9th Joint International Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS-06)

PRATYUG-"The total security system"

Sivaraman Sriram 0, Chandan Nadadur
Corresponding author
Sivaraman Sriram
0Sri Sairam Engineerig College
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Bio scanning system, Centralized computers, encryption, decryption.
“The innocent are always the first to suffer”. This is an often used proverb. In our quest to make them strong we have devised a total hack proof system for the communication process. In our mission the hackers are not the hunters but the prey. So we introduce a new security system called the bio scanning and sensing security system. Centralized computers are employed as the database storage systems in the network security process. The systems input signals are sent by the biometric sensors that are being programmed for sensing the retina and fingerprints of the human body .The process is carried out in three phases of authentication and identification.1)PFP SENSING 2)FAREN-EYE TESTING and 3)KEY-SPEED TECHNIQUE. The encryption and decryption process of the message or the information uses the sequential authentication-identification methods of the above phases, the bio-signal inputs acts as a shield cover for the message and can be accessed only if the input signals matches with those in the database with respect to the public key given i.e. the logical AND output is 1 and it is transmitted to the service requester. . The user’s systems are always online with the centralized database system server for transmitting and receiving the input and outputs which is nothing but accepting or denying the access of the private sector of a person’s information. Thus we reveal a new leak proof network security system which proves to be a real un-hackable network security. Thus it provides a permanent protection from the hacking community.
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