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The Impact of Industrial Structure on Aggregate Carbon Productivity Growth in China

Shaqiu You
This paper studied the role of China’s industrial structural change in aggregate carbon productivity growth of China during 1997-2011. LMDI method is used to measure the impact of shift in carbon source input. The results of this research show that industrial structure effect was negative, and had decreased...
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The Test of Contiki-based Protocol stack of 6LoWPAN

Guangdi Liu, Ling Tie
Proposed a 6LoWPAN protocol stack test scheme based on the Contiki operating system [1]. Used the simulation tool cooja to test the performance of 6LoWPAN protocol [2]. Analyzed the network connectivity, energy consumption, timeline when the header compression algorithm, packet fragmentation and rest...
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On the Path of Legal Psychology Education in terms of the Historical Background of the Formation of Chinese Legal Psychology

Hai Yin, Hua Cao
The legal consciousness of college students plays an important role in legal quality in the construction of our socialist country under the rule of law. At present, it is crucial for university students to have basic knowledge of legal psychology and form good legal faith to improve legal consciousness....
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Plan Management for Production Schedule in Aviation Manufacturing Enterprises

Qingjun Wang, Jingtai Wu
Along with the technological advances and development of the society, China's aviation industry is also developing. How to optimize the production schedule in aviation manufacturing enterprises has become the primary problem for developing aviation projects. This paper analyzes the current condition...
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Discussion on Teaching Reform of the Course "Real Variable Function and Functional Analysis"

Linyuan Fan, Changsheng Dou
Through the practice teaching of the course Real Variable Function and Functional Analysis>, that most students find difficulties in learning, we discuss the cause, optimize the content, try different kinds of teaching methods, improve the examination system and correspondence with other mathematical...
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Anti-tumor Immunity Induced by Heat Shock Protein 72 and Alpha-fetoprotein Epitope Peptide Vaccine

Yan Fang, Xiaoping Wang, Bing Xu, Penglong Yu
Objective: Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is an oncofetal antigen during hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) development which could lead to weak reproducible antitumor immunity, and may act as a target for cancer therapy. Therefore, it is imperative to enhance its immunogenicity and develop therapeutic vaccines...
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Visualization Analysis of Emergency Logistics Research Based on the CiteSpace III

Jialing Li, Zhigao Liao
Emergency logistics level directly affects the control of all kinds of unexpected events, therefore the emergency logistics got more and more attention of the government, as well as the academic circle. Many researches have been made on emergency logistics, especially review articles, however there is...
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Research on Container Intermodal Transport Route Optimization under the Carbon Emission Trading

Jialing Li, Zhigao Liao
The reasonably selection of container intermodal path is of great significance to reduce the transportation cost. With the implementation of carbon trading market, analysis the impact of carbon emission trading on the selection of the intermodal path and the total cost is conductive to provide constructive...
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The Development Value and Utilization Strategy of the Local Culture Education Resources In Hubei Prov.

Yanli Wang
Hubei Province is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, it has a number of distinctive local characteristics of local culture. The culture does not only show the Chinese language literature in bright light, but also contains a great spirit of the Chinese nation. College course of China plays...
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Intersubjectivity Engagement in EFL Classroom in China

Lin Xue, Ning Cai
This article draws upon on the notion of intersubjectivity in the EFL setting in China and interpret what intersubjective EFL setting in China and interpret what intersubjective engagement is like through classroom conversational analysis. In EFL classroom, language is used to teach language. Classroom...
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Empirical Analysis of the Impact of the Employment Stability on Income of the Floating Populations in the Pearl River Delta Region

Huaping Guan
China has the largest floating population in the world, whose employment situation is not optimistic, and the employment stability is poor. From the view of labor search theory, the employee may switch his job to get higher income by searching in the labor market; from the view of human capital theory,...
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Teaching with MATLAB Simulation in the Power Electronics Technology Course

Miaolei Zhou, Yu Zhao
The Power Electronics Technology course is a professional basic course of Electrical Engineering and Automation, in which complex circuit structure and complicated working procedure of converter technology bring difficulties into teaching process. In this paper, by taking PWM inverse circuit as an example,...
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The Analysis of Kindergarten Teachers' Professional Happiness

Zhongyan Yang
The professional happiness is an important content of the assessment of the professional development of preschool teachers. It is an important indicator of measuring the quality of early childhood education. The analysis of preschool teachers' sense of well--being is conducive to enhancing the social...
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Reflection on Cultivation of Students’ Appreciation of Visual Culture

Dayong Jiang
Digital media has become a broad environment in contemporary society. With the development of visual culture, how to better utilize and recognize these visual cultures is an important research topic. This text proceeds from visual culture to analyze the current status and significance of the cultivation...
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The Analysis of Bilateral Trade between China and the Philippines------Based on the Gravity Model

Yan Song
The Philippines is the member of the ASEAN, which is one of the important trading partners of China. The Gravity Model is a commonly used tool for the analysis of international trade flows. The panel data of the import and export trade volume between China and the Philippines from 1998 to 2013 will be...
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Research on Attitude Changing of Ideological and Political Education on College Students

Wei Wang, Xue Geng
With the popularization of higher education, college students become an important part of university. As an important education method, the ideological and political education of college students will be the focus of the university ideological work. However, this motion plays an important role in the...
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Research on e-Education in Teaching Practice—A case of the "Security Analysis and Investment" Course

Ping Guo, Chunyan Jiang
This paper analyzes the defects of traditional methods of teaching the course Security Analysis and Investment; based on the experience of years of teaching practice, innovates teaching methods with computer and network technology, such as multimedia teaching, software simulation teaching, experiment...
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Research on Exam System Reform in the University in China

Ping Guo, Xinning Zhang
The paper is based on position, objectives, functions of college exams, combined with collaborative teaching and testing principles examination system, studies on the rationalization ideas of the examination system reform for the University. Reforms in the examination content selection and examination...
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Chinese Class Construction based on Professional Communication Skill Training in Higher Vocational Institutes

Ting Zhang
Vocational key skill has gradually become the basic ability for people to achieve success, among which professional communication skill is the basis. University Chinese, as an important course for higher vocational colleges conducting quality education, is able to train students in terms of communication...
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On Chinese Idiom Translation from Cultural Perspective

Lin Xue, Ning Cai, Chuntao Han
Translation is a cultural interaction in nature Chinese idiom is a unique linguistic form and the crystallization of national culture. Its rich source--historical events, the fable story, literary works and daily life--determines that the Chinese idioms carry rich cultural connotation. Due to the special...
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Soundless Speech Analysis of Non-Verbal Expression in Teaching

Mei Yang
Non-verbal expression is one of the important means of communication and information transmission in teaching activities, and it is also one of the most basic professional skills of teachers which is in the core position among teachers' educational abilities. the types of non-verbal expressions are mainly...
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Critical Path Backward Pass Method Based on Project Management and It’s Application

Shu Fan
A large project implementation arrangement needs to be rational. To achieve better efficiency, its managers must pay attention to the problem. Critical path method provides an effective method by which you can find the key routes and key point of management to improve management efficiency. If your project...
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Evaluation of the Cost Efficiency of the Beibu Gulf Port based on Super Efficiency DEA

Kerong Jian
To study Chinese Beibu Gulf port cost efficiency, based on the cost evaluation index system which is selecting net value of fixed assets, net assets, Cost of prime operating, the number of employees as input indicators, and selecting prime operating revenue , net profit as the output indicators, we constructed...
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The Evaluation Research of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Production Efficiency based on Super Efficiency DEA

Kerong Jian
The production efficiency of the Beibu Gulf port of Guangxi is studied. We select the input output index system, including the input parameters of the terminal length, the number of berths, berth cargo capacity, the annual capacity of the berth container, and the output indicators include cargo throughput,...
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The Drivers of Technology Development in “New Silicon Valley” Hangzhou: a Resource-Based Perspective

Jinjiang He
This study takes the “New Silicon Valley” Hangzhou to discuss the relationship about the resources and development. The resource-based view provided a systematic approach for analyzing the role of Hangzhou in terms of its potential sustained competitive advantage in technology development. In this study,...
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The Characteristics of Artistic Styles Research in the Age of Digital Fashion Illustration

Chunlan Huang, Ruijuan Ren
The arrival of the age of digital developed fashion illustration to be more characteristic in the new era. The article found a entry point of the features of digital illustrations to research the art style at the present times through the two aspects of the medium expression and the art styles of digital...
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Practice and Experience from the Optimization and Upgrading of Industrial Structure in Ruhr Industrial Region Germany for Reference

Lingna Mao, Hailin Zhu, Jia Liang, Miao Ding
Optimization and upgrading of industrial structure for a country or a area's economic development, social progress and promoting the regional economic competitiveness and sustainable economic and social development, has very important practical significance. In this paper, we study Germany Ruhr Industrial...
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Experience and Implications from Korea Industrial Structure Adjustment

Lingna Mao, Hailin Zhu, Jia Liang, Miao Ding
Optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, for a country or region's economic development, social progress, the promotion of regional economic competitiveness and economic and social sustainable development, has a very important practical significance. Optimization and upgrading of industrial...
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Acquisition and Analysis Methods of Geographic Space Data from the Internet

Deguo Su, Lijian Sun, Ximin Cui, Debao Yuan
How to analyze the spatial location relevant data from the Internet efficiently is one of the most important of the work in the software systems field, which is one of the important directions. For many years, researchers have provided lots of analysis methods, but most of them are for ordinary data,...
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The Analysis of the Impact of the New Silk Road with Logistic for Economic Grow

Dejun Yu
The Northwest of China in the Silk Road Economy is an important window for China to communicate with East and Central Asia, with the strengthening of the logistics industry, the smooth flow of trade is being promoted, the economic is growing,and the cooperation between China, East and Central Asian countries...
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Sustainability Reporting in Universities --A Comparison Between China and Foreign Countries

Xiqi You
The objective of this research is to offer opinions on the improvement of sustainability reporting in Chinese universities .By using documentary and statistics methods ,the author analyzes sustainability reports in Higher Education Institutions(HEIs) around the world from 2011 to 2013. The results show...
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Vehicle Color Recognition in Static Image For Traffic Enforcement Camera System

Yong Tang, Yan Xu
Vehicle information recognition is a key component of traffic enforcement camera system. Color plays an important role in vehicle identification. In this paper, we propose a method of vehicle color recognition based on SVM and Bayesian classifier combination. For distinguished vehicle color types, support...
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Point Cloud Denoising based on Adaptive Wavelet Transformation

Baoxing Zhou
The point cloud data obtained by 3D laser scanner is not only simple in structure, easy to operate, but also don’t need store topological relationships between points. They can be used to express complex geometry and surface characteristics of irregular objects. However, in the process of obtaining the...
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Research on Industrial Safety Evaluation Model under the Restriction of Resources and Environment

Guoyu Ning, Jingfeng Zhao
In the current, global economy is facing resources and environment constraints increasingly strong , under the background, low carbon economy and green development become a trend. Industry safety is becoming a focus of scholars, one of which is that the industrial safety evaluation index system has become...
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The Empirical Analysis of China's Industrial Structure Optimization Based on Resources and Environment Constraints

Guoyu Ning, Jingfeng Zhao
Currently, China's industrial structure optimization is facing increasingly serious resources and environment constraints, especially the consumption of resources and the ecological environment pressure increasing, economic development potential is clearly insufficient. So, in this paper, bulid a planning...
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Thoughts on Scientific and Technological Innovation of Agricultural University Students

Junzheng Wang, Haijun Liu, Guixue Hu
Anation without innovation ability is hard to stand in the forest of the world's advanced nations. As a developing agricultural country, the reform of the agricultural technology is essential, and agricultural colleges and universities of college students is the future society of agricultural science...
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Teaching Exploration of Instrumental Analysis Experiment in University

Zhenlei Zhang, Jianguo Wu
Instrumental analysis is a basic course for chemistry, pharmacy and food, which plays a very important role in cultivating talents for industry and society. In the instrument analysis experiment course, the students can not only understand the structure and working principle of instruments, but also...
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Left(Right) Continuous Maps in Orderly Topological Spaces

Linyuan Fan
In this paper, we define ‘Global’ and ‘local’ right or left continuous map on order topological spaces, also we elaborate connections and differences between them and the continuous maps in general cases.
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Analysis on the Operating Mechanism of City’s Low Carbon Industrial Structure Adjustment of Hebei Province

Fan Yin
This paper mainly analysis the driving force to the development of low carbon city in optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, lists the practical experience and effects of implementing low carbon economy and making operating mechanism of industrial structure adjustment in developed countries,...
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Query Expansion Based On Both Long-Term And Short-Term Social Relation In XML Social Book Search

Xinfang Li, Qiang Chen
Query expansion technology is usually used to make abundant query to search information. Traditional query expansion based on WordNet, user search log or user feedback couldn’t get the user’s real intent, sometimes the latter could expand overly. In this paper, we propose a novel query expansion method...
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Design and Implementation of DXF File Preview System in Computer Numerical Control Programming Technology

Aizhi Wu, Zhiming Li, Haihang Zhao
With the improvement of the advanced manufacturing system integration requirement, obtaining graphic data from DXF file provided by Auto CAD software becomes more necessary. DXF is an open vector data format, which is easy to read and analysis, and it has always been the general CAD/CAM researchers’...
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Study on Application of IGBT-PWM DC Speed Regulating System to Machine Tool Spindle

Guiyin Chen
In view of rapid development of the high-power DC PWM speed regulating system, this paper adopts the 3G intelligent power module IGBT and INTEL87C196MC CPU of high performance to make technical innovation for the spindle speed regulating system of NC machine tool, and also designs a spindle DC PWM speed...
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Study of Debt Financing of GEM Listed Companies in China

Ran Liu, Jihui Sun
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have a major role in contributing towards long-term economic growth and employment. The objective of this paper is to investigate the influencing factors of debt financing for the GEM listed companies in China. The current status of debt financing for GEM listed companies...
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Research on the Translation Intersubjectivity in the New Period

Lei Li
Interactive Subjectivity is the main issue raised in the reflection and aimed at correcting the "I" as the absolute subject. As to the others, it is an absolute object dualism of opposition thinking. The so-called Translation Intersubjective mainly refers to the practice of translation subject and other...
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The Development Direction Analysis to the Newly Built Undergraduate College Under Valuation Perspective

Xiaolong Li
Under the popularization of higher education, the newly built undergraduate colleges are "booming", the number is growing gradually. Just as other types of undergraduate colleges, the newly built undergraduate colleges will accept the teaching evaluation organized by the ministry of education after the...
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Research of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges and Universities in the Era of Knowledge Economy

Xiaobin Wang
In the new era, the importance of knowledge can be imagined, and in order to face challenged brought by the era of knowledge economy, special requirements are proposed to colleges and universities. First of all, colleges and universities should have a clear goal in education and pay attention to cultivating...
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College Management System Exploration Under the Internationalization of Higher Education

Ke Wang
With the constant progress of economic globalization, the internationalization of education has become a trend. In such context, the colleges shall first understand the essence of the higher education internalization and the current status of the advanced education in our country before they make correct...
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Reflection on the Connotation of Innovative Education in Colleges and Universities and Cultivation of Innovative Talents

Cui Sun
Along with the continuous reform of our education, the understanding of innovative education is deepened. In the era of globalization, it is clear to attach importance to the innovative education and the cultivation of innovative talents in order to achieve the development of national economy. In 21st...
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Combination and Application of Data Mining in Knowledge Management of Colleges and Universities

Xueping Liu
Nowadays, with the development of the society, knowledge management has already become an important means of management to upgrade the level of discipline construction in colleges and universities, improve students’ satisfaction and enhance colleges and universities’ comprehensive competitiveness. AS...
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The Research on the Ways and Countermeasures to Develop Innovation Education in Chinese Colleges and Universities through Learning from International Experience

Xiwei Guo
In this paper, the concept and characteristics of innovation education are briefly summarized. It finds out the factors that limit the development of innovative education in Chinese colleges and universities through analyzing the innovation education development process and the problems presented during...