Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management, Education, Information and Control

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Applied Research of Solidified Soil Characteristic Test on Water Conservancy Project

Ouyang Yong
The curing technology of soil has received growing concern in civil engineering. Therefore, researches of its characteristics have academic significance and practical worthiness. The application in water conservancy project has obvious effects on resources saving, flood prevention, danger elimination,...
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Reflection on the Present Strategies of War on Doping

Jing Gao
From the practical war on drugs, it is well recognized and agreed to implement the policy to reduce damages of drugs in theoretical level as well as practical level. Since there are many similarities between the war on doping and the war on drugs, it means that the developing trend of these two types...
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Research and Development of Concrete Pillar Working Drawing CAD System

Jun Li
This paper compiles computer-aided design procedure of concrete pillar component in PKPM to complete the development of concrete pillar working drawing CAD system. Concrete pillar working drawing CAD system is a subsystem of China Academy of Building Research’s PKPM series software which realizes the...
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On-line Detection Method of Quality Defects in Manufacturing Process based on Wavelet Finite Element

Bin Zeng, Yuxi Wang, Quanming He, Xiaoli Jiang
In this paper, researchers use a wavelet-based solution to enhance the adaptive finite element method flaw inherent frequency beam, and study to conclude a particular state and the intrinsic link between the modal parameters, and establish a precise qualitative and quantitative identification based on...
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The Pre and Post-Processing in Finite Element Analysis on the Technology and Programming of Plane Reinforced Concrete based on AutoCAD Platform

Ying Zhao
At present, reinforced concrete finite element method, as an effective numerical method has been widely applied and is officially listed as one of the design approaches for non-member reinforced concrete structure reinforcement in Design Specification for Hydraulic Concrete Structure. Finite-element...
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Microwave Kill Root Nematodes Based on the Arduino Automatic Control System

Sheng Liu, Aisheng Ma, Xiumei Zhang
For vegetable planting industry, root nematode is a kind of stubborn disease and insect pest. In order to improve the effect of kill root nematodes, the researchers use arduino as the core controller, use the touch switch and a temperature sensor through the sensor feedback signal, then change the pulse...
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Analysis of Time-dependent Reliability of Concrete Gravity Dam Damage Based on Gray Theory

Fanghua Liu, Hezhi Li
This paper applies the reliability theory, carries out time-dependent reliability over concrete gravity dam based on gray theory and damage theory, and applies the theory to practical engineering. Specific work are: 1. Apply the gray theory, build the GM model to analyze, supplement and predict the change...
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Evaluation Index System Construction for Diversified Business Operation- Case Study of P Company

Jian Chi, Renqian Zhao
Many companies get more competitiveness and economic benefits through diversified operations, but some companies do not succeed through diversification. The business development diversification is subject to many factors. This paper takes P Company that adopts diversified strategic development as the...
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Research and CAD Application of the Lifting Mechanical Model based on the Mast Structure

Ying Zhao
Mast crane integral installation technology is one of the ten new technology in construction field which are put forward by the ministry of construction and are in key application. It is widely widely applied in the field of construction engineering. But, at present, the design of the mast crane hoisting...
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The Simulation Study of Auto-disturbance Rejection Controller on Unmanned Tracked Vehicle Steering

Lin Yao, Hongwei Yang, Hanqing Zhao
Motion control of autonomous vehicles is a key technology in the research field of unmanned vehicles and is of great importance in the operative part of autonomous driving. This paper regards a certain type of crawler as the controlled object. First of all, the paper establishes a vehicle steering kinetic...
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The Design and Implementation of Dynamic Time History Analysis on Architectural Structure CAD System

Qiu Lin
This paper firstly elaborates aseismic design theory and the development as well as research condition of CAD to briefly explain the function and necessity of dynamic time history analysis in architectural structure design. Then, it comes up with particular views for the advancement of architecture structure...
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Application of Geostatistical Inversion Data in Thin Sand Body Modeling

Qiang Wang
On the basis of understanding the reservoir characteristics of Block S, this paper established the sand body and oil reservoir property model with geostatistical inversion data, in combination with geological modeling technology and petrel software under the restriction of sandstone vertical probability...
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Research on Arch Effect between Anti-slide Piles and Soil Pressure on Pile Sheet

Li Guo, Xianglan Li
At present, the anti-slide piles are widely applied in the field of geotechnical engineering such as the railway, highway, hydropower, municipal and mining engineering due to its advantages of small masonry, large anti-slide resistance, good retaining effect, and so on. With the extensive application...
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Lin Fengmian from the Perspective of The Anxiety of Influence

Jing Wang, Shuyan Yi, Shuai Wang
The traditional Chinese art history studies, has always concerned the style and the form and the connotation and so on some self-discipline question. This article attempts to use the "anxiety" consciousness of tradition art history of Norman Bryson who is the representative of "New art history", view...
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On the Performance of National Vocal Music Art

Xiaoying Guo
The performance of national vocal music has unique connotations and characteristics, which are shown from the subjects’ expression of emotions to the essential characteristics of objects as well as the mutual penetration of subjects and objects. The process and normal form of national vocal music’s artistic...
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Research on the Present Situation and Developing Strategy of Processing Trade Transformation in ZHU River Delta Region

Xuan Xu
Processing trade is an important part of the foreign trade in the ZHU River Delta, which is the main driving force for the sustained and healthy development of the ZHU River Delta. . However, due to the changes in domestic and overseas economic and social development environment, the transformation and...
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On the Emotion, Sound and Rhyme of China’s National Vocal Music Art

Xiaoying Guo
Chinese national vocal music art, is the art of ancient Chinese culture for thousands of years, is unique to Chinese history and culture, expression, aesthetic reflects the art of vocal music, this is our nation's own "heart songs". "Love, sound, and rhyme" is China National vocal of three big basic...
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Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Capability Evaluation Based on Factors Analysis ------ Empirical Study Coming from China’s Provinces

Chunmei Wang
With the increase of constraints factor of environmental resource, China has depended on science and technology (S&T) innovation to promote agricultural economy from extensive to intensive development, thus the quality and quantity of agricultural products could be improved. Therefore, many countries...
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Research of Mezzo-Soprano Singing Art and Teaching

Yuan Li
This paper is about the mezzo-soprano singing and teaching research. In the art of singing and the teaching of practical aspects, this paper summarizes the mezzo-soprano voices singing arts and teaching and learning theory, methods, and pays attention to solving the problems encountered during analysis...
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Optical Properties of Er3+-doped Li2O-SrO-ZnO-Bi2O3 Glasses

Zhiwen Lin, Shiqing Man
Er3+-doped Li2O-SrO-ZnO-Bi2O3 (LSZB) glasses that are suitable for optical amplifier applications have been fabricated through the conventional melt-quenching method, and the spectroscopic properties of Er3+ in the glasses were characterized. The density, the refractive indices, the optical absorption,...
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Research of Social and Cultural Changes and Innovation in China’s National Dancing Art Education

Congyun Zheng
This paper takes dance education of the first professional dancing school in China — Beijing Dance School as the research object, uses basic theories of ethnology and sociology with basic principles of education as the guidance and on the basis of putting China’s dance education at the historical background...
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Thulium-doped Sodium Zinc Molybdenum Tellurite Glasses

Jin Zheng, Shiqing Man
Researchers propose and demonstrate Sodium Zinc Molybdenum Tellurite glasses (Na2O-ZnO-MoO3-TeO2 or NZMT) as suitable hosts for rare earth ion thulium (Tm3+) operating at 1.47 mm wavelength. The density, the refractive indices, the optical absorption have been measured. The Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters...
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Theoretical Study of Student’s Subjective Initiative in Vocal Music Teaching

Chuanzhi Zhong
Vocal music teaching is an important part of human civilization inheritance activity. From the perspective of vocal skills, vocal music teaching refers to that vocal teacher teaches ideas and skills of voice production and singing to students. From the characteristics of the subject itself, it is an...
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Analysis on Theory and Applicability of Mergers and Acquisitions

Weiwei Xu
Motivations and modes of mergers and acquisitions (M & As) are discussed in theoretic and realistic aspects. The best applicable merger theory in China is analyzed considering the efficiency of capital market and team managers.
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Singing Style of Jiangxi Folk Song

Xiaoying Guo
The singing style of Jiangxi folk song should be analyzed from two aspects. First, we should understand the motivation of the formation of its style, specifically analyze folk song style of different periods, regions, contents and genres, and give accurate positioning; second, we should master its certain...
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The Design of the Context Quantizer on the basis of Amazing Measure

Yiping Zhang, Min Chen
When using the clustering algorithm, the implementation of the context quantization not only expands the application range of the quantizer, but also obtains better coding performance. However, those clustering algorithms depend on the choice of the similarity measure. In the the previous works, the...
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Brief Analysis on Business Model Innovation of Digital Music

Lin Yu, Ruiping Zhang
The development of digital technology has an overturning impact on music industry in network era; the traditional record companies have to make the digital transformation, as new competitive forces are joining the industry chains, such as network music operators, value-added service providers, terminal...
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The Changing Images of China in Straits Times in the 1970s

Lingyi Huang
The current booming academic researches on media and national image analysis in China fail to pay attention to Singapore English press due to constraints of language and research orientation, which does not match Singapore’s influence and position considering the long-term bilateral relationship and...
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Numerical Analysis and Study on Land Subsidence of Tunnel Construction

Hezhi Li, Fanghua Liu
With the development of economy, the urban population has increased dramatically; in the process of urban construction, more and more tunnels are built in order to facilitate people’s life. Tunnel construction will inevitably cause land subsidence; the buildings on the ground and the normal use of underground...
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Experiment Teaching Reform of “Software Technology Foundation” based on VB6.0

Xiangmin Lun, Hong Men, Yimin Hou
“Software Technology Foundation” is an important basic course of automation major in the proposed university. In order to solve the main problems in experimental teaching of the course, this paper studies how to design a set of experimental teaching software for “Software Technology Foundation” under...
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Study on Computer-aided Optimized Design of Structured Cabling Construction Drawing of Intelligent Building

Qiu Lin
With the vigorous development of intelligent building, the structured cabling system is more and more widely applied. At present, in the process of structured cabling systems engineering design, the construction drawing is basically designed by using the common drawing software such as AutoCAD, in which...
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Online Shopping System Research

Bingji Li
This article first introduced the development background and present situation of the online shopping system, then discusses the system design objectives, system requirements and overall design .This paper discusses the design and implementation of the system in detail. Finally, the online shopping system...
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Rational Thought on College Teaching Management Reform Based on Quality Awareness

Xiaoping Wang, Naizhu Huang, Jiaming Zhong
To boost education quality is a core goal of college teaching management. College teaching management reform is closely related to college-running idea. The core contents of college teaching management reform include the following: reshaping college spirit, optimizing college-running philosophy, reforming...
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Analysis of the Relationship between Modern Sculpture and Ecological Harmony

Hong Su
This paper from the aspect of the environment and the spiritual ecology of sculpture works to explore the significance of sculpture to create ecological space. This paper summarizes the ecological concept and the ecological status of Chinese sculpture, analyzes the present situation of China modern sculpture...
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On Self-learning Ability of College Students and Its Cultivation

Jiaming Zhong, Jisheng He, Zhijuan Liu
Self-learning ability is the key of college students’ effective learning. To develop the college students' self-learning ability, it should be based on the connotation and structure of self-learning ability, starting from cultivating the self-directed, self-monitoring, self-regulation and self-evaluation...
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Study on the Negative Effects and Countermeasures of Internet on Ideological and Political Education

Guanghua Wang
The main purpose of the article is to study on the negative influence caused by network on ideological and political education of College students. Through the questionnaire survey method to analyze the current situation of the use of the network of college students and the negative effect of the presence....
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Basic Research of Cultural Factor in Improved Product Design

Jianqiu Mao, Shuguang Sang
The tide of history irreversibly coerced various cultural styles, under the rapid push of technology, batches of unprecedented products are created, the style of internationalism is popular all over the world, making each civilization more awakening of the meaning of their existence. Today, as the industrial...
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Exploration of the Influence of Dialect on Language Acquisition

Jiandong Wang
This paper mainly studies the influence of dialect on language acquisition. Firstly, we simply analysis of language acquisition. Then to explore the dialect of language acquisition effect from two aspects of the dialect to the native language and Mandarin learning effects, then how to use and deal with...
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Teaching Reform for “SCM Principles and Interface Technology”

Xiangmin Lun, Hong Men, Yimin Hou
In terms of the current problems in the teaching process of “SCM Principles and Interface Technology”, the paper focuses on a set of loop practical teaching processes, including theoretical teaching, laboratory teaching, curriculum design and college students’ science and technology competition ,so that...
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Design of Book Management Information System

Lei Xiong, Qiangjun Kuang
In order to improve the efficiency of the library book management, promote the standardization, systematization and routinization of book management and lending work, avoid arbitrariness of book management, improve the speed and accuracy of information processing, inquire and modify book information...
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The Research on the Construction of Public Hospitals Performance Evaluation Index System

Shoupeng Liu
[Purpose] Constructing a scientific and reasonable performance evaluation index system for the public hospital and providing a representative, objective, operable evaluation tool, which is helpful to guide them return to the position of the public welfare and sociality. [Methods] Using the expert contrast...
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Yanchang Group Tight Reservoir Study in Ordos Basin

Jingyi Wang, Axiang Sun, Lei Lv
Yanchang group of southeastern Ordos basin are tight oil accumulation conditions of the research degree is low, the tight oil exploration has not obtained the big breakthrough. To evaluate tight oil exploration prospect of southeastern basin Yanchang group, through to the sedimentary, reservoir, cap...
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Structure Selection in a two-echelon Supply Chain under Different Channel Powers

Dapeng Yang, Xiaofeng Gong
Channel selection for two substitutable products in a supply chain with one common retailer and two competitive manufacturers are considered in this paper. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effects of the channel members' different power structures competitive strategies. By comparing different...
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The Research of the Generalized Project Management and The Generalized Project Management Maturity

Zhenzhi Yao
Based on the concept of project management, the traditional management object, the main work and deficiencies, we give the definition and significance of generalized project management. Combined with the traditional project management maturity definition and classification of project management maturity,...
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Study on the Formation and Influence Factors of the Coal Bed Gas in Bo Li Basin

Jingying Li, Haihang Zhang
Coal bed gas is gradually becoming an alternative choice as well as a clean energy for people’s live.Bo Li basin is rich in gas and it is the only district of the Northeast Mesozoic marine deposit of our nation,created favorable conditions for the formation of coal bed gas.Meanwhile, the coal bed gas...
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An Implementation of Interactive Mobile Terminal Research based on the Android Platform Ccar

Feilong Xu
This paper introduces the overall structure of the hierarchical structure and car Android platform of interactive systems, analyzes the system design and implementation process of each function module. The trial was carried out in the HTCS710e mobile phone and Motorola Xoom tabletcomputer, the test results...
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A Four-stage Flipped Classroom Model for Seminar-based E-Commerce Learning

Huizhou Zhao
E-Commerce is a comprehensive, multidiscipline, rapidly developing area. The most import thing of learning organization we consider is to train the students' ability of going on learning by themselves. We do seminar-based learning organization in our E-commerce course. This article introduces our four-stage...
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Research on Dedicated Primary School bus Equipment Performance and Safety Standards Based Technology

Songlin Zou
China's auto industry management focus has shifted to the fields of relationship security, environmental protection, energy, security and other personal safety and health; to mandatory standards formulated by the state-oriented implementation of strict market access system. On the basis of the relevant...
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The Application of Cauchy Inequality in Middle School Mathematics

Ouyang Yun, Zedong Lai, Wusheng Wang
Cauchy inequality is widely applied in the middle school mathematics. This paper first studies the Cauchy inequality, then discusses the application skills of Cauchy inequality in the middle school mathematics, illustrates applications of the Cauchy inequality in the proof of the complex inequalities...
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The Transmission of the Combination of Rough sets and Fuzzy Kohonen Clustering Network Technology Based on GPS Data under Large Data Environment

Kun Yang, Ruifen Yu
The difficulties of wireless sensor data fusion is to switch the sensor cluster state, namely the problem at some point the direction to which the sensor data fusion. First of all, by the acquisition of knowledge in rough set theory, the typical clustering distribution of multiple sensors can be fused as...