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Research on Customer Value Evaluation Index System in the Form of Proxy Purchase Electricity

Xinnan Zhou, Jing Xiang, Shuochen Han, Ying Li
The national development and reform in 2021 issued a notice (the development and reform office price 809), the establishment of the power grid enterprise agent purchasing mechanism, which marks the overall acceleration of the process of electricity market, power grid companies in the market positioning...
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Discuss Starbucks Under the COVID-19 Pandemic from the Finance

Xiaozhen Li
Based on the background of COVID-19, the financial impact of Starbucks was discussed, that is, whether timely measures were taken to restore Starbucks’ financial data to pre-epidemic levels. Through analysis and assumptions, this paper considers that 2020 is the main year affected by the epidemic. Therefore,...
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Green Innovation in Marketing Research: A Systematic Literature Review and Bibliometric Analysis

Yunita Budi Rahayu Silintowe, I. Made Sukresna
This study critically reviews the main perspectives and topics in green innovation in marketing research. The purpose of this article is to provide an in-depth understanding of green innovation from a comprehensive overview, analyzing articles and bibliographic information through a systematic literature...
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Real Earnings Management and Capital Structure Decision: The Role of Minority Interest

Ade Imam Muslim, Doddy Setiawan, Y. Anni Aryani, Evi Gantyowati
The corporate governance literature has widely recognized the role of debt contracts as a mechanism that can minimize agency problems arising from conflicts of interest between managers and capital owners and between minority and majority ownership. Our research seeks to investigate capital structure...
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Customer Churn Prediction Based on Big Data and Machine Learning Approaches

Ziyu Zhu
Telecom companies are facing fierce competition in the market. For telecom operators, customers are living. Due to the high upfront investment in acquiring new customers, they prefer to retain existing customers rather than acquire new ones. The loss of old customers means that telecom operators are...
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Client-Auditor Mismatches, Internal Control and Strategic Deviance

Libing Yang
Uses A-share listed companies from 2015 to 2020 as research samples, this paper explores the impact of client-auditor mismatches on strategic deviance. The empirical results show that the client-auditor upward mismatches will restrain the strategic deviance to some extent, in contrast the client-auditor...
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Research on the Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of National Geographical Indication Products in Beijing

Lei Yu, Boyi Yin
Products with National Geographic Indications (NGI) represent a breakthrough for Beijing in achieving national agricultural regional development, agricultural industrialization, and addressing the problems faced by agriculture, rural areas, and farmers. Against the backdrop of the rural revitalization...
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Research on the Key Mechanism of Promoting the Construction of Southern Regional Power Market

Dunnan Liu, Zhixin Dong, Yaxuan Han, Zhixiang Zhang, Yufang Chen, Long Jiang
In recent years, the construction of a unified power market in the southern region has been accelerating. In the context of the energy transition and dual-carbon goals, China has carried out relevant research work on the key mechanism of the unified power market in the southern region that meets the...
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Pricing Strategy for Fashion Retailers Considering Anticipated Regret

Yongfang Mao
Under the multi-brand and fast-paced marketing, consumers' purchase decision is deeply affected by the regret of high price and shortage of stock, for this reason, many scholars propose to alleviate the impact of high price regret on strategic consumers by reducing the magnitude or possibility of...
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A Marketing Strategy Model for Pottery Products of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Jetis Dusun, Panjangrejo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Mochamad Achmadi, Sundring Pantja Djati, Nurbaeti
Desa Panjangrejo, especially in Dusun Jetis, has excellent potential in the field of pottery artisans who can produce a wide variety of very varied products, ranging from simple household utensils to modern knick-knacks and various exciting souvenirs. This study aims to determine the effect of training...
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Creating a Mobile E-Wallet for Visual Impairment Using an Inclusive Design Approach: A Case Study in Bandung, Indonesia

Ilham Ilyasa, Rahmat Fauzi, Sinung Suakanto
In Indonesia, the rapid growth of Fintech has brought convenience to the general population, offering access to financial services and seamless fund transfers. However, this progress hasn't been fully inclusive, leaving individuals with visual impairments at a disadvantage. Based on data collected...
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Big Data and Big Data Analysis in Audit Firms

Thi Phuong Nguyen, My Trinh Bui, Bao Trung Phan
Research purpose: The primary objective of this exploratory research is to comprehensively examine the factors associated with the implementation of big data and the utilization of big data analysis techniques within audit firms situated in Vietnam. This study aims to shed light on the current...
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Research on the Reasons and Countermeasures of Domestic Pulp Price Rising

Honglei Yin
In the second half of 2020, China’s domestic pulp prices began to rise. The main reasons are the appreciation of the RMB, the policy of banning the import of waste paper, the increase in demand for paper products at home and abroad, and currency overspending. The rise in pulp prices has increased the...
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Empirical Evaluation on Cloud Computing in Oil and Gas Industries in Bahrain

Zorah Abu Kassim, Buthiana Nabeel Ebrahim Ali Hasan
Cloud computing has gained importance in Bahrain with the introduction of government “Cloud First” policy. This study investigates factors that affect Cloud computing technology adoption in oil and gas industry in Bahrain. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is used with Theory of Reason Action (TRA)....
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Optimal Capital Structure Analysis on Aggressive and Moderate Expansion Strategy to Increase Shareholder Value, Case Study on Hospital Industry in Indonesia 2017-2021

Hesty Ratnasari, Brady Rikumahu
After the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for hospital infrastructure has become important. The government encourages the improvement of health facilities by opening foreign and local financing opportunities and opening National Health Insurance (JKN) to meet the basic needs of decent public health. The...
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The impact of peer-induced fairness concerns on competitive manufacturers’ optimal decisions under C&T regulation

Jiayu Meng
As major economies around the world have proposed their carbon neutrality targets in recent years, governments and companies have gradually increased their focus on decarbonization. Cap-and-trade (C&T) regulation is widely regarded as an effective mechanism for reducing carbon emissions. This paper...
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The Impact of the Covid Pandemic on China’s Real Estate Market

Jiaxuan Li
With the outburst of pandemic, the global economy is under influence, especially China’s economy with its strict pandemic policies. An important section, real estate section, is impacted significantly. China’s real estate market holds a paramount role in China’s economy with its multiple utilities and...
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Does artificial intelligence have the potential to improve total factor energy efficiency? — Empirical evidence from 30 Chinese provinces

Chenyang Li
As the level of AI technology improves, AI technology plays an important role in responding to energy. The article empirically investigates the impact of AI technology on total factor energy efficiency (TFEE) in China using provincial panel data from 2010 to 2019. The finding shows that artificial intelligence...
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The Effect of Fintech Payment, Lifestyle, and Financial Knowledge of Financial Management Behavior on Students of the University of Bengkulu

Aten Apriani, Intan Zoraya, Chairil Afandy
The research aims to determine whether fintech payments, lifestyle, and financial knowledge influence the financial management behavior on students of the University of Bengkulu. This type of research is a causal study using quantitative research methods and proportionate stratified random Sampling....
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Post-Epidemic Economic Risk Prevention and Public Management Suggestions Based on Supply Chain Analysis Model

Linglan Fu, Jinlong Su
This paper analyzes the main problems and difficulties faced by the economy of Fujian province after the epidemic, and probes into the effective countermeasures to accelerate the improvement of Fujian province’s economy through many fields investigations inside and outside Fujian province. Team is the...
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Japan Arises with the Free Trade Policy

Yujie Wang
In the 20th century, Japan significantly transformed its trade policies. After World War II, the country faced international pressure to open its markets and reduce trade barriers. To cure the damage of the war on the country’s economy, Japan adopted a series of domestic economic policies aimed at boosting...
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Investigation on the Implementation Status of the Power List System in Township Governments in China

Hong-ling Guo, Meina Yu
The Power List System is government-led self-revolution of power within administrative agencies in China. Township governments are the last mile to implement the Power List System. This paper uses multi-stage stratified sampling and content analysis methods to investigate the implementation of the Power...
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University Spin-off: A Review

Adityo Wicaksono, Eryadi K. Masli, Trina Fizzanty
Contemporarily, university spin-off (USO) has become a major topic in the academic entrepreneurship literature. Universities around the globe have realized that establishing USOs can bring substantial benefits to their organizations and the regional economy. Hence, the USO phenomenon became essential...
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Frugal Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Chandan Kumar
By elucidating the values and methods, social entrepreneurs provide a narrative of perspectives and aspects of innovation models that are pertinent to theory, practice, and policy related to innovation management. This chapter’s statistics and discussion show that social entrepreneurs have differing...
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Analysis of Perceived Usefulness and Playfulness on Intention to Use TikTok Shop (a Study on Teenagers in Kupang City)

Muhammad A. R. Dapubeang, Ronald P. C. Fanggidae, Merlyn Kurniawati
This research explored the use of TikTok Shop among teenagers in Kupang City through the lens of the Technology Acceptance Model. Perceived usefulness and perceived playfulness were investigated as determinants of their intention to use TikTok Shop. An associative approach is used for this research....
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The Effects of Price Perception, Promotion, and Service Quality on Stay Decision at Warga Villa Umalas, Bali, through Brand Image

Werry Oksyania, Andini Nurwulandari
Bali as a tourist destination has a great demand by both domestic and foreign tourists, has not been spared from the exposure of Covid-19 which has caused people to lose their sources of income and many businesses closed down due to inability to survive the pandemic. Since 2021 the government has reopened...
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Analysis of Fixed Asset Accounting in Public Service Institutions under the New Accounting System

Xue Yang, Yan Gao
With the implementation of the new government accounting system, there have been significant changes in the accounting of fixed assets in public service institutions. Financial professionals are required to adjust their fixed asset accounting methods to align with these new changes. This paper provides...
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Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Sustainability Reporting Practices in Indonesia

Janitra Arie Purnomo, Dwi Hartanti
This study explores the development and significance of sustainability reporting practices in Indonesian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Evaluating NGOs issuing annual reports, it compares their practices with Filantropi Indonesia’s guidelines. Insights from interviews with key NGO personnel reveal...
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Academic Performance Factors in Malaysia’s Public Higher Education Institutions

Mariam Setapa, Shafiza Safie, Mazlina Mamat, Nur Haslina Ramli, Tismazammi Mustafa, Farahiyah Akmal Mat Nawi, Khairunnisa Rahman, Siti Maziah Ab Raman
Academic performance is a significant issue that calls for equal attention from all organizations, notwithstanding differences in political intention and goal. In light of this issue, this study is being carried out to find out more about undergraduate student performance at a Malaysian Public Higher...
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Research on Digital Management of the Entire Planning, Investment, and Construction Process

Mengjia Liu, Pei Liu
As the socioeconomic landscape shifts toward a digital economy, communication firms must raise the degree of engineering project management digitalization in order to increase their overall competitiveness. This article highlights the need to support the digitization of the entire engineering project...
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Important role of student cadres in talent development of institutions of higher learning

Hailong Shao, Dongju Du
Student cadres in institutions of higher learning have dual identities. Apart from being students, they are the backbone among students [1], who can immediately and accurately master and reflect other students' demands and wishes, lay a solid foundation for counsellors'learning of students' ideas and...
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The Application of Instructional Management Based Lesson Study and its Impact with Student Learning Achievement

Imam Imam Gunawan
The purpose of this study is: (1) to describe the process of instructional management based lesson study; and (2) improving of student achievement by applying instructional management based lesson study. The research method used is a classroom action research, which is implemented with two cycles, namely...
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Research on Efficient Operation Mode of the Material Intensive of Power Grid Based on S&OP

Yong-Huan Hu, Wei Zhou, Jun-Song Wang, Feng-Na Dong
This paper focuses on the issues of material intensive plan control and operation implementation under the mode of group purchasing. Starting with the analysis of the characteristics of demand differentiation, this paper also makes analysis of the characteristics of the efficient operation mode, the...
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The Influence of Local Own-Source Revenue towards Regional Financial Independence

Leni Yuliyanti, Nugraha Nugraha, Yanyan Kurnia Fadilah
This study aims at determining the influence of local own-source revenue towards regional financial independence. This study based on regional government regencies and municipalities of Indonesia. The research employed descriptive verification and documentation method as data collection technique. This...
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Human Resources Transformation: Research Approaches

Аnna А. Fedchenko, Ekaterina S. Dashkova, Galina A. Shkirenko, Lidia P. Arzamastseva
The article focuses on the research of human resources transformation within the context of economy digitalization. The authors identify the factors and analyze their influence on the process of human resources transformation at different management levels. The article presents the algorithm of how economy...
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A Study on the Schooling and Cultural Identity of Cross-border Ethnics in Yunnan

Gu He
There are several key problems for the schooling and cultural identity of cross-border ethnics in Yunnan: school, family and community; schooling settings; social-economic development. It should establish a social mechanism to develop schooling and culture; plan schooling and cultural development; strengthening...
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Current Situation and Development Prospect of French Economic Reform

Lu Chen
Since the debt crisis in Europe, the French economy remains in the doldrums, and it has not yet appeared any hopeful sign of recovery. France is considered as the second-largest economy in Europe, with the label "European sick man", even "French recession" is rampant. For the French government, the introduction...
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Business Strategy of Fisherman’s Equipment in Wakatobi District

La Hasimu, Dedi Sulistiyo Soegoto
The purpose of this study is to create a Business Strategy Of Fishermans Equipment in Wakatobi District. SWOT identification is carried out to identify internal and external factors. TOWS Matrix was used to design strategies based on internal and external factors. The result of the research is a focused...
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Service Quality Towards Community Satisfaction in the KRL Access Apliccation

Case Study of Jakarta-Bogor Travel Route Users

Ratnawaty Marginingsih, Isnurrini Hidayat Susilowati, Wiwik Widiyanti
The development of technology and information in the digital era has changed the lifestyle of people in various sectors, including in transportation service, which is a significant and strategic means of improving the economy. Along with the increasing need for public transportation by urban communities,...
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Actual Issues of Information and Digital Regulation of Migration Processes

Elena Erokhina, Elena Maksimenko
The study of information and digital regulation of migration processes is a developing interdisciplinary area focused on the study of the spheres of influence of legal regulation of the use of digital technologies in the management of migration processes. In the work, special attention is paid to the...
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Research on Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching System of Integrated Medicine Based on IPE Concept

Xiaodong Cui, Xinghui Cui, Jianming Liu, Min Cheng, Xiaoyun Zhang
At present, most medical colleges and universities in China follow the traditional curriculum-centered teaching mode. This kind of education mode cuts off the connection between disciplines, and is not conducive to the cultivation of students’ overall medical concept, as well as the cultivation of compound...
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Research on Tax Planning of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from the Perspective of Management

Sheng Shujun
Enterprises have their operation characteristics in different development stages, and the management of small and medium-sized enterprises needs to reasonably choose different tax planning schemes in different periods to promote the stable development of small and medium-sized enterprises. This paper...
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Size and Value Factors in China

An Empirical Test of a Revised Fama-French Three-factor Model with Chinese Characteristics

Fangzhou Gong, Jingchi Guo, Kuangtian Sun
This paper evaluates the validity of a newly proposed three-factor model with Chinese characteristics in the recent Chinese stock market. For comparison purposes, we also conduct a test of the applicability of the classic Fama-French three-factor model (FF-3) and of the CAPM to the Chinese market. Our...
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Poverty in Indonesia

This type of qualitative research uses a phenomenological approach, while the results show that the poverty rate continues to increase every month and every year, this indicates that the problem of poverty is a very important problem to find a solution, the impact of poverty has an impact on all social,...
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Technology Acceptance Model Approach to Analysing the Use of Fintech in MSME Transactions in Buleleng

I Putu Julianto, Nyoman Suadnyana Pasek, I Gd. Nandra Hary Wiguna
The use of technology should be a strategy for MSME to run their business. Supported by various regulations and facilities by the government and the private sector, MSME actors should be able to make the best use of technology according to their business needs. Fintech is a financial service that can...
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Towards Economic Innovation in New Normal Era: Triangle Perspective of Technology, Knowledge, and Artificial Intelligent

Khin Sandar Kyaw, Wittawat Didyasarin Sattayaraksa, Tharnpas Sattayaraksa, Praman Tepsongkroh, Chanwut Thongkamkaew
In the era of Covid pandemic, the big revolution of economic has emerged where the role of creation is viewed as the significant factor to survive and stand for all various types of business. As a consequence of emerging challenge in innovation-based economics, perspective of technology knowledge, and...
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Financial Distress, Fraud Reasons, and Fraudulent Financial Reporting Indication

Arja Sadjiarto, Enrico Jonathan, Peter Joseph Santoso
The aim of this research is to observe the financial distress and fraud reasons towards the indication of fraudulent financial reporting during the 2018–2020 period, that is before and during the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fraud reasons consist of pressure, opportunity, rationalization, competence...
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The Causality Relationship Between Financial Constructs with State Space Model

Rialdi Azhar, Sri Suningsih, Widya Rizki Eka Putri, Ahmad Efendi Business
One solution of the state-space model is to see the causal relationship between one and more variables. This model can be used as a statistical basis for modeling movements, for example, carbon variables and other variables that may be related in the form of financial construction. Research looking for...
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The Influence of Good Corporate Governance through the Gender Diversity on Firm Performance

Novi Dwi Riyanti, Werner R. Murhadi, Mudji Utami
The objective of this study is to look at how board size, board gender diversity, independent commissioners, leverage, and firm size affect firm performance in manufacturing companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange and the Philippines Stock Exchange. This study used a quantitative approach with two least...
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The Relationship of Green Accounting on Financial Performance with Environmental Performance as a Mediation Variable

Wulan Rezky Amalya, Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, Alphasyah Lazuardy Sidarta
The objective of the study is to examine the mediation of environmental performance on the relationship between green accounting and financial performance. The population in this study is 3 selected industrial sectors which are basic and chemical industries, various garment textile industries, and pharmaceutical...
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The Influence of Interest Rate, Inflation, and Exchange Rate on Stock Price Return of Companies Listed in the KOMPAS 100 Index

Anak Agung Alit Tri Putra, I Ketut Darma, I Gusti Lanang Putu Tantra
This research was conducted based on the fluctuation of the KOMPAS100 index from 2015 to 2021. The research was done to know the influence of interest rate, inflation, and the Indonesian Rupiah exchange rate against the US Dollar on the stock price return of companies listed in the KOMPAS100 index within...
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Factors Affecting Non-performing Loans at PT BPR Pijer Podi Kekelengen

Tenny Sitepu, Isfenti Sadalia, Iskandar Muda
PT Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Pijer Podi Kekelengen serves the community through the banking intermediation function. This bank receives funds from the public in form of deposits and re-disburses them in the form of credit. Credit given to the public has a risk in returning installments to the bank. Banks...
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Theoretical Analysis on the Relationship between Corporate Public Welfare and Financial Capacity

Yiwei Li, Zhongke Wang
Enterprise charity is to show the enterprise is not only responsible to the shareholders' interests but also pay more attention to ecological environment, charity and more of the social public welfare of stakeholders, which has become the inevitable trend of enterprise development and the effective ways...
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Cultural Transmission in the ELT Classroom

Ming-Ming Che
Although an integral part of language, culture, a necessary dimension of teaching, has been largely ignored in the ELT profession in China. This paper firstly expounds the omnipresent cultural elements involved in the ELT classrooms, and then it points to the assertion that cultural transmission should...
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Research on Influencing of New Generation Employee's Future Work Self Salience on Work Engagement

Zilong Cui, Lixin Chen
Drawing upon self-determination perspective, the current study examined the relations of future work self salience, work engagement, occupational self-efficiency and person -vocation fit. Result from 475 new generation employee's valid data showed that future work self salience positively correlated...
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The Interactions of State and Business Structures on Formation of Competitive Educational Environment in Russia

Elena Lylova, Marina Ignatskaya
The proposed article updates modern critical perspectives on relationships, interactions, feedback loops and the formation of interactions within the triad of "state - society - business structures" in terms of governing the subject-object optimization effects. While the focus is put on the whole system...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Reverse Innovation of Non - core Enterprises

Guifeng Song, Dongping Yu, Xiangxue Lu
Innovation is the key to maintain core competitiveness for enterprises. In addition, innovation can make non-core enterprise become core enterprise, so it is vital for non-core enterprises and core enterprises. With the development of economic globalization and the deepening of reverse innovation, it...
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Innovation of Legal Education for College Students from the Cultural Perspective

Jue Wang
In order to resolve the realistic predicament of unbalanced content, non-interactive method of teaching and weakened consciousness in legal education of Chinese university students at present, with the analytical thinking that the culture is the carrier and the legal system is for application, this paper...
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Economics as a Humanitarian Science "Economic Rhetoric" of McCloskey as a Case Study

Andrey Orekhov, Fakhraddin Akhmedov
This article is devoted to the understanding of an economic science known as "humanity". In an economic science, a problem of economic interpretation is rather significant: it investigates the importance of economic concepts and statements. The American economist D. McCloskey has criticized the modern...
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Meassuring of Teacher Asset Value

Asep Sunandar, Djum-Djum Noor Benti, R. Bambang Sumarsono
School asset management is effort to maximizing function of schools asset based effective and efficient principle. Teacher is one of the school's assets, whose value is likely to increase or even decrease. This study aims to describe assets management pro
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The Vietnamese Labour on the Border of China and Vietnam—The Situation Investigation of Vietnamese Labour Entry Work through Maguan County; of Yunnan Province

Hongbo Ma, Fei Wang
This paper uses Maguan County, which is located at the border of China and Vietnam in Yunnan province as the case to do the research about the local people work oversea and Vietnam illegal labour entry to China. It will analyze the characters, reasons and effect of this situation, try to give some suggestions...
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Practice and Thinking on Interactive Communication of “Mobile Radio” in New Media

Yuan Zhou
In recent years, the popularization of 4G, the reduction of network fees, the upgrading of hardware technology of intelligent devices, the popularization of mobile Internet and the development of vehicle networking have created complete conditions for the rise of network radio. Starting with the background...
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Sticking Innovation and Features: A New Exploration of the Transformation of University Journals Editor in the Age of Big Data

Jing Cao
In the age of Big data, journal editors must strengthen the sense of data thinking, establish the concept of big data analysis, improve the ability of data analysis, not only adhere to the academic standard, adhere to the function of journal Education, adhere to humanistic care, adhere to the spirit...
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Unfair rivalry between traditional and corporate insurers in the Russian insurance market

A. Panteleeva, S. Petrov
In the time of globalization of the World community, one of the most important directions of development of the modern state is humanism, the main idea of which is the exceptional value of human life. Due to this, the primary task of the functioning of any civilized country is to take care of its citizens,...
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Research on Tourist’s Propagation Effect of Online Word of Mouth Communication Under Tourism Destination Context

Xiaoyan Liu
The potency, intensity and quality of information on the online word-of-mouth communication of tourism destinations will positively affect the willingness of word-of-mouth recipients to re-transmit. However, in terms of purchase intention, the potency of information will adversely affect the willingness...
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The Impact of Equity Pledge on Investment from the Perspective of Financing Constraints

Jing Zhang
Taking the GEM listed companies in 2014-2018 as the research object; the investment of such enterprises is generally limited by internal cash flow. Then analyzing equity pledge of controlling shareholders in enterprises with financing constraints, there is a positive relationship between the degree of...
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Research Hotspots Analysis of Electronic Health

Wen-Tao WANG, Kun ZHANG, Jing LI, Yun-Zhi WANG, Shuai ZHANG, Xiao XIE, Yang-Qun XIE
[Purpose/significance] Aims to summarize the current hotspots of international electronic health research and provide some reference for the future development of electronic health. [Method/process] By using the methods of co-word analysis, cluster analysis and content analysis, to summarize the research...
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Identifying Key Success Factors of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions for Chinese State-owned Enterprises

Yuming Tian, Shiqi Tang, Zhuoer Kong
In recent years, China has vigorously promoted domestic enterprises to conduct direct foreign investment and promote the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. State-owned enterprises in China are the main exporters of China's foreign direct investment. Research on the factors of success or failure...
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Slovenian Alternative Energy Sector: Problems, Prospects and Economic Aspects

Andrey A. Оgryzov, Elizaveta S. Sokolova, Elnur T. Mekhdiev, Natalya V. Toropova
Slovenia is one of the leading countries in the sphere of alternative energy production in the EU. Consequently, developing this sector is one of the best tracks for economy development of the country. There are several issues in the process of alternative energy transformation in Slovenia, mainly connected...
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Applying "willingness to pay" approach for evaluation of economic impact from the world's biggest sporting events

Elena Gureeva, Ilya Solntsev, Nikita Osokin, Tatiana Skryl
This article analyses the approaches for evaluating the economic impact from the world's top sporting events, with the focus on the "willingness to pay" technique. The variations of this model and basic assumptions are also assessed. Authors developed their own social research study dedicated to measuring...
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Strategies of Receivables Management in Multi-entity Organizations

Grzegorz Zimon
Receivables management is the most important area of ​​financial management. Their level and a management policy have a decisive impact on the financial safety of enterprises. Receivables are the basic component of current assets. In general, short-term receivables (current receivables), i.e. receivables...
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Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Eurasian Economic Union

Rudakova Elena, Dmitrieva Olga, Morkovkin Dmitry, Kuleshova Lidiya, Kosolapov Yury
The article deals with various aspects of the enforcement of intellectual property in the territory of the member States of the Eurasian economic Union. The systematization of areas of cooperation in which the member States implement law enforcement measures to ensure effective protection and protection...
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Regulation to Mining’s Labors

H. Abustan, Teuku Saiful Bahri Johan, Otom Mustomi, Siti Miskiah
The role of law in the context of employment is something that can protect and as a form of government responsibility in protecting citizens (State responsibility to protect), provide security, peace and orderly to achieve prosperity and justice of each person. In the context of this study, it is not...
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On Pedagogical Strategies to Develop Undergraduates' Chinese-English Pragmatic Translation Competence

Jun Chen, Yuhong Huang
Based on PACTE's translation competence model, this paper presents the five components of C-E pragmatic translation competence. It argues that bilingual communication sub-competence is the kernel of Chinese-English pragmatic translation, while translation knowledge sub-competence, strategic sub-competence,...
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A Study on Applicability of Sound Art as Therapy for Alzheimer's Patients

Kamal Sabran, Norfadilah Kamaruddin, Ismail Lasa, Norfarizah Mohd Bakhir
As Alzheimer's disease increases around the world with still no absolute medication to solve the problem, art has become the alternative treatment. Nevertheless, with sound art exploring public spaces to exhibit, and seen as not too distant from conventional art approach such as music therapy, the use...
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Team leading challenges in software development projects

Filip Jovanović
Scrum and agile approach in software development eases the way teams are handled and managed. With the right application of this approach into software development projects, Scrum can influence team cohesion, improved efficiency and better control of the final product. Thus, team management in the phase...
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Assessment of Tourists on Mojito Based on Arak Bali in Kuta Bali

Setyowati Ayu Widuri
Mojito is one of the popular cocktail drinks and is very popular with domestic and foreign tourists visiting Bali because it has a refreshing taste and aroma. Mojito are generally made from Light Rum for alcohol. Rum is a fermented and distilled alcoholic beverage from molasses (sugarcane drops) or sugar...
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Correlation of "Emotional Burnout" and Various Forms of Empathy Manifestations for Teachers of Technical Higher Education Institutions

I.A. Sergeeva, V.V. Kustova, K.V. Varykhanova
The article describes the results of a study of emotional burnout among teachers of technical universities. It is proved that the empathy values of the teacher towards students impede the de-velopment of burnout syndrome.
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Spatial Organization of the University Network: a European Case-Study

E.V. Bolgova, S.A. Bolgov, M.V. Kurnikova
The spatial strategy of the Russian Federation implies the university network development in compliance with the new conditions of economic development, geographic concentration of labour, scientific and technological, innovative activities. For a long time, a geographic aspect has not been addressed...
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Customer’s Emotional Bond Effects of Customer Loyalty on Cross Industry

Agus, Rahayu, A.K.H Jaelani, M. Arief
Nowadays, the rapid development of business world makes the competitions more increasing and challenging for each competitive company in running the business activities. Emotional bonds strategy which is done by PT. Bank Negara Indonesia, Tbk is development strategy by combining two or more goods or...
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Exploring the Research Fronts of Fintech: A Scientometric Analysis

Zhichao Xu, Han-Teng Liao, Chung-Lien Pan, Wenjun Mo
Financial technology (fintech), or digital innovations in the financial sector, is expected to enhance access to financial services and promote innovations for more inclusive and sustainable futures. To provide an up-to-date discussion on FinTech, the paper aims to map out the main countries, publications,...
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The Effect of Independence, Integrity, Professionalism, and Professional Skepticism on the Accuracy of Giving Audit Opinion (The Case of Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia)

Krishna Kamil, Nadya Fathonah
The purpose of the research was to explore the influence of Independence, Integrity, Professionalism and Professional Scepticism on the Accuracy of Giving Audit Opinion by Government auditors, in this case the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK-RI). The research seeks to broaden empirical...
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Influence of Organizational Culture Organization of Commitment Impact on Performance and Service Department of Education District Cirebon

Ade Solahudin, Rohyan Abdul Azis
This study aims to determine the organizational culture on organizational commitment and its impact on the performance of services in Cirebon District Education Office. The population in this study were employees of Education Office of Cirebon. The sampling technique in this study is simple random sampling...
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Smart Technologies in Housing and Communal Services

Irina G. Sergeeva, Olga E. Medvedeva, Victor L. Vasilenok
This article considers the main aspects of the application of innovative information technologies in the field of housing and communal services. The current state is considered and the main problems of informatization of housing and communal services are highlighted. Forecasted values and efficiency...
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Mathematical Models for Evaluating the Effectiveness of State Support for the Dairy Industry

Mikhail K. Chernyakov, Maria M. Chernyakova, Irina A. Chernyakova, Saidmukhtor S. Mokhtarzada
The digitalization of agro-industrial complex in Russia is at an extremely low level due to the insufficient level of their state support. The aim of this research is to offer an original concept for the effective regulation of the agricultural sector. The methodological basis of the research is a systematic...
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Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Manufacturing Firms: The Effects of Planning Flexibility and Entrepreneurship with Business Environment as a Moderating Variable

Muhammad Wadud, Risqo M. Wahid, RM Rum Hendarmin, Sulastri, Zakaria Wahab, Marlina Widiyanti
This study aims to investigate the effects of planning flexibility and entrepreneurship moderated by the business environment on sustainable competitive advantage in manufacturing firms. Data were collected through questionnaires spread through manufacturing firms in South Sumatera, Indonesia and the...
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Study of Envy-Friendly Small-Medium Industries in Green Industry Context in the Manufacturing Industry Sector in Bangka Belitung Island Province

Angga Sucitra, Christianingrum Christianingrum, Yusuf Yusuf, Anggraeni Yunita
The purpose of this study is to identify the manufacturing industries sector in the Province of Bangka Belitung Islands that has met the criteria for environmentally friendly Small and Medium Industries, identify the constraints faced by the manufacturing industries sector in the Province of Bangka Belitung...
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Analysis on CAPM and Sharpe Ratio in Market Investment

Zhou Yang
Market investment is always a popular method to make a profit. With different investment means, there are tens of thousands of portfolios in the market for investors to choose and combine. In order to maximize profit and minimize risk, some evaluation must be done to those portfolios. Many capital asset...
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Offshoring of Business Services as a Modern Business Model for Hotel Companies Operating in a Knowledge-Based Economy

Małgorzata Sztorc
The aim of this paper is to identify categories and forms of offshoring of business services (OBS) as well as factors influencing the choice of business model (BM) determining the way of running hotel chains from the perspective of knowledge-based economy. Due to the specific purpose, a survey was conducted...
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Digital Transformation of the Russian Banking Sector in Terms of Pandemic

Natalya Bykanova, Daria Gordya, Tatiana Ten
The article discusses the issues of development and implementation of digital technologies in the banking sector in the context of a pandemic. The concepts of “digitalization” and “digital transformation”, which underlie the transformation processes of banking activity, are defined. The authors have...
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Impulsive Buying, Post-purchase Regret, and Credit Card

L. Verina Halim Secapramana, Gracia Jason Magdalena, Listyo Yuwanto
Impulsive buying is an unplanned purchase and is coloured by a strong urge that is difficult to resist buying suddenly. It is usually triggered by external conditions when dealing with products, accompanied by the arising of pleasant and passionate feelings with the consequences of anxiety, regret, and...
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Bibliometric Analysis on the Concept of Managing and Integrating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the MSMEs (Macro, Small and Medium Enterprises) Sector

Muhammad Bahit, Monika Handayani, Rudy Haryanto
This study presents a Bibliometric Analysis study on the concept of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management and integration in the MSMEs (Macro, Small and Medium Enterprises) sector and aims to analyze how ERP implementation in managing transactions and business planning is integrated in real time,...
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Price Asymmetric Evaluation on the Cocoa Market as an Effort to Increase Economic and Bargaining Position of Cocoa Farmers in Pidie, Aceh

Zakiah Zakiah, Monalisa Monalisa, Ahmad Humam Hamid, Fauzan Fauzan, Ade Ratna Juniar
The price transmission process on agricultural commodities especially at the smallholder level generally occurs imperfectly as price asymmetric. This study aims to evaluate and identify the occurrence of price asymmetric in the cocoa commodity market in the Pidie Regency. This study also aims to look...
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The Application of Integrated Marketing Communication in the Corporate Rebranding Process

Qixin Zhang
Faced with the constant adjustment of the internal ownership and structure of the organization and the frequent changes of the external market environment, the rebranding strategy has been paid more attention by enterprises, and then derived a variety of new marketing strategies, but few people pay attention...
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Discussion on the Cost Accounting Work under New Financial System for Colleges and Universities

Linhong Gong
Cost accounting helps colleges and universities to improve their management and efficiency and it is also the priority of educational reform among those high institutions. "Financial System for colleges and universities" issued by Ministry of Finance in 2013 plays a leading role in guiding the cost accounting...
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Research on the Effect of Organizational Justice on Human Resource Management

Chunlei Zhao
This paper systematically introduces the meaning of organizational fairness research and the meaning, structure and function of organizational justice, and analyzes in detail the reaction of organizational justice to organizational fair and objective situation and the three factors of organizational...
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Bureaucracy in Criminal Justice A Study of Criminogen Factors in Law Enforcement on Narcotics Crime Settlement

Agus Raharjo, Yusuf Saefudin
The criminal justice system is conducted through bureaucracy, with hope that law enforcement can proceed smoothly, efficiently and responsibly. However, this does not apply in the settlement of narcotics cases. The research method used to solve the problem is the approach toward law as law in action....
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Multidimensional Transformation of Cyberspace Field Education Management

Dong Wang
Due to the rise of online education, cyberspace has become an important field of education management. Because of virtual property, openness, interaction and other features of cyberspace field, the cyberspace education management is different from the traditional fields. Specifically, it has realized...
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Tows Analysis To Improve Competitivenes At West Java Batik Industry

Nur Hayati, Dede Suryana
The main objective of this study is to make an analysis of the two (2) tools that can be used in order to increase the competitiveness of industry in West Java batik is batik industry examples taken from Tasikmalaya District. This study analysis the tourism industry through the TOWS matrix analysis and...
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Aspects of Selected Process Management Approaches and their Implementation in Enterprises of the Slovak Republic

Ľubica Simanová
The aim of this paper is to present the theoretical basis of domestic and foreign sources focusing on process management and use of selected concepts and approaches of process management. On the theoretical knowledge of the field of follow-up analysis of the results of research that illustrate the use...