Proceedings of the 2015 Joint International Mechanical, Electronic and Information Technology Conference

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Extracting Method of Projectile Spin Speed based on Hilbert-Huang Transform

Duan Peng-wei, Liu Zhi-xue, Gong Zhi-hua, Leng Xue-bing, Dong Li-tao
Making use of micro Doppler Effect measured by continuous wave radar (CW radar), the micro Doppler modulation mathematical model of radar echo cased by projectile rotation is established, and the analytic relationship between projectile rotation and micro motion is deduced. Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform...
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Study on Vision based On-machine Micro Tool Measurement Method

Xiaoru Liu, Xi Zhang, Bo Shang, Xianliang Chi
In order to inspect the condition of micro tools automatically and accurately in the micro milling process, a vision based on-machine measurement method is studied in this paper. The proposed methods can measure tool dimension, spindle radial runout and acquire the microscopic image with full depth of...
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Application of the improved genetic algorithm in robot path planning

Wang Rui, Wang Jinguo, Wang Na
In order to improve the algorithm efficiency, expand the scope of application, we study the mobile robot path planning technology based on improved genetic algorithm. In this paper, we design a new adaptive function, which contains the path length information, the collision penalty factor, and the path...
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Research on path planning of mobile robot based on improved ant colony algorithm

Wang Rui, Wang Jinguo, Wang Na
At present, the problem of global path planning research most concentrated in the known information conditions. But the path planning of mobile robot is still an important problem to be solved in dynamic environment. In this paper, the ant colony algorithm is improved to solve the robot path planning...
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Variations in Hoop Stresses among Silicon Dioxide, Polystyrene and Polypropylene Carbonate Through Silicon Via Liners

Juma Mary Atieno, Xuliang Zhang, He Song bai
Through Silicon Via are the widely used interconnects in the semiconductors industry. They are designed in different ways to meet the market demands. These interconnect need protection from both internal and external pressures. The pressures result from heating of the components on the chip which enhances...
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Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a 2-PRR Parallel Mechanism on Posture Adjustment for Aero-engine Installation

Zhe Zhao, Zhendong Liu, Hang Gao
Facing the precise fast posture adjustment problems of aero-engine for their large dimension, heavy weight, low stiffness, small installation space, as well as high precision and high efficiency of assembly task requirements, a new 2-PRR planar parallel mechanism is proposed to meet the elevation and...
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Design and implementation of path planning for cleaning robot

Chen Chao-da, Chen Chui-xin, Chen Gong-xing
The design of the main use of lightweight car to complete the cleaning robot path planning in reality, detection by infrared detection head, can be self completed indoor cleaning line. The robot through the infrared probe sensing the environment information, the establishment of the coverage map of the...
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Multi-sensor fusion technology based tracking car

Chen Chao-da, Li Ying-qiong, Zhong Li-hua
Multi sensor fusion technology of vehicle tracking is a set of environment perception, planning and decision-making, auxiliary driving level functions in an integrated system and is an important part of the intelligent transportation system. It has wide application prospects in military, civil, space...
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Influence of Structure Parameters and Velocity on Inflation Performance of Vortex Ring Parachute

Ma Xiaodong, Guo Rui, Liu Rongzhong, Lv Shengtao
Based on arbitrary Lagrange-Euler method, a vortex ring parachute simulation model was set up, and its inflation was studied under the condition of infinite mass and low-speed airflow. Through changing line length, canopy area and airflow velocity, the inflation processes were simulated, and the time-histories...
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Optimization design for front-wheel alignment parameters

En-guo Dong, Yanfei Li, Lei Zhang
The front-wheel alignment parameters of vehicle are generally decided based on some dynamic performances of suspension system or some empirical equations, however these approaches have some shortage to obtain an excellent overall vehicle performance. A design approach of front-wheel alignment parameters...
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The influence of oil film thickness on the gear impact dynamics of friction disc

Zheng Hu, Shuai Wang, Meiqiu Song, Yi Xu, Keyan Ning
According to the working mechanism of wet clutch and brake, nonlinear dynamics of teeth of friction disc strongly influences the dynamic behaviours. By utilizing Hertz contact theory and elastohydrodynamic lubrication theory the thickness and equivalent stiffness of oil film between inner gear of friction...
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Research on error detection technology of numerical control machine tool

Cao YongJie
Research on the errors recognition and measurement technology for the Numerical Control machine tools based on laser testing technology is the main content of this paper..In this paper,Renishaw laser interferometer and high accuracy displacement sensors are used to measure the positioning errors and...
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Design of Double Closed Loop for Granular Material Automatic Weighing System

Zhang Dong
The weighing of granular materials is generally implemented through the detection and control of weighing instruments, which control the vibration intensity according to the weight of incoming material measured by the sensor, and finally assure the material weighing accuracy under certain speed. Vibration...
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Application of Association Analysis and Visualization Methods in Car Parts Repair

Ye Li, Xiaoping Du, Bo Yang
This article combines association analysis and visualization methods, mining relations and laws for car parts repair. Firstly, process the original data into data that can be used in the association analysis, then use apriori algorithm of association rules method for mining association relationships...
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Force analysis and simulation of a remote inspection robot for EAST

Zun Wu, Baoyuan Wu, Qiang Zhang, Zengfu Wang
Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak(EAST),which is a full superconducting tokamak with D-shape vacuum vessel, has been set up by ASIPP since 2006. When the harsh working condition especially the radiation is taken into consideration, it’s difficult to obtain the information about the in-vessel...
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The type and development of Large ratio reducer test bed

Heming Cheng, Tiancun Yang, Yanqin Sun
In this paper, reducer test bed is structured into two categories from the working principle, open power flow test bed and closed power flow test bed. Analysis of the constituent elements of the gear unit test rig, described the current development situation reducer test bed, summarizes the development...
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Analysis and Research on Broken-off Driving Bevel Gear shaft of Automobile Axle

Zhanlong Cao
Based on the phenomenon of broken in the running process of the drive Gear shaft of Automobile Axle. It was found that the major site of broken for thread and spline connected region. The process of the gear shaft and the shaft material of the broken and the structure of thread and spline connected region...
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Analysis and optimization of bus rollover crashworthiness

Jingyu Liu, Keke Zhang, Jianning Zhao
Finite element model of a full load bus is built and a simulation experiment on the rollover crash is carried out. Simulation data is consistent with the experimental data, indicates that the finite element model is effectiveness. Bus superstructure deformation and regularity of energy transfer are analyzed,...
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Numerical Simulation about the Effect of Stator Pitch and StatorThickness on Contact Pressure of Progressive Cavity Pump

Weiyue Xu, Zungang Yuan, Guiling Deng
Progressive cavity metering pump(PCP) which is especially good for the transmission of high viscosity liquids containing solid grains has been wildly used in electronic packaging industry in recent years. Due to the existence of pipeline pressure, adequate hydraulic sealing pressure is necessitated to...
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Creep Bending Analysis of Combined Rotor for Gas Turbine Considering Contact Stiffness

Haibiao Zhang, Ailun Wang
Combined rotor is the core part of gas turbine and works in high temperature and high rotating speed environment in a long-term,creep bending of the combined rotor will make great effects on the gas turbine’s performance. To study the creep bending properties of gas turbine’s combined rotor considering...
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Simulation and Design System of Typical Tool for Steam Turbine

XueFeng Wu, GaoCheng Feng, Luo Wen
Machining is the main processing method of the steam turbine system. Due to its complex structure, numerous materials, and complex process, the massive types and quantity of cutting tools generated. The key to improve the machining efficiency and reduce the processing cost is adopting the advanced cutting...
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Thermal and cutting process simulation analysis of laser assisted milling of Inconel 718

XueFeng Wu, Bowen Zhao, Gaocheng Feng
Laser assisted milling (LAML) is a potential method for machining difficult-to-machine materials such as superalloys which uses a high power laser to focally heat a workpiece prior to material removal with a traditional cutting tool. A transient three-dimensional thermal model and cutting process model...
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Condition Monitoring of Rolling Bearings using Statistical Linguistic Analysis

Jinshan Lin, Chunhong Dou
Defective rolling bearings generally provoke a demonstration of nonstationary and nonlinear properties. As a result, condition monitoring of a rolling bearing seems challenging due to difficulties in fault feature extraction. This study introduces statistical linguistic analysis (SLA) to investigate...
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Vibration Modelling of Micro Air Vehicle Based on the FW-H Equation

Fu Li, Zhang Yanwu, Wang Lingling
MAV (Micro air vehicle) has become the most extensive research field in academia and industry because of its strong maneuverability and the capability of VTOL (vertical take-off and landing). Vibration is a key factor affecting the long-term autonomous navigation of MAV, and the dominant source of MAV...
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Haul Truck Assisted Driving Technologies Based on the Atmospheric Degradation Physical Models

Enji Sun, Xingkai Zhang
Haul truck transportation is one of the most important transportation methods in large surface mining operations. It is a key factor that affects the mining productivity and cost effective, however, its accidents rate and dangers are far higher than other types of developing transportation in the surface...
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The Modeling and Optimization Design of Multifunctional Movement Wheelchair Based on Ergonomics

Tian Xiang Ke, Guo Chun Feng, Yang Jun
Because ordinary movement wheelchair has been unable to meet the needs of disabled sports personnel, it is necessary to research and develop multifunctional movement wheelchair. Analyzing the physical characteristics of disabled sports personnel, combining with the ideas of "human - machine - environment"...
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Influence research of fabrication errors on modal amplitude in a dual-mass silicon micro-gyroscope

Hu Di, Yang Bo, Dai Bo
Influence of fabrication errors on modal amplitude in a dual-mass silicon micro-gyroscope is present in this paper. Firstly, the structure and operation principle a dual-mass silicon micro-gyroscope is introduced. Then the equation of amplitude ratio between left and right proof mass is deduced. Finally,...
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Structure topology optimization based design of tank support system of tunnel continuous washer

Su Shijie, Li Erdong, Zhang Jian
In order to optimize the structure of tank support system of tunnel continuous washer, the 3D model was established by Pro/E and was imported to HyperMesh, then finite element static analysis and topology optimization analysis have been carried out. The optimum results showed that the weight of tank...
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The Study of Vehicle Bumper Crash Characteristics

Qiao Weigao, Zuo Yishun, Tu Jinjin, Li Yuan
With the mass production of cars and utilities, the incidence of car accidents is increasing, while the case of car accidents in a variety collision probability is highest. The theory of the explicit nonlinear finite element which is adopted in the crash simulation is expounded. According to the European...
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Next Generation Avionics System Of Future Launch Vehicle

Guangping Qi, Ran Duan, Haifeng Sun, Hu Zhou, Zongyou Xiang, Wenting Li
One new conception avionics system of launch vehicle is proposed according to the future technology trend. Aimed at efficient, low-cost and reliable space transportation system, the entire avionics system scheme is proposed innovatively in this paper. There are some characteristics in the avionics system...
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Study on the high-precision shrink-fit holders for micro/nano milling

X. Cheng, J.c. Liu, G.m. Zheng
In micro/nano milling, the accuracy of tools in high-speed motion and the correspondingly final milled precision are greatly affected by the holder. Shrink-fit tool holders have high precision in principle to assure micro/nano milling since there is no medium between the holder and the cutter. Aiming...
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Study on a desktop machine tool for micromilling

X. Cheng, J.C. Liu, G.M. Zheng, R.F. Xu
Mechanical micromilling is the key technique for the fabrications of high quality miniaturized components with nano-level surface roughness by only one-time workpiece setup. Micromilling machine tool is the prerequisite for this technique. A three-axis desktop micromilling machine tool has been developed...
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Study of the cyclone separator for waste plastics by Taguchi method

Xianhai Yang, Xiang Cheng, Xia Liu, Lupeng Song
The separating principle of the cyclone separator has been analyzed by analyzing the tangential speed, the axial speed, and the pressure distribution of the flow field inside the cyclone separator. The dimensional parameters of the separator with larger effects on the separation efficiency of plastics...
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Research on Car Crashworthiness in Car-to-Truck Offset Rear-end Collisions

Pengfei Cao, Na Yang, Xiaoling Sun
The safety of the vehicle occupants in car-to-truck rear-end collisions is directly related to the crashworthiness of the car body. This paper mainly studied the effect of sensitive parameter named offset rate on car structural crashworthiness in rear-end accident. In order to provide a reference on...