Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Modern Management, Education Technology, and Social Science (MMETSS 2018)

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On the legal Protection of infringement of Citizens' right of reputation

Yan Xia Wang, Jing Xiao
Reputation, as an intangible asset, has brought many benefits to the social subject. However, with the development of social science and technology, there are more and more acts of infringing on the right of reputation. At the same time, the act of infringing upon the right of reputation of citizens...
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The influence and risk of education platform on middle school students' Education under the background of "Internet +"

Yu-xin Xia, Zhi-chen Li
With the rapid development of Internet technology, the development of online education platform in China has made certain achievements. This document mainly analyzes the impact of online education platform on middle school students' education and the existing risks. The paper collects the feedback of...
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Exploration of the new management mode of "Student's organization and Party branch" party building by college and university students

Yu-xin Xia, Xiao-yue Wu
The student party branch is an important battle fort of the development of the party's Party-building work.With the increase of the student party members, how can the Party branch fully play the leading role and create more effective and sound party building management mode in this era when the traditional...
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Problems and Countermeasures of rural water ecological civilization construction under river system

Min Xiang, Yan-wen Shi, Wei-liang Li, Yi-ming Zhou, Zheng-jia GU
Rural water environment is an integral part of the construction of rural water ecological civilization and an important part of the construction of "beautiful countryside”. But in recent years, rural water ecological environment is deteriorating.This paper analyzes the present situation and causes of...
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Quality Measurement Theory and Application in Bali Tour Group

Yanhong Liu, Caijuan Li, Jun Yuan
This paper selects Quality Measure Theory as research method which is based on five dimensions of Parasuraman’s SERVQUAL to analyze the reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibility of Bali tourism product. In-depth interview method is also used to testify satisfaction of tour group...
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The Influence of Environmental Cognition on Pro-environmental Behavior: The Mediating Effect of Psychological Distance

Hang Yu, Nan Ye, Xiao Zhang
Based on the data of Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS) in 2010, this paper explores the influence of environmental cognition on citizens' pro-environmental behavior, and introduces psychological distance to explain the mediating mechanism. The results show that environmental knowledge, perception...
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The shaping of Changzhou's spirit by water culture heritage

Qing-ming Wei, Li-qian Chen, Guan-yu Zhong, Yu-Xin Xia
Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, which is located in north of the Yangtze River, south of the Taihu Lake, The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal pass through the city. Located in the center of the Jiangnan Wu culture area, being the Jiangnan Geographical fortress. Crossed the city are interlaced rivers and lakes....
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Reform and Practice of Deepening Diagnostics Teaching in Internal Medicine Internship

Shougang Wang
Internal medicine covers a wide range of care types and is closely related to a variety of basic and clinical disciplines. The teaching of diagnostics should be deepened in internal medicine internship, and skill trainings should be carried out through clinical practices. By doing so, it will be made...
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The Reform of Innovative Talent Training Mode Based on University-Enterprise and Industry-University-Research Platform

Hailing Wang
Undergraduate education implements many years of the teaching model about the practice of the first theory after the practice, students often lack the necessary perceptual knowledge, and it is difficult to adapt to the rapid "accumulation" of theoretical knowledge, and be unable to form intrinsic learning...
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How to create a Chinese-style local clothing brand?

Xueying Liu
Since the rapid development of social economy, many local apparel companies have begun to focus on brand development, and Chinese elements have also become the starting point for some local companies to shape their brand image. However, in the development process, how to rationally use the unique image...
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Study on the Role Changes of Students in Blended Learning Based on BYOD

Yulei Gao
BYOD has become one of the most important trends in educational informatization worldwide. In this context, in order to help students to adapt to this change as soon as possible and improve teaching efficiency, six role changes of students in blended learning are proposed, that is, self-managers of BYOD,...
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Brand Building of Cultivating and Practicing the Socialist Core Values in Colleges and Universities From the Perspective of Internet Plus

Yu Chen, Jiajia Wang
In the Internet plus era, constructing the core value cultivation organism is the internal demand of brand building of cultivating and practicing the socialist core values in colleges and universities, so we must pay close attention to the generative nature of the subject, the relevance of the individual...
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Reflections on the Construction of Campus Culture in Higher Vocational Colleges in the New Era

Jiajia Wang, Yu Chen
Good campus culture is the most valuable wealth in higher vocational colleges. It is necessary to deeply grasp the essence and connotation of higher vocational campus culture in the new era, always take socialist core values as the guide, and carefully create first-class material culture, spiritual and...
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Research on the Path of Propaganda and Education of the Rule of Law in Colleges and Universities in New Epoch

Jiajia Wang, Yu Chen
The rule of law is the basic content of the socialist core values. To do well in the propaganda and education of the rule of law in colleges and universities in the new era, we must take the core values of socialism into the mind and the heart as the foundation. Press closely on the word “all” to classified...
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Promoting Cultural Connotation of Tourism by Protecting Language Diversity

Tang Chen, Jue Wang, Yu-xiu Zhang
The strategic value of cultural resources has now risen to the national strategy level. Languages are not only important cultural resources, but also part of non-material cultural resources. They play an important role in passing on human civilization and maintaining cultural diversity. However, with...
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Object Preposing in Mandarin Chinese: Focus on ba Construction and bei Construction

Wenjing He
This article explores ba construction and bei construction in realizing object preposing in Mandarin Chinese. The change of sentence structures mirrors the movement of objects, especially for object preposing and topicalization. In this case, inserting helping words as ba and bei highlights this vibration....
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The Empirical Analysis of Higher Vocational Education Regional Competitive Advantage in China -- Based on the Comparative Study of 31 Provinces and Cities in China

Weiwei Luo, Yinghong Su
This article evaluates, sorts and classifies regional higher vocational competitiveness of 31 provinces and cities in China with entropy weight method and gray relative analysis method and did a comparative study. The result shows that the region with the highest score of regional higher vocational competitiveness...
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Research on Architecture Design and Interior Space Environment Art

Jun Xie
With the continuous development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the living environment have become higher, which puts higher demands on architectural design and interior design work. In the process of interior design, it is necessary to do the...
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Application-oriented Undergraduate "Internet +" Software Engineering Textbook Construction

Tianli Li, Jinbo Zhang
In the era of "Internet +", the application-oriented undergraduate universities are undergoing pilot transformation. Under the new form, the construction of teaching materials is in a period of vigorous development. It is imperative for software engineering majors to adapt to the goal of cultivating...
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The Study to Improve College Students' Ability of Innovation by Art Education

Bi-yun Lin
Art education have diversified values and functions, which can stimulate college students' innovative thinking and improve their innovative ability. It is an important part of cultivating high-quality innovative talent education. So we should continuously improve and consummate the methods and measures...
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Study on the Layered and Mobile English Teaching Mode in Senior High School under the New College Entrance Examination Background

Qian Luo
The Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Implementation of the Reform of the Entrance Examination System reforms the scheme of College Entrance enrollment on English subject, which brings unprecedented Opportunities and challenges to English teaching in senior high school. Based on the theories of...
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Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Rail Transit Network on the Compact Development of China’s Metropolitan Areas

Weiwei Hao, Hongyan Gao, Zongqing Liu
As the backbone of the comprehensive transportation system, rail transit network has significant support and guidance on the formation and development of metropolitan area. Firstly, this paper constructs the Rail Transit-Compactness of metropolitan area model to explore the empirical effect from rail...
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The Enlightenment of Taiwan B&B Tourism Development on Hainan Rural Tourism

Yu-xiu Zhang, Tang Chen, Jue Wang
Both Hainan and Taiwan attach importance to cultural inheritance and environmental protection during the process of rural tourism development. Hainan can learn from Taiwan in terms of scale, quantity, format, connotation, quality, management concept, etc. To develop rural tourism in Hainan, local conditions...
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Problems and Countermeasures in Hainan Province’s Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Weihong Xu, Ming Ren
This paper analyzes the targeted poverty alleviation performance in 3 prefecture-level cities (Sansha City exclusive), 5 county-level cities, 4 counties and 6 national autonomous counties of Hainan Province, by using factor analysis and other empirical research methods, in addition to qualitative analysis,...
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An Analysis of Translation Ethics in the Globalization of Chinese literature

Yuanzhen Wu, Shijun Liu
Based on five models of translation ethics put forward by Andrew Chesterman, this paper tries to explore the theoretical basis of the translation of Chinese literature and how to better promote the globalization of it following the notions of translation ethics. Also new forms of translation ethics need...
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Combination of Introduction and Cultivation, Establish an Independent College Information Specialty Teachers' Team with Reasonable Structure and Excellent Teaching Style

Bin Lin
Teachers are the most valuable asset of the university, the quality of teachers directly determines the level of teaching and scientific research, directly affects the quality of personnel training. Independent college information specialty should combination of introduction and cultivation, efforts...
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The practical application of the course " debate competition " in the education and teaching of the Introduction on the Basic Principles of Marxism

Leifeng Wang
First of all, this paper analyzes what is the "introduction of basic Principles of Marxism" course " debate competition ", and then explains why the curriculum debate competition into the "Basic principles of Marxism" education and teaching, and finally explore the curriculum debate competition into...
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The Realistic Dilemma and Path Choice on the Urban Community Mediation——Taking Urban Community in X Province as an Example

Rongyan Zhang, Jinghui Dong
Community mediation is an important part of city community construction in our country nowadays, it is not only related to the vital interests of the residents of the community, but also directly related to the order and community construction, which is related to the development of social order and...
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One Case Study Of Organizational Commitment’s Influence Factors Based On Sandplay

Zhenyu Chen
Objective:Analyzed the influence of psychological complex on surface factors of organizational commitment and organizational commitment. Method:The intensity sampling method was used to select a case with multiple resignation experiences,Sandplay was used as a tool to conduct psychoanalytic interviews,...
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Research on the Optimization of Professional Structure of Newly Established Universities from the perspective of Industrial and Educational Integration

Qin Xie
Newly established universities need to optimize the professional structure from the perspective of integration of production and education. They should eliminate the backwardness major and exploit the advantages of dominant discipline; butt the modern industry, build new specialties, strengthen the new...
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The Application and Practice of Intergenerational mentoring techniques in Guiding Entrepreneurship Education in the post-90s

Qiang Yu, Xiufeng Zou
At present, innovation and entrepreneurship education has been incorporated into the talent training program of higher education in China, which is an innovative achievement of the comprehensive reform of higher education in China. For the entrepreneurs of the post-90s generation, they are full of entrepreneurial...
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Analysis of the Value of Tourism Resources of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Lanlan Liu, Qiang Yu
Because of its non-renewable, scarcity and unique, intangible cultural heritage as a high quality tourist resource is conducive to enhancing the competitiveness and popularity of tourist destinations, and has a positive role in promoting the local social and cultural status. As the core value of the...
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A Probe into the Influence of Father Participation on the Formation of Children's Gender Role

Sen Lu, Lixia Liang
Traditionally, raising a family as one of the core identities of adult males is established by society.After the implementation of the comprehensive two-child policy, more and more fathers have noticed their important role in the development of their children in family education, that is, their influence...
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Construction of Scholarship and Grants System under the Background of Reform of Postgraduate Training Mechanism

Weifeng Li, Lixia Liang
Postgraduate education is the highest level in higher education, and it shoulders the mission to cultivate top-notch and high-quality talent. Scholarship and Grants are basic guarantees for postgraduates to live and complete their studies. Only by constructing a well-developed scholarship and grants...
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The Status and Social Functions of female social organization ——Taking Jinan as a Case

Lixia Liang
Female social organizations are women-oriented, and target women, children, and families as the main clients, which fully depend on the characteristics and advantages of women, and have a wide range of influence, cohesion, and appeal in the urban and rural women. Female social organizations are not only...
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Female and Kitchen Space

Hui Wang, Lixia Liang
Kitchen space and women have always been associated with each other. This article uses feminist geography criticism theory, from the perspective of kitchen space combining the Chinese contemporary feminist literature texts such as Kitchen, Double-sided Glue and Whitewater Green Vegetables, the author...
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The Construction and Analysis of the Media Image of the Elderly in Qilu Evening News

Huanning Yan, Weifeng Li
With the increasing number of elderly people, the elderly population has become one of the main audiences of the mass media, and it is very important to build an image of the elderly in the mass media. Here we will discuss about Qilu Evening News as a sample, through the content analysis method, it analyzes...
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Research on the Application of Causal Conjunctions in College Students' English Writing

Zhipeng Liu, Xiaochen Xu, Yongxiu Zhou, Xinli Li
This study compares the use of causal connection words in English writing between English majors and non-English majors in undergraduate colleges. It concludes that, causal connectives are used more frequently and more appropriately in English majors' writing; compared with non-English major students'...
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Teaching and thinking on Mechanical Engineering English in private undergraduate university

Tingzhou Ning
In order to improve the teaching quality of Mechanical Engineering English in private undergraduate university, firstly, two senior undergraduate classes of Mechanical Engineering English final exam scores were analyzed in private undergraduate university Shandong University of X in 2017-2018 school...
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Cultural Exchanges between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries: Macao Platform

Huichun Yu
The cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries has expanded to 17 different areas and cultural cooperation is one of them. History has given Macao a profound cultural heritage which has enabled Macao to maintain close ties with Portuguese-speaking countries. Macao has natural advantages...
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Vadim O. Evseev, Tatiana V. Skryl
The article considers the factors that have a certain influence on the voting process. The goal of the research is to develop an algorithm and model for the construction of political space and variant behavior of voters in the process of political elections. Methods: the research is based on the system...
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Research on the teaching reform of “student centered” to improve students’ comprehensive ability in the era of “Internet +”

Ai Liu, Yun ShI, Mingge Zhai
In the era of "Internet plus", the teaching reform research focusing on students and improving students' comprehensive ability has become the focus of research at home and abroad. Through the practical research on the teaching reform of basic courses, this paper preliminarily explores how to carry out...
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Research on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of Chinese College Students' Entrepreneurship

Jie Hou
Based on the theory of organizational ecology, this paper studied the difficulties faced by college entrepreneurs, which include financing, social network, marketing, management difficulties, etc., and pointed out that universities should promote the legalization strategy effectively to improve the survival...
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Promote bilingual teaching mode in practical teaching

Wenliang Li, Shisong Qu, Weiping Wang
In view of the current situation of bilingual teaching in hydrology and water resources engineering, the teaching mode of promoting bilingual courses was explored to train outstanding engineers. The author accurately locates the course through research, clarifies the purpose of teaching, and improves...
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Thoughts on the Status Quo of Rural Tourism Development

Xiaoling Hu
At present, rural tourism in China is developing rapidly. Rural tourism is mainly represented by rural scenery and rural folk customs. Rural tourism is enriching China's tourism industry. This paper analyzes the background of rural tourism development, analyzes the development status of rural tourism...
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Taking the Voluntary Service System as the Starting Point to Explore the Transformation of the Cultivation Mode of Joining the Party-- Take the School of Journalism and Communication of Jiangxi Normal University as an example

Kaiyuan Liu, Xiangyu Yu
Probing into an innovative way in the cultivation and training work for the active college students who are applying for the Party Membership and that is one of the most crucial mission for universities and college Party organizations in the new era.This essay analyzes the advancing experience of party...
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Flipped Classroom as a tool for Information Literacy in academic university Library, A Case Study in Northeast Normal University

Qicun Sun, Chunlei Wang, Ziyu Ning
Flipped classroom is a new teaching mode accompanied by information-based teaching. As is known the flipped classroom is originally applied to the practice course of basic education, the teacher can organize the teaching activities conveniently according to the personality characteristics of the students,...
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Research on the practice of information literacy education model based on students’ information behavior analysis

Qicun Sun
There were a lot of problems in information literacy education of the university under the new information environment. Furthermore, profound changes have taken place in the students' information behavior. The university library should shoulder the important task of information literacy education in...
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Research on the Symbolic Meaning of National Costumes—— Take Cheongsam and Kimono as an example

Yingxin Qi
As an important manifestation of social civilization, clothing has long been not just clothing itself, but a socialized political, economic and cultural carrier that has been materialized, and is a materialized expression of specific cultural values. In particular, in addition to embodying the national...
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Cultivation of Global Foreign Language Talents in Guangdong Applied Colleges Under The Background Of Great Bay Area of Guangdong Hongkong & Macao

Aihua Zhu, Jiayi Zhong
Global foreign language talents are an upgraded version of compound foreign language talents. Foreign language education focuses on the cultivation of global talents in recent years. The core of their contents are national standpoint, world vision, innovative thinking, and multiple abilities. The Great...
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Research on the Development Model of Equilibrium Function of Chinese Undergraduate Universities

Aying Zhang, Zhiping Li, Zhenghong Li
According to the school-running logic of undergraduate universities, there are five juxtaposition elements, such as students, teachers, conditions, management and culture. By using the regression analysis method of modern statistics, this paper quantitatively analyzes the influence of 5 parallel elements...
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Research on the Scale Coordinated Development Mode of Chinese Undergraduate Universities

Aying Zhang, Zhiping Li, Zhenghong Li
The scale coordination model of undergraduate university development is: in the initial stage of the establishment of undergraduate university, the scale of each juxtaposed factor (student factor, teacher factor, condition factor, management factor, cultural factor) is developing quantitatively, while...
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Image-building Markers in Small Stories: Evidence from Chinese Snooker Commentary

Cong-cong Wang
This paper tries to discern the role of small stories in building different-nationality players’ images with the focus primarily on the content analysis of appellations and tenses. The discoursal analysis shows that the linguistic construction of the Chinese player’s image is more diverse than that of...
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The study on the innovative teaching method of Internet plus manual training

Qun Liu, Yan Cheng
The present teaching situation of manual training in accounting specialty was described, and the main problems such as single teaching method, inability to meet the different needs of different students at the same time, inability to observe and study repeatedly, and lack of standardization in teaching...
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The Value of Big Data Culture in the Strategy of Cultural Giant

Yuan-Xu Wang
To implement the strategy of cultural giant and build a powerful socialist nation, it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of big data culture, so that the concept of big data culture will be closely integrated with our socialist culture. Starting with proposing and discussing the significance...
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omparative Study on Learning Space of Learning Buildings at Universities based on Visibility

Jiahui Wang, Fang Wu, Ziyang Bao, Lingxue Bao
Recently, the studies on learning space to explore the operational mechanism and design method are rare. Meanwhile, the analysis methods of atriums and courtyards are not clear. In this study, a new model is proposed to distinguish the void space in the visible analysis which is based on two case studies....
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Research on the Organizational System of Chinese Undergraduate Universities

Aying Zhang, Zhiping Li, Zhenghong Li
The coordinating elements of undergraduate universities are divided into student elements, material elements and non-material elements. Generally speaking, the internal factors of Chinese undergraduate universities are interrelated and interact with each other, which means there is a functional coupling...
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The Use of Mother Tongue in Foreign Language Teaching

Haining Xu
The role of mother tongue has always been an important issue in the study of Foreign Language Teaching. In different methods and approaches, the role of mother tongue is different. Some researchers think that mother tongue is very important and should be used in Foreign Language Teaching; while, other...
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Exploration and Practice of Bilingual Teaching of Financial Accounting in Colleges and Universities

Ruoqian Yang, Yan Zhang, Yu Jiang
In the process of promoting quality education and implementing the reform of teaching, many colleges and universities in China have started to create new teaching methods and teaching modes in combination with the actual situation of current teaching, with the aim of promoting the all-round growth and...
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The Development Mode of Campus Culture in Chinese Undergraduate Universities

Aying Zhang, Zhiping Li, Zhenghong Li
The undergraduate university culture is a cultural system formed by undergraduates in the process of inheriting, collating, exchanging and innovating knowledge, which is related to and different from popular culture or other social culture. The culture of undergraduate universities is formed in the long-term...
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Body Memory: The change of Dungan people's Folk Life

Liqun Zhang
Folklore is not always static, and the body constantly participates in the adaption in the process of displaying, remembering, and inventing folklore. The body helps folklore individuals adapt to the surrounding environment and seek group identity. The body is not only the target of folk disciplines,...
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The Development Mode of Teaching Staff in Chinese Undergraduate Universities

Aying Zhang, Zhiping Li, Zhenghong Li
The basic principles of faculty building in undergraduate universities include the basic principles of selecting teachers, using teachers, cultivating teachers and stabilizing teachers. According to the theory of human resource management, the basic mechanisms of faculty building in undergraduate universities...
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Research on the Transition from Kindergarten Language Education to Primary School Language Education

Lina Zhang, Han Yin
This paper analyzes the current situation and existing problems of the language education in the transition from kindergarten to primary school and proposes corresponding strategies by literature, observation, interview and other methods. Based on the perspectives of lifelong education and continuous...
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The Discipline and Professional Development Mode of Chinese Undergraduate Universities

Aying Zhang, Zhiping Li, Zhenghong Li
Specialty is the basic unit of personnel training based on disciplines and according to the needs of social and vocational division of labor. Discipline is a relatively independent system of knowledge in which human beings divide their own knowledge into groups according to the object of cognition in...
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The Basic Strategy of Academic Management in Undergraduate Universities

Aying Zhang, Zhiping Li, Zhenghong Li
The academic management of undergraduate universities is the management of academic activities and academic affairs of undergraduate universities according to the inherent logic of knowledge and the laws of teaching and scientific research. Thus it can be seen that the object of academic management of...
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Evaluation of Bilingual Teaching from the Perspective of International Accreditation of Engineering Specialty: a Case Study of Coalfield Geology""

Jianguo Wang
Specialty certification is effectiveness checkout of discipline construction. Under the background of education internationalization, specialty certification is imperative. As one of the core courses of Resource Exploration Engineering Major, the course "Coalfield Geology" has been carried out in some...
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The Exploration and Practice on the Classroom Teaching Reform of the Database Technologies Course in colleges

Xiaodan Zhang, Xiaoying Wang, Zhiqiang Liu, Wandong Xue
The classroom teaching in colleges and universities plays an important role in the process of talent training. How to improve the quality of classroom teaching is a key topic for colleges to carry out the related research on education reform and innovation. While the reform of the teaching mode is the...
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Research on the Quality of International Cooperation in Higher Vocational Colleges

Hua Liu
China has formulated relevant incentive policies for international cooperation in higher vocational colleges. Therefore, the quality of international cooperation in higher vocational colleges is also constantly improving. However, it is undeniable that there are many deficiencies and problems in the...
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Research on formulation strategy of talent training plan for the construction of applied undergraduate first-class specialty

Guo-Ping Wang, Shuang Cheng, Hua-Ning Hao
Aiming at new requirements for personnel training from the new economy, Strategies for developing new talents training program of first-class mechanical design and manufacturing and Automation specialty in application oriented Universities are researched. First of all, new characteristics of talent training...
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Research on the course teaching of management statistics based on MOOC teaching

SunHua Mei
the course "management statistics" is a compulsory basic course for economics and management majors. It has a wide audience and the main goal of course construction is to improve the teaching quality of the course. With the development of MOOC in full swing, it is worth discussing whether the course...
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Feasibility analysis of experiential training in BiGuiYuan School Guangdong Province

Ge Chen, Jun Wang
In recent years, experiential training has been carried out in a prosperous way, gradually transitioning from adult training to adolescents. Especially the summer camps and winter camps for the holidays have been popular among parents and children. Then the experiential training entered the classroom...
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Research on the development of Sports Anthropology

Jun Wang, Yingying Su
Anthropology is becoming more important than ever before in the context of Globalization. Moreover, there is a growing need to understand the relationship between individuals and society, also the similarities and differences with each other. This paper analyzes the characteristics and development trend...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Economics Course Teaching in Applied Undergraduate Colleges under the Background of MOOC

Min Zhou
Based on the analysis of the current teaching situation of economics courses in application-oriented universities, the paper pointed out MOOC resources can broaden the teaching content, enrich teaching methods, help teachers and students interact and conform to students' learning characteristics. MOOC...
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Views on the Current Situation of Economics Teaching and Research in Colleges and Universities

Zhangming Hu
Marxist economics and Western economics are all part of the economics teaching of colleges and universities. How to deal with the relationship between the two different economic system, how to arrange in the curriculum system, how to develop the actual teaching process, etc. The main problems that need...
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Matrix Structure: A Paradigm Choice for the Work of University Offices

Zhengjin Zhang
In view of the contradictions existing in university offices,this paper comprehensively applies the theory of higher education management and psychology of school management, and proposes the matrix structure as a paradigm choice for the work of university offices from the perspective of organizational...
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Current Situation Analysis and Suggestions for Professional Development of Bilingual Teachers of 0-3-Year-Old Children -------Taking Shenyang for example

Lina Zhang, Yu Yuan
With education reform in China keeps advancing, the development of pre-school education is also receiving more and more attention and support on the national and local levels. With kindergarten work carrying out in full swing, another group of education institutions – early education institutions for...
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Analysis of Principle Orientation and Entry Point of Higher Vocational Education in Rural Revitalization Strategy

Juan Chen, Guosheng Ma
Using literature analysis, comparison of characteristics and typical investigation, taking agricultural higher vocational education and agricultural higher vocational colleges as cases, this paper studies and analyzes the realistic basis and entry point for serving rural revitalization strategy in higher...
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Research on Questioning Strategies of Senior Class Teachers in Kindergartens

Lina Zhang, Rui Zhao
Questioning as a bridge between individuals in daily life, refers to individuals integrating into groups, not only a simple traditional concept and framework that you ask me to answer, such as “teacher-student” and “leadership-execution”. The article put forward questions first and analyzes the reasons...
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Research of the cultivation path of legal consciousness of higher vocational college students under the background of the rule of law

Jin Wang
The realization of the comprehensive rule of law depends on the improvement of the awareness of the rule of law of all citizens. As an advanced group of contemporary Chinese citizens, higher vocational college students with legal consciousness and knowledge are very important to the realization of a...
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Research on Scientific Management Countermeasures for the First Semester of New Students in Military Academy

Jun Tang, Jinlin Guo, Jie Jiang, Wei Gu
The military academies are the cradle of modern and new military talents that cultivate the all-round development of morality, intelligence, body and labor, and play a pivotal role in the challenges of the new military revolution. However, at this stage, the management mechanism of military academies...
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Research on the development status of Korean language training industry in Wuhan

An Feng, HaiBo Zhao
This paper focuses on the Korean language training industry in Wuhan, through field research, I learned about the operation scale, employment form, teacher status, enrollment status, profit and loss status, market demand and problems to be overcome in the Korean language training service industry in...
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Analysis on the Extension and Expansion of Korean Language Teaching in the New Media Environment

Xingchen Deng
The development of information technology centered on the internet has not only changed our way of life, but also updated the teaching philosophy and Korean educational model. Moreover, the Korean language education in today’s new media environment has made it necessary to break through the limitations...
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Discussion on the Enlightenment of Dewey's Educational Thoughts on the Reform of Early Childhood Education in China

Lina Zhang, Dongqing Bai, Yixiao Tong
The purpose of this paper is to conduct a series of researches on the enlightenment brought by Dewey's educational thoughts to the reform of early childhood education in China, and hope to have a certain development and promotion effect on the reform of early childhood education in China. This paper...
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Establish Institutional Authority and Enhance the Effect of Education and Management for College Students

Tao Chen, Wenchao Lu
Ideological and moral education is an important content of the education and management of college students. Therein institutionalization is an important way to standardize the management of college students and enhance the actual effect of students' moral education. The establishment of institution...
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Research on the Causes and Countermeasures of the Development Disadvantages of China's Overseas Consumption Education Service Trade

Hongxing Liu, Mengxin Cao
In the current era, the trade in education services in various countries has developed rapidly, and the trade in overseas consumer education services is the most important mode of trade in educational services. However, China's overseas consumer education service trade is in a disadvantaged position...
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Application status and development trend of blending teaching mode: application analysis based on MOOC, microlecture and flipped classroom

Hui Zhao, Dan Zhang
In the 19th National Congress of CPC, Xi Jinping put forward the need to speed up the modernization of education and promote the reform of education. As a modern educational mode, blending teaching mode in colleges and universities has achieved gratifying results in promoting the construction of applied...
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Study on Phenomenological Philosophy of Social Sciences

Xiao-long Zhang
This article attempts to confirm the legitimacy of the philosophy of social sciences with the perspective of phenomenology. So we believe it is important like phenomenological attitude, lifeworld or self – realization and so on . When the social science and even the science taken into a paradox that...
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A Comparison between Ancient Greek and Chinese Philosophy on Politics

Qihan Long
Although being two opposite ends of the Eurasian continent, the Greek and Chinese philosophers in the period of 600 BC to 300 BC came with some similar cures for the government. Both Greek and Chinese philosophers emphasized the importance of harmony, virtue and music in politics. Furthermore, in regard...
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Construction of English Audiovisual Material Corpus for English Majors Based on Constructivism

Jinling Song, Li Zhang
With the development of multimedia adopted in teaching, audiovisual class emerges in recent years. The new teaching mode has stimulated the students’ interest and soon made the course a compulsory subject. However, the absence of a scientific material corpus leads to the random selection of materials...
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VEPES:A Virtual Experimental Platform for Embedded System Course

Boyu Si, Baodan Bai, Xiaoou Li, Chengcheng Fan
In view of the problems in the traditional experimental teaching of the embedded system course, the experimental equipment is few, the experimental mode is boring, and the time and space are limited, the Proteus and IAR development tools are used to design a set of virtual experiment platform based on...
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Review and Prospect of the Overqualification Study

Hong-an Chen, Wen-pei Zang
With the improvement of the overall quality of the labor force and the slow-down development of economic growth, the employment opportunities that the society can provide can not keep up with the growth rate of people's employment demand. More and more people have to accept low-demand work, and there...
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A Study On the Expectation of Information Disclosure in University from the Perspective of Modern University System

Linlin Shang
Information disclosure in university is a window for modern university to enter into society and to maintain social relations, a social attitude of following democracy and running university open, an act of configuring public resources. In the ecological governance system of modern university construction,...
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The transformation of higher engineering education to meet the needs of manufacturing industry development

Wenhua Liu
With the improvement and deepening of globalization, higher engineering education should adapt the requirement of manufacturing industry transformation. Nowadays, the development of higher engineering education paradigm in China gets the widespread recognition in the world. But the manufacturing industry...
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Improving the teaching quality of new teachers by integrating multiple practical models of lesson study

Jingjing Zhao, Xingtong Liu
As an educational teacher mode to enhance teaching ability, lesson study has been accepted by more and more educators. Lesson study is based on lesson examples, emphasizing the promotion of teaching quality in dynamic research. To do well in teaching work, teachers need to have teaching design ability,...
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Computer Aided Teaching for Material Mechanics

Yuanzhu Zhang, Jiabao Li
According to the characteristics and teaching status of Material Mechanics course, a computer aided teaching software including 12 typical examples based on ANSYS, MATLAB and JAVA was designed. The software has the characteristics of visualization, interactivity and comprehensiveness, which can be applied...
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Strategic Study of Fashion Accessories Design: A model for China Undergraduate Education in Fashion

Junqian Chen
By clearly defining the importance of fashion accessories design in fashion design education, this paper argues the shortages of current Chinese fashion accessories design undergraduate education, trying to establish the future fashion accessories education mode through three dimensions of practice,...
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The Evaluation and Application of University WeChat Public Platform

Ruixian Fang, Tongyu Ran, Fen Liu
As the product of the transformation of university service under the new media environment, the university WeChat official account has become a new interactive public platform for university and university students, and its construction and evaluation help to improve the management of universities. Based...
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Study On Maldives Tax Law Risk and Its Enlightenment to Chinese Investment Enterprises

Chunyan Du
Taxation,a basic function of the state's public finance for the property of residents and non-residents,is the most important form of fiscal revenue in the country. With the globalization of capital flows, Chinese enterprises investing in the Maldives becomes a trend. While the legal environment of the...
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Research on the construction of practical teaching system for accounting major in applied technology undergraduate universities

Dan Zhang, Tianmei Song, Ying Gao
The new era of National Undergraduate Education Conference, the Secretary of Education Chen Baosheng said, undergraduate education is the life and development of higher education, we must adhere to the foundation, strengthens the first-class undergraduate education. The aim is to solve the problems existing...