Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Economy, Judicature, Administration and Humanitarian Projects (JAHP 2019)

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Optimization of China's Electricity Market Allocation Under the "Paris Agreement"

Kun Xiao, Yi Wang, Jingdong Zhang
China's carbon emission of coal-fired thermal power generation has accounted for nearly 40% of the country's carbon emissions. According to the "Paris Agreement", reducing carbon emissions from power generation has become a thorny issue in China. In addition to power generation technology transformation,...
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Discussion on Participatory Publishing and the Digital Transformation of Traditional Publishing

Yanli Bai
In a narrow sense, participatory publishing refers to the active participation of individuals in the publishing process, which is made independent by the claim to freedom of the press as a right and the popularization of technology in the new media environment. However, in terms of the other meaning...
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The Promotion Effect of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Policy on Foreign Investment Based on Nonparametric Synthetic Control Method

Qicai Huang
This paper uses the Nonparametric Synthetic Control Method to study the dynamic impact of free trade zone (FTZ) policy on attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) by taking the Shanghai pilot free trade zone as a case. Empirical results show that the pilot free trade zone policy increased the stock...
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Analysis on the Characteristics and the Causes of Spatial-temporal Evolution of Population Distribution in Heilongjiang Province

Chao Ni, Xiangli Wu
In order to analyze in depth spatial distribution characteristics of population in Heilongjiang Province and further master the regularity of population distribution, this paper took 13 prefecture-level cities in Heilongjiang Province as the subject investigated, and used the relative change rate of...
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Research on Factors Influencing Core Competitiveness of Internet Enterprises Based on AMOS Model

Lihua Xia, Zeyu Yang
This article comprehensively considers the operating characteristics of the Internet industry, selecting 158 Internet companies as the research object and using the structural equation model, with AMOS software as the analysis tool. By building the core competitiveness verification model of Internet...
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Research on the Training Mode of Innovation Undertaking in Local Universities Against the Background of "Internet Plus"

Dongxing Jing
At present, the employment pressure of college students is increasing with the expansion of college graduates. Against the background of "Mass entrepreneurship and innovation" and the development of information technology, "Internet plus" provides a variety of employment opportunities. Many local colleges...
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Research on the Trust Foundation of Reputation Mechanism of Food Quality Legal System with High-quality Development

Ziyi Yang
The development of media changes the pattern of information discourse power. It has had great impact on the trust of existing food quality information and the legal trust order. The trust foundation of the reputation mechanism of food quality legal system has quality defects. It is necessary to construct...
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Study on the Cultivation of New Agricultural Business Entities in Chongqing

Xin Wei, Yi Li
Against the background of separation of three powers, the only way for the Rural Revitalization Strategy and the construction of modern agriculture is to cultivate new agricultural business entities. At present, the central and local governments have carried out the work of cultivating new agricultural...
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The Status Quo of the Development of Theme Parks and Countermeasures Taking Qujiang Cold Kiln Ruins Park as an Example

Xiaoqing Zhu, Jie Wang, Congcong Peng
With the rapid development of tourism, theme parks play an important role in today's tourism industry as a kind of artificial tourism resources. Taking Qujiang Cold Kiln Ruins Park as an example, this paper investigates the development status and existing problems, and analyzes its strength, weakness,...
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Review and Future Prospect of Value-added Tax Reform Against the Background of Taxes and Administrative Fees Reduction

Qiuping Liu
Taxes and administrative fees reduction is a major decision by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to deepen supply-side structural reform, and a strategic measure to promote high-quality development. China's value-added tax (VAT) reform has been changing with the development of economy....
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The Development of Inclusive Finance in Chongqing

Yi Li, Xin Wei
The strategy of Rural Revitalization marks a new stage of urban and rural construction in China, and the development of inclusive finance can provide financial services and financial support for agricultural and rural development. Based on the theoretical analysis of inclusive finance and Rural Revitalization...
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Privacy Protection of Personal Information in the Context of Big Data

Xiaoyu Luo
Nowadays, China has entered the era of big data, and people's lives, work and learning are all affected by the big data of network platform. In the era of big data, privacy protection of personal information should be paid more attention to. Starting with the concepts and characteristics of big data...
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A Literature Review of New Types of Scientific Research Institutions

Quanlu Lin, Bingyi Song
Featuring diversified sources of investment, marketization of resource allocation, enterprise management mechanism, demand orientation of research and development, internationalization of talent team and collaborative innovation of enterprises, academia, and research institutes, etc., new types of scientific...
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Speculative Study on the Combination of Education Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization Strategy in Ethnic Areas Based on the Analysis of Liangshan Prefecture Policy Text

Meipeng Wang
Since the country put forward the precise poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation has become an important and effective way for China to get rid of poverty. Education poverty is the key reason for poverty alleviation and poverty-returning in ethnic areas. After the rural revitalization strategy...
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Survey and Research of Tourists' Satisfaction in Regional Tourism Demonstration Zone Based on IPA Analysis Taking Jizhou District of Tianjin as an Example

Keke Chen, Tong Sun
Research on tourist satisfaction is an important guide for improving the competitiveness of regional tourism demonstration zone. This paper studies the tourist satisfaction of Jizhou, Tianjin, based on IPA analysis and SPSS analysis, and classifies and analyzes 33 factors affecting tourist satisfaction...
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Research on Laboratory Open Model Against the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Ye Ye
In recent years, China has begun to implement an innovation-driven development strategy, and the whole society has begun to pay attention to innovation and entrepreneurship. In this context, colleges and universities began to carry out personnel training mode reform, among which experimental teaching...
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A Survey on Students' Extracurricular English Learning Time and Spare Time Schedule in Independent College

Hui Liu
In order to fully know about the daily English learning situation of independent college students as well as the students' after-school arrangements and to understand the students' current learning situation, to adjust the teaching and achieve better teaching results, this questionnaire is conducted....
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Research on the Influence of Senior Management Team Structure on Team Performance From the Perspective of Shared Mental Model

Xiangzhou Yin, Dan Xiong, Jiating Kou
The senior management team has always been a research hotspot in various fields. Most scholars only study the influence of senior management team structure on Shared Mental Model and Shared Mental Model on team performance, without really considering the three. In order to study the relationship between...
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Methods to Evaluate the Success of Company Short-term Stock Investment Under the Accounting Standards in 2006 in China and Improvements Under the Accounting Standards in 2017

Yu Liu
An increasing number of listed companies conduct short-term stock investments in the A-share market in China nowadays. There is a need to evaluate whether these companies have succeeded in the stock investments. However, how to measure the success of such investments comes into question. To evaluate...
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An Empirical Research on the Factors Affecting Channel Collaboration in Multi-channel Supply Chain From the Perspective of Manufacturers

Min Wang, Xumei Zhang, Zijian Ding
This paper analyzes the factors affecting multi-channel collaboration from the perspective of manufacturers in the multi-channel supply chain in the aspects of manufactures themselves and their relationship. Five influencing factors were derived: channel tracing capability, reward coordination capability,...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Travel Agency Under the Environment of Market Transformation

Guangming Yang
With the rapid development and continuous improvement of China's socialist market economy, the competition in China's travel agency market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the travel agency market is in a fierce environment for change. This paper analyzes the development status of travel agencies...
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Public Security Practice and Countermeasures for Food Safety Protection

Qin Wei
Food is the paramount necessity of the people. The food and drug safety issue is related to the health and life of the people. At present, China has established an administrative regulation system with the "Drug Administration Law" as its core. The key is how to implement the food safety supervision...
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Research on the Practice Model for E-commerce Majors to Start Business in Rural Areas of Hubei Province Against the Background of Rural Revitalization

Jun Li, Cuiling Guan
Implementing the strategy of rural rejuvenation is an important opportunity for "agriculture, rural areas, and rural people", especially for rural people. However, a large number of modern resources are needed to invest in the construction of agricultural countryside. In order to solve the problem of...
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Research on the Training Mode of Teacher Educational Practice Ability of Normal College Students Based on the Perspective of Integration

Shuai Yang, Haicheng Bai
With the reform of education, especially the reform of basic education, the development of basic education is in urgent need of teachers with integrated views. Thus, the traditional teacher education model in normal colleges and universities should be changed accordingly. Innovation is the key in such...
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Research on the Cross-border E-commerce Business Model of China's Export Enterprises

Dingjie Xu
In recent years, in the context of the obvious slowdown of global economic, cross-border e-commerce, as a new model of international trade, has bucked the trend and achieved rapid growth in performance and market size continuously. The rise of cross-border e-commerce business brings new opportunities...
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Review and Prospect of the Measurement and Application of Human Capital

Lan Ma
This paper first organizes the development process of human capital theory and the improvement process of the definition of human capital, emphasizing the importance of human capital in economic and social development, then summarizes the existing methods of human capital measurement and existing defects....
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An Analysis of the Ruling Experience of the Communist Party of China in the Past 70 Years

Ning Liu
In the past 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese Communist Party has formulated a series of major strategic measures, issued a series of major policies and principles, and promoted a series of major tasks based on the party's conditions, national conditions, world...
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The Innovation and Application of Internet Finance in the Era of Big Data An Empirical Study on Consumption and Internet Finance

Xiaoman Guo
The technology of big data and cloud computing develops so rapidly, which has brought new opportunities to Internet finance. China has caught up with the trend of big data popularization, innovates actively. And the main kinds of business models include the third party payment, peer to peer lending,...
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Promoting the Development of Caofeidian District Through Interactions Between Port and City, Industry and City, School and City

Changgen Dong, Cuimin Zhen
From the new industrialization base around Bohai Sea to Caofeidian Petrochemical Industry Base, Caofeidian is the key area for Tangshan City to implement the national strategic policy. However because Caofeidian District is in the new growth stage, it has not yet been able to achieve the strategic key...
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Research and Analysis on College Student Volunteers Serving in University Libraries

Yuanfei Gong
There are many problems in the service of college student volunteers in college libraries. This paper conducts relevant investigations and researches on this phenomenon, discusses the relevant factors of problem formation, and puts forward some practical suggestions to promote the volunteers in the university...
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Analysis on the Interest Equilibrium of Translation Subjects Under the "Belt and Road" Strategy From the Perspective of Chinese Translators

Shuang Wang
With the implementation of the “Belt and Road” strategy, China’s cultural outreach in the countries along the line has accelerated significantly, but it still faces enormous cultural export barriers. In translation activities, there are various conflicts between material interests, political interests,...
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Difficulties Faced by College Students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Its Countermeasures

Junliang Kong, Yaomin Mei, Yuanyuan Pan, Xin He, Tingting Hong, Zhimin Chen, Yushi Lu, Guanglei Huang, Huize Luo, Teng Wu, Kaihang Hong, Zhicheng Chen
As the forerunners of the times, college students actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee for "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", setting off a wave of entrepreneurship. However, independent innovation and entrepreneurship also means a lot of suffering, and various internal...
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Research on Foreign Exchange Risk Management of Cross-border Supply Chain Enterprises

Lu Yao
Against the background of economic globalization, cross-border supply chain is applied in the development of enterprises, which has broadened the market scope to some extent. However, it will be affected by foreign exchange risk. This paper first describes the performance of foreign exchange risk in...
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Analysis on Tax Planning of Comprehensive Income Under the New Tax Law

Qing Xu
China's new tax law was passed on August 31, 2018, and will take effect on January 1, 2019. The new tax law will make small and comprehensive taxation on wages, salary income, labor remuneration income, remuneration income and royalties, and realize the transformation of China's individual tax system...
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New Thoughts on the Colleges and Universities Implementing the Warm Power Strategy

Qizhen Yang, Hui Wang, Linghong Nie
Based on the connotation of warm power, in view of the chaos of "hard power and soft power" in colleges and universities, it is important to use warm power and advocate the goodwill for the colleges and universities in the context of new media. On the basis of mutual understanding and mutual trust, colleges...
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Research on the Long-term Mechanism for Pre-service Teachers' ICT Literacy Education

Haicheng Bai, Shuai Yang
ICT literacy is the ability that pre-service teacher, both as student and future teacher, must possess. It plays an important role in the development of both current personal learning and future vocation, and is also a necessary prerequisite and key factor for realizing education modernization in China....
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Research on the Development Strategies for Opening up to Russia Along the Border of Heilongjiang Province

Liqiang Zhai, Xiaowan Wang, Yinzhou Pan
In June 2019, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin signed the "Joint Statement of the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation on the Development of Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Partnership in the New Era", which means that Sino-Russian relation enters a new era and is going towards a higher...
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The Logical Starting Point and Value of the Conception of a Community of Shared Future for Mankind

Chen Liu
China has proposed a great strategic vision to the world — a community of shared future for mankind in response to the development and changes in the world situation. The concept of a Community of Shared Future absorbs the essence of Chinese traditional culture and the achievements of Western social...
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Analysis on the Problems and Countermeasures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Vocational Colleges Against the Background of "Internet Plus"

Ge Gao
The arrival of the information age marks that China's social development has entered a new historical stage. At this stage, the emergence and development of "Internet Plus" has provided a broader platform for China's mass entrepreneurship. As a major driving force for "mass entrepreneurship", college...
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Research on Quality Infrastructure Evaluation of Mechanical Manufacturing Enterprise Based on ANP-Fuzzy

Yuhong Sun, Zhiteng Gao, Zongguang Wang
Quality infrastructure is an important technical means for enterprise to improve productivity, protect consumer rights, maintain safety and improve quality. As an "industrial heart", machinery manufacturing enterprises play an autonomy role in the development of the national economy. A quality infrastructure...
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Analysis on the Attitude of Medical Students Working in Rural Areas

Dan Bai, Jinning Jia, Bibo Liu
The development of health care is not balanced in the city and the countryside because of the poor primary medical treatment in rural areas of China. The aim of this research is to understand the reason why students are unwilling to work at the rural medical institutions. Impact factors are analyzed...
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The Impact of Environmental Regulation on High Energy-consuming Enterprises Competitiveness in Zhejiang Province Based on Heavy Chemical, Medicine, Chemical Fiber, Plastics Industry Data Research

Wenhong Cheng, Bin Li, Weibin Wang, Mimi Wang
The output value of high energy-consuming industries is the main source of economic growth in various provinces. The economic growth of high-energy-consuming industries is slowing down under environmental regulations. Appropriate relaxation of environmental regulations by the government can significantly...
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An Analysis of the Value of Carrying out the Accountability System of Leading Cadres

Yiyang Li
In the process of China's political system reform, the accountability system for leading cadres was implemented, which promoted the development of socialist democracy. This paper analyzes the basic situation of the implementation of the accountability system of leading cadres in China from the perspective...
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The Four Development Stages of Social Medical Construction in Chinese Modern Society

Fanmei Meng, Wei Sun, Haishe Zhang
In China, medical entities organized by private capital can be traced back to more than 2000 years ago. What this paper studies is the development period of modern Chinese society since the founding of new China. According to the characteristics of the form, scale, management, social impact, and social...
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Historical Evolution and Development: Formation of Multi-ethnic Complementary Patterns in Yunnan Tibetan Area

Xuekun Li, Yuqin Zhang
The Yunnan Tibetan Area refers to the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. It is the Yunnan Tibetan Area in "Tibet and the Tibetan Areas of the Four Provinces (Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Gansu)" mentioned in the Sixth Tibet Work Symposium. During the long-term history of evolution,...
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The Impact of Population Aging on Regional Economy Taking Yunnan Province as an Example

Ruijing Xuan, Yuqin Zhang, Xuekun Li
According to surveys and researches, there is certain correlation between population aging and regional economic development. This research aims at finding out the action mechanism and mode in which population aging affects the regional economy in Yunnan Province, to objectively evaluate the impact of...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures in the Development of Industrialization of Chinese National Folk Sports Tourism

Jiahui Xie
Using the literature method and logic analysis method, this paper analyzes the problems that arise in the process of industrialization development of Chinese national folk sports tourism. It is found that Chinese national sports tourism industry is in a period of rapid development. It has both the support...
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Application of Site Management in Enterprise Lean Production

Duolin He, Liping Shao
Improvement of site management is one of the effective ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency, with little investment and quick results. Field management includes 5S, customization management and visual management. This paper uses the above theory to improve and optimize the production site of the...
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Design and Assessment of Marketing Professional Practice Teaching System Based on Integration of Industry and Education

Xinling Wu
The background of production and education integration and collaborative education has been proposed to support colleges and universities to closely focus on industrial needs, strengthen practical teaching, and improve the training system based on applied talents. On the basis of cultivating marketing...
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The Path for Cultivation of College Students' Comprehensive Quality from the Perspective of General Education

Dong Long
The "13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of National Education" puts forward the "exploration of the general education and professional education combined talent cultivation method" which once again makes clear the future development direction of general education in higher education. From the perspective...