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Influencer Marketing for Start-ups: The Rise of Micro-influencers

Qianhui Wei, Qinshao Dai, Yudong Liang
Social media influencers have been utilized by many companies as a marketing method for the past decade. The benefits of micro-influencers, the group of influencers that have a relatively smaller following size, are often underestimated. In this paper, we will explore the effect of micro-influencers...
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Correlation of the Image of the World and Individual-Psychological Features of Adolescents

E I Shuleva
The author presents the results of an empirical study of individual psychological characteristics and image of the world of adolescents. The study used the following methods: multi-Factor personality questionnaire 14PF (Sixteen Personaflity Factor Questionnaire, 14pf) Cattell (teen version), projective...
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The Marketing and Management Strategies of “Genki Forest” and Its Investment Potential

Haohui Sun
The goal of this paper is to analyze the marketing and management strategies of Genki Forest, a soft drink company that specializes in health drinks, and to excavate the reasons as to why the company was able to become a unicorn with a history of only five years. This paper will also discuss the characters...
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Analysis of COVID-19 on Resource-related Industries

Based on Fama and French Five-Factor Model

Jinhan Meng, Shuwen Wang, Jingliang Wu, Baoqing Zheng
CAPM model and Fama-French model are frequently used in the field of the portfolio. This paper will discuss the application of the Fama-French five-factor model in the impact of COVID-19 on four industries dominated by commodities and give possible reasons. To study the outbreak’s impact on the gold,...
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Development of Professional Skills of Students–Philologists (In the Context of “Extensive Reading”)

E A Karpuhina, N V Barahanova, L A Yakovleva
The article is devoted to the study of one of the aspects, focused on teaching of the English language. The aspect is “Extensive reading”, which is a discipline, taught at universities in Russia. The authors of the article look into the essence of the discipline and define its integrated nature, expressed...
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American Airline Industry Under COVID-19 Pandemic--using Delta as a Typical Case

Tongxin Cai, Yuxuan Hu, Xiangyu Li
This article intended to find out and summarize the changes that American airline companies (Delta as a target) have to undertake in this unprecedented pandemic. Based on accurate statistics of 2020, this paper studies the industry overview mainly from three aspects—cost, revenue, and other issues. The...
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Research of Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the System of Lean Manufacturing

S N Glagolev, S M Bukhonova, E D Chikina
This paper deals with the historical development of the lean manufacturing system in Russia, the United States and Japan. The modern significance of this direction is shown. It is given the authors’ opinions on the necessity to improve the entire manufacturing system, search for new knowledge, thoughts,...
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The Impact of the COVID-19 on Private Equity

Yuehan Chen, Wenlong Yang, Lizhi Zhang
The COVID-19 are disruptive events that have profound consequences for the global economy. Based on this starting point, this paper aims to present an analysis of the economic impact of the COVID-19 on the private equity (PE) firms and the industry and discuss what adjustments they have adopted to respond...
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The Impact of the Epidemic on E-commerce Industry

Yantong Chen, Mingli Hou, Yimin Lou, Yue Zhao
Under the condition that the COVID-19 spread all over the world, the economy is affected negatively. The government published some policies to pretend people from the virus. At the same time, global commerce is affected. In this condition, e-commerce met its opportunity and risk. This paper contains...
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How Technoparks Contribute to ICT in India?

I V Andronova, I N Bokachev
This paper describes the IT sector as part of India’s National Innovation System. The Indian National Innovation System is a network of interconnected structural elements, in which the technology parks (technoparks) serve as the country’s research and production centers for IT. The authors hereof underline...
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Research on Enterprise Platformization Based on Organizational Structure Reform——Taking SF Express as an Example

Jingyi Shi
With the rapid development of information technology oversetting more and more industries, platformization has become an important trend to transform and upgrade for enterprises. Related to the survival and development of enterprises, it also provides sustainable power to create more value. However,...
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Rapidly Changing Landscape of Retail in China

Can Warehouse Membership Clubs Win Chinese Consumers

Ze Yuan
The retail sector is undergoing a drastic change in China: thanks to the growing wealth and new technology, the public’s higher demand for quality is now heating competition between different retailers, both local and foreign ones. Among the competitors, a player quite new to the Chinese market is warehouse...
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The Impact of Covid-19 on U.S. Car Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Li Bai
Asset pricing model reveals the relationship between expected return and risk associated of the portfolios for investors during the investment decision-making process. Concepts (e.g., the correlation of different variables and the growth or decline of the portfolio) are quantified in different models...
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Management Decisions in the Area of Russian Universities Competitive Growth

O G Zlobina, O I Nekrasova, V V Komarova
The relevance of the topic is proven by the fact that increasing the competitiveness of Russian universities in the international educational market not only enhances the attractiveness of the national education system, but also enhances the country’s position in the world community. Modern tendencies...
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How to Develop the Traditional Automobile Industry under The Dual-Carbon Background

Current Situation and Problems of New Energy Vehicles in China

Yanming Mei, Yanjun Teng, Yirui Zhang
The development of the traditional automobile industry has brought great convenience to people, but at the same time, it has brought huge carbon emissions, which not only pollute the environment but also waste a lot of energy. With the policy of “Carbon Peak” and “Carbon Neutrality” proposed in China,...
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Correspondence Between Constructive Real Numbers and L Number in Constructive Mathematics

Xin Shen, Yiding Huang, Shixiang Wang
In a broad sense, construction real number is a constructable real number, relative to the set of some construction methods. This essay mainly focuses on the left numbers in constructive analysis. After introducing the basic context and conditions in Constructive Mathematics, connections between concepts...
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Principles and Methods of Project Management in Organization

V V Komarova, O I Nekrasova, O G Zlobina, A V Milaia
The relevance of the chosen topic resulted from significance of the project management due to innovative development of the Russian economy. To maximize the effectiveness, more organizations adopt this model into the business and make adequate investments for using project management by staff, teams...
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A Comprehensive Study of the Reasons for Underpriced IPOs

Kelai Wang
The paper reviews mainstream explanations of the underpricing of IPOs and aims to locate the most logical explanation among both existing literature and hypotheses to be corroborated. The author divides current literature into two groups, informational explanations and non-informational explanations....
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The Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Fluctuation of Stock Prices of Coca-cola and Pepsi

Jing Jin
Based on the recent stock price fluctuations of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, this paper analyzes the factors that affect the stock price fluctuations of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The paper’s research method is to come to a conclusion through data review and analysis. The research object is the stock prices of Pepsi...
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Investigating the Market Strategy of Smart food’s latest product based on Business Analysis Models

Baoyi Jiang
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the profitability potential for a new low-carbohydrate snack and predict its future market condition. By applying the PEST model, Porter’s five forces model, and SWOT model, I analyzed the market condition from both external and internal factors that would impact...
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Support of Children with Autism: Structural and Functional Model

I A Nigmatullina, A A Tvardovskaya
This article presents structural and functional model of support of preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders in a consortium of scientific and educational organizations, which includes the main directions of its implementation in the Republic of Tatarstan. We have described its characteristics, key...
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A Study on the Status and Sustainable Development of Zigong Global Geopark

Yuxin Liang
The Park situation and main geological relics of Zigong Global Geopark were introduced. Zigong Global Geopark’s current geo-tourism development and geoscience popularization publicity were elaborated. Based on the current development status, the problems of unbalanced tourism development, ineffective...
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Marketing Strategies in Times of Crisis Exploring More Digital Strategies in Luxury Industry

Rui Cheng, Jianyi Zhu, Xiuheng Zhu, Churui Zhang
With the outbreak of covid-19, digital marketing has become a turning point for the phenomenon of luxury offline activities being blocked. Marketers and consumers are paying more attention on this emerging marketing approach from traditional mass. In order to understand how luxury goods continue to use...
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The Influence of Real Estate Tax on House Price in Shanghai

Xintong Feng, Minxi Jia, Chenghao Yang
The rapid growth of housing prices prevents the Chinese government from introducing policies related to real estate. This paper takes Shanghai’s second-hand real estate market as the research object, takes GDP and income as the main indicators, analyzes and establishes an econometric multiple linear...
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Russian Business Strategy and Tactics on the World Market of NPP Construction (As Economic Systems)

Y Chernyakhovskaya, V Berezka
Research encompasses up to date references and expertise on the world market of new NPP construction. An insufficient level of comprehensive scientific analysis of organizational aspects was noted considering the project life cycle of nuclear power plants (NPP) as economic systems and customer needs...
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Sharing Economy under COVID-19: Evidence from the United States

Hanqin Liang
The implication brought about by COVID-19 in the first quarter of 2020 impacted the sharing economy in the United States. The research study explored the sharing economy in the US during the pandemic; the data studies were from January 2020 to June 2021. The purpose of the article is to understanding...
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The Nirvana of the US Clothing Industry After COVID-19

Based on the Fama-French Five-Factor Model

Ding Gu
In 2020, the global spread of COVID-19 has brought a huge impact to the international financial market and destroyed many industries. This paper applies Fama-French five-factor model to analyze the effect of COVID-19 on the clothing industry. Based on the data from Kenneth R. French’s database, this...
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Evaluation on How to Maximize Cattle Diet Revenue While Controlling Carbon Emissions through Linear Programing

Kewei Huang, Mingyang Bao, Chenle Han, Rong Xie, Tingxu Chen
In this work, the goal is to select the appropriate amount of given set of foods that will satisfy a set of cattle daily nutritional requirement at minimum cost. Despite the consideration of finantial gain and cost, the concern about environmental protection is recognized in this paper. The opitimum...
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The Regional Brand Formation in the Category “Processed Products of Oilseed Crops”

N I Pyzhikova, K V Chepeleva, Zh N Shmeleva
The article reveals the role and the structure of the regional brand in the category “processed products of oilseed crops” as a source of the region’s sustainable competitive advantages formation and one of the state projects and programs priorities. The analysis of the Krasnoyarsk territory enterprises...
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The Validity of CAPM: A Critical and Conclusive Study with Empirical Evidence from the UK Security Market

Siman Peng
CAPM is a fundamental asset pricing model that has complex viewpoints from scholars. The validity of CAPM is essential for the market participants, as many of their decisions will be based on the securities’ estimated returns. This paper aims to give a more comprehensive discussion of CAPM and test its...
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Market Segmentation in Tourism and Hotel Industry

Jianing Feng
The hospitality and tourism industries have been of no small concern, not only in the past but in the future, even though the fact that they are now being hampered by the epidemic, these two industries also still have great potential for growth due to the general trend of globalization and economic development....
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Study on the Development Status, Risk Problems and Countermeasures of Internet Consumer Finance in China

Dan Hu
With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of the financial market, Internet consumer finance has attracted many users resulting in its obvious advantages of convenience, quickness and wide coverage, which has greatly enriched the types of Internet financial...
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Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) and Green Human Resource Management (GHRM): A Literature Review and Future Research Direction

Jincheng Wang, Ningxuan Wu, Ziyi Yu
Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) and Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) are two important branches of Operation Management and Human Resource Management in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. The GSCM and GHRM were studied in isolation from each other in many years...
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Non-Equivalent Vocabulary Translation in Literary Text

V V Alekseeva
The paper describes the theoretical and practical aspects of the non-equivalent vocabulary translation in the literary text. Special attention was paid to literary allusion as bases of country background information and its role in the development of student’s communicative competence in the process...
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A Sorting Strategy for Alpha Based on ROE Linked with Global Financial Market

Shenkai Wu
Finding sorting variables for alpha is crucial in investing stocks. The alpha, also referred to as abnormal return, measures the investment strategy’s ability to beat the market. It is the part of portfolio return that the existing model cannot explain. Return on equity (ROE) is one of the key factors...
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Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy of the UK

Ceyue Gao, Yimiao Que
This article will describe the impact of British fiscal policy and monetary policy on the British economy. As an important trading entity, economic power, and financial center, the British economy is the sixth largest economic system in the world and one of the world’s richest, most economically developed...
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Development of the Siberian Federal District in the Transitive Economy

D N Ganchenko
Siberia is the region with rich resource and infrastructure potential that is of strategic importance for the country. Highly fluctuated current economic environment presents new challenges that affect the key vector of region development. An economic infrastructure of the region with its traditional...
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The Theory and Development of Business Ecosystems

Ruijiong Gao
As a kind of ecosystem, the composition of the commercial ecosystem must be intertwined with each other, just as the natural ecosystem can extend to the natural environment of the outer planet and can be subdivided into a specific chemical element. The commercial ecosystem is endless. Understanding the...
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The Use of Big Data in Customer Acquisition and Retention

Xiaotian Wu
This paper sought to examine the usefulness of big data in customer acquisition and retention. Data for the study were collected from secondary sources such as articles and online publications. The data were later analyzed using thematic content analysis. Findings indicated that big data is revolutionizing...
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The Analysis of Professional Strategies of the Higher and Vocational Education Organizations Graduate Students as the Future Subjects of the Labor Market

G A Kapranov, F M Kremen, S A Kremen
In a dynamic labor market there are higher requirements to young specialists on planning and managing their careers, therefore, the relevance of the study the professional strategy as process characteristics increases, which determines the purpose and means of its achievements in the professional field....
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Analysis on the Influence of COVID-19 on International Financial Market Integration and the Improvement of Climate Finance

Yaqi Zhang
The Coronaviruses virus become the most concerned topic nowadays since it is first discovered by people. Whether it is in terms of health or economy, the severity of the Coronaviruses virus brings unprecedented blows to the economies of many countries, but it only has a negative impact on the economy,...
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Research on Sustainable Product Design Strategy in Sharing Economy in Post Epidemic Period

Qi Song, Wanyi Li
The allocation model of economic resources with the goal of sharing has gradually formed a sharing economic ecosystem in China and played an important role in the development of green economy. COVID-19 has brought a heavy blow to the new economic industry. The digitalized enterprises have ushered in...
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Investment Research and Analysis for the Elude Company Based on POCD and SWOT Analysis

Jiangzhe Han, Ziqi Li, Hailong Lu
Investment requires significant consideration of diverse elements, especially for a new product or service in the market. Elude company is one company in the travel industry that presented an app to help people identify areas they can visit based on how much the budget. The paper uses different components...
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Experiential Marketing of L’Oréal in China: A Case Study Based on Consumer Behavior of Chinese Female University Students

Bingchan Xia, Minxuan Han, Yunxi Zhu
Contemporarily, cosmetic consumption of Chinese female college students is becoming larger and larger. Experiential marketing is used extensively to attract young people. As a French company, L’Oréal (L’Oreal) is successful in the Chinese market and in implementing experiential marketing. This article...
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Research on Marketing Strategies of Car buying Among Covid-19 Based on Experimental Analysis

Matengfei Fan
During the epidemic, in order to achieve sales targets and maintain quarterly performance, vehicles of various brands have reduced prices and increased sales. But in this case, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of vehicle marketing and the accuracy that customers like. From this period of time,...
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Regional Disproportions in the System of US Foreign Trade

Y A Konovalova, S A Ushanov
Article is dedicated to the trade and investment cooperation of USA with EU at the present time with taking into account current conditions of international trade uncertainty caused by US’ external economic policy transformation into the direction of protectionism, «trade war» with China and potential...
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The Role of Images in the Performance of Crowdfunding Projects

Xinfang Zhang
With the popularity of crowd-funding, crowd-funding provides a more convenient way for people to realize their dreams and start their businesses. At the same time, there are a large number of projects on the crowd-funding platform but they are also mixed. This paper selects popular crowd-funding projects...
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A Comparative Analysis of the Credit Rating System Between China and the United States

Xinrui Li
China’s bank credit rating system, as one of the main aspects of bank control, has not yet met the international requirements for accurate measurement and effective management of credit risk, and is in urgent need of reform and improvement. Based on the relevant theories of bank credit rating, this paper...
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The Influence of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on the Stocks of Japanese Firms that are Sponsored

Lu Wang, Yifan Yao, Yaran Tu, Mingwei Jiang
With the 2020 Japan Olympic Games postponement, the 2021 Japan Winter Olympics has received increasing attention. The effect upon the stock market of domestic Japanese sponsors became uncertain because of the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. This paper uses event study to analyze the influence of the...
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Bidding Strategies in Online Art Auctions with Buyout Prices

Peize Dong
Online art auctions with buyout prices are extensively applied as a modified form of art auctions for breaking the limit of fixed time auction ends and combining fixed-price selling with English auctions, while numerous problems exist in the real process of these auctions since reliable information on...
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Formation of the Social Revolutionary Organizations in the Far East and Their Activities Until February, 1917

V L Kuzmin, S M Nechitailov
The article discusses the history of formation Far East organizations of the Party of Socialist-revolutionaries. The influence of the salient features of region and its social structure on the popularity of the party among the local population is studied. The authors examine the activity of the Far East...
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Policy Performance Analysis of Six Stability and Six Guarantees Based on Empirical Analysis

Yuchen Liu, Yunyi Qi
In recent years, China’s international situation is tense and will be affected by the Novel coronavirus in 2020. In this context, the government has put forward a policy of six stability and six protection, that should ensure the stability of employment, finance. At the same time should also implement...
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Evaluation of Human Capital Development in Commerce

E R Sharko
The article considers the essence and significance of the assessment of human capital development in commercee. The author presents the basic concept of evaluation of the performance of commercial personnel of a commercial company, the calculations of indicators, as well as various scenarios of their...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Donation Marketing Taking Erke as an Example

Yingtong Chen, Yifei Huang, Xi Qin
In this era of frequent natural disasters, companies should seize the opportunity to find new marketing strategies for brand development, fulfill their social responsibilities, and do a good job in donation marketing. The paper analyzes the case analysis of Erke’s donations in Henan floods and other...
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On the Improvement of Techniques of Throws in Basketball Student Team

V Chibrikina, I U Alekseeva
The role of testing the players of the basketball team at the University in order to improve their skills is considered. Regular pedagogical control, analysis of test results allows the coach to determine the most effective means and methods. Used in the work. If necessary, make appropriate adjustments...
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Research on Building Industry in U.S. Stock Market during COVID-19

Yiwa Lai, Feiming Qiu, Wenkai Xu, Yujing Yang
The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has created a severe global economic recession and destroyed many industries since it broke out at the beginning of 2020. However, many companies in construction material industry had an outstanding performance last fiscal year. This paper applied Fama-French five-factor...
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Major Aspects of the Customs and Logistics System Development in the Eurasian Economic Union

Y V Malevich, Y N Gorbunova, N V Maslobonikova
For the further development of a single transport area, an increase in the export of transport services, the development of the transit potential of the EAEU member states and economic integration, special attention should be paid to improving transport, customs, and logistics infrastructures. The study...
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Analysis of Internet Celebrity Brand Marketing Strategy

The Example of Nayuki’s Tea

Yibo Wang, Xiwen Cui, Wenxuan Zhou
With the rapid development of the Internet and economy. Internet celebrity brands have become a new generation of large economic systems. This article uses a case study method to select the Internet celebrity brand Nayuki’s tea to discuss the marketing strategy and analyze all the same Internet celebrity...
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Simulating Prices of the Barrier Option Based on Black and Scholes Model

Zhongao Li, Zhinan Wang, Haokun Yao
In the financial markets nowadays, the option is one of the popular financial products that has been increasingly traded. Exotic options, including barrier options, were invented to cater to the special needs of the investors. However, the pricing model of these financial instruments is complicated,...
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Optimize the Choice of Counteragent Based on the Application of the COSO Internal Control Model

E Y Selezneva, S Y Rakutko, O S Temchenko
The financial security of trading companies depends on the management of their assets, liquidity and solvency. The authors in this article recommend the formation of an internal control system using the COSO’s international approach (The Committee of sponsoring organizations of the Treadway commission...
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Fin-Tech and Corporate Innovation

Evidence from China

Shuo Huang
Can Fin-Tech improve corporate innovation? Using the data of Chinese listed companies, this paper studies the impact and mechanism of financial technology on corporate innovation. The empirical results show that the development of financial technology has significantly improved the innovation performance...
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An Overview of Bond Pricing Models and Duration of Bonds

Jieyi Chen
This paper presents and compares different bond pricing models, points out whether these models work well and if there are any limitations of these models, this paper concludes models for corporate bonds, convertible bonds, and zero-coupon bonds. Besides, this paper introduces Macaulay duration and Modified...
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Calculation of the Tax Burden for an Automobile Enterprises

A Ryzhova, O Shirokorad, S Arkhipov
For optimum tax planning and tax risks of the motor transportation enterprises need to be able to calculate the tax burden on its activities. The article presents an analysis of the methods of calculation of the tax burden. Given the author’s definition of evaluation of the tax burden, absolute and relative....
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The Predicting Power of Asset Pricing Models during Market Turmoil

Xinyuan Liu, Yunlong Ren
This paper investigates the predictive return power of three asset pricing models during market turmoil: the CAPM, Fama-French 5 factor model, and q-factor model. We select two periods of market downturns: the 2008 financial crisis and the 2020 Covid period. The models are trained before these two periods...
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The Influence of “Double 11” by Anchoring Effect

Shuaitong Li
Under double 11activities, people’s desire to consume becomes very strong, and the turnover of each network platform is much higher than usual. Why can the activity Double 11 be so successful? The author analyzes this topic through literature review. The research data come from other people’s papers....
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Evaluation of Gross Municipal Product on the Republic of Bashkortostan as an Economic Development Indicator for Municipalities

E R Mamleeva, M Yu Sazykina, N V Trofimova
In order to evaluate the economic development of municipalities in a region, it is necessary to find the resulting indicator, for example that could be gross municipal product (GMP). There are many methods of calculating GMP. to calculate the GMP of the Republic of Bashkortostan the article uses the...
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The Influence of Advertising Co-creation on Brand Building on the Perspective of Value co-creation Theory

Run Tan
The traditional concept of value creation holds that value is an one-way output by enterprises to consumers, and consumers are only responsible for the acceptance and use. However, with the development of network economy and the diversification of marketing communication, the subject of value creation...
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The Culture and Institutions: Features of Interaction and Impact on the Economy

E V Romanenko, V V Biryukov
The article proposes a methodology for studying the relationship of culture and institutions in economic processes, based on rethinking the relationship of economic culture and institutionalized forms of economic development in the framework of the intersubjective paradigm. It allows to go beyond traditional...
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Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Housing Prices: Take the United States as an Example

Xinying Ding
Residential real estate takes the largest part of asset market in the United States. This study investigates how changes in macroeconomic variables affect changes in housing prices, using time series data from 191 observation samples in the United States over the past 15 years. The dataset was collected...
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Research on the GameStop Stock Prices Surge during Covid-19 under the Perspective of Individual Investors

Yilin Zhao
The breakout of the covid-19 in the United States has caused significant changes in the stock market, while the proportion of individual investors’ direct trading increases. The recent Game Stop(GME) short-selling incident showed the power of retail investors, which makes people pay attention to the...
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Impact of the Macroeconomic Factors on the Initial Public Offerings in the Gulf Cooperation Countries

I Aidrous, S Glavina
This paper seeks to address the question of whether local macroeconomic parameters (reference interest rate, crude oil production, stock market index, direct foreign investment, loan growth and GDP) have any influence on the numbers and volume of IPOs on an emerging markets of GCC region over the period...
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Positive Effects of Covid-19--Digital economy

Meijing Su
Under sudden outbreak epidemic, the economies of countries around the world have received a severe blow. But there are good potential developments, most notably in the digital economy. In the face of various lockdown policies, the epidemic has undoubtedly promoted the rapid development of the online...
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Marketing Strategies Based on the Analysis on the Features of Tool Knives

Xinglin Li
As the demanding number of descent knives grow, knives are great deal in the business market. According to a sanding gear selling company [1] Red Label Abrasive’s survey report of 100 knife maker, “ the survey indicated that the industry appears to be in good financial health. 73% of knife makers have...
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Pandemic-related Impacts on Housing Market

Will the Housing Market still Perform Conspicuously during the Pandemic?

Kuan Yan
Globally, there are almost no countries unaffected by the pandemic. As governments struggle with new lockdown measures to combat the spread of the virus, the economies have to pay the price. The real estate cannot escape from this damage. This article explores why and what housing market is influenced...
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Inflation in the US During Covid-19 Crisis: Cause, Current Status, and Moving Forward

Chenyu Li
This paper makes a through-out interpretation of the inflation hikes witnessed in the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. This paper incorporated economic theories and data in explaining the economic phenomenon during the pandemic crisis and predicting the future trend of inflation. The...
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Regional Problems of Employment of University Graduates in Conditions of Low Entrepreneurial Activity

M K Belyaev, A V Borisov, T D Okuneva
The problem of unemployment among university graduates is a consequence of changes in the structure of production and the economy of Russia, the weakening of state control and regulation. University graduates face a lot of problems when searching for jobs, being insufficiently in demand on the labor...
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Current Status of RMB Cross-border Trade Settlement and an Empirical Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Its Scale

Han Wang
This article starts with the current status of RMB cross-border trade settlement, combined with data analysis, and summarizes the share of RMB cross-border payment in the global market, the coverage of RMB cross-border trade settlement system, the normalization of RMB swaps, and the new growth of RMB...
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How Do Managers Hedge Against Oil ETFs in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Yuhan Gao, Yi Wang, Yongxi Wang
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the oil price fluctuated significantly due to dramatic changes in oil supply and oil demand, which leads to high volatility in oil-related assets and induces an urgent need to alleviate risks. We use a market neutral strategy to assess the results of hedging against oil...
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Introduction of Function and Market Research About Magic Garden

Liping Chen, Tongying Wang, Qian Chen
In this paper, our team has launched a product we designed: “Magic Garden”. In this article, this work analyzed the availability of this product and the relevant information, and this work analyzed the literature we found and the content of questionnaire. After analyzing this set of data and positioned...
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Scientific and Educational Centers as Factor of Activation of Human Capital in the Regions of Russia: Sociological Monitoring of Activity (Conceptualization of the Plan)

P P Deryugin, E V Strashko, O V Yarmak
Human capital in a post-industrial society is becoming the main condition for the development of society and this is facilitated by the creation in Russia of scientific and educational centers (SECs). The main objectives of the activities of such centers are to enhance the economic and social life in...
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Investment in Online Learning in Russia from 2016 Through 2018

M V Makarova, D V Gubeladze, E A Sinelnikova
This study seeks to analyze public investment in education from 2016 through 2018. The paper outlines the ever greater role of online learning in the Russian education market, in particular that of the MOOCs. It further defines the role of further education and advanced training. The authors point out...
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Why are Chinese High-school Girls Anxious About Their Appearances?

Zihan Yang, Honggu Zhou
Appearance anxiety has already become a common phenomenon in today’s society. Some high school girls begin to worry about their appearances and even feel anxious about the narrow definition of beauty and the influences of other people. This study utilizes online questionnaires to explore high school...
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The Dynamic Impact of Financial Disintermediation on Credit Business of Chinese Commercial Banks Macro Data from China’s Capital Market

Ruixiong Qi, Li Zhang, Yan Liu, Hao Lu, Zhijun Liu, Yuanyuan Shen
Commercial banks play an important role in China’s financial system. However, financial disintermediation has a significant impact on the traditional credit business of commercial banks. The scale of commercial banks’ capital stock has been gradually diverted from the source, causing a certain impact...
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Economies of Scale and Provision of Technological Efficiency in Agricultural Complexes

S M Ergin, G Mabiala, I Ya Sidorenko
The article sets forth a generalized understanding of economies of scale in agrarian production as a complex integrative phenomenon, implemented in a unity of three components – the intra-branch scale effect in agrarian production, the quality effect, the number of enterprises and the effect of their...
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On the Development of the International Monetary System

Feifei Yan
In this paper, three stages of the development of the international monetary system are sorted out, and the development of the three global financial systems is interpreted. The advantages and limitations of the analysis of the world economic system at that time are analyzed. Looking at the current monetary...
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Influence Mechanism of Bilili Gourmet Videos on User Interaction Intention

Gai Wenxin
Bilibili has a unique user interaction mechanism. From an empirical point of view, this paper conducted in-depth interviews with users watching Bilibili food videos, putting forward the research hypothesis and model of this paper, and designed a questionnaire, analyzed the influencing factors of user...
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The Differences Between Globalization and Customized Marketing Strategies-Take KFC and McDonald’s in China as an Example

Yiling Wu
This paper aims to analyze the differences between customized and globalization marketing strategies under the context of KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) and McDonald’s in China. As most people know, KFC adopts customized strategy, while McDonald’s adopts globalization strategy when conducting transnational...
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Forecasting of Need for the Human Capital for Development of Economy

V A Dolyatovskiy, L V Dolyatovskiy, Y V Gamaley
The model of calculation of volume of the materialized knowledge used in an economic system on the basis of the analysis of the used resources and the size of a gross product is provided. The model allowed to calculate return of business assets and intellectual factors and to estimate influence of a...
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Explore the Factors That Influence and Mitigate Loss Aversion

Zixuan Ye
Loss aversion is another theoretical cornerstone of Kahneman and Tversky’s prospect theor, which has been applied by behavioral economists in many fields such as consumption decisions, production/supply, investment[1]. Benartzi and Thaler first tried to explain the mystery of equity premium by using...
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Analysis on Changes in Exchange Rate of Egypt over Past Decades

Wenhua Mao
The exchange rate, the price of domestic currency as compared against foreign currency, may incur fluctuations according to changes in the national macro-economy. This paper analyzes alterations in the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound over the past decade by tracking the impacts of political and military...
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Is Industrial Policy Still Applicable Today under Globalisation?

An Analysis of the Main Issues in Developing Countries

Xianni Ding
Although some countries or regions in East Asia achieved rapid economic development through the use of industrial policies after the Second World War, other countries or regions followed rarely succeeded. The effectiveness of industrial policy has become an important topic in academic research, but the...
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The Strategic Choice of Hangzhou to Cultivate the World Advanced Manufacture Industry Cluster

Haiyan ZHOU
The world advanced manufacture industry cluster is the advanced manufacture network with the same target and mutual benefit, integration and connection, which is established on basis of the professional work division requirement, and could occupy the industry highlands worldwide. The cultivation of the...
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Professional Education and Training of Employees: On the New Doctrine of the Institute of Labor Law

A Y Petrov, A S Lada
The article examines the correlation between the concepts of “professional education”, “professional teaching”, “professional preparation”, “qualification”, fixed in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal law “On education in the Russian Federation”. In the Labour Code of the Russian...
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Completing Market with One Step Trinomial Model: A European Call Approach

Yang Kuang, Chengqian Lin, Nan Yang
The fundamental defect of the market constructed under a trinomial tree model lies in its incompleteness with initial risk-free and risky assets only. This paper analyzes the first-step probability behaviors of the trinomial tree model and summarizes how could introduce derivatives being a general solution...
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Research on the Impacts of Covid-19 on U.S. Medical Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Yunqi Huang, Yi Li, Ruolin Wang, Haoran Zhao
Under the dramatic impact of Covid-19, the global economy has decreased sharply, and many countries have experienced negative economic growth during the pandemic. This study uses Fama and French Five-Factor model to investigate the reasons causing these changes and provide referential suggestions on...
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Theoretical and Practical Problems of Legal Regulation of Registration and Implementation of Transport Passenger Taxi and Taxi Ordering Service

A S Lada, I K Voronin
This article analyzes the issues of legal regulation of activities and registration of a passenger taxi. Considering the provisions of the law draft, the authors conclude that quite a lot of gaps in the law draft, in particular, the law draft does not grant the right to self-employed be carrier, there...
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The Influencial Factors and Economic Consequences of Corporate Investment Efficiency: A Literature Review

Jianyang Hu, Meixuan Kong, Keyun Wang
With the rapid economic development and fierce competition, the top priority of listed firms will be given to investment efficiency. This paper reviews the relevant literature on the factors affecting the efficiency of corporate investment and its economic consequences. First, this paper presents the...
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A Study of the Impact of Chinese Star Cai Xukun Starring in the Prada Commercial Code Human on Chinese Young Consumers

Ji Shenran
Prada is an Italian luxury brand founded in 1913 that offers high-quality leather goods, clothing, and footwear for men and women. On May 31, 2019, Prada’s official Weibo announced that the famous Chinese singer Cai Xukun became its Chinese spokesperson. Cai Xukun is a singer and actor who is popular...
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Risk Management at Implementation of Social Projects of Public-Private Partnership

V I Shubina, L Y Shemyatikhina, M V Evseeva, K S Shipitsyna
In twenty years of establishing the foundations of the market economy in Russia, the main problem of innovative development has not been solved - attracting investments for the purpose of sustainable modernization and innovative acceleration. In order to attract investments and services of private business,...
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Valuation Analysis of Listed Brand Jewelry Companies Based on Free Cash Flow Model—Taking Zhou Dasheng (stock code 002867) as an example

Jiyi He
Unsuccessful acquisitions usually occur in China’s jewelry industry. Because of this, according to the characteristics of the jewelry industry, this paper selects the free cash flow model to measure the value of the entity. Taking Zhou Dasheng company as an example, this paper introduces it by using...