Proceedings of the First International Conference on Information Science and Electronic Technology

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CrazyCartoon the Design and Implementation of a User-defined Strategic Tower Defense System with MobileAR

Yiming Cai, Xiao Li
Completely different from existing computer games, CrazyCartoon system creates a blending of real (hand-drawn map by a player) and virtual (digital game) scene based on mobileAR technology, which enables players to customize the game strategies freely, such as the level switch and turrets' defensive...

An Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

Dong Feng, Zhihong Qian, Xue Wang, Xiaohui Liu
Due to the energy and resource constraints of a wireless sensor node in a wireless sensor network (WSN), WSNs adequately need effective mechanisms for data forwarding to enhance the energy efficiency in networks. To solve this problem, Multipath routing protocols are often used to balance the network...