Proceedings of the 2022 6th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2022)

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Explain the Phenomenon of “Ripening” of Big Data Based on Technical and Social Aspects

Rui Gong
Nowadays, life has been occupied by digitalization, which brings many conveniences as well as negative effects. Big data technology can make information explode and spread widely, and can promote the leapfrog development of the country. But at the same time, big data technology is also a double-edged...
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The Study of User Characteristics Factors that Affect the CTR of ADs

Kangkai Zhao
With the continuous development of online shopping platforms, it is becoming more and more common for people to use e-commerce platforms for shopping; at the same time, e-commerce platforms pushing product ads to consumers have become one of the important ways to increase product sales. Therefore, the...
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An Introduction to the Factors Influencing Suicidal Behaviour Among Chinese Adolescents and Countermeasures for Intervention

Suyao Zhai
Suicide, a psychosocial problem, has attracted worldwide attention. According to the survey data, China has become one of the countries with high suicide rate in the world. Among them, it is the first cause of death among people aged 15–34 in China. What is more noteworthy is that the suicide rate of...
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Research on the Application of Advance Feedback Experimental Method in the Teaching of Macroeconomy and Strategic Management

Bo You, Lanxin Zhang, Xiuhong Liu
Macroeconomics and strategic management are important basic courses in economic management. Compared with other professional courses, they are abstract and boring. Teachers are not easy to teach, and students are not easy to learn. Especially the interaction between teachers and students has become a...
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Current Status of TCM Personnel Training in Hubei Province

Zhou Simei, Zhang Lu, Yang Huabing, Chen Li
This paper mainly adopts the statistical analysis method of data comparison and literature research method to compare and study the cultivation of TCM talents in Hubei Province and the first seven national TCM comprehensive reform demonstration zones, and analyse the current situation of TCM talents...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of the Engagement of Course Learning Process Evaluation for Undergraduates

Si Wang, Xinshu Xu, Demei Sun, Ling Zhang, Zhiru Deng
Students’ participation in the process evaluation of course learning is a key factor affecting their growth and development. From the perspective of student participation, the structural equation model is used to analyze the relationship between “institutional environment- the engagement of course learning...
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Preference Reversals Between Regret Aversion Based on Two Types of Regret Aversion in E-commerce Live Streaming

Chang Liu, Tongtong Liu, Shiyue Wu
In the era of new media, online platform has become one of the main shopping channels for the public. As a new marketing model, e-commerce live streaming effectively stimulates impulsive buying of customers and generates huge economic benefits, which brings it important research value. Based on the design...
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Stigmatization of Depression Caused by the Spread of Misinformation in Social Media—Taking China’s Douyin(TikTok) as an Example

Chenghao An
Psychological medical institutions are spreading depression-related knowledge through contemporary social media to improve the vigilance of the broad masses to depression. Most of the popular science knowledge about depression is negative due to insufficient information, which leads to two major problems...
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The Effects of L2 Proficiency on Acquisition of English Lexical Stress by Chinese Learners—An Acoustic Study Based on L1 Interference Theory

Yue Liu
English is an international language throughout the world and is widely learned as a foreign language by Chinese students. Compared with other skills, Chinese learners are less good at speaking, due to the first language (L1) interference in phonology. Lexical stress is a crucial constituent which determines...
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The Bidirectional Relationship Between Undergraduates’ Social Abilities and Their Peer Relationships: A Quantitative Case Study of SYSU

Rui Ao
Social interaction and peer support are indispensable to college students. Based on the data from undergraduate students of Sun Yat-Sen University, this research studies the relationship between college students’ social abilities and the quality of their existing peer relationships. A total of 132 valid...
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Application of 5G Communication Technology in IOV

Yuheng Zhang
With the development of IOV (Internet of Vehicles) and wireless communication technology, the application of IOV has become a key solution to realizing future intelligent transportation. Communication technology is the core technology of IOV, which determines many of its key performance of IOV. However,...
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The Influencing Factors on College Students’ Career Choices in the Post-epidemic Era: Evidence from China

Huan Zhang, Yue Zhang, Shuaihao Wu
This paper studies the influencing factors on the degree of change in college students’ career choices in the post-epidemic era by constructing a multiple regression model. We find that most colleges have changed their career choices; the factors of the epidemic, government decisions, college behaviours,...
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Prediction of Social Communication Behavior Changes in the Meta Universe

Ying Liu, Gongjing Gao
With the continuous development of digital technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and virtual simulationn, human beings begin to migrate from the real world to the virtual world and walk between reality and digital. In this context, “meta universe” has been proposed and become...
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Dependent Growth: A Study on the Dilemma and Countermeasures of Social Work Cultivating Community Self-organization

Xilei Li
Community self-organization has developed rapidly in China in recent years. Social work has great advantages in incubating and cultivating community self-organization, which can better promote community self-organization to participate in community common governance. This paper holds that absorbing organization...
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Research on the Training Mode of Adaptive Talents in Higher Vocational Education Under the Background of Educational Informatization 2.0

Xuemei Cai
Under the background of education informatization 2.0, higher vocational colleges take the construction of smart campus as the starting point, build an information platform, build a dual education platform of “school + enterprise” and an education team of “counselors + professional tutors + enterprise...
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Will Companies’ Participation in Targeted Poverty Alleviation Affect Their Default Risk?

Guihao Zhuang, Xinyu Li, Xiaowen Li
Targeted poverty alleviation is a national strategy. Targeted poverty alleviation for enterprises is important for winning the battle against poverty. This article uses the non-financial listed companies participating in targeted poverty alleviation in the 2016–2020 A-share market as a sample to study...
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The Metaverse: The Essential Characteristics of “Full Body Immersion” and the Risk of Addiction

Jiayin Liu, Gongjing Gao
With the continuous progress of virtual reality technology, human beings have begun to move toward the Metaverse world, which is the ultimate form of Internet development. The Metaverse becomes the hot topic of the moment. The concept of the Metaverse has not yet formed a unified definition, but as an...
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Fake News During the COVID-19

Haoqi Geng, Sirui Luo, Hongyezi Zuo
In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has been going viral worldwide; in the meantime, there is also more and more fake news being made by people every day. In this paper, we mainly discuss what caused these phenomena to happen. Furthermore, this work will study the negative effect of this fake news.
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Research on the Future Market Applications of 6G Network Technology

Kejun Chen
5G network technology is already quite mature and, in most places, has popularized the use and application of the 5G network. The successful research of this technology has brought a lot of convenience to human life. After 5G, research on 6G is proposed. The research topic of this paper is about 6G networks,...
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Would You Pay for Image? E-commerce Clothing Purchase Research of Female Undergraduates in China

Wanchi Yao, Qingyuan Zeng, Yingqin Zeng
As online clothing shopping has become more and more common, the results and findings of research into the factors that influence online shopping are increasing, and the attitudes of this group of new generation women towards online clothing consumption are worth exploring. This study focuses on how...
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Finger Dexterity and Attention in the Elderly

Yuqing Wang, Yikai Kong
Based on Rabinowitz et al. pointed out that there is an association exists between finger tapping and attention. The proposal study was based on the previous study and increased the speed of finger tapping to test the effect of finger dexterity on the attention of older adults. In this work, we tested...
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Application and Development Trend of Advanced High-Tensile Steel in Modern Automobile

Yuetong Ning
As the largest country to product and sale the automobile, China is facing the problem of oil shortages. As an important measure to save energy and reduce emission, Automobile lightweight is of great urgency. At the sometime, automobile lightweight also has a significant effect on the improve of automobile...
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An Analysis of Female Body Alienation in Consumer Society

Yinghui Li
Along with the beauty of a women's appearance and good shape widespread application in the television advertisement media, through the facial plastic surgery, fitness, such as ways to reshape the female body, in order to make it more conform to the social reform movement is aesthetic body, with...
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Health Policy Against COVID-19 in Australia and New Zealand

How to Protect International Students?

Junyi Meng
Health safety has always been a critical factor for international students to consider before studying abroad, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic. In the recent three years, the health threats posed by the COVID-19 epidemic have had a specific impact on changing traditional learning methods, and...
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How Does Action Research Influence on the Professional Development of University Teachers in China?

Yue Qin
Nowadays, the balance of teaching and practice is important in higher education, which aims to develop lecturers’ teaching and promote learning skills, while higher education also needs reflective practice to enhance teaching and learning practice [13]. However, in the past decade, the need for vocational...
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Analysis of Emerging Trends in the Business and Management of Canadian Food Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic

Jiayi Zhang
The COVID-19 outbreak has become a global issue that has had a significant impact on people from all areas of life. In order to demonstrate to the public how food factories operate during the pandemic and to provide some guidance for food industries in other countries, this paper examines how Canada's...
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Definition of “Knowing” of Internet Service Providers in Helping Cybercrime

Haozhe Cheng, Peiwen Li, Shuyang Li
Accomplishing the crime of helping information network crime requires subjective “knowing”. However, since judges cannot explore the inner truth of each perpetrator, there is still a dilemma of confusion in the identification of the subjective state of network service providers. Even in judicial practice,...
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Internet Use and Social Integration of Migrant Workers An Empirical Analysis Based on CGSS2017

Yinghua Zhong, Xiaojie Gong, Xiaofeng Cong
Using the 2017 China General Social Survey (CGSS) data to examine the impact of migrant workers’ Internet use on their own social integration from the perspective of Internet use. Using the multiple linear regression model to analyze the data, it is found that the Internet use of migrant workers can...
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Regenerative Design Framework

A Case Study of Residential Heritage of Fujian Tulou in China

Yuan Sun, Zhu Wang
World heritage site Fujian has a number of traditional settlements named Tulou, which are existing historical records of family culture and local construction techniques in old times. In recent decades, most of them are abandoned by local occupants and then partly collapsed without any conservation....
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The Impact of Body Shaming on Female High School Students in China

Ruolin Gan, Shengnan Jiang
Body shaming has become a major public concern in recent years. This paper aims to consider the adverse effects that follow the criticism of female bodies while they are attending high school. This paper analyzed 11 papers from Google Scholar. By organizing and reviewing these previous investigations...
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Residents Participation in Urban Community Governance under the New Normal

Yijia Li
China’s economic form shows a relatively stable development of the new normal characteristics, social structure is constantly optimized adjustment, put forward higher requirements for social governance. Through the study, we find that there are still many problems in residents’ participation, such as...
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Research on Smart Endowment Supply—Based on Service Chain Theory

Weiwei Kong, Lin Qu
In the context of the current new normal of China’s population, the level of smart elderly care services in China directly determines the development of the aging society. The wisdom of relying on the development of modern intelligent technology and information technology services for the elderly is...
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Analysis of the Gender Stereotypes on Food Preferences

Yue Zhao
Food not only meets our energy needs, but also has a social function. It has strong impacts on perceptions of masculinity and femininity, conveys gender stereotypes, which will further influence our food choices. From the anthropological perspective, this paper makes a cultural description of food and...
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Competitive Advantage of Open Innovation in the Context of Enterprise Digital Transformation

Yini Lan
Enterprise digital transformation is the implementation of digital solutions to company systems. With digital transformation, enterprises move their businesses to cloud infrastructure and improve business operations. This paper explores whether open innovation has a competitive advantage in a digital...
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Research on the Role of Missionaries in the Chinese Anti-footbinding Movement

Jiaying Huang
The long-formed Chinese custom of footbinding first started to decline in the late Qing period, with western missionaries playing a part in it. However, exactly how important were the missionaries in this anti-footbinding movement, and what can be learnt from their role in the movement, remained insufficiently...
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The Possibility of Transgression and Fluidity

A Study of the Festival La Mucada

Youyou Dai, Yimeng Liu, Xin Tong
Identity problem is a hot topic in today’s society and academia. In the cultural, political, gender, regional, and other different systems, people’s identity is stuck with different labels, and various stereotypes attached to people are constantly being reinforced. Logocentrism and binary opposition...
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The Theory and Efficacy of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Bipolar Disorder

Danyang Zhao
The previous research showed that psychological treatment is effective for people who have a mental disorder, such as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a severe disorder that the patients can have two extremes of mood episodes, which are depression and (hypo)mania. Cognitive behavioural therapy is...
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Analysis of the Propagation Paths and Governance Strategies of Online Rumors Based on an Example in Dalian

Jiurui Qiu
The American scholar “Father of Rumour Research” Alpert explains rumors as propositions related to events at the time that lack concrete information to formalize their exactness. As a widespread phenomenon of social opinion, rumors have combined with the Internet to form a new force, the Internet rumor...
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On the Cultural Construction of Community

Yuexin Zhao, Wei Xu
Community cultural construction should be based on the community, cultural activities as the carrier, to promote the party’s line, principles, policies for the purpose, to maximize the improvement of community residents’ political consciousness and cultural quality, to promote the harmony of the community,...