Proceedings of the 2021 6th International Conference on Modern Management and Education Technology(MMET 2021)

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Is Takashi Murakami’s Art an Exploration of Symbolism?

Xiaoming Hu
Looking at all kinds of art in general, contemporary art would be the most distinctive one. It is completely opposite to classical art as an immature system, with a number of possibilities on the use of media and emotions expressed by the art. In this paper, I am trying to figure out what is associated...
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Cross-cultural Communication- How Does Japanese Animation Adapt American Cultural Values to Satisfy American Consumers?

Qijia Zhou, Yisui Tang
In the context of business communication, the topic of cross-cultural adaptation is often discussed. This research report is committed to discuss the differences in ways American and Japanese audiences interpret animation series and the reason why Japanese anime could become successful in the United...
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COVID-19 and Politics

Fei Li, Ching-Han Liao, Ruoyuan Ma, Qianyao Zhu, Yuzhe Liu
In this project, in this research used the county of Harris and Colorado in Texas, California, and Nevada as examples to investigate the relationship between COVID-19 and the politics of the United States; specifically, the difference in the coronavirus statistics among the counties across the country...
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Selective Attention Ability’s Relationship with Socioeconomic Status

Zhihao Xie
This paper indicates the relationship between socioeconomic status and selective attention. Reasonably, people tend to lose some details, and some previous researches indicated that how people act to the ignored detail is mainly depended on their selective attention ability. The hypothesis is there will...
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Research on Accounting Informatization Management Strategy Under Enterprise Financial Sharing Service

Chunxia Chen
In the fierce market competition, enterprises need to combine their own actual situation, attach great importance to financial sharing. Based on the analysis of the advantages and innovative modes of financial sharing service, this paper further clarifies the key points of financial sharing, and guides...
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Investigating the Equity of Access When Comparing Migrant and Local Students

Jiayi Zhang
This paper reviews the disadvantageous position of migrant students in urban areas since numerous people hold a wrong notion that migrant students are so fortunate to go to urban schools and accept relatively more developed instructions on schoolwork. However, there are still many barriers for migrant...
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New Thinking of Teaching Mode in Higher Vocational Colleges Under the Background of Enrollment Expansion

Jiaqi He, Hongshi Nan
The government work report for three consecutive years puts forward new requirements for the large-scale enrollment expansion of higher vocational education. In this context, this paper studies the teaching mode of higher vocational education, combined with the current situation of enrollment expansion,...
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An Investigation into the Adaptability of Chinese Students in the UK from a Cross-Culture Perspective

Lingyu Tian, Ye Zhang, Ziyu Wang
With the increase in the number of Chinese students studying in China, it has become increasingly important to study the adaptability of Chinese students in the new cultural environment. The main content of this research is to explore the influence of language mastery, academic activities, and social...
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Research on Teaching Mode of Building Architecture Based on Digital Technology

Neng Zhang, Lingzhi Wang
This paper analyzes the present situation of traditional teaching of building architecture and the problems existing in the process of reform. Based on the OBE output-oriented concept and aiming at cultivating excellent engineers, relying on the Virtual simulation Experiment Center of China University...
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SWOT Analysis and Discussion on the Online Teaching Mode of Engineering Mechanics in the Background of COVID-19

Yu Dong
With the rapid development of mobile Internet and big data, the traditional teaching mode continues to transform. The hybrid teaching mode based on various intelligent teaching platforms (tools) has promoted the in-depth reform of educational informatization. Influenced by the global spread of COVID-19,...
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Research on the Ideological and Political Construction of the Course ‘Introduction to Social Security’

Zhang Yanli, Wang Feng
The teaching reform of ideological and political curriculum is a strategic measure to carry out the Guiding Outline of Ideological and political Curriculum’s Construction in Colleges and Universities issued by the Ministry of Education in order to realize the fundamental task of ‘Establishing Morality...
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Research on “3+3” Assessment Mechanism of Party Building Work in State-owned Enterprises

Wei Yin, Liangxuan Wu, Fangjian Chen, Yuehua Li, Tao Wang
This article will complete the review and summary of the regulations, systems, norms and historical evolution of the evaluation of CPC building work in state-owned enterprises. We built “3+3” CPC building work evaluation mechanism for state-owned enterprises, which focusing on the unclear orientation...
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Research on Brain Has a Negative Bias and How to Fix It

Yue Cui
Scientists hypothesize that there is a general bias towards negative entities (e.g., events, objects, personal characteristics) based on innate tendencies and experiences. This article mainly studies why our brain has negative bias and how we can overcome it. At present, psychologists have studied the...
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Research on the Integrated Cultivation of Vocational Spirit and Vocational Skills of Higher Vocational Students

Take the Major of Aeroengine as an Example

Mei Huang, Yang Chen, Wenjiong Hai, Cuiqin Rong
In the process of education and teaching in higher vocational colleges, we should start from the innovation of talent training mode, rebuild the curriculum system, strengthen the cooperation and skill competition between schools and enterprises, constantly enrich the teaching content and innovate the...
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Research on the Mechanism of Digital Economy Promoting Industrial Structure Optimization in China

Lin Xiang
China is facing a critical period of development of digital economy currently, and trying to find the right way of employing the digital economy to realize the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. Based on the analysis of the definition, current situation of digital economy and the obstacles...
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Cultural Diversity and the Competitive Strategies of the Enterprises: An Empirical Analysis on Chinese Listed Companies from the Perspective of Dialect

Qin Zhuofan, Ruan Shan
Studies in recent years have gradually emphasized the role of culture in economic growth. China, with its diverse culture, has given birth to diverse dialects. In this paper, we identify the competitive strategies adopted by listed companies in China from 2016 to 2019 based on financial analysis in DuPont...
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The Theory and Application in Agile Project Management (APM) with Scrum

Yiyang Fang
This paper aims to use the idea of “agile” in project management to possibly avoid failure in projects for technology companies. Agile project management (APM) is a kind of new management method to keep stability and flexibility for managing innovation projects. The Scrum is one of the APM methodologies...
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Cultural Variation and Teenager’s Self-Evaluation and Ingroup Bias

Jiayi Geng
This paper discusses the correlation between cultural variation and humble Chinese teenagers’ (15-16 years) self-evaluation and ingroup bias. The two studies in this paper separately discusses the effect of cultural variation on teenagers’ self-evaluation and its effects ingroup bias. In Study 1, I studied...
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Imbedding & Integration: A New Thought on Party Construction in Non-Public-Owned Enterprises in the New Era

Chen Yu-an
It was set forth on the National Conference on Party Construction in Non-public-owned Enterprises that “Two Coverage”, “Two Functions” shall be well implemented and construction of “Two Teams” shall be enhanced. With reference to the target, challenges of lack of organizational cohesion, insufficient...
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Reviving Tourism Industry Amid Covid-19: An Interest-based Policy-making Approach

Jialang He, Zhijie Jin, Hongyi Zhu
The Covid-19 health crisis has engendered detrimental influences on the tourism industry, generating substantial losses of jobs and economic benefits. In this context, restoring tourism businesses is becoming increasingly crucial for the revival of the economy. Nevertheless, during the pandemic, the...
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Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Case Studies of Dell, Ikea and Byte Dance

Ding Ding, Xinyue Liu, Haoran Xu
Sustainable competitive advantage is the foundation to ensure the survival and development of enterprises amid the fierce market competition. For a long time, how to obtain and maintain sustainable competitive advantage has been the core issue in the field of strategic management. Based on the resource-based...
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Research on the Application of “Large Class Teaching and Small Class Discussion” Teaching Mode in Electronic Technology Courses Under the Background of the Development of Electronic Technology Field

Luya Zhang, jisen Cheng, Jing Zhao
Electronic technology course is the required professional basic course for engineering majors such as power electronic technology and electrical engineering in colleges and universities, which plays an important role in the training of electronic information professionals. Based on the latest development...
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Contrasting and Analyzing Machine and Human Translation

A Case Study on Red Sorghum

Manxin Lan, Linshan Zhao
The quality of machine translation is an important part in machine language competence. Currently, there are still many differences between machine translation and human translation. The quality of machine translation still could not reach the quality of human translation. We take a Chinese literary...