Proceedings of the 9th Joint International Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS-06)

Unconditionally secure cryptosystem based on quantum cryptography

Yu Fang Chung 0, Zhen Yu Wu, Feipei Lai, Tzer Shyong Chen
Corresponding Author
Yu Fang Chung
0Electrical Engineering Department, National Taiwan Universit
Available Online October 2006.
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Cryptosystem, quantum cryptography, quantum mechanic, and unconditional security.
Most cryptographic works these days have employed mathematical concepts to design cryptosystems and algorithms. Therefore, mathematical concepts have become critical in the designing of cryptosystems, and are generally used to analyze cryptosystems and protocols, supporting the allegation that the intended cryptosystem is secure. In earlier cryptosystems, most algorithms were based on either factorization or discrete logarithm problem. This system has an overtly simple mathematical background and so, requires extensive secondary index computation. Therefore, a securer method must be developed to protect system security and to optimize system efficiency. Quantum cryptography detects intrusion and wiretapping. In quantum mechanics, a wiretap is not external or passive, but the opposite—changing its entity according to the internal component of the system. The status of the system changes once a wiretap is detected. Therefore, only the designer of the system can determine the quantum status of the system; eavesdroppers can neither determine the quantum status nor duplicate the system. Since quantum cryptosystem can reach unconditional security, it actually guarantees secure communication. Accordingly, this study examines quantum cryptography and contributes to secure quantum cryptography.
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Advances in Intelligent Systems Research
Publication Date
October 2006
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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