Proceedings of the 9th Joint International Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS-06)

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Power Signal Predictions by Several Neural Models

Rey-Chue Hwang, Yu-Ju Chen, Shang-Jen Chuang, Hunag-Chu Huang, Chuo-Yean Chang
In this paper, a comparison study for the non-stationary power signal prediction by using several neural models is presented. A reliable and accurate neural forecasting model is trying to be found and concluded. This study is expected to provide some suggestions and could be treated as a reference for...
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Fuzzy Modeling with Immune Multi-Objective Algorithm to Optimal Allocate of Capacitors in Distribution Systems

Hsiao Ying-Tung, Tsong-Yau Huang, Chia-Pang Chen, Chih-Han Chang
This work proposes a two-stage immune algorithm that embeds the compromise programming to perform multi-objective optimal capacitor placement. A new problem formulation model that involves fuzzy sets to reflect the imprecise nature of objectives and incorporates multiple planning requirements is presented....
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Establishing a multiple structures AHP evaluation by extending Hierarchies Consistency Analysis

Yuh yuan Guh, Hui ming Wee, Rong wei Po
The purpose of this paper is to extend the theory of Hierarchies Consistency Analysis (HCA) to establish a multiple structures evaluation model for the AHP. Traditionally, the AHP process is based on a single evaluation hierarchy, according to statistics and group decision theories, a more objective...
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An SOM-Based Search Algorithm for Dynamic Systems

Yi-Yuan Chen, Kuu-Young Young
The self-organizing map (SOM), as a kind of unsupervised neural network, has been applied for both static data management and dynamic data analysis. To further exploit its ability in search, in this paper, we propose an SOM-based search algorithm (SOMS) for dynamic systems, in which the SOM is employed...
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Speech Classification Based on Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory

Chih-Hsu Hsu, Ching-Tang Hsieh
This paper presents a neuro-fuzzy system to speech classification. We propose a multi-resolution feature extraction technique to deal with adaptive frame size. We utilize fuzzy adaptive resonance theory (FART) to cluster each frame. FART was an extension to ART, performs clustering of its inputs via...
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Mean Values of Fuzzy Numbers with Evaluation Measures and the Measurement of Fuzziness

Yuji Yoshida
This paper discusses an evaluation method of fuzzy numbers as mean values and measurement of fuzziness defined by fuzzy measures, and the presented method is also applicable to fuzzy random variables and fuzzy stochastic processes in decision making modeling.We compare the measurement of fuzziness and...
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Detecting and Classifying Emotion in Popular Music

Chia Chu Liu, Yi Hsuan Yang, Ping Hao Wu, Homer Chen
Music expresses emotion. However, analyzing the emotion in music by computer is a difficult task. Some work can be found in the literature, but the results are not satisfactory. In this paper, an emotion detection and classification system for pop music is presented. The system extracts feature values...
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Fast Occluded Object Tracking Technique with Distance Evaluation

Tsung-Han Tsai, Yuan-Chen Liu, Dung-Mau Chen, Chung-Yuan Lin
Objects in the world exhibit complex interactions.When captured in a video sequence, some interactions manifest themselves as occlusions. A visual tracking system must be able to track objects which are partially or even fully occluded. Occlusion is a difficult problem in target tracking, especially...
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Enhanced Competitiveness of Multi-Agent System by Special Algorithm

Tin Yau Pang, Kwok Yip Szeto
Resource allocation in the econophysics of competing supermarket chains, modelled as a Multi-Agent System is addressed in the context of finding good method to increase the competitiveness of the company in networked economy. A special swapping algorithm which increased the local clustering effects of...
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A Study of the Performance Evaluation for Airline Operation

Gin-Shuh Liang, Tsung-Yu Chou, Shan-Shan Chuang
Combining the concepts of balanced scorecard, fuzzy set theory and entropy, a systematic fuzzy multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) for airlines operating performance evaluation is proposed. A hierarchical structure is constructed through the concept of balance scorecard includes four perspectives:...
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A High-Efficient Image Scalar Algorithm for LCD Signal Processor

Tze-Yun Sung
In this paper, the image scalar algorithm and architecture for LCD monitor and television controller is presented. The program of hardware code is described to explain the proposed algorithm and architecture. The proposed image scalar has been applied on LCD monitor and TV controller or signal processor....
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Building a Simulation Model of the Currency Basket Peg System

Michiru Kunitomo, Takashi Iba, Hideki Takayasu
This paper presents a institutional framework for the currency basket peg system. After the Asian currency crisis, the needs of seeking adaptive currency system has risen up but the best currency system has not still appeared. In this paper, we propose the model of “the currency basket peg system”. This...
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A Final Price Prediction Model for online English Auctions ─ A Neuro Fuzzy Approach

Chin-Shien Lin, Shihyu Chou, Chi-Hong Chen, Tai-Ru Ho, Yu-Chen Hsieh
Markov Chain Model provides a concise mathematical model to describe the online English auction process, converting the complicated interaction between the bidders and auctioneer into a tractable mathematical problem, which is a milestone for researches involved in this area. However, the assumptions...
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Law and University Efficiency: The Amendment of the University Law in Taiwan

Rong-Ruey Duh, Jenn-Shyong Kuo
This paper examines the effect of the amendment of an education-related law on university efficiency using the 1994 University Law amendment in Taiwan as a case study. The results indicate that prior to the 1994 amendment; private universities operate in a more efficient manner than public universities....
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General Election Hatena: The First Political Prediction Market in Japan

Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Last year, a Tokyo-based internet venture firm, Hatena Co., ran a political prediction market that was designed to predict the result of the General Election of the Lower House of the Diet, held on September 11, 2005. The market showed reasonable predictive ability that was comparable with the predictions...
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On Evolution of Bank Runs

Jie-Shin Lin
Bank runs are usually happened as such that depositors panic and following the consequence of interaction between depositors withdraw their deposits. It is an issue of debt obligation between bank and depositors and an issue of bank capitals distribution among depositors. We consider the role of information...
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Volatility Dynamics of the Greater China Stock Markets: A Multivariate Asymmetric Approach

Kin Yip Ho
This paper examines the volatility dynamics of the greater China stock markets (Shanghai A- and B-shares, Shenzhen A- and B-shares, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) by employing a multivariate (tetravariate) framework that incorporates the features of asymmetries, persistence, and time-varying correlations, which...
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Adaptive Fuzzy Modeling For A Large-Scale Nonlinear System

Jialin Liu
A data-driven Takagi-Sugeno (TS) fuzzy model is developed for modeling a real plant with the dependent inputs, the nonlinear and the time-varying input-output relation. The collinearity of inputs can be eliminated through the principal component analysis (PCA). The TS model split the operating region...
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A Near-optimal Slot Assignment Algorithm for RFID Reader Networks

Chun-Fu Lin, Frank Yeong-Sung Lin, Cheng-Ta Lee
In this paper, we propose a method that reduces the cycle time of RFID reader networks by overlapping slots. A mathematical formulation of the problem is specified and an effective heuristic algorithm is developed.
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A new design of laser phase-shift range finder independent of environmental conditions and thermal drift

Shahram Mohammad Nejad, Kiazand Fasihi
This paper presents a technique to improve the performance of laser phase-shift range finders. The phase measurement is performed by using a new method to extract the phase-shift data from the peak of received and transmitted intermediate frequency signal amplitudes. The pulse width modulation is used...
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Hybrid wavelet -SVMs for modelling derivatives valuation

Hsing-Wen Wang, Shian-Chang Huang
Due to the rapid grow up of transaction volume of derivatives in the financial market, the Black-Scholes options pricing model (BSM) is played an important role recently and widely applied in various options contract. However, this theoretical model limited by the influences of many unexpected real world...
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Understanding Social Complex Systems with PlatBox Simulator

Takashi Iba
This paper presents a framework and tools for modeling and simulating societies as complex systems. Although the concept of the complex systems has been highly demanded in social sciences, there is no satisfactory scheme for modeling and simulating it. In this paper, we propose the model framework, which...
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Applying Technical Analysis of Stock Trends to Trading Strategy of Dynamic Portfolio Insurance

Jung-Bin Li, Sheng-Hsiu Wu, Mu-Yen Chen, An-Pin Chen
In the trading operation of dynamic portfolio insurance, TIPP (Time Invariant Portfolio Protection), when adjusting active assets, only considers the scale of asset of that time regardless of how market trend proceeds. In other words, TIPP is clumsy in evading loss and pursuing profits. This study makes...
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Pricing-Enabled QoS for UMTS/WLAN Network

Hung-Chin Jang, Bohan Lu
In this paper we propose a pricing-enabled QoS for the hybrid UMTS/WLAN network. The proposed methodology is an integration of usage-based, non usage-based, static, and dynamic pricing schemes and DiffServ (Differentiated Services). We propose the utility function and cost function for our needs, and...
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A Bandwidth Efficiency of the Locally Adaptive Compression Method for Hiding Secret Messages

Tzu-Chuen Lu, Chin-Chen Chang
This paper proposes a novel lossless information-hiding scheme that hides information in locally adaptive compressed codes. The scheme is abbreviated as IHLAC for wider the efficiency of the compressed codes. IHLAC is designed for two objectives; one is to compress a text file; the other is to hide secret...
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A Measure Method for Indiscernibility in Imperfect Information System

Jiye Liang, Jifang Pang
Traditionally, the information system is assumed to be perfect, i.e. attribute values are not missing and supposed to be precise. In fact, imperfect information system is always existent. In this paper, based on imperfect information system (include missing data and imprecise data), the concepts of indiscernibility...
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feature-preserving interpolative vector quantization

Wu-Ja Lin, Wei-Yu Han, Lee Yen-Po, Wu Kuang-Shyr
In this paper, a feature-preserving interpolative vector quantization method is proposed to compress images. The proposed method preserves the average color and color contrast on generating the approximation image and preserves mean, variance, and average radius on quantizing the residual image which...
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image approximation by preserving color features

Wu-Ja Lin, Wei-Yu Han, Kuang-Shyr Wu, Yen-Po Lee
In this paper, an image approximation method is proposed. The method approximates the given image by preserving image's average color and color contrast. The experimental results show that the proposed method usually yields satisfactory results.
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A Website Model-Supported Focused Crawler for Search Agents

Sheng-Yuan Yang
This paper advocates the use of ontology-supported website models to provide a semantic level solution for a search agent so that it can provide fast, precise, and stable search results. We have based on the technique to develop a focused crawler, which can benefit both user requests and domain semantics....
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Comparing Gaussian Processes and Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting

Colin Fyfe, Tzai Der Wang, Shang Jen Chuang
We compare the use of artificial neural networks and Gaussian processes for forecasting. We show that Artificial Neural Networks have the advantage of being utilisable with greater volumes of data but Gaussian processes can more easily be utilised to deal with non-stationarity.
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Genetic Programming Decision Tree for Bankruptcy Prediction

Wo-Chiang Lee
In this paper, we apply the CART ,C5.0 , GP decision tree classifiers and compares with logic model and ANN model for Taiwan listed electronic companies bankruptcy prediction. Results reveal that the GP decision tree can outperform all the classifiers either in overall percentage of correct or k-fold...
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Achieving Efficient Pathname LOOKUP in File Server Group

Feng-jung Liu, Chu-sing Yang, Yao-kuei Lee
With the increasing growth of Internet users and the Web contents, it has led to much attention on scalability and availability of file system. Hence the ways to improve the reliability and availability of system, to achieve the expected reduction in operational expenses and to reduce the operations...
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Pruning Support Vectors in the SVM Framework and Its Application to Face Detection

Pei-Yi Hao
This paper presents the pruning algorithms to the support vector machine for sample classification and function regression. When constructing support vector machine network we occasionally obtain redundant support vectors which do not significantly affect the final classification and function approximation...
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Adaptive snake model with automatic force rectification

Din-Yuen Chan, Cheng-Li Chiu, Wei-Ta Chien
Most applications of snake model are domain-specific, while specifying fixed snake coefficients to an image in problem. In this paper, we propose content-triggered adaptive snake model (CASM) to lead all the parameters of snake model to be automatically adapted for various images in the noisy environment....
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Motion-based Adaptive GOP Algorithms for Efficient H.264/AVC Compression

Jun-Ren Ding, Jar-Ferr Yang, Ji-Kun Lin
H.264/AVC provides several advanced features such as improved coding efficiency and error robustness for video storage and transmission. In this paper, to further improve the coding quality for encoding possible scene changes and fast variation sequences, we propose a new adaptive GOP scheme that uses...
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Scaffolding Supervision and Behavior Understanding

Yung-Hui Chen, Lawrence Deng
This paper contributes a meaningful framework and approach to the understanding of the fundamental of e-learning and explains why it is proliferating throughout a rapidly evolving learning society. This is the important comprehensive and coherent framework to guide our understanding of e-learning in...
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Low-Cost RFID Identification Variation

Yao-Yuan Liu, Koong Lin, Tzu-Chang Yeh, Chad Lin
Interests continue to grow in recent years for the adoption of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in many different areas including transportation and supply chain management. Those RFID-included objects can be targeted more efficiently by real-time tracking and instant management. However, because...
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A Simplified LED Converter Design and Implement

Yi-Hua Fan, Cheng-Ju Wu, Cheng-Chao Fan, Kou-Wei Chih, Lun-De Liao
High power LED converter combined with switching power supply and current adjustment device for is presented. The switching power supply provides one stabilized voltage source, and the current adjustment device controls the output currents with a desired constant current and the over-load protection....
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The High Benefits Internet Marketing Framework through Customer Experience

Kuo Nai-Wen, Liu An-Yi
This paper is intended to integrate Internet Marketing, Customer Experience, E-brand and Integrated Marketing Communications to develop a high benefits Internet Marketing Framework. This framework not only can combine marketing resources effectively, let enterprises obtain the greatest benefits; it also...
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Bisection Algorithms for Solving lambda-Fuzzy Measures

Ting-Yu Chen, Jih-Chang Wang
The theory of fuzzy measures has a great potential for real world applications, but limited by the lack of suitable identifying methods. This research proposes a bisection algorithm based on Sugeno measures. The proposed method is simple enough to suit the practical applications for the required data...
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Reducing Positive Leniency in Fuzzy Measure Ratings

Ting-Yu Chen, Jih-Chang Wang
Fuzzy measures have been widely used to determine the degrees of subjective importance of evaluation items. However, the leniency error may exist when most attributes are assigned unduly high ratings. Because respondents often assign similarly complimentary scores, errors of positive leniency make it...
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A Simple Approach to Stereo Matching and Its Application in Developing a Travel Aid for the Blind

Mu-Chun Su, Yi-Zeng Hsieh, Yu-Xiang Zhao
In this paper, we present an idea of using stereo matching to develop a travel aid for the blind. In this approach, images are segmented into several non-overlapping homogeneous regions using a color segmentation algorithm. For each homogeneous region, a rectangular window, which is large enough to cover...
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A Novel, Efficient Architecture for the 1D, Lifting-Based DWT with Folded and Pipelined Schemes

Chin-Fa Hsieh, Tsung-Han Tsai, Neng-Jye Hsu, Chih-Hung Lai
In this paper, we propose a novel, efficient VLSI architecture for the implementation of one-dimension, lifting-based discrete wavelet transform (DWT). Both of the folded and the pipelined schemes are applied in the proposed architecture; the former scheme supports higher hardware utilization and the...
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A Quick Self-Adaptive Background Updating Algorithm Based on Moving Region

Bo Qin, Chuangde Zhang, Zhenghua Fang, Wei Li
Background subtraction is a common way of real-time motion detection. Owing to lacking the right approach to update the background, it was confined in certain aspects. In this paper, we will present a quick self-adaptive background updating algorithm based on moving region, and use label method to de-noise...
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Image Restoration Using RO Learning Approach

Chunshien Li, Chan-Hung Yeh, Jye Lee
In this paper, a machine-leaning-based adaptive approach is proposed to restore image from Gaussian corruption. The well-known Random-Optimization (RO) learning method is used for training of the adaptive filter. With the merit of model-free computation of RO, the derivative information is not required....
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A String Comparison Approach to Process Logic Differences between Business Process Models

Yeh-Chun Juan
Analyzing process logic differences between company’s process and best practice process can assist project team in discovering process improvement opportunities. Process logic comparison has been mentioned in some literature, but research in this area still lacks effectively and efficiently analytical...
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A Remote Parallel Computation System for Biomedical Data Visualization on the Grid

Chih-Han Lin, Ming-Shi Wang, Chun-Cheng Wei, Lai-Yi Chu
In this paper, a collaborative system for visualizing biomedical dataset on a Grid environment was proposed. Globus Toolkit was used for the integration of computational resources in the Grid environment, and the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is used as the tool for processing the biomedical dataset. The...