Proceedings of the 6th International Seminar on Science Education (ISSE 2020)

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Portrait of Metacognitive Awareness of Prospective Biology Teachers of Malang State University Through Learning Journal on Lesson Study-Based Learning

Tesa Manisa, Dias Setyawan, Herawati Susilo
This research aims to find out the metacognitive awareness portrait of prospective teacher students after learning with lesson study and assignment in the form of learning journals. The type of research is a pre-experiment research with one-group pretest-posttest design. Research sample consists of 30...
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Analysis Difficulties and Characteristics of Item Test of on Biology National Standard School Examination

Aditya Nugraha Surya Saputra, Heri Retnawati, Eri Yusron
This research aims to describe the characteristics of biology test items in the test instrument of USBN (National Standard School Examination) through test items analysis to check of reliability estimation, difficulty level, and item discrimination, as well as to identify items that have a high level...
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Implementation of Environmental-Based Schools in the Adiwiyata Program: A Literature Review

Fairuzzabadi Amrullah, Heru Nurcahyo
Environmental pollution can result in a decrease in environmental quality, resulting in disruption of the balance of the ecosystem and environmental degradation. Human behavior that lacks awareness and responsibility for the environment can result in environmental damage. In this case, to form a character...
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Profile of Biology Teachers’ Understanding on Socio-Scientific Issues (SSI) in Bantul Regency Based-on Teaching Experiences and Gender

Ratna Dyah Hartanti, Paidi
Aims of this study is to describe high school Biology teachers’ understanding on Social-Scientific Issues in Bantul Regency based on teaching experiences and gender. This study is a descriptive-quantitative design study. The method of data collection is using multiple tests on teachers’ understanding...
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The Values of Local Wisdom in East Belitung: Maras Taun as a Learning Source of Biodiversity and Character Development for High School Students

Christine Juliana, Suhartini, Haniah, Peranciscus Aryanto, Andi Susanto
East Belitung Regency has one of the local wisdom which is a tradition that is still being carried out for a long-ago called Maras Taun. This local wisdom is important to introduce to students as part of the learning process because it is close to daily life. This study aimed to know the values of local...
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Empowering Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills During Pandemic Through Contextual Distance-Learning in Biology

Fitarahmawati, Suhartini
The 21st century requires several skills to deal with today’s problems, including critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Distance learning was applied in order to avoid the transmission of Covid-19. Distance learning causes students to learn contextually from the environment directly. This article...
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Biology Teachers’ Understanding of Argument-Driven Inquiry and Think Pair Share Learning Model Based on the Educational Background and Teachers’ Experience

Opnofti Prihandayu, Paidi
This research was a descriptive study with a census method that aims to describe the biology teachers’ understanding of Argument-Driven Inquiry and Think Pair Share learning model based on the educational background and teachers’ experience. This research used the research subject were 37 teachers, they...
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Biology Teacher’s Knowledge About Discovery Learning and Team Assisted Individualization Model Based on Teaching Experience

Riski Rusmalinda, Paidi
This research was descriptive study that aims to describe the biology teachers knowledge about Discovery Learning and Team Assisted Individualization learning model is based on teaching experience of Public Senior High School/Islamic Senior High School (SMAN/MAN) in Metro City Lampung Province. This...
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Analysis of Biology Teacher’s Understanding in Lebak Regency Towards Environmental Literacy Based on Teaching Experience

Ami Aviatin Avivi, Paidi
This research was conducted to find out about understanding of biology teachers in Lebak Regency towards environmental literacy based on teaching experience. This research are using survey method with descriptive analysis. This research was conducted from May to September with research subject were 40...
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Preliminary Study: Profile of Critical and Creative Thinking in Undergraduate Students of Biology Education Study Program, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

Rifqi Rasis, Paidi
This research is a preliminary study conducted to describe the profile of critical and creative thinking of undergraduate students of biology education at Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (YSU). This research was conducted on 59 students who have active status as undergraduate students of the biology education...
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Effective Learning Strategies in Biology Online Learning to Anticipate Covid-19: A Literature Review

Desi Andyhapsari, Djukri
The Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has a very broad impact and continues to spoil all aspect of life and presents its challenges, especially in the world of education. All forms of conventional learning activities are replaced by distance learning which is known online. The application of online learning...
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The Profile of High School Students’ Reflective Judgment and Argumentation Skills in Biology

Puspa Nurmalasari, Nur Aeni Ariyanti
Critical thinking skills are one of the 21st-century skills and a basis to form a reflective judgment and argumentation on an issue. The aim of this study was to determine the profile of reflective judgment and argumentation skills of high school students in biology learning. The subjects of this study...
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Science Process Skills of Senior High School Students in Kebumen Regency on the Topic of Environmental Change

Rahmah Novitasari, Tien Aminatun
This research aims to analyze the results of students science process skills on the topic of environmental change. This research was conducted in public high shools in Kebumen Regency. This research used a quantitative descriptive method by using 5 essay questions. The sample were 150 students of class...
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Integrated of Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) for Pre-Service Science Teachers: Literature Review

Lely Nurhidayah, Slamet Suyanto
Teachers in the 21st century are like today at a very rapid technological development. Teachers not only have to master understanding the content of the subject matter but also need skills in using and operating technology in learning. So that we need teachers who can integrate content and pedagogical...
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The Effects of Virtual Laboratory on Biology Learning Achievement: A Literature Review

Nurul Azizah, Suyitno Aloysius
The use of virtual laboratory in e-learning technology increasing. However, in reality, there are still many teachers/lecturers who are still unable to develop effective and efficient learning media, especially for biology education. So, it is necessary to analyze articles from the results of previous...
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High School Students’ Critical Thinking Skills During Online Learning in Biology: Gender Perspective

Hikmah Supriyati, Djukri
This research was conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic with online learning. This research aims to determine the correlation between gender and students’ critical thinking skills in online learning. The subjects of this study were students of SMA Islam Terpadu Ikhsanul Fikri Magelang, Central Java...
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Analysis of the Potential Use of STEM Approach in Biology Lessons Refers to Development of Science in Indonesia

Muhammad Umar Wakhid, Suhartini, Nuraini Nadhiroh
This study aims to determine the development and effectiveness of STEM in biology learning, referring to the development of STEM in science in Indonesia. This research is a literature study that examines some research articles that are compatible with the research theme. The research sample was taken...
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Analysis of Critical Thinking Skills on Implementation of Problem-Based Learning on Endemic Flora and Fauna in Senior High School in Bengkulu

Yeni Pita Sari, Tien Aminatun
This study aims to analyze the critical thinking skills of students Grade 10 in Senior High School through Problem-Based Learning on biodiversity material of endemic flora and fauna in Bengkulu Province. This study used a survey method with the data collection used a questioner essay questions via a...
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How Can Scientific Approach Enhancing Student’s Curiosity and Learning Outcomes in Science Learning?

Edysyah Putra, Agung Wijaya Subiantoro, Suhartini
The purposes of this research is to determine the application of the scientific approach is assumed to increase curiosity and student learning outcomes. implementation carried out in the study using the classroom action research method (CAR). This research begins with planning actions, implementing actions,...
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Student’s Misconception Profile of First Semester 10th Grade on Biology

Galih Nur Pratomo, Suhartini, Ikhsanudin
This research aims to describe the student’s misconception of first semester on biology subject at 10th grade senior high school. There are seven concepts on first semester such as scope of biology, biodiversity, classification of living things, virus, bacteria, protist, and fungi. The participants consisted...
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Adiwiyata Program Implementation in Inculcating Environmental Care Characters: A Literature Review

Prima Fauzani, Tien Aminatun
Adiwiyata is a program implemented to create a school that cares, has an insight, and has an environmental culture. There are four main components in the implementation of the Adiwiyata program, namely implementing environmentally friendly policies, using curricula about the environment, participatory...
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Student Cognitive Activities in Biogeochemical Cycle Learning Using Modeling Example

Dewi Susanti, Adi Rahmat, Amprasto
The research aims to get information on student cognitive activities in biogeochemical cycle learning using modeling example. The research method uses a quasi-experiment. Cognitive activities are obtained by recording students’ verbal data during the biogeochemical cycle of learning. Students’ verbal...
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Increasing Students’ Learning Motivation Through Android-Base Biology Educational Game with E-Module During COVID-19 Pandemic

Elvara Aroyandini, Suyitno Aloysius
The aim of the research is to increase students’ learning motivation in learning classification of living things subject by using android-based biology educational game that accompanied with e-module. The type of this reserach is is a quasi-experiment research with nonequivalent control group design...
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Student Interaction, Teacher Competence, and Technology in Online Learning: Does it Create a Meaningful Learning?

Adelina gultom, Suhartini
Online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic certainly has a changed learning environment than previous learning. Previous learning activities before the pandemic occurred allowed face to face interaction. The form of the role of student-teacher interactions in delivering online learning is the topic...
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The Potential of Earthworms (Lumbricus sp.) in Anrelli Village, Kulo District as an Environment-Based Biology Learning Resource

Muhammad Sultani Taufik, Slamet Suyanto, Amri, Fadilah Dahlan
The research objective was to find out the potential of earthworms (Lumbricus sp.) in residential environments, rice fields, and cattle farms in Anrelli Village, Kulo District as an environment-based biology learning resource. The research used a descriptive study with a descriptive-qualitative research...
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Assessing the Validity and Reliability of the Questionnaire on Student Learning Online Interests in Biology

Ika Nur Cahyani, Agung Wijaya Subiantoro
This research aimed to determine the assesing the validity and reliability of the questionnaire on student learning online interests in biology. The type of this research is survey with quantitative description. The subjects in this study were 100 senior high school students year 2018/2019 from five...
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The Implementation of the Scientific Approach: Reveal the Degree of Scientific Approach Application in Biology Instruction That Had Been Carried Out

Uswatun Hasanah, Slamet Suyanto
In 2013, the Indonesian government implemented Curriculum 2013 (C-13). C-13 requires applying a scientific approach in the learning process. This research aimed to describe the implementation of the scientific approach and see how application of the scientific approach in learning biology. The research...
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Examining High School Students’ Ill-Structured Problem Solving Skills on Chemistry Problems Related to COVID-19

Cety Anggun Widyorini, Sri Rahayu
This study is preliminary research that aims to examine high school students’ ill-structured problems solving skills on chemistry problems related to COVID-19. This study used a mixed-methods research design. The participants of this study were 70 senior high school students (16-17 years old) that were...
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Turning Crisis into Opportunity: Indonesian Chemistry Teachers’ Perceptions of Socio-Scientific Issues in COVID-19

Ervita Eka Rosawati, Sri Rahayu
This study examines Indonesian chemistry teachers’ perceptions of socio-scientific issues (SSIs) related to COVID-19. The explored aspects include the need to introduce SSI such as COVID-19 into chemistry learning, teachers’ personal efficacy beliefs regarding SSI, and the main obstacle in SSI teaching....
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Implementation of Small-Scale Chemistry Lab to Improve Student Cognitive Abilities on the Subtopic of Colloid Properties

Rika Siti Syaadah, HAM. Mulyono, Hokcu Suhanda
This study aims to investigate the effect of the Small-Scale Chemistry Lab to improving the cognitive abilities of students who are studying colloid properties. Cognitive abilities studied are arccoding to Bloom’s taxonomy. The research conducted was pre-experiment with one group pre-test post-test design....
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Teacher Needs Analysis on the Development of Android-Based Chemistry Learning Media

Nurlaelah, Endang Widjajanti Laksono
Chemistry is an abstract knowledge, so it requires media as an intermediary in delivering the material. In supporting this, an analysis of teacher needs is carried out. This study aimed to describe the teacher’s need for Android-based chemistry learning media that can support the chemistry learning process...
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Learning Activities Based on Learning Cycle 7E Model: Chemistry Teachers’ Perspective

Marleni Tri Santi, Sri Atun
This research used descriptive qualitative approach. Research is conducted to show effectiveness of learning activities based on learning cycle 7E model by chemistry teachers’ perspective. Data collected through an open-ended questionnaire which consist of 8 item that is 7 phases learning cycle 7E model...
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Chemistry Learning Anxiety Scale: A Scale Development

Widya Pangestika, Antuni Wiyarsi
The main purpose of the study was to develop the Chemistry Learning Anxiety Scale (CLAS) instrument. The method used this study is the survey method. Data of chemistry learning anxiety was obtained through a questionnaire. There are three aspects of the chemistry learning anxiety scale that were examined...
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Research-Oriented Collaborative Inquiry Learning (REORCILEA) Model: Improvement of Students’ Analytical Thinking Ability in High School Chemistry Learning

Hendrawan Banu Huda, Eli Rohaeti
This study aimed to determine the effect of applying the Research-Oriented Collaborative Inquiry Learning (REORCILEA) learning model on students’ analytical thinking skills on the concept of acid-base. Participants in this study were 64 high school students divided into two groups: the control class...
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Profile of Students’ Pro-Environmental Attitude: In Adiwiyata’s School at Wonosobo

Sylmi Pramiana, Endang Wijayanti Laksono
The environment is the primary concern triggered by the increasing damage to the natural environment. The purpose of this study was to determine the profile of the pro-environmental attitude of students in Adiwiyata’s school. This research used a qualitative descriptive approach. The participants were...
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Perceptions of Pre-Service Teachers to Chemistry Laboratory Activities Based on Learning Experiences in the Laboratory

Naning Imroatul Faiza, Nurfina Aznam
This study aims to analyze the perceptions of pre-service teacher to chemistry laboratories activities based on learning in the laboratory. Based on the purpose, a questionnaire which contained several statements about pre-service teachers’ to chemistry laboratories activities based on learning experience...
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A Comparative Study on High School Students’ Self-Efficacy Towards Chemistry

Hana Kusumaningtyas, Endang Widjajanti Laksono
This study aimed to investigate high school students’ self-efficacy toward chemistry and determine their self-efficacy across grade levels. The participants were 255 high school students from a public senior high school in Blora Regency, Central of Java, Indonesia. A simple random sampling technique...
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Profile of Pre-Service Chemistry Teacher Self-Efficacy: A Case on Rate of Reaction Topic

Ilham Mauraji, Senam, Antuni Wiyarsi
This study aimed to analyze the self-efficacy profile of pre-service chemistry teacher on rate of reaction topic. This research was a survey research with cross sectional research design. This study involved 90 pre-service chemistry teacher at three year levels, i.e. second year, fourth year, and sixth...
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The Need Analysis of Guided Inquiry-Based Electronic Module Using Virtual Laboratory for Chemistry Learning

Cartika Candra Ledoh, Sentot Budi Raharjo, Sulistyo Saputro
This study aims to analyze the need to develop an electronic module based on guided inquiry with the help of a virtual laboratory at Senior High School of 1 Pantai Baru, Rote Ndao Regency,NTT. This study used the survey method with Qualitative approach. This study used a random sampling technique for...
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Motivation Level of Student After Implementation Learning Media Based on 3D-Pageflip

Efry Mindayula, Hari Sutrisno
A learning media based on 3D-Pageflip was applied in learning chemistry to highlight student’s motivation level in learning. This study used a pre-experimental with one-shot case study design, just one group was treated during the study. In total, 32 students with grade 10th from one group class at one...
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Teaching Tools Based on Socio-Scientific Issues on Acid-Base Topic for Chemistry Learning at High School: A Needs Analysis

Ulfa Rahma Ainul Fikria, Anti Kolonial Prodjosantoso
The purpose of this study was to analyze the need for teaching tools based on socio scientific issue (SSI) on acid-base topics. The researcher explored the learning process and the characteristic of teaching tools which usually used by teachers in public and private high schools in Yogyakarta, Indonesia....
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Comparison of Regarding Students’ Learning Motivation by Gender During the Online Learning

Nimas Putri Dewi Puspitaningrum, Anti Kolonial Prodjosantoso, Delyanti Azzumarito Pulungan
This study’s objectives were to investigate and analyze comparisons of students’ learning motivation during online learning based on gender. This quantitative study used a survey design. The subject study consisted of 331 students in the high school selected from science majors using the convenience...
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Developing Android-Based Media for Evaluating Chemical Literacy of Senior High School Students

M. Dihan Ismunandar, Sri Atun, Erfan Priyambodo
This research aimed to see the viability and expectations of android-based media by teachers and students as a way of assessing chemical literacy in students of Class X Senior High School. A 4D development procedure with the phases of identifying, designing, and improving dissemination was used in this...
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Students’ Attitudes Towards Chemistry: On the Gender and Grades Perspective

Elginda Yusa Arniezca, Jaslin Ikhsan
This descriptive research with a quantitative approach aims to describe the differences in students’ attitudes toward chemistry based on gender and grade level. The participants were 186 senior high school students in Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia, selected by convenience sampling technique. The data collection...
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Chemistry Teacher’s Perception About Their Technology, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPACK)

Sonya Monica Liunokas, Isana Supiah Yosephine Louise, Falenthino Sampouw
Education is currently facing the challenges of 21st-century learning. Moreover, covid-19 pandemic has caused all face-to-face learning activities in schools to be replaced with online learning. This phenomenon requires teachers to understand and have competency in technological, pedagogical and content...
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A Diagnostic Test to Measure Students Physics Data Literacy Skills During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Maria Enjelina Suban, Supahar, Endah Kartika, Zulaikha Ummul Arafah
The industrial revolution 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic that hit Indonesia requires all elements of education to apply online-based learning. The existence of information technology really supports the continuity of online learning. One of the supporting factors is data literacy ability. The assessment...
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Students’ Data Literacy Ability in Physics Using the Physics E-Module Integrated with the Values of Pancasila During the Covid-19

Endah Kartika, Ariswan, Maria Enjelina Suban, Zulaikha Ummul Arafah
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of structured learning media on students’ data literacy skills. Media developed in the form of an integrated e-module with the practice of Pancasila values in impulse and momentum for class X using the Discovery Learning model. This type of research...
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Implementation of Item Response Theory at Final Exam Test in Physics Learning: Rasch Model Study

AM Muh Asriadi, Samsul Hadi
A good test is one that has been validated and the accuracy of the gauge is tested. This article aims to provide a study of the implementation of item response theory with the Rasch model to analyze the quality of the final exam test items in physics. This is a survey conducted once and at a time. The...
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Developing Physics Digital Literacy Skill Diagnostic Test Assisted by Google Form for Senior High School Students

Nurhasanah, Supahar, Erlita Agustina, Syarifah Aini Nabila, Puji Rahayu
This research aimed to develop a test instrument in identifying digital literacy skills in high school physics learning. This study used instrument development model by Mardapi. The data method used a digital literacy test via Google Form. The research was conducted at SMAN 1 Prambanan Klaten, Central...
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Physics Graphical Representation Test of Straight Motion Kinematics Based on Boti Boat Local Wisdom: Development and Validity

Armanto, Edi Istiyono, Kharisma Fenditasari
This study aimed to produce the test instrument to measure graphical representation integrated to Buton tribe local cultural in the form of the Boti boat for senior high school student in Physics. It’s due to graphical representation importance competence in physics to train 21th century skills. This...
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Implementation of Android-Based Physics Learning Media in Increasing High School Students’ Curiosity

Singgih Hutomo Aji, Suparno
The 21st century skills are needed to create individuals who are able to compete in this century. One of the important attitudes of 21st century competence is curiosity. Curiosity can help someone solve the problems they face. In order to improve and foster students’ curiosity, one aspect that can support...
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The Teacher’s Necessity for a Diagnostic Test to Detect Student Weaknesses in Learning Physics in Offline and Online Classes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Erlita Agustina, Supahar
This research aims to reveal the teacher’s necessity for a diagnostic test to detect the weaknesses of high school students in learning physics. The method used in this research is a survey method. The instrument used is a questionnaire aimed at teachers. 14 physics teachers from several regions in Indonesia...
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The Effect of Using Smartphone Based Learning Media to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Skills During Covid-19 Pandemic

Aniesatus Sa’diyah, Insih Wilujeng, Nuraini Nadhiroh
This research aims to determine the effect of smartphone-based learning media in the students’ critical thinking skills. This research was a quasi-experimental with only Posttest Control Group Design. The sample of this reasearch were students of class XI MIPA 1 and XI MIPA 2 at SMAN 1 Ngaglik in the...
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Student Worksheet Based on E-Learning Development to Improve Problem-Solving Skills of Class X MAN 3 Yogyakarta Students in 2019/2020

Muh. Al Ihwan, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo, Wahyu Elko Septiyono
This paper aims to develop a student worksheet based on e-learning on valid momentum and impulse material to build on the problem-solving abilities of students in MAN 3 Yogyakarta. The method used is Research and Development (R&D) with a 4-D model (Define, Design, Develop, and Disseminate). The instruments...
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Integration of Volcanic Eruption Disaster Education with Physics Learning Process to Improve Students’ Disaster Preparedness in Magelang Regency

Mufida M Jannah, Jumadi, Herawati
This research was aimed to study the integration of volcanic eruption disaster education with physics learning process to improve senior high school students’ preparedness for volcanic eruption in Magelang Regency. This research used descriptive qualitative method, consisted of two stages: survey using...
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Developing Whiteboard Animation Video Through Local Wisdom on Work and Energy Materials as Physics Learning Solutions During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Azalia Isma Anggraini, Warsono, Husnatul Hamidiyah, Surya Jatmika
The purpose of this study are (1) to produce whiteboard animation video through local wisdom on work and energy materials as a physics learning solution during the Covid-19 pandemic (2) to test the feasibility of whiteboard animation video through local wisdom on work and energy materials as a physics...
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The Level of Critical Thinking Ability of Students in the Learning by Using Adobe Animate Based Learning Media

Theofilus Gratiamus Gusemanto, Warsono, L R Prakasiwi, Zul Hidayatullah
This study aims to determine the level of critical thinking ability of students in learning using adobe animate-based learning media. This research is a type of experimental research. The design in this study used a post-test control group design with simple random sampling technique. This research was...
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Development of Audio Visual Media for Distance Learning

Amri Suko Darmawan, Jumadi, Winda Arwin Setyani
This study aims to develop audio-visual media for distance learning in high school physics material with the optical instrument sub-chapter. Distance learning uses a website-assisted problem-based learning (PBL) model. The learning website from the ministry of religion is used in this distance learning....
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Computer-Based Two-Tier Diagnostic Test to Identify Critical Thinking Skills in Optical Instrument

Deka Maulidiansyah, Inarsih Meutia, Edi Istiyono
This paper aims to determine the weaknesses of critical thinking skills and student responses to the use of google form as a medium for providing two-tier diagnostic tests to class XI students at SMA UII Yogyakarta on optical instrument material. The characteristics of the two-tier diagnostic test items...
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Smartphone-Based Learning Media on Microscope Topic for High School Students

Nuraini Nadhiroh, Insih Wilujeng, Aniesatus Sa’diyah, Sony Y. Erlangga
One of the learning media with mobile technology that can be used for education is ‘smartphone.’ This study developed a smartphone-based learning media capable of supporting physics learning on Microscope topics for XI grade high school students with a specialization in Mathematics and Natural Sciences...
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The Effective of Using Worksheet with the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Through Google Classrooms to Improve Critical Thinking Skills During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Sony Yunior Erlangga, Jumadi, Nuraini Nadhiroh, Puji Hariati Wingsih
This study aims to determine the effect of problem-based learning worksheets (PBL) through Google classrooms in improving students’ critical thinking skills during the Covid-19 pandemic. The quasi-experimental method was used in this study with a sample of students of class X MIA1 and MIA2 MAN 1 Yogyakarta....
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Development of Interactive Physics Learning Media Using Smartphone Integrated with Pancasila Values on Optical Instrument

Syarifah Aini Nabila, Ariswan, Erlita Agustina, Nurhasanah
This study purpose to determine the feasibility of an interactive learning media using a smartphone on the integrated optical instrument of Pancasila values. The type of research used is Research and Development with a 4-D model, namely Define, Design, Development, and Disseminate. The research subjects...
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Physics Learning Instruction Based on the Conceptual Change Model for Senior High Schools

Aminatul Munawaroh, Insih Wilujeng, Zul Hidayatullah
This research developed a learning instruction in physics based on the conceptual change model (CCM). The development model uses a procedure from R&D. This development consisted of four steps that were define, design, develop, and disseminate. Development of physics learning instruction that was...
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The Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning (PBL) Assisted Google Classroom to Scientific Literacy in Physics Learning

Nila Karmila, Insih Wilujeng, Hadiid Sulaiman
This study aims to determine the increase in scientific literacy skills in the competence domain of students through the PBL model assisted by google classroom. This type of research is a quasi-experimental study using a pretest posttest control design. The study population was all students of class...
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Graphical Representation Skills in Online Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic Through Augmented Reality Assisted Student Worksheets

Wahyu Hidayatulloh, L D Herliandry, Heru Kuswanto
This study aims to determine the student’s graphical representation skill in online learning through Augmented Reality Assisted student worksheets in Simple Harmonics Motion during COVID-19 pandemic. This study is quasi experiment using Post-test Control Group Design. The population is all students of...
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Learning Physics with Worksheet Assisted Augmented Reality: The Impacts on Student’s Verbal Representation

Azizah Ainun Nuha, Heru Kuswanto, Ernita Apriani, Wilis Putri Hapsari
This study aims to describe the effect of worksheets assisted by Augmented Reality on students’ verbal representation abilities. This type of research is a pre-experimental study with a comparative design of all groups. This research was conducted in class XI MIA 1 as the experiment class and class XI...
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Improve Critical Thinking Ability Through Augmented Reality Assisted Worksheets

Luh Devi Herliandry, Heru Kuswanto, Wahyu Hidayatulloh
Worksheets have a complex arrangement that can support the learning process. Augmented reality technology can also be integrated in worksheets for physics concepts. The population in this study was Class X SMAN 1 Kalasan and obtained XI MIPA 1 as the experimental class and XI MIPA 3 as the control class....
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The Influence of Using Physics Student Worksheets Assisted by Augmented Reality Toward Students’ Creative Thinking Ability

Ernita Apriani, Heru Kuswanto, Azizah Ainun Nuha
This study aims to determine the influence of using augmented reality assisted student worksheets on students’ creative thinking abilities. This type of research is pre-experimental research with Intact Group Comparison using the posttest-only control group design. The research population is 121 students...
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Identifying the Drawbacks of the Problem-Solving Skills by Using a Three-Tier Diagnostic Test with Google Form Assistant

Inarsih Meutia, Deka Maulidiansyah, Edi Istiyono
The present scientific paper aimed to identify of problem-solving skills and students’ responses to the use of google form as a media for a three-tier diagnostic test in the tenth-grade students at Senior High School (SMA) of Indonesia Islamic University (UII) of Yogyakarta. The weaknesses of problem-solving...
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The Effect of E-Learning Based Worksheet to Improve Problem Solving Ability of Senior High School Students

Wahyu Elko Septiyono, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo, Muh. Al Ihwan
This research was conducted to determine the increase in problem solving abilities in senior high school students. This research method is experimental research, using 2 classes. Sampling using purposive sampling with certain considerations by knowing the conditions or situations under study. Modelling...
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Developing an E-Module Physics-Based Kvisoft Flipbook Maker to Enhance the Concept of Understanding for the Senior High School Student

Mika Dwi Permata, Ardila Safitri, Jumadi
This pilot paper aimed to develop a kvisoft flipbook maker-based e-module Physics for global warming symptomatic material as a physics supplementary teaching material for the eleventh-grade student. The research adopted the model of 4D development stood for Define, Design, Develop, and Disseminate. The...
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The Effect of Contextual Physics Teaching Materials Assisted by an Android-Based Virtual Lab to Improve Students’ Conceptual Understanding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rahmatullah, Wipsar Sunu Bram Dwandaru, Heru Kuswanto, Ambrosius Karanggulimu
This is a quasi-experiment research with a quantitative approach. This research aimed to examine the effect of contextual physics teaching materials assisted by android-based laboratories in improving students’ conceptual understanding. The sampling in this research were students in class XI IPA 4 (as...
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The Effectiveness of STEM-Based Student Worksheets to Improve Students’ Data Literacy

Ratih Galuh Rahmawati, Insih Wilujeng, Arina Umu Kamila
The objective of this research was to find out the effectiveness of STEM-based student worksheets to improve data literacy. The research method used is in the form of Quasi-experimental research design with the One-Group Pretest-Posttest. Students of class XI MIPA 2 in MAN 2 Yogyakarta were the subjects...
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Developing Kvisoft Flipbook Maker-Based Physics E-Module to Build on Critical Thinking Skills of Senior High School Students

Silvia Anggri Wijaya, Jumadi
This study aimed to develop e-module physics based Kvisoft Flipbook Maker (KFM) on the materials of harmonic motion in spring vibration material as a supporting learning material for the tenth-grade students of Senior High School. The study adapted the 4D development models (Define, Design, Develop,...
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Multimedia Learning Module (MLM) with Hologram Simulation to Improve Students’ Mathematical Representation Ability

Arum Mawardani, Wipsar Sunu Brams Dwandaru, Mochtar Purwo Nugroho, Surtini
This study aims to improve students’ mathematical representation skills after using the Multimedia Learning Module (MLM) with hologram simulation. The study was conducted using a pre-experimental design with a pre-test post-test group. Research is being carried out in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic,...
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Dissemination of Online Diagnostic Test Instrument to Diagnose High School Students’ Mathematical Representation Ability: The Case of Work and Energy

Awal Mulia Rejeki Tumanggor, Supahar
Diagnostic test instruments used to detect students’ mathematical representation abilities and adjusted to the main principles of mathematical representation abilities, is students can determine the right equation according to the problem and operationalize mathematical equations to solve problems. This...
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The Application of Contextual Physics Teaching Materials Assisted by Android-Based Virtual Labs to Improve Students’ Science Process Skills During the Learning Activities in Covid-19 Pandemic

Ambrosius Karanggulimu, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo, Rahmatullah
This paper discusses the application of contextual physics teaching materials assisted by android-based virtual labs to improve students’ science process skills during the learning activities in the Covid-19 pandemic. These contextual physics teaching materials are applied to students from two classes,...
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The Effect of Using the E-Module Assisted by the Kvisoft Flipbook Maker in Improving Student’s Critical Thinking Skills During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ardila Safitri, Mika Dwi Permata, Insih Wilujeng
This type of research is quasi-experimental considered with a quantitative approach. The reason for this considered was to see the effect of e-modules assisted by KFM in improving student’s critical thinking skills. The subjects in this think about are understudy at SMAN 1 PAKEM course XI IPA 2 (modelling...
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The Implementation of Whiteboard Animation Video Based on Local Wisdom in Work and Energy Concept to Improve Senior High Schools Students’ Learning Interest

Husnatul Hamidiyah, Warsono, Azalia Isma Anggraini, Surya Jatmika
This research aimed to determine the improvement of students learning interest after the learning implementation by using whiteboard animation video based on local wisdom. The research uses a pre-experimental design of group pretest-posttest. The subjects in this resarch were students of grade X MIPA...
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Development of Worksheet Based on STEM-PBL with PhET Simulation to Improve Student’s Problem Solving During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Arina Umu Kamila, Ratih Galuh Rahmawati, Jumadi
The study aims to develop worksheet based on STEM-PBL assisted by PhET simulation to improve student’s problem solving during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Research development (R&D) design used ADDIE model with stages (1) Analysis (2) Design (3) Develop (4) Implement (5) Evaluated. The subjects of this...
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The Implementation of Audio Visual Media in Problem Based Learning Model to Improve the Problem Solving Skills

Winda Arwin Setyani, Jumadi, Amri Suko Darmawan
This study aims to determine the increase in problem solving skills of students in MAN 3 Yogyakarta through audio visual media in Problem Based Learning (PBL) model. The method used in this research is a quasi-experimental design with an experimental design, namely one group pre-test-post-test design....
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Multimedia Learning Module (MLM) with Hologram Simulation to Improve Diagrammatic Representation Skills of Students

Mochtar Purwo Nugroho, Wipsar Sunu Brams Dwandaru, Arum Mawardani
This research aims to determine the achievement of students’ scores after using Multimedia Learning Modules (MLMs) and to determine the increase in diagram representation after using Multimedia Learning Module (MLM). This research uses a pre-experimental design with one group pre-test and post-test design....
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Development of Adobe Animate Assisted Physics Learning Media as Online Learning Aid

Lintang Rizham Prakasiwi, Warsono, Theofilius Gratimus Gusemanto, Herawati
This research is a type of development research using the 4D model (Four D Models). Developing a tool in studying and delivering physics material for teachers and students is the aim of this study. The media in question is physics learning media assisted by Adobe Animate on the harmonious vibration material...
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Problem-Based Learning Tools Assisted by Google Classroom on Momentum and Impulse for High School Student

Melta Zahra, Jumadi
This research aimed to develop physics learning tools (syllabus, lesson plan, student worksheet, material) based on Problem Based Learning assisted by Google classroom on Momentum and impulse that are suitable for use in learning. This research was a research using 4D design. The stages consisted of...
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A Preliminary Study of Student’s Initial Technology and Engineering Literacy

Andyta Ma’rifatul Usnia, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo, Nungki Febriliana Wardaya, Ririn Elviana
Job opportunities in the 21st century require candidates to have skill on critical problem solving, create a creative solution and involve technology and information. Literacy of technology and engineering are important to be emphasized on students so it can prepare them to compete globally and are able...
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The Analysis of Initial Achievement of Crosscutting Concept: Cause-Effect and Critical Thinking of Junior School Students in Ceramics Crafts-Integrated Natural Science Learning

Yustar Afif Priambodo, Insih Wilujeng, Khoirul Huda, Rika Nuryani Suwarno
This research is aimed to analysed initial achievement of crosscutting concepts: cause-effect and critical thinking in ceramics crafts-integrated Natural Science learning. The research utilized analytical descriptive by using 32 students as the respondents. The research instrument utilized ceramics crafts-integrated...
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Natural Science Teacher Perception on Subject Specific Pedagogy Integrated Earthquake Disaster Mitigation

Maya Izzatus Shofa, Pujianto, Ririn Elviana
This research is aimed to find out the perception of Natural Science teacher on subject specific pedagogy integratedof earthquake disaster mitigation. It is a descriptive research with 12 of Natural Science Candidates of Teacher and 14 Natural Science teachers. The research data is obtained by using...
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Energy Literacy of Junior High School Students in Indonesia: A Preliminary Study

Musawwir Usman, Suyanta, Pujianto, Khoirul Huda
Energy plays an essential role in the development of a country, including Indonesia, both in the social and economic sector and the quality of its citizen life. However, Indonesian still used energy in an ineffective way. One of the best ways to instill energy-saving behavior for citizens is by improving...
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The Science Knowledge Competence Process Base of New Learners in the Biology Subject

Baiq Fatmawati
Competences Process were the all directed Science Knowledge Competence which was used to get definition, fundamental, or idea to enhance pre-existing definitions. Knowledge Competence Process included perceptive, guide, and social competence. As for basic Competence Process were observing, classifying,...
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An Analysis of the Need for Developing E-Module Based on Problem Based Learning Utilizing Virtual Laboratory on the Digestive System Material

Natalia Dwiasty Ravista, Sutarno, Harlita
The purpose of this study was to analyze the need for the development of an e-module based on PBL with the help of a virtual laboratory on the digestive system material at Baleriwu Danga Senior High School, Flores, NTT. This research is an early stage (Research and information collecting) included in...
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Chemistry Teachers’ Perspectives on Virtual STEM Laboratories as Learning Media

Nurul Fitri Rahmadani, Sri Retno Dwi Ariani, Sri Mulyani, Nurma Yunita Indriyanti
The virtual STEM laboratory is a STEM-based learning media alternative as practicum media because the laboratory has some limitations. This study aims to determine the perspective of chemistry teachers on the existence and use of virtual STEM laboratories. The method used is descriptive qualitative research,...
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Review A Trending and Interesting Topic of ‘Aloe Vera: Healthy Lifestyle Trends Through Functional Food Consumption’ in Science Learning

Djuniar Rahmatunnisa Haristy, I Gusti Putu Suryadarma, Khoirul Huda, Puji Rahayu, Nedia Erlini
Increasing the community’s welfare affects lifestyle changes, especially patterns of food consumption in a negative direction on the increase of degenerative diseases. The community then realized that the magnitude of the relationship between food and the risk of disease. Fact, the primary function of...
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Augmented Reality Based on Learning Assessment

A Scoping Review 2011-2020

Nunuk Ika Lestari, Dadan Rosana
Augmented Reality (AR) is the development of a new era of technology that visualizes virtual objects (2D) to reality (3D). The application of this technology in various aspects of life, including education. There have been many studies on the application of AR in learning media innovations, so the goal...
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Development of PIAUD Science Learning Media (PSLM) Based on Wonosobo Local Wisdom

Nugroho Prasetya Adi, Vava Imam Agus Faisal
The entry of foreign cultures through various things caused the fading of the knowledge of Indonesia’s young generation toward their own culture. The introduction of culture from an early age should be encouraged to overcome these problems. One of them through education, where students are introduced...
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Expert Views on the Depth of Ecological Concepts at the Elementary and Middle School Levels

Susanti Wulandari, Nuryani Yogipranata Rustaman, Ari Widodo, I Nyoman Pugeg Aryantha
Continuing education is one of the main goals of success in the education sector. Quality human resources are the supporting aspect for the success of education. Teachers play an active role in preparing their students to live in the era of the society revolution 5.0. This study aims to investigate the...
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Exploring Students’ Decision-Making Ability in the Context of Socio-Scientific Issues

Dita Ardwiyanti, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo
Decision-making is a vital competence for a participatory living in 21st-century societies, which is plausible to prompt sustainable development goals. The purpose of the present study was to describe students’ decision-making ability in the socio-scientific context focusing on three aspects: stating...
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The Student’s Knowledge of Volcanic Eruption Mitigation in Magelang Regency

Nungki Febriliana Wardaya, Jumadi, Andyta Ma’rifatul Usnia
This study aims to determine the level of student’s about Volcanic Eruption Mitigation in Magelang Regency. This research is a survey. The sample of this research is 92 students class VII and VIII SMP Negeri 3 Muntilan and SMP Negeri 1 Kota Mungkid, Magelang Regency. Sample were taken using simple random...
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Practical Skills of Pakistani and Indonesian Students A Comparative Analysis

Naseer Ahmed, Tri Joko Raharjo, Khandil Badshah, Sajad
In the science learning process practical always have a significant role especially chemistry learning is completed with practical. Chemistry student’s concepts clear after the practical performance in the laboratory. The purpose of this research is to improve the learning process in chemistry by comparing...
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Development of Science STS Learning Tools Integrated Local Potential of Kacang Shanghai to Increase Critical Thinking Skills and Technology Literacy: A Literature Review

Zahrotun Nafi’ah, Insih Wilujeng, Wilda Muhimmatun Nisa
Critical thinking skills and technology literacy are still slightly for students. It happens because the learning process has not focused on improving critical thinking skills and technology literacy. Learning has implemented the activities that including indicators of critical thinking skills, however...
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Perception Graduates Science Education in Socio Scientific Issues Related with Scientific Communication and Critical Attitude

Hanis Pramudawardani, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo
This study aims to investigate the views of science education graduates about Socio Scientific Issues (SSI) and SSI’s relationship with scientific communication and critical attitudes. The research data were collected using a questionnaire that included five open-ended questions. The research data were...