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Comprehensive Evaluation Research of Urban Green Economy Evaluation Index System

Cases of 31 Cities in China

Xiaowen Huang, Qiannan Zhang, Zhaode Liu, Xianqing Tu
With the increasingly serious problem about ecological environment, the green economy conforms to the trend of the times. Therefore, it is practically meaningful for China’s green economy development to develop green economy, to study the measurement of green economy development, to deeply understand...
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Housing Market Financing: Asian Experience and Adaptation Opportunities in Russia

M Ermilova
The article presents a comparative analysis of financing housing markets in India, China and Japan. Criteria have been identified by which a comparison can be made: the purpose of acquiring housing, sources of financing the housing market, the role of the state, measures of financial support by the state,...
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Taobao Anchors Strategically Promote Impulsive Buying of Consumer

Yunying Zhang
Live- stream shopping is the next big thing to enter the world of e-commerce, not only in China, but also in the whole world. Platforms in Europe and America, such as Facebook and Amazon have already implemented livestream shooting into their branding. In the future, the growth of live streaming e-commerce...
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The Relationship Between Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management

Zhixuan Zhu
In the context of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), this article aims to study and explain the relationship between SCM and CRM. The article used case studies and literature research to study whether there is a relationship between SCM and CRM, the strength of...
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Research on E-commerce Platform of Online Shopping Consumers

Yidan Wang
In recent years, e-commerce platforms have emerged in an endless stream, including Amazon and eBay in the high-end international market, Tmall and in the high-end Chinese market, Pinduoduo and Taobao in the low-end market. It is not so difficult for many companies to share a piece of the online...
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Development of Mutual Investment Funds in the Russian Federation

E S Nedorezova, K N Ermolaev, A M Mikhailov
The point of collective investment is to organise investments under professional management to collect funds from separate investors and later invest them with high yield. So, investments of several investors are managed as a unified portfolio, with every investor having his own share that is proportionate...
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Innovative Research on the Development Model of Foreign Exchange Derivatives

Ningyao Sun
In order to encourage enterprises to use foreign exchange derivatives to avoid exchange rate risk, this paper will study the use and development pattern of foreign exchange derivatives of listed enterprises in China, in order to further innovate the response to foreign exchange risk faced by Chinese...
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Study on the Mechanism and Path of Integrating Craftsmanship Spirit Into Vocational Quality-oriented Education for Vocational Students

Xinyi Liu, Jianchun Li
The paper summarizes the characteristics and connotation of the craftsmanship spirit, explore the factors influencing the cultivation and promotion of craftsmanship spirit in Higher vocational colleges ofChina. This paper will take craftsmanship spirit as the research object, take the cultivation of...
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Special Economic Zones of the Border Region as Accelerant of Its Innovative - Investment Development

A S Troshin, A A Shapovalov, M V Pashkov, I S Sandu
In the article it is discussed the particularities of mechanism of the special economic zones (SEZ) based on using advantages of public and private partnership. At present the SEZ of technical implementation type are the most perspective. In this work the possibility of creating the economic zone on...
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The Impact of Sino-US Trade Conflict on the Volatility of American Stock Market

Xinru Su
Since the start of the Sino-US trade conflict in 2018, the United States has frequently imposed tariffs on Chinese imports. To investigate the impact of the Sino-US trade conflict on the volatility of the US stock market, this paper employs the ARMA-GARCH model and nine time points when the US announced...
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A Contractual State (or Republic) of the BRICS

M V Zharikov
The purpose of this article is to reveal the limitations of the Regional Integration Agreements (RIAs) laid down by the neoclassic market fundamentalism. The author then goes on to describe these limitations as a few controversies. For example, at one point, capitalism requires free enterprise, free...
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Review of the Portfolio Theory Application

Yanyu Xiao
Portfolio investment is the core of all kinds of investment activities in the financial market, is an investment decision under uncertain conditions, is an important branch of the economic field. The portfolio is a common way to avoid risk. A portfolio is generally considered to be a combination of bank...
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Strategy Basis for the Development of Scientific Potential in the Innovative Economy of the Russian Federation

O Yu Kirillova, T S Kopycheva
In the Russian economy, science and the academic community are traditionally responsible for creating innovations, which various research institutes and educational organizations graduate and train employees for. The most significant is the postgraduation institute, which has become the third step in...
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Analysis of Current Situation of Food Industry in China’s Urban Area

Youcheng Xi
Covid-19 epidemic has a server impact to the whole world. Each country’s industries have been affected in different degrees. At the same time, this paper mainly focuses on the impact of the pandemic to the food industry of China including the effect of the pandemic, the reaction of China government towards...
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Research on Marketing Innovation of Luckin Coffee

Xiaocong Cao
It is very essential for an enterprise to have a good marketing strategy and properly apply the new mode, especially for emerging enterprises such as Luckin coffee. Luckin was pushed to the forefront of the storm because of financial fraud two years ago, but now it has become a model of the rapid development...
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Apple Inc. Strategic Marketing Analysis and Evaluation

Xuanyi Chen, Yiran Liu, Hanzhen Gong
Apple Inc is an innovative multinational company in the world, which has revolutionized and facilitated the development of the personal electronics devices and the media industries. This case study essentially generated a comprehensive analysis on the current marketing situation of the multinational...
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Financial Innovation, Technological Innovation and Economic Growth

Empirical Research from 31 Provinces and Cities in China

By selecting 31 provinces and cities in China as samples, we constructed a panel data model from 2011 to 2019, and empirically analysed the impact of financial innovation and technological innovation on economic growth through regression analysis of fixed effects models. The results show that financial...
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Features of the Doctrinal Formulation of the Content of the Concept of Religious Extremism as a Form of Threat to Society and the State

K A Vlasov
In article the existing problem of indeterminacy of doctrinal determination of content of the concept “religious extremism” and lack of its legislative fixing is considered. Need of formulation of the considered concept is proved. The substance of this phenomenon allowing to realize features, the mechanism...
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Discover Factors Which Have Effects on Airbnb’s Stakeholders by Using Python

Using Sydney Airbnb as an Example

Ziqi Wan
This report is aimed at the analysis of Sydney’s Airbnb data to provide advice to related stakeholders. Data processing, feature engineering, and model building methods were utilized to realize that endeavour. A reliable dataset can only be formed when firstly using the data cleaning process. Linear...
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Neuromarketing Study of Consumers’ Cognitive Perception of Labeling Information on a Product’s Package

N N Kalkova, V E Reutov, E A Mitin, N Z Velgosh
The article studies the information technologies’ application possibility in the process of placing the labeling information on the products’ package. In order to inform the consumer effectively about the product and its ingredients on the basis of determining the best location of the labeling information...
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Analysis of the Impact of Social Media on the Economy

Zheyu Cui
The article is an analysis of the impact of social media on the economy, and mostly how it helps the economy to grow. This article uses theory and data to demonstrate and analyze, and uses TikTok as an example to conduct research. The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate how social media can affect...
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Digital Financial Inclusion Innovation for Large and Medium-sized Commercial Banks

Case of the Agricultural Bank of China

Ruijie Li
Large commercial banks are critical financial entities in the development of inclusive finance, and they should play an essential leading role in the development of inclusive digital finance. Large commercial banks often face challenges in developing digital financial inclusion. Therefore, some banks...
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Business Model Innovation of Yungang Cultural Industry Based on the “Internet +” Format Perspective

Ruixiong Qi, Ronghua Chang, Danping Xu, Haiyan Wu
Affected by Covid-19, traditional offline cultural industry has been impacted, while online consumption and “Internet + cultural industry” is bucking the trend. “Internet+” is not only a new form of economic development, but also a new format of cultural industry. The development of Yungang cultural...
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Evolution process of land reclamation in Macao and its impact on economy and ecology

Shangchen Wu, Youshen Lu, Hanwei Fang
The city of Macao has always been a typical example of reclamation. With more room for variety of land uses especially for public facilities, it brings opportunities for city development. However, some unexpected impacts have been discovered regarding land reclamation in Macao. This article analysed...
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Improving the Sale Staff Onboarding Process: Case Study Stockman Company

I Kulkova
The article is devoted to analysis of effectiveness of administration the newly staff adaptation process in company Stockman and the development of proposals for its improvement. The aim of the study was to measure the onboarding system of newly hired sellers’ effectiveness. A comprehensive study of...
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Analysis of McDonald’s Marketing Strategy in China

Shuran Wu, Jingjing Ma
The development of McDonald’s in the Chinese market is getting better and better, which is inseparable from McDonald’s marketing strategy in the Chinese market. The purpose of this article is to explore the factors of how McDonald’s has achieved its current achievements in decades. The author will further...
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Company Efficiency Assessment Using Key Indicator System

S A Wisconte, D R Musina, M V Gerasimova, A V Yangirov, S I Nasyrova
The article covers the issue of efficiency assessment of individual oil and gas businesses that use key performance indicators. The authors try to improve the efficiency assessment methodology on the basis of SPACE-method. The approach is relevant as it suggests the transition from qualitative efficiency...
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Application of Game Theory in a Social Experiment Based on Hawk-Dove Model

Ruchu Yang
Based on the Hawk-dove model, the game was designed to examine people’s decision-making strategy factors. By analyzing vast scale of data from 8 games, which were conducted among high school students and college students, our assumptions were disproved that people with additional information and a chance...
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Research on Product Innovation of Tourism Enterprises under the Background of Aging

Based on Experimental Analysis

Shanshan Ma, Kexin Cai, Changjiang Tao
How to adapt to the development status of an aging population, develop innovative tourism products and improve the tourism experience of elderly tourists have become an important issue for tourism enterprises to be solved. Based on this, this paper constructs a structural equation model to explore the...
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Analysis of Business Opportunities on Launching Anti-cafés in the Service Market in the Sphere of Organization of Cultural Activities for the Residents of Metropolis

O V Astafeva, I A Osipova, E A Tyurina
Nowadays the service market in the sphere of the cultural leisure of the population is filled with various organizations and enterprises. However, the changes in consumer preferences lead to the need of search for a new type of pastime and entertainment organization. In the light of these events anti-cafés...
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The Effect of Psychological Safety on Innovation Behavior: A Meta-Analysis

Jiamin Zhu, Hongjiang Lv, Yan Feng
This meta-analysis examines the relationship between psychological safety and innovation behavior and explores potential moderators that may moderate the relationship: cultural context and team type. A total of 94 independent samples of 85 articles meet the inclusion criteria (N=19180) through literature...
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How do Chinese Industry Climb up in the Global Value Chain?

Haiyan ZHOU
Under the new trend of the global competition focusing on value and efficiency, the key to maintain the comparative advantage is to gain competitiveness in the higher value chain. In front of the “re-industrialization” wave of the developed countries such as the US, and many challenges such as the loss...
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Trend of Fiscal Expenditure’s Economic Effect

Experience from China

Qing Yang, Chunhui Yuan
Based on the panel data of Chinese mainland’s 31 province from 1978 to 2020, this paper studies the economic effects of government fiscal expenditure. The results show that: first, fiscal expenditure crowds out consumption, promotes investment and growth. Second, with the continuous increase of fiscal...
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The Features of Legal Social and Economic Relations Workers Regulation with HIV/AIDS in the Russian Federation

E S Shukaeva
In to article features of the persons infected with HIV legal labor status analyzed. It is established that the Russian labor and social law does not allocate workers today – HIV infection carriers with special legal status, regulating the questions connected with identification or presence of a disease...
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Proposals for Carbon Reduction Measures for Industrial Enterprises under the Dual Carbon Targets

Qiang Wu, Jian Tan, Song Gao, Zesen Li, Shiyu Meng, Xiaotong He
The global warming situation is serious, and the world’s awareness of climate change issues is deepening. According to the China Carbon Neutrality Study by 2060, the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization (G-2060) has reduced the number of tons from 10.9 billion tons in 2028 to 1.38...
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Analysis of Bitcoin Development and Investment Value

Tianyu Li, Wanying Li, Siyi Li
Bitcoin started out as a cryptology group, and gradually gained the attention of an elite group of economists, programmers, and math enthusiasts outside of cryptography, eventually rising and falling as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed, after the fermentation of the media has received widespread attention...
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To Own or Not to Own: Costs for Car Ownership in Sharing Economy

N Starodubets, V Derbeveva, V Koksharov
The article is devoted to issues related to comparing the costs of owning a car and using a taxi in sharing economy. The article provides a methodological approach related to the full accounting of costs and the calculation of costs per kilometre with the corresponding microeconomic model building. The...
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The Market Regulation System in China Under the New Political Context

Qiuyang Ma, Gao Zhang, Menghua Fan, Li Ma
The power system in China faces three new changes. The first one is the “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality” national strategy; the second one is to establish the new generation energy system where the green and clean generation will be used to support most of the demand. And the third change is a new...
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Obstacles and Countermeasures for the Development of Agricultural Electronic Commerce Under the Construction of New Countryside

Wanshan Han
The development of agricultural E-commerce is an essential task in the construction of a new countryside. It is not only conducive to improving the degree of agricultural industrialization and reducing the transaction costs of agricultural products, but also increasing farmers’ income and narrowing the...
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Research on Accelerating the Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development of Geological Prospecting Entities

Lamei Li, Yuan Yao1, Hao Yan, Fangfang Liu, Lei Wang, Junjie Yi, Qinghua Yan
Currently, geological prospecting entities are facing varying situations. To seize the chances of development, these entities shall continuously enhance their scientific and technological innovation, so as to take the path of sustainable development. From the perspective of macro geological view, macro...
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Development of Control Technologies in the Corporate Procurement System

O Yu Kirillova, R M Halfin
The article considers the problem of increasing the efficiency of corporate procurement that based on the development of a methodology for their control. The authors propose to introduce preliminary estimate (budget) control, acting on the basis of unified estimate (budget) software, into the procurement...
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The Method of the Money Making Mechanism of TikTok

Tianchen Liang
This paper investigated how TikTok, a short-video platform, can make money based on the perspective of economy and marketing. It has developed rapidly since 2016, and still impacts the market trend by its unique characters. The 4P strategy is used to analyze each product in the video application, and...
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Suggestions on Carbon Asset Management of Power Grid Company under Double Carbon Targets

Bingjie Li, Song Gao, Hu Li, Shiyu Meng, Zesen Li, Xiaotong He, Jian Tan, Shiyu Meng, Song Gao, Hu Li, Zesen Li
Under the dual carbon goal, power grid enterprises are facing new development opportunities. In view of the new business format generated by the dual carbon goal, it is necessary to carry out the research on the carbon asset management of power grid companies to support the business expansion of emerging...
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ERP System as a Method of Effective Economic Management by the Example of the Russian Federation

R I Salimov, A A Trutneva, A P Snegurenko
Russian enterprises have installed systems or accounting modules of various systems that are not integrated among themselves, which cannot provide a complete picture of the financial condition of the enterprise. In this regard, the transition to an ERP system is of particular importance. The article...
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The Competitions of China’s Internet Giants in Southeast Asia

Heran Yang
Under the background of the “spillover” of China’s comprehensive national strength, the Sino-US trade war, and the global economic recession caused by COVID-19, this study aims to analyze the e-commerce ecology in Southeast Asia by investigating the competitions between domestic, cross-border Internet...
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An Analysis of the Machong Dragon Boat Movement under the Background of Cultural Confidence

Zhang Ming, Xie Dan
Culture is the soul of a nation. The glorious history and culture of our country have a long history and profound heritage. Dragon boat culture is a team project in my country’s traditional sports culture, and it can better reflect the collective cultural identity of “united and concerted”. This article...
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Constructing the Meaning of Martial Arts Situationalization in the Context of Internet + Sports

Xiaofeng Wu, Qifeng Zhou
Using the literature method and comparative analysis method, we analyze the phenomenon of traditional martial arts from “competition” to “artistry” in the digital era, with the “immersion” of western technocratic ideas and sports development models. How China’s traditional martial arts have returned...
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Influence of Communication and Motivation to Team Innovation

Lei Qian
Teamwork become a trend of an effective method to deal with one project because it could gather people from different fields and consolidate their power to solve one problem. But some teams are not effective and cannot generate innovative solutions and great outcome, which waste resources on minimizing...
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Professional Stress and Organizational Working Conditions of Space-Rocket Industry Employees as the Factors Determining Their Activities Productivity

S P Vashchuk, O A Sviderskiy, V V Rovenskay, I I Smyrnova
In the article the features of professional stress of space-rocket industry employees which is a current problem and a serious threat not only to do essential harm to their health but also to have a negative impact on productivity in the industry in general are considered. In the article the characteristics...
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Study on the Spatial-Temporal Evolution Law of 4A and Above Tourist Attractions in Jiangsu Province

Jie Yu, Yujie Zhang, Wei Zhang, Xinyao Wang, Ziqiang Liu
The establishment of tourist attractions, especially high-grade tourist attractions, is very important for the development of tourism and the optimization of its structure. Taking 235 4A and above tourist attractions in Jiangsu Province as the research objects coupled with geospatial analysis method,...
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Comparison of Different Asset Pricing Models Based on Alibaba and Tencent Stocks

Simin Lu, Xiaoyu Li, Yue Qi, Zhen Zheng
Determining the reasonable price for financial assets has always been hot topic in the field. In the search for the factors in the asset pricing, the prevailing methods are Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and Fama-French factor (FF3F) method. In addition, Dividend Discount Model (DDM) method is also...
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Features of Financial Support of the Educational Process with the Use of E-Learning and Distance Learning Technologies

A Yu Valyavsky, M N Ivanov, N V Uchevatkina
The article presents an analysis of the regulatory framework for the financial activities of an educational organization and features when using e-learning and distance learning technologies. The use of information resources in the educational process is an essential component of any distance learning...
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Analysis on the Market Strategies of the Game Glory of Kings

Zongyu Huang
With the rapid development of electronic technology in China, the number of mobile phone users and the likeability of mobile games continue to increase. In the mobile game industry, in order to be among the best, the game producer will use some marketing strategy that helps them to attract more users...
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Research on the Development Path of Cultural and Tourism Integration in Traditional Villages

A Case Study of Tongle Lisu Traditional Village in Weixi County

Liping Wang
Cultural and tourism integration is an important means to stimulate the cultural revival of traditional villages and promote the development of local economy. With the development of rural tourism, some traditional villages have built a platform for the preliminary integration of culture and tourism...
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Digitalization as a New Stage in the Formation of Economic Relations

A U Mentsiev, M S-U Khaliev, E R Guzueva, A U Mentsiev, M Z Ashakhanova
From barter system trading, to paper currency and now to digital economy, the global economy has come a long way. With enhanced technology, the digitization has spurred the communication between people. People can interact with each other, and thus, the effect is quickly observed in the economy. The...
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Exploring the Sustainable Development Models of Cultural Heritage in Major International Countries

Yuting He, Luo Shu, Jiankang Zhang
Sustainable development is the way to protect, inherit and utilize cultural heritage. This paper explores the sustainable development model of cultural heritage through a logical review and case study of the sustainable development practices of cultural heritage in four major international countries:...
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Marketing Strategies of Chinese Cosmetic Brands in Local Market

A Case Study of Florasis

Lan Yang, Wendi Meng, Yating Li
The beauty market in China has a broad prospect with a growing market share. Among new brands rooted in China, Florasis witnessed a rapid increase in sales relying on the Chinese traditional culture. Therefore, it is of great importance to look into the ways Florasis has made this success through marketing...
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The Optimization of the Mechanism of State Regulation of the Local Housing Market of the Subject of Russian Federation Under Budget Constraints

N Lubsanova
The article presents a methodological approach to improving the mechanism of state regulation of the local housing market based on optimizing the allocation of budgetary resources in accordance with the effectiveness of the tools. To obtain the optimal distribution structure of budgetary funds in accordance...
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The Influence of Chinese and Foreign Sports Culture Differences and Atmosphere on Their Domestic Sports Industry

Yuan Li
The generality of sports culture itself makes it one of the global cultural contents. As the current worldwide physical symbol, sports culture can make different people understand the meaning of it directly and achieve the purpose of effective communication. With the help of modern communication media,...
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Comparative Study of Mutual Investment Funds and Other Collective Investment Tools

E S Nedorezova, O S Evseev, I A Lunin
Collective investment is a type of investment whereby the monetary resources of individual investors are pooled together and managed by a professional fund manager for the purpose of their subsequent profitable allocation. As a collective investment tool, mutual investment funds are a relatively new...
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Research on Development Mode and Path of Eco-sports Tourism in Southwest China under the Concept of “Two Mountains Theory”

Tao Xuesheng, Liu Jian
Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has always adhered to the concept of “two mountains theory”, comprehensively promoted the sustainable development of green economy and the construction of ecological civilization, and provided fundamental...
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Analysis of U.S. Consumption-related Industry Based on Fama-French Model Under COVID-19

Yang Cao, Baozhen Ouyang, Mingji Xi, Runze Yu
Many researchers have contributed much to asset pricing theory and continuously try to find the best model to capture stock average return. The CAPM model and Fama-French 3-factor model, Fama-French 5-factor model is another way to capture the return rates and their changes. At the beginning of 2020,...
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Cost Estimation Methods of the Company Brand

O V Astafeva, E V Astafyev, V V Biryukova
Brand value is necessary for management of any company as it allows to distribute the resources of an enterprise effectively. Relationships at the level of brands help market players to save time for establishing direct partnership, formation of the developed communications network contributing to “transparent”...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Heyuan City’s Homestay Industry under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Siduo FENG
This article is based on the development status of Heyuan B&Bs. It discusses the development of Heyuan B&Bs and tourists’ demand in all aspects, and deeply analyzes the problems existing in the B&B industry.Although the homestay industry is developing rapidly under the current economic model...
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How to Shape the Brand Magnetic Field? The Generative Logic of Consumption Resonance

Taking IKEA as an Example

Yiyun Gu, Shaopeng Jin, Keying Wang
The competition in the home furnishing market is becoming increasingly fierce. Excessive production leads to the necessity for enterprises to shift their focus from furniture manufacturing to consumers, and appropriate marketing strategies are needed to occupy the consumer market. People’s income has...
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The Analytical Significance of the Information-Semantic Approach to Study of the Communicative Nature of Music in the Framework of Cultural (Social) Anthropology

A B Kayak
The article presents the methodology of information and semantic analysis of the processes of intercultural interaction of the peoples of the world in the space of music. In the 21st century, information theory and information approach to art, including musical art, get deeper elaboration, become more...
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The Necessary Analysis and Path Exploration of the Ideological and Political Construction of Military Physical Education under the Circumstance of Education for Morality and War

Xiao-nan WU, Xiao-hong MA, Xiao-li ZHANG
Taking “education for morality and war” as the fundamental starting point, this essay analyzed the historical inevitability of ideological and political construction of military physical education curriculum from three aspects. It conceived the development path of military physical education curriculum...
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The Study of the “Size Effect” on the Market Efficiency and the Market Anomalies in NASDAQ

Siling Pan, Congrui Yin, Yu Ai, Zhiheng Li
Since the Efficient Market Hypothesis was proposed by Eugene Fama in 1970, it has been continuously challenged by various market anomalies and financial empirical evidence in the U.S. stock market. Inspired by the reserve effect, the momentum effect and the effect size discovered by De Bondt and Thaler,...
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Knowledge-Based Development of Russian Regions and Growing Inequality

D G Kochergin, E E Zhernov, V A Logachev
The article contains an analysis of the Russian knowledge-based economy at the meso-economic (regional) level in the period from 2005 to 2015. Authors assess the main parameters of the development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, including the regional innovation system and the...
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Research on Countermeasures of Urban and Rural Sports Facilities Planning and Promotion in Lingchuan County in Guangxi Province

Zhong Haofan, Huang Jing
Regarding the background of special planning of urban and rural sports facilities, it is found that the number and quality of public sports facilities in Lingchuan county need to be improved after analyzing the relevant status,where has insufficient main sports park and the national fitness center. There...
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Industrial Heritage Tourism Sustainable Development

A Case Study of the Anning City, Yunnan Province

Keyi. Zhao
With the implementation of the supply side structural reform policy and the integration of the state-own iron and steel enterprise, residents in the Anning city, face a new round of unemployment test. And one of the effective means to solve the unemployment problem is to develop service industry, especially...
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Potential to Mitigate Social Inequality Through Individuals Taxation Reform

I R Akhmadullin, A V Safina, L Z Fatkhullina
The paper provides a calculation-based analysis of the real Russian citizen’s fiscal burden, since the flat scale, which is one of the lowest in the world, does not fully reflect the facts on the ground. In the context of the multiple gap between the poor and the wealthy segments of the population, the...
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The Impact of Internet Finance on the Systemic Risk of China’s Listed Commercial Banks

Hanyang Liu
To explore the impact of Internet Finance on the systemic risk of listed commercial banks and maintain the stable development of the macro-financial market, this paper analysis the theoretical mechanism of Internet Finance and systemic risk of commercial banks and selects 16 listed commercial banks in...
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The Influence of the Globalisation Factor on Premiums in Merger and Acquisition Deals of Electric Power Companies

I I Prosvirina, A V Sterkhov
The article proposes a method for assessing the influence of globalisation on premiums in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals of electric power companies. The independent variable in the research is a relative premium value, i.e., an excess of the amount paid in a deal (in view of the share) over the...
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Innovative Research on the Blending Learning Mode of Econometrics Global and Regional Impacts of RMB Internationalization

Qian Yu
China has seen exponential development within the first twenty years of the twenty-first century, making it the second largest global economy. Together with this growth, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has put in place various strategies to help it grow its economic muscle as well as international...
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Based on the Concert of “Two Mountains theory”, the Development Mode and Path of Ecological Sports Tourism in Southwest China are Analyzed

Zhu Meixiu, Liu jian
The “Two Mountains Theory” firmly establishes and implements the concept of green ecological development, which is an extremely important political theoretical basis and practical guidance for China’s ecological and material civilization and national green ecological development in the new era. Ecotourism...
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Institutional Investor and Firm Financialization: Evidence from China

Chen Li, Shuai Tang, Xiaoxiao Zhang
This paper explores the role of institutional investors from a perspective of firm financialization by selecting listed companies in the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as a sample for the study. We find that institutional investor ownership can reduce firm financialization. This...
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Providing Conditions for Functioning of Small Business of the Republic of Crimea

Yu P Maidanevich, I N Dyshlovoy, N N Grigor
The article states that small business is a part of the developed market system. Small business in the Republic of Crimea is the important sector of the region’s economy requiring comprehensive support and development. In this case to increase the level of entrepreneurial activity, the Ministry of Economic...
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Research on Spatial-temporal Pattern of Coupling and Coordinated Development of Urban Highway Traffic and Tourism Economy in Anhui Province

Yanmei Deng, Yabo Li, Yuyan Huo, Yuxi Fan, Song Chen
Based on the data of transportation and tourism economic development in Anhui province from 2010 to 2019, this paper introduces the coupling coordination degree model for analysis. The results show that there is a coupling relationship between urban traffic and tourism economy in different cities of...
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High-end Sports Tourism: Concept Definition, Experience Dimension Identification and Scale Development

Lu Yuyang, Lu Changbao
The high-end sports tourism industry develops rapidly, but the related theory exploration obviously lags behind. As a new form of tourism, high-end sports tourism is lack of discussion and theoretical gap in terms of concept definition, experience dimension identification, which will certainly affect...
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Management of Investment Attractiveness of Economic Agents as a Factor of Innovative Development of the Region (On the Example of the Tyumen Region)

A S Deev, N V Krasovskaya, S I Chernomorchenko
The problem of innovative development of regions in Russia is currently relevant to the unfavorable economic and political situation of the country in the world. The object of the article research is the management system of investment potential of economic agents of the Tyumen region. The subject of...
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Analysis from The Bank of China on The Crude Oil Treasure Incident

Bohan Sun, Cindy Ma, Wenzhi Sun, Yi zhai
On April 20, U.S. time, the price of the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil May 2020 futures contract fell to a negative approximately $38, which caused the Bank of China (BOC) and the buyers of the Crude Oil Treasure a considerable loss. To avoid the incident in the future, this paper will focus...
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Challenges of Activating Customers’ Involvement Into Quality Assessment of Medical Services

T G Butova, S I Mutovin, E P Danilina, A R Khusainova, Y S Beloborodova
The growing dissatisfaction of the population with the quality of medical services becomes an obstacle to the sustainable development of the territories and results in the population’s disapproval of the actions of the authorities. The increasing dissatisfaction with the quality of medical services is...
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The Participants Experience of Masses Sports Event in Pandemic Period

Taking Marathon Runners as an Example

Xin Xu
With the suspense of the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020, leisure sports events are being canceled most of the time all over the world. This study used multiple methods and data to examine runners’ embodiment experience, aimed at discussing the current situation about marathon runners and marathon event...
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Industrial Single-Industry Areas, Socio-Economic Development Based on Cluster Approach

A N Bikineeva, O N Nedzelsky, E N Bulakina
The article presents research, socio-economic development of coal-mining areas of the Republic of Khakassia. It is proved that the increasing economic changes, overcoming the crisis phenomena of increasing variability of organizational and technological systems, determine the need to develop new methodological...
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Brand Community Strategy of Lululemon

The Relation Between Brand Ambassador’s Trust and Customer Engagement

Zichen Qian, Jamin Zou
In lululemon’s success of customer engagement of their brand community, ambassador’s trust is assumed to be a significant factor. This research aims to discuss how would brand ambassador’s trust reflects on the customer engagement level of its offline brand community, taking customers who engage in lululemon’s...
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Research on the In-depth Development of Traditional Sports Culture Tourism Resources from the Perspective of Collaborative Development

Kewei Yu, Jingjing Chen, Ronglu Li
The continuous development of Chinese people’s living standard and the increasing spiritual and cultural demand promote the rapid development of cultural industry, sports industry and tourism industry. The comprehensive implementation of “May Day holiday”, “National Day holiday” and “paid vacation” provides...
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The Positions in Soccer and Marketing and Globalization of Soccer in the World

Zhejun Zhu
With the rapid development of technology and science in recent decades, many professional soccer teams try all possible means to improve their strength and performance in the field of soccer. As a result, there are remarkable transformations of soccer, especially in the professional area. However, most...
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Integrated Assessment of Human Capital on the Macroeconomic Level

I A Kondaurova, E A Tarasova, V A Gemmerling
The key figure in all the changes that take place in society is the person, his work, creative abilities, competencies, state of health, his human capital. The theoretical analysis carried out in the article showed that today there is no perfect methodology for the integral assessment of human capital....
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The Feasibility of Starting Up Business Mobilife: A Medical Company with Mobile Technology

Yulin Shan, Yi Chen
In this paper, two computer engineering students from Span decided to start up a business into the medical treatment industry and enter the global market. The company they would run is called Mobilife Technologies, which is willing to make Alzheimer patients live more easily by launching a software for...
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A Review on The Research of Self-efficacy in Domestic Sports Field -- Taking CNKI Core Journal as an Example

Tang QiuMeng, Wen YuHong, Bu He
This paper summarizes the current research status of self-efficacy in the field of physical education in China, and finds that the current research mainly focuses on students’ general self-efficacy and teachers’ teaching efficacy. Among them, students’ general self-efficacy is the main research object,...
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Human Capital as the Dominating Factor of Economic Growth in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Z Baigireyeva, S Niyazbekova
The goal of the research is to study the role of human capital in the contemporary society triggering an increase in the intrinsic value. This research reviews the theoretical aspects and fundamental legal principles related to the issue of human capital. Research Design. Common quantitative methods...
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Factors Underlying Cooperation During Covid-19 Pandemic

Analysis on Game Theory

Xinxiong Zhao
Starting in 2020, one of the most serious epidemics occurs in human history. The sudden arrival of the covid-19 takes many lives away. There is no doubt that the most critical issue is how to get more people to cooperate on epidemic prevention. The study topic is about the factors underlying cooperation...
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The Impact of Demographic Indicators on Gross Regional Product

I R Bakeeva, A B Nikolaeva, J V Nefedova
The socio-economic development of regions depends on a combination of historical, geographical, resource, demographic and other factors. The gross regional product indicator characterizes economic activity in the region and serves as an indicator of the successful development of the region. Formation...
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Analysis of the Ecological Impact of Tourism Development under Environmental Kuznets Curve

Based on the Panel Data of RCEP Members from 1995 to 2017

Wen PANG, Haixia ZHENG
This paper mainly studies the intrinsic linkages between inbound tourism development and ecological environment among RCEP members. We first construct an economic model for the EKC to represent the relationship between tourism development and environmental impacts, taking the panel data (1995 ~ 2017)...
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The Different Perception and Reaction of Customers Towards Traditional Marketing and Influencer Marketing in Food Industry

Qingyang Ren, Lin Zhou, Fengyang Liu
This research paper is aimed at investigating the consumer preference for traditional marketing and influencer marketing in food industry. To accomplish this, the researchers set two questionnaire surveys to collect data. These two questionnaires investigated consumers’ different attitudes and reaction...
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Program-Targeted Approach to Labor Organization in Industrial Clusters

S Vandysheva, O Lukinova, L Guseva, N Pisarenko, N Nagibina
The article reflects the organizational and economic methods and approaches to the organization of labor in industrial clusters, provides an analysis and systematization of the views of foreign and domestic scientists and practitioners on the concept of “cluster”, analyzes the implementation of the program-targeted...
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The Relationship Research Between Brand Association, Brand Awareness, Brand Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty in Three Squirrels’ Virtual Image

Yang Chen, Haoran Qin
In order to explore and verification the existing theory about brand loyalty, this study takes Three Squirrels as an example, further verifies it in the form of online survey, and puts forward a new influencing factor is brand virtual image. For the aim of this study, this study uses the relevant theories...
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Outlook for Asia Pacific International Travel and Tourism 2022 to 2024

Dongli Tang, John Koldowski
This paper elaborates the current position of travel & tourism from firstly, the perspective of Global International Tourist Arrivals (ITAs) and secondly for International Visitor Arrivals (IVAs) into and across the Asia Pacific region. It then provides an outlook for Asia Pacific International visitor...
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The Impact of Banking Infrastructure on Gross Regional Product

B V Bakeev, R F Valiullin, B R Gareev
When making management decisions at any level, high-quality feedback is needed, which allows you to evaluate the results of a particular impact on the control object. To assess such an impact, various models are often used, primarily economic-mathematical ones, which allow you to quickly and cost-effectively...