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Strategic Management and Financial Analysis in the Context of Epidemic -- A Case Study of Coca-Cola Company

Hongshan Geng, Nanyi Jiang, Qianwen Liang
The subject of this article is to analyze the financial statement and corporate strategy of Coca-Cola (referred to as KO) Company during the COVID 19 epidemic. The two main analysis methods are quantitative and qualitative analysis. The quantitative analysis uses ratios and Dupont to analyze Coca-Cola’s...
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Research of the Far Eastern Financial Center: Problem Analysis and Outlook

A O Pavlov, Yu A Levin
The research of the Far Eastern financial center in the context of the analysis of investment and business regional problems based on statistic information. The key factors are assessed that ensure the development of financial market and competitiveness of the investment climate in the Far East. It has...
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The Impact of Chinese Public Pension on Family Pension

Yi Zhang, Yue Yang
Based on the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) survey data of 2015, this paper analyzes the impact of public pension on family support from the perspective of the urban-rural difference by applying fuzzy regression discontinuity design. Wherein, family support is divided into three...
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Research on the Current Situation and Future Trend of Web Celebrity E-commerce Live Streaming Industry

Jinqi Zhang
This paper first explains the specific definition of live e-commerce, and further combs the development process of the industry. In terms of current situation, the author analyzes China’s online Red economy live e-commerce industry from both sides of demand and supply. On the demand side, this paper...
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Comparative Analysis of the Main Features of the Professional Income Tax: Russian and Foreign Experience

V V Ponkratov, N N Bashkirova, E V Ryabova
The article highlights the issue on taxation of income gained by self-employment activity. This issue is frequently considered as a problem for many countries. Thus, study of successful practices of different developed countries may be useful for working out the national effective taxation system concerning...
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Celebrities’ Different Levels of Impact on Fan Economy

Yishengna Wu
With the booming development of the entertainment industry, various celebrities are also using their advantages to gain the attention of their fans, and at the same time, the fan community is also growing and expanding rapidly. “Fan economy refers to the consumption behaviour of fans for adoring idols....
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The Mechanism of Infrastructure Mortgage and Evaluation of Its Performance in the System of the Regions Economic Growth Ensuring

E Grinko, A Bubnova, N Alesina
The article presents the theoretical and methodological foundations of financing infrastructure projects, the current state and problems of the development of infrastructure mortgages which based on the mechanism of public-private partnership in Russia. A theoretical approach to clarify the conceptual...
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Research on the Relationship Between High Tech Company Stocks & Investment

Take Workday Company for Example

Jiayi Chen, Shuyi Li, Junye Liang, Kunru Yi
This paper presents a stock investment strategy that can be applied relatively effectively under the current situation. We propose to design this recommendation based on the analysis of three main fields: finance, economics, and marketing. We examine and identify the damage extent of COVID-19 towards...
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A Review of the Market and Innovation Directions of Mobile Games Economy

Qingyang Tian
This article mainly discusses the current situation of the mobile game market and the direction in which it should move in the future based on the newly promulgated laws and regulations restricting minors. Based on previous papers, this article summarizes the current downturn in mobile games, analyses...
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Indicative Assessment of Reliability of Investment Climate of the Territory: An Important Condition of Engaging of Investments Into Economy of Regions of the Far East

S V Shishmakov, V T Shishmakov
Method of assessment of reliability of investment climate by means of calculation of the system of indicators consisting of objective indicators, indexes, the generalized indicators of the integrated groups of indicators and a general indicator is given in article. The indicator analysis allows to estimate...
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Financial Crisis Prediction in Chinese Real Estate Industry from Cash Flow Perspective Based on Machine Learning

Yuchen Han
This paper is aims to establish a financial crisis prediction model in real estate industry. The data was acquired from financial statements of 125 listed real estate companies in China from 2013 to 2017 and listed companies marked with ST or ST* are regarded as enterprises in financial crisis. Since...
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The Global Trade Under the Circumstance of Pandemic——Taking China as an Example

Haoqing Yang
During the pandemic, the global trade has been affected a lot. Under the circumstance of the pandemic and the decreasing gross value of global trade over the world, China’s foreign trade has increased in 2020. The research has examined mainly on China’s foreign trade in order to analyze the causes and...
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Current Status and Prospects for Development of International Tourism in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Selim Mohammed Salah Eli Din
Currently, international tourism is a significant factor of sustainable socioeconomic development for most countries of the world, including Egypt. It ensures growth of the GDP, exports, investment, including foreign investment, and less unemployment. It also activates private entrepreneurial initiative....
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The Influence of American Consumption Habits on the Theft of American Credit Cards

Mengling Wei
Credit card payment has been flourishing in marketing transaction in the United States for decades, while variety of consumer behavior and digital development bring about new impacts on financial theft. The gender, the credit card knowledge, and country-based institutions would be some significant consumptions...
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Detecting the Influencing Factors of Maize Production in China during 2009-2019

Yuqiao Sheng, Ziyi Li
The maize market in China has improved and the productivity of maize in China has increased through the past decade. We studied the influencing factors of maize production in China during 2009-2019 by multiple regression, including mechanization, planting area, drone application amount and price change....
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Analysis of Synergistic Effect Based on Regional Fintech and Regional Inclusive Finance

Lin Luo, Chuanhao Wei, Ruijie Xu
Fintech not only brings impact to the traditional inclusive finance, but also provides a new direction for its development. There is a synergistic effect between them. This paper selects several fintech and inclusive financial indicators to reflect the order parameter and uses AHM (Attribute Hierarchy...
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Evaluation and Prediction of the Business Continuity Risks

N A Kazakova, M P Bobkova, A E Sivkova
The practice of applying international audit standards and assurance tasks requires continuous improvement of methodological tools. In the digital economy, when modern software and technology platforms are being actively introduced in business, audit and consulting sphere, science-based methods for assessing...
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Exploring the Choice Behavior of Catering Consumers According to the EKB Model

Yao Shen
This paper using the pioneering Engel, Collet, and Blackwell model, describes five continuous decision-making processes, problem identification, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior, to explore how catering consumers make decisions. Through the...
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On the Continuity of Engineering Training in the “School-University” System Based on the Creation of a Center of Modern Competencies

O B Golubev, V A Testov, E M Ganicheva
Technological education of schoolchildren is currently a priority for the development of educational systems. Intensive development of nanotechnologies, robotics, biotechnologies requires improvement of competences of scientific and technological personnel, integration of knowledge and various directions...
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Research on the Evaluation Index of Digital Transformation Level of Manufacturing Enterprises

Le Zhang, Juhong Chen
Digitalization is the way for manufacturing enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading, and there is no unified standard for how to assess the level of digital development of manufacturing enterprises. Based on summarizing the existing research on the degree of digital transformation of manufacturing...
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Research on the Measurement of High-Quality Development Level of Cultural Industry in Shandong Province

Jiaming WANG, Shuyan LIU, Yunfei ZHANG, Xueyi DU, Chengyao LIN
With the vigorous development of cultural industry, there are some problems in the development of cultural industry in Shandong Province, such as large investment, low efficiency, unbalanced resource allocation, lack of human resources and weak public cultural awareness. How to maintain the high-quality...
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Does Internal Control Reduce Firms’ Stock Price Crash Risk? Evidence from China

Siru A, Zefeng Huang, Junhao Wang
Under a unique setting in China, the success of internal control is dependent upon whether the informational and disciplinary role it serves effectively manages risks. Using the data from the China Stock Market & Accounting Research database and Dibo databases, the relationship between internal control...
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Socio-Demographic Features of Business Environment of Dnieper-Dvina Region

A Kuzavko
The article includes the results of a study of the business environment of the Dnieper-Dvina region (Smolensk, Vitebsk and Mogilev regions) for the period from 1992 to 2018. The article substantiates the allocation of three regions of the Russian-Belarusian border in a separate region. The integration...
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The Impact of Analyst Coverage on Corporate Innovation: A Literature Review

Zihui Huang
This literature review examines the impact of analyst coverage on corporate innovation. The effect of analyst coverage has been discussed more frequently in recent years with the development of social media. Financial analysts play an essential role as information intermediary agents and monitoring forces,...
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An Empirical Test of CAPM before and After the Pandemic Outbreak

The Case of American Stock Market

Chenyu Xiao
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the validity of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) in the U.S. stock market before and after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak is tested, aiming to help investors have a deeper understanding of the relationship between risk and return in the stock market when...
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Industrial Internet Based on Value Co-creation Theory Platform Ecosystem Innovation Strategy Research

Take Zhejiang Bluetron’s supOS as an Example

Hu Qiantao, Wang Jiexiang
Industrial Internet is the core of intelligent transformation of China’s manufacturing industry, and the implementation of intelligent manufacturing and the construction of industrial Internet platform services is also the main direction of digital transformation development of manufacturing industry....
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Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness of University Campuses

Y Podoprigora, T Zaharova, A Eliseev, D Crozat
The article discusses theoretical foundations and practical applications of the program-oriented method in the context of university campuses’ energy efficiency improvement. Best practices of foreign and Russian universities in the field of energy and resource efficiency are considered. In Russia, the...
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Analysis of China’s Takeaway Industry in the Context of the Epidemic

Aotian Tang
China’s food delivery market has grown rapidly over the past decade, growing more than 30-fold since 2011. Amid an overall decline in the restaurant industry due to the widespread coronavirus, the takeaway industry has continued to grow steadily, injecting new life and vitality into the market. Behind...
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Professional Stress Management Among Officials at Customs Authorities

K V Trubitsyn, O Y Kalmykova, Y N Gorbunova
The article deals with the urgent problem of managing the professional stresses of customs officials. The study presents the types of organizational and social conflicts while in the performance of duties. Stress factors and factors of personnel risks in the personnel management system and in the labor...
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Board Gender Diversity and Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from China

Gehui Cheng, Lingyu Wang, Bingyuan Xiang
As gender diversity is increasingly valued in corporate governance, we investigate the impact of board gender diversity on corporate cash holdings. We infer a positive correlation between board gender diversity and corporate cash holdings. Combining single factor analysis and baseline regression analysis,...
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Analysis of the Development and Trend of Liquor Industry in China

Qingyang Chen, Qi Hong, Weiyuan Jiang, Zihan Zhou
The liquor industry has distinct development characteristics, the number of enterprises above the designated size is decreasing. The concentration trend of the industry is obvious and the volume of production and sales is showing a declining trend year by year, which reflects the change of market supply...
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The Role of the Health System in Changing Public Health Behavior Strategies

I A Gareeva, T V Gutik
The Socio-economic changes in the modern health care system cause changes in the strategies of behavior of subjects of the system “doctors – patients”. Problems of human resources in the health system are currently characterized by shortage, insufficient qualifications, regional disharmony. The data...
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OLS Model Based Research on Influential Factors of Financial Performance for Chinese Technology Companies

Fangfei Jiang, Zhao Xi
Based on 459 Chinese listed technology companies from the RESSET Finance Database, this paper explores the influential factors of the financial performance of Chinese technology companies. With the application of statistics software, the data are processed through Person correlation and OLS regression...
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The Relationship Between Culture and Entrepreneurship

“Research of Coca-Cola’s development& strategy in Mainland China Market”

Haoyan Jin, Fengyi Ren, Hanqiu Zhong
This research is based on the situation of international trade. Since more and more transnational corporations expand businesses worldwide step by step, our research group are getting more and more interested in the situation of obstacles and drawbacks when transnational companies plan to enter a new...
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The Role of System-Forming Committees at Boards of Directors in State-Owned Companies (PJSC) in the Russian Federation

K K Pozdnyakov, A V Averin, Yu O Ivanova
To ensure the effective work of the board of directors in accordance with the best management practices in the field of corporate governance, it is required to organize and improve the work of committees. The subject of this paper is important and interesting also in that in the majority of mid-sized...
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Establish Outsourcing Management System in R&D Institute

As the main part unit in R&D project,the research institutes accessing resources by the way of contract. Set up one model of relevant stakeholder department by the rules and analyse its feasibility.
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International Trade Liberalization and Protectionism: A Review

Jingyao Fu
Trade liberalization and protectionism have different characteristics and functions. Under the background of the epidemic outbreak and economic crisis, the global economy is affected detrimentally. How to effectively speed up economic recovery and promote future economic development through international...
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Game Study on Third-party Payment Platform and Bank

Yuchu Zhang
With the popularity of mobile payment, there are more and more third-party payment platforms. People’s payment methods are gradually separated from the traditional banking business and choose more convenient third-party payment platforms. As a result, these platforms pose a significant threat to banks,...
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Opportunity Costs, Leadership, and Cooperation in Strategic Alliances

I S Kukaev, C JF Candido, A M Makarov
This paper presents a model of behaviour in strategic alliances, the iterated assurance game model with an exit option. From the literature review and the derived model, several hypotheses are proposed and then tested using Wilcoxon rank sum tests. Data was collected from self-administered questionnaires...
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Analysis of Development of Birth Control Policy in China Under Economic Perspective

Xinyi Wang
The fertility restraint policy in China was officially announced in 1979 and still has continuous updates in recent years, intending to maintain continuity and stability of the demographic structure in China. This paper studies the economic effects of the birth control policy in China on the whole country...
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A Systematic Literature Review on the Traditional NPV Model and Its Improved Versions

Qiyu Li, Qingyang Li, Donghan Xu, Shuyan Zhou
Based on the analyses of the usage scenarios and limitations of the traditional NPV model, this paper aims to introduce and compare three kinds of the most practical and representative versions of the improved NPV models. In this study, the traditional NPV model is first introduced; followed by analyses...
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Internal Audit of Estimated Reserves and Liabilities as a Diagnostic Method for Corporate Risks

N A Kazakova, E B Shuvalova, S S Chikurova
Under the conditions of international economic and political instability, corporate risks exacerbate. Reserve funds and resources in the businesses on the basis of estimated reserves and liabilities are one of the risk management tools, that in their turn have quite a high level of variability as they...
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The Impact of Covid 19 on the American Airlines Industry

Junrong Li
As one of the most impacted industries by COVID-19, the airline industry has experienced significant changes in the past one and a half years due to the outbreak and rapid spread of the coronavirus. The top 3 airline companies in America, which are Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines,...
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Comparison of the Applicability of CAPM and Fama-French Model in Different Regions

Yuxuan Xiao
Asset pricing has always been a popular topic in economic research. The research on the relationship between risk and the stock expected return has attracted much attention, and many theoretical models have experienced evolution and upgrading. Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), as a single factor model,...
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The Study of the Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Wage Rate

Yichen Sun, Ruiqi Zhang
Driving by the incentive to help policymakers design more appropriate decisions and providing individuals with more accurate direction about consuming alcohol, this study explores the impact of alcohol consumption on people’s employment attainment. The wage rate use is a specific measure for employment...
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International Activities of Organizations to Support Young Compatriots Abroad

E I Vasilyeva, T E Zerchaninova, N P Mudretsova, A S Nikitina, I S Tarbeeva
The article is devoted to the analysis of the international activities of state and non-profit organizations to support young compatriots abroad. Statistical data are analyzed; data on foreign countries are received. The methodology for analyzing documents has been studied by federal regulatory legal...
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The Impact of the Pandemic on Chinese Economy

Yuning Li, Yingru Wang, Mingyang Chen
The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented and unexpected event in Wuhan, China, in Jan 2020. This fast-spreading influenza disease has great influence on the Chinese economy. This paper explores the impact of the COVID-19, distinguishing these as impacts on the economy’s demand and supply sides. For...
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Actualization of the Confidence Phenomenon in the Hospitality Industry as a Tool to Increase the Economic Efficiency of the Enterprise

I V Barashok, L L Rudenko, A V Topchiy
The purpose of the research is to analyze the degree of guests’ confidence in the hotel enterprises services of Primorskiy Region and to develop recommendations for increasing confidence in their activities based on a strategic approach to the hotel business development. The reviews of staff and guests’...
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Zhejiang’s Advantages, Challenges and Countermeasures for Its Development of the Industries of the Future

Zhimin Ren, Xiaoping Wang, Ning Su, Xiaojiao Shi, Liping Qiu, Shaobin Wei, Xuntian Xue, Qican Yang, Haitao Zhou
Compared with traditional industries, the industries of the future are disruptive, high-growth industries with huge development scope and great potential of explosive growth. In the face of great change not seen in a century, the development of the industries of the future is a new focus of competition....
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Analysis of the Marketing Strategy of Instagrammable Store in the New Media Environment

Taking HEYTEA as an Example

Ziyan Zhu, Xuyun Zhou
With the development of the Internet in China, the milk tea industry is thriving, and diversified marketing methods have been adopted and obtained good results. Under the influencer economy, the new media such as Weibo and Tiktok have been rising. This paper is concerned about the marketing strategy...
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Long-Term Planning and Forecasting Problems at Municipal Management Level

N A Fedorova, I Scriabin, M Mordinova
Municipal long-term programs and development strategies for regional municipalities are generated in compliance with a set of program documents of the higher management levels, federal and regional regulatory acts, social&economic growth plans and forecasts. The process of developing long-tern municipal...
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The Improvements of Sharing Economy on the Development of Economy in the United States

Hao Gao, Ziyue Wang, Qianxu Yao
With the development of modern science and technology, more and more taxi software and systems are gradually listed. Uber, as one of them, has become more mature and occupies its own place in the industry. In addition, as one of the leaders of the sharing economy, Uber has introduced this economic model...
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Analysis of Tencent’s Successful Development Strategy

Junxiong Huang
Tencent has changed from a small company to an international company with billions of dollars in assets. This article further discusses Tencent’s overall development and Tencent’s business decisions by analyzing Tencent’s marketing strategy. This paper will further analyze Tencent’s strategies by referring...
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Regional Service Potential as a Factor of Attractiveness of Rural Settlements

V N Dyachenko, V V Lazareva
The article is devoted to the urgent problem of regional development - the assessment of how the level of the service potential’s development of different level administrative centers influence the attractiveness of rural settlements. The prevailing downward trend in the population of rural settlements...
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Analysis of China’s REITs Factors and Development Suggestions

Kai Wang
Recently, China has launched an infrastructure sector of real estate investment trusts (REITs) pilot related work in developed areas of China. China has great potential in REITs in terms of future market size. This paper aims to explore the limited factors for China to develop REITs by focusing on internal...
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Macro Regulation and Fluctuation of Cryptocurrency Market: Evidence from China

Man Luo
As a new developing financial market, cryptocurrency market is deeply concerned by investors and governments all over the world. However, due to its price instability, encryption and decentralization, the supervision of cryptocurrency has become a difficulty in the development of today’s financial market....
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Initiatives for Promotion of Public Non-Financial Reporting Based on the Concept of Sustainable Development to the Business Community of Russia

T N Popova, Yu K Dyachenko, A V Brizitskaya, E S Denisova
In present paper the problem of attitude of business consciousness of the International and Russian business communities in the field of the public non-financial reporting are studied. The foreign business community follows the basic principles and goals of the sustainable development, publishing a non-financial...
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Why Luckin Coffee Survived After Its Scandal?

A SWOT Analysis with Starbucks as a Comparison

Zhaoyuan Gu, Boyang Qi, Yirui Zhao
Because the per capita consumption of coffee in China is far lower than that in western countries. The market potential is very large, and there is a market vacancy between high-end coffee brands and low-end coffee brands. Luckin Coffee decided to build a cost-effective intermediate coffee brand in China....
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Could Investment Portfolio Ameliorate the Investment Risk and Return Under Covid-19 in the US Pharmaceuticals Industry?

Fuqing He, Haojin Liang, Ziyao Yuan
To relieve the huge blow to the economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this article is to verify that investment portfolio is an efficient method when investing in the US pharmaceuticals industry by utilizing daily stock prices of 4 out of the top 10 US pharmaceutical companies and treasury bill during...
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Equity Capital Maintenance as the Cash Flow Net Assets of an Organisation for a More Accurate Assessment of Its Financial Sustainability

O G Zhitlukhin, AE Jafarova
The article considers the problem of the creation of an equity capital in an organisation as a net asset, and the influence of financial tools and unfunded items on it. A number of items are identified that are included in stock capital and connected with financial instruments and re-evaluation of capital...
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The Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on the U.S. Industries

Qingzhi Li, Siqi Jia, Yitong Chen, Feier Yang
Since the first U.S. case was reported on January 21, 2020, many American industries have been heavily affected from an economic perspective. This paper primarily gives a literature review on the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on US industries with the help of historical data. To be more specific,...
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Logistics Transfer to Marketing Activity Outsourcing: Setting Project Objectives Through Key Performance Indicators

O S Kraynova
The article presents project task of outsourcing merchandising as a marketing activity of a customer enterprise within the framework of a logistics system. Based on the analysis of working scenarios and comparison of existing schemes for services provision by full-time employees under conditions of staff...
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Research on Pricing Strategies of Chinese E-Business Platforms Based on Game Theory

Tianyi Chang, Ying Guo
E-Business platforms have developed rapidly in recent years, providing consumers and enterprises with a virtual trading environment, greatly facilitating people’s consumption behavior and reducing transaction costs. And this flexible trading method also provides a variety of possibilities for commodity...
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LSTM-based Stock Prediction Modeling and Analysis

Ruobing Zhang
The stock market plays an important role in the economy of a country in terms of spending and investment. Predicting stock prices has been a difficult task for many researchers and analysts. Research in recent years has shown that Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) network models perform well in stock price...
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Asset Allocation Strategy Based on Inflation Expectation Economic Cycle

Yifu Chen
Economy is periodically. In different period of economic, different kinds of asset (stock, bonds, commodities, gold) met different situation. How to divide and identify economic cycle [1,2] accurately that is very important to make an investment strategy and asset allocation [3]. The traditional way...
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Analysis of the Impact of Strategic Alliances on Relations with Stakeholders

A A Gresko, E N Likhosherst, K S Solodukhin
The paper proposes a fuzzy model for the choice of strategies for interaction with stakeholders of an organization, participating in a strategic alliance. It is assumed that the entry of an organization into a strategic alliance leads to changes in its relationship with stakeholders. This, in turn, leads...
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How Do Different Education Levels of Couples Affect Marriage?

Wenhao Zhang
In the real world, the number of couples with different levels of education is on the rise, so it is important to look at the consequences on marriage. To do the research, the tool we use is Stata. We set two regression lines: the first one tests the correlation between divorce, separation, and couples...
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Live Streaming Commerce: A Review and Prospects

Yaoyuan Fu
2016 has been called “the first year of live streaming” in China, and since then the live streaming industry has seen a blowout growth. The mode of “webcast + e-commerce” is a breakthrough to the traditional e-commerce model, and it is also an important monetization path for webcast. Live streaming commerce...
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Spatial Differentiation of Prices for Vegetables in Russia: The Impact of Foreign Markets

A V Stupnikova
The work examines the influence of foreign markets on the spatial differentiation of vegetable prices in Russia using the example of regional tomato markets. To this end, a comparative assessment was made of the spatial differentiation levels of tomato prices calculated before the introduction of the...
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Comparison of Explanatory Power of Excess Return between 3-Factor, 4-Factor and 5-Factor Model in China Funds Market

Yilong Liu, Jingyi Shi
The momentum factor was added to the four-factor model as an indicator based on the three-factor model. Fama-French also added RMW and CMA, two factors representing the company’s profitability and investment level, to obtain the five-factor model on the basis of the original three-factor model. Obviously,...
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Fast Growth of Keep (An Online Fitness APP) During COVID-19 Pandemic

Xupeng Lu
A global pandemic broke out in 2020. While the traditional business model has suffered a severe blow, some new business models have begun to appear on the stage of history, for example, Keep (An online fitness app) completed a rapid accumulation and conversion of user, and standed out among home-fitness...
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Tourist Flow Forecasting Approach

I N Ostapenko, R S Usenko
This article discusses the issues of using methods of analyzing and forecasting seasonal time series to model the tourist flow as one of the most significant parameters of tourism operations. The authors considered reasonability of using the Holt-Winters approach to model time series, estimated model’s...
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Research for the Stock Performance of Toyota Industries Group with Multiple Valuations

Minzhu Zhao
Multiple valuations are the main tool to value the stock prices of a company, examining the financial situation and stock price between the company and its main competitors. During the financial ratios analyzing the financial statement of a company, the Price-Earnings (P/E) ratio and EV/EBITDA are two...
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Why Does Tea’ Stone Have the Potential to Succeed? —— Based on the POCD Analysis Framework

Haoqi Xiao
This paper analyses a new emerging pure tea brand, compared with many tea-related beverage stores that appear in the market. According to the research, people’s acceptance of such products is higher and higher, and the market competition is also intensified. The main purpose is to explain to readers...
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Methodical Aspects of Pricing for New Industrial Production

O O Podoliak, T E Dashkova, T A Mineeva
In modern conditions of economic and technological development enterprises have to update their products constantly (to modernize existing products and to develop completely new). Therefore, the problem of the new products pricing becomes relevant and urgent. The article considers the dynamics of production...
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Rapid Development of Douyin Will Have a Great Threat to Taobao and Subvert the Industry Pattern

Haining Liu
This article analyzes the data including double eleven turnover, anchor, and the customer satisfaction. It finds that the rapid development of Douyin has a huge threat to Taobao and has a trend to replace it. The study reveals that, firstly, Douyin is developing rapidly, and its turnover is much faster...
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Blockchain for the Future Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Renfei Gao, Xiao Yu, Zhirui Zhang
Blockchain is an emerging industry, and its applications are well established in product traceability, data circulation, supply chain management, judicial depository, government data sharing, and livelihood services. In China, blockchain technology has great value in the medical industry and influences...
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Specifics of the Key Competences Contours for the Industrial Enterprises

E Y Kuznetsova, O O Podoliak, T Albasha
The modern approaches of Russian and foreign authors to the formation and development of key competencies and extensive foreign experience in the application of this approach in industrial enterprises are studied. Direct application of foreign experience at Russian enterprises does not seem appropriate,...
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The Morality Impact of Price War and Low Salary on the Chinese Delivery Industry’s Workers

Shenhong Li, Ziyi Wang, Linkun Han, Junyu Shi, Junyu Yang, Runqi Zhang
As is known to all, the delivery industry is one of the world’s largest industries nowadays. Moreover, China’s delivery is thriving these days, and it has already developed over 30 years with the total number of delivery works achieved more than seven million. Sadly, there are several moral problems...
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Study on the Development Plan of Cruise Tourism in Sanya Phoenix Island in Hainan area

Focusing on the Current State of Caribbean Cruise Tourism and Tourist Reviews

Huimin Yang, Shuwen Zhao, Weisen Gao, Chulsoo Kim
With rich tourism resources and outstanding geographical advantages, Hainan has good conditions for the development of cruise tourism. The strategic positioning of Hainan as an international tourism consumption centre has put forward higher requirements for the development of cruise ships in Hainan,...
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Rationing and Motivation System for Workers of Production Crew on the Example of the Tubular Mill Workers

Y N Markova, S U Matalasov, A V Ershov
Despite high rates of market model economy development in Russia, elements of planned system keep the relevance to this day. So, the production organization of the successful enterprises of the Ural region and the country in general, often includes the adapted techniques of 20, 30 and 50 years old. One...
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The Development Status and Future Trends of China’s Vaccine Industry

Xiyu Wang
The outbreak of the COVID-19 has focused the attention of various countries on the vaccine industry. China’s vaccine industry started late, has a small scale and has been presented less in international conference journals, but in the wake of this COVID-19, China has drawn significant attention to the...
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Impact of Covid-19 on Tourism Industry

Zihan Zhu, Xing Gao, Rujia Chen
The COVID-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge to many businesses around the world, leading to a devastating economic disruption. It has specifically brought a huge destructive impact on the travel and tourism industry and caused significant effects. Following the lockdown, many countries...
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Regional Economic Policy Diagnosis Taking Into Account Productive Components

A D Barinova, M A Barinov, S A Nikonorova
The article presents approaches to the interpretation of the “regional economic policy” concept in a theoretical way. A rather extensive controversy regarding this category, assessment methods, determines its versatility and capacity, indicates the presence of scientific interest in this term at this...
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Transformation of Enterprise Innovation Achievements and Enterprise Growth Under Environmental Protection Regulation

Evidence from China

Yuan Wang, Binxue Han, Jinxin Huang, Chenyu Fan, Huiqi Zhou
Using the panel data of Chinese listed enterprises from 2007 to 2020, this paper analyzes the impact of enterprise innovation achievement transformation cycle on enterprise growth. It further analyzes the impact of policy pressure and enterprise internal governance on the above process. The results are...
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How Businesses Might Prevent Issues Arising from Cultural Differences in Online Negotiations

Tong Wu, Zihan Wang, Jisong Li, Siying Liu, Ruanxi Du
In this work talking about when foreign trade happening, which is a form of trade with great cultural differences, changes online, what kind of online cultural differences and communication difficulties will be caused is the main goal of research. Many cultural differences caused by online business negotiation...
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Foresight Technologies in the Region: From Identifying Problems to Developing Solutions

A Yantranov, N Atanov, F Khandarov, S Yantranova
Global change and connectivity require new management approaches. First of all, the business sector adapted to the new conditions, actively implementing modern flexible approaches to management. It is also becoming important for States and their administrative-territorial associations to identify and...
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Comparisons of the Different Views of Face Negotiation Theory

Tianyu Gu, Zhiyuan Guan, Jiacong Tang, Dongye Wu
People from different countries are influenced by economic globalization. This situation leads to a large number of negotiation difficulties due to different cultural backgrounds and various views of the “face” problem. Face Negotiation Theory (FNT) is an original theory to explain how people manage...
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Analysis of the Impact of the Epidemic on the Technology-related Industry by Fama-French Five-factors Model

Guoxu Zhou
Before and during the epidemic, all major industries were hit and affected to a certain extent. In this paper, the Fama-French five-factor model is used as the basic model. The data from the French database and the method of linear regression are adopted to analyze the impact on the technology industry....
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Role of Translators–Interpreters in the Development of Regional Tourism Cluster

T I Retinskaya, I N Shchekotikhina, A V Klotchkov
The authors summarize the experience in training translators/interpreters to participate in the popularization and promotion of regional tourism product abroad. It is substantiated that interdisciplinary collective project implemented in the framework of practice for obtaining professional skills and...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between American Stock Market and Exchange Rate under the COVID-19

Chenyao He, Xingkai Zhao
From 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic spread globally and had a significant impact on the economies of most countries. This article analysed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and the dollar exchange rate on the US stock market. We found a significant statistical correlation between...
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Digital Expansion Path from the Perspective of Diversification Strategies

Multiple-case Study on Chinese Digital Firms

Fan Lemiao, Ma Zhengkai, Sun Heyang, Zhu Danyuan
In the digital economy environment, with the rapid development of new generation communication technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data, enterprise innovation can no longer be promoted by pre-determined participants in the traditional sense of the linear...
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Certain Issues of Legal Regulation of Economic Security

N A Sattarova, N N Boyko
The article provides an analysis of current issues of legal regulation of economic security in Russia. The authors restricted themselves to separate issues of legal regulation of security of the economic system that allows to efficiently and consistently resolve social issues by means of stability of...
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Regional Competitiveness: The Search for Effective Solutions in the Field of Innovative Development

S A Tumenova
The article is dedicated to the issues of increasing the competitiveness of Russian regions in the context of updating innovative types of development. The necessity of a differentiated approach to enhancing innovation at the regional level in accordance with the principles of “smart specialization”...
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Information Spillover Effect Changes of Major Financial Markets: Evidence from the 2015 Chinese Stock Market Crash

Wenyu Zhu, Lulu Pan
This study investigates how the 2015 stock market crash in China affects the characteristics of information spillover among China, Hong Kong, and the United States. The VAR-BEKK-GARCH and DCC-MGARCH models are employed to confirm the changes. Results show that the 2015 crash strengthens both mean and...
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Is China’s Investment A Debt Trap? -A Comparative Research Based on the Investment in the United States, Europe and China

Yichen Hao
The essay is to prove that Chinese investments in developing countries are not a debt trap by comparing US, European and Chinese investments. This phenomenon has been observed in recent years and it was usually questioning China’s motive of foreign investments from the perspectives of Western countries....
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Methods of Organizing the Regulatory Framework of National Strategic Planning in Russia

Y Mishin
This article is dedicated to a study of organizational and methodological issues of developing a progressive database to improve the degree of substantiation of predictive and planning analytical calculations for strategic planning documents. The article provides an analysis of methodological documents...
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Understanding the Strategic Human Resource Management and Firm Performance: What Knowledge Can We Gain about Small and Medium Sized Businesses?

Yang Gu, Xinyi Luo
Since the beginning of strategy studies, strategic aspects of human resource management among small businesses have been one of the most prominent topics in research publications. The article will fully investigate the influence of systematic human resources planning on corporate productivity, which...
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Board Gender Diversity and Firm Performance: Evidence from China

Jiabo Fan, Haochen Wang, Ziqi Xu, Fanrui Zhao
This paper examines the impact of board gender diversity on firm performance. Based on the data of Chinese listed companies, we find that, first, there exists a significant positive effect of board gender diversity on firm performance. The result still holds after a series of robustness checks, such...