Proceedings of the 2018 4th Annual International Conference on Modern Education and Social Science (MESS 2018)

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The Importance of the Hanon Piano Fingering in Piano Teaching

This paperused the literature method to discuss the importance of Hanon Piano Fingering in piano teaching. Hanon Piano Fingering popularized the basic technique of piano training, so that we can solve the laws of the progress of playing piano effectively.

Analysis on the Economic Spatial Linkage Gravity Model of the Urban Agglomeration in Northeast Zhejiang

Ying ZI
According to the data of statistical yearbook, this paper calculates the influence of a city's outward function on the intensity of urban flow, so as to modify the "quality" of the gravity model and calculate the economic spatial linkage of Urban Agglomeration. The calculation shows that in the past...

A Brief Analysis of the Piano Music, “On the Mountain the Red Flowers are All Open”

“On the mountain the red flowers are all open”, from wang jianzhong's “ the northern shaanxi' s beloved five”, with light bright melody for the song, abundant harmonic color, distinctive performance and music expressive force, depicts the scene that the northern shanxi people looking forward to the red...

Trade Potential Analysis between China and Europe under “the Belt and Road” Initiative

Pei-Zhi WANG, Yu-Han ZHENG, Li-Ping SUN
Recently, the European market has become an indispensable part of Chinese foreign trade. In 2013, China put forward “the Belt and Road” initiative in order to communicate the Eurasian Continent. There has been 24 European countries joining in “the Belt and Road” initiative while most developed countries...

Study on the Trade Potential of BRIC Countries -- Empirical Analysis Based on Gravity Model

Pei-Zhi WANG, Zhe-Ning YU, Yu-Han ZHENG
In recent years, BRIC countries, as a representative of emerging economies, have increasingly become an important driving force driving the global economic recovery. This paper studies the trade import and export of the BRIC countries through statistical analysis and econometric methods. First of all,...

The Analysis of Location Selection of Shandong Province Manufacturing Enterprises Direct Investment in Countries Along the Belt and Road

Pei-Zhi WANG, Shu-Yue ZHANG, Zhe-Ning YU
In this paper, we use logit analysis of the panel data of the direct investment of manufacturing enterprises above designated size in Shandong Province in countries along the "Belt and Road" from 2009 to 2013, test the location selection and influencing factors of manufacturing enterprises above designated...

Research on the Innovation Mechanism and Development Path of Students' Work Based on Big Data

Kai-Yuan LIU, Yu-Bo WANG
Big data has penetrated into all fields of society and massive data covers a lot of valuable information, so the work of college students will be greatly affected by the impact of big data. The influence of big data on the structure of students work is the high rate of information dissemination and the...

Research and Practice on the Teaching Mode of Geometrical Optics Based on the Engineering Education Accreditation

Chun-Hua REN, Xiao-Ming HU, Chao GAO
As the basic course of measurement and control technology and instrument specialty, geometric optics is one of the core courses to culture the student with a comprehensive ability of optics, machine, circuit and compute. Based on the cultivating objective of using geometry optics knowledge to solve measurement...

Research on the Optimization of Curriculum System of Logistics Engineering Major Under Internet + Background

Yun-Feng ZHANG, Si-Qi ZHANG, Qian-Qian SHAO
The Professional orientation of logistics engineering major under the Internet + background is determined first, then the training scheme is amended on the base of it. The curriculum system and the practical teaching scheme are programmed according to the cultivating goals and training programs.

Practice and Reformation for Course of Power Electronics Technology Based on “Excellent Engineers Program”

Rui-Ping ZHANG, Feng ZHAO
To meet the demand of national specialty of Electrical Engineering and the talent training of “Excellent Engineers Program” pilot project, current development of power electronics technology and its application in railway industry are combined. The cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents...

Study on the Undergraduate Specialty Construction of Human Geography and Urban- rural Planning Major in Colleges and Universities

Yu-Fen WANG, Jin-Xian HAN, Shu-Fang SANG
Human geography and urban-rural planning major, as the new undergraduate specialty set up in 2012, is still in the exploration. This article mainly analyzed the construction of Human geography and urban-rural planning from professional orientation and curriculum system. This paper also summarized and...

Research on the Strategy of Human Resources Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Yun-Yan KAN
The article defined human resources management for nonprofit organizations and de-scribed the characteristics of it. Then the author analyzed the main problems in the human resources management for nonprofit organizations. Finally, based on the above analysis, the author discussed the main measures of...

Research on the leader motivation of manufacturing enterprises--a case study of Haier in Wuhan

You-Jun WU, Li-Juan ZHAO, Shao-Wei YANG, Xiong-Min DAI, Meng XU
With the advent of the Internet era, the ever-changing information technology, the manufacturing industry , as China's national economic base and pillar of , under the changes in the environment will have a certain impact, manufacturing enterprises must change the traditional concept, make use of favorable...

Development Predicament and Exploration of International Exchanges and Cooperation Among Universities of Finance and Economics

Wang XI
The aim of this paper is to explore and solve the problems arising in the process of international exchanges and cooperation among universities of finance and economics. On-the-spot method is adopted in this paper. By collecting the first-hand information from government departments and universities,...

Preliminary Research on Second Language Teaching Reform In Foreign Language Postgraduates

This paper mainly discusses the sencond language courses of graduate education curriculum system for foreign language postgraduates. Its development should comply with the demand of the times and be promoted from the following five aspects(1)Establish the training objective of second language courses...

Discussion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Xue-Bin JIA
Innovation and entrepreneurship development of universities, is a major strategic measure to cultivate talents with innovative spirit and strong practical ability for national construction, which is an important subject of education teaching reform in colleges and universities. We attach great importance...

Research on the Transformation of "Dual-Qualification" Teachers in the Local Application-Oriented Undergraduate Electrical Automation Field

Xiao-Yu WANG
Guided by [2015] No.7 document and based on the problems like generallow teachers’ quality, their inadequate professional experience, weak practical capability and incomplete incentive measures and assessment system existing in the transition of teachers in electrical automation field in local undergraduate...

On the Diversity of Versions from the Perspective of Halliday’s Systematic-functional Grammar

Xiao-Ying YAN
Different translators have different versions of the same source text. This essay is to illuminate the reasons behind the phenomenon by using Halliday’s Systematic-functional grammar. It is found that there are a series of factors which contribute to the diversity and the increase of the number of versions,...

Study on Business Ethics Education of Financial and Economics Universities in China

Hua-Liang LU, Qiu-Yu YE, Ya-Jun SUN
Nowadays, the increasingly serious business ethical issues lead up to the highly concern of the society. The financial and economics universities and colleges take the main position for cultivating future commercial talents of the society. It is their responsibilities to study problems of business ethics...

Research on the Cultivating System of E-commerce Professionals in Universities

Yang LIU, Ze-Xuan YIN, Chen ZHANG, Yi-He ZHANG, Ye WANG, Chun-Yan QIU, Chi-Jun ZHANG, Ren SONG, Yan MA, Xiang LI
In view of the contradiction between the Social demand for talents in E-commerce and the cultivation of undergraduate talents in E-Commerce in recent years, the key to solve the phenomenon of "talent bubble" in E-Commerce is to improve the core competence of E-Commerce. Through combing the undergraduate...

Cultivation Countermeasures of Vocational College Students' Professional Ethics Education from the Perspective of Craftsman Spirit

The spirit of the craftsmanship, first for the enterprise, is now the spiritual quality that all walks of life cannot lack. As the main channel of conveying technical talents for the society, vocational colleges are indispensable to cultivate the spirit of craftsmanship for students' professional ethics...

A Study on the Role of MOOCs in Computer Basic Teaching in Universities

Bo-Qin LIU, Han-Rong CHEN
MOOC in China is developing rapidly, we will curtain into the university computer basic course teaching. It is found that there are some limitations in the process of computer basic teaching in the university. Through the intervention and guidance of the teacher, the problems and shortcomings brought...

On the Present Employment Situation and Countermeasures of College Students in China

Xin-Ying LIU, Rui LI, Xiao-Rui WANG
In recent years, with the increasing enrollment of higher education institutions. The issue of employment of college students has drawn much attention. This article by comparing the impact of different factors in the past seven years analyzes the factors that affect the employment of college graduates...

New Explorer for Communication of Postgraduate and Mentor in New Media Background

Lian-Xia JIANG
The enormous gathering of cyberspace promotes the rapid development of the new media concept and technology, which has obvious effect in the infiltration of daily behaviors of teachers and students, the communication between mentors and postgraduate gets more closely in such condition, but easily to...

Public Policy-Making in the Perspective of Emergency Management

Hui-Dan YUE
The emergencies frequently take place with the gradual deepening of the social transformation in China. Such emergencies and a series of reactions triggered by them have become a common condition in the public policy-making. In the policy practice to respond to the emergencies, the emergency-oriented...