Proceedings of the 7th Annual Meeting of Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention

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A Preliminary Exploration on Internet of Intelligences Based on Cloud Computing

Yannan Sun, Chongfu Huang
In order to use advantage of cloud computing (CC) to improve Internet of intelligences (IOI), in this paper we suggest the concept of Internet of intelligences based on CC, and preliminarily discuss automatic configuration management of information resources in IOI. A sharp distinction between the current...

Theoretical Discussion of Internet of Intelligences Realize Decentralization of Information Collection in Risk Assessment

Wu Su, Chongfu Huang
The Internet has changed the traditional information dissemination way. Decentralization provides a convenient and efficient way for ordinary people to publish information, sources of information has been widened, touches all aspects of society. In a sense, risk assessment is to collect and process information....

The Weight Analysis of Northeast Passage Straits Index Based on AHP and Rough Set Theory

Zhe Wang, Shanshan Ge, Ren Zhang, Mengqian Yang, Deliang Jiang
The index weight of the reasonable is the basis of objective and quantitative assessment of the risk. Taking a sample of the Northeast Passage Vilkitsky Strait, using the combination of subjectively and objectively, realize the complementary advantages of two ways, to establish the northeast passage...

The Review of Methods for Debris Flow Hazard Assessment

Hui Gao, Jifu Liu
China is one of the countries which are suffering the most serious debris flows. The social life and economy in the mountain area are suffering a lot from them. With the frequency of debris flow increases in recent years, the threat to human life and property is bigger and bigger. Especially the seismic...

Constructing the Training Mode of Public Security Fire Commanders Based on Competency Model

Yi Hou
This paper introduced the competency mode of public security fire commanders, and analyzed the problems existed in the current public security fire commander abilities. Then it proposed the training mode of public security fire commanders based on competency mode. What's more, it also introduced specific...