9th Joint International Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS-06)

A Remote Parallel Computation System for Biomedical Data Visualization on the Grid

Chih-Han Lin 0, Ming-Shi Wang, Chun-Cheng Wei, Lai-Yi Chu
Corresponding author
Chih-Han Lin
0Department of E.S., National Cheng Kung University
https://doi.org/10.2991/jcis.2006.24How to use a DOI?
Grid Computing, Globus Toolkit, Access Grid, Collaborative visualization, Parallel computing
In this paper, a collaborative system for visualizing biomedical dataset on a Grid environment was proposed. Globus Toolkit was used for the integration of computational resources in the Grid environment, and the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is used as the tool for processing the biomedical dataset. The results can be viewed by the users who are located at different places and connected together via internet. To allow the users to discuss the results cooperatively, Access Grid (AG) is used as the basic operation platform. Several shared applications were designed to allow users at remote sites to share user interface and visualizations. The system allows for the manipulating of the viewing objects by rotation, translation, and scaling.
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