Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Management, Education, Information and Control

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Discussion on Network Ideological and Political Education of University Students

Qinglin Liu
China has an amazing speed in popularization of network progress, which has aroused significant changes on various aspects, including way of life, way of thought, social behaviors and so on. The most significant change is the strong effect which is brought by ideological and political education as well...
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Research on the Emotional Direction of Mourning Poetry in the Song Dynasty

Xinxin Zhang
This paper mainly studies the emotional word Memorial in Song dynasty. To mourn the death of a spouse or lover, for his dead wife's emotional attitude is taken and solemn, on the death concubine is Yizhuang also "color", on the dead prostitute's attitude is both sensual. For friends, friends of the CI...
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On Ethicality of Educational Management

Ying Liu, Fuzhou Xiao
Educational management is a social activity. Any social activity cannot be conducted without people’s involvement. Everything that involves human being is an ethical thing. Ethic is the basic rule and standard of people’s life. As along as there is human being, there exists ethic.
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Study on the Technology of Detection and Prevention of Computer Virus

Dongying Zheng
The article first makes a simple overview of computer virus definitions, characteristics and classification. Then research on the virus detection method based on computer virus invasion pathways, including: appearance inspection method, the feature code method, system data comparison method and software...
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"Dual Decoding" of Graphic Design Language

Hualiang Wu
The dual decoding is a creative approach breeding from post-modern design. Graphic design "double coding" is the combination of traditional design elements and modern design elements and it draws nourishment and stimulates creative inspiration from different cultures. The works created by eclectic method...
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The Reengineering of Enterprise Financial Management Process in ERP System

Xiao Fuzhou, Ying Liu
With the accession to the world trade organization, China’s economy will be more closely integrated into the world economy and the game rules of the economic activities are geared further to international standards. If an enterprise wants to remain invincible in the competition in the future, it must...
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Research on the Key Technologies of Intelligent Vehicle Control

Wenming Cheng
The intelligent vehicle, as the key technology of intelligent transportation system, is one of the numerous high-tech integrated carriers. It is a general term that refers to a comprehensive vehicle technology to complete one or many driving tasks entirely or partially. The research work of this paper...
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Theoretical and Experimental Study on Active Vibration Control of Smart Structures

Zhou Li
The application of intelligent material systems and structures is very extensive, which is not only in sophisticated weapons for national defense such as aircraft, ships, but also in various fields of the national economy. They are of great strategic significance especially in the field of high technology....
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Research on the neck protective effect with airbag

Huizhen Zhan
The neck injury is usually ignored by researchers and regulations, but in fact the human neck injury is very serious and the rate of being disabled in the traffic accidents is very high. This paper focuses its study on the influence of different parts of the dummy loaded after the initiation of the airbag...
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Research on computer simulation theory and experimental verification technology of the working process of automobile airbag

Baogui Zuo
As a convenient modern means of transportation, the car has brought great convenience to people's life. But at the same time, the traffic accidents cause serious losses of people’s lives and property. Since the eighteenth century when the car was born, it has been accompanied by vehicle safety problems....
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Research on fuzzy control of the vehicle’s semi-active suspension

Zhengke Chen
The suspension is one of assembly of the modern automobile, the general term of all the force transfer devices between a frame (or chassis and body integral construction) and axle (or wheel). Its main function is to transmit the vertical reaction (supporting force), longitudinal reaction (traction and...
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The research and development of the vehicle’s lateral anti-collision warning system

Hongying Li
The car brings modern civilization to people as well as great and startling harm. Especially in recent years, with the development of the expressway and the high speed of vehicles, malignant traffic accidents occurr from time to time, bringing huge losses to people's lives and property. Traffic accidents...
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Research on electronic control system of heavy vehicle multi-axle steering

Shengrui Liu
The vehicle steering performance directly affects the vehicle’s flexibility handling stability and economy for use. By changing the wheel angle of the axles except the front axle, the multi-axle steering technology improves the vehicle’s flexibility and mobility at low speed when turning and improves...
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Research on the Damage of Heavy Vehicles to the Pavement

Ji Liu
The dynamic load of heavy vehicles accelerates the destruction of the pavement tremendously. Most of the current designs of the pavement structure consider the mechanical behavior in the static load effect of the vehicle as the research object, which is basically suitable in the case of low load and...
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The Establishment and Application of Synthetically Stiffness Knowledge Model of the Steering System

Xufeng Wang
The components of the steering system, especially some bars and scaffolds, have certain elasticity, which makes the actual steering angle of steering wheel be smaller than the angle that is converted according to the transmission ratio of the steering angle when the driver turns the steering wheel, so...
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Exploration of Infiltration Ways of Chinese Education

Lihuan Zhang, Jie Fan
The rapid development of the society, economy and technologies makes the defects of single talent and knowledge structure become more and more obvious, so it is an important issue of new talent cultivation as how to realize scientific infiltration in talent cultivation. Through the exploration and practice...
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Promoting Process Analysis of New Public Service on China Urban Agglomeration Coordinated Development

Jing Zhao, Jia Liu, Xinghua Dang
This paper clarifies the influence of the present system of public administration on the uncoordinated development phenomena of urban agglomeration based on the analysis of the conception of the new public service and China urban agglomeration coordinated development. And this paper provides specific...
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Theoretical Research on Granular Computing and Artificial Selection Algorithm

Shoubai Xiao
Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, knowledge and wisdom play greater roles and the evolution of artifacts is faster. The speed of artificial evolution cannot be followed by natural evolution. As a kind of new intelligent information processing technology, granular computing...
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Research on Testing Technology of Aviation Tire Based on Laser Nondestructive

Miao Shang, Min Ji
The article introduces a kind of major nondestructive testing technology about aviation tire--laser digital displacement speckle tires, the working principle of nondestructive testing technology, test equipment, test methods and defect, and adopt the detection technology of manufacturing equipment and...
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Ultrasonic Testing Technology of Boiler &Pressure Vessel

Min Ji, Jingfeng He, Pengfei Ji
Combined with the analysis of the principle of ultrasonic inspection technology, from the fillet weld of pressure vessel, pressure vessel wall crack and pressure vessel head tube plate crack ultrasonic inspection technology is discussed in the application of the boiler pressure vessel defect detection.At...
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Protection on the Copyright of Network Music Works

Congyun Zheng, Zhiqiang Yin
With the popularity and rapid development of Internet around the world, communication and download of network music works have become a new consumption hot spot. Development of digital network technology has brought users with convenience, which changes the employment ways of music works fundamentally....
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The sensitivity analysis of hypergame equilibrium

Zhongfu Qin, Xianrong Wei, Jingping Li
Hypergame is that people calculate the equilibrium solution of the conflict by judging other players’ preference vector according to their own subjective opinion. But in the case of hypergame, to obtain a correct opponent players’ preference information is very important. In this paper, AHP and sensitivity...
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Discussion on the Function and Significance of Website for Music Education

Yuan Li
With the rapid development of modern science and technology, achievements of high technology have also been applied to educational field. Since the beginning of 21st century, informatized network education, a new model symbolized with Internet, has greatly influenced educational methods, contents and...
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Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding-Mode Control of Uncertain Nonlinear System

Wenda Zheng, Gang Wu, Gang Xu, Xiangchun Chen
This paper presents an adaptive sliding-mode control algorithm for uncertain nonlinear system. It is very difficult to obtain the exact knowledge and it is required to approximate an unmolded dynamics with a nonlinear component. Therefore, a fuzzy basis function network is applied to approximate the...
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Research on Genetic Algorithm Solving Multi-modal Optimization Problem

Shoubai Xiao
It has become a widely concerned problem in genetic algorithm and even evolutionary computing field that how to apply genetic algorithm to solve multi-modal optimization problem, and it is the basis for genetic algorithm theory and practical application. Achievements in this aspect are emerging in endless,...
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A Simple Method to Test Studios’ Sound Quality

Lin Chen
Nowadays with the development of economy, more and more schools and establishments are building their own studios. However, due to various reasons, the sound quality of a studio may be not completely satisfactory. The professional instruments for testing the sound quality of studios are very expensive,...
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The Influence of Music Education on the Value Orientations of Teenagers

Xiaoying Guo
Music education is an indispensable part of current quality education system. National guiding principle for education requires comprehensive development in moral, intelligence, sports, aesthetics and labor, among which basic way of implementation of aesthetic education is music education. From the integral...
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Lie detection analysis on basis of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

Zilong Chen, Botao Ma, Chengfeng Wu, Lu Fan, Xinzheng Guo
The article has presented the lie detection methods on basis of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation after analyzing disadvantages of traditional lie detection. This lie detection method has converted qualitative lie detection problems into quantitative calculation, while reducing the subjectivity of the experiment...
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Research of Computer Network Security Technology

Juan Tan
This paper mainly to explore the security technology of computer network. Firstly the network security was briefly introduced, and then we studied the main threat to the network existing. In response to these threats, we probe into the network security measures. We analyze the security problems of network...
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Data Processing of Deception Detection Based on PCA

Zilong Chen, Dong Liu, Zhiwei Gong, Yunsheng Liu, Ruyu Li
Based on the analysis of the difficulty in data processing parameters caused by too many parameters in traditional deception detection, it is presented in this paper to use the method of principal component analysis (PCA) to reduce the number of parameters and the dimension of variables, thus facilitating...
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Design of the Computer Intrusion Detection System

Hui Liu
From the definition and the invasion of intrusion methods, this paper summarizes the root cause of network security incidents. Then various intrusion detection methods are analyzed. Finally the overall scheme of the intrusion detection system is designed and completed the intrusion detection system test.
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Research on the Application and Design of Haze Prevention Appliances for Outdoor Staffs

Mengfan Hu
With the development of modern industry, the pollution problem has become an inescapable problem for urban inhabitants throughout the world. Fog and haze pollution as a serious matter has brought great disaster to human beings and natural environment. This paper explores the impact of smog and haze as...
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Risk Management of Insurance Fund Use in the Large Asset Management Era

Yalan Hu
With the deepening of Chinese economic reform, the liberalization of national policy in the asset management industry breaks the competition barriers in securities, futures, securities investment fund management companies, banks, insurance and trust companies, and makes the asset management industry...
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Research of Main Problems in Ideological and Political Education of College and Adult Education Students and Countermeasures

Ruifen Yu
Over a long time, adult education as well as ideological and political education of adult college students has not received enough attention at colleges with a lack of researches researching ideological and political educational theories for college students meanwhile, causing the lagging behind of researches...
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Multi-dimensional Analysis of the Theory of Life Safety in Physical Education

Sanying Peng, Shuguang Fang
This paper is based on theoretical literature of life safety education and aims to demonstrate its significance through multidimensional analysis on philosophy, economics and politics. A completed set of theoretical framework for life safety education will be figured out and conducted to Physical Education...
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Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of Government Procurement in China

Bin Liu, Yan Zhang, Mian Yi
With the gradually deepening promotion of government procurement and rapid expansion on the scale, some unspoken rules under the socialist planned economy still work in some large or small areas. Undoubtedly, there still exist several issues in government bidding procurement today, such as, incomplete...
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Yingkou Port Logistics Information Implementation Status Quo of Research and Development Direction of Research——Yingkou Port Logistics Information Implementation Survey and Development Direction Research

Weisheng Zheng, Yimei Liu
Yingkou Port is one of important ports in Liaoning coastal economic area and also the nearest estuary in Northeast China and eastern Inner Mongolia. It is one of 20 important ports of all coastal areas in China.With the advent of economic globalization and the information age, port logistics information...
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Study on Construction of Public Sports Service System Demonstration Plot of China -----A Case of Wujin District of Changzhou City

Dongjin Xian
By looking up document literature and logical analysis, the author analyzes the construction of public sports service system demonstration plot of Wujin district of Changzhou to understand its construction standards and content system. The research shows that the plot adopts the form of leading by government,...
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Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Online Business of College Students

Yimei Liu, Weisheng Zheng
Since the 21st century, the enrollment of China's colleges and universities began to increase sharply and the increasing rate continues to rise every year. The number of college students graduating from colleges and universities has seriously beyond the social needs. As a result, the college students’...
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Math Design of the Airborne Evaporation Circulatory System

Yinsai Guo, Yi Zhang, Mengyi Zhang, Xiangfu Zeng
The researches on a vapor cycle system start late in China. The vapor cycle cooling system is not a mature technolog . With the aid of advanced refrigeration technology at home and abroad, this paper focuses on research and development of the vapor cycle cooling system of the helicopter. Based on the...
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Integration of B2B E-commerce and ERP in Manufacturing Enterprise and its Application

Ting Cai, Lei Liu
The advent of the information age and the emergence of enterprise resource planning, all have brought the greatest advantage for enterprise integration of resources; a B2B e-commerce business model has formed and become a main trading method of the business development; in the age of electronic commerce,...
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The Best Coach Selection Based on Cosine Similarity and Improved PageRank Algorithm

Weihua Wang
In order to find the best college coaches throughout the 20th century, this paper constructs the selection model based on the data of the American college football coaches, and screens the data fundamentally to select the candidates. Then the preliminary ranking is gained via Entropy Method. Considering...
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Manufacturing Enterprise Reverse Logistics

Lei Liu, Ting Cai
With the development of economy and technology, product replacement circle becomes rapid with a shorter life cycle, and manufacturing enterprises produce a glittering array of products, which will soon come to an end. Under the influence of environmental consciousness and legally binding force, the reverse...
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Research on Numerical Control Technology Teaching Reform Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Dongfang Hu, Zhuo Wang
In the context of outstanding engineer plan, a new type of education teaching reform idea based on virtual reality technology was proposed. This paper focuses on the discussion of virtual reality technology, especially the application in terms of numerical control technology curriculum reform as well...
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The Reliability Analysis of Bridge Structure under Multipoint Excitation

Fanghua Liu, Hezhi Li
With the large-scale development of China's economy and transportation in recent years, more and more long-span bridges are built and put into use. The scale of bridges becomes more and more big. The tower large span cable-stayed bridges are commonly seen. As one of the lifeline engineering, the seismic...
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Wireless Network Positioning Technology

Lei Wu
This paper introduces the basic concept of location information and performance analysis of location indicators, classifies the difference of all kinds of positioning methods according to the positioning principle and strategy, briefly introduces and compares the cellular networks with wireless local...
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Experimental Research on Seismic Performance of Rigid Joint between Steel Beam and Concrete Wall

Li Guo, Xianglan Li
In recent years, steel-concrete composite structure has been widely applied in high-rise buildings of China, recent related studies mainly focus on the relative displacement between the structure layer control of the structural system under the seismic effect and structural failure type under the rare...
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Construction of Intelligent Science and Technology Major Laboratory Group with Electric Power Characteristics

Yimin Hou, Xiangmin Lun
In this paper, the construction procedure of Intelligent Science and Technology major laboratory group is introduced. The group is separated into several laboratories and the framework of it is showed by construction figure. After 3 years of work from 2012 to 2015, the construction of the major laboratory...
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Research on the Management of the Subcontract Engineering of Highway Construction

Ouyang Yong
This paper first points out that the subcontracting phenomenon is generally seen in the present highway construction market. Its existence has its inevitability and necessity. Illegal subcontracting and management are also commonly seen. To strengthen the management of the subcontract works in highway...
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Exploiting the Sustainable Development of Competitive Sports in the View of Sociology

Jing Gao
From the perspective of sustainable development, this paper analyzes and studies the dialectical relationship between the sustainable development of competitive sports and sustainable development of human being, nature, economy and society. The results shows that in order to really achieve sustainable...