Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management, Education, Information and Control

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Automotive Configuration Study on Aftermarket

Hongtao Liu
With the prosperity of automotive aftermarket and the growth of customers’ demand for personalized products, automotive configuration study based on aftermarket research has become inevitable. Focusing on the characteristics of automobile products, the paper studies on the main business activities of...
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Research on Mobile Music Industry Chain Based on Value Innovation

Lin Yu
With the traditional music becoming more and more atrophied,mobile music has attracted wide attention in the industry the moment it is released-the traditional music industry regards it as a life-saving straw,and operators also regard it as one of the most profitable businesses.The success of mobile...
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Exploration on Management Mode of College Student

Xin Su, Mao Yang
With the deepening of the higher education reform, the disadvantages of traditional college student management mode become prominent, and the exploration on college student management mode under the new situation becomes one of the urgent subjects of higher education management theory study. The paper...
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The Value of Falsetto in the National Vocal Music Singing and Teaching

Xiaoying Guo
There are two kinds of function for all sound voice, the first is true voice, which is from the function of true voice; the second is false voice, which is from the falsetto. The good combination of the two kinds of function can produce good singing. This paper studies on the value of falsetto in the...
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Research of College Student Management Work

Xin Su, Mao Yang
College education is essentially adult education, thus college management should also be adult management. Colleges are important bases to provide the society with talents, and students’ management work will directly affect the cultivation of construction talents of socialist modernization, thus it is...
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On the Role of the Piano Artistic Direction in Vocal Teaching

Nan Yang, Mingyao Lu
This paper elaborates the relationship between the piano artistic direction and vocal teaching, and focus on the analysis and discussion of the role that the piano vocal art direction plays in different genres, as well as on the trial exploration the role on the piano vocal psychology that piano artistic...
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A Control Method of Traffic flow Based on Region Coordination

Wuxiong Xu, Dong Zhong, Siqing Wu, Hao Ni
Urban traffic system is a complex and time-varying nonlinear system. Control of traffic flow requires the use of intelligent control technology. This paper researches a coordinated control method of regional traffic flow based on Multi-Agent technology. This paper also researches the framework of the...
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Discussion on the Function and Meaning of Music Education Website

Yingqi Liu
The human civilization is developed based on the development of information technology, thus the transformation of technique and dissemination carriers such as the emergence and spread of printing can promote the development of education carrier. With the rapid development of modern science and technology,...
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Evaluation of Developing Agricultural Recycling Economy in Hebei

Wei Chen, Nan Lin
On the basis of agricultural recycling economy’s connotation, this paper constructs index system to comprehensively evaluate the development of agricultural recycling economy, which includes 4 classification indexes, namely, economic and social development, resource reduction and input, resource recycling...
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Study on the Spare Part Logistics Management Model Facing the Automotive Aftermarket

Fangli Li
With the quickening of internationalization process of Chinese automotive industry, the profits from the manufacture and sales of full vehicle are fewer and fewer. Automotive aftermarket industry has gradually become a principal approach of automobile enterprises in China to achieve more profits, and...
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Rational Thinking on Establishment of Teaching Quality Guarantee System in Local Higher Education Institutions

Xiaoping Wang, Naizhu Huang, Jiaming Zhong
To improve the teaching quality, local higher education institutions with talent training as the core mission must establish teaching quality guarantee system. Teaching quality guarantee system must be established based on the clarification of school-running positioning and the establishment of talent...
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Bridge Inspection and Reinforcement Technology Application

Hezhi Li, Fanghua Liu
Most of the bridges built in 1950s and 1960s and even in 1970s have been beyond service period and have a lot of damages and defects, which are difficult to adapt to the rapid development of transportation today. If all these bridges are dismantled and rebuilt, it will require considerable cost, while...
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Design of High-Power White LED Driver

Chaojun Yan
The driving circuit for ten high-power white LED bulbs which are connected in series is designed. The core chip used is XLT604 and the peripheral circuits such as rectification circuit, dimming circuit are also designed. The modulation of LED is via the outer control voltage and therefore it belongs...
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Research on the Application of Neural net in the Civil Engineering Semi-active Control

Xianglan Li, Li Guo
Earthquake poses serious hazard to human life and property security. Civil engineering structural vibration control especially the semi-active control can effectively reduce the earthquake damage to architecture. Neural network control has the ability of self-learning, adaptivity and parallel distributed...
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An Intelligent Tutoring System Based on EGL

Xue Yan, Bo Song
With the development of Internet technology, intelligent tutoring system is the certain developing trend the human social digitized education. In this paper, aiming at the existing problems of intelligent tutoring system application architecture, in the analysis of the relationship between EGL and Web...
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Development of Music Education Specialties in Conservatories of Music in China

Chen Li
In this paper, the author takes music education specialties in nine Chinese Conservatories of Music as direct study objects, and conducts horizontal comparison and analysis from the aspects of training objectives, the curriculum and teaching staff, so as to state the history, the current situation and...
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Research and Design of Data Storage Scheme for Electric Power Big Data

Wenfeng Song, Wangqing Yang, Jingzhao Luan, Xuepu Jiang, Yuedong Wang
With the continued construction of information and smart grid for electric power sector, they are entering a big data era. The most immediate priority is to solve the big data storage for the power industry under massive amounts of data. The purpose of big data storage for electric power sector is not...
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Study of Subject and Object in Art Management

Ruiping Zhang, Lin Yu
To further develop artistic productivity, people must perfect scientific management of the art, obtain vitality and benefit from management. The purpose of establishing art management suitable for the condition of China is to better organize and coordinate production of relevant artistic production departments...
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On Usage of Adaptive Filter in Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Voice Communication

Ning Cai, Chunlin Deng
Acoustic echo is a common phenomenon in voice communication. The interference signal caused by acoustic echo will greatly reduce the quality of voice transmission. Thus, techniques should be applied to diminish acoustic echo. This paper endeavors to introduce the application of adaptive filter in acoustic...
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Research on the Nationalization of Opera Aria and Singing

Hui Xu, Qi Chen
Opera, since its born in 1920s, Chinese opera became one monobasic of numerous art form in the performing arts of China. Until now, the Chinese opera has developed for more than 80 years and in its creation path, it has formed its own unique artistic style, that it not only taken the characteristics...
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Agricultural Supplier’s Online Sale Mode Choice under Dual-channel Supply Chain

Bei Xia
In this paper, we make a major contribution by examining an agricultural supplier’s online sale mode choice. That is, for the supplier, which online sale mode should be adopted, his own online store, an online retailer, or a bricks-and-clicks retailer To end this, we first study the price decisions under...
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The Study of Folk Contradance in China

Chen Li
ContraDance studied in this dissertation is a form of dance by pairs of dancers, which involves social function and self-entertainment. In the west, ContraDance came from the folk, entered the palace latter, and then developed further in city hall. In China, although folk dance did not go through baptism,...
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The Dynamic Game Analysis of the Civil Servant Corruption and Government Supervision

Nannan Shan
In recent years,with the rapid development of network information,the ways of people contacting and paying attention to the political news are more much and available.The corruption has become a focus problem of the society,and numerous official corruption also frequently reported through the media.Considering...
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Study on Application of Mathematical History in Mathematics Textbooks in Mainland China

Jian Wang, Zezhong Yang
This paper focuses on the studies about the application of mathematical history in mathematics textbooks in mainland China. It mainly summarizes the studies about the application of mathematical history in mathematics textbooks and in mathematics teaching, and appraises these studies and puts forward...
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Study on Digital Music Industry Operation in China

Zhiqiang Yin, Congyun Zheng
Since the 1980s, the rapid development of computer science and internet technology has brought profound reforms to the world. Digital music industry was born in this background, and it was the product of combination between traditional music industry and the new technology. Digital music has the advantages...
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The Algorithm for the Special Speaker Recognition on the Application of Yunnan Province

Ya Wu, Min Chen, Shule Zhang, Hongyi Guo
In this paper, the speaker recognition algorithm for the special dialect is proposed. The research object of this algorithm aims to the dialect from Yunnan Province. It is different from the previous algorithms on the sight that the Empirical Mode Decomposition is employed to separate the audio signal...
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Research on Practical Teaching for Human Resource Management Major

Chenlei Mao
Practice teaching is very important for improving the quality of professional training of human resource management and enhancing the theory teaching effect of human resource management. However, due to the weak teaching practice of teachers, backward teaching concepts, higher difficulty of organization...
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A Cooperative Monitoring Approach of Hydro Turbine Generator Sets based on Multi-agent Technology

Fanwu Chu, Zhaohui Li
Hydro Turbine Generator Set (HTGS) is an organic entity though it is composed by numerous equipments. However, almost all of those monitors applied in plant operate independently. Data and information from those independent systems lack correlation. This situation makes it difficult to determine whether...
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Application of Flipped Classroom in VB Program Design Experiment Teaching

Ling Jin
Flipped classroom is a classroom in which knowledge instruction and internalization carried out in traditional classrooms are inverted, and a powerful means for promoting interaction between teachers and students and arousing students’ interest. The VB program design experiment teaching, based on flipped...
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Risk Analysis On Behavior For Software Projects Based On Game Theory

Ying Qu, Xinhui Li
Conflict analysis is a model of the game theory. This paper aims at analyzing the relationship among software projects actors in the game by using conflict analysis models to identify the risk factors. The behaviors of the subjects including software developers, agents, users and other stakeholders of...
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Research of Construction Plan for Computer Basics Personalized Intelligent MOOCs Resources

Ling Jin
This article makes analysis of the problems in the learning resources organization of current computer basics MOOCs and puts forward the idea of constructing MOOCs resources by using the form of "module-network". At the same time, the plan for studying personalized MOOCs is made for learners in a bid...
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Implementation Strategy Research on Team Graduation Design of Automobile Specialties Based on Engineering Project

Peijiang Chen
Aiming at the practicality, comprehensiveness, innovativeness and collectivity of the graduation design of automobile and other engineering specialties. On the background of real automobile engineering projects, a working model under the leading of item is established, the teaching reform practice of...
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Study on Content and Organization of Mathematical Cognitive Structure in Mainland China

Dandan Sun, Zezhong Yang
This paper focuses on the studies on mathematical cognitive structure in mainland China, summarizes and evaluates current studies through classifying them into three parts: the contents, the presentation and the organization.
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Research on the Collaborative Innovation Mechanism of the Automotive Industry Cluster Based on Original Collaboration

Xiujie Wang, Jian Liu
In this paper, based on the theory of industrial ecology, biological co evolution theory and automobile industry cluster innovation system characteristics, it is pointed out that automobile industry cluster innovation system is essentially an industrial ecosystem of mutual benefit and co-existence, co-evolution....
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Design of Air Conditioning Remote Controller Based on Spontaneous EEG

Jinghai Yin, Yuhua Chen
This article describes the design of a device which can according to different users brain wave characteristics to choose the most suitable for the user to air temperature, but also can automatically adjust the wind speed reached users the most suitable to accept the degree of, all regulatory processes...
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An Example of Network Video Monitoring System Based on DM6446

Chaojun Yan
Design and implementation of a network video monitoring system, whose master chip is the DM6446 of TI DaVinci series which combines the digital signal processing technology, is introduced in this paper. The hardware of this system is with simple interface and the software is with perfect function. The...
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Design of Audio Player Based on Spontaneous EEG

Jinghai Yin, Yuhua Chen
This article describes the design of a device which can according to the characteristics of brain waves in different users to choose the most suitable for the user to enjoy music, but also can automatically adjust the volume up to the user the most suitable to accept the extent of, all regulatory processes...
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Enhancements on Adaptive Congestion Protocol for Wireless Networks

Pengxuan Mao, Lixiang Liu
In high Bandwidth Delay Product (BDP) networks, Adaptive congestion Control Protocol (ACP) is emerging as one potential solution for overcoming limitations inherent to the current TCP algorithm, characterized by unstable throughput, high queuing delay, RTT-limited fairness. However, its performance in...
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Research on the Cultivation of Software Talents' Practical Ability Based on Campus Informatization Construction

Yuhua Chen, Jinghai Yin
This paper explores a will practice ability of software talents training informatization construction and the combination of the teaching mode, to lower construction cost and cost management to improve the level of development of students and practical ability, but also to teacher training practice ability,...
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Typical Female Images in Chinese Operas and their Singing Style

Qi Chen, Hui Xu
As an artistic form combining Western music culture and local culture, Chinese operas have gone through a tough way in its development for less than one hundred years. Until today, against the background of the glorious history of European and Western operas, China’s national opera is making indomitable...
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Research on the Teaching Innovation of Chinese Folk Dance

Zhiqiang Yin
The research on teaching innovation of Chinese Folk Dance plays a vital role in its inheritance and development, which is a system work and needs us to try unremitting efforts. This paper mainly analyzes the current teaching condition as well as the cause formation of Chinese folk dance, which analyzes...
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The Design and Improvement of a Fuzzy Controller Based on a Single Inverted Pendulum

Xiuyun Li, Yanjun Ren
This paper has introduced the main characteristic and some current re-searches about the inverted pendulum system. A nonlinear mathematical model of invert-ed pendulum is established based on the newtonian dynamics method. Then the design of traditional fuzzy controller is presented, the result of simulation...
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Research on the Business Model of China Mobile Music

Lin Yu, Jiaran Ding
The digital music began to spread online from last century 90s. It appears many sites that can audition on the Internet since 20th century, after then digital music gradually spread from the wired network to mobile networks, whose prosperity attracts more and more attention to this field. Digital music...
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Genome Compression based on Hilbert Space Filling Curve

Hongyi Guo, Min Chen, Xi Liu, Mengmeng Xie
The genome compression algorithm based on the Hilbert space-filling curve is proposed in this paper. In order to utilize the correlations among the bases in the genome sequence, our algorithm firstly use the Hilbert space filling curve to map the genome sequence into a new 2-D image. Then the image obtained...
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Discussion on the Strategies of Nationalized Chinese Piano Education

Hong Deng, Lin Yu
With an increasingly higher position of native music education, there are more and more theoretical studies on the nationalization of piano education; however, current studies mainly give reflections on the subject from various perspectives of ideological concept, teaching material system, teaching methods,...
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Study on Cultural Tourism Industry Integration in Lushan Disaster Area

Zhifeng Zhao, Zhiwei Li
Tourism industry is rated as leading industries and cultural tourism industry integration is one of the important ways in the process of reestablishment. The paper points out necessity of cultural tourism industry integration, structures integration power from aspects of competition, demand, government,...
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Human Parasite Eggs Image Characteristics Extraction and Recognition Technology Research

Chunjuan Fang
In terms of theory, any issues related to morphological analysis and test can be settled by digital image process technology, but due to the irregular morphological structures of the parasite eggs in human body, spatial positions and too many impurities of the samples, there remains little research on...
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Packaging Design in Conservation-Minded Society

Chengrui Duan, Hongliang Xing, Xiaodan Li
Along with decrease and shortage of earth resources, economical packages enter into people’s life which will lead fashion in the future life and change consumption habits of consumers. It is imperative to simplify some unnecessarily luxurious packages and it is inevitable to make economical designs and...
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Research on the Internet of Vehicles Data Query Method Based on Distributed Data

Huabo Xiao
Internet of vehicles makes the traffic control become intelligent. In internet of vehicles data exchanging, an important service is to check the OBU-On Board Unit and how to improve the data exchange speed has always been an important research direction. This paper divides the distributed database into...
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The Aesthetic Innovation of the Application of Chinese Character Elements

Pin Gao
This paper mainly discusses the innovation of the Chinese character in the field of art. Chinese characters are the only hieroglyphics still in use throughout the world. The Chinese character elements and the painting have the inseparable connection, both of which have the characteristic using graphics...