Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering (ISKE 2007)

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Global Learning of Neural Networks by Using Hybrid Optimization Algorithm

Yong-Hyun Cho, Seong-Jun Hong
This paper proposes a global learning of neural networks by hybrid optimization algorithm. The hybrid algorithm combines a stochastic approximation with a gradient descent. The stochastic approximation is first applied for estimating an approximation point inclined toward a global escaping from a local...
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A granular computing approach to inducing rules in incomplete information systems

Haiyan Yu, Daoping Wang
Generally, two ways are used to handle null value in incomplete information systems. One is transforming an incomplete system to a complete system. The other is process the incomplete information table based on toleration relation. In this paper we propose a method to process the incomplete information...
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An Algorithm for Fuzzy Concept Lattices Building with Application to Social Navigation

Chunzhi Xie, Liangzhong Yi, Yajun Du
Due to the fuzziness of information, fuzzy concept lattices (FCL) are proposed as effective tools for data analysis and knowledge discovery on the fuzzy formal context. But the mining of large database needs efficient algorithms for FCL building. In this paper, a fast and automatic algorithm for FCL...
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An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Multidimensional

Li Zhou
This paper mainly studies on the valid solution algorithm for multidimensional assignment problem of data association, proposes a heuristic searching algorithm for multidimensional assignment problem on the basis of order-searching algorithm and m-best algorithm, and accordingly presents a heuristic...
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EA DTW: Early Abandon to Accelerate Exactly Warping Matching of Time Series

Junkui Li, Yuanzhen Wang
Dynamic Time Warping(DTW) is one of the important distance measures in similarity search of time series, however, the exact calculation of DTW has become a bottleneck. We propose an approach, named Early Abandon DTW(EA_DTW) to accelerate the calculation of DTW. The method checks if value of cells in...
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Automatic Drilling of PCBs Based on GA

Alireza MohammadniaOranj, Ahmad Khademzadeh, Aref Jalili Irani, Homayoon Ebrahimian
Automatic drills are widely used in the process of manufacturing printed circuit boards. After a circuit is designed using very advances softwares, the pins for different components and the nodes through which the layers are connected are rigorously drilled by an automatic drill. At the present paper,...
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Towards Natural Image Denoising by Sparse Code Shrinkage: Improvements and Applications

Ying Yu, Jian Yang, Dan Xu
Sparse code shrinkage (SCS) has been proved to be a very promising method for natural image denoising, but it still has some drawbacks such as considerable complexity of computation and inevitable loss of image details. In this paper, we propose a new compensation operation and an improved shrinkage...
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A hybrid neural network-fuzzy logic architecture for multisensor data fusion in target tracking system

Xiu Wang, Jian Rong, Xiaochun Zhong
In this work, a new multisensor data fusion architecture integrating neural network and fuzzy logic techniques is introduced, which has the ability of fast adjusting acceleration parameter and covariance of measurement noise of sensors. In this architecture, the neural network estimates acceleration...
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On Chinese Character Structure(CCS) Recognition Based On Bayesian learning

Tiancai Liang, Youguo Pi
Chinese character structure(CCS) is too complex to be represented or recognized by computer. In literature [6], simple grid was proposed to be representation tools for CCS. In order to check effectiveness of CCS representation based on simple grid, the method of CCS recognition based on Bayesian learning...
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A Decision Model for Fuzzy Clustering Ensemble

Yanqiu Fu, Yan Yang
Recent research and experiments have showed that clustering ensemble approaches can enhance the robustness and stabilities of unsupervised learning greatly. Most of them focused on crisp clustering combination. However, in this paper, we offer a decision model based on fuzzy set theory for fuzzy clustering...
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A Method of Case-Based Creative Design

Ning Zhang
Case-based reasoning can be used to explain many creative design processes since creativity stems from using old solutions in novel ways. However the process of case-based creative design is usually not very efficient and not easy to implement due to the complexity of creative design problems. This paper...
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Completeness of (μ,ν)-Resolution Principle of Intuitionistic Operator Fuzzy Logic

Hongliang Zheng, Benqiang Xu, Li Zou
In this paper, a primary interpretation for intuitionistic operator fuzzy logic is presented. The concepts of (μ,ν)-complementary literal and (μ,ν)-similar literal about complex literals are proposed. Then the properties of (μ,ν)-false and the (μ,ν)-resolution method of the complex literals are discussed....
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Anti-counterfeit Authentication System of Printed Information Based on A Logic Signing Tehinique

CAO Sheng, Chen Zheng, Sun Xuandong
To protect printed information from being forged, tampered with or misappropriated, a logic signing technique was developed, which was applied to anti-counterfeit authentication system so as to intelligently make printed information verified quickly, conveniently, precisely and feasibly. The technique...
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Hierarchical Visualization of Multidimensional Data

Xiangzhi He, Lan Shu
Visualization of multidimensional data has been studied for a few decades and is still hot today. However, the proposed approaches have limitations when they meet multidimensional data. Hierarchical approach put forward in this paper is utilized to represent multidimensional data in multi-levels. First,...
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Research of the speaker verification based on the SVM-GMM mixture model

Cui Xuan, Deng Bo, Zhuang Wen
We put forward a new SVM-GMM mixture model to improve recognition rate of the speaker verification system in the paper. Support vector machines (SVM) and Gaussian mixture model (GMM) are widely applied to the speaker verification, but both have some disadvantages. We present a new approach for speaker...
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Online Detect Polymorphic Exploit Based on Data Mining

Wei Wang, Huazhang Wang, Daisheng Luo, Yong Fang
In recent years, Internet worms increasingly threaten the Internet hosts and service and polymorphic worms can evade signature-based intrusion detection systems. We propose DMPolD (Data Ming Polymorphism Detection) to detect polymorphic exploit based on semantic signature and data-mining. We analyze...
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An Evolutionary Algorithm for the Multi-objective shortest path problem

Fangguo He, Huan Qi, Qiong Fan
In this paper, a multi-objective shortest path evolutionary algorithm (MOSPEA) is presented for an undirected network. The algorithm differs from the others as it uses an external set to maintain non-dominated solutions and different selection strategy. Property of MOSPEA about stochastic convergence...
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A evolutionary algorithm for QoS routing under uncertain parameters

Fanguo He, Huan Qi, Qiong Fan
In the actual network the information collected through routing protocols is uncertain with the expansion of network size and complexity. In this paper, the QOS routing problem is investigated in the networks environment with uncertain parameters. The fuzzy set theory is used to define the relationship...
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Hybrid Intelligent Control of Coke oven

Gongfa Li, Jianyi Kong, Guozhang Jiang, Jintang Yang, Hegen Xiong, Yu Hou
Aiming at the longitudinal temperature was affected by many reasons, and the control principle of combining the intermittent heating control with the heating gas flow adjustment was adopted. Control strategy and an integrated model of coke oven heating based on hybrid intelligent control methods were...
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A generalized fuzzy entropy-based image segmentation method

Jiulun Fan, Feng Zhao
Image segmentation using fuzzy entropy is an important and common segmentation method. The threshold of fuzzy entropy is mostly selected at the gray value with fuzzy membership degree 0.5. It is a limitation in some cases. In order to solve this problem, we present a new definition of generalized fuzzy...
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A Novel 20G Wide-Band Synthesis Methodology for CMOS Spiral Inductors using Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

Haiyang Shen, Wenjun Zhang
We develop a novel synthesis way to effectively generate CMOS spiral inductor’s layout parameters using artificial neural network and genetic algorithm. An accurate neural network model for CMOS spiral inductors is firstly developed based on measured results from TSMC 0.13um MM/RF process with the frequency...
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On Continuity and Boundedness of Fuzzy Syntopogenous Spaces

Zhiwen Mo, Chang Shu
In this paper,we combine fuzzy topological structures with algebraic structures on X,and investigate their corresponding structures and properties.In the section 3,the relationship between fuzzy topological structure and increasing(decreasing)fuzzy syntopogenous structure is studied.In the section 4...
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The fuzzy system with a family of implication operators L-¸-G based on Triple I algorithm

Jiayin Peng
Firstly, we establish a formula of FMP problems by Triple I algorithm based on a family of implication operators L-¸-G. Secondly, we discuss fuzzy systems based on Triple I algorithm and their response ability. The results show that the fuzzy system with a family of implication operators L ¡ ¸ ¡ G has...
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The Shapley value for fuzzy bi-cooperative games

Xiaohui Yu, Qiang Zhang
In this article,we investigated a Shapley function on the class of crisp bi-cooperative games Firstly, we redefine bi-cooperative games axiom which was introduced by Grabisch and proposed the Shapley function that satisfies the four axioms. Then, the concepts related to a Shapley function have been extended...
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A Partition Rule for SAT Solvers: The Multiple Partition Rule (MPR)

Juan Segura-Salazar, Juan Frausto-Solís
We propose a new partition rule for DPLL-based SAT Solvers. Most of the complete SAT solver usually are based on Davis, Logemann and Loveland (DPLL) rules. One most DPLL rule actually used in the modern algorithms is the Classical Partition Rule (CPR), that divides the problem into sub-problems (resolvents)...
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A Fuzzy-Based Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation Algorithm for Comprehensive Ocean Observation Information System

Hua Han, Fengming Liu, Yongsheng Ding
Comprehensive Ocean Observation Information Systems (COOIS) comprises a massive and complex resource data, which is vital to an increasingly important application of Integrated Intelligent Ocean Information Management System (IIOIMS). IIOIMS is just as complex, but uses a holistic approach to deal with...
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A Quantitative Analysis for Inter-individual Knowledge Transferring Obstacle

Dehai Liu, Weiguo Wang
This paper puts forward a quantitative analysis method measuring inter-individual knowledge transferring obstacle based on evolutionary game theory. According to economic exchange theory, the key influencing factors on the inter-individual knowledge transfer include the expected incomes and transfer...
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Study of NCS with Improvement Smith Predictor and Fuzzy Immune Control

Feng Du, Qingquan Qian
Network induced delay is the main factor that deteriorates the performance of networked control. In order to effectively restrain the impact of network delay on NCS, a new approach is proposed that improvement Smith dynamic predictor combines fuzzy immune PID control. Because this dynamic Smith predictor...
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A Novel Image Steganography Using Chaotic Map and Visual Model

Peipei Liu, Zhongliang Zhu, Hongxia Wang, Tianyun Yan
A novel image steganography method using chaotic map and human visual model is presented in DCT domain. Firstly each 8×8 image block is performed Discrete Cosine Transform, then the location of image block that is embedded secret message is determined by the chaotic map. Finally the secret message is...
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An Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm and its Application in Reaction Kinetic Parameters Estimation

Dan Xu, Shaojun Li, Feng Qian
Differential evolution algorithm (DE) is a simple efficient optimization technique, but it is easily trapped in the local optima. This paper presents an improved differential algorithm (IDE) based on Alopex (Algorithms of Pattern Extraction) where “noise” strategy according to the learning experience...
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Global Exponential Stability of a Class of Neural Networks With Unbounded and Varying Delays

Dianbo Ren
Based on the theory of topological degree and properties of M-matrix, by constructing proper vector Lyapunov functions, the existence and uniqueness of the equilibrium point and its global exponential stability are investigated for a class of neural networks with unbounded and varying delays. Without...
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An Approach to Classification Based on Fuzzy Association Rules

Guoqing Chen, Zuoliang Chen
Classification based on association rules is considered effective and advantageous in many cases. However, the "sharp boundary" problem in association rules mining with numerical data may lead to semantics retortion of discovered rules, which may further disturb the understandability, even the accuracy...
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Study of Relationships among Enterprises Based on Maximizing the Profit of Supply Chain

Zhenggang He, Zhengqiang He, Wei Liao, Xiaoping Qiu
The main profit source of supply chain is derived from the improvement of relationships among enterprises. In order to maximize the profit of supply chain, longitudinal and lateral relationships among the enterprises are comprehensively analyzed, under which the supply chain profit is compared. The result...
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Performance Evaluation of Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Algorithms for Face Recognition

Jing Wang, Jimin Liang, Haihong Hu, Yan Li
Fusion of infrared and visible image is a potential solution to improve face recognition performance. In this paper, we propose a new fusion method based on singular value decomposition (SVD) and apply it to multiple spectrum face recognition. The performance of the proposed SVD-based fusion method is...
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On the Performance of Push and Pull Models with the Price-Sensitive Demand

Xiaohong Zhang, Jihong Ou
In this paper we study the push model and pull model of supply chain with a price-sensitive demand, in which a supplier sells a single product to an independent retailer facing stochastic demand while the retailer price is endogenously determined by the retailer, and compare the performance of supply...
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A Resource Search Model Based on Semantically Enabled P2P Grid

Jun Ye, Zhishu Li, Yanyan Ma, Qing Li
This paper presents a layered resource search model based on P2P Grid that has a good feature in expansibility, autonomy, modularity and loose coupling. In terms of this model a Bootstrap based on Distributed Hashing Table (DHT) is added into P2P Grid and a Peer Service is implemented in every node....
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Shu Zhou, Xiaoru Wang, Qingquan Qian
Changes of the network topology of a power system, which are determined by a sequence of operations of breakers, will influence the relationships between relays and protected sections. Further more, the complexity of power systems and the uncertainty of all kinds of information make the relations between...
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A Course Recommender System Using Multiple Criteria Decision Making Method

Francois Le Roux, Elkunchwar Ranjeet, Vinit Ghai, Ya Gao, Jie Lu
A recommender system is a specific type of information filtering technique that presents the user-relevant information, which is implemented by creating a user's profile and comparing it to the other existing reference characteristics stored in the database. This paper developed a course recommender...
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A Bilevel Model for Railway Train Set Organizing Optimization

Ya Gao, Jie Lu, Guangquan Zhang
Train Set Organization (TSO) is to arrange the train set in railway freight transportation. Bilevel programming techniques were proposed to solve the Stackelberg game in which play is sequential and cooperation is not permitted. In this paper, an op- timizing model for TSO is developed by the bilevel...
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Shifen Xia, Yingbin Qin, Yang Xu
This paper provides a method of resolution inference by Petri net, which is different from the method of T-invariant. Only through reducing the structure of Petri net model step by step, the resolution inference can be accomplished. We discuss inferences not only ground clause set but also first-order...
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Linguistic Truth-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Propositional Logic Based on LIA

Li Zou, Shuiting Wu, Zhengjiang Wu, Yang Xu
Truth degree and falsity degree of intuitionistic fuzzy proposition are two truth values with linguistic hedge. In this paper, using the framework of linguistic truth-valued propositional logic based on lattice implication algebra, a kind of linguistic truth-valued intuitionistic fuzzy propositional...
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A definition of lattice implication algebra based on implication operator

Liangzhong Yi, Zheng Pei
Lattice implication algebra is an important nonclassical logical algebra, it has been studied by researchers. Binary operation ^, _ and unitary operation 0 in lattice implication algebra could be defined by implication operation!, namely, these operations in lattice implication algebra are not independently....
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Linguistic Truth-Valued Lattice Value Propositional Logic System lP(X)

Jiajun Lai, Kaijun Xu, Yang Xu, Zhaoyou Zeng
In this paper, as a continuous work about linguistic truth-valued LIA, the lattice value propositional logic system whose valuation field seen as L-LIA is focused. Firstly, some properties about linguistic truth value LIA are discussed. On the other hand, some concepts about linguistic truth value lattice-valued...
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Connotation Searching Method for Paper Retrieval System Based On Fuzzy Rules

Hailiang Zhao, Yue Ma
In this paper, an overall framework on paper retrieval system based on paper’s connotation is proposed. Paper database is sorted into four ranks. Each of them is mainly described by an extended keyword set, which is served as the carrier of the precise connotation of a paper. Based on the matching degree...
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An Semantic Rank for Web Crawler Based on Formal Concept Analysis

Yajun Du, Xinchun Li
Web Crawler is an important research in Search Engine. In this paper, a method for measuring the similarity of FCA concepts is proposed by using information content approach based on user Web log. In process of crawling Web pages for Web Crawler, in order to make choice of Web pages, the semantic rank...
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A Method for Ranking Fuzzy Numbers and Its Application to Game with Fuzzy Profit

Yingchao Shao, Zheng Pei
In this paper, a new method for ranking fuzzy numbers is proposed. Based on decomposition theorem of fuzzy set, firstly, the method considers interval numbers, the relation between lines and interval numbers is discussed in Cartesian coordinates, the distance of dot to lines is used as evaluation of...
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Some Properties of Fuzzy Filters in Lattice Implication Algebras

Weitao Xu
In this paper, several equivalent conditions for fuzzy filters are given in lattice implication algebra. The relation between fuzzy filters and fuzzy implicative filters is discussed. It is also proved that fuzzy implicative filters are fuzzy filters in lattice implication algebra.
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Decision Tree Construction based on Rough Set Theory under Characteristic Relation

Jing Song, Tianrui Li, Ying Wang, Jianhuai Qi
Several approaches based on rough set have been proposed for constructing decision tree in complete information systems. In fact, many information systems are incomplete in practical applications. In this paper, a new algorithm, Decision Tree Construction based on Rough Set Theory under Characteristic...
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Impression evaluation and management of teachers of university

Chengfang Liu
As we known, teachers play an important role in training qualified personnel and researching in university. This paper discusses the problem of impression evaluation and management of teachers of university. An index system of evaluation of the impression management is presented. We put forward eight...
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A evaluation model of experiement system in sensory evaluation

Bin Luo
Sensory evaluation has been widely used in many fields. This paper analyzes main factors of making up an experiemtn system in sensory evaluation, applies a method of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to build a model for evaluating rationality of the experiment system, and explain an application of this...
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A Linguistic Decision Model for Promotion Mix Management Based on Genetic Algorithms

Xihui Li, Zheng Pei, Hua Zhao
As we know, promotion activities are very important marketing tools. As a result of this fact, the selection of activities is an important decision. In this paper, from the viewpoint of satisfaction degree and total expense amount, we design a reasonable evaluation function, and use genetic algorithms...
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A study on rationality evaluation of strategy of nationalities university

Dayun Chen
Nationalities universities are important composition of the system of high education in some countries. In the 21st century, the development of nationalities universities is faced with good fortune and challenge. On the foundation of analysis the location and major content, this paper presents an evaluation...
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Transfer-probability Matrix of Repairable parallel-series d System

Yuqi Niu
From the fact that a parallel-series system made up of components has a complicated state space and transfer-probability matrix, the element classification and structural characteristic of the transfer-probability matrix of a parallel-series system with only a set of repair equipment were investigated....
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Controlling Reactor Power of CARR with Fuzzy Logic Controller

Hai Zeng
To demonstrate the applicability and feasibility of AI technology in nuclear fields in China, a fuzzy controller to control the reactor power of China Advanced Research Reactor (CARR) is designed in this paper. The fuzzy controller uses Mamdani inference system based 2 inputs-power difference and power...
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A method to solve Multi-attribute Group linguistic Decision-Making problems

Hua Zhao, Zheng Pei, Fang An Deng
This paper presents a method to solve multiattribute group decision-making with linguistic assessment. The method is based on the use of fuzzy linguistic approach, and on the use of fuzzy majority of consensus, represented by means of a linguistic quantifier. The individual consensus preference degrees...
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Making the Right Decisions for Disaster Prevention

Juan Carlos Augusto, Hui Wang, Jun Liu
We present a framework for decision-making in relation to disaster management. The use of causality reasoning based on the temporal evolution of a scenario provides a natural way to chain meaningful events and possible states of the system. There is usually several ways to analyze a problem and several...
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Construction of Decision Trees based Entropy and Rough Sets under Tolerance Relation

Ning Yang, Tianrui Li, Jing Song
Decision tree induction is one of the most popular data mining techniques with applications in various fields. Present algorithms for construction decision trees can not deal with missing value in information systems properly. A new concept, rough gain ratio, is first introduced by the aid of tolerance...
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Three Real-Coded Genetic Algorithms With New Mutation Operators

Guoli Zhang, Guangquan Zhang, Jianwei Ma, Chunlei Zhou
Local search is mainly implemented by the reproduction and crossover operation, global search is assured by the mutation operation in conventional genetic algorithm. In order to enhance the global search ability, three new mutation operators are proposed based on the idea that big change into small and...
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A New Parallel Quantum Genetic Algorithm with Probability-Gate and Its Probability Analysis

Shuxia Ma, Weidong Jin
In this paper, a novel Quantum Genetic Algorithm (QGA) called Parallel Probability-gate Quantum Genetic Algorithm (PPQGA) is proposed. The main points of PPQGA are that a new chromosome representation called qubit representation, a new updating gate called probability-gate and a novel evolutionary strategy...
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Rock and soil damage-fracture space mechanics: Damage-fracture space

Faning Dang
Each of the current analytical methods used in rock and soil CT mechanics is “observation”, wasting the precious CT quantitative information. Utilizing the CT number, the perfect degree and the damage-fracture degree of a point inside the rock sample are defined, the ? level perfect field, the ? level...
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Rock and soil damage-fracture space mechanics: Physical state indexes

Faning Dang, Houqun Chen, Weihua Ding, Xiaotao Yin
Each of the current analytical methods used in rock and soil CT mechanics is “observation”, wasting the precious CT quantitative information. Utilizing the set theory and the measure theory, the concepts of the ? level damage-fracture ratio and the ? level damage-fracture rate, the ?1-?2 level intercepted...
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Rock and soil damage-fracture space mechanics: The divisional damage-fracture theory

Faning Dang, Houqun Chen, Weihua Ding, Xiaotao Yin
This article points out each of the current analytical methods used in CT mechanics of rock and soil avail of observation, wasting the precious quantitative information of CT datum. Based on the conception of the intercepted section in the damage-fracture space, utilizing the knowledge of the set theory,...
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A Study on the Model of Structure Analysis of Influence Factors about the Selection of Trip Modes

Shangyun Chen, Shilian Gao
The essence of studies on development strategy for urban transportation is the establishment on the attitude to various types of urban transportation mode, which is based on the selection of the trip mode. The oriented graph among all the main influence factors is constructed under the summary of the...
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A non-linear model of human resource evaluation

Xiaohong Liu
This paper presents a non-linear model for synthesizing result of human resource appraisement. According to the degree of influenced by position of human resource’s basic diathesis, appraisement factors are divided into two parts in this model, i.e. dominance index and recessive index. While the result...
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Bridge Risk Assessment Using a Hybrid AHP/DEA Methodology

Ying-Ming Wang, Jun Liu, Taha M S Elhag, Luis Martínez López
The traditional analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method can only compare a very limited number of decision alternatives. When there are hundreds or thousands of alternatives to be compared, the pairwise comparison manner is obviously infeasible. In this paper we propose a hybrid AHP/DEA methodology to...
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A model based linguistic of tranferring qualified personnel resource to qualified personnel capital

Weiya Miao, Linxiang Zhang
This paper presents a model based on linguistic value for the transform from qualified personnel resource to qualified personnel capital. It is important to transform from qualified personnel resource to qualified personnel capital for transferring the mode of economic increase in many countries. The...
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A Comparison between Lattice-Valued Propositional Logic LP(X) and Gradational Lattice-Valued Propositional Logic Lvpl

Zhiyan Chang, Yang Xu, Jiajun Lai, Xiqing Long
By comparing the definitions of Lvpl with the corresponding definitions of LP(X) understand the meaning of the parameters of Lvpl, and the role of inference rule set playing in uncertainty reasoning based on Lvpl. And obtain that to some extent the chosen of determine the semantic and syntactic functions...
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Using Genetic-Fuzzy-Neuro Model to Design Dual-FNNs Controller

Kaijun Xu, Jiajun Lai, Shuiting Wu, Yang Xu
During the last decade, there has been increased use of neural networks (NNs), fuzzy logic (FL) and genetic algorithms (GAs) in artificial intelligence (AI). Since these three methods are complementary rather than competitive, a better performance model which has combined GAs, FL and NNs comes into being...
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Automatic Target Positioning of Bomb-disposal Robot Based on Binocular Stereo Vision

Hengnian Qi, Wei Wang, Liang-zhong Jiang, Lu-qiao Fan
Automatic target positioning is necessary for a bomb-disposal robot to perform the duty of disposing a perilous object. We proposed the design of a bomb-disposal robot based on binocular stereo vision which can achieve the state-of-the-art of automatic target positioning with high accuracy. In the intelligent...
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On the Rough Approximation of Non-Convex Set

Fang'an Deng, Tao Zhou, Yang Xu
In this article, we have established the concept of the upper and the lower approximation of nonconvex set. Meantime, the properties of rough approximation of non-convex set have been investigated. As we know, every non-convex set can be approached by the upper and lower approximation convex set with...
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A Novel Approach to Optimization Problem without Objective Function

Yingying Su, Wenjin Hu, Ling Nie, Wen Ye, Taifu Li
For optimization problem in complex systems, normally, the objective funtion with respect to decision-making variables is hardly obtained or quantified. In this paper, a novel approach is presented. Its first procedure is to model the objective function by fitting experimental data with NN. Secondly,...
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Optimizing and Modeling of Comprehensive Performance in Control Systems

Wenjin Hu, Yingying Su, Ling Nie, Yucheng Liu, Taifu Li
In control systems, it is usually short of quantified comprehensive performance index which results in the global optimization and parameter tuning problems. Aimed at these puzzles, in the paper, the comprehensive performance modeling and optimizing problem are studied based on the combing approach EK&NN...
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Reconstructing Dynamics of Fuzzy PID Controller Based on Elman NN

Bingxiang Zhong, Debiao Wang, Yingying Su, Ling Nie, Taifu Li
Aimed at implementation puzzles of fuzzy PID controller because of computational complexity, in this paper, for the dynamic modeling and parallel computation ability of Elman NN (Neural Network) authors utilized an equivalent Elman NN to accurately approximate the dynamics of an known fuzzy PID controller....
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A new linguistic-valued aggregation operator to multiple attribute group decision making

Xiaobing Li, Da Ruan, Yang Xu
In this paper, a new kind of linguistic-valued aggregation operators, namely, a linguistic-valued weighted aggregation (LVWA) operator, is proposed to multiple attribute group decision making with linguistic-valued information. An example of evaluating university faculty for tenure and promotion is illustrated...
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Extracting Linguistic Rules from Database using Linguistic Aggregation Operator

Zheng Pei, Yingchao Shao
In real-world database, most attribute values of objects are numerical, numeral is too detail to obtaining good information or decision. Hence, linguistic rules of a set of data would be very desirable and human consistent. Based on a new aggregation operator for aggregating linguistic terms, extracting...
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Application of fuzzy query based on relation database

Dongmei Wei, Liangzhong Yi, Zheng Pei
The traditional query in relation database is unable to satisfy the needs for dealing with fuzzy linguistic values. In this paper, a new data query technique combined fuzzy theory and SQL is provided, and the query can be implemented for fuzzy linguistic values query via a interface to Microsoft Visual...
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Strong prime LI-ideals in lattice implication algebras

Lijun Bai, Yang Xu, Zhiyan Chang, Weitao Xu
In this paper, the notion of strong prime LI-ideals (briefly, SPLI-ideals) of lattice implication algebras is introduced. Four kinds of relations, SPLI-ideals and prime LI-ideals, SPLI-ideals and maximal proper LI-ideals, SPLI-ideals and the finite union property, SPLI-ideals and ultra-filter are then...
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Pseudo-difference posets (for short, PD-posets) have been introduced as a new quantum logic structure. In this paper, the connections between PD- posets and pseudo-BL algebras are investigated.
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Linguistic Truth-Valued Concept Lattice Based on Lattice-Valued Logic

Li Yang, Yang Xu
The theory of concept lattice is approached from the view of formal logic. In this paper, we present a new relationship between concept lattice and lattice-valued logic for dealing with uncertainty linguistic information conveniently. We give the definition of degree linguistic truth-valued concept lattice...
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Determination of alpha-resolution for lattice-valued first-order logic based on lattice implication algebra

Yang Xu, Xiaobing Li, Jun Liu, Da Ruan
As a continuation of our research work on resolution-based automated reasoning approaches for lattice-valued logic systems with truth-values in a lattice-valued logical algebraic structure – lattice implication algebra (LIA), in the present paper, we first prove that alpha-resolution for lattice-valued...
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Electrocardiogram Classification Method Based on SVM

Xiao Tang, Mo Zhiwen
Heart disease is one of the main diseases threatening human beings health, and electrocardiogram is the important basis of diagnosing cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the computer auto analysis of ECG remains the research hotspot in medical Engineering. Since the distinctiveness and variability of...
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A Method of Personalized Web Search Result Clustering Based on Formal Concept Analysis

Jing Wang, Yajun Du
Most existing Web search result clustering techniques, generally anchoring in pure content-based analysis, generate a single set of clusters for all individuals without tailoring to individuals’ preferences and thus are unable to support personalization. In this paper, we incorporate a target user’s...
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SVM-based analysis and prediction on network traffic

Weidong Luo, Xingwei Liu, Jian Zhang
With continuous scale-up of the network and increase of the kinds of the services on the network, more and more people pay attention to the modeling and prediction for network traffic. Recently, SVM (Support Vector Machine), a new machine learning method, is comprehensively used to solve the problem...
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Decision Support Systems in Society and Policy Support Applications

Da Ruan
Humans have a remarkable capability to perform a wide variety of physical and mental tasks without any measurements or any computations. Computerized systems mincing such a human capacity are often referred to AI and computational intelligent systems. Decision support systems with such computerized systems...
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Intelligent Decision Making Using Soft Computing

Ronald R. Yager
Intelligent decision making requires one to contend with a number of difficult aspects. The need to satisfy multiple criteria in selecting a solution is pervasive in many real world decision problems. An additional feature that must be addressed is the uncertainty and riskiness due to our lack of complete...
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Similarity Management for Fuzzy Data Mining

Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier
Data mining is a domain difficult to cope with for various reasons. First, most of the databases are complex, large, and contain heterogeneous, imprecise, vague, uncertain, incomplete data. Furthermore, the queries may be imprecise or subjective in the case of information retrieval, the mining results...
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Experience-Consistent Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems: An Enhancement of Data-Oriented Fuzzy Modeling

Witold Pedrycz
Nowadays fuzzy modeling is dominated by data-driven constructs. The resulting granular constructs (say, fuzzy rules) are developed on a basis of numeric data. The genuine challenge arises when the available data become very limited and/or noisy so that it becomes evident that the quality of the constructed...