Proceedings of the 9th Joint International Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS-06)

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Is Rate of Stock Returns a Leading Indicator of Output Growth? In the Case of Four East Asian Countries

Pei-Fen Chen, Chien-Chiang Lee, Swee Yoong Wong
The link between stock returns and economic growth has been an important research topic in the financial economic literature. The purpose of this study is to employ a threshold vector autoregressive (TVAR) approach in order to investigate the non-linear relationship between stock returns and output growth...
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Building a Concept Hierarchy by Hierarchical Clustering with Join/Merge Decision

Huang-Cheng Kuo, Tsung-Han Tsai, Huang Jen-Peng
Concept hierarchies are important for generalization in many data mining applications. We propose a method to automatically build a concept hierarchy from a provided distance matrix. The method is a modification of traditional agglomerative hierarchical clustering algorithm. When two closest clusters...
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A Knowledge Discovery Approach to Supporting Crime Prevention

Sheng-Tun Li, Fu-Ching Tsai, Shu-Ching Kuo, Yi-Chung Cheng
The main objective of this study is developing a linguistic cluster model in order to meet the public security index requirement and extract crime rule in time series. In contrast to the current studies in crime theory which mostly rely on traditional behavior science, we turned to a hybrid approach...
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Analysis of factors which contribute to inter-enterprise competition

Takumi Shimizu, Yusuke Takada, Takashi Iba
In this paper, we replicate Nelson-Winter model in order to analyze the inter-enterprise competition from the perspective of economic change. For this purpose, we build the simulation model as Multi-Agent-Based Simulation in PlatBox Simulator. By replicating the Nelson-Winter model, which clarifies the...
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Stock Trend Analysis and Trading Strategy

Hongxing He, Jie Chen, Jin Huidong, Chen Shu-Heng
This paper outlines a data mining approach to analysis and prediction of the trend of stock prices. The approach consists of three steps, namely partitioning, analysis and prediction. A modification of the commonly used k-means clustering algorithm is used to partition stock price time series data. After...
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Oligopolistic Interdependency in a Mixed Market

Tay-Cheng Ma
This paper uses data from Taiwan’s banking sector to investigate if state-owned banks can serve as an internal regulation mechanism to sustain market competition. In contrast to the traditional second-best literature, the evidence shows that a certain degree of market coordination exists in the industry,...
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Using Fuzzy Regression and Neural Network to Predict Organizational Performance

Liang-Hung Lin
As everyone knows, multiple regression analysis is an important approach to prediction studies. However, regression model has some limitations and constraints in the real world practices. This study applied fuzzy regression using neural network (FRNN) to predict organizational performance, and the findings...
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Object-Based Accumulated Motion Feature for the Compressed Domain Human Action Analysis

Cheng-Chang Lien, Chen-Yu Hong, Yu-Ting Fu
This paper proposed an effective and robust method to detect the rare behavior events within the compressed video directly. New motion feature called object-based accumulative motion vector (OAMV) is generated to extract a prominent motion feature and then polar histograms are used to describe the distribution...
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Applications of Genetic Algorithm to Portfolio Optimization with Practical Transaction Constraints

Chieh-Yow ChiangLin
The portfolio optimization model, initially proposed by Markowitz in 1952 and known as mean-variance model (MV model), is applied to find the optimized allocation among assets to get higher investment return and lower investment risk. However, the MV model did not consider some practical limitations...
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Least Alsolute Deviation Estimators for Interval Regression

Seunghoe Choi, James. J. Buckley
This paper introduces the least absolute deviation estimators to construct an interval regression model, having interval output and crisp input data when the data contains interval outliers.
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Active Tracking Using Kernel-Based Vision Processor and Robust Fuzzy Control

Alireza Mustafa, Moteaal Asadi Shirzi, Muhammad Reza Hairi Yazdi
In this paper we introduce a practicable system by combining a vision processing algorithm and a fuzzy controller to obtain an efficient active tracker. Target tracking performance is heavily dependent on a good blend of vision algorithm and control. Because of performance and computational complexity,...
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Fuzzy Logic for Developments and Applications of Unbalance Three-Phase Fuzzy Feeder Models

Shyi-Wen Wang
Based on the fuzzy set theory, this study introduces three novel three-phase fuzzy feeder models for fast distribution system calculations. These fuzzy models are formulated using three lumped individual phase loads to represent single-phase, three-phase unbalanced, and nonuniformly distributed loads...
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Locating Matching Rules by Mining Software Change Log

Ming-Shi Wang, Jung-te Weng
A software system maintenance activity is typically performed under an environment of lacking knowledge about how to process it. This scarcity of knowledge may be caused by various factors, such as the large size and complexity of the systems, high staff turnover, poor documentation and long-term system...
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Excess Noise Factor of a-Si:H/a-SiC:H Separated Absorption and Multiplication Region Superlattice-like Avalanche Photodiodes (SAM-SAPDs)

Neng-Fu Shih, Huei -Ching Huang, Chung-Yuan Kung, Chun-Chih Chiu, Hong Jyh-Wong
In this paper, an a-Si:H/a-SiC:H separated absorption and multiplication region superlattice avalanche photodiode (SAM-SAPD) is fabricated successfully by using combined effect of band edge discontinuity and build-in potential in p-n junction. We discuss the relationships among excess noise factor (Fe),...
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Fabrication and characterization of two-dimensional photonic crystal using holographic lithography technology

Kuo-Chang Lo, Mei-Li Hsieh, Yi-Sheng Lan
We propose and demonstrate a holographic system using three beams to generate periodic patterns for fabricating photonic crystals. By properly adjusting the incident angle and intensity of three laser beams, the period and structure of interference pattern can be modified. Computer simulation results...
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Analysis of dispersion properties of elliptic air hole photonic crystal fiber

Yuh-Sien Sun, Chau Yuan-Fong, Tsai Din-Ping
The two dimensional with a triangular-lattice cross sectional pattern of elliptic air holes photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is investigated in detail by use of plan wave expansion (PWE) method. Using PWE method, the dependence of dispersion on structure parameters is calculated. We compared the dispersion...
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Axiomatization of fuzzy attribute logic over complete residuated lattices

Radim Belohlavek, Vilem Vychodil
The paper deals with fuzzy attribute logic (FAL) and shows its completeness over all complete residuated lattices. FAL is a calculus for reasoning with if-then rules describing particular attribute dependencies in object-attribute data. Completeness is proved in two versions: classical-style completeness...
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Pavelka-style fuzzy logic for attribute implications

Radim Belohlavek, Vilem Vychodil
We present Pavelka-style fuzzy logic for reasoning about attribute implications, i.e. formulas $A\Rightarrow B$. Fuzzy attribute implications allow for two different interpretations, namely, in data tables with graded (fuzzy) attributes and in data tables over domains with similarity relations. The axioms...
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On Tensions and Causes for School Dropouts åÁV An Induced Linked Fuzzy Relational Mapping (ILFRM) Analysis

Joseph Arul, Nathan Pathi, Thirusangu K, Mary John
The teachers and the school authorities often call the parents in connection with a child’s ‘performance’ in school. The children have to face the wrath of both the parents and the teachers. This tension slowly builds up and the child decides to quit the school forever. This paper analyzes the causes...
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A Fuzzy Multiobjective Programming Approach for Vendor Selection in Iron & Steel Enterprise

Yuan Chen, Zhi-Ping Fan, Jun Lv, Jian-Yu Wang
The purpose of this paper is to study vendor selection problem with multi-vendor and multi-item in iron & steel industry. Firstly, the native fuzziness, derived from some uncertainty information, of some parameters in decision-making objectives is analyzed. After that, a fuzzy multiobjective programming...
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Hidden structure visualization adaptive to human's prior understanding

Yoshiharu Maeno, Ohsawa Yukio
This paper addresses hidden structure visualization adaptive to human’s prior understanding. The degree of understanding is parameterized by temperature used in the human-interactive annealing process along with stable deterministic crystallization algorithm. This adaptive nature is demonstrated with...
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3D model retrieval based on Grid Sphere and Dodecahedral Silhouette Descriptors

Jau-Ling Shih
With the development of computer graphics and virtual realities, the demand for a content-based 3D model retrieval system becomes urgent. In this study, two features, grid sphere and dodecahedral silhouettes, are proposed and combined for 3D model retrieval. The experiments are conducted on a 3D model...
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Adaptive PI Control of Piezoelectric Systems Using Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Logic

Gwo-Ruey Yu
This paper presents the nano-positioning control of a piezoelectric platform. A Bouc-Wen model is established to describe the nonlinear hysteretic effect of piezoelectric systems. Three kinds of compensators, traditional PI controller, PI-like fuzzy logic controller (FLC) and adaptive PI-FLC controller,...
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High Performance Ring-Cavity Tunable Lasers

Shien Kuei Liaw
We report the investigation of ring cavity tunable laser, which is based on FBG technology. The laser linewidth, power variation and tuning range are 0.015 nm, 0.5 dB and 31.0 nm, respectively. The ring-cavity tunable laser also has 60 dB of SMSR to insure high-quality operation. With the features mentioned...
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Variable Selection Method Affects SVM-based Models in Bankruptcy Prediction

Chih-Hung Wu, Wen-Chang Fang, Yeong-Jia Goo
This paper examined bankruptcy predictive accuracy of five statistics models--discriminant analysis logistic regression, probit regression, neural networks, support vector machine (SVM), and genetic-based SVM (GA-SVM) that influenced by variable selection. Empirical results indicate that the SVM-based...
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A User-centric Intrusion Detection System by Using Ontology Approach

Shao-Shin Hung, Damon Shing-Min Liu
In the security infrastructure, intrusion detection has become an indispensable defense line in face of increasing vulnerabilities exposed in today’s computing systems and Internet. In this paper, our approach uses ontologies as a way of grasping the knowledge of a domain, expressing the intrusion detection...
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Time series data analysis using probabilistic and neural network

Chiu-Che Tseng
Artificial intelligence decision support system is always a popular topic in providing the human user with an optimized decision recommendation when operating under uncertainty in complex environments. The particular focus of our discussion is to compare different methods of artificial intelligence decision...
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Nanometric Displacement Measurement System Using Three-Longitudinal-Mode He-Ne Laser

Shahram Mohammad Nejad, Saeed Olyaee
In this paper, design and simulation of a nanometric displacement measurement system is discussed. The combination of the Doppler effect and interferometry method is being used. A stabilized three-longitudinal-mode He-Ne laser with 632.8nm wavelength and 35cm cavity length is used. Its primary and secondary...
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Dynamic Asset Allocation under Stochastic Volatility - Theory and Practice

Chung-Gee Lin
This study develops inter-temporal dynamic asset allocation with stochastic volatility (DAASV) models. The DAASV models integrate the stochastic volatility feature inherent in asset returns into the allocation procedure. By applying the DAASV, an investor can more efficiently diversify the unsystematic...
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An Application of Intellectual Capital on Financial Distress Models by Using Neural Network

Kuang-Hua Hsu, Jian-Fa Li, Hon-Jenq Fan
As the era of knowledge economy is prevalent in U.S. during 1992, knowledge economy plays an important role around the world. The value and competition of the traditional companies accounted on tangible assets. However, in the era of knowledge economy, the value and continuing operation of the companies...
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A New Method for Ranking Generalized Fuzzy Numbers for Handling Fuzzy Risk Analysis Problems

Shyi-Ming Chen, Jim-Ho Chen
In this paper, we present a new method for ranking generalized fuzzy numbers for dealing with fuzzy risk analysis problems. The proposed method considers the defuzzified values, the heights and the spreads of generalized fuzzy numbers, simultaneously, for ranking generalized fuzzy numbers. It gets better...
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A Maximum Achievement Model for a Interdependent Multi-location Investment Problem Using Goal Programming and Piecewise - Linear Approximation

Cheng-Chang Chang, Chung Yung, Wang
Consider an enterprise that wants to expand its business to multiple cities in global and to be one of well-known multinational enterprises (MNEs). Suppose the MNE hopes each planning investment subsidiary gleans a specific target return within a constant time horizon. Under this premise, this paper...
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Image-Based Fire Detection Using Neural Networks

Wen-Bing Horng, Jian-Wen Peng
An image-based fire detection method using neural networks is proposed in this paper. First, flame color features, based on the HSI color model, are trained by a backpropagation neural network for flame recognition. Then, based on the learned flame color features, regions with fire-like colors are roughly...
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Fuzzy LP with a Non-Linear MF for Product-Mix solution: A Case-Based Re-modelling and Solution

Sani Susanto, Pandian Vasant, Arijit Bhattacharya, Fransiscus Rian Pratikto
This paper deals with re-modelling of a fuzzy linear programming (FLP) for an optimal product-mix decision problem and its solution. Database of a chocolate exporting company has been used here to show the practicability of using the proposed model. The proposed model includes a non-linear membership...
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Learning with Hierarchical Quantitative Attributes by Fuzzy Rough Sets

Tzung-Pei Hong, Yan-Liang Liou, Shyue-Liang Wang
This paper proposes an approach to deal with the problem of producing a set of cross-level fuzzy certain and possible rules from examples with hierarchical and quantitative attributes. The proposed approach combines the rough-set theory and the fuzzy-set theory to learn. Some pruning heuristics are adopted...
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Incorporating Value-at-Risk in Portfolio Selection: An Evolutionary Approach

Chueh-Yung Tsao, Chao-Kung Liu
The mean-variance framework for portfolio selection should be revised when investor’s concern is the downside risk. This is especially true when the asset returns are not normal. In this paper, we incorporate value-at-risk (VaR) in portfolio selection and the mean-VaR framework is proposed. Due to the...
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Chain of Firms Bankruptcy

Yoshi Fujiwara
A link in production network is usually a creditor-debtor relationship. If a firm goes into financial insolvency state or bankruptcy, then firms on its upstream can have secondary effect from the bankruptcy. By using the recent 10 years data of bankruptcy in japan, we show that these causes of ``link...
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Algorithms for Indexing Dynamic XML Data

Jeang-Kuo Chen, Jen-Peng Hsu
Some approaches such as path indexing, labeling, and numbering scheme have been proposed in order to facilitate query of XML data. The indexes derived by these approaches must be rebuilt if XML data is updated. The method LSDX (Labeling Scheme for Dynamic XML data) can dynamically add new labels without...
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Optimization of a Fuzzy Controller Using Taguchi Methods With Multiple Performance Characteristics

Cheng-Hsiung Chiang, Liang-Hsuan Chen
Fuzzy controllers in general are designed using the experts’ knowledge or human experience in order to decide the settings of a number of system factors. However, the relations between the factors and system performance are not easy to be determined. Usually, more than one system performance characteristic...
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Fuzzy Logic Controlled Protocol for WLANs

Chien-Tung Lu, Yu-Sun Liu
A fuzzy logic controlled protocol that enables each station to tune its contention window based on the on-line channel sensing results is proposed for the wireless local area networks. Extensive simulations are provided to compare the performance of the proposed protocol with that of the distributed...
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Progressive Lane Analysis in the Digital Map using Fuzzy Method

Chia-Ming Chang, Tai-Yu Lin
In this paper, a progressive road analyzes using fuzzy technique is proposed. In this system, only the low cost GPS receivers are used. The road attribute and map are constructed only using the received data.
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Application of Hardware Architecture of Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Packet Scheduling

Rong-Hou Wu, Yang-Han Lee, Shiann-Tsong Sheu, Hsien-Wei Tseng, Ming-Hsueh Chuang, Yung-Kuang Wang
In Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technologies, the optimal packet scheduling is a common encounter issue in multiple channels network. NP-hard problem deals with finding a way to rearrange packets in multiple channels into a finite and rare channel. Genetic algorithm (GA) is one of the...
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Natural Scene Segmentation Based on Information Fusion and Homogeneity Property

Heng-Da Cheng, Manasi Datar, Wen Ju
This paper presents a novel approach to natural scene segmentation. It uses both color and texture features in cooperation to provide comprehensive knowledge about every pixel in the image. A novel scheme for the collection of training samples, based on homogeneity, is proposed. Natural scene segmentation...
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A Pornographic Web Patrol System Based-on Hierarchical Image Filtering Techniques

Chumsak Sibunruang, Jantima Polpinij, Rapeeporn Chamchong, Anirut Chotthanom, Somnuk Puangpronpitag
Due to the flood of pornographic web sites on the internet, content-based web filtering has become an important technique to detect and filter inappropriate information on the web. This is because pornographic web sites contain many sexually oriented texts, images, and other information that can be helpful...