analysis of Educational Informatization Evaluation

Yuncheng Li
With the implementation of the “education informatization 2.0 action plan”, high-quality and continuous promotion of college informatization construction has become an inevitable requirement for deepening education reform. The social attention of online teaching has further condensed the consensus of...
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Research on the Effect of Hybrid Training in Enterprises in the Digital Era

Yangyang Zhou
The arrival of the digital age forces enterprises to train high-skilled and innovative talents. It is a common training for all kinds of enterprises to adopt information-based blended learning In order to study the effect of enterprise hybrid training in the digital age, the evaluation model of enterprise...
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Facilitating Online Collaborative Learning Through Affective Computing

Zhuting Sun
Affective Computing (AC) has immersed potential to improve the performance and experience for Collaborative Learning (CL) e-learners by inferring, recognizing and processing e-learners’ affective information. Exploring the online CL involves AC algorithm with two groups of identical activities supported...
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Application of Big Data Analysis for Energy Consumption Standards Establishment of Oil Wells

Yun Liu, Tingting Liu, Xingping Cheng, Weiyi Xie, Runfang Miao, Shan Gao, Fengjiao Qu, Zhiyong Liu, Fei Zhao, Lihong Du
The big data analysis of oil wells uses the historical production data of the oilfield to find out the internal relationship between the data, to guide on-site production and to realize energy consumption reduction. Due to the huge of wells’ historical data the big data analysis methods such as descriptive...
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Visualization Analysis of Customer Engagement in the Virtual Community by CiteSpace

Fei Qu, Lan Wang, Wentao Kou
Customer engagement is a hot spot in marketing, and it has also received attention in virtual communities. This research is based on 241 articles in the web of science database from 2010 to 2019 about customer engagement in virtual communities. It sorts out the research status in this field, summarizes...
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Quantitative Analysis Technology of Classroom Teaching Based on Facial Expression Recognition Technology and Attention Analysis Technology

Bing Gong
As the first classroom teaching mode with thousands of years of development history, it is still an irreplaceable teaching form now and in the foreseeable future. In this paper, the smart education laboratory built by our school is used, and the quantitative analysis of classroom attention teaching based...
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Virtual Reality in the Field of Education Research Hotspot Analysis Based on CiteSpace

Zhuo Wang
In recent years, virtual reality technology has been applied more and more widely in the field of education, and a lot of research results have emerged. In order to understand the research status of virtual reality in education field, explore its evolution path and hot trends. In this paper, CiteSpace...
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How Information Technology Capabilities Drive Innovation in SMEs in The Context of the Sharing Economy

Ning Xu
Based on the resource-based theory and dynamic capability theory, this paper studies the mechanism of information technology capability on innovation of SMEs. The research divides information technology capabilities into two dimensions: information technology flexibility and information technology integration,...
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Multiple Association Rule Mining Algorithms for Supply Chain Finance Risk Prediction

Yuezheng Yang
As China’s economy enters a new stage of development, the financial dilemmas faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, which are a major component of the national economy, are attracting more and more attention. In this paper, while reviewing a large amount of literature, the causes and correlations...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Flexible Employment of Disabled People Based on Logistic Model

Lanzhi Zheng
Under the background of gig economy, the disabled can integrate into the society and realize their own value through flexible employment. Based on the questionnaire data of the disabled in China, a Logistic model was constructed for regression analysis, and the influence of social factors, platform factors,...
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Design and Construction of Independent Training Management System for Innovative Talents in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Internet Plus

Yanru Ji
Under the form of "Internet+Education", the traditional teaching management mode can no longer meet the needs of independent training of innovative talents in colleges and universities. In this regard, this paper puts forward a set of construction scheme of network integrated management system,...
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Exploration and Practice of Blended Teaching Mode Based on Information Technology in Civil Engineering Materials Experimental Teaching

Jie Zhang, Feng Wang, Tao Wu
This paper takes the civil engineering materials experimental course as the research object, uses the information platform and virtual simulation software to carry out the blended teaching, evaluates the learning effect and rule, explores the effect of mixed teaching in the experiment course, and discusses...
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Effect of Edge Cues on Perceptual Advertising Marketing-- Based on SPSS Analysis

Jingjing Ye
With the development of mass media, the themes and forms of emotional advertising are increasingly enriched. Many advertisers want to expand publicity and enhance competitiveness. Advertising companies have launched a series of “flow war” and “topic war”, using the “star effect” of spokesmen to improve...
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Research on Industry-Education Integration and Project Management Information System Based on Higher Vocational Education

Changyu Qian
China’s project management information system involves many aspects, with the reform of education, more and more efficient in the project management system and the integration of industry and education [12]. Because there are many differences between vocational colleges and universities in many teaching...
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Study on the Dispatch Scheme of Power Emergency Materials Considering Road Failure

Dan Qie, ZhiQiang Wang, ZhongTao Dong
In recent years, large-scale power outages caused by major natural disasters have occurred from time to time, posing a challenge to the power grid disaster emergency response system. As a key link in the emergency response of power grid disasters, power emergency material dispatching needs to consider...
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Rule-Based Cloud System for Performance Appraisal of Staff in Chinese Universities

Yongbin Zhang, Ronghua Liang, Yuansheng Qi, Xiuli Fu, Yanying Zheng
Data-driven policies have prevailed among universities globally. Universities hope that the outcomes of faculty members are high quality and in a large quantity. Therefore, universities motivate staff to work hard with annual remuneration bonuses. However, the tedious application process frustrates teachers...
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Research on traffic travel time prediction based on machine learning

PeiTing Zhang
With the rapid development of economy, the pressure of traffic operation is increasing, and the improvement of intelligent transportation system is more urgent. In this paper, we focus our research on the topic of travel time prediction based on machine learning, and use the international data mining...
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The Influence of Government Subsidy on Technological Innovation of Enterprises -- Based on The Empirical Analysis of Industrial Enterprises Above The Scale

Yan Xiong, Tingting Wu
With the arrival of the new generation of scientific and technological revolution, innovation has become an important starting point for each country and region to seize a strong position. Technological innovation has become an important driving force for China’s economic transformation and upgrading....
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Competition Strategy of Crowdsourcing Logistics Service Quality Based on Big Data Technology

Haiwei Zuo, Aiqun Zhu, Shiman Li, Yanpin Zhu
“Big data” has become a century-old keyword and will comprehensively involve all aspects of economic and social life. Big data is a leap in data storage and processing capabilities in the Internet era. In the era of big data, logistics companies are listed as one of China's top ten emerging service...
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Security Research and Solution of Data Exchange Platform

Xidong Liu
This paper first discusses the security of data exchange, and puts forward the security scheme design of data exchange platform based on XML. It specifically puts forward the problems of how to choose encryption algorithm, design of exchange key, encryption and decryption of data files, etc. This scheme...
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Exploration on the Construction of Experimental Technical Team in Local Universities Under the Background of High Quality Development

Qing Zhang
“Building a high-quality education system” is a major strategic goal deployed by the Party Central Committee, and it is also the construction goal of local universities in the new stage of educational development. The experimental technical team is an important force to promote the high-quality development...
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An Analysis of the Impact of Informal Digital Learning of Language on the Intercultural Communicative Competence of Chinese College Students

Baohua Yu, Jiana Liu
With the rapid advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the pervasive digitization in all aspects of contemporary society, an escalating number of language learners are acquiring various languages, particularly English, the global lingua franca, not only within formal educational...
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The Computer-Assistant Online Two-Wheel-Drive Teaching Increase Student Grade in College Political Courses

Yang Yang, Zhengfei Zhao
With the rapid development of the internet and online platforms, the adoption rate of online teaching is rapidly spreading to higher education, among which the rain classroom is a widely used methods. There are few studies demonstrate that how computer-assistant online rain classroom combined with other...
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Dynamic Commercial Poster Design Based on AHP in Digital Media

Lanchuan Wang, Yanhao Chen
Based on AHP and the design theory of dynamic commercial posters, a set of dynamic commercial posters for Wahaha juice drinks is designed. Firstly, the dynamic commercial poster design system is constructed. Secondly, the key design elements and their hierarchical models of dynamic commercial posters...
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The Impact of Transportation Delays on the Supply Chain — Using the Suez Canal as an Example

Ruihan Li
One of the world’s busiest shipping routes, the Suez Canal provides a vital link for ships traveling between Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Congestion in the Suez Canal can have a significant impact on global trade. The blockage of the canal would most notably hit the industrial and supply chains...
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The Impact of CEO Risk Preference on Enterprise Digital Transformation

Xiaoqin Niu, Hongyan Zuo
This paper selects A-share listed companies from 2017 to 2020 as a sample to theoretically analyze and empirically test the impact of CEO risk preference on digital transformation of enterprises and its internal mechanism. The study found that the risk preference of CEO has significantly improved the...
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An Empirical Study on the Optimization of MOOCs in Universities Based on Distributed Cognition

Xiaohan Yu, Ruilan Liu
MOOC is an important supplement to the teaching of universities, but there are still some defects in teaching resources and student participation. From the theoretical perspective of distributed cognition and Marxism's educational concept, this paper, on the basis of a large-scale questionnaire...
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Application of Big Data and VR Technology in the Treatment of Acrophobia

Shoucheng Wang, Huajie Sui, Changze Wu
Under the background of the Internet, the application fields of big data processing technology, artificial intelligence technology and Internet of things technology are becoming more and more extensive. Creating a new form of VRET has become an inevitable trend in the treatment of acrophobia in the future....
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Digital Protection of regional Guqin art and intelligent analysis of rhythm

Wei Zhou
In the current era of rapid digital informatization of the Internet, new requirements have been put forward for the cross-border dissemination of guqin culture and art. The performance of guqin is a spatial movement, and this article will mainly introduce its specific content from multiple aspects such...
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Design of LAN Security Defense System Based on Honeypot Technology

Zhifang Yao, Hongyan Chen, Kaicheng Wang, Heng Dong, Junwei Wan, Li Zhang
Aiming at the problems that the existing network security protection system adopts traditional and passive defense, which cannot respond effectively to unknown attacks quickly and has poor defense capability, this paper designs and develops a LAN security defense system based on honeypot technology....
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The Research of Study-Related Flow (WOLF-S) in China Private Undergraduate: An Evaluation of PLS-SEM

Lijun Li
A student is totally engaged and concentrated on study-related flow (WOLF-S), define as a positive state of mind for study activities, encompassing absorption, study delight, and intrinsic desire for study activities, an inner sense of pleasure would be experienced. Moreover, generate other benefits,...
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Data center engineering project risk assessment based on risk matrix model

Ding Ting
With the rapid growth of the digital economy, data center construction will be in a high-speed period, data centers from the scale of investment and technical complexity compared to the traditional information infrastructure are quite different, each link involves economic and production safety risks,...
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Research on Apprenticeship of Hyaluronic Acid Industry Chain in Biopharmaceutical Specialty Based on Big Data Statistical Analysis and SPSS Software

Xiangzhen Cui, Hongyu Shi, Limei Song
The apprenticeship teaching reform of biopharmaceutical specialty in Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology was carried out based on hyaluronic acid industry. The self-developed hyaluronic acid industry chain data analysis and management platform is used for research The model processing was carried...
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Intelligent Pet Product Design Based on Kansei Engineering Analysis

Runze Cao, Dongming Ma, Hao Qian
This paper guides intelligent pet product design by analyzing the needs of the pet-owning population with the research method of Kansei engineering and visualizing the abstract sensual expression into product design elements. Through the design method of Kansei engineering, the intelligent pet product,...