Proceedings of the 3rd Annual 2017 International Conference on Management Science and Engineering (MSE 2017)

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Analysis on Innovation of Economics and Management Laboratory

Yong-Jun Zhou
Economic and management specialized laboratory construction for teaching effectiveness, promoting students ' all-round development plays an important role and significance of requiring colleges and universities to strengthen focus on economic management laboratory construction.ÿBut on the current situation...
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Research on Efficient Operation Mode of the Material Intensive of Power Grid Based on S&OP

Yong-Huan Hu, Wei Zhou, Jun-Song Wang, Feng-Na Dong
This paper focuses on the issues of material intensive plan control and operation implementation under the mode of group purchasing. Starting with the analysis of the characteristics of demand differentiation, this paper also makes analysis of the characteristics of the efficient operation mode, the...
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The Electric Power Enterprise Supplier Management and Bidding Procurement Linkage Strategies Applied Research

Yong-Huan Hu, Wei-Jie Shen, Feng-Na Dong, Xin Wang
Power grid enterprises supplier relationship management is closely linked with purchasing supply business, complement each other, both the front end of the bidding procurement, and late for supplies to provide further support.Shanghai municipal electric power company centralized purchasing in public...
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Core Capability and Competitive Strategy for Construction Firms in China at the International Market

Shi-Gang Yan
Chinese construction firms (CCFs) played an important role at the international market. As an important participant at the international construction market, Chinese construction firms are confronted with the tasks of keeping themselves competitive. The paper analyzed the current situation of CCFs at...
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Research on the Cooperation between School and Enterprise and the Training of Applied Talents in Music Performance of Applied Marine University

Jia Zhu
The paper analyzes the importance and feasibility of the process of school-enterprise cooperation by combining the regional characteristics and regional culture of Hainan International Tourism Island University, and puts forward some suggestions to make some suggestions on the development of Hainan International...
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Research on the Relationship between Internal Control and Financial Performance--Social Responsibility as the Intermediary Variable

Xian Wang, Shi-Ping Guan
This paper chooses the related data of the listed companies from 2011 to 2015 as the research sample and social responsibility as intermediary variable, and analyzes the relationship between internal control and financial performance. The results shows: there is a significant positive correlation between...
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Research on the Impact of China's OFDI and Domestic Inter- regional Industrial Transfer on Industrial Upgrading

Lu-Qing Zhang
Countries around the world are all very concerned with effective upgrading of their own industrial structure. Both outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) and domestic inter-regional transfer of industry are effective measures of optimizing industrial structure and increase industrial competitiveness....
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Research on Countermeasures for the Upgrade and Transformation of Garment Industry in China

Hui-Hui Han, Li-Ying Mi, Tao Yang, Xin Luo
In recent years, with the adjustment of China's textile industry strategic pattern, coupled with the market environment changes, rising production costs and other unfavorable factors, the textile and garment industry as are facing an unprecedented situation. For example, the development of Humen garment...
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The Study of China's Dilemma and Cracking Way of Natural Rubber Industry during Price Slump Period

Yan Jin
Natural rubber is strategic material, as well as the important income source of the farmers in China's tropical regions. However, in recent years, the price of natural rubber remains low, thus inducing a series of industry problems, such as the lack of young labors, the abuse of pesticides, the oldness...
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Research on the Evaluation of China's Regional Industrial Green Transformation Development Ability

Xiao-Song Ren, Tian-Mei Sun
Through the construction of the evaluation index system of regional industrial green transformation and development ability, the entropy model is used to analyze the industrial green transformation and development ability in 30 provinces in China in 2014, and it is found that the industrial green transformation...
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Order Properties of Conditional Warm Standby System at Random Time

Yu-Xia Jiang, Zheng-Cheng Zhang
This article discusses the residual life and inactivity time of warm standby system at random time. The reliability function of the residual life(inactivity time) of the warm standby system at random time is obtained. And by using stochastic order, we compared the stochastic properties of residual life...
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Research about Training Model of Bed and Breakfast in Remote Mountainous Area

Hao-Xing Liu, Ge Wen
It's one of key points to mountainous area human resource development that practitioners training of Bed and Breakfast in remote mountainous area. This paper uses both Accurate Judgment theory and Transfer Diffusion theory. Designed a PAT training model which aims at practitioners of B&B. It suggests...
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On Leadership Education of University Students: A Case Study

Jia-Jie Wang
This article focuses on the five salient problems faced by university leadership education. Taking Shanghai University of Engineering Science as an example, this study (1) designs creative plans for leadership education of university students with the characteristics of integration of resources, advocate...
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Research on Prediction of Visitors Quantity Based on GM (1, 1) Method

Cai-Hong Sun
Visitors quantity is regarded as the important economic indicator of weighing a country or regional tourism economic development, how to correctly and effectively predict regional visitors quantity according to relevant influencing factors is essential to the development of tourism economy. This paper...
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The Interaction between Stock Market and Futures Market

De-Yu Chen
this paper from the transaction of commodity futures market and the stock market prove overall linkage of two markets, the futures market Mandarin commodity futures index and stock market index for the total sample, using the correlation test, unit root test, cointegration test and Granger causality...
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Calculation on Social Co-ordination Account Payment Ratio of Pension Insurance of Urban Workers

Wei Wang, Ya-Nan Yang
Taking the maximizing personal utility and social welfare as the study perspectives, regarding the urban workers and state-owned enterprises as the research object, the ratio, 18.81%, can be calculated by the model of social co-ordination account optimal payment ratio, which was lower than the current...
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License Plate Auction of Bidder with Different Risk Appetite

Yi-Tian Wu, Jia-Hua Sun
In recent year, auction is used to solve the problem that the requirement and supply of license plate is not equal. The common rule of auction is that the bidders win the license plate by price order after submitting the price at the same time. The discriminate auction model of license plate is built...
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Exploration and Research of Accounting Demonstration Experiment

Li-Hong Yang, Xiao-Tian Liang
Reforming the traditional teaching mode of special courses, increasing the teaching of experimental and practical aspects, and building a comprehensive accounting laboratory has become an urgent need for the current teaching reform of accounting courses in colleges and universities. Accounting demonstration...
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Discussion on the Accounting Management Mode after the Enterprization

Can Lian, Yao-Ju Wang
The institution is the main carrier of the social management and public service function, it's an important part of the government's economic and social management, it has a very important role in the national economy and the people's livelihood. In this paper, we discussed how to realize the transformation...
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Purchasing Strategy Analysis Based on the Relative Value of the Purchasing Material

Xiao-Juan Bai, Yun-Peng Gao
This paper start from the value of materials and the availability of market supply and then put forward the definition of relative value that according to the market availability;Next combined with C.V analysis, on the basis of relative value of materials and the stable demand of the companies, the materials...
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Optimization of Armored Equipment Maintenance Material Regulating based on Gray Entropy

Hao Li, Tie-Ning Wang, Long-Tao Wu, Zhao-Jie Chen, Yong-Fei Chen
Most of the armored equipment maintenance material regulating is passive application from the junior resource, and the superior resource is lack of the initiative conduction. Through the import of Gray entropy, establish the dynamic requirement model, not only measure the material demands effectively,...
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Optimization of Scheduling For Small Batch and Customized Mixed-Model Assembly Production

Xiao-Ying Yang, Lin-Ming Xu, Yu-Zhe Wang
In order to solve the complex problem of small batch and customized mixed-model assembly production (SBC-MAP) that lack of optimization scheduling, a optimization scheduling model and algorithm was studied by integrating the methods of math, management technology, information technology and a heuristic...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Cooperative Knowledge Innovation and Firm Performance in Supply Chain

Xiu-Quan Ge, Shi-Ping Guan
Under the current economic environment, the rapid changes of market environment, the continuous reduction of product life cycle and the uncertainty of customer demand lead to the inability of enterprises to maintain their long-term competitiveness. The emergence of supply chain environment brings new...
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Research on Financial Risk Management of Automobile Supply Chain Based on Data Mining Technology

Zi-Gui Chen, Shi-Ping Guan
With the rapid development of supply chain finance, the risk management problem ensues. In this paper, the data mining technology is used to study the large amount of data of the spare parts suppliers in the automobile supply chain, and to identify the characteristic attributes of the default suppliers,...
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Networked Operations Situation Awareness Share Based on Mental Model Sharing

Ying Shao, Hao-Guang Chen, Kang-Ming Zhang, Hao Zhang
Sharing the networked operations situation awareness can guide the combat unit to have capability of joint combat via the joint operations. In order to build the share of situation awareness in the networked operation, this paper proposes a share method based on mental model sharing, shares the mental...
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System Analysis for the Traceability and Logistics Management of Fresh Agricultural Products Supply Chain

Yu-Chuan Liu, Hong-Mei Gao
Issues and concerns for food safety, agro-processing, and the environmental and ecological impact of food production have been attracted many research interests. Traceability and logistics management of fresh agricultural products is faced with the technological challenges including food product label...
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Application of Six Sigma Methodology to Reduce Pseudo Soldering in SMT Process

Gang Yang, Zhen-Hua Hu, Jiu-Yu Li, Lei Xu, Long-Sheng Xu
In order to reduce the failure rate of SMT weld. Six Sigma methodology was used to analyze the solder joint faults in SMT, to determine the key quality characteristics, and to find out the key influencing factors of SMT process as the improvement focal point. The results demonstrated that the failure...
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Model Construction of Psychological Health Education in Universities from the Perspective of Synergetic Theory

Jian-Hong Lu
Synergetic was a new developing subject, which was based on the multi-disciplinary knowledge by the Professor Herman-Haken of the University of Stuttgart in Germany's federal in 1970s. This essay is mainly to explore a new model of psychological health education in Colleges and universities for enhancing...
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Pattern Design of Ontology-based Knowledge Base for Project Risk Management

Chen-Jian Hao
This application of information system based on ontology knowledge model for the project risk management can effectively help the knowledge transfer and share with knowledge. On the basic of the research on relationship of knowledge model with knowledge ontology, the knowledge model sets up defined by...
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How to Improve the Participation and Subjectivity of English Teaching

Ai-Yang Han
How to adapt to the requirement of new curriculum reform is a realistic problem all the English new curriculum practioners faced with. It is an important way to enhance the students to manipulate "active participation and repeated practice". Only after they fulfill these can they achieve the standard...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Inventory Management of Xin Zhongkang Pharmaceutical Company

Chun-Li Liu
With the continuous development of social economy, the pharmaceutical industry has gradually become an important part of social development, is an important project related to the development of the national economy and the people's livelihood. Economic progress to promote innovation in the pharmaceutical...
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Institution Investor and Corporate Innovation Investment: View of Dynamic Endogeny

Le Xu, Jian-Ping Hou
This paper makes a theoretical analysis on institutional investors and r&d investment, and the basic model of dynamic endogenous sexual relationship analysis was established. In the empirical study, the paper takes the data of domestic listed companies as samples, the dynamic endogenous relationship...
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Study on Electric Vehicles' Time - sharing Leasing in Beijing

Xin-Yue Yao
With the environment problem and the energy crisis becoming more and more serious, the new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly. In recent years, China's new energy vehicles achieve explosive growth driven by the policy, of which, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou Shenzhen, Tianjin and other first...
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Research on Optimizing the Planning Process of Project Scheduling on Substation Equipment

Ying Liu, Jin-Yan Chen, Lei Zhao, Xue-Jun Qiao, Long-Sheng Qiao
In order to optimize the development process of substation equipment project schedule. Six Sigma methodology was used to analyze the progress plan of substation equipment engineering project, to find out the key factors which influenced on the precision of project planning, delivery rate on time and...
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The Lack and Construction of Teaching Communication in College Sports Teaching

Fei Fan
As a basic tool in college sports teaching, teaching communication highlights the dialogues and contacts between teachers and students. It's a good way to improve the effect of sports teaching, and promote the all-round development of students as well. At present, teaching communication is kind of missing...
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Current Situations and Development Trends of Urban Parking Guidance and Information System

Xun-You Ni, Li-Yan Cao
In order to keep up with the latest development trends and fully absorb the reasonability of the new technologies and concepts, the current development situations were introduced and the short and long-term trends were predicted. The current development situations are that Variable Message Sign (VMS)...
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An Analysis of the Present Situation of the futsal Football in Ganzhou City

Yu-Jing Wang, Bin Xie
The face of the five-a-side football this emerging movement, Ganzhou City, the economy is lagging behind, the level of the coastal cities and the mainland is relatively backward. In the context of the five-a-side soccer soccer development in China, the state and society are paying more and more attention...
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Research on Influence of Abusive Supervision and Psychological Capital on Team Members' Tacit Knowledge Sharing

Jian-Huan Zhang, Yun-Mei Li, Qiao Liu
This paper has used the conservation of resources theory, we examined how abusive supervision influences team members' tacit knowledge sharing. Furthermore, psychological capital was introduced as a mediating factor. We analyzed the mediation mechanism of the four dimensions of psychological capital,...
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The Influence of Non - material Incentives Based on Team Trust Cognition on Innovation Performance

Hui Xu, Yun-Mei Li
The new generation employees has gradually become the leading force of enterprise innovation. In order to improve the performance of the new generation employees, this paper is based on the characteristics of the employees' pursuit of social identity and value fit, from the cognitive theory, further...
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Process Analysis and Reengineering based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Xian-Nian Cao, Yu-Min He, Zhong-Wei He
Modern society is developing rapidly every day. Because market changes frequently, customer demand varies greatly. Moreover, the world economy trends globalization with the development of science and technology represented by information technology, which makes the competition among enterprises more...
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Characteristics and Management of Knowledge Emergence

Fu Jin, Li-Jun Zou, Jie Jin, Xia Wang
This paper gives the definition of emergence of knowledge, and explains its connotation and characteristics. On this basis, this article identifies the state of knowledge emergence, classification and characteristics of intelligence resource system, and then it gives the management strategy of knowledge...
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Research on the Road Transport Risk of Domestic Hazardous Chemicals

He-Hua Li, Yu-Jie Wang
In recent years, heavy traffic accidents of hazardous chemicals road transport in China have occurred sometimes, both the loss of dangerous goods itself and the damage to the vehicle, to bring considerable property damage to the enterprise, but also a threat to the people who live in the place where...
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Study on the Selection of the Third Party Cold Chain Logistics Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Decision

Xi-Hua Teng, Sheng-Yu He, Xiao-Yuan Mao, Xue Li
Compared to general normal temperature logistics, the cost of cold chain logistics is very huge. Not all enterprises have the strength of the development of cold chain logistics. Therefore, these enterprises will focus on the choice of third party cold-chain logistics enterprises. In the process of selection,...
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Research on Constructing the System of Governing the Environment of the Yangtze River Delta Region by Law

Xiang-Kui Geng, Zeng-Hang Li
The Yangtze River Delta region is one of the best and most competitive areas in the eastern coastal areas of China, which plays a very important role in stimulating national economic growth. However, with the Yangtze River Delta region's rising GDP, environmental degradation has become quite prominent....
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The Volatility Spillover effect between the T-Note Spot and Futures Markets: Evidence from China, Germany and United States

Zhao Yang, Fu-Tie Song
This paper examines the volatility spillover effects in Treasury note markets, spot and futures markets, within and between three selected countries, China, Germany and United States. Two comprehensive explanatory methods, asymmetric BEKK MGARCH and asymmetric DCC MGARCH, are utilized to estimate interactions...
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Research for Local Universities of Science and Technology Park Innovation Management

Rui Tang
This paper analyzed construction mode of local colleges and universities' university science park,put forward exist problems of local colleges and universities' university science park in process of construction and development and obtained the conclusion that local colleges and universities' university...
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The Study of Comparing Safety Culture Manual with the Safety Website in Different Presentation Conditions Based On Eye Tracking

Hong-Xia Li, Jia-He Ren
The present study examined the memory effects of different formats and different locations on the safety culture manual and the safety culture website in eye tracking experiments. The results showed: (1) in the memory task, the contents of the manual layout memory effect is better than the web page layout:...
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The Early Warning System of the Curve Signal Real-time Monitoring Designed for the Oncoming Cars

Xin-Quan Du, Xin-Ming Lin
Taking the initiative to remind driver's attention when they are crossing the curve as the research object, this research puts forward the design scheme of early warning system for curves. Through the installation of video surveillance and speed measuring devices at both ends of the curve, the driver's...
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Analysis on the Function Construction of Engineering Project Management Informatization in Survey and Design Enterprises

Bing-Ying Xie, Qian Zhang, Jian Fu
China's survey and design industry as an integral part of traditional industries should be through technological innovation, service innovation, management innovation, and constantly improve the survey and design of the project quality and service level, innovative industry model to meet today's increasingly...
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Influence Factors of Users Satisfaction of Mobile Commerce -An Empirical Research in China

Ping-Hao Ye, Li-Qiong Liu
This study establishes a structural model to measure user satisfaction toward mobile commerce (m-commerce) from the perspective of m-commerce participants by analyzing factors influencing user satisfaction. A questionnaire survey on 428 m-commerce users is conducted. The model is verified by regression...
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An overview and modern discussion on the folk custom of keeping health in the eastern four seasons

Xin Lou, Ming Bai, Ming-San Miao
China's keeping healthy folk custom culture is the treasure of Chinese culture, it is the key to open the treasure of Chinese civilization and it has a history of thousands of years, it brings together the wisdom and experience of Chinese ancient people for thousands of years, it is the core of Chinese...
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Exploration on the Stakeholders' Cooperation Mechanism of the Postgraduate Studies Scholarship System

Yao-Bin Shi, Yi-Cheng Ye, Hong-Jie Zhang
Based on the stakeholder theory, this paper explores multi-dimensional relation and difference characteristics of postgraduate studies scholarship stakeholders. It provides a new perspective and method for the research and practice of the postgraduate studies scholarship system by discusses the main...
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The Relationship Study of Perceived Over qualification and Knowledge Sharing on Team Performance

Luo-Na Zhang, Yun-Mei Li, Yan Cao
From the management practice and research status of perceived overqualification, knowledge sharing is introduced as an intermediary variable, this paper construct a theoretical model of perceived overqualification, knowledge sharing and team performance , focusing on the effect of employee perceived...
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The Influence of Perceived Over Qualification on College Students' Classroom Learning

Hui Xu, Yun-Mei Li, Pan Huang
Classroom learning is the main form of college students 'learning, occupying an important position in college students' daily time, which greatly influences the learning effect of college students. Based on the existing research on the high qualification, this paper explores the effect of perceived over...
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Study on the Mode of Bulk Commodity Circulation Operation on the Internet Platform in China

Xin Li, Kai-Ling Pan
This paper first introduces the status quo of commodity circulation market, and then the model of commodity circulation is analyzed by SWOT-PEST matrix mode on the Internet Platform, it analyses the impact of the internal and external environment of commodity trade flows including the strength, weakness,...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Tourism Information System Course of Master of Tourism Administration

Kun Zhang, Xue-Bin Huang, Wen Zhou, Chang Xu
MTA training and general management of tourism management is different, MTA emphasizes the practicality of the content, curriculum and teacher configuration are to combat as the core, and strive to theory with practice, the theory applied to the actual, in the process of learning , Emphasizing the way...
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Review of Application Research of Expert System and Neural Network in Credit Risk Evaluation

Mu Zhang, Li Dong
Theoretical and empirical research on. credit risk evaluation plays an important role for enterprises in reducing transaction costs, enhancing competition ability and creating a good competition environment. At present, in view of the application of expert system and neural network in artificial intelligence...
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A Nonlinear Dynamic System in Behavioral Finance: Evidence from Chinese Stock Market

Jun Xie
This paper uses linear and nonlinear Granger causality tests to examine a dynamic behavioral finance system which composed by the stock index price, investor sentiment and the willingness to investment. We find that the linear dynamic system is simple and unidirectional, but nonlinear dynamic system...
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Research on the Simulation Models of Knowledge Emergence Based on CAS Theory

Fu Jin, Li-Jun Zou, Jie Jin, Xia Wang
This paper firstly gives the definition of knowledge emergence. Afterwards, based on CAS theory, this paper studies the microcosmic model of multi-Agent and its logic construction of simulation system of macro-level knowledge emergence. This paper reveals evolution rules between the microscopic and macroscopic...
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Correlation Analysis between the Ratios of Second Fingers to Fourth Fingers and Athletic Performance in Primary School Students

Fang-Hui Li
There might be relationship between the the ratio (2D:4D) of the 2nd finger length (2D) and the 4th finger length(4D) and the athletic performance.Method: Taken the athletic performance and measured finger length from pupils were enrolled from the Affiliation Primary School of South China Normal University.Aim:...
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An Empirical Study on the Cooperative Pattern of Practical Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Econiche

Bei Zhu, Jia-Jie Wang
From the perspective of econiche, this article analyzes the significance of the practical education work in colleges and universities and the outstanding problems existing now in three aspects. It is pointed out that breaking through the bottleneck through cooperation is the key to the development of...
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Independent Growth of China's Proceeding Trade in the Global Value Chains

Qiu-Ping Zhang
China has participated in the intra-product division in the global value chains by the proceeding trade. But the proceeding trade enterprises from China are still in the low part of the global value chains those high parts are controlled by the transnational corporations, which makes China's enterprises...
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Mergers Leverage Dynamics and Post-Merger Integration Duration

Yao Cheng
This paper examines the effects of the post-merger integration duration on acquiring rms' leverage behavior before and after a merger, using a dynamic model in which full merger benefits cannot be consumed at the instant of a merger, but rather after a pre-specialized post-merger integration period....
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Research on Recommendation Algorithm for Mobile Application Crowdsourcing Testers

Ying Liu, Tao Zhang, Kun Li
The anonymous crowdsourcing testers determine the quality of tests, and the low matching degree between testers and tasks reduce testers' enthusiasm. To match the recommended testers with tasks, a two phase recommendation method based on Top-K algorithm was proposed. Category was introduced to reduce...
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Attack Training In Basketball Game---False Action's Teaching and Training Mode

Wei-Xiang He
Basketball game is a strongly competitive sport with two sides always in the state of attack or defense. As one of the attack techniques, false attack, if trained properly and enough, will do good to athlete, including to help them get to know how false action works and help them develop their thinking...
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Research on Virtual Assembly and Performance Simulation of Electric Bicycle

Shang Liu, Lin-Fang Dong
The design is very important for electric bicycle production. To design a new electric bicycle, the designer needs master knowledge in many fields which include industrial design, 3D modeling, ergonomics, computer aided design, etc. But many electric bicycle manufacturers are small or medium-size and...
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Study on the significance of Old-Age Instustry in Shaanxi Province

Xiao-Jing Dong
The number of old people in Shaanxi province, has kept rising.At the same time,the structure of population has broken the old structure. The province steps into the era of aging. Its economy market has been adjusted with the population change of Shaanxi Province. Now, we face the most important two problems-------how...
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The Rod Group Movement Parameter Calculation of Trajectory Based on Motion Relativity

Yong Chen, Yong-Min Jiang
In order to solve the comprehensive analysis problem of the mechanism link locus and motion, this paper bring forward the parameter calculation of locus based on motion relativity and differential geometry theory. The problem of point-group calculation is thus solved, and the comprehensive analysis of...
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Analysis on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Chinese Table Tennis

Xiao-Cao Xia, De-Ming Yang
Table tennis has a long history, from the initial twentieth Century European prosperity to the Eurasian eye, and finally to the current situation of China dominate the world table tennis table tennis. China experienced many groundless talk. From 1995, China table tennis team in the world championships...
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Research on Application of Evaluation System of Customer Satisfaction with Service Encounter of Express Enterprises

Yong Luo, Yun-Mei Li, Xin Mei
The low customer satisfaction and higher complaint rate of express service have become obstacles to the development of many express enterprises. Thus, this paper is intended to focus on customer satisfaction with express services, in particular on the evaluation of customer satisfaction with express...
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Book Review of "Equity Concentration and Earnings Management Type Selection"

Yue Han
Earnings management has received considerable attention in the accounting literature, but the prior literature research results there are two opposing views from various angles, the existing literature is not able to clearly show that the relationship between ownership structure and earnings management....
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Investigate Report for Undergraduate of Credit Management

Yu-Han Wang, Shi-Wen Shang
The promotion of China's social credit system construction work, credit management system being standardized, and various types of credit information platforms being constructed has caused the demand for credit management professionals will increase. Talents credit management will also draw more attention....