Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management, Education, Information and Control

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Throughput Capacity of Hybrid Multi-channel Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Lin Chen
The throughput capacity of hybrid multi-channel Vehicular Ad hoc Networks is addressed in the paper. Both the theoretic upper and lower bounds are obtained. Moreover, both single road and grid road are analyzed. The results show that the movement has little influence on the throughput capacity of hybrid...
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A Gesture Oriented Android Multi Touch Interaction Scheme of Car

Feilong Xu
With the development of computer technology, more and more operation command, the function is more and more strong, the future of the human vehicle interaction have higher requirements. Whether it has convenience! Concise! The appearance of the car and interaction is a key technology which restricts...
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Preparation and Study of Conductive Fabric

Xiaojun Yang, Wei Hong, Xiuhong Zhao, Fei Mi, Jielin Wang, Heng Zhang, Jianwen Gao
In this paper, conductive polyester fabric be prepared by site adsorption polymerization. The effects on the electrical properties of fiber by the alkali treatment, aniline monomer concentration, oxidant concentration, the dopant concentration, further doping and other factors. Optimize experimental...
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Preparation of Bilayer Doped Antireflection Film

Heng Zhang, Jielin Wang, Wei Hong
TiO2-SiO2 film were prepared by sol-gel process. The prepared samples of these films have been characterized by FT-IR spectroscopy, TG-DTA, XRD and AFM. The transmittance of these films is tested by UV-VIS spectroscopy. The results show that the double doped glass antireflection film antireflection performance...
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Educational Sustainable Development the New Research Topic of National Demonstration Higher Vocational Education

Zhigang Yu, Rongrong Chen
Sustainable education is an important way to build a harmonious campus. Around the development of National Demonstration Higher Vocational Colleges, the paper puts forward several aspects of the reform and innovation of the higher vocational education and analyses the current situation of vocational...
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Analysis on Great Wall Motor Sales Logistics Model and Design of Hub and Spoke Network

Hua Li, Zhengfa Yang
In recent years, the rapid development of China's automobile industry has led to the rapid booming development of China's automotive logistics industry. As competition intensifies, car manufacturers have attached more and more attention to logistics management, and their internal desire to modernized...
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Study of Manufacturing Logistics Outsourcing Decision

Zhengfa Yang, Hua Li
No matter at home or abroad, logistics business outsourcing has reached certain scale. With the promotion and application of supply chain management theory in enterprise, the trend of logistics business outsourcing will be further strengthened. The object of logistics outsourcing gradually changes from...
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Research on the Complexity of Information System Development

Wei Chen, Yan Zhang
Revolution of information technology extends human’s brain, develops human’s ability of acquiring and storing knowledge, accelerates human’s application of scientific technology and improves the efficiency of economic development in human’s society. Information technology industry has become a major...
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Mode of Operation of Medical Logistics in China

Haihe Guo
This paper adopts the method of theory combining with practice. It firstly expounds the basic concepts and characteristics of medicine logistics, the third-party medical logistics, medicine e-commerce logistics and medicine supply chain management, and it mainly analyzes the current status and existing...
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Online Trading Risk Impact on Consumer Behavior Research

Tu Min
With the development of modern economy, online transaction occupies an increasing proportion in all transactions. However, China’s e-commerce started relatively late, so its development is not perfect. Therefore, risks in the process of online transaction influence consumers. In China, with the development...
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Analysis of the Causes and Countermeasures of Idle Warehousing Facilities in China

Tu Min
Storage is an important part of logistics composition, and warehousing facilities are important in the field of storage, which makes the problems of warehousing facilities serious in the development of the logistics. In recent years, the idle warehousing facilities have become the factor affecting the...
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Influencing Factors Research of Logistics Park Planning

Susheng Zheng
With the rapid development of modern logistics industry globally, planning and construction of the logistics park is considered to be an important breakthrough to promote the development of modern logistics. During the planning process of logistics park, the layout and the location function are taken...
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Study on the Network Promotion Strategy of Minor Enterprises

Susheng Zheng
Minor enterprises are important parts of China’s market economy bodies. For those enterprises with small scale and weak businesses, the online promotion which has low cost, wide range, long duration and good effect is certainly an unprecedented opportunity for them to develop. So how to choose proper...
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Current Status and Perfection Measures of the Development of China’s Green Logistics

Xianhui Duan
Since 20th century, the world economy has entered a rapid development stage, and logistics industry has developed rapidly as well. However, since 1960s, the environmental problem brought by economic development has been increasingly severe. Hence, some experts and scholars begin to put forward “Protect...
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Application Research on Agricultural Production Throughout the Internet of Things

Peng Qin, Zhao Lu, Tao Zhu
The Internet of things is a kind of network connecting any things to the Internet based on the existing RFID system of the Internet and other information sensing devices and according to the predetermined protocol for information exchange and communication so as to achieve intelligent identification,...
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Research of Consumers’ Online Choice Behaviors

Zhao Lu, Tao Zhu, Peng Qin
Nowadays, with the popularity of online shopping, there are more and more online shops with sellers from all around the country selling various kinds of goods on the Internet. Then, this paper mainly researches the principles which customers should follow while choosing and purchasing among so many goods...
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Analysis of Mobile Electronic Commerce Development Present Situation and Influence Factors

Tao Zhu, Peng Qin, Zhao Lu
As the most dynamic new favorite of the information age, mobile e-commerce is the third form in the development of e-commerce and it has achieved the second leap of e-commerce. Compared with traditional e-commerce, mobile e-commerce has three distinctive characteristics: provide 3A services, that is,...
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Research of Human Resource Ecosystem of Auto Aftermarket Industry During Economic Transformation Period

Chenlei Mao
This paper puts the ecological system theory into human resources management of auto aftermarket industry creatively. Ecosystem model of human resource of auto aftermarket industry is constructed from six aspects. Then, a series of management strategy is designed accordingly.
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The Construction of Heterogeneous Database based on Web Data Grab

Yuhua Chen, Jinghai Yin
This article describes the data in search results of crawl a crawl Web search engine to build the item repository. These methods make the efficiency of building Q improve and the costs reduce. Examing the questions based on XML storage format also have a very strong compatibility.
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EEG Feature Extraction based on Rough Set

Zhendong Mu
Rough set theory has been successfully utilized in a variety of information mining fields. Since the EEG found that many researchers to study the biological signals in electrical brain research, the EEG feature extraction algorithm is a major research content. In this paper, rough set theory is taken...
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Similarity Feature Extraction of EEG

Zhendong Mu
With the development of information technology nowadays, the analysis of mass data with time features has become possible. EEG feature extraction method is a key element of EEG research, this paper defines a method similarity of feature extraction. Five subjects are used to verify identification studies,...
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From Record Economy to Entertainment Economy: The Trend of Popular Music Industry in the Chinese Mainland in the Last Thirty Years

Jiaran Ding, Lin Yu
The development of popular music industry in Chinese mainland has gone through from the record economy to the entertainment economy. The record economy is dominated by the record industry, the record’s sale revenue sustains the development of the entire industry. From the perspective of the industrial...
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College Students' Entrepreneurial Project Human Resource Scheduling Research

Xiaopeng Li, Ning Wang
In college students' entrepreneurial project,we face a variety of resource allocation,effectively utilize these resources can better improve the efficiency of the operation of the college students' entrepreneurial projects. In this paper, based on the current problems w,we studied the college students...
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Research on the Establishment of Ideological and Political Education of University Students

Wenwen Yi, Yi Yang
Ideological and political education of university students, as a kind of ideological education is not only the need for social development but also the need for university student growth. Therefore, ideological and political education of university students has always played an important role in university...
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Learning and Teaching the Communication between VLANs with Three Layer Switch

Henghua Shi, Renlong Zhang, Yujie Wang
There are a lot of communication technologies between VLANs, such as with the Single Arm Routing Method and Three Layer Switch. The communication technology between VLANs is a very important point in study network. With Packet Tracer as one education simulation technology, researchers simulate a network...
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Research on the Psychological Counseling Method of Ideological and Political Education of Modern University Students

Wenwen Yi, Yi Yang
In the Seventeenth National Congress report, Hu Jintao clearly proposed to strengthen and improve ideological and political work, pay attention to humanistic care and psychological counseling and use correct method to deal with interpersonal relationship. In the 18th report, he stressed once again to...
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Example of Parallel Computing Based on Message Passing Interface

Chaojun Yan
The alternate directions implicit finite difference beam propagation method is used to analyze the two-dimensional symmetrical multimode interference couplers. The positions of the images at the output plane and the length of multimode waveguide are accurately determined numerically. In order to reduce...
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Research on the Decision Making Model of Purchasing Second-hand Car

Wenming Cheng
In recent years, with China's rapid economic growth the price of cars constantly falls and people’s mature idea of consumption as well as higher requirement for life ignite sky rocketing consumption for cars. The second-hand car market, as one of the automotive aftermarkets ushers an unprecedented golden...
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The Problems and the Countermeasures of the Service Manufacturing that Wuhan Develops

Yihong Xu, Ting Liu
Service manufacturing refers to the new pattern that highly combines with services manufacturing in the contest of economic globalization and rapid development in information technology. The purpose of the research and the countermeasures of the service manufacturing that Wuhan develops are to help China...
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Study on the General Music Education of Normal University

Chuanzhi Zhong
Music education, as an important sector of education for all-round development plays a vital role in the formation and development of students’ comprehensive quality. In recent ten years, various colleges and universities have highlighted quality education and art education which provide guidance for...
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The Properties of Convex Function and its Application

Lele Fan, Yixian Lao, Wusheng Wang
Convex function is a kind of very important function. In the proving inequality, optimization theory, operations research, control theory and other fields of applied mathematics, convex function has many applications. This paper introduces the definition and properties of convex function, and Hadamard...
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Course Property of Solfeggio in Normal College--Connotation Interpretation of three-Dimensional Steering

Xu Lu
The “Context”, composed by the book Course Mentoring Program for students of College Music Education and Postmodernism Curriculum View, theoretically probes the course properties of College Solfeggio. The “Context” points out the course properties of this “basic music” has its historical limitations....
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Application of Convex Functions and Jensen Inequality

Hua Zhong, Xuemei Yang, Wusheng Wang
Functions are the important fundamental concepts in mathematics and the key research object in mathematical analysis. Convex function is a class of very important functions which is widely used in pure mathematics, functional analysis, optimization theory, mathematical economics. This paper firstly introduces...
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The Study of Musical and Dance Improvisation Teaching in Higher Normal University

Chen Li
The study of musical dance improvisation teaching in higher normal university originated from the basic requirements of “carrying out game-oriented art activities” proposed by the Courses Standard of the Arts, and the basic fundamental philosophy of “subject integration” advocated by Music Curriculum...
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Replenishment Decision and Coordination in the Agricultural Supply Chain under Supply Disruption

Bei Xia
This paper mainly focuses on the supplier and retailer how to deal with the supply disruption when it has happened. To end this, we establish a model which consists of a retailer, a supplier and a spot market. To get benchmark, we first investigate optimal decisions under the normal situation. Subsequently,...
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Existing Problems of University Student Work and the Countermeasures

Haiyang Wu, Sisi Dai, Yanli Zhao
Along with the higher education of China entering a period of popularization, the internal and external environment for universities has changed greatly. The student work in universities gets many new circumstances and problems, students’ thoughts and ideas changes as well; consequently, traditional...
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Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on Spread Spectrum and Fourier Transform

Zhanping Huang, Jinxing Liu, Qing Lv, Hua Zhao
In recent years, computer and the network technology has been developing at breakneck speed, accompanied by a brand new digital era. With the further development of digitalization, an important issue has gradually emerged, that is, the security of digital content. In this context, a new digital technologies-digital...
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Study on Problems and Countermeasures of University Students Running Mechanism

Jie Bian
For students work, establishing a scientific and reasonable management system, straightening out various relationships and forming good working mechanism can guarantee to ensure effective and safe student work to better serve education and talent cultivation. This paper starts from the connotation of...
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DS-CDMA Communication System based on Sequence Pairs

Zhanping Huang, Hua Zhao, Qing Lv, Jinxing Liu
Spread spectrum communication is to use spread spectrum code to modulate the information data to be transmitted in order to realize the frequency spectrum extension, then transmission. The receiver uses the same spread spectrum yards to conduct solution and the related signal processing and restore the...
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Research on Education of Students’ Morality and Emotion in Higher Vocational Colleges

Shuo Huang, Mingliang Huang, Sisi Du
In the Several Opinions on Improving the Quality of Higher Vocational Education Comprehensively, Ministry of Education has clearly pointed out that education in higher vocational colleges should give priority to moral education by putting students in the first place, that is to say, education on students...
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Digital Watermarking Algorithm based on Sequence Pair and Wavelet Transform

Qing Lv, Hua Zhao, Jinxing Liu
With the arrival of the information and the digital age, the multimedia technology and the network technology are developing with the irresistible trend and changing our life constantly. The information and the digital age not only bring unprecedented new experience for our life, but also cause some...
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The Establishment of an Effective Method System of Ideological and Political Education For College Students

Yi Yang, Wenwen Yi
Ideological and political education for college students is now faced with an new era of knowledge-based economy, which is characterized by information network technology as well as complicated baffling political and economic trend home and abroad. Under this new historical period, we should inspect...
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Analysis of the Outlooks on Life of Medical Students in the Border Ethnic Areas

Genliang Li, Cenhan Huang
The research analyzed the current situations of their outlook on life of college students and its influence factors, as well as their realistic pressures, on the basis of questionnaire survey. 955 post-90s students of Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities, ethnic medical university in guangxi,...
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Research on the Application and Choice of Dance Music

Li Chen
Dance is a comprehensive art. Dance contains the concept of time, and is also included in the concept of space. In the form of dance performance, many other sister art types are included, which shows their respective characteristics in the dance art. This article studies the relationship between the...
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Status-quo of the Outlooks on Life of Medical Students in the Border Ethnic Areas and Effect of University Education on Them

Genliang Li, Hui Qian
The research analyzed the roles of university education in outlook on life from the perspective of various university education units on the basis of questionnaire survey. 884 post-90s students of Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities, ethnic medical university in guangxi, in the border areas...
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Research on Passenger Seat Choice Behavior in Airline Revenue Management

Xixi Zeng, Yue Li
Along with the gradually growing fierce competitions in air transport market, all large airline companies are seeking ways to increase revenues and enhance competitiveness, setting basis for application of revenue management system in domestic market. Taking revenue management theory as the background...
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Study on OSPF Routing Protocol of Computer Network Based on Packet Tracer

Henghua Shi, Yujie Wang, Renlong Zhang
The routing protocol is the most important network technology such as RIP, OSPF, etc. OSPF is a Link State Routing Protocol and widely used in more and more large networks. In this paper, we study Packet Tracer as one education simulation technology, and configure OSPF with single region in a simulation...
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Change of Music in the Internet Age and Its Reasons Research

Jiaran Ding
Music in the Internet Age has changed in communication, creation, artistic style and aesthetic value orientation, and these changes are the product of the development of the modern era, they are the result of science and technology progress, the social and economic development and people's ideological...
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Design of a Hadoop Based Data Platform for Auto Aftermarket

Yi Shen
With the development of China's auto aftermarket, the share of auto aftermarket is going to increase in the future. Due to the unique characterizations of the auto aftermarket, dealers cannot provide adequate choices to customers due limitations in the venue or funds. Additionally, dealers cannot recommend...
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Study on the Situation and Countermeasures for College Patent

Fei Wang, Hailan Luo, Jianguo Wang, Kangning Dou
Our state encourages innovation-driven development strategy and patent applications as well as conversion are main carriers and contents of innovation. Recently mass entrepreneurship and innovation was carried out by our state leaders. University is the major driving force of innovation. However, there...